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Dear Mr Prime Minister

Dear YAB Dato’ Seri,

You say that the Chinese votes fell during GE13 because Chinese voters believed “lies” about Bangladeshi phantom voters.

Actually they hate your party and want Umno dead and BN buried.

Why do you still keep giving excuses and deluding yourself?

They tsunami-ed you, remember?

Najib GE13 Bangladeshi




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21 thoughts on “Dear Mr Prime Minister

    1. I’m sorry but the words “PAU” and “solution” do not go well in one sentence.

      PAU is the place where everybody screams and talk with big words, but nobody listens. I always watch it on TV because it makes me laugh seeing so many people trying so hard to outdo and outshine each other in the party primarily in satisfying their existential angst, and most importantly for horse-trading on more projects (always by screaming “Hak Melayu”, “Kontrak Sosial” etc.).

      I can’t wait to watch PAU soon, at least it’ll help me to stop watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” for a while. PAU has more inflated drama! Have you seen the delegates’ rides to PAU? Swanky, hahahahahaha.


  1. If the Malays back Perkasa or an ISMA offshoot in any significant numbers, the Chinese will swing behind Najib, so may as well be nice, eh?

      1. The answer is very simple. Because they hate Perkasa and Isma at the highest degree. With Isma and Perkasa means business and no hanky panky!

        Najib is the enemy that they knows at finger tips. Najib blur ‘senang digula gulakan’. They know whatever they do, Najib will forgive them and still give them the first consideration before the Malays!

        1. Hahahaha.

          Najib already stabbed in the back by Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan EvangeliSTAR on 4 May 2013 (eve of polling day GE13). The J-Star practically encouraged its readers to “Ini kali lah”, kita UBAH.

    1. Over their dead bodies will the Chinese back Najib, BN and UMNO…. the Chinese have also almost burnt their bridges serta sudah berpatah arang berkerat rotan…..

      Only the truly and totally blind may fail to see this… So much for Najib’s political savvy!!!!!

  2. Re: Indications

    Neither Isma nor Perkasa is a political party Malays rellied on this two cause Kj is not doing his job the pemuda harapan bangsa sudah musnah dan menjadi lipatan sejarah

    dia percaya boss lebih dari segalanya, politik PM dah masuk series maharaja lawak dah banyak berselfie berseloroh dengan parti BN, mesyuarat UMNO akan datang ni dia nanti kena sentai tengok la..

  3. Tan lai Loon from Johore told the Gerakan National Conference that Malay’s also Pendatang just like the Chinese.

    Why should they support another Pendatang (UMNO)? they should be on their own to make way to Putra Jaya.

    1. Kalau penguasaan Bahasa Melayu Cina Gerakan tersebut bagus, sebagus average Malaysians, maka dia patut baca buku di atas, dikeluarkan untuk mereka-mereka yang sama macam Tan Lai Loon.

      ‘Orang Melayu dan raja-raja mereka adalah penguasa Selat Melaka sejak dari dahulu dan ini diakui oleh catatan-catatan Arab,Parsi,Imperial China dan conquistador-conquistador Eropah.

      Sebab itu, bila saya bercakap tentang ‘Tidak Melayu Hilang di Dunia’,saya bercakap tentang bisnes maritim orang-orang Melayu yang menjangkau 1100 tahun Sebelum Masehi. Saya bercakap tentang survival dan dayatahan untuk memperjuangkan kewujudan. Walaupun dijajah beratus tahun, kita akhirnya masih punya tanahair dan masih mengekalkan institusi raja-raja kita …

  4. the PM is afraid that he’ll be called an ‘uncalled for’ racist by his best buddy wcw. no wonder a gerakan apek tua dare to call malay as pendatang in its assembly. but wcw will report that this is not racist, its a fact kononnya.

    the thing is, it is normal for the native to call you pendatang when you don’t speak in their language fluently and disregard the customs of the locals. i wonder why is the chinese led by DAPsters fail to get this.

    go to aussie, US, UK, Canada, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Russia or even your beloved Chinese majority country like china, Taiwan or hong kong. they will always look upon you as pendatang when you cant speak their language.

    even if you do speak their language well and murtad towards their culture it doesnt guarantee that you will be accepted wholeheartedly in the community. plus you are more vulnerable towards insults and getting swindled compared here in Malaysia.

    so go find a mirror and practice talking in Bahasa Melayu better if you don’t want to be called pendatang.

  5. La haula wala quwata illa bila ilazim, Allahuakbar.

    Ya ALLAH selamatkanlah kami orang orang Islam di negara ini juga negara Malaysia ini.

    Kau berilah kami jalan keluar dari masaalah kami dengan puak evangalist yang benci akan kami.dengan puak PAS yang lebeh suka makan babi dengan Dap dari makan ayam dengan UMNO. DAN juga pemimimpin kami yang lemah dan liberal yang lebeh suka melayan musoh kami daripada kami yang telah mengangkat mereka.

    Amin amin ya rabbilalamin

  6. Will Umno (with majority opposition DUNs) put all efforts to get back Penang to be later given back to Gerakan? Stupid!

    This is no meritocracy. No friendship to backstabber.

    1. Hahaha.

      A-L-L the oppo Aduns in Penang are Umno.

      The Chinese BN Aduns have been completely wiped out from Penang.

      If BN were ever to get back Penang, the chief minister will be Umno. And it is for this reason that the Chinese in Penang will continue supporting the DAP. This is the Hobson’s choice that the non-Malay voters in the state have manoeuvred themselves into.

      1. Actually, I have a better idea. Let UMNO wrest back Penang and after that, the UMNO’s Ketua Menteri should work towards returning Penang to Kedah just like how Dinding and Pangkor were returned to Perak.

        Oppos wouldn’t have a problem with this suggestion considering their stance on Sabah and Sarawak right? Then Kak Helen can update her brilliant statistics on voting demographics, kan Kak Helen?

          1. DAP will immediately scream, “Sedition! Sedition! Sedition!”.

            But they quickly realize, “Eh! We ask for repeal of Sedition! Silap cakap!”.

            And they blame UMNO again.

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