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You can do Fotoforensics on the Zairil-Dyana collection

There is computer software that can run CSI to see whether a photo has been doctored or not. It looks like an X-ray process.

Below is an example of gambar yang tidak diusik, i.e. it has not been Photoshopped.

You can see the building outlines are clearly marked and have purple highlights.

SAMPLE (A): Pristine photo

FotoForensics - Analysis Mosque

Example of a photo that has been tampered with

Below is the Fotoforensics on a doctored picture. It is of the Hari Raya open house at the prime minister’s residence some moons ago.

Bernama, our national news agency that released the photo has admitted that it was doctored – Malaysiakini report below.

The J-Star had used the doctored photo on its front page.

You can see for yourself by making a comparison with the “x-ray” of the Putrajaya mosque above.

The x-ray below of the Raya Open house crowd is a just big black blob where it has been Photoshopped. Compare it with the distinct outline and purple highlights of the Putra Mosque photo.

I’ve magnified portions of the Bernama photo that have been superimposed so that you can see where the tampering occurred.

SAMPLE (B): Photoshopped picture

Click to enlarge

FotoForensics 2012-09-05 23-41-07



See the men and women highlighted in the white square boxes above. Their sizes are in the wrong proportion to the rest of the flag-waving crowd.

Below is another doctored photo from the same Hari Raya function. Note the part indicated by the two yellow boxes. For event details, refer here.

The crowd is copypasted (Copy, Paste) creating virtual identical twins.




The Dyana photos

To find out whether the Zairil and Dyana lovebird photos have been faked as both the DAP politicians are claiming, any blogger rajin enough can just run the Fotoforensics. The programme can be accessed @

The J-Star Nest of Evangelistas is painting a sympathetic picture of the beleaguered duo, as only to be expected from Gunting dalam Lipatan snip-snip.

Chinese don’t read Umno blogs. And they don’t read in BM. Those that read hanzi get their news from the Chinese papers and those read English get their news from The EvangeliSTAR.

Below is an Ah Pek in Teluk Intan who is a J-Star reader.


J-Star content helping DAP evangelistas

There is nothing illicit or scandalous about the photos of Dyana and her mother at Perkasa events. Dyana’s association with Perkasa would, however, have cost her some Chinese votes in Teluk Intan.

While the Umno bloggers played up the Dyana-Perkasa photos, the J-Star – can we call it the DAP “mouthpiece” just like how Utusan is always tagged the Umno mouthpiece – deliberately downplayed and buried the most damaging aspects of the expose.

One aspect that would have had a negative impact on Dyana’s Teluk Intan by-election campaign is her fudging. Like Bill Clinton’s infamous “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms Lewinsky”, Dyana similarly denied any involvement with Perkasa.

It was only after the photos surfaced and Perkasa sec-gen Syed Hassan Syed Ali revealed that Dyana’s mother was, in fact, the first chief of Wanita Perkasa that the sneaky, twisting Dapsters were effectively cornered.

See also,

Dyana and the Lims

J-Star is Musuh dalam Selimut

No doubt about it.

Throughout the Dyana campaign in Teluk Intan, the coverage in the MCA-owned newspaper was geared towards creating a favourable impression of the DAP opposition.

The BN candidate contesting the by-election hardly appeared in the MCA paper in photo whereas the oppo portals published the most unflattering pictures of him – contrasting his age with Dyana’s pretty youth.


Dyana: Everybody’s talking about me

Dyana had the cheek to say: “Even Mahathir is talking about me. I pity (Mah), no one talks about him. Everyone is too preoccupied talking about me.”

Dyana may be boasting but nonetheless what she says is true. The J-Star gave very little positive publicity to the Gerakan challenger. On the other hand, The EvangelisSTAR promoted Dyana like a superstar in the mould of her popular namesake, the late photogenic princess.

The MCA paper evidently downplayed and buried story angles that were damaging to Dyana’s Teluk Intan bid. It is doing the same thing now with the Dyana-Zairil controversy.


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20 thoughts on “You can do Fotoforensics on the Zairil-Dyana collection

  1. The supporters of pakatoons are simply amazingly unbelievable.their leaders can get away with anything in spite of proofs and verifications from overseas experts eg the chinadoll
    video.they just deny and
    blame umno yet they never
    dare to make police reports,like dyana n zairil,what more do a foto forensics to prove the authenticity even mustafa
    ali and azmin,whilst when
    bn leaders deny and make
    police reports or win legal
    suits they happily
    Ignored the truth eg in the case of raja nongchik
    defamation suit against
    nurul izzah,whereby she
    publicly admitted defaming the poor guy.even najib n rosmah defamed in the
    altantuya case whereby
    tian chua admitted
    doctoring photos of najib
    and raja petra at last
    admitting his SD was false,
    whereby rosmah was no
    where near the murder
    scene,yet the oppo
    supporters still insist in
    believing the lies.even
    saiful dared to testify in
    court and dare to
    bersumpah yet anwar who
    declined to testify,decline
    to give his dna,decline to
    bersumpah is still
    considered the victim and hailed as msia’s hope for the nation..its really really sad and
    dissapointing events
    happening in our beloved
    country.our eastern culture and morality has certainly gone down the drain…

  2. re , the coverage in the MCA-owned newspaper was geared towards creating a favorable impression of the DAP opposition.

    Hellen ,
    I notice that, it’s has been quite sometimes you has been highlighting this, and everybody are also aware of this unusual MCA panorama.

    MCA tak tahu, atau tak rasa malu kah?

    1. re: “MCA tak tahu, atau tak rasa malu kah?”

      MCA is irrelevant already. The J-Star is more influential than the MCA seven MPs.

      The paper reaches millions of readership and J-Star Online ranks higher in Net traffic than Malaysiakini.

      It is Umno members who must pressure their top leadership to do something about the Api dalam Sekam.

      1. if 90% of chinese (follow previous election rough figures) supports the opposition, how many of mca leaders and members fall in that 10% non opposition supporters?

        i personally believe more of them falls in the 90% than the 10% group.

        so if im correct, what type of pressure can umno put on mca, or gerakan, or whatever chinese parties in bn?

        1. re: “what type of pressure can umno put on mca”

          Umno should contest in the Malay-majority seats that MCA lost in GE13 such as Alor Setar, Bandar Tun Razak, Padang Serai, etc. The delegates at the coming PAU should make this loud and clear.

          Stop supporting MCA-owned businesses like The J-Star.

          Don’t entertain MCA damands over this and that.

          Once Malay voters withdraw your support, MCA will be dead. I predict this to happen by the next general election.

          MCA also knows that its death is imminent. I believe they will try to inflict as much damage as they can on the BN before they depart for Never Never Land.

    2. MCA tahu dan berasa bangga dapat memecah belahkan orang orang melayu terlebih lagi bila DS Najib boleh dikotak katikkan.

  3. I’m sure most of the pro BN people don’t have a good opinion of her, but what about the pro PR and the Chinese? Do they really think she’s a promising young candidate or do they think she’s an opportunity and publicity seeking good for nothing Malay except for looks (awek cun le katakan), or even probably an UMNO trojan horse?

    I think it was the Perkasa revelation that cost the PR their previous 7000 Teluk Intan majority. And who will find offense with anything related to Perkasa? As though they had totally no idea of it beforehand. Not to mention it’s the same people who take pride on being more adept at internet and information and consider others low class and dumber than them. Looks like even The Star wasn’t able to spin that one, such is the Perkasa effect.

    I didn’t expect the Zairil scandal. Probably because I thought she would spend a lot of time hanging with the Lims. On the other hand, Zairil probably spent a lot of time hanging around with the Lims too.

    Also some person claimed that Zairil mistakenly uploaded the photos himself to public instead of private. I really hope people don;t really believe uploading pictures to facebook or some cloud servers on private makes the pictures private. We’re just lucky people here haven’t had the hobby of hacking through emails and social media accounts to get juicy pics.

  4. Kalau kita tengok drama kongsi2 gelap gangsters sebagainya kalo kat Barat Mafia2 biasanya kalau tak bayar hutang satu keluarga diancam. Habis dari Ayah mak sampai ke anak2, tak buat apa mereka suruh jenuh le..

    Bila lihat siDyana ni muka dia lain macam saja? Diapit kanan kiri dengan Apek saja. Rasa macam dalam drama2 kan?

    Budak2 kecik perangai pon sama saja. Cuba bagi hadiah permainan kegemaran mereka, kalau they don’t behave threaten to take tht away from them. Alamak, sure will do everything you want them to do ma.. Try kalo tak caya! Don’t like brocolli pon, satu pinggan mereka wallup, so long as you don’t take away their precious toy.

    Even when we have a large group foto done by professional photographers, they will give us strange looking copy to take home within the hour. Some of our friends will look like midgets, some double our normal size..

  5. I’ve noticed something about the PR people over the years – any sex or sex-related scandals pertaining to their leaders will be downplayed if they have to address to the issue but generally they will just quietly sweep it under the carpet. Ingat tak, LGE dan apa namanya, Azmin Ali dan bj-nya, Mat Sabu and too many to list, semuanya senyap begitu saja.

    Off topic – I think that picture of Dyana bending towards the Ah Pek trying to gain his attention encapsulates the Umno-Cina voters situation. That Ah Pek is arrogantly ignoring Dyana while she is bending down tersengih-tersengih macam tiada maruah diri.

  6. Actually in NST’s Oct 16 issue, see Streets Central events section. There’s a pix of Dyana attending the Mexico independence day cocktail with Puan Sri Christine Khir Johari.

    I remember seeing and thinking, “aik? Didn’t know they were close?!”

    I have the pix but old aunty dunno how to post it here.

  7. Ms H. Please don’t tell anyone. Politics and money are more powerful than Viagra. Doctors have not found any sexually dysfunctional politician world wide. It is time you made a statistical study how many times our politicians go to Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, and Hong Kong. And for the aficionados, liberal Australia courtesy [deleted]

  8. “The Dream”

    The Tokoh’s daughter went to see her father and said happily: “Last night I dreamed you gave me a hundred thousand ringgit!”

    “Fine,” said Tokoh, “since you’re a wise little girl, I’m not going to take back those hundred thousand ringgit I gave you. You can save them and buy yourself whatever you want with them.”

    The Tokoh knows, as does any good master, that it’s necessary to distinguish between illusion and reality.

    If you dream that I’m important to you, I won’t let you down. Take advantage of your dream, but don’t forget that that dream doesn’t involve me. If you have illusions, be aware of their nature.

    Tokoh is telling his daughter: “If you believe in the existence of your illusion, live it! Let’s see what you can get out of it and what you can buy with it.” Tokoh provokes puzzlement in the girl, and she is awakened to the illusory nature of her dream.

    In reality, Tokoh is saying: “Look for your truth inside yourself. How will you find it if you do not eliminate your whims and fancies?”

    “This man doesn’t love you. It’s all over. Stop dreaming!” or better yet: “This woman doesn’t love you. Stop begging for her charms. You’re blind. She has nothing to give you. It’s all over. Now live!”

    A tiny truth is worth more than an immense lie.

    Imagine that after being married for thirty years and at the moment of your death, your spouse comes along and spits on your tomb. While you were alive, they smiled at you awaiting your inheritance and now they promptly deposit you in a little corner of the cemetery. You’ve become meaningless! Isn’t it terrible to live a foolish dream and never face up to reality?

    No need to pity Mr. Mah that no one is talking about him but all eyes are on you Ms. DAPster for the wrong reasons – even if your uncle gave you a real hundred thousand for your services.

    — adapted from the tales of Mullah Nasruddin

  9. I think the PR supporters had been ‘tarbiah’-ed into thinking that whatever negative expose on PR leaders or mini-leaders must have been done by UMNO. They just dismissed the possibility that this could be the work of those who wish to see Umno at loggerhead with other political parties. BUT what about the possibility that this was done by DAP members themselves?

    Do you think that all the Chinese Dap members welcome the sight of one Malay dame whisking in to the candidate’s seat when these members or their mini leaders have been waiting for years to become candidates? Until now very many of them still blame Dyana for losing 7,000+ votes.

    Does this not generate sufficient anger to expose the below-the-watermark moral standing of the person just to ensure that Dap leaders do not embark on the same sin i.e. putting up the same person or any other pretty Malay faces as candidates in future. At the same time they gave a bypassing swipe at their supremo & son that they must also listen to members… not only son listen to father and father listen to son.

    BTW if this photos are genuine (which are more likely to be), where will Marina Mahadir hide her face after lavishing glowing tribute on Dyana for being more mature than her age, principled, intelligent and brave in making her decision base on principle etc etc. Now we suspect from these photos that the basis of her choice is not the principle that Marina talked about but only romen-romen merendek principle.

  10. Dear Helen,

    how are u?

    just want to share with u some useful knowledge about Art of Con
    so hopefully we could understand some basics tricks played by some people from somewhere to purposely confuse us, to gain our attention and may be to deviate us from entertaining many more serious & important issues that we should care & handle around

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  11. 1. No need to give air time or attention to these people. Kita jatidiri sendiri lagi baik

    2. Yang takada tak payahlah ada adakan. Yang ada takpayahlah nafikan

    3. Sekali sekala (atau selalu) kita kena cakap terimakasih kepada yang berjasa macam ITM dan Tun.

  12. Well even before doing photo forensic, the photo looks so real. The reason is that it is coming from many angles and they are angles with natural body language when 2 are “intim”.

    Unless you are in a studio that purposely allow yourself to pose in that body language and then do the Photoshopping, it is quite difficult to get photos of them in such body language if we were to based on public photos.

    Also, don’t forget that it takes 2 to fit. Means, the Photoshopper has to find 2 pictures, one from A and the other from B where both their body language have to fit perfectly to form the “intim” situation.

    1. Good analysis.

      Dapsters selalu suka fitnah orang.

      Bila dihadapkan dengan kebenaran yang pahit pula, mereka akan putar alam seraya cuba menegakkan benang basah.

  13. See from this case, we can conclude that Zairil has an integrity issue.

    After messing up the pictures scandal issue, he resorted to lying his way out, like a true blue scummy politician.

    He and Dyana thinks people are stupid, not to be able to see through their blunder.

    Those filled with blind hatred for BN will stick firmly to believing that BN cyber troopers are behind the ‘forgery’.

    Those who are pro BN/UMNO will stick firmly to believing the pics are real and not doctored.

    What they forgot is the more neutral and intelligent bunch who can reason with sound reason.

    I consider myself a pro-DAP and pro-Opposition guy because I can confirm with you 100 percent I voted for DAP and PAS in the last election.

    What I cannot accept is their attempts to insult my intelligence and lie to the public to cover up their scandalous affair.

    I genuinely believe this particular case has got nothing to do with BN/Umno other than them sensationalizing it.

    The pictures, to me, are considered genuine based on the reasons I’ve made known in my posts.

    You simply cannot photoshop so many perfect angles because the odds of finding those perfect shots elsewhere are so slim.

    That’s why I insist they clear their name by providing the alternative angle shots but the way they keep making up lies about these photographs being done by experts and insulting the intelligence of the technical community at large is going way too far.

    It shows me that these politicians are willing to lie and cheat their way out of anything, be they from DAP/Opposition or BN/Umno.

    If I catch the ones from either camp lying I will crucify them regardless of their party.

    With DAP, thank god Sofya didn’t win the teluk Intan election or else it would’ve been a wasted effort.

    Now unfortunately this Zairil is an MP and he has put DAP into a sticky situation with his extra-marital affairs with another DAP member, more so when he’s already a twice married man himself.

    For those who genuinely support DAP, you cannot stay silent and allow such things to happen.

    Just like all infected wounds or cancers in your body, you have to excise and get rid of it to prevent it from spreading.

    Those truly concerned about their camp/party must make the effort to expel and excise these sort of candidates with questionable integrity.

    If you want Malay candidates for DAP you need to do better than the current existing ones being ‘marketed’ to that public.

    The press should go ahead and grill these 2 to provide evidence of the alternative angle selfies that ‘forgers’ used to make this so called ‘forgery’ they claimed.

    1. re: “If you want Malay candidates for DAP you need to do better than the current existing ones being ‘marketed’ to that public.”

      I don’t think DAP has the ability to attract quality Malay candidates.

      The new ones who parachuted into DAP just prior to GE12 and GE13 (Hannah & Ong Kian Ming, for instance) are evangelista carpetbaggers.

      They’re not of the mould of the DAP Old Guard like Lee Lam Thye and Chen Man Hin.

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