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Why Guan Eng slam Nancy? AG does not answer to BN lah

Malaysia practises the separation of powers. Nancy Shukri (pix below) as an MP is an elected member of the legislature and, as a cabinet minister, is a member of the executive.

On the other hand, the high office of the Attorney-General is provided for under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution.

So why are the Yahudi Yeohs demanding that Nancy interfere with the AG ‘s job? On the contrary, it is the AG’s duty to advise the (Law) Minister – this is what the Constitution says. Hence Nancy is merely following procedures in leaving to him the decision on pressing charges.

nancy shukri

Nancy carrying out her work professionally

The FedCon also stipulates that the AG holds office at the pleasure of the YDP Agong. The AG is not beholden to the BN.

The opposition claim they want the judiciary and other authorities to be independent but here they are screaming for Nancy to intervene when government officers do their job. Such inconsistency!

And there’s nothing at all unusual about a minister reading out a prepared statement in Parliament. The ministers, after all, do not work in a vacuum. They have to liaise with a host of other government bureaucracy.

Furthermore, the AG cannot even be sacked by the PM. He can’t be removed from office except by a tribunal of Federal Court judges. It just shows how ignorant the opposition sheeple are when they expect the AG to be remote controlled by the Law Minister.

Only Pakatoons expect elected reps (like their PKR Kajang Adun) to follow the orders of the Ketum.


Guan Eng slams Nancy Shukri in his Deepavali message

Lim Guan Eng in his Deepavali message expressed his party’s appreciation to “moderate Muslim groups” over their condemnation of Nancy Shukri.

The DAP sec-gen did not however name which group(s).

Contrary to Guan Eng’s assertion that “moderate Muslim groups” had condemned the minister, the Muslim groups had in actual fact congratulated Nancy.

In its press statement, Pembela said:

“Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada Menteri Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, YB Nancy Shukri di atas ketegasannya mempertahankan prinsip-prinsip keluhuran perlembagaan dan kedaulatan undang-undang negara di dalam isu pertembungan desakan EKSTREMIS KRISTIAN tempatan melawan Perlembagaan.”


Who’s the one fanning “ethnic and religious hatred”, really?

Guan Eng went on to blame Putrajaya for relying on “sociopolitical engineers to focus on emotional ethnic and religious hatred” that has created “such hostility towards non-Muslim and non-Malays”.

He claimed that on top of telling “bare-faced lies to distract attention from addressing the real problems”, Malaysia’s failed leaders are now “asking for the revival of preventive laws”.

What Guan Eng mouthed above about distracting attention is the standard Dapster line of attack when in reality it is the Yahudi Yeohs who are the real culprits. But typically in his Orwellian turn, Guan Eng spins it the other way around. And even in his Deepavali greeting, he is unable to desist from politicking.


It’s Umno’s fault!

I blame Umno for allowing Yahudi Yeoh to bermaharajalela

“Let Deepavali remind us of our sacred duty to shine the light against the darkness of oppression and corruption,” said Guan Eng, deploying the pro forma Firster political lexicon.

To the Yahudi Yeohs, only they and they alone are Good (“light”) whereas their wicked opponents belong to the Dark Side and serve Evil.


Decrying what he called the “dangerous ideology of special privileges that includes the right to be corrupt and to bully minorities”, Guan Eng accused sociopolitical-engineering proponents of spreading “a dangerous ideology of hostility towards diversity”.

He further accused supporters of “the status quo” of threatening the peace and harmony of our country.

It is mainly due to Umno’s tidak apa-ness that Guan Eng and his evangelistas have been allowed to get away with saying the things that he does and for so long.


Nancy Shukri given an overdose of Love-Love-Love

Guan Eng’s tactic to ‘kena’kan Nancy Shukri in his Deepavali message today only serves to encourage the Yahudi Yeohs in their “continuing vilification” of her.

What kind of a politician is he?

FireShot Screen Capture #045 - 'Twitter _ hannahyeoh_ @LeonLeeBMG low class politician' - twitter_com_hannahyeoh_statuses_246801183111520256

One Malaysiakini subscriber Simon Ti commented that Nancy Shukri “is not even fit to carry the shoes of real woman leaders like Ambiga, Mariam Mokhtar, Marina Mahathir just to name a few of those courageous women of substance and Allah’s gift to Malaysia”.

I must say that I empathize with Nancy for her up close and personal brush with the Yahudi Yeohs.

All the reader comments on this page are quoted / screenshot from the following Malaysiakini report on Nancy Shukri –


Hajah Nancy bashed for wearing a tudung

Below are some comments by Malaysiakini readers

The Yahudi Yeohs mock and insult a Muslim woman who has done the haj for wearing a tudung. On the other hand, they have nothing but praise for the fashion sported by a tudung-wearing evangelista.

hannahmosquepurplecropThis politician, incidentally, threatens to make an immediate police report against anyone who mistakes her for a Muslimah – quite naturally because of her tudung garb and frequent mosque visits.

She (the Jerusubang fat cat) is a staunch Christian, you see, and takes criminal offence at anyone who spreads what she considers to be the malicious rumour that she has embraced Islam.


“Nancy Nancy you look funny

and out of place with the tudong”

says Malaysiakini reader ‘Jaguh

Nancy tudung1


“Why Nancy is seen wearing a Tudong all of a sudden?”

Nancy tudung2


Nancy tudung3



“Closet Perkasa sympathiser?

“Tudongs; the new fashion statement?!”

Nancy tudung5

hannah yeoh tudung biru

Nancy tudung4

Nancy Shukri, who is Muslim from the multicultural Sarawak, should just ignore the hypocritical and crazed comments from her detractors.

All the comments thrown at Nancy would be better directed at Hannah Yeoh, most obviously. To borrow a phrase from Malaysiakini commenter Axolotl, Hannah “the fakest one of all!”


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19 thoughts on “Why Guan Eng slam Nancy? AG does not answer to BN lah

  1. Saya seperti kebanyakan rakyat selalu mengeluh, ‘Siapalah hendak menggantikan Najib!’

    Muhyiddin boleh menggantikan Najib tapi umur Muhyiddin lebih tua dari Najib. Berapa lamalah dia boleh bertahan untuk menggantikan Najib. Najib lebih muda daripadanya. Masih belum nampak riak dia hendak pencen jadi PM walaupun ramai yang mengharapkan dia berbuat demikian.

    Pokoknya siapa yang masih muda dan boleh menjadi pemimpin pelapis selepas Najib dan Muhyiddin. “Please not KJ”. Rosak binasa parti keramat Melayu ini di tangan Melayu moderate dan moderen seperti KJ!

    Bila Hajah Nancy Shukri mula dibelasah oleh Cinabeng biaDAP, saya mula buka mata terhadapnya. Biasanya pemimpin lawan yang menjadi sasaran Cinabeng biaDAP ini, mesti telah berjaya membuat sesuatu yang memanaskan punggong mereka!

    Jadi pemimpin tertinggi BN/UMNO seperti Najib dan Muhyiddin tolong beri perhatian kepada pemimpin seperti Hajah Nancy Shukri, beri bimbingan dan peluang untuknya menjalankan tugas tugas yang mencabar untuk mengumpul pengetahuan dan pengalaman!

    Begitu juga dengan Abd.Rahman Dahlan malah MB Melaka.
    ( walaupun gossip dia hendak menganjurkan pesta Arak di Melaka menurunkan sahamnya )

    Saya rasa ini antara pemimpin muda yang ada potensi menjadi pemimpin tertinggi Negara.

    1. re: “So why Nancy answered on AG behave?”

      That’s why ministers do. For example, if the governor of Bank Negara was called upon to clarify something, it is the Minister of Finance who answers to the Dewan.

      re: “AG should answer himself”

      He can. The Dapsters/reporters should go ask him instead of browbeating Nancy.

  2. Orang evangelista / dapster / liberals ni semuanya sama – tak tahu perlembagaan dan sistem kerajaan Malaysia. Dia buat intepretasi ikut sedap dia, ikut kepentingan dia.

    Mintak hapus Akta Hasutan tapi suruh ambil tindakan di bawah Akta Hasutan terhadap Ibrahim Ali. Undang-undang / hakim-hakim di bawah telunjuk Umno jika mereka didakwa dan kalah tetapi undang-undang adil bila memihak mereka.

    Mereka ambil tindakan undang-undang atas hak kebebasan tapi jika mereka didakwa itu perbuatan jahat Umno.

    Hannah pakai tudung ikut nenek dia yang datang ke Tanah Melayu dulu pakai tudung tapi Nancy Shukri, seorang Muslim, memang mengada-ada sibuk pakai tudung.

    Seronok jadi mereka – pendirian mereka “Heads I win, tails you lose”.

  3. The title LGE’s so called Deepavali post is:

    “Malaysians Must Resist Any Socio-Political Engineering Efforts To Change Our Behaviourial Template From Moderation To Extremism, Moving From Results To Racism And The Dangerous Ideology of Special Privileges That Includes The Right To Be Corrupt And To Bully Minorities Or Abuse Basic Human Rights”

    Why not just put “Deepavali Message” as title. Obviously he doesn’t adhere to “K-I-S-S principle”.

    Oh I know, he just want to take this opportunity to slam on BN again as usual. Does he know how to respect Deepavali?

    1. Helen,

      Guan Eng cant accept fact that what Ibrahim ali said is not seditious. Ibrahim just said he would burn Bible (written in Bahasa Melayu) that contains the word “Allah”.

      Ibrahim did not urge Muslims to burn Bible.

      What Troubled me is total silence on Najib administration when Nancy was ridiculed. Najib, Muhyiddin or any minister should defend Nancy.

      DAP’s modus oprandi is to continously painting BN(meaning UMNO) as racist. It is not difficult to face this method. Just take bull by its horn.

      UMNO too must slam DAP for being racist. I notice nowadays my Chinese friends dare not insult UMNO, Malays before me. Why? Because they know I will “lecture” them on DAP hypocrisy. And they have no answers to me valid arguments.

      Safe for Rahman Dahlan, I seldom heard UMNO leaders answered DAP slanders. Its Ketua Pemuda is busy with “zumba’. It is “cool” but does not bring votes.

      1. re: “Umno too must slam DAP for being racist.”

        You’re correct.

        The Umno president is so very wrong to coddle The J-Star Voice of DAP and allow the government to indirectly fund the public campaigns conducted by the Nest of Evangelistas.

        1. Helen,

          My chinese friends were dumbfounded when I told that DAP is racist. So used to listening DAP of slandering UMNO as racist, they simply had no answers when I said instead DAP is racist.

          It is actually very easy to handle DAP. You just have to be firm. straight to the point. When my chinese friend complained that Singapore practises meritocracy( really) , she was reminded that Singapore has no vernacular schools.

          I never heard UMNO leaders telling malaysians on the content of Constitution that says no non Muslims shall preaches other religions to Muslims.

          I never heard UMNO leaders reminding DAP that AG did not find Namawee as insulting Islam. So if they can accept AG’s decision then why challenges him now when it comes to Ibrahim Ali?

          In STAR’s newspaper, its CEO questions Nancy on her answer to Parliament. I am pretty sure no UMNO ministers will take trouble to rebut what rubbish Wong said.

          “rasa macam nak terajang saja pemimpin UMNO ni”

          1. Shamsul Anuar 9:45 pm & 10:32

            ‘……What Troubled me is total silence on Najib administration when Nancy was ridiculed. Najib, Muhyiddin or any minister should defend Nancy…….’

            Jangan pedulikan reaksi Najib terutamanya. Dia memang blur dulu,kini dan selamanya!

            Paling penting kita orang orang Melayu Islam bersuara membela golongan pemimpin yang ditindas Cinabeng biaDAP seperti Hajah Nancy Shukri!

            Untuk melahirkan sokonga pada zaman moden ini amat mudah dilakukan melalui media massa dan juga media maya.

            Berapa jumlah menteri kabinet Najib yang gagal bersuara membela Hajah Nancy? 25 orang, 35 orang ke?

            Bandingkan kalau bilangan majority Melayu Islam dan bumiputera melahirkan sokongan kepada pemimpin pemimpin yang gagal dibela oleh Najib dan kabinet!

            Macam bumi dengan langit!

            Bukan sahaja Cinabeng biaDAP yang akan ter senyap malah Najib dan kabinetnya juga akan diam terkedu!

            “rasa macam nak terajang saja pemimpin UMNO ni”

            Begitu juga yang saya rasakan. Kalau muka muka menteri kabinet Najib malah Najib sendiri bertanding dalam PAU 2018, kita patut tahu apa yang wajib dilakukan!

            1. re: Berapa jumlah menteri kabinet Najib yang gagal bersuara membela Hajah Nancy? 25 orang, 35 orang ke?

              re: rasa macam nak terajang saja pemimpin UMNO ni!

              apabila seorang uncle india ‘tampar’ kasut pada ‘muka Najib’… mula-mula memang saya marah.

              tapi, bila difikir betul-betul, memang patut pun Najib ni dan pemimpin UMNO dewasa ni ditampar [deleted] !

              menyampah betul!

      2. You’re right and that is the MAIN weakness of the current administration, tiada Kementerian Penerangan, dan kementerian komunikasi & multimedianya tak tahulah communicate dengan siapa guna media apa.

        So we have Rahman Dahlan dengan twitternya reaching out to the younger and more tech-friendly audience being outnumbered by the more tech-savvy PR beanies.

        Speaking of RD, this is my favourite twit from him this month.
        “Nincompoop Chief Minister! Period!”
        (sorry trouble with links)

    2. I love the titles of all his “perutusan perayaan” tak kiralah tahun baruke, rayake, christmaske, ataupun merdeka. Saves me the trouble of reading the whole thing.

      For example –
      Hari Raya 2014 – Mengatasi Masalah Kesesakan Trafik Dengan Menawarkan Tender Terbuka Untuk Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Awam Pulau Pinang Sebanyak RM 27 Bilion Dan Mempergiatkan Demokrasi Perumahan Dengan Meneruskan Projek Rumah Awam Dan Mampu Milik.
      Merdeka 2014 – An Uncertain 57th Merdeka Anniversary Overshadowed By Increasing Racial Extremism, Twin MH 370 and MH 17 Tragedies As Well As Loss Of Jobs For 6,000 MAS Employees, Selective Political Prosecution Of PR Leaders, Depriving Top Students Of University Places Of Their Choice And Rising Costs Of Living.
      Christmas 2012 – Let Us Advance Efforts To Establish A People-Centric Government Based On Integrity That Puts People Over Profits To Put A Stop To All Future Lynas Rare Earth Plant, Automated Enforcement System(AES) And The RM 871 Billion Dirty Money Scandals.

  4. Tan Lai Soon, Gerakan candidate from Johore told the Gerakan National Conference that like the Chinese and Indian, that Malay are also Pendatang.

    How if Ibrahim Ali or Isma or any other Malay were to answer this? what would that be regarded? a treat or raciest.

    Look like the Chinese can say anything they want even to the extends of changing Malay history.

    Who actually being provocative hear?

  5. re: “One Malaysiakini subscriber Simon Ti commented that Nancy Shukri “is not even fit to carry the shoes of real woman leaders like Ambiga, Mariam Mokhtar, Marina Mahathir just to name a few of those courageous women of substance and Allah’s gift to Malaysia”.
    I must say that I empathize with Nancy for her up close and personal brush with the Yahudi Yeohs.”

    But Guan Eng did kick up a big fuss last Christmas by insisting that “ALLAH” be substituted for the Trinitarian God.


    “The issue is not simply one of evangelization – it is also one of honesty. The evangelical movement has long been corrupted by two rather unhealthy tendencies: a belief in the utter supremacy of Christianity as the basis for global government (the ideology of the New Apostolic Reformation is an example); and a belief that the end (of fulfilling the “Great Commission”) justifies all manner of means – many of which are at best morally questionable, and at worst downright dishonest. In a myriad ways, these two tendencies interweave, leading to a form of evangelization which is often aggressive, surreptitious, and extremely seductive. And the key to the problem is the packaging – or the “contextualization”. “

    1. re: the evangelistas are “downright dishonest”, and at the same time “aggressive, surreptitious, and extremely seductive”

      The PM and Umno are not aware and cannot be made aware.

      The only people I see who are on to the evangelista con job are Isma and the Muslim NGOs. However Najib’s partners in ‘moderation’ the J-Star is given a free rein to daily paint Isma and its colleagues as “racists”, “extremists” and “religious bigots”.

      1. Najib and his J-star partners are moderating the neo-con “Christian” supremacy which is today a by-word for the equality of all religions (Truth aside) in tandem with the global economy moguls who are taking center stage.

        It appears there are muslims with welcoming arms for this metaphysical onslaught.

  6. Ada peribahasa Melayu “bila belanga mengata bontot periuk hitam / kata periuk belanga hitam” atau English proverb “te pot calling the kettle black”.

    Bila ‘pendatang’ panggil orang lain sebagai pendatang, itu berdasarkan apa yang ada dalam fikiran dan persekitaran dia. Secara tak langsung membuktikan yang orang yang mangatakan yang tersebut sememangnya pendatang!

  7. Yeoh is the faked one. Hjjh Nancy wore a tudung (very common among the Sarawak’s muslim women before a hijab of Arab origin became more popular). She is a Malay at that.

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