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Pendatang polemics: How about Chinese join the army?

The latest news in Ismaweb today – ‘Pembela buat laporan polis terhadap perwakilan Gerakan’.

Pembela is a coalition of more than 50 Muslim NGOs. Isma plays a leading role in Pembela; Isma deputy president Aminuddin Yahya is also the Pembela deputy chairman.

The Gerakan delegate in his speech at his party AGM said that Malays are pendatang too. His contention is a popular refrain among the opposition-supporting Chinese (who make up 90 percent of the Chinese population in Malaysia and include Gerakan and MCA members).

Despite that the claim “Melayu juga pendatang” irritates the hell out of the Malays, the Chinese still keep annoying the majority population anyway. Why? Because they can, so there!

BELOW: Wanita Isma holding placard that says “Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam”


Firsters shouldn’t call Malays ‘pendatang’

My blog has previously discussed the ‘pendatang’ polemics, in fact, two years ago this month on 24 Oct 2012.

I wrote on 2012/10/25 at 11:16 am,

“I do not think the Firsters should call Malays ‘pendatang’.

How far back do they want to go? Didn’t everyone originate from Africa (‘Out of Africa’ Eve theory) after all? If yes, then tracing our origins we should be Africans, instead of Chinese and Malay.

The borders between Indonesia and Malaysia, and Malaysia with southern Thailand were artificially drawn by the British and the Dutch.

Nusantara is the Malay archipelago and Malays were a seafaring people who merantau between the islands including Mindanao and the ones in the Sulu Sea.

The people of this region belong to the ‘Malay’ stock. Firsters should just accept that instead of acting so kiasu.”

So kiasu, what to do?

I’d already said two years ago Firsters should accept that our region is the Malay archipelago. I also said the Yahudi Yeohs ought to stop acting so kiasu.

And the most kiasu among them are those ensconced in the Nest of Evangelistas who thump their chest as the shining moderates of Middle Malaysia.

BELOW: J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai urges “moderate” Malaysians to “stand up against religious and racial bigots”


J-Star: “Stop bigots who promote mono-religion”

On 4 Aug 2014, I’d blogged, ‘Is Wong Chun Wai attacking Isma again?

Did this fella borrow Samy Vellu's hairpiece?The J-Star CEO had written in his weekly column: “We must not let our guard down and our leaders must do more to stop bigots who promote mono-ethnicity and mono-religion from intruding into every level of our institutions.”

In his earlier column ‘Our right to speak up‘ on 11 May 2014, Chun Wai had written “Ignorant fools and bigots like him [Isma president Abdullah Zaik] should not be allowed to get away with their remarks”.

In another column ‘Slipping into our racial cocoons‘ by Chun Wai the following week (18 May 2014), the EvangeliSTAR boss wrote how he found it “disturbing that the voices of mono-ethnicity and mono-religion are becoming louder in Malaysia”.

In the same May 18 column, Chun Wai derided “instant NGOs, with a membership of five persons, including the wives and children of the presidents [that] claim that they represent a particular race or religion”.

BELOW: ‘Mono-religion’ of Isma is strongly criticized by J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai 


Yahudi Yeohs

Former Utusan group chief editor Zainuddin Maidin breaks down the issue into its two most basic components, i.e. Chinese take offence when they’re labelled “pendatang” but at the same time, they want the cultural (linguistic) identity of the language of the People’s Republic of China.

Zamkata, “tidak mahu dikenali sebagai pendatang tetapi mahu identiti bahasa pendatang“.

So far, none of the Yahudi Yeohs have been able to satisfactorily rebut Zam’s argument above.

And when they are unable to reply reasonably, they resort to making below-the-belt personal attacks.

Zam dimaki hamun

See the Tan Sri’s remark above on how they “mengina saya [Zam] sebagai mamak cuba hendak menjadi Melayu dan minta saya tutup mulut setelah bersara dari menteri”.

He characterized the online reactions as “komen yang kehilangan kewarasan dan maki hamun”.


What does it mean when the Chinese hate mamaks and mualaf Cina?

The mamaks and saudara baru are either Muslim or they (or their parents/grandparents) have converted to Islam.

The mamaks and Cina mualaf speak fluent bahasa Melayu.

They also embrace Malay culture. They are assimilated into the Malay community.

Yet the Chinese, who claim they’re Malaysian First and who declare they love their neighbours and only want to build bridges, despise these Malay-speaking, Malay culture-assimilated people.

Why is it that the Chinese – who fly into a rage when they’re called ‘pendatang’ – should so hate the mamaks and Cina mualaf that have successfully integrated into the majority society?

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh – “the fakest one of all!”

hannah yeoh tudung biru

Nancy tudung4

Hypocrisy of the highest order

Recent ad hominem attacks on Nancy Shukri is reflective of the hypocrisy of the Yahudi Yeohs, especially when they mock her for wearing tudung.

The Netizens going by the monikers ‘Axolotl’, ‘Jaguh’ and ‘Anonymous #57883242’ are Malaysiakini subscribers – see my previous posting for details.

What a cocktail of hate and hypocrisy these opposition supporters are serving up. To them, Nancy – a Muslim hajah – donning the tudung is “funny and out of place”.

But elsewhere and otherwise, Hannah Yeoh who’s not Muslim is ferociously defended when her sincerity in wearing tudung and Occupying Mosque is questioned.

BELOW: Hypocrite Hannah


Nancy tudung1


ABOVE: Munafik Hannah wears tudung play-play like costume during Halloween

Nancy tudung3

Sneaky strategy to undermine Special Position

Gerakan has issued a show cause letter to their delegate who said that Malays are pendatang too as well as suspended his membership. This is damage control but the reverberations have already been felt.

Regardless that the delegate has retracted his statement and his party apologized, it does not make any dent in the Chinese collective mindset. The Chinese will keep repeating “Melayu juga pendatang” with the only difference that they say it everywhere in the social media instead of on a public platform like the Gerakan assembly.

And similarly the Malays will keep on calling the Chinese “pendatang”, especially now following this Gerakan flap.

Arguing that Malays are immigrants also, or that there are “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese, all Malaysians” are roundabout tactics of negating Article 152 on the Malay ‘special position’.

Simple. If the Malays can be convinced that cleaving to their ethnic identity is “racist”, then all the current privileges reserved for Malays would automatically cease in practice because Malays will be embarrassed to step forward as Malays.

Soooooo sneaky these Yahudi Yeohs.



The Yahudi Yeohs are aggressively defining what a Malaysian is on their own terms.

Their criteria … you’re a true blue Malaysian if you eat Nasi Lemak and you sit at the Teh Tarik stall to watch a live telecast of a badminton tournament. You’re a patriotic Malaysian if you’re holidaying abroad and you tell foreigners (when asked where you’re from) that you’re a Malaysian. This is how the Firsters define Malaysian Firstness.

They scoff at Zam’s challenge: Kenapa tidak mahu dikenali sebagai pendatang tetapi mahu identiti bahasa pendatang?

Nancy Shukri is implied to be a closet Perkasa sympathizer by Lim Guan Eng – report here

Nancy tudung5

Wag the dog

They continue their vitriolic attacks on the mamaks and Cina mualaf, and their subversion of the Malay identity and Islam as evidenced in the opposite treatments of the Nancy tudung vs Hannah tudung.

To me, what is most revealing about how the Chinese really feel is their attitude to our Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Not only do the Chinese refuse to join the army but they disrespect the soldiers.

Yang buat onar ialah puak evangelista.

The more aggressively the evangelista push themselves to the forefront, the more ordinary Malays – note that the little boy’s mom (pix, below) is not an Ibrahim Ali clone – will rise up to retake/rescue what used to be Tanah Melayu.

The crux of the matter is why have the Chinese community, the majority of whom are not (yet) Christian allowed the evangelistas to assume the leadership role?

A parallel can be drawn on why has the MCA, which is not a Christian party, allowed The J-Star to become the tail that wags the dog?



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19 thoughts on “Pendatang polemics: How about Chinese join the army?

  1. Our national concern should be directed at the terror of genocidal fundamentalism and the destructive forces of spiritual charlatanism. We are also ranked 3rd in The Economist’s list of crony-capitalist countries and the nation is shuddering along the fault-lines of segregated racial-vernacular education.

  2. As said JStar CEO Wong an instant NGO of five membership of wife children now sudah berkembang biak menandakan betapa besar kepala nya si moderates yang tak sedar diri bahawa dia adalah ditaja sudah menikus nak lari tak cukup tanah..

  3. Kata2 melayu juga pendatang oleh wakil Gerakan dalam AGM itu dibuat depan2 muka najib. Arang dah diconteng ke muka najib tapi dia hanya senyum dan tepuk tangan. Sepatutnya dia bertegas membuat penafian terhadap kenyataan tersebut.

    Maruah diri dan bangsa dah diaibkan dikhalayak ramai masih tak sensitiv lagi.

  4. Definitely…why not…more Chinese should join the army! Unfortunately, the Chinese have a negative perception in joining the army…that’s too bad being a patriotic Malaysian.

  5. Once an asst minister from GERAKAN also claimed that MELAYU as PENDATANG.
    Now an old APEK repeating the same comment.
    Something is not right with the party itself…. PARTI GERAKAN.


    They are just plain idiots who refused to accept facts.

  6. Dear Helen,

    In my 47 years of life I have never been more aware of my race and religion now, than ever before. And I will defend both to the very end. And I have to thank the two-faced, hate spewing “moderates” for bringing that realisation in me!

    1. Me to Yasmin, but I have to change 47 years of my life to 62 years .

      Personally I am happy that the Chinese is not keen to be an army or policemen!

      Why, I let you think why I am happy not many Chinese join an army and a policeman!

  7. Well Helen,

    If the protesters in Hong Kong succesfully establish a Republic of Hong Kong, will they give a free mass citizenship for the Filipino and Indonesian workers there, like what we did?

    Can we say then that Chinese in Hong Kong are pendatang from Guangdong and mainland China?

    Hope the kiasu can read my comment here.

    1. Malaysian Chinese residing in Hong Kong after accumulating wealth from Malaysia, are they also pendatang in Hong Kong? No? Because they bring wealth to Hong Kong and at the same time holding Malaysia passport? Why the double standard; or is it meritocracy?

  8. Helen,

    maaf cakap:

    majoriti ‘orang’ ini (tidak termasuk anda dan sebahagian kecil yang lain), sebenarnya adalah ‘orang’ yang hidup atas dasar materialistik!

    mereka mahu hidup tetapi takut mati.

    mereka mahu hidup senang walau perlu menekan orang lain sekalipun bangsa yang ditekannya itu ialah bangsanya sendiri.

    sifat mereka terlalu individualistik walaupun kelihatannya majoriti mereka menyokong DAP.

    mereka boleh ber’yamseng’ bersama-sama sepanjang malam tapi apabila sampai kepada saat siapa patut mati demi negara, mereka akan tolak-menolak satu sama lain.

    ‘orang’ ini, pengorbanan mereka hanya untuk diri sendiri.

    ‘orang’ ini membesarkan anak-anak dengan pelajaran dan kesihatan terbaik tetapi itupun mempunyai satu tujuan supaya anak-anak ini akan menjaga mereka dengan kemewahan di hari mereka tua.

    sebab itulah, keranda dan tanah kubur pun mahal-mahal belaka.

    pada mereka, dah mati masuk kubur pun masih fikir mahu selesa dan kaya!

    kerana itulah, hidup mereka tak henti-henti membawa kesusahan kepada orang lain.

    mana mungkin ‘orang’ sebegini mahu masuk askar untuk negara ‘Tanah Melayu aka Malaysia’ ini.

  9. Ada bahagian UMNO mahukan akta hasutan diteruskan memadai ke satu tempoh bahawa semua rakyat bawahan benar-benar matang, pokok pangkal nya satu pihak melayu bertahan yang hak (article 152) pihak lain cina menyerang (evengelist) dan seangkatan mahukan hak kebebasan sama rata (cuma dalam hal agama) tetapi juga kuasa dan dengan bangga mengaibkan semua yang telah berusaha membina negara umpama melepas anjing tersepit melayu merdeka cina maharaja lela……

  10. Interesting to see the “Anonymous” tweet condemning Nancy for her tudung mention “the stigma on her forehead.” That’s a reference to the Mark of Cain mentioned in the Bible.

    Ah, these evangelistas.., springing out of the woodpile at any opportunity!

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