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Wong Chun Wai: “I really feel pity for this pathetic lot”

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai is again ranting against “the hate mongers who are hell-bent on sowing disunity”.

As usual, the diatribe in his newspaper column today is targeted at perceived sordid racists and bigots who spew “hate rhetoric” (according to the EvangeliSTAR narrative).

Chun Wai pathetic lot

Wong Chun Wai thinks some people are “idiots”

This time Chun Wai goes even further and adds to his Scorn List those folks “with little intellect”. He says, “incredibly, all these [economic and business] concerns do not seem to bother the hate mongers. How can we blame them, as they are idiots after all…”.

He specifies the idiots as the “self-appointed heroes of their race and religion”, “political wannabes and minnows”. The uber evangelista adds, “I really feel pity for this pathetic lot”.

The only talent of this idiotic-pathetic lot, Chun Wai concludes, is “to create disunity” among moderate Malaysians.

Wong Chun Wai: “This country has already got enough religious and racial bigots”


Divisive devils: Those ‘Race & Religion’ morons

“Hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” is what the J-Star editorials have been repetitively labeling other Malaysians in conjunction with the MCA media’s Moderation campaign – see street billboard above – conducted against the “extremists” and “racial and religious bigots”.

Chun Wai ought to elaborate on what “unity” is there to begin with in Malaysian society when the Chinese and the Malays speak different languages, profess different religions, work in different sectors and live in altogether different worlds.

The values held by Malays and Chinese are “not merely different but often conflicting”, writes Dr Mahahir Mohamad in The Malay Dilemma (p.14).

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