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Exploding donkey

The popular trope among Malays is that the Chinese annually top Malaysia’s billionaires list, i.e. having the most money.

What escapes public attention is that we’re also the most registered voters, with the highest election turnout and we’re hyperactive in the political sphere. The reason is simple: DAP rajin sakan, Umno parti paling tidak apa.


Chinese top the voter registration exercise

You can see in the photo above, DAP’s Adun Senai turun padang to personally register members of the public as voters. With two folding tables, a few plastic chairs and her laptop, YB Wong Shu Qi set up a portable office on the five-foot way. Kudos to her.

In 2004 Gelang Patah had 70,023 voters. In 2008, it had 78,676 voters and in 2013, the voters numbered 106,726.

Before Kit Siang spearheaded the DAP domino effect in the state, they had already made preparations in Gelang Patah by harnessing their supporters there.

Subang Jaya in 2008 had 33,412 voters. By 2013, Subang Jaya voters doubled to a 61,688 due to the super duper diligence of Hannah Yeoh’s team in registering their followers.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s then personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran conducting voter registration at the City Harvest Church

Rajiv ialah kaunsilor MPSJ dilantik di bawah kuota DAP

Adun Umno ada buat?

Of course not. I was merely asking a rhetorical question. I’m aware that Umno leaders prefer to zumba, do the ice bucket thingy and snap selfies to be tweeted under the hashtag #lifestyle. Meanwhile MCA leaders will never be able to recover from their coma.

The pink bar in the histogram below denotes the percentage of Chinese in the state population while the red bar denotes the percentage of Chinese registered voters in the electorate.

You can see that Chinese in Johor form 38.8 percent of the registered voters compared to their actual weight as 33.6 percent of the population. Similarly in Perak, Chinese are 37.7 percent of the registered voters even though they are only 30.4 percent of the population.


Only Kelantan, Terengganu and Perlis are safe

Note that all the red bars are way taller than the pink bars, indicating how the ratio of Chinese voters far exceeds the actual numbers of the Chinese community in the general population.

This trend cuts across every state in the peninsula having a significant Chinese presence.

Another bar chart – see below – provides an overall view on the ethnic proportions of voters in the peninsula.

Green are Malays dominating what used to be the Federated Malay States (with the exception of Pahang) and red are Chinese who live mostly in the more developed states.


The case of Kuala Lumpur

Chinese Penangites seem to believe they live in a separate country, so I won’t bother to examine the mini Red Dot demography any further.

KL makes for an interesting study though. The Chinese have always controlled KL. And recently, they wanted to take the city for Jesus too.

Chinese MPs in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur are:


  • Tan Seng Giaw – Kepong
  • Lim Lip Eng – Segambut
  • Fong Kui Lun – Bukit Bintang
  • Teresa Kok – Seputeh
  • Tan Kok Wai – Cheras


  • Tian Chua – Batu
  • Tan Kee Kwong – Wangsa Maju

The Malay MPs are Nurul Izzah (Lembah Pantai-PKR), Khalid Ibrahim (Bandar Tun Razak-PKR), Ahmad Fauzi Zahari (Setiawangsa-Umno) and Johari Abdul Ghani (Titiwangsa-Umno).

So in short, KL has 7 Chinese MPs and 4 Malay MPs.

There are no Indian MPs for KL despite Indians being 10.3 percent of the KL population. As usual, the Indians are woefully sidelined.

The population of KL is 43.2 percent Chinese to 45.9 percent bumiputera. However the number of KL-ites registered as voters are 53.4 percent Chinese and 35.3 percent Malay. Intipatinya Melayu malas mendaftar sebagai pemilih manakala Umno tetap … Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya … kekal sebagai PPTA.

KL population vis-a-vis voters:

% population             % voters

  • Chinese                43.2                               53.4
  • Malay                   45.9                               35.3


Does MCA have any reason for living?

It’s perhaps not surprising that the DAP Parliamentarian representing the most Chinese-saturated seat of all – Bandar Kuching with 90.9 percent Chinese voters – had to recently apologize for complaining in his Facebook about Negaraku. The YB did not agree with the government instruction to cinemas requiring moviegoers to stand up when our national anthem is played.

The least Cina pekat DAP Parliament seat is Raub held by Mohd Ariff Sabri.

DAP’s only other “Melayu” (hahaha) MP, Zairil Khir Johari – pix (hahaha) – contested in Bukit Bendera, Penang which has 73.8 percent Chinese voters (hahaha).


Raub is also in the “Chinese” party’s third smallest margin of victory – with a majority of 2,814 votes – following Sandakan (1,088 votes) in Sabah and Sarikei (505 votes) in Sarawak. Both the aforementioned DAP seats in Borneo were won by the party’s Chinese candidates.

Otherwise, the majorities in DAP’s traditional seats are gargantuan, for example Teresa Kok’s record 51,552 in Seputeh as well as the whopping 30,000 and 40,000-plus majorities in the hardcore opposition areas.

Bawah: Jamila Rahim aka Melati, seorang lagi muka Melayu DAP

Melati Rahim

Indeks kepekatan Cina

Below is a table showing all the Parliament seats currently held by the DAP, minus Teluk Intan which the party lost a by-election not too long ago. The table has a colour gradient according to how Cina pekat those DAP seats are.

•  Two out of every five DAP seats are wards where the Chinese make up more than 70 percent of the voters.

•  Four out of every five DAP seats are constituencies where more than half of the electorate is Chinese.

•  Every single one of the DAP Parliament seats has more than 40 percent Chinese voters.


What happens if PAS and Pakatan split?

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz has admitted that PAS is being bullied by DAP and PKR.

Tuan Guru Hadi Awang lamented that the PAS ulama are victims of fitnah (by their ‘friends’ in the DAP and PKR).

PAS’s Dewan Ulama is now reappraising the tahaluf siyasi. Conservatives in the Islamist party are opening their eyes to what kind of people the DAP Christians are.

But if PAS and Pakatan do go their separate ways, PAS will nonetheless not be joining BN. They will have to regain their footing by standing independently.


PAS’s departure will hurt PKR

It is PAS that has the committed manpower on the ground and extensive party machinery, e.g. those kampung fellas who climb the tallest trees to put up the party flags whereas PKR is full of twits.

It is PKR that benefits the most from the Pakatan tie-up. As one concrete example, look who thinks the Selangor Menteri Besar post has got its party name permanently etched on it.

And look how they divvied the Selangor exco cake – see chart below.


PKR is flashy form, lacking substance

PKR contests in the mixed areas and gets Chinese votes from DAP supporters and Malay votes from PAS supporters. How many core supporters can PKR command on its own?

In 2004, PKR was a party of only one Parliamentarian. Wan Azizah was the sole PKR candidate to win her constituency Permatang Pauh in GE11.

In 2008 and 2013, thanks to tahaluf siyasi, PKR’s Parliament seats leaped and bounded from one to 31 and 30 respectively. And it begins to act like Big Brother in Pakatan; more taiko than how Umno behaves with the BN satellites even.

Memang lah PAS dikaldaikan … kesian.


PKR and DAP making an ass of PAS

PAS already had 27 MPs previously in the (then much smaller) 193-seat Parliament of 1999.

After the tahaluf siyasi though, PAS’s performance went into reverse gear – it won only 21 seats in the 222-seat Parliament of 2013.

GE:              1999                    2013

  • PAS                  27                       21
  • DAP                 10                   38   

Without PAS in Pakatan, it is unrealistic to expect the opposition to be able to take over Putrajaya. However at individual party level, DAP will not be affected much by a PAS pullout because unlike MCA, the evangelical party does not contest in rural Malay areas.

BELOW: FMT columnist Stanley Koh was formerly the head of MCA’s research bureau

Should we pity MCA Free Malaysia Today

Should we pity MCA?




The party is in cahoots with Umno’s arch rival and its media is stabbing BN in the back. And like Stanley Koh, the MCA’s former chief researcher says, its hypocrisy and fraud are “unpardonable” – see FMT article above.

MCA depends on Malay votes for survival but is kissing and cuddling the evangelistas.

BELOW: MCA leaders at the party general assembly declaring their love for Najib (and what a Christian thing to do!)

MCA stands with PM

MCA ain’t got no self-respect

Below are some of the MCA state seats:

Titi Tinggi is a DUN seat which has 76 percent Malay voters – see pie chart below, blue is Melayu. It is in Perlis, a state which has 84.4 percent Malay voters. And MCA won here! “Claps claps claps”

TitiTinggiCheka is a DUN seat which has 70 percent Malay voters. It was given to MCA to contest and voila, we get one Chinese Yang Berhormat representing the Pahang Malays.

Johor’s MCA exco – where got meritocracy?

Pulai Sebatang is a DUN seat in Johor which has 64 percent Malay voters. Its Adun, the MCA’s Tee Siew Keong, is appointed a state exco even though MCA lost the contest for 14 DUN seats in Johor.

Never mind that Johor is the BN fortress. In the last general election, MCA lost 13 of its fights with DAP for Johor state seats.

MCA also lost the Johor state seat of Parit Yanii to PAS. The only other MCA win is in Paloh, over Shanker a/l Rengganathan. If the opponent was a Chinese or a Malay, MCA would not have been able to prevail.

This is what MCA is reduced to. The second party in the BN hierarchy can only take on Indians and then only if that constituency has a lot of non-Chinese voters.

Click 2x to enlarge


Perak’s MCA exco – where got meritocracy?

MCA contested 15 state seats in Perak and lost 14. The only seat MCA managed to win is Chenderiang. Guess what? The Chenderiang voter composition is 36% Malay, 13% Indian, 21% Orang Asli (!) as against 31% Chinese.

And guess what some more? Just like the Tee guy in Johor who is made an exco even though 13 of his MCA-Johor compatriots lost their DUN challenge, the YB Chenderiang is made a Perak exco too although 14 of his MCA compatriots in the state lost their DUN challenge.

DAP wins the Chinese urban DUNs such as Damansara Utama and Komtar in Selangor and Penang. MCA wins Malay rural DUNs such as Gurun and Damak in Kedah and Pahang – see pie charts above.


ABOVE: MCA leaders at the Nest of Evangelistas in Phileo Damansara; Wong Chun Wai is on the extreme left

The Lambs of God

Malays who support BN are daily under attack and defamed. Very recently, “extremists” have been accused in one English newspaper as “terrorizing the Christian minority” of our country.

The Lambs of God claim they’re “only nine percent” in Malaysia and thus, so weak and helpless.

Well, there are only six million Israeli Jews in a sea of hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims. All the countries neighbouring Israel, marked green in the map below, are either Islamic states or Muslim-majority.

Israeli Jews are not weak nor helpless despite their miniscule number, are they?


Gunting dalam lipatan

MCA is part of the problem and not helping with the solution. Its EvangeliSTAR media is at the forefront of labelling non-Firster folks as hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

The J-Star is running a rabid campaign against the so-called racists, bigots and extremists.

In the Middle East, the terrorists would strap dynamite onto donkeys. The terrorists then send the poor beasts to be exploded, and taking a death toll on their (the terrorists’) enemies.

The MCA is just such an exploding donkey used by the enemy that will cost the BN dearly.

MCA AGM- Delegates enjoy reading The Star


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13 thoughts on “Exploding donkey

  1. Just a point on KL voter demographic: although the ratio of residents is about 50:50 , the Malay residents have a sizeable proportion who are from other states. So their vote registration may not be Wilayah. Although you could argue that they didn’t bother to change it whereas the Chinese who moved to KL did so.

  2. UMNO nak takut apa di setiap parlimen yang dimenangi mereka ada undi poket dan bukan setakat tidak apa Datuk Musa Hitam even say UMNO parti kampong jika sekiranya undi popular jadi taruhan lama dah UMNO lingkop u belive me or not sure punya….

    1. re: “Datuk Musa Hitam even say UMNO parti kampong”

      Ah Jib Gor is allowing his pets, like the J-Star editors as one example, to insult kampung voters as “stupid” and other nasty epithets.

      In other words, ibarat jatuh ditimpa tangga.

      Dah lah we vote BN and for that we’re labelled “backward”, “easily bribed [with two tins of Milo]”, “racist”, “extremists”, “bigots” and most recently “terrorists” (who terrorize the Christian minority) while on the other hand,

      Ah Jib Gor spends hundreds of millions of ringgit for TalentCorp to bring Dapsters back (who then vote for DAP), and if that’s not rubbing salt into the wound, he indirectly funds the J-Star‘s ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign where the “racists-extremists-bigots” are vilified as “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

      1. Mengapa Najib tidak sepintar anda Helen dalam membuat perkiraan? Kalau dibiarkan Najib terus mengetuai UMNO/BN alamat parti ini balik ‘kampong’ pada PRU 2018!

        Jadi ahli UMNO tunjukan jalan keluar pada Najib! Bukan kerana kita tidak sayangkan Najib tapi kita lebih Cinta pada agama, bangsa dan negara!

      2. re: MCA depends on Malay votes for survival but is kissing and cuddling the evangelistas.
        The MCA is just such an exploding donkey used by the enemy that will cost the BN dearly.

        In UMNO there is PM Najib who did the same thing…

        Harapkan sokong…
        Sokong membawa rebah!
        Hari ini cakap bohong…
        Esok, bohongnya boleh diubah…!

  3. Sya setuju UMNO tak ambil kisah to woo registration of new voters. Two in my family potential UMNO 2018 voters, merely using their own initiative asking Mr Google dari USA. Lepas tu Makcik Facebook, unker Whatsup dan sewaktu dengan nya tolong sampaikan seruan kat kawan2 depa.

    KJ dok gedik berzombi atas pentas! Muahahaha

  4. Is the MCA-DAP rhetoric instigating a cultural revolution in Malaysia while the PM serves as moderator?

    Reminiscing about Tibet [YouTube]

    1. Al-Quran chapter1: Al-Fatiha (The Opening)

      Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
      Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
      Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
      Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
      Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
      Siraatal ladzeena an ‘amta’ alaihim
      Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

      In the name of Allah, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
      Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.
      The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Judgement.
      You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
      Guide us on the straight path, the path of those who have received your grace;
      not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

      “The water droplet that truly knows itself is aware of the Ocean”.

  5. Helen, u are too good in statistic. u shall lead jabatan statistic negara to give credible statistic to ah jib gor to analyze rather than those mckenzenian consatan and punahsihat2..hahahaha


    Once upon a long time ago there lived a wise man named Luqman. of African descent who was caught as a slave and sold off in another country. Luqman’s wisdom was so exemplary that a surah 31 in the Qur’an is dedicated to his name. He gave good counsel to his children which is equally good for the children of the world even today.

    * * * * * * * * *

    On one occasion Luqman said to his son, “Oh son! Do not attach your heart to seeking the pleasure of people. You are unlikely to succeed. When attending to people’s opinions always remind yourself to seek the pleasure of God foremost.” Luqman desired that his young son should always remember this particular wisdom and so Luqman set about to impress his mind and heart.

    He instructed his son to mount a donkey. The son obeyed and the father followed behind on foot. After travelling some distance they came across a group of people. Seeing the son on the donkey, one of them criticized: “What a rude and lousy boy. The old father is walking on foot while the young son rides comfortably on the donkey. This is no way to respect one’s father!”.

    Both father and son heard this. So the son dismounted from the donkey and Luqman now rode on the animal to continue the journey. After sometime they came across another group of people. On seeing the father riding the donkey, the elder of the group called out: “Oh you old man! This is not the way to bring up a son. You make him walk in the hot sun, while you sit comfortably on top the donkey.”

    Luqman heard what the people said and came down from the donkey. Both father and son now walked on foot while the donkey walked ahead of them. They went a little further and when the people saw them, they called out: “How foolish you are? You walk behind a donkey. Why don’t you ride it?”

    Luqman and his son once again accepted what the people said. They both rode the donkey and went further. They came across a river. There was a bridge to be crossed. Some people were sitting there. They saw Luqman and his son riding the donkey. One of them said, “It is very unkind and cruel of you two to ride on the poor donkey. The little animal can hardly take all your burden!”

    So heeding this advice Luqman and his son dismounted from the donkey. Then Luqman said lovingly to his son, “You have heard and seen the people. Hence you know by now, that whatever you do or whichever way you move, one is not able to please the people of the world.” He pointed at the flowing river and added: “A person can build a wall across this river to stop the flow of the water. But it is not possible to shut the mouth of the people from criticism.”

    It is similar to our world today. A person can feel very hurt when he listens to all the loose tongues. To avoid getting hurt by loose talk, a person can can discipline himself to think. By correct reasoning he can differentiate between right and wrong; between propriety and impropriety. When a reasonable person is confident of approval by his Creator Lord, Almighty Allah, then he does not worry about the unfounded allegations of others.

    As for the donkey . . . its beastial nature limits it from understanding its responsibilities, and from realizing its rights. A wise man on its back is no different from a mundane burden of cabbages.

  7. the big question is Wy Najib doing what his doing now, ie like the J Star? What is his BIG Plan?

    Najib seems over the hedges with the ILOVUPM syndrom but he fail to LOVEURAKYAT syndrom.

    He wanted to won base on ‘Popularity’ so the more flyers, poster of ILOVUPM the more he on hi 5. He failed to understand Being Popular to Gain rakyat confidence and votes will not bear any result compare to The People Love and made you popular for what you do will be a winner.

    Now the fenomena ia ‘Bagi aku ambil GE 14 aku tak pangkah BN!’

  8. Let’s now add Gerakan to the MCA/DAP gang, shall we?
    Quote “Ini kerana, kata perwakilan Johor Tan Lai Soon, orang Melayu juga sebenarnya pendatang di negara ini.”

    Soalan cepumas –
    Cina – datang dari Tanah Besar China
    India – datang dari Indian sub-continent
    Africans – dari benua Afrika,
    Bukankah Melayu datangnya dari Tanah Melayu? (before you guys jump on me, I’m keeping this simple and to their level of historical knowledge of the region)

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