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Wahai Melayu! Tolong betulkan Umno

I condemn the action of this man. What he did is kurang ajar.

I concur with the authorities charging him under the relevant public nuisance law and for him to be punished by the court.

Najib Slipper


However he is elderly … rambut pun semua dah beruban.

He lives in a low-cost flat. Clearly he belongs to the Indian underclass … rakyat bawahan.

angry mobDia golongan miskin … he’s an odd job worker. This means sometimes he get manages to get a little bit of pay and at other times he doesn’t. Ni orang cakap hidup kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang.

Up, up, up! PM’s finger points direction prices are going

The Indian man above, someone with no fixed job, had taken part in a protest against harga minyak naik and GST. He’s annoyed with the prime minister, like some of us are some of the time.

When the price of petrol and diesel shot up recently, the fee for school bus immediately went up in tandem, just to give one example.

Najib1MalaysiaLorries raise the cost of transporting goods from the warehouse to the wholesaler to the retailer (our kedai runcit). This increase in the cost of doing business will ultimately be passed on to us, the end buyer, who have to pay higher prices for our basic necessities.

An increase of a few ringgit here and there does not overly trouble the rich. The middle class will grumble but it is the working class that is hurt the most, and they are always the first to feel the effect of lagi ikat perut.

Like I’ve said: I SEE PITCHFORKS

I also see the Indian man in the photo above wearing an angry expression on his face. But you look more closely into his eyes and raut wajah – please look – you’ll see more than mere anger. Methinks there’s despair too.

True he disrespected the PM and because he’s an easy target – a man without money or power or position – he’s a low-hanging fruit to be picked in order to send out the Gertak message.

Graver insults and bigger culprits

Aside from the Gertak signal, our PM’s team – the arrests coming upon instruction from the PMO or perceived to be so in public imagination – has also succeeded in sending the message that poor Indians will be the first to be picked on.

But the real deal is that the PMO is unable to handle the more thorny troublemakers.

J-Star hot porn

ABOVE: ‘The Star culturalizing immoralities(Ismaweb, 15 Oct 2014)

Alvin the sex blogger

A couple of days ago, Alvin Tan challenged the police yet again – taunting, “IGP cakap besar je… Kononnya nak cari sampai ke lubang cacing. Oi, IGP bodoh. Datanglah tangkap saya.

Mind you, the MCMC has not been able to do anything (i.e. remove from online public viewing) with regard to the pig-snout Photoshop which Alvin did on Najib and Rosmah.

Alvin tunjuk bontot

Furthermore, the sex blogger fugitive has criminally defamed Rosmah in his Facebook banner.

So what are the prime minister’s boys going to do about Alvin? If the Indian man armed with the slipper is kurang ajar, then Alvin (pix above) is without doubt teramat biaDAP, bukan?

It appears that the Ah Jib Gor administration is quick to take action against poor Indians (and Malays too like Kiki Steering Lock, Adam Adli and the Isma president) but tardy when it comes to Dapster gangsters.

Alvin tunjuk samseng

No closure yet on Bak Kut Teh provocation

Alvin was supposed to be put on trial under sedition charges for his Bak Kut Teh caper.

Rubbing salt into the wound is the skein of wet threads – benang basah yang ditegakkan – spun by the evangelistas that the Alvivi BKT was halal and actually a chicken dish. A few even went so far as to suggest that it was Organic Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh.

This brazenness, in insisting that Alvin was not being offensive because the dish was really “not pork” lah, presumes that BN supporters are “stupid” and “ignoramuses” – two words implied by the J-Star editors and applied against all those who fail to support their Anak Bangsa Malaysia agenda.

porkee friesAlvin pulled his BKT stunt in July 2013.

I’d blogged ‘They’re still denying that bak kut teh is pork‘ on 18 July 2013.

But up to today, i.e. one-and-a-half years later, the evangelistas are still spitting in our faces with their deliberate in-denial. Despite that Alvin himself has already admitted that it was pork, the evangelistas prefer to keep up the farce that the Alvivi BKT was halal.

The upshot: For insulting Ah Jib Gor, an elderly odd-job worker is instantly arrested. For insulting the Malays in their holy month with his BKT buka puasa greeting, Alvin is nonetheless allowed to get away.

Not only that, Ah Jib Gor permits the Nest of Evangelistas to hijack his [voices of] “Moderation”. Once more, I repeat my question – How much is the PMO/JPM funding the J-Star campaign indirectly through Saifuddin Abdullah’s GMM?

BELOW: Najib up close and personal with uber evangelista


Najib shrug

The Baby Dapster who stepped on Najib’s face

The Najib administration acts tough against kacang putih Indians who possess no political clout but are soft when confronted by the influential Chinese.

Below is the teenager who stepped on a photo of the PM’s face.

She was briefly detained by police but no further action taken.


Nak pijak kepala, lantak lah

This girl went on to appear in the DAP’s Gangnam Style music video where Rosmah was parodied for her diamond ring and Birkin handbags.

Here she is in the Gangnam ‘Ubah’ video. The young woman standing on her right (seen in the video still shot) is DAP’s Adun for Johor Jaya, YB Liow Cai Tung.

A few other Chinese – including a Yale graduate – have publicly stepped on Najib’s face but they escape punishment. An Indian semi-unemployed elderly man however is caught and pilloried.

Do the marginalized Indians pose any political threat to the establishment? Nope. Is Ah Jib Gor’s administration capable of dealing with its prime antagonist the DAP juggernaut? Nope.

Truly clueless!


Lafaz Allah digadai

No wonder then that Tun fears BN will lose GE14 at the rate that things are going.

Now what is the biggest defiance of the law?

It it the evangelistas’ insistence that their Trinitarian God is called Allah, even after the highest court in the land has ruled “no go”.

BELOW: Does Umno agree for the evangelistas to say “Behold! The Son of Allah is born”?


Ke mana kah hilangnya kepercayaan tauhid nanti?

If the God of Christianity is Allah, then it means Allah is three-in-one. It means Allah has a son. It means this son of Allah was born of a human mother, named Mary. It means 1/3 (one part of three) of Allah died on the cross.

If Ah Jib Gor does not get a grip on the Allah issue, very soon the Christians here might be calling their churches Rumah Allah (House of God).

This current laissez faire attitude on the part of Ah Jib Gor’s government will legitimize the term “Bonda Allah” for all – your Allah is my God too, and my Mary Mother of God can be yours also.


Salam Maria, penuh rahmat, Tuhan sertamu,
terpujilah engkau di antara wanita,
dan terpujilah buah tubuhmu, Yesus.
Santa Maria, bonda Allah,
doakanlah kami yang berdosa ini
sekarang dan waktu kami mati. Amin.

(Hail Mary, full of grace
Our Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death. Amen)


Sasaran serangan pihak evangelis

The petition ‘Gugurkan Dakwaan Terhadap Presiden Isma’, which has garnered 11,290 signatures thus far, says:

“Kemuncak sikap biadab terhadap kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan Institusi Raja ini ialah campurtangan mereka dalam isu kerjasama kerajaan pusat dan kerajaan Negeri Kelantan untuk melaksanakan sistem perundangan syariah sepenuhnya di Kelantan.

“Justeru Presiden Isma telah memberi amaran di atas sikap biadap mereka itu seraya mengingatkan fakta sejarah tentang hakikat kedudukan kaum Melayu dan kaum pendatang sebelum dan semasa pembentukan negara Malaysia yang merdeka.

“Akibatnya Presiden Isma telah dijadikan sasaran serangan pihak chauvinist dan EVANGELIST, sehingga membawa kepada dakwaan di bawah Akta Hasutan.”

Najib patut pecat Saifuddin

Najib alienates Umno allies, rewards Umno’s enemies

One of the chief attackers against Isma is J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai and his Nest of Evangelistas.

Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman has called for Najib to sack the Umno-reject-Malaysian-Firster Saifuddin Abdullah.

Saifuddin – pictured below with Wong Chun Wai – and the EvangeliSTAR are in cahoots to subvert the status quo.

And Najib is the one enabling and paving the way for them to operate. Aside from appointing Saifuddin as the CEO of his Moderates think-tank, the PM appointed Chun Wai a GMM trustee as well.

chun wai saifuddin

Tak malu ke, Umno?

Saya yang bukan Islam pun boleh terdorong untuk memblog and on consecutive days some more, sampai berbuih mulut:

•  14 Oct 2013: Muslim menang kes Allah

•  15 Oct 2013: Kalimah Allah: Orang Melayu tidakkah geram dengan Parti Paling Tidak Apa itu?

•  16 Oct 2013: Kalimah Allah: Mujahid PAS selar “golongan rasis dan prejudis agama”

•  17 Oct 2013: Kalimah Allah: Gereja Katolik tipu?

Utusan, 15 Julai 2013
Utusan, 15 Julai 2013

Why should Malays give you their vote, pray tell?

Don’t tell me that Umno is now leaving it to non-Muslims like me to explain to readers why the evangelistas are stealing ‘Allah’ from right under your nose?

Why is the PM so lembik as to allow the evangelistas to thunder fire and brimstone? And for the Bintang Lima to harass and bully everyone with impunity?

Where is your promise to protect and defend the sanctity of Islam, Mr Prime Minister?

Janji tak ditepati?

Jangan lah asyik aje ber’selfie’, Datuk Seri.




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27 thoughts on “Wahai Melayu! Tolong betulkan Umno

  1. Helen, thank you for opening my eyes.
    Never vote until DSAI fired in 1998. Since then i started voting my votes always goes to PR.
    1. I expect bad things that government do must be corrected.
    2. A people remain innocent until proven guilty.

    Then when come TSKI was asked to step down by PR (read: DSAI), my point of view of DSAI totally changed. This sentiment also shared by some of my friends.

    Been following Ustaz Kazim Elias ceramah since 2010. Only now I see clearer picture of what he been telling the audience. He left PAS once PAS joining PR. Most of thing PAS was fighting before like anjing garang, now jadi tikus. Takut offending DAP, except for the recent case of TSKI.

  2. ‘True he disrespected the PM and because he’s an easy target – a man without money or power or position – he’s a low-hanging fruit to be picked in order to send out the Gertak message.’

    Setuju Helen. People like Ambiga whom had done worst than the man, tak kena-kena pulak!

    1. Setuju as well. Helen highlighted the young Chinese woman and Yale graduate Tapi bukankah ahli-ahli tertinggi DAP termasuk Lim anak-beranak juga memijak gambar PM? Sehingga kini tiada tindakan.

      So when evangelist dapsters do it, it’s freedom of speech when an unemployed elderly indian man does it, it’s biaDAP!

      1. re: “bukankah ahli-ahli tertinggi DAP termasuk Lim anak-beranak juga memijak gambar PM?”

        Setahu saya, mereka memijak gambar Hee Yit Foong Adun DAP merangkap timbalan Speaker dewan yang telah menarik diri dari partinya dan dengan tindakannya itu mengakibatkan kerajaan Pakatan di Perak tumbang.

        1. You’re right. But too many insults coming from that direction, I thought it was a case of monkey see monkey do, oops following the leader, for a lot of them dapsters.

          For example, their favourite target now is YB Nancy Shukri. She answered LGE’s question in parliament and her answer was not to their satisfaction so everyone and their grandfather are attacking her over the issue.

          1. re: “a case of monkey see monkey do”

            Yup. Hannah Yeoh screams “racist, racist, racist” and her troop of baboons echo “Let’s rise up and take Subang / KL / Malaysia for Jesus!” (and kick ’em racists out).



      2. Democracy is an impossible thing until the power is shared by all, but let not democracy degenerate into a “monocracy”.
        — Mahatma Gandhi, the great soul of India


  3. re, It’s appear Ajib Goor administration is quick to take action against poor Indians and (Malays too). But the real deal PMO failed to handle more thorny trouble makers.

    Malay are watching what Najib and UMNO are doing.

  4. Indeed he is the most softening PM in Malaysian history, Paling tak leh pakai punya PM,

    How come for us to ask him to sack Si pudin while he and si pudin are two facess of the same coin. Dua dua otak liberal,

    Therefore Islam is not in his thoughts. Yet he berselfie with anak jantan kit siang the men who chasing the malays in penang like the mange dog.

    1. SDS,

      Precisely. Najib is “anak bangsawan” no doubt about it. His father was an iconic figure among Malays. Najib has an easy life. He studied in UK.

      Aat age of 22, he became MP of Pekan. and Malays have no problem accepting him as their MP simply because of Tun Razak’s legacy.

      But wise men did in all cultures have been saying the true color of a man is revealed when he is given power. Najib is desperate to be popular. To be popular to the Chinese .

      So he courts the Chinese. He threw a mega dinner to them in Port Kelang just before election. He never thought of doing that to the Malays who defend his government.

      Najib “tak kisah” about the insult his wife received simply because she is PM’s wife. In fact, he seems to have no qualm in rewarding those who continue to insult him, Malays, UMNO, malay Rulers.

      He as the head of a government refuses to act when Guan Eng shows treason by creating a force not loyal to Yang DiPertuan Agung. He refuses to appreciate malay concern that DAP is using its position in Penang to wage war against malays.

      In fact, he punishes those loyal to UMNO by agreeing to developing RMAF in Butterworth, therefore making A Malay majority area as non malay majority area.

  5. Dear helen, i am totally exasperated with najib’s soft approach and his shameful act of terhegeh hegeh menagih restu
    pro pakatoons esp
    kaum cina yg
    terang2 menolak najib dan
    kerajaan melayu
    umno. ngo2
    melayu islam
    dianggap rasis
    dan ekstremis
    walaupun kerana
    kalimah Allah. si k
    umpamakan isma
    spt boko haram
    kerana kj anggap
    melayu ultra
    sebagai kolot dan
    tidak moderat.
    Najib is focusing
    too much time
    building up his
    internationally. he
    tends to forget
    that without the
    malay muslim
    votes, all his fame
    will go down the
    drain. dr m never seeks fame n recognition yet he became well known. Like dr m, i
    too no
    longer support
    najib like! i hope drm will do something drastic
    to set things right

  6. Terus terang saya menganggap penghinaan yang dilakukan Alvin, Pak Cik kacang putih, Cinabeng biaDAP yang memijak mijak gambar Najib, yang mengenai batang tubuh Najib & Rosmah, padan muka dia!

    Saya hendak lihat berapa lama Najib boleh bertahan dengan penghinaan berterusan secara bertali arus terhadapnya!

    Elok juga Melayu Islam membiarkan Najib terus dihina oleh golongan yang dia beri pelbagai keutamaan. PADAN MUKA DIA!.

    Saya cuba berfikiran positif terhadap provokasi melampau Cinabeng biaDAP ini. Melayu adalah bangsa paling lambat panas dan paling tidak apa.

    Sungguhpun begitu akan tiba saat, ‘We can take so much but not anymore’. Kalau saat seperti itu tiba buruk padahnya pada kesejahteraan Negara ini!

    Tapi apa boleh buat kalau golongan Cinabeng biaDAP amat amat meminta tragedy itu berlaku!

    Melayu Islam tidak lakukan apa apa pun terhadap mereka tetapi JAHATNYA Cinabeng biaDAP ini terus memprovokasi!

    Saya yakin akan tiba masa semua Melayu Islam akan bangkit bersatu.

    Teruskanlah provokasi provokasi melampu secara berterusan wahai golongan yang tidak sedar diri dan asal usul !

    1. re: “Melayu adalah bangsa paling lambat panas dan paling tidak apa.”

      I think so too.

      Melayu juga cenderong untuk bersangka baik dan mudah kesian. Malangnya ciri-ciri kaum Melayu ini tidak dihargai kaum minoriti tetapi sebaliknya diambil kesempatan.

      1. ‘Orang Melayu seperti kata guru CASIS kami Profesor Tatiana Denisova, dari segi etnopsikologi adalah amat mustahil untuk menjadi bangsa yang rasis/perkauman/asabiyah melampau. Ini kerana dari segi pengalaman sejarah, orang Melayu sudah biasa dengan kehadiran orang-orang asing kerana orang Melayu yang bertamadun tinggal di persisiran pantai, di bawah kerajaan entrepot (pos perdagangan). Ini berbeda dengan bangsa Cina yang asal dari Benua Besar China. Mereka agak “isolated” dan bersifat “agrarian” (pertanian) dan jarang keluar (non-migratory).

        Tidak hairanlah Imperaturia mereka – dengan Tembok Besar Cina – seperti halnya Romawi, melihat apa-apa yang diluar lingkungan mereka adalah “barbarian” (kaum biadap). Dan mentaliti ini menghasilkan mentaliti komunal bilamana berlaku Diaspora Cina ke Alam Melayu pada awal abad ke-19.’

      2. Tambahan sedikit tentang sikap Melayu lambat panas dan paling tidak apa.

        Bila panas Melayu ‘ mengamuk ‘ pula. Bila ‘ mengamuk ‘ bertindak secara semberono dan tidak ada stratigi tindakan secara tersusun .

        Akibatnya golongan Cinabeng biaDAP yang pandai putar belit akan memanipulasi keadaan dengan menggambarkan seolah olah Melayu Islam yang jahat dan mereka pula golongan yang suci, sesuci putihnya salju!

        Ini lagi kelemahan yang perlu dibaiki Melayu Islam dalam menghadapi golongan yang pandai putar alam!

        1. Norlin,

          Bukan kelemahn Melayu/Islam. Tapi kelemahan Najib dan suku sakat Menteri yg kering jiwa Melayu. Siapa tak sakit hati tengok Nazri Aziz boleh layan Namawee.

          Siapa kata Melayu tak panas hati. Kalau ikutkan pandangan melayu, dah lama Nawamee dah ditarik balik kewarganegaraan. Dan saya tak bagi muka pada pasangan yg berlakun filem lucah yg jelas hina Melayu.

          Masalah Melayu yg terbesar ialah Najib. Sebab tindak tanduk dia lebih sayangkan puak yg kalau boleh mahu dia (Najib), Melayu “mampos”.

          Ketika PERKASA, ISMA, UMNO sibuk pertahankan Melayu, Najib pula memerangi Melayu.

  7. You know what, helen :- ’till now we still have this.

    1. Play button.

    2. Fast forward / backward buttons

    3. Record button

    4. Pause button

    Every button has its function. Not like USB (Najib’s style) with one socket that smears Umno credibility.

    Seekor kerbau bawa lumpur habis semua terpalit…

    Umno’s General Assembly Meeting is just round the corner. Looking forward meh..

  8. Apa yg akan jd kpd politik Melayu pd PRU 14?

    PR akan terus mengatakan kegusaran org Melayu adalah mainan UMNO. Mereka tidak sensitif dengan kebimbangan orang Melayu dan terus menyumbat ke dalam mulut orang Melayu idea Malaysian Malaysia dan mengatakan kegusaran org Melayu adalah rasis dan hasil didikan UMNO.

    UMNO ambil kesempatan di atas keburukan DAP yang anti Perlembagaan dengan mengatakan mereka akan pertahan Melayu walhal tanah rizab sudah banyak hilang, kepimpinan Najib banyak ditembusi golongan liberal dan laporan audit terus diabaikan. Mereka sedang baiki imej luaran tetapi isi perjuangan masih tidak jelas dan budaya masih busuk.

    PAS tidak bertegas (acuh tak acuh) pertahan hak org Melayu atas alasan-alasan pertembungan bangsa dan agama & menjaga rakan tahaluf.

    PKR seperti biasa memburuk-burukkan kerajaan & rakan pakatan sendiri, sambil memporak-perandakan pakatan dengan langkah-langkah dan himpunan-himpunan mereka dan berasaskan penipuan.

    DAP seperti biasa akan terus perjuang idea demokratik sosialis mereka dan bersikap biadap terhadap identiti tanah ini, biadap kepada sesiapa yg tidak bersetuju dengan mereka walaupun drpd rakan pakatan mereka. Wakil-wakil rakyat mereka gemar berbahasa cina di FB dan Twitter jadi saya tak tahu apa yg mereka ckp.

    Sesetengah Islamis yang menyusup masuk ke dalam parti lain tidak bertegas menjaga identiti dan agama negara atas alasan kemajmukan Malaysia. Mereka lebih cepat membidas JAIS, MAIS dan kelompok-kelompok Islam. Bila org bukan Islam melanggar garis-garis sensitiviti, mereka begitu lembut dengan alasan hikmah, engagement diperlukan dsb.

    Di sebalik semua ini, di mana letaknya nasib Islam dan Melayu?

    ISMA membawa mesej yang jelas. Identiti negara ini adalah Islam, Melayu adalah tonggaknya, semua rakyat mendapat hak seperti yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan, tidak kurang dan tidak lebih. Semua bebas mencari kekayaan, bebas untuk belajar seberapa banyak bahasa yang mereka inginkan.

  9. Wahai UMNO! Please help fight for the rights of the minority Bumiputeras in Penang. For the past 5 years, Penang has seen the destruction of Malay Bumiputera villages to become housing estates for the expatriates, hotel and shops.

    During the rule of Gerakan, we saw the destruction of the centuries old Kampung Serani to become shops for rich kids to loiter and swanky condominiums. The lifestyle of the Seranis are replaced with the culture of Starbucking and pork eating at Bellisa Row.

    Not in the era of the Lord Tokong, we see plans to obliterate the centuries old Kampung Siam. Does Penang need another hotel on Jalan Burmah? The Queen Victoria trust to the Siamese is OF COURSE not heritage, so it must be destroyed – but please protect Chinese buildings as it certain is heritage.

    Now Kampung Batu Feringghi is in threatened with destruction to make way for some condo project so that fat Caucasians can laze around in their bikinis showing their large 3 breasts (2 breasts and one big tummy). Seems like pre-Francis Light Malay culture TOO is not heritage and worth destroying.

    Penang is known is a heritage site. Heritage site? What kind of heritage site promotes the destruction of indigenous culture?

    It seems like UNESCO is more interested in saving the heritage of the ethnic Chinese in Georgetown and promoting the obliteration of centuries old Bumiputera villages. Did we forget Kampung Buah Pala? The federal government is to blame together with the Developers Action Party.

    Why is ThinkCity giving money to the preservation of Chinese buildings all over Georgetown and nothing is given to the preservation of Kampung Siam and Kampung Batu Ferringhi? Is Malay and Siamese culture (like Serani culture – Indian culture too) not WORTH preserving unlike Chinese culture? What has ThinkCity help restore? Chinese shophouses – to become high class coffee shops and restaurants.

    Drinking high class coffee must be some culture that we need to preserve to eternity. It seems like what is cool and cultured to the tourists of Jerusubang (like café Kultur) is worth preserving while the rest like the so uncool Bumi, Siam and Indian heritage must be destroyed like the Cultural Revolution. It seems the CONsultants think that way – so more money to Chinese shophouses to be renovated to become hubs to café culture for the snobbish.

    Wahai UMNO! Please wake up. (I believe the CONsultants have given them sleeping pills.)

    1. Well said, Mulan.

      I have an Indian friend who part-time’s as a heritage tourist guide. He is pissed off that everything heritage = Chinese and vice versa. There is hardly anything Indian/Malay to show or tell tourists.

      I too noticed how Kg. Buah Pala was totally ignored as a historic Indian heritage site by all heritage related organizations and DAP (and BN) despite there being historical documentation and legacy. Somehow the same did not apply to the numerous kongsis, illegal clan jetties/houses, towkay mansions, Kg. Siam etc etc.

      As far as Penang is concerned, its all about the Chinese for the Chinese (in collusion with DAP). Most objective non-Chinese agree with me.

      A tourist could be mistaken in thinking that the minorities (including the Malays now) have no history in Penang or that they have no contribution to Penang’s history or heritage.

      It’s Tokong’s version of the Cultural Revolution, complete with purge (displacement of low-income minorities to the mainland).

      While Jibby and Nazri take selfies with their idol and Jibby throws big makans for the Chinese.

      I’m utterly disappointed with BN/UMNO for letting us down in the face of Chinese chauvinism and hegemony as promoted by Tokong.

      1. Tokong Mao and Macai ada class kah?


        Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale and Norah Jones – “EASY”

        It’s only love
        It’s only love
        You know how it feels
        Feeling is easy
        I know

        When I was young
        When I was young
        You know
        It was real
        My heart was open
        But now
        I know
        I know
        I know better

        I’ve been shown
        The other side
        And now I see the way
        Things are

        It’s only love
        It’s only love

  10. Kalau betul agenda mereka nak pertahankan Islam maka islam dah lama perkasa dari dulu lagi, taklah berlaku spt apa yg berlaku sekarang.Islam macam dalam keadaan minority, diperbodoh, dihina etc. Sikap bacul ni timbul sebab jiwa dah dikuasai tiga “ta” iaitu takhta,harta,wanita. Tiga ta buatkan mereka cepat gelap mata, juling mata akhirnya putih mata.

    Apa tidaknya, ditubuhkan loteri kebajikan masyarakat, dibuka kilang arak, kasino, pusat2 hiburan maksiat dilanjutkan operasi sampai lewat malam. Terkini berita pasal adek pemimpin umno sapu kontrak label arak, sungguh memalukan, yang haram pun sapu.

    Sikit hari lagi kat PWTC berbuih lah mulut kata “pejuang bangsa,agama, negara”. Mulalah macam2 sandiwara mengalahkan opera cina antaranya mansuhkan sekolah vernikular. Sebelum tu tanya dulu sapa Bapak varnikular? Sapa yang hapuskan tulisan jawi kat sekolah?

    Siapa buka kilang arak, kasino? Sapa gadai tanah rezab melayu? Sapa yang yang rungkai Hak Istimewa Melayu? Sapa yang bawa masuk muka2 liberal songsang dalam pentadbiran?

    Puak evangelis guna tiga G untuk kuasai dunia. Puak bacul ada tiga Ta untuk jahanamkan ugama,bangsa dan negara sendiri.

    Bila direnungkan siapa yang sebenarnya Merdeka dalam negara Islam nih? orang islam atau bukan islam?

  11. Orang MELAYU deserve what they are going to get kalau kita tidak sedar diri dan bersatu.

    PAS sepatut keluar PR tapi kalau tidak ahli ahlinya patut keluar dari PAS. Apa yang ada lagi pada PAS yang dayus yang dihina oleh dap, makan duit hingga akan bankrup dalam sebulan kalau tak bagi makan. Ini dikatakan oleh dap.

    Kita takpayah buat apa apa pada cina cinabeng, biar depa meroyan mengapi apikan orang Melayu kalau kita bersatu depa tak boleh buat apa. Kita boleh tengok gelagat depa dan gelak saja kalau kita bersatu, mereka memang bersatu untuk menjatuhkan orang Melayu.

    Biar kerajaan saja ambik tindakan. PM kita yg lembik dan liberal tu adalah issue lain yg itu biar UMNO yg handle anyway he is not going tobe there forever but if we lose it will be forever. KITA MESTI BERSATU DALAM APA KEADAAN PUN. Lu fikrlah puas puas.

  12. Jangan marah kat nyamok dibakar kelambu, jangan menang sorak kampong tergadai, jangan jadi macam berok berok dihutan depa tak ada otak

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