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If this was Semenanjung Tanah Cina, how do you think the Chinese will treat immigrants?

There’s this controversial book called The Chinese Dilemma by Ye Lin-Sheng published in 2003.

The Yahudi Yeohs have most predictably spewed their characteristic venom at the author – such as that he is an abject apologist lah, a race traitor lah and what not (I’m only mentioning here the printable labels; even nastier – unprintable – descriptions abound).

If you’re curious as to what he wrote that caused the YYs to throw a hissy fit, please do read on.

Chinese Dilemma

Victim or bully?

Firstly Ye Lin-Sheng reveals that in writing the book, he runs the risk of being condemned as a traitor because he dares question the long-held beliefs of the Malaysian Chinese about ourselves. The awkwardness that comes with probing the Chinese community’s cherished and sacred cows – like for instance, our self-professed victimhood – is “a feeling akin to betrayal”, he admits.

Ye Lin-Sheng states that if he has any purpose, “it is to encourage debate and reflection, which in turn would help us Chinese to see our way forward in Malaysia more clearly”.

Not that it’s possible for Ye or anybody to bring the local Chinese community to their senses, whatever the price of martyrdom that he pays in speaking Truth to them. That’s because the Chinese in Malaysia are an overly “aggrieved” lot who are “resentful” about the decades-long preferential policies for the Malays.

But being a diligent and resourceful people, the Chinese have managed to be competitive in spite of the NEP, and this survival-of-the-fittest DNA (or evolution) has led them to possess a superiority complex.

Methinks the nose-in-the-air look is ably demonstrated by the woman pictured below

Hannah YeohJune2012

Chinese refuse to give credit to the Malays

Ye Lin-Sheng wrote on pp.112-113:

“They consistently underestimate Malay capability, in spite of such evidence to the contrary as the increasing number of academically excellent Malay students. They are reluctant to concede that the Malay leadership has been very skilled and competent in its political, economic and social management of the country. Indeed it can be argued that since Independence Malaysia has been managed better than Britain, our one-time colonial master.

?????????“Yet it is seldom to the Malays that Chinese or Indians attribute Malaysia’s success. They would rather seek an explanation in the administrative foundations laid by the British or in the fact that until recently there were still a number of non-Malays among the top civil servants. Standards have been falling, they can’t resist adding, just wait for the collapse! Such is their prejudice that if things went wrong, these non-Malays would say ‘What can you expect, with Malays in charge?’ But when things go right, it is invariably for reasons other than good Malay management. The Chinese tendency to belittle Malay capability and achievement has manifested itself in ludicrous ways.”

BELOW: Example of how the tendency to belittle has manifested itself in ludicrous ways

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather

Ooooh Perkasa, I do believe Hannah is pointing her finger at you …

Twitter - hannahyeoh- someone quoted on facebook

Most ridiculous, indeed …

Umno’s noblesse oblige dynasties

I would add that the Chinese tendency to belittle Malay capability and achievement extends to small heartedness, i.e. a patent unwillingness to give the Malay-led BN government its due credit for keeping the country peaceful and stable. That we’ve not had any major outbreak of communal violence since the last race riot in 1969 can be considered a form of success.

And it surely is a testament to the high breeding of our top echelon Malay leadership when we have a bangsawan like Najib Razak who is blessed with such preternatural patience. A gracious man still wearing kid gloves when dealing with streetfighter Dapster opponents that use knuckle dusters.

Kagum, kan? Sabarnya … our Prime Minister yet remains unruffled in the face of inhuman provocation by the beruk-beruk.

BAWAH: Kemenangan pembangkang dalam PRU12 & 13 adalah ibarat kera mendapat bunga


Ye Lin-Sheng: “If I were Malay, I would not have allowed …”

On pp.37-38 of The Chinese Dilemma, Ye Lin-Sheng wrote:

“We [Chinese] came in such large numbers that it is no wonder the word ‘annexation’ has been used of us. Indeed, it could be said that the Malays allowed us to pitch a tent and we ended up taking possession of their land. Still, if we had ended up as coolies, I don’t think we would have had any ‘Malay dilemma.’ But instead we prospered and came to dominate the mainstream of Malaysian life — in business, in the professions, in the universities — and we occupied all the major towns. If I were Malay, I would not have allowed such a state of affairs to go unchallenged: my sense of pride and honour would not allow it. Malay self-esteem would require that, having rid themselves of the colonial master, they wrested economic power from the Chinese.

“This is how the Malays have felt and will continue to feel.”

Ye Lin-Sheng recounted that he had often asked his non-Malay friends, ‘If the Malays had come to occupy India and China in a similar manner, how do you think the Indians and Chinese would feel? How would they have responded to these intruders? What would they have done’?”

Good question.

Migration map


Carte politique et ethnographique de l’Asie par MMrs. Drioux et Ch. Leroy ; gravé par Jenotte (Paris : Librairie classique d’Eugène Belin)

Will Indians and Chinese welcome Malays with open arms?

The Malay archipelago lies in the crossroad between India and China. During the boom years of rubber and tin, Indian and Chinese immigrants flowed into the Malay peninsula.

Now let’s just imagine – like Ye Lin-Sheng suggests – a reversed situation where it is instead the Malays who had gone to occupy India and China in a similar manner.

BELOW: The Chinese Yeoh matriarchs who wore tudung as an item of their going-to-work apparel

penoreh getah

1952 and 1957 liberalization of citizenship laws

My blog has previously discussed the one million Merdeka en masse citizenships which was granted by Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to the non-Malays between 1957 and 1960.

But did you know that in 1952, there was a separate exercise where the qualification for citizenship was liberalized and thus enabling 1.2 million Chinese and 180,000 Indians to become Malayan nationals?

When the citizenship law was relaxed in 1952, the ratio was 6.67 Chinese to one Indian who got to be citizens. If we followed roughly the same ratio, the the figure would be an estimated 846,600 Chinese who were beneficiaries of the Merdeka citizenship.

Hence in less than a decade (1952-1960), something like a total of over two million Chinese were given citizenship in Tanah Melayu.

tin mining wash

ABOVE: More Chinese Yeoh matriarchs who wore tudung as part of their working clothes

Chinese believe in racial diversity

In 1960, the entire population of Tanah Melayu was less than seven million. This works out to Chinese immigrants crafting themselves a 30 percent chunk of the Malayan population through the two citizenship liberalization laws taking effect in 1952 and 1957 alone.

Now that we’ve got the math sorted, let’s revert to Ye Lin-Sheng’s scenario building.

Guangzhou is a city in the southern China province of Guangdong. It has a population of 12.8 million.

Do please remember that in less than 10 years, some two million Chinese were given citizenship in Tanah Melayu. Projecting an identical scenario onto Guangzhou, it would be equivalent to the Chinese city granting citizenship to 3.65 million foreign workers – we’re replicating the ratio for Chinese absorption by Malaya (1952-1960) – and all in the span of under a decade.

Would the Chinese city give 3.65 million citizenships overnight to, say, Nigerian guest workers en masse like what the Raja-Raja Melayu (persuaded by the PPTA) did for Chinese in Tanah Melayu?

You think?

tear up contract

Chinese cities most cosmopolitan in the world

Let’s do the scenario another way.

Say that our peninsula is Semenanjung Tanah Cina, and it is the Chinese who rule the land.

Supposing the Indians, following the same historical timeline, migrated here from Tamil Nadu and worked as rubber tappers, railroad builders, etc, and they later appealed to the Chinese rulers to give them citizenship after having decided to stay.

Do you reckon that if it were the Chinese in control of the country, they would share their Little Middle Kingdom (Peninsula) with the Indians and give the Indians equal political power?

Or let’s conduct the scenario-building along more contemporary times. We’ll just say that immigration is a state matter in Penang just like it is in Sabah and Sarawak.

Do you think that the government of Lim Guan Eng is willing to grant Penang citizenship to the Burmese, Nepalese and Bangladeshi transient labour currently working in the state?


Our contributions to the country

We, the Chinese, will never cease to amaze you.

We can tell you that Bak Kut Teh is actually chicken or organic vegetarian and invite you to buka puasa with the dish. “Wangi, enak dan menyelerakan!”

We can claim that our Chinese grandmothers wore tudung too. It is a headdress that is as much a part of our sartorial tradition as it is yours.

BELOW: Selangor’s Puan Speaker should certainly wear tudung to the office too and not just when visiting the mosques


For this reason and since it is customary for our forefathers (foremothers?) to wear tudung when they went to work in the rubber estates, tin mines and construction sites, we – the modern Chinese ladies – insist that it is our right to also wear tudung as part of our traditional dress.

And did you also know that if an opposition talent was chief of the Air Force and Navy, we would surely have located the missing MH370?

DAP Christian Member of Parliament, YB Lim Lip Eng confidently said this, as reported by the Malay Mail in its 28 March 2014 article headlined ‘MP: Pakatan would find MH370 if given control of air force, navy‘.

BELOW:  Mrs Ng Wei Aik thinks Malaysia is a rotten country


Unity and oneness, caring and sharing

Yuki Tan, who is wife to DAP Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik (Guan Eng’s former pol-sec), wrote – “What kind of rotten country is this place!” – in her Facebook in mid-July this year. After a public outcry, she backtracked and said, oops, sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!

Some Chinese think that Malaysia is a rotten country.

Some Chinese think that Malays are pendatang too. These Chinese are curious to know why Malays want to datang to a rotten country. It would be better for the Malay emigrants to have sailed to Papua New Guinea.

Some Chinese Christians have integrated so well that they speak bahasa Melayu at home and use the language in their prayers. It is for this reason that they think the Malays’ Allah is their Allah too, one and the same.

What is yours is ours and what is ours is yours. We share and share the bad …  国家 (“rotten country”) … and the good kalimah Allah alike.

Power to the Malay-sian people!

Hidup rakyat! Hidup rakyat! Hidup rakyat!



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31 thoughts on “If this was Semenanjung Tanah Cina, how do you think the Chinese will treat immigrants?

  1. negara cina takkan membenarkan keadaan itu berlaku, no immigrants there, except by force. even, their descendents who had fled earlier are denied entry as citizens. otherswise, why don’t we hear migrations from malaysia to chinaland.

  2. Well it is already happen, the place called Singapore.Tunku Abdul Rahman “Saya boleh kekalkan Singapura ketika saya berkuasa. Saya keluarkan Singapura dar Persekutuan agar kamu kenal siap Lee Kuan Yew dan cari jawapan”

    a video between evangelista woman & Buddhist Funeral ceremony in Singapore

  3. Had the boat landed in Indon, Thai or Filippines; the granfather n mothers woud hv to chsnge names, ni public singseh, chainese characters would be dumps. Chainese school? Underground.


  4. You know historical facts hurt so much. That’s why they have been so ignorance of this country colorful histories to the extent that they want to erase those facts from historical text book.

    As much as the Malay want the historical facts corrected to the truth (those were based on British view), they want the history of this country to start when they came here as ‘tourist’ (mind you, they cannot accept the word pendatang – immigrant. That’s why we have immigration department).

    1. Untuk jaga hati diorang, kita jangan sebut “pendatang” lah. Kata aje “penjelma” yang telah menjelma di bumi ini pada awal abad ke-20.

  5. You ask: “Do you think that the government of Lim Guan Eng is willing to grant Penang citizenship to the Burmese, Nepalese and Bangladeshi transient labour currently working in the state?”

    What do you mean Burmese, Nepalese and Bangladeshi? Don’t you know, Melayu yang ada pun kalau boleh dia nak halau semua?

    But of course, it’s not the DAP’s fault that all these kampung melayus are being taken over one by one. It’s entirely the BN/Umno’s fault back when BN was the state government.

  6. well like the way PAP in singapore threat malaylah.. they will not let us die of strvation but they will make sure we live in the below half of society… halau melayu dari tanah kampung dorang lepas tu duduk kat HDB flat..

    lepas tu kalau buat majlis kawin nanti ada jiran cina complain kat fb atau tweet.. melayu bodoh malas takde duit nak sewa dewan atau hotel ballroom utk buat majlis ke?… mcm kes amy leong dulu.. funny thing that amy leong is a malaysian born PAP politician.. haha.. you see byk org mcm dorang ni kat malaysia.

    1. Padan muka melayu singapore pun. Dtg Malaysia berlagak mcm dorang bagus sgt. Dulu siapa suruh percaya sgt pd LKY? Skrang melayu kt Malaysia pun dh ramai ada penyakit bangang.

      1. It seems to me that Singaporean Malays are reasonably contented with their lot….there’s not a lot of migration to Malaysia, except for retirees.

        They’ve bought into the Singapore education system (English-based), compete on an equal basis (meritocracy) for places in polytechnics and local universities and go into the workplace unfettered by prejudices.

        As for the Malaysian Malays who have to “cari makan” in Singapore (that strong Sing Dollar!), have they “sold out”?

  7. Just look at what happened to the thousands of non-chinese in hong kong when it reverted to china in 1997. Became stateless, despite generations living there.

    Chinese immigrants in other nations all assimilate. There may be Chinatowns but the children all study in the national language and abide by the rules. Can learn French, German etc but in Malaysia feel “pressured” to study Bahasa — as quoted in a Sunday column by a Gunting writer.

    Love your suggestion that we use the term “penjelma”. Like the Immaculate Conception.

    So what the DAPsters label Malays as pendatang? They were here earlier than these kiasus. No need to jump queue.

  8. Daripada Tsauban r.a. berkata: Rasulullah bersabda; “Hampir tiba suatu masa di mana bangsa-bangsa dari seluruh dunia akan datang mengerumuni kamu bagaikan orang-­orang yang hendak makan mengerumuni talam hidangan mereka”.

    Maka salah seorang sahabat bertanya “Apakah dari kerana kami sedikit pada hari itu?”

    Nabi . menjawab, “Bahkan kamu pada hari itu banyak sekali, tetapi kamu umpama buih di waktu banjir, dan Allah akan mencabut rasa gerun terhadap kamu dari hati musuh-musuh kamu, dan Allah akan mencampakkan ke dalam hati kamu penyakit ‘wahan”‘.

    Seorang sahabat bertanya, “Apakah wahan itu hai Rasulullah?” Nabi kita menjawab, “Cinta pada dunia dan takut pada mati”. (H.R. Abu Daud).

  9. Untold stories of Chinese immigrants

    Those days ferrying of Chinese decency to peninsula was a welcome gesture dengan cerita Puteri Hang Li Po mahu dipinang oleh Sultan Melaka, oleh kerana bijak nya diplomasi dan strategi yang begitu halus maka cita-cita Sultan telah terbatal di sebabkan rombongan yang datang membawa khabar adalah orang yang lanjut usia dan di takuti puteri pinangan akan berwajah demikian kerana perjalanan ke tanah besar(Cina) terlalu jauh dan mengambil masa yang panjang dan sebagai bukti ditunjukan wajah wanita-wanita yang dah tua dan lanjut usia tu.

    Mana mungkin immigran melayu di negara Cina, mereka orang cina suka berdalih konon kehidupan di negara cina amat susah dan miskin. Begitu juga cerita Alvin deserted own family and girlfriend yang dicintai semata-mata untuk self esteem.

  10. Ms H. The Chinese in Malaya/Malaysia had always a weak political leadership compounded by unqualified leaders who had no vision for the community. Many of the problems of the community today are due to the fact that these had accrued overtime in a compartmentalised Malaysian society.

    So wtihout an iconic leader, the Chinese community which ACTUALLY consists of the most number of clans outside of China, look to absurd religions from America’s Deep South or towards that self-proclaimed fellow down South !

    Surely, you do not want me to list the wealth of the 17 leaders of a particular Chinese party again ? Or the 28 failed Policies of that fellow ?

  11. It’s ironic that one of their favourite catch phrases is “Wake up! ” but they are themselves caught up in the delusion of hatred.

    They don’t mix around, isolate themselves and yet like to say other people are living under a coconut shell.

    They should be the ones who should wake up from this nightmare of their own making and realise that life here can be pretty good if you make it so.

    1. re: “this nightmare of their own making”

      The Yahudi Yeohs are pipepiper-ing the Chinese oppo supporters to the edge of the cliff.

      1. Yup, by perpetuating the false dichotomy of us vs them, good vs wicked, and so on.

        This binary thinking is the cause of almost all the problems in this world.

        But I think it is not too late to pull back from the brink.

        1. re: “But I think it is not too late to pull back from the brink.”

          Raja Petra’s column today, ‘The Malay-Chinese hatred‘.

          He wrote:

          “What is crucial is that this [pendatang] debate has demonstrated the deep hatred that the Malays and Chinese have for one another. And from the looks of things Malay-Chinese relations is damaged beyond repair. We have gone past the point of no return.”

          M2Day gets the Wild, Wild West kind of comments.

          RPK complained that “the comments demonstrated the deep hatred that Malays and Chinese have for one another, some Indians included”.

          You might say that the commenters let fly behind the cloak of cyber anonymity. However, the fact of the matter is that behind the online moniker is still a human brain that decides what words to type out on the keyboard or touchpad.

          Don’t you feel that with the Chinese – and I’m referring to face-to-face interaction among ourselves – there’s a Great Wall that shuts out any positive (or even neutral) comment about the BN?

          1. Call me naive perhaps but I refuse to believe that things are as bad as they seem.

            There is a small but growing group of voices that are trying hard to be neutral and fair, like the “We are not Malaysian Zombies” page.

    2. C72. Well said !!!

      I know a Malaysian Chinese who churned and churned from zero base into a fortune worth RM 100 millions in 30 years with no monopoly, no corruption, no cronyism, no nepotism, no voyeurism, no spying with ducks, swallows and tycoons, no faking by fakirs etc.

      This is a true and real story !

  12. If Malaysia NI TANAH CHINA, believe me there will be serious ethnic cleansing of the Malays. Like the fate of the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

    MELAYU banyak TAK SEDAR DIRI …. DAN rela menang sorak biar kampung tergadai…… Itulah mentaliti orang Melayu, BUKAN nak perkukuh tetapi NAK meruntuh. SUDAH tentu the real PENDATANG will take advantage of this weakness.

  13. Samsiah Fakeh spent over 40yrs living in China, didn’t she apply for her citizenship there? Her kids are married to Chinese there too right, are they Chinese citizens?

    Anyway according to my elderly Apek neighbour, those days whenever a letter came from Tanah Ibunda, nothing else.. always asking for money, money, money. Mainland Chinese was of the opinion then all diasporas were very rich.

    If they visit their Ibunda kampungs must bring along lots of Angpow packets and gifts for their elders. During their stay there, each day distant2 all kinds of relatives relatives will drop by to minta sedekah. Ada yg tak berani ziarah keluarga when they visit China. Betoi kan? Leave their shoes kat doorstep sure kena sapu wan. Banyak pening kepala. I tak tipu tau, these words came direct fm my Apek Dapster neighbours.

    Probably sekarang dah tak mampu or segan mau boast and show-off dengan orang sana already (many billionaires there today), kena la lepas gerammmm dekat Malayu, ego nak tunjuk kaya, cerdik pandai dan hebat payah nak buang.

  14. Picture  books  on  the  Chinese  diaspora,  published in the United States (US) between the years 2000 and 2010 examined to identify the range of issues and perspectives of Chinese immigrants (from mid-1800s to 1960s) over the past 150 years.

    For eg. two books, Brothers and Coolies depict the life of early Chinese migrants in the mid-1800s, who went to the US due to the political unrest in their home country. These migrants left their homeland and worked  as  labourers,  or  ‘coolies’

    Nak memahami kepala otak mereka kita boleh baca bahan2 mengenai penghijrahan mereka. Tak kisah la bahan tu dari mana, because the only difference is some Tongkang landed in US and some in Malaya.

  15. A rich man asked a Zen master to write something down that could encourage the prosperity of his family for years to come. It would be something that the family could cherish for generations. So, on a large piece of paper, the master wrote, “Father dies, son dies, grandson dies.”

    The rich man became angry when he saw the master’s work.
    “I asked you to write something down that could bring happiness and prosperity to my family. Why do you give me something depressing like this?”

    “If your son should die before you,” the spiritual master answered, “this would bring unbearable grief to your family. If your grandson should die before your son, this also would bring great sorrow. But if your family, generation after generation, disappears in the order I have described, it will be the natural course of life. Is this not true happiness and prosperity. For man comes forth bare and he returns bare. So do good with your wealth while you are alive.”

  16. Malays are too kind hearted you know. Too many budi bicara. While as I learned through this life, races like europeans, chinese and japanese, for them hesitation is fatal.

    Once you hesitate your rival or your enemy will overtake you. Chop your head if that defines overtake.

    However it is up to God Almigthy to reward the kindheartedness of malays. If we glance through history, it is just luck has been always on the malays side.

    And Malaysia we don’t only have malays but we have chinese and indians as well. There are balancing elements that reminds the softhearted malay leaders. Person like you Helen, give positive contribution to the country by reminding them that their enemies or in another category their rivals are taking advantage over them.

    1. re: “Malays are too kind hearted you know.”

      I know.

      re: “Person like you Helen, give positive contribution to the country by reminding them that their enemies [are] in another category”

      Sudah terang lagi bersuluh Melayu lurus bendul ditipu hidup-hidup oleh si Yahudi Yeoh. Hanya PPTA masih leka dan belayar di awang-awangan.



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