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Wong Chun Wai: “I really feel pity for this pathetic lot”

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai is again ranting against “the hate mongers who are hell-bent on sowing disunity”.

As usual, the diatribe in his newspaper column today is targeted at perceived sordid racists and bigots who spew “hate rhetoric” (according to the EvangeliSTAR narrative).

Chun Wai pathetic lot

Wong Chun Wai thinks some people are “idiots”

This time Chun Wai goes even further and adds to his Scorn List those folks “with little intellect”. He says, “incredibly, all these [economic and business] concerns do not seem to bother the hate mongers. How can we blame them, as they are idiots after all…”.

He specifies the idiots as the “self-appointed heroes of their race and religion”, “political wannabes and minnows”. The uber evangelista adds, “I really feel pity for this pathetic lot”.

The only talent of this idiotic-pathetic lot, Chun Wai concludes, is “to create disunity” among moderate Malaysians.

Wong Chun Wai: “This country has already got enough religious and racial bigots”


Divisive devils: Those ‘Race & Religion’ morons

“Hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” is what the J-Star editorials have been repetitively labeling other Malaysians in conjunction with the MCA media’s Moderation campaign – see street billboard above – conducted against the “extremists” and “racial and religious bigots”.

Chun Wai ought to elaborate on what “unity” is there to begin with in Malaysian society when the Chinese and the Malays speak different languages, profess different religions, work in different sectors and live in altogether different worlds.

The values held by Malays and Chinese are “not merely different but often conflicting”, writes Dr Mahahir Mohamad in The Malay Dilemma (p.14).

BELOW: The J-Star embracing moderation and making “moderates” the paper’s Malaysian  of the Year


The DAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” is Lee Kuan Yew’s brainchild

Excerpt below from Prof. Leo Suryadinata’s paper titled ‘Citizenship, Indigenism and Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia: Some Observations’.

Prof. Suryadinata writes:

“The first serious challenge [to Malay indigeneity] came from the Singapore leaders in Malaysia in May 1965. Lee Kuan Yew, for instance, engaged in a debate with Ja’afar Albar, then secretary-general of Umno, after the Malaysian election. Lee challenged the special status and privileges of the Malays, arguing that no one racial group was any more native than the others.

In his words:

‘According to history, Malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of 39 percent Malays in Malaysia today, about one-third of them are comparatively new immigrants like the Secretary-General of Umno, Dato Syed Ja’afar Albar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the War at the age of more than 30. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they were more justified to be called Malaysians, and that the others can become Malaysians only through their favour.’

Lee’s words drew irate responses from the Malay leaders.

Albar stated:

“To say that the Malays are like the other races in this country and that they have no extra right in calling this country their homeland is an insult to the Malay race.”

Tun Abdul Razak, then second in command in Malaysia, also attacked Lee, saying, ‘Mr. Lee not only upset the Malays but also the ruler and everybody else.’ He even argued that Lee should be removed if the people of Singapore wanted to maintain good relationship with the Malaysian Malays.”

Those presently taking up the “Malaysian Malaysia” cry are, in effect, echoing Lee Kuan Yew’s polemics from the 1960s.

lee kwan yew-songkok

Marry in haste, repent at leisure

Dr Mahathir Mohamad argues that “if citizenship is conferred upon races other than the Malays, it is because the Malays consent to this”.

“The conferment of citizenship on non-Malay communities which are heterogeneous, unassimilated and too large to be manageable was made rather hastily.” (The Malay Dilemma, p.170)

Indonesians are absorbed because they inter-marry with the local Malays. The Chinese don’t do that.

BELOW: DAP evangelista bamboozling the J-Juice drinkers


Provocation by the Chinese

Dr M also believes that “whenever the Chinese are in a minority, they always avoid provoking the Malays” (The Malay Dilemma, p.15). However when the Chinese are stronger, such as in Selangor in May 1969, they threw caution out the window.

According to the 1970 census data of the Selangor population of 1.63 million, Chinese totalled some 755,900 persons, Malays 562,200 and Indians 298,600.

At the time of the May 13 race riot, the Chinese controlled the towns. One out of every five Chinese living in the peninsula resided in the three big towns of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Georgetown.

In Selangor, 45.4 percent of the state’s population was urban. The Federal Territory had not yet been created in 1969 and KL was still a part of Selangor.

Chinese signboards in KL circa 1960s
Kuala Lumpur circa 1960s

1941 peninsula population: 43% Chinese, 41% Malays

There were periods in our history when the Chinese outnumbered the Malays.

“What may also shock many others is the fact that in 1941, there were more Chinese (43 percent) than Malays (41 percent) in Malaya.” revealed historian Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi – see Malaysiakini, below.

In the aftermath of the Japanese 1945 surrender, the Chinese tried to take over the country. A political void had been created in the post-World War II anarchy called the ‘interregnum’.

It was in this brief interregnum that the Chinese mistakenly overrated their own strength and lost any sense of restraint. Coming out from the jungle, the armed Bintang Tiga took revenge on Malays whom they suspected to have collaborated with the Japanese occupiers.

The communist guerrillas killed women and children in the kampungs with great cruelty. The Malays then ran amok and slaughtered the Chinese with their parang panjang in a carnage far worse than that seen during May 13.

Dr Mahathir said that “whenever the Chinese are in a minority, they always avoid provoking the Malays”. The Chinese today are still a minority but they don’t behave like they’re in the minority.


Melayu hilang di tanahairnya

The population table above is taken from the book 13 May 1969: A Historical Survey of Sino-Malay Relations by Leon Comber (KL: Heinemann, p.5).

Over five decades from 1920 to 1970, the Malays were steadily losing their land and country.

The colonial economy was out of Malay hands. Rubber estates above 100 acres, export crops plantations and the big tin mines belonged to the whites. Trade and commerce was dominated by the Chinese. The vast majority of Malays lived in the rural and coastal areas, and were padi farmers and fishermen.

There was a discernible sense of panic among the natives reflected in writings in the Malay newspapers and periodicals regarding the Malay dilemma.

Today the Malays are once again being provoked and panicked, this time by the Yahudi Yeohs.

Is it too much to ask the DAP evangelistas to leave the Malays and their religion well alone? They’re really freaking out the Malays.

TunkuAzizLeave Malays Alone

Tun: “There never was true racial harmony”

“Looking back through the years, one of the startling facts which must be admitted is that there never was true racial harmony,” said Tun Dr Mahathir.

It is mainly due to the idealistic myth-making of the Alliance that the muhibbah picture of Ali, Ah Chong and Arumugam was painted and etched onto the national landscape. The reality at ground level is pretty much the opposite.


The Tun explains:

“Racial harmony in Malaya was therefore neither real nor deep-rooted. What was taken for harmony was absence of open inter-racial strife. And absence of strife is not necessarily due to lack of desire or reason for strife. It is more frequently due to a  lack of capacity to bring about open conflict.” (page 14, The Malay Dilemma)

All Dr M verbatim quotes taken from the Marshall Cavendish edition (2009 reprint) of Mahathir Mohamad’s book.


Citizenship is not identical with nationhood

The Chinese capacity for ‘In Denial’ is simply awesome. Aside from insisting that Malays are also pendatang and mocking the “perantau” explanation, the Malaysian Firsters like to posture as if they are the country’s most patriotic citizens.

Citizenship is flexible

Pre-1939: A Singapore Chinese who was born before World War II might be a Chinese citizen and a British subject at the same time

1942-1945: During the Japanese occupation, he was a Japanese subject

1963-1965: He was a Malaysian citizen

Post-1965: He became a Singapore citizen

Hannah Bananas: If he migrated to Australia, he could eventually take up Australian citizenship

The example above provided by Prof. Leo Suryadinata who says, “Citizenship is sometimes wrongly equated with nationhood”.


Read also: ‘Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country

Puan Sri Pauline Chai emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1980, and later moving to Victoria, Canada in 1989 and is now living in London.

Loving their enemy is the reason Chinese refused to fight the communists

Malaysian Chinese may have citizenship papers but they don’t always behave as if they’re Malaysian nationals, for example, in their refusal to stand up when the national anthem is played. On top of that, some of them are unable to speak the national language at all – see yesterday’s Utusan story above.

The truth of the matter is that the Chinese prefer to evade national service call-up. In 1951 during the Emergency, the British introduced military conscription but Chinese youths chose to run away to China rather than be recruited to fight the communists.

Hannah Yeoh’s Christian ‘Love’ credo may help explain why young Chinese men refused to defend Tanah Melayu during the 1948-1960 insurgency.


Are the Yahudi Yeohs being provocative?

A group of concerned citizens led by former Inspector-General of Police Tun Hanif Omar recently warned that repealing the Sedition Act “would be a colossal mistake, unhelpful, a setback for continued peaceful coexistence between such classes of communities and would surely lead to anarchy”.

Hannah Yeoh (@hannahyeoh) - Twitter 2014-10-26 17-38-44

Hannah Yeoh (@hannahyeoh) - Twitter 2014-10-24 15-58-52

Without the Act, it would be open season for the Yahudi Yeohs to challenge the Federal Constitution’s basic structure pertaining to Islam, the Malay special position, Bahasa Melayu as well as the Raja-Raja Melayu.

“Provokasi yang melampau oleh pihak tertentu boleh mengakibatkan perkara yang buruk. Sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tidak berguna.” – former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan (tweet on 2 Sept 2014).

BELOW: Mem Besar wanted Menteri Besar to suspend the Jais officer

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Selangor MB @Khalid_Ibrahim

Updated: 13 Jan 2015

This posting was originally titled ‘Lee Kuan Yew and his disciples vs the Tun’.



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164 thoughts on “Wong Chun Wai: “I really feel pity for this pathetic lot”

  1. Wong Chun Wai cannot hide behind his rhetorics. We know who he menas when he writes about “racial and religious bigots”, “folks with little intellect” and “idiots”. Being the evangelista that he is. His pronouncements reflect his stand and his biases.

    Don’t be a coward WCW; come out and say directly to us Malay Muslims what you have been writing about us these past months. We know you and we know what you are. You cannot hide behind Najib forever.

    1. Wong Chun Wai is playing major role in Najib team, of the moderate.
      That rise a BIG question, does he speaks for the J star that belong to MCA or he speak for Najib or both.

      Orang Melayu tak nampak.

  2. Our whole environment, people’s beliefs and ideas, habits and art, rules and laws, is ignorance, The whole world is steeped in ignorance!

    We must … free ourselves from the clutches of ignorant society, ignorant concepts, ignorant traditions and ‘Greedy’ biased, evil leadership.

    1. You know, these “progressive” neurotics are as downright irritating as the “wahhabi” assinines. They are both absorbed in their own ideological agendas and hell-bent on converting the rest of the world to think and feel like them.

  3. There you go. 604 of Plkn trainees of Chinese and Indian cannot speak the national language. Is this the next gen that we expect to defend the nation?

    1. Pak Long,

      I must say that Malays too are guilty. That is by painting Malays as racist.

      Until today, PAS never stops calling UMNO racist” (assabiyah). So intense is PAS “fitnah” that all PAS members believe it is sinful even to think about race.

      PAS slandering paints Malays in negative light. And worse still, it confuses the Malays to the point that they themselves begin to believe that UMNO is racist.

      The opposite is the truth.

      At the other end of spectrum, UMNO despite having the largest share of seats in Parliament since independence is infected with “LOSER MENTALITY”. It behaves as if it lost the election.

      1. Situation not helped by DAP’s overbearing “winner” mentality as the second biggest party in Parliament.

        Umno has 88 MPs and DAP has 37 (it was 38 before they lost Teluk Intan). But from their respective behaviour, it’s as if the reverse – like DAP has 88 and Umno 37. Attitude problem.

  4. Helen, saya ingin memberi pendidikan sejarah kepada WCW dan golongan sekelas dengannya. Melalui pendidikan ini saya berharap dia akan sedar bahawa kedudukan Melayu dan China di Tanah Melayu/Malaysia tidak sama dari segi sejarah!

    Manusia adalah keturunan Adam dan Hawa. Adam dan Hawa bertemu semula di dunia di Padang Arafah iaitu di Arab Saudi ( ‘mainland Asia’ ). Dari sinilah lahirlah manusia.

    Kawasan kawasan lain seluruh dunia belum berpenghuni lagi ketika itu. Bila kumpulan manusia bertambah ramai maka terjadi penghijrahan besar besaran, ke timur, barat, utara dan selatan.

    Kita tumpukan di kawasan Kepulauan Melayu sahaja. Tengkorak pertama dijumpai kira 40000 tahun yang lalu di Gua Niah. Di Tanah Melayu pula rangka lengkap manusia adalah Perak Men 11000 tahun ditemui di Perak. Tiga kumpulan orang asli, Negritos, Senoi dan Proto-Malay penghuni awal kawasan ini.

    Kira kira 300 BC sama ada pada zaman ‘Iron Age’ atau ‘Bronze Age’, mereka ditolak berhijrah ke bahagian tengah Tanah Melayu oleh Deutero Malay.

    Duetro – Malays berasal dari Cham di Kemboja dan Vietnam. Kumpulan Duetro – Malays inilah asal keturunan orang Melayu Malaysia! Mereka yang memulakan penggunaan alat alatan besi ( metal ) dan menggunkan teknik

    Sejak itu orang orang Melayu/rumpun Melayu bertebaran di Kepulaun Melayu dan membina negara tetapi masih berkongsi kebudayaan dan struktur social.

    Mungkin hanya orang orang asli sahaja yang boleh memanggil Melayu sebagai ‘pendatang’. Sudah tentu Cinabing biaDAP tidak berhak sama sekali untuk berbuat demikian. Cina hanya mula menetap di Tanah Melayu tidak sampai pun 100 tahun. Kebanyakannya dahulu hanya datang untuk mencari harta dan bukan untuk menjadikan negeri ini sebagai negara mereka!

    Jadi salah kah jika mereka dipanggil pendatang?

    Satu fakta yang ingin saya tekankan di sini, orang orang Asli ini hanya tinggal di Tanah Melayu tetapi mereka tidak membina tamaddun, membangunkan negara, membina system pemerintahan dan pentadbiran. Orang Duetro – Malays adalah sebaliknya!

    Saya akan sambung berikutnya. Tidak mahu terlalu panjang. Lawan towkey blog pula!

    1. ‘Mungkin hanya orang orang asli sahaja yang boleh memanggil Melayu sebagai ‘pendatang’.’

      Saya tidak setuju. Orang Melayu dan Orang Asli bersaudara segenetik. The so called Melayu Proto dan Melayu Deutro sama-sama Melayu. Melayu bukan orang Asli dah banyak kahwin campur. Orang Asli kurang dan jarang-jarang, sebab itu wajah dan fizikal agak ketara beza. Tapi masih sama. Bahasa, nuansa dan lenggok budaya masih sama.

  5. Pada Millenium CE pertama, bangsa Melayu telah menjadi bangsa dominan di Tanah Melayu. Pada abad kedua dan ketiga banyak negeri kecil telah ditubuhkan .

    Antara negeri negeri Melayu awal di Tanah Melayu ialah Langkasuka ( di Kedah ) dan Gangga Negara ( Beruas Perak ), Indrapura (Pahang). Empayar empayar lain di Kepulauan Melayu ialah Srivijaya, Palembang, Majapahit dll.

    Maka itu ingin saya bertanya pada mereka yang masih mengatakan orang Melayu juga pendatang, “Adakah tepat panggilan tersebut kepada orang Melayu?”

    Sedangkan orang Melayu telah menghuni dan membina negara yang lengakp dengan sistem politik, ekonomi, social dan budaya di Kepulauan Melayu sejak beribu ribu tahun lagi.

  6. Tidak dinafikan orang orang Cina dan India juga telah sampai di Kepulauan Melayu sejak lama dulu. Hubungan dagang antara Cina dengan India telah terjalin sejak abad pertama sebelum masehi (BC). Selat Melaka adalah laluan penting kepada aktiviti perdagangan ini.

    Tapi mereka hanya datang untuk berniaga dan bukan untuk menetap di sini. Semua bukti menunjukkan bahawa mereka tidak berminat untuk tinggal sama ada di Tanah Melayu atau pulau pulau lain di Kepulauan Melayu.

    Bukti pertama, belum pernah saya terbaca ada negeri/negara di Kepulauan Melayu yang dibina oleh orang orang Cina atau India seperti yang dilakukan oleh orang orang Melayu.

    Sikap orang orang China yang datang ke Tanah Melayu ketika itu tidak menunjukkan bahawa mereka menganggap kawasan ini negara mereka. Mereka tetap menganggap negara China adalah negara mereka dan mereka akan kembali ke situ lagi.

    Pernah kita terbaca apabila negeri negeri di utara Tanah Melayu di serang oleh Siam, orang orang Cina turut berjuang mempertahankannya?

    Ok lah pada masa itu mungkin orang Cina masih belum ramai lagi tinggal di sini. Bagaimana pula ketika Melaka diserang oleh Portugis. Adakah orang orang Cina turut membantu?. Ketika itu telah ramai orang Cina berdagang di Melaka!

    Cerita terbaru pada abad ke 20, apabila Jepun menyerah kalah dan komunis Bintang Tiga membuat huru hara di Tanah Melayu. Adakah orang China yang telah menetap di Tanah Melayu sejak awal kurun turut membantu mengembalikan keamanan negera?

    Tidak bukan?

    Ramai yang tidak membantu kerana golongan yang hendak ditentang dianggap saudara sebangsa dan senegara. Malah mereka memberi bantuan makanan, minuman dan perubatan. Ini asalnya wujudnya Kampong Kampong Baru.

    Golongan mana yang bangkit berjuang untuk mempertahankan Tanah Melayu/Malaysia, dulu, kini dan selamanya? Mereka bangkit mempertahankan bumi tercinta ini kerana ini adalah Negara dan tanah tumpah darah mereka!

    Now, people like apek Gerakan, DAP evenglistas, WCW got a cheek to call ‘Melayu juga pendatang’ and called all sort of names to the Malays!

    Tidak ada rasa malulah sikit ke? Budi kami telah banyak kamu sapu. Ucapkan terima kasih tidak pernah sekali.

    Jenis manusia apakah ini?

    1. Kak Norlin,

      re: WCW got a cheek to call ‘Melayu juga pendatang’

      To be fair, he did not call Malays “pendatang”. However, he does continually rant about “racial and religious bigots” and “extremists” (vs himself and his friends as the model moderates).

      1. Norlin,

        At the most defining moment of Malay states(that is changing of status from British protectorate to full independence), signatures of Raja raja Melayu were then legally required.

        There is no need for malays to be apologetic. Out loud say it that we are the bumiputera. Whole world recognises it. If some weird species do not accept it, that is their problems.

        Once a Chinese friend asked me why sometimes the word “pendatang” crops in. I told him that the world sometime appear because many of Chinese politicians behave like “pendatang’.

        He kept quiet. As a parting advice I told him that DAP is putting chinese into firing line by inciting them to go against Malays.

    2. Yes I know WCW rants about racials and religious bigots and extrimists. Unfortunately I put his name with Apek Gerakan and DAP evengelistas. So the first part of the sentence meants for Apek Gerakan and DAP evenglistas and the second part meant for WCW!

      But to me what he said was as bad as the Apek Gerakan and DAP evenglistas

      Ok time for Suboh prayer!

  7. Evangilista and the cross, you know.. What is a ‘Cross’? a T or t or X or x symbolised Cross? But they choose a T or a t as cross. So many crossroad here.

    Did JESSUS invented CROSS as a symbol to Cristianity? But after years of Jessus dead or ‘ascending’ or whaterver the CROSS was invented.

    Jessue prayed directly to the Almighthy GOD but Christian prays to Jessus as he ‘the son of God’? Why not directly ask the ‘Father’ rather then asking the son? The fatehr listen to the son a and not the other way The Son should listen to the father? Sorry are.. a bit confused will all this huaha.

  8. Ms H. The political history of Malaya has always been chequered and not easily understood as most of the information is compartmentalised within the different language media. Apart from the bland statistics issued by the Chief Statistician, Malaya, there was not much to come by.

    To label the Chinese one type or another is also wrong because they were all citizens of China before the advent of the Federation of Malaya.- the China of Chiang Kai Shek’s Kuomintang. right up to 1949.

    Malaysa could not have gained Merdeka with a huge group of Chinese of no origin. This is where all the Malaysian Chinese today must give credit and respect to the wise men who charted the Constitution and other accommodations for our beloved Malaya/Malaysia to move forward until 2003. From this point onwards, the pilots seemed to have lost their bearings.

    To say all the Malaysian Chinese sat on their backsides and did nothing to fight the Communists insurgents is totally wrong and is a politicised comment in keeping with the times.

    Some people can talk a lot now in peace and harmony established firmly by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his predecessors. I can tell you I was fearful in the late 1940s and early 1950s and studied really hard to get out of fear. A Sutton recruit, a Chinese, nearly shot me in the back when he fiddled with his revolver behind me in class.

    A relative of mine became the first Minister of Finance and was the head of MCA which formed the bulwark with the Government against the Communists, another was the top Adviser to the Government on Communist insurgency, one was a senior police officer and another, a wireless operator in the jungle squad whilst the one down South locked up the whole lot in jail. And we have been around since 1889 !

    Gemeralizations are unfair and dangerous in a diverse country now living in peace and harmony.

    1. I agree with you. So many Chinese Special Branch officers died fighting the communists and my mother was an undercover officer. She had her cover blown and nearly lost her life, shot but escaped and finally transferred back to the home ministry. How many of you can make this claim? She infused that we all must be true malaysians and the first thing to unite a country must be a national language. I am going to be a grandfather soon and I put a lot of malays and whoever else to shame with my command of our language even though I coma from an English stream.

      1. True Malaysian. I saved myself for the last, the very last. Like you and your good parents, I had a cousin who was the radio operator in a jungle squad. He told me he was really scared. I had another cousin a Deputy Superintendent Police. And my relative the redoubtable Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too who was the Senior Adviser on Communist Insurgency to the Federal Government. We Chinese like the Malays and Indians and all contributed to fight the Communist Insurgency sometimes with own lives. What do some of the new life-style compatriots know ? These facts are not in our history books.

        1. So why you and your cohorts just sit back and silently watched those ungrateful bangsa dap (in reality communist terrorist in disguise) provoking the peaceful malays, stirring unrest when your own grandfather/mother/uncles/cousin was themselves fighting the communist terrorists.. Sekarang pengganas komunis sudah tidak duduk dalam hutan dah, dia dah duduk kat bandar.. Ada paham

  9. Ms H. And the irony of all ironies, the Singaporeans are now demanding ‘ SINGAPORE FOR SINGAPOREANS ‘ after the Singaporean Government imported 1.2 million foreign workers to boost the GDP !

    1. A young friend from across the Causeway revealed recently that when his mum fell ill with cancer last year, she was hospitalized in a public hospital for 10 days on a course of chemotherapy. The bill came out to S$46,000! So, his father who could hardly afford any more medical expenses decided to bring mom to Malaysia for medication and she’s quite recovered by now.

      The average Singaporean is unable to afford many of the amenities we take for granted here, like a house and a car – and even public health care can severely deplete many people. And Singaporeans will likely never get to enjoy their CPF retirement funds when they reach 69 years of age, at which time is given out in stipends of about $300/month until death makes the final claim.

        1. tunteja. All those Malaysians who adore and idolise the Government of Singapore are absolutely stupid. Here is why.

          All CPF contributions are loaned to the Singaporean Government at 2-3% per annum legally. A 21 year old contributor cannot recover all his money by 65 years old. His money is used by the HDB to build his flat which costs are unknown. It is a leasehold flat which belongs to HDB. He just buys a box of air to live in during his lifetime,

          Inflation rate for the past 40 years was 2-3% per annum. His Singapore dollar was one when he was 21 years old and remains at one when he will be 65 years old. Acheh !

          I know a Malaysian Chinese who could churn and churn from zero base with no money for 30 years and made a fortune of RM 100 millions without corruprtion, cronyism, nepotism, cheating, lying, killing, spying by ducks, swallows and tycoons, faking by fakirs etc.

          How much do you think the Singapore Government made out of this 21 year old till his is 65 years old ? At least must be more than RM 100 millions per head !!

      1. Chris. Well said. I am not anti-Singaporean nor anti-Singaporean. But I dislike false claims by its self-proclaimed elitist leader/leaders for so many decades to brainwash us. You are good and factual. If the Singaporeana elites claim they are smarter, I know a Malaysian Chinese who did better than LKY at the entrance to the University of Cambridge.

        1. Yes Sir, at least when you have a veteran intellectual like Dr. Toh Chin Chye as Deputy Prime Minister, the ordinary Singaporeans were in good hands. Here is his well-argued case concerning the CPF-generated Medisave public healthcare scheme, against Goh Chok Tong who once promised Singaporeans a Swiss standard of living by the 21st century and a world class football team to bet on, ha ha ha! :

          1. Chris. I believe you are a Singaporean. I first came across a Singaporean Malay – a driver in December 1941. Instead of rice, he was eating tapioca. Then, in 1948, my relatives and myself took a bus along South Bridge Road, We had to stand. A Chinese schoolboy with a white uniform and epaulettes, stood up and offered us his seat. I was impressed. The Singaporeans were nice and friendly until this MONEY MONEY MONEY poliicy of the Ruler came into force. Thereafter, the Singaporeans became a different type of person without compassion and charity in the heart.

            1. Ed, I have lived a part of my life there. From the late eighties onwards when Goh Chok Tong announced that Singapore would embrace Capitalism, the quality of life has degraded for the local-born.

              Despite Singapore’s apparent economic successes, only the top echelon are enjoying their share of Swiss living but the soccer still sucks for want of proper management. Of course Swiss citizens are doing very well economically and today their football is world class, but there is no point in reminding Chok Tong about his nullified boasts!

              In what way are work-weary Singaporeans the least happy in the world? What makes people really happy and positive? Is it Wealth? Respect? Longevity? A poll found that 7 of the world’s 10 happiest countries share one thing in common – and it isn’t money!


              1. re: “and it isn’t money!”

                Something the DAP Gospel of Prosperity peddlers should take to heart.

                  1. If not for the 10% cut (tithe) that the evangelical pastors take, I wonder if the RM2 churches would be flourishing as heartily.

                    1. Ms H. I have many Singaporeans friends and relatives. They did not behave like now before the Ruler 1959 – 2015 rose to power. The pursuit of MONEY MONEY MONEY grew in intensity from 1959 onwards until now, a watershed which shows such a policy often fails. We just cannot have a godless society.

  10. Who you calling extremists(?) Yg Bhg Sdr CW
    us only? Muslims really fed up ..

    RCE !
    How now Muslims and the government start calling you, YB Lim Sr and non-National school educated all RCE, Racist Chinese Extremists?

    Racial polarisation is already insurmountable, but why must we start feeding racial hatred from our young?

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Pak Haji
      Dia panggil si budak sekolah Cina swasta sebagai komunis pula.

      “I am a product of the English-medium school system and I will be among the first to tell off groups like Dong Zong that it cannot operate like a communist cell group.”

      Memang wujud sekolah kebangsaan di Malaysia di mana orang yang membuat papan tanda dengan niat yang jahat meletakkan “Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Inggeris” sebagai “Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan.”

      Kedai papan tanda pun ada yang jahat dan komunis.

      1. Ya ada Tan Sri jadi pak sanggup menghina bangsa sendiri, Sdr Mulan.

        “The great contribution of the 25 prominent Malays who wrote that open letter calling for rational Dialogue on the application of Islamic laws in the country ..
        It cannot any longer be avoided or swept under the carpet. It could lead to violence and Violent change.”

        — Tan Sri Munir Majid in the Star, January 3rd 2015.

        1. Dialogue:
        We agree for dialogue on overlapping laws and the few cases that impact non-Muslims.

        You don’t however speak for us on application of Syariah way of life by Muslims, based on al-Quran and Hadith.

        Maaf tetapi Tn Sri bukan Ahli Majlis Fatwa serta nampak sesat dan menyesatkan.

        2. Violent change, you what ??
        Why do you join DAP, to potray Malaysians as Talibans and ISIS?

        Betul ke Tan Sri Melayu Prominen ?? Memualkan!

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH

        1. The alumni of the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Inggeris are best at talking cock. None of them send their kids there. They send tgeir kids to Chinese schools or private schools. They rather let their kids become communists, so they call the Chinese educated.

          Well schools who are so called English medium are so inferior. They have bad results for BM, Maths, Science even English but they are so arrogant. They are real bananas, white inside yellow outside. They cant read even a single Chinese character.

          How many Xavierians send their kids back to St Xaviers? Resending their kids to St Xaviers after their kids do badly in a Chinese school dont count.

          1. Their kids go to private and international schools. Are they inferior ? No. They are slightly better than the national school and vernacular educated. I say only slightly.

            One area they are vastly superior is in networking. At these schools kids get to mix with their own tribe. The rich and powerful. They are successful because of their social networks. It works anywhere you go, not just in Malaysia.

            If you belong to a network of the rich and powerful, you can get anything you want. Its the networks stupid !

  11. WCW actually believes that he is a moderate especially based on his love for everything English.
    (Sidenote – I think checks quite a few of this checklist

    What WCW doesn’t realise is his often patronising and condescending editorials on the Malays (he may not say it outright but we all know that’s who he is writing about) just proved what a big bigot he is.

    When I read the Rupert Murdoch tweet after the Charlie Hebdo attack, when he said “Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible”, it so reminded me of WCW. I’m waiting to see what he has to say about his “good friend” Eric Paulsen.

    Then we wait for HY or one from the evangeliStars to do a JK Rowling.

    1. Haha. But Rowling was born a Christian. HY, on the other hand, is a Born Again having converted at the age of 19.

      The hypocrisy of the City Harvesters: When a Chinese converts to Christianity, it’s viewed as a beautiful life journey that deserves beatified in a coffee table book and the glad tidings a hagiography meriting news promotion in the J-Star.

      However when a Chinese converts to Islam, he is accused of betraying his ancestors and heritage. He’s told that he should no longer keep the surname of his Chinese clain (like “Tee” and “Ting”). He’s accused of trying to change his race. He’s accused trying to be Malay and more Malay than the Malays.

      He’s reminded that babi blood still courses through his veins despite the change of religion. He’s pointed out to still have mata sepet and called “babi” by his fellow Chinese.

      What bloody hypocrites the DAP evangelistas are!

      1. Hannah’s cultural horizons like many of her Chinese urbanite congregation are quite limited. If they are averse to radical terror in the name of Islam, so are the mukmin of Islam.

        But why do these Chinese CHC people use racial inuendoes on Islam like their ignorant grandparents use to do in the old days? Malays are Muslims but not all Muslims are Malays . . . although the politicking Islamists with their Takfir dogma have attempted to hijack the sagacious religion of the Malays.

        “Religious Freedom: Why Now?
        Defending an Embattled Human Right” [YouTube]

        This 2012 event was held under the auspices of the Witherspoon Institute and the Religious Freedom Project. The keynote address was delivered by Robert P. George of Princeton University. Panels featured a wide range of participants, including noted Muslim scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

        1. re: “Hannah’s cultural horizons like many of her Chinese urbanite congregation are quite limited.”


      2. Sure what, become Christian now got Mat Saleh first name
        macam ada CLASS kan(?) oh sori adinda Helen ..

        I hope you don’t mind
        I hope you don’t mind
        That I put it down in words
        How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

        — Elton John, 1970

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH

      3. Rowling is also white. As for Hannah being a Born Again having converted at 19 this is puzzling. A convert is a born again ? Born again into a white person ?

        Their hypocrisy is dressed as modernity. And the path to modernity is to embrace anything that’s white, well almost anything anyway. If converting is a route then convert they will. For those who do not want to convert but still want to be white, they can color their hair blond or red. You see this most prevalent among urban Chinese youth. Or you get yourself a white name. John, Jack you name it.

        Them calling Chinese converts to Islam with all sorts of names is an act of inferiority. The inferiority complex is in full display. A person who believes he is superior will not say or act superior. He knows its a state of mind.

        In the west these people are called chink. In some places they are labelled as gook although the word gook is more appropriate for Koreans but you know, if you’re yellow then chink and gook makes no difference.

      4. Spot on Cik Helen. Sama juga their constant screams on corruptions etc. Yg dok terima rasuah depa nampak. Yang dok hulur they don’t consider themselves corrupt.

        The balak concessions given by PAS Kelantan bersangkut dgn perlantikan PAS as Ketua Menteri Perak tu apa cerita?

  12. Ms H. This guy is the only person who uses the facilities provided by the MCA owned Star to promote himself and his personal views of the World.

    He obviously has visions of grandeur and his future place in the Malaysian pantheon of political icons. His target is the 14th General Elections under the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP flag. Hence, his keenness to use the Star to do businees with the PAP controlled media in Singapore. Vide, The Star Annual Reports.

    And he had the audacity to promote the Singapore Prime Minister’s Speech thus. ‘PM. Current old -young conflict…’ Page 29. 30 December 2014. The Star. Unfortunately, I pointed out in another Blog that his PM’s ideas came from the book, ‘Capital in the 21st Century’ by the famous French economist Thomas Piketty!

    This guy could worship 2 Prime Ministers of 2 separate sovereign States on the same day in the same publication. Remarkable!

    The Star Page 6. 30 December 2014. quote, ‘ PM. Don’t believe in rumours.’ I am not claiming that he has split loyalties or a fork tongue.


    Strange ! There is no sign of any official Singaporean news in the Star on 13 January 2015 for the very first time since its inception as the official news organ of the Singapore Government.

    1. re: “And he had the audacity to promote the Singapore Prime Minister’s Speech thus. ‘PM. Current old -young conflict…’ ”

      LHL has tweaked the Singapore citizens CPF retirement funds to stranger dimensions of microeconomic justifications . . . The writing on the wall is that most people will die before justice is done to them with their own CPF money.

      1. Chris, your comment is succinct and factual. If feel sorry for the state of affairs in Singapore today and also its relationship with our beloved Malaysia if only the brilliant Ruler 1959 – 2015 had conducted his policies NORMALLY and NOT TO BASE ON HIS BRILLIANT ACADEMIC PROWESS AT CAMBRIDGE IN 1947 !

        As befits a legal mind, everything in Singapore is battened down legally to the last nitty-gritty.

        I was told that young Chinese admire the latest glorification, ’10 Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew..’ In their brainwashed stupor. Did they notice that the EX-PRESIDENT AND THE EX-CHIEF JUSTICE wrote admiringly in this FESTSCHRIFT to their Boss. WHERE IS THE SEPARATION BETWEEN THE EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATURE AND THE JUDICIARY IN THIS TINY PLACE ?

      2. While Singaporean workers are fleeced by their gov more and more Malaysian Chinese head to the Lion state to chase their Singapore dream. The writing is also on the wall for the Malaysian Chinese but they won’t mind. They happily allow the Singapore gov to rob them.

        1. I remind my friends Survivor, that they should just go and work in Singapore if they wish, and enjoy the bounty of the currency exchange rate, but that they should not ever think of transplanting the PAP system into Malaysia . . . to avoid the painful social malaise of governmental elitism.

          1. Chris, you are like the first crocus or daffodil in an Englsih Spring – refreshing.

            I am so tired of all those brainwashed specimens, the admirers of the Ruler 1959 – 2015 that I suffer from chronic indigestion. Do these hard-core types realise that the political system in Singapore as imposed by the Ruler 1959 – 2015 is ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIALISTIC implemented by a coterie of APPARATCHIKS.

            Money is garnered legally via the CPF-HDB-Quit Rent & Assessment-Income Tax-GST-COE-Traffic Taxes-Water Conservation Tax-Subsidised Free Malaysian Water-Public Utilites-Meritocracy-Judiciary-Civil Service-Military hardware manned by mercenaries ? The Government money is controlled by the 0.1% elite !

            Our Malaysian Political System is FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH OPEN CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS which produced 71/2 ex-Singaporean billionaires during the NEP who have since become Singaporeans again to boost Singapore’s GDP ! 1/2 is an offspring of a Japanese soldier.

            1. And when the political Dynasty dies out, who is going to control the humongous pile of money with its captive citizens ?

              In our beloved Malaysia, we have the FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS OPEN CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS which provided through free elections 6 Prime Ministers during the rule of the Ruler, 1959 – 2015 ! 5 of them retired gracefully of their own accord.

              This is our Democracy for us. We do not need wise-guys using the money of others to teach us how !

          2. Chris, as you are aware during the Ruler’s reign 1959 – 2015, our beloved Malaysia has had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.

            And wonder of all wonders, the independent International listed Malaysia within the top 4 countries, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama and Malaysia for easy living for retirees and those seeking a good life-style. Malaysia is on top for Asia and also the top for the World because of its traditions and conventions. Singapore is not even within 30 of the definitive list.This independent ranking is a big accolade to the BN Governments since 1957 and the present Minister of Tourism, YB.Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who is competent with his portfolio.

              1. Chris, Sir, I know of at least two authentic cases in which retired doctors. one who worked in Vancouver, Canada and another in Hong Kong for a life time returned to our beloved Malaysia.

                And recently, International awarded Malaysia one of the best 4 places in the World to retire or to live. Malaysia is actually the World’s Best despite what the Opposition says. What is better than an independendt Accolade ? This firmly confirms by an independent authority that the successive BN Governments delivered 1957 – 2015.

                Unlike the other place, where the utmost efforts by using swallows, ducks, journalists, academicians, spies or tycoons to artificially swing surveys in their favour. If only the ISA was not repealed in such a hurry, Malaysia would be just nearly perfect. To err is human……….?

            1. Chris, Anyone who is normal and has commonsense is qualified to lead the MCA. But unfortunately, the World is full of FAKES which brought at least 3 Tan Sris Datuks Drs to my mind. It pays to start young.

              But please look at the mirror to have a glimpse of your own character. If you have a baby face, you are not suitable.

              The Malaysian Chinese respect intellectuals and humble personalities. This is why lky took them for a ride for so long until the CPF caper broke out. You have a chance even though I am no fortune teller !

  13. Salam bahagia Cik Helen,
    I hope Cik Helen will abandon the caucasian name and revert back to Cik’s ori name. No need to champion the Christian name.
    My opinion on the STAR. I suggest Cik can suggest to Wong to replace the T alpabet in the STAR with a cross.

    1. Zai,

      Nama “Helen” diberi oleh ibubapa saya dan saya dipanggil Helen oleh keluarga dan sanak saudara.

      Jadi ia memang nama asal saya mahupun ia bukan nama Cina. (contohnya, Marina dan Melinda pun bukan nama Melayu tapi Tun Mahathir pilih juga.)

      Meskipun Helen ialah nama omputih, namun ia BUKAN nama Kristian. Ia nama Yunani (seorang permaisuri) pra-zaman Kristian sebelum kelahiran Yesus.

  14. Extremist lot! Tak tau guna bahasa kebangsaan; tahunya bunuh aje.

    Ada gambar iklan penjual ayam “Local ayam akan sampai, sudah bunuh 1kg RM23, belum bunuh 1kg RM18”.

    Serupa macam “soalan mulut”.

  15. Ulang tayang.

    Kata Ah Wong
    “I am a product of the English-medium school system and I will be among the first to tell off groups like Dong Zong that it cannot operate like a communist cell group.”

    Wong Chun Wai thinks some people (i.e. Sekolah Cina) are “communists” He is “a product of the English-medium school system”.

    St Xaviers is an “English-medium school system” not a Malay-medium school. Although St Xaviers is a Sekolah Kebangsaan, it is really a SMJK(Inggeris).

  16. Here Malaysiakini goes again.

    Friday sermon warns of K-Pop influence

    “In a Friday sermon today by the Islamic Development of Malaysia (Jakim), Muslims were once again warned about the dangers of fanatical idol worshipping of Korean pop (K-Pop) stars.”

    Look at the comments:

    Baiyuensheng Hidden agenda – kpop??? a bit extreme ler… Paulsen you can use this piece for you defense….
    9 minutes ago | Report
    Meow Islam being attacked from East. Boycott Korean & Japanese product immediately. Those who are using products from these countries must destroy it immediately or give it away to the non-Muslim. It will help to preserve the Islamic culture. No more look East or West policy, look Arab policy might help.
    22 minutes ago | Report

    Even this sarcastic one

    Imanust Nais Yalam K-Pop now more dangerous than ISIS.
    48 minutes ago | Report

    Malaysiakini can’t stop, can they?

      1. WCW has slammed Isma in his column. Your state timbalan mufti, by virtue of his Isma membership, would be included in the “pathetic lot” that is really pitied by the J-Star CEO.

  17. Ms H. For years the Malaysian Chinese have been falsely accused of not helping others to become rich. Now finally I reveal THE REAL FACTS ABOUT MY CHINESE FRIEND WHO HAD NOTHING FROM THE GOVERNMENT. HE DID ALL THESE :-

    1. At a moment’s notice, my friend arranged a guarantee at the request of a political component which investment is now worth RM 350 millions.
    2. My friend delivered Sime Darby for only RM 23 millions which went bankrupt twice, 1996 and 2010. He advised the Malays to buy British, not non-Malay.
    3. He proposed the National Savings Bank in 1976 which serves Malay interests.
    4. He sweated for 9 years to save 1,200 Malay jobs.
    5. He provided the wherewithal when the political component needed it to turn around. We now have stability, peace and harmony for all to earn a living and make money.
    6. He contributed to the political component building fund and also to MCA which now claims that his name is not in their books ! He donated his World’s best Malaysiana of 3,000 books to UTAR.
    7. Miscellanous. Personally, he helped many Malays and non-Malays to become very rich as well !

    MY FRIEND’S CONCEPT IS THAT IF THE MALAYS DO NOT OWN BIG BUSINESSES THE NON-MALAYS WILL NOT PROGRESS TO OWN BIG BUSINESSES. Hence, within the NEP period, 71/2 ex-Singaporeans became Malaysian multi-billionaires. They have returned to Singapore to boosts the GDP. The 1/2 is the offispring of a Japanese soldier.

    My friend never asked for titles, favours, money or monopoly. He is exceedingly happy in his satisfaction of the success of his concepts.


    Is’nt his ideas better and more powerful given freely without conditons on behalf of all the Malaysian Chinese and non-Malays so that our beloved Malaysia will continue to live in stability, peace and harmony under the BN Government ?

    1. Uncle,

      re: “MCA which now claims that his name is not in their books”

      MCA sombong dan tak kenang budi kepada orang lama yang telah berbakti kepada parti tersebut. MCA lebih rela asetnya (empayar media J-Star yang merupakan sarang evangelista) diperalatkan untuk memenangkan parti lawan.

      1. Ms H. It is the lack of leadership in the MCA which is their downfall. How can they miss knowing who is who amongst the Malaysian Chinese if their noses are not stuck in money, money, money !

        We need only one good Malaysian Chinese like my friend to beat all these tom-tom types including the preening 4th Estate fella for starters ! Our stabillity, peace and harmony depends on the unselfish attitudes of all us folks, like your good self too, Ms H ! No tom tom tom for us !

      1. Jade Emperor, Your Majesty, altruism is a big word for most Malaysian Chinese who do not even have a book in most homes. The Star which is now corrupted is their biggest reading item.

    2. ED,

      If the intention is to attack Malaysian chinese, then it would have been done 5 decades ago. If the intention is to crucify the Chinese, UMNO, Malays have ample time, opportunities to do that.

      AS Malays are Muslim and bound by Islam, they have never use their supremacy in politics to whack the chinese. Call me snobbish or what . But woe betides the nation if UMNO plays dirty the way DAP is known for.

      As DAP is without real power, its fatal effect of playing the racial politics are limited. Try imagining the party in power in full scale racial politics. It is literally going to be bloodbath.

      THE REAL SITUATION is Chinese are allowing themselves to be used by DAP to whack the Malays, Islam. what they forgot or prefer to ignore is that they are putting themselves on firing line when the malays react.

      What the Chinese still refuse to accept is that Malays too can react. The rejection of Malay voters on BN candidates in Parit Yani, Alor setar, Seremban are timely reminder that Malays too can reject Chinese even from BN.

      The last election showed the effect of almost entire Chinese rejection of BN. the next election will show more of Malay Tsunami.

      So DAP or ED or Hanna Yeoh can continue playing dirty racial politic . So what? Without the chinese UMNO still rules the fort.

      1. Shamshul Anuar. It is good you speak out. The deeds done by my Malaysian Chinese friend are facts. You go and check.

        Please explain how my Malaysian Chinese friend who helped the MALAYS tremendously in 1972 and onwards when the MALAYS ONLY OWNED 2% of the total Malaysian economy be like the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP or your favourite lady target.

        Please note my Malaysian Chinese friend’s achievements for the MALAYS DIRECTLY and for ALL THE NON-MALAYS INDIRECTLY. Pour le vous Francais ? He was the only one !

        Why you place my Malaysian Chinese friend in the same category as “playing dirty racial politic.” on your unwanted name list ? What do you want this Chinaman to do to please you ?

        My friend helped the Malays and the non-Malays in the National Interest and you accuse him of “playing dirty racial politic.” Are you alright ?

      2. Shamsul Anuar. You should not generalise. My Malaysian Chinese friend was A FOUNDER MEMBER OF UMNO YOUTH KUBB in 1972, Were you born then ?

        And you accuse my Malaysian Chinese friend of ‘ continue playing dirty racial politic.’ You are not fair to my Malaysian Chinese friend whose views have never changed since 1951 !

      3. Shamshul Anuar. Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘ To err is human, to forgive is Divine.’ Please do not blame all the Malaysian Chinese for the naughtiness of a few !

        1. ED,

          Though I do not have to say it out loud, I will say it again. If the Chinese are willing to play the dirty racial politics immortalised by DAP, fine. Just remember that they (the Chinese) are the ones on firing line. Literally speaking.

          ED, you are what typical “communist”. Kalau dah perangai macam komunis, jadi menulis pun macam komunis.

          The reality is that vast majority of Chinese are supporting a racist DAP that is waging war against Malays. Chinese simply refuse to take advice that they are playing a dangerous political game.

          It is not Malays are punishing Chinese for antics of few racist. It is the other way around. Almost entire population of Chinese are playing dirty racial politics againsts the Malays. GET THE FACT?

          “to err is human…’ Nicely quoted. Why don’t you say it to entire Chinese population? Why not spend some times that they simply cannot slander Malays without reaction by Malays.

          The reality is that you still refuse to accept that DAP is leading the Chinese to collide with the Malays. That is your right. Continue dreaming.

          And the collision is very real. Try imagining massacre in Bosnia. It is not a laughing matter.

          If you think that Malays are trying to tease or blame the Chinese or play the dirty politics so used by Guan Eng, you are entitled to your views.

          Just do not expect the Malays to pay for it. You pay, understand. And stop giving rubbish about Chinese or Malay contribution. No one in Malay community ever denies contribution from non Malay community.

          My advice to you is stop playing the racial politics. Entire Chinese community needs not sacrifice themselves(literally) for Lim dynasty that is known worldwide as racist.

          But in case you so loves Lim Dynasty and willing to play dirty racial politics led by DAP, I am critical on Malays too, make no mistake. Just as malays have to tackle people selling Islam for politics in their community, Chinese too must tackle Lim Dynasty that is waging war against Malays.

          For a start, you can stop the irritating “cara komunis” putar belit. It is really a great help to Chinese community. Free your community from DAP that is at war with malays.

          1. Shamshul,

            re: “they simply cannot slander Malays without reaction by Malays”

            Fitnah dan evangelista berpisah tiada.

            1. Helen,

              It is almost reaching boiling point. As most Chinese cares not to understand Malays beyond reading the STAR, Malaysiakini or quoting Rafizi or Anwar, they do not understand the gravity of the situation.

              They do not understand that what the lawyer Eric said is very insulting. They thought UMNO just playing racial cards when Malays are upset about rude porn team wishing Malays a buka puasa with pork.

              It is a matter of time before the patience is snapped.

            2. Helen,

              Out of curiosity, I wish to know whether there are at least few credible Chinese who command respect among Chinese ever advise the Chinese that DAP is leading them disaster?

              Tak kan tak ada langsung pemimpin Cina yg pernah bagi nsihat pada orang Cina tentang bahayanya DAP ni .

          2. Shamshul Anuar. Why do you keep being personal and accuse me of this and that when you do not know me at all ? Or is it in your dreams you want to hit at someone, somewhere.

            I am sorry to say that you are wrong by generalising that all the Chinese are the same.

            Do you know since you live amongst these Chinese since birth that there are many different types of Chinese in Malaysia. The Foochows, the Hainanese, the Hokkiens, the Cantonese, the Hakkas, the Teochews, the Shanganinese etc. Each type is as different as chalk and chees. Do you know ?

            Since you hate the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP so much, do you know that they are just the extension of the ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM as imposed by the Ruler 1959 – 2015 implemented by Apparatchiks. This is confirmed by the famous guru Mark Mobius recently in an interview by Angie Lau of Bloomberg. He said China and Singapore have a command investment system which is efficient.

            I am sorry to note that your views on all the Malaysian Chinese are EXACTLY WHAT THE ENEMIES OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA want you to express so that we are in conflict which you mentioned many times. You must be reading the wrong things.

            I refer you to chedet to put all in a proper perspective. PLEASE DO REMEMBER ONLY A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF CHINAMEN ARE RECALCITRANTS AND NOT TO YOUR TASTE ! I am sure my friend has a lot of things in common with you even though I DO NOT QUALIFY FOR REASONS BEST KNOWN TO YOUR GOODSELF !

            1. ED,

              No. I am not generalising. Are you blind to boot? The reality is that Chinese are willing to be part of DAP’s war againsts Malays.

              So stop pretending. No need to be alarmed. It is not a secret that Chinese in general believed UMNO would collapse in last election. Is that not “ini kalilah ” for?

              It is OK. We the Malays know what “ini kalilah” mean. After all, what is there to be worried. Without you or entire Chinese support, the Malays still rule. For we know it is better to die than having DAP overlording all.

              The truth is that Chinese reject whatever overtures by Malays. They love to play racial politics or let DAP con the Chinese by tolerating slanders by DAP.

              And now you wonder why I (and I believe almost entire Malays) do not trust DAP or Chinese. The enemy is within my dear. That is why you until today manages not to see it.

              Ever trying putting yourselves in Malay shoes? Ever tries to understand why on earth Chinese are quiet when racist communist Dong Zong does not want non Chinese teachers in Chinese schools?

              Ever wonder how Malays Muslim feel when racist DAP inciting Christians to go against Muslim Malay dominated government BY INSISTING on using Allah when the word is not even mentioned in Bible? Ever try to understand why Malays feel that Chinese are not to be trusted when they keep saying in Indonesia Christians can use Allah BUT SILENT when Malays say there is no vernacular schools in Indonesia?

              No. You cant. Because you spend times to support the racist Chinese communist DAP to be at war with Malays.

              1. Ed is not a DAP supporter and he is not sympathetic to the DAP communists who have co-opted the City Harvest Church of Singapore to beguile the Malaysian Chinese community into a prosperity euphoria, and many are there who love the world.

                Many Malays are beguiled by promises of heaven from the Islamist party who preach radicalism and realpolitik while they co-opt the traditional religion of the Malays and corrupt it.

                The Communists and the Islamists go against the Will of the One on High Almighty and Most Merciful. They shall be recompensed for their evil on the day when all souls will be naked before the Record of Judgement.

                1. Jade Emperor. I am with you and thankful for your sentiments which are sensible and logical. I have great faith in the majority of the Malaysian peoples who are good and not think bad of others. This was how we all have lived in stability peace and harmony for so many centuries until this MONEY MONEY MONEY thing from the tiny Republic got the better of the senses of our ordinary folk.

                  It is not green on the other side of the Causeway eg Hong Lim Park, 2 acres (was Hong Lim Green) is brown.

                  I was only reciting the billion ringgits achievements for the Malays and non-Malays, of a loyal Malaysian Chinese citizen and before I could say Robinson Crusoe, I WAS ACCUSED OF BEING A RABID COMMUNIST ! OMG !

                2. Well said Jade Emperor. And there are people now going to Syria and Iraq to blow themselves up. Wonder who tells them to do that.

                  What most concerns me is the rapid pace Malays are aping the Arabs and discarding their indigenous culture. All thanks to a certain party claiming itself to be Islamic.

                  1. Nusantara Pondok vs Wahhabi (which most of the Islamists are)


                    The noble Malay scholar and sufi gnostic of the Allah Most High, Syeikh Daud bin Abdullah Al-Fatani while clarifying religious issues that would cause a person to leave Islam through his misguided religious conviction: that is,
                    – to be in doubt concerning any of the stated attributes of Allah or
                    – to attribute to the Most High and Sublime what has been consensually agreed by the saintly and sagacious scholars regarding characteristics it is imperative to disassociate from Him such as (1) that Allah exists materially in space-time dimensions or (2) that Allah’s Perfect Attributes exist within some created being [hulul] or (3) that Allah is identical with any created thing whatsoever [ittihad].

                    The political Islamist ideologues draw their inspiration from their sheikhs Ibn Taymiyyah and Muhammabd Abdul Wahhab who preach vehemently that Allah has corporeal features (mujassimah) and they liken Allah to resemble particular things in creation (mutasyabbihah)

              2. shamsul anuar. Sir, I am sorry to say you are somewhat confused with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the ordinary Malaysian Chinese in the street.

                I am sorry that at this time and age you do not recognise the billion ringgits achievements for the MALAYS DIRECTLY AND NON-MALAYS INDIRECTLY by my friend. I am sorry that you still keep to your diatribe about the innocent and harmless Malaysian Chinese in the street. I am sorry to perceive that these are your personal views in a free land.

                Just in case, you are not aware my dear shamsul anuar, the International Living independently voted our beloved Malaysia as one of the 4 best countries to live or to retire. What say you, my dear shamsul anuar ? And tiny Singapore is not even within the first 30 in the definitive list.

                  1. Ms H. Unlike the gentleman 1959 – 2015 down South, my friend had better entrance results into the best college at Cambridge than him who went into the bottom-most college Fitzwilliam House by the back door. He did not take the Open Entrance but my friend scored 100 marks in each requisite 4 subjects in 9 months. The Chaplain to the Queen at Windsor Castle was so pleased he personally recommended my friend to his own College, the best, of which he was the ex-Master and ex-Vice-Chancellor of the University.

                    You may now compare the achievements of the gentleman who imposed the Ultra Communistic Political and Social System implemented by his Apparatchiks on the citizens and my Malaysian Chinese friend who contributed billions and billions of ringgits through his ideas and actions for the MALAYS DIRECTLY AND THE NON-MALAYS INDIRECTLY without fanfare.


                    There hangs the tale of our beloved Malaysia, Ms H !

                    You see Ms H, myself and my friend have no quarrels with anyone. We are not in the POLITICAL POWER BUSINESS !

                    1. Uncle,

                      Your self-perceived rivalry with LKY surpasses even the Tun’s.

                      Let go, let go, let go.

                  2. They are screwed up because they chose to let people do that to them. Any sane person know this cohort is practically beyond salvation.

                    1. The problem now is, the PM is paying way too much attention on them. I don’t know why the PM thinks he needs them on board. Maybe his consultants tell him he needs this cohort.

                      One thing I m going to say here is that the more you pay attention on this cohort the more belligerent they become. They more they insult you. You see the rudeness on display in that link you provided.

                      Just ignore them. Not worth the time and effort. They are not going to listen to you anyway, much less reciprocate. This cohort is a lost cause anyway.

                  3. Ms H. Now is the time for myself and my learned friend to let go, let go, let go !

                    Sure, my friend’s views were diametrically opposed against lky because through his studies since October 1951 that the other fellow is just a bag of hot air which is now proven with his 28 failed policies.

                    My friend believes in building up our fellow compatriots the Malays, united, strong and rich so that all the non-Malays also become united, strong and rich. No problem.

                    The other fellow believed in NOT helping the Malays become united, strong and rich. His record from 1959 – 2015 shows this very clearly from his founding of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP (De Auditors Party- they always go after the Governement’s Accounts only) in 1966 to his ill-advised Grand Tour of the Ulus in June 2009, the spying vide Wiklleaks, the Singapore’s promoted poisoned chalice TPPA which if signed, the Malays become the Red Indians of North America,etc is one big litany of mischief making in Malaysia to disrupt the stability, peace and harmony between our communities who lived side by side for centuries.

                    A case in point, is my friend, shamsul anuar’s reaction to something unexpected from my friend the Chinaman who really contributed without evading income tax, cheat, steal, cronyism, nepotism, monopoly etc. He never asked TDM or his predecessors for money, titles, favours, monopolies or contracts etc.

                    Like me, he is a humanist and a nationalist ! This is how a Cambridge graduate should behave and not behave like a worm at the expense of others based on MONEY MONEY MONEY. People like my friend made the University of Cambridge great not the other fellow.

                    Why the Malaysian Chinese are up a slippery pole ? IT IS BECAUSE OF THE POOR AND UNQUALIFIED POLITICAL LEADERSHIPS IN BOTH THE MCA AND THE DAP ! No more. No less. There are many ways to cut the political cake. At the rate these Malaysian Chinese is going, they are non-starters.

                    Ms H. Please remember my list of 17 very rich leaders of the MCA from beginning 1949 to the present – complete list. You may republish it.


                    Until my learned friend brought up the TWO POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES OF MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE, no one realises what political philosophy we are practising and quarrelling about. All they know is the Constitution, Consititution !

                    Of course, those dysfunctional meritocratic Apparatchiks forming the pyramid with the smartest fellow knew what our politics is about.

                    1. re: “the political leadership of the Malaysian Chinese will be weak”

                      The political leadership of the Malaysian Chinese is taking the community to hell in a handbasket. Do you disagree with Shamshul Anuar that the DAP evangelistas are leading Chinese Christians to fatally collide with the Malay Muslims?

                    2. Ms H. You are great by asking pertinent questions. DID’NT YOU READ WHAT I HAVE BEEN WRITING SINCE AUGUST 2011 ?

                      My task is to wake up the Malays that there are Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Chinese.

                      AND ONLY THE MISCHIEF MAKERS ARE PART OF THE ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED BY THE RULER 1959 – 2015 ON ITS CITIZENS BY THE APPARATCHIKS. Vide 10 Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew. In other words, all the mischief making is inspired from outside the jurisdiction with a sinister purpose – to seek liebensraum in view of the tiny size of the Republic. Because within 25 years or less, the tiny State which has now failed (in human terms) has to make the following 4 choices :-

                      1. To become the 53rd State of the Union. And every morning, we can say ‘Selamat Pagi, Amerika.’ across the chain link fence which stands astride the drain which was once the Johor Straits !
                      2. To be a British Colony again like the Caymans, Bermuda etc. But even the Scots want out !
                      3. To re-merge with Malaysia. But the ancients said ‘ A good horse does not return to old pastures.’ How ?
                      4. To retain the status quo with the full fledged military of 300,000 active reservists, aging Gurkha Guards, F-35s, AWACS, Apaches, Hercules, drones, humongous balloons, 9 submarines, corvettes, long range artillery, rusting tanks, a S$ 2 billions strategic water reserve, bomb proofed buildings, secret caverns, spies with swallows, ducks, journalists, tycoons, academics etc.mercenaries for the hardware, bomb disposal squads defend the 0.01% of the 1% elite which may not be around. Besides, the fierce Malaysians are only interested in 19 hole golf battles ! So, how ? Any honest to goodness investor will runaway if he discovers this waste of his money to protect just one Ruler 1959 – 2015 and not his money !

                      If the Malays and all Malaysians realise why some of the Malaysian Chinese are mischievous, IT IS HIGH TIME EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE THE TROUBLE MAKING COMES FROM. This is properly documented from the Malaysian Hansard of 1964 to the present reports in the media.

                      And we will all discover that the Malaysian Chinese media has been kow-towing to a foreign god who is now proven to be as human as anyone else. And that the Star’s blue-eyed boy journalist is out of sync with my latest revelations. I am not surprised he is now actively finding out which way TO JUMP !

                    3. Uncle,

                      You say, “My task is to wake up the Malays that there are Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Chinese”.

                      The Malays are already aware that 90 percent Chinese want ABU and only 10 percent voted BN.

                    4. Ms H, Your pertinent question on why the 90% Malaysian Chinese voted for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP – they were mis-led in 2008 and 2013 by the DAP that by voting for them, they will get LKY. The DAP and PAP want two divisions in Malaysia – a divide between the Malays and the other races and a weakened Malaysian Chinese body politic. Then, the tiny Republic OVERLORDS THIS DISPARATE SCENE.

                      No one looked at the Ruler abstractly. They were all overawed by his 1947 brilliant academic results. But how come in the 21st Century, anyone could list 28 of his failed Policies if he was that good. And Dr Alfred Winsemiius, the UN Adviser, never mentioned. The worst Policy was the 2 Child Family Policy of the 1970s and 1980s applied on a tiny population of 1.6 millions etc !


                      This was why it was imperative of me to bring out the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE POLITICAL SYSTEMS. No one brought this up, ever. Now, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all others will see and experience for themselves the REAL MALAYSIA AND THE REAL SINGAPORE – no more stupid brainwashing and bluffology of any kind to say we are abang adek. This is a white lie. HOW CAN A GOD FEARING COUNTRY ADOPTS THE POLICIES OF A GODLESS ULTRA COMMUNISTIC STATE which system is also adopted by 2 giant authoritarian States, Russia and China.

                      It is the task of the MCA as a BN component to present the real political facts to ALL MALAYSIANS and not quarrel with friends. This inaction I believe the leaders of the MCA have been compromised by having bank accounts, condos, relatives, scholarships etc in the Republic. In which case, those who are in conflict of interest should resign forthwith because in politics a person cannot have both the cake and eat it.

                      It is the MCA who avoids battling the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and got all the Malaysian Chinese into trouble with the Malays including the misled 90%. THE STAR IS A SOLID FACT WITH THE DAP PLAYING HAVOC WITH LOYALTIES and created a forum of INNOCENT AND NAIVE MODERATES. Are’nt we all are MODERATES ?

                      The MCA leader who does the real battle with the DAP will be the holistic ( I copy ) and deserved leader of the Malaysian Chinese.

                      Anyone out there ?

                    5. Chris,

                      Shen Yee Aun was an Utusan columnist.

                      The RBAs want to do unspeakable things to him.

                    6. Why is the old man Lim Kit Siang and his DAP reverting back to authoritarian tactics as we have witnessed within his DAP party lines? Nepotism and heavy-handed favoritism couldn’t be labelled as democratic – not by a long shot. Why the new romance with a dead local Maoist terror?

                      “Had Lim Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party come to power, the urban “bourgeoisie” (middle class) of financiers, merchants, academics, lawyers and other professionals would have had a pretty hard time – in theory at least. If LCP had won, the compradors would be out of jobs – in theory at least. And yet some of LCP’s most ardent advocates are precisely such people. LCP, they say, was a ‘nationalist’ and a ‘freedom fighter’- but whose nation, and whose freedom was he fighting for? So, another question poses itself: is LCP’s promotion, by people who cannot possibly share his ideology, more to do with political opportunism and the tangle of racial politics in Malaysia – and rather less to do with honouring our national heritage?”


              3. shamsul anuar. I have no quarrel with you at all.

                In my life time, I have been scolded by 13 ennobled Malays, from Tengkus down to Datuks, I bear no grudge against them because they did not know my background.

                I did not run off to the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP but put my best efforts to the wheel to make UMNO and the BN stronger because it is my fervernt belief that if the Malays are UNITED AND STRONG, we Malaysian Chinese and others will benefit too.

                Our beloved Malaysia would finally find her place in the pantheon of great nations which are not populated by mickey mice.

                I am exceedingly happy like my fren. Like him, I have NO HATRED IN MY HEART FOR ANYONE !

                1. ED,

                  I never mention anything about Singapore Trojan Horse. I quoted DAP.

                  And I never blame Chinese on Malay predicaments. My point here is that Chinese knowingly supports DAP that is non stop slandering the Malays. Naturally, Malays feel Chinese are up against them.

                  The result will be still the same. Physical clash may soon take place. And do remember Chinese by virtue of condoning racist DAP , will be firing line.

                  It is as simple as that.

                  1. shamsul anuar. We are friends. In our beloved Malaysia either we are good friends or related, we cannot run away very far.

                    As long as we recognise our enemies who want us to fight amongst ourselves for nothing so that they overlord us, then we can turn our country like a real rocket unlike that limpid sausage which was hung up since 1966 by DE AUDITORS PARTY (They always want to audit the Government accounts.)

                    1. ED,

                      I have nothing against you or Chinese.. it is just i do not believe Malays will be treated fairly should PR take over. Not that I believe it will ever take over, judging on Malay sentiment where PAS and PKR are losing Malay ground.

                      Having PR (meaning DAP) leading Putrajaya is tantamount to having “yahudi overlording Arabs”.

                  2. shamshul anuar. Saudara, as I said before we are friends. Our objective is the same, we do not want the mischief making Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP to rule over us. It is FOREIGN. See how they failed in their objective to takeover Putrajaya in 3 EASY STEPS. The Malaysian Chinese will be with us when they realise how their compatriots in the tiny Republic have been conned. In fact, many realise this already.

                    1. In 1997, if the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister had taken a busman’s holiday with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister. But he listened to his kitchen cabinet which is now stronger with the BN. ONE EASY STEP.
                    2. In 2008, if the Opposition had sorted out the 32 Aduns BEFORE and NOT AFTER the 12th General Elections, they would have already won 2 General Elections. It would have cost them no money. ONE EASY STEP.
                    3. In 2013, if the Opposition boycotted the 13th General Elections and declared a 100 day fast to death in the 3rd Class Ward of the KLGH, and permitted the BN to win 100% of the seats with just 47% of the votes, the World would have been in an uproar. They would have been in Putrajaya since May 2013. ONE EASY STEP.

                    Why the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP eschews power in 3 EASY STEPS ? Why the DAP keeps on pouring oil on latent fires ? All these political problems have clear origins which could be traced back to the biggest mischief maker of all surrounded by his humongous military of hired mecenaries.

                    It is too late for these mischief makers. We Malaysians are now wise to troublemakers outside our jurisdiction.

                    1. Shamsul Anuar.

                      Saudara. it is time that all Malaysians realise our beloved Malaysia has had a durable and reliable FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH OPEN CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS as diametrically opposed to the ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED ON ITS CITIZENS BY THE RULER 1959 – 2015 THROUGH HIS APPARATCHIKS.

                      Once all Malaysians and the whole World realise that our Democracy is the one practised by the Western Democracies and the other one is a FAKE, there is no locus standi or place to hide for the DAP.

                      Where are you very rich PKR and the good PAS ? Sleeping with ULTRA COMMUNISTS ?

                      Even the famous guru Mark Mobius of the Templeton Fund confirmed that China and Singapore have a command investment system which is efficient in a recent Bloomberg interview hosted by Angie Lau.

                      Both giant authoritarian States, Russia and China, adopted the Ruler’s Ultra Communistic System. In September 2013, Russia awarded an academic medal to the Ruler with 3 other academics. In 1992, China’s Deng Xiao Peng commented,’ They administer well. But we will do better! ‘

                      All the above are facts. It is the political systems. Stupid DAP !

                    2. Shamsul Anuar. Saudara.

                      Have you noticed that we Malaysians go rushing to see the Constitution at the drop of a hat ?

                      May I invite you to study how the Ruler 1959 – 2015 screwed up the whole Constitution down South with his toxic ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED ON ITS CITIZENS THROUGH HIS APPARATCHIKS and not a single squeak from its citizens.

                      Of course, the Ruler 1959 – 2015 knows and have a good laugh at us good Malaysians. We must focus on our durable and reliable FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS OPEN CHARACTERISTICS TO DISLODGE THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP which is a foreign entity which did nothing but to make sly and mischievous noises only – pouring more oil on latent fires to divide us.

                      They even put on fancy dress to delude the unsuspecting.

      4. Probably this realisation is slowly seeping thru?

        These days when I have d opportunity to gebang2 with the non Malays, I hear their same sigh! Why is this racial rift getting all blown up unnecessarily?

        Dah mula dapat rasa kesan buruk, nak cari makan mula sempit!

        1. RINA,

          Problem with many chinese is that once we criticize them, they tend to accuse us of anti chinese sentiment. just because they so love the anti Malay rhetorics immortalised by DAP, they assume Malays are like that too.

          They simply shut out of any notion and perception by malays that DAP is playing a dangerous racial game. They will twist and turn.

          1. Worse now they enjoy equating our Ibadah to extremism, Sdr Shamsul
            in their hate speech!

            Khutbah .. Muslim extremists
            Those who solat 5 X .. Muslim extremists
            ( apparently survey says only 30% do? )

            Going to Umrah and Hajj? Joining ISIS extremists.

            Actually their acceptance of Trinity doctrine is beyond-redemption-Extremist according to Allah SWT!
            ( Surah at-Taubah, 9: 31 )
            Want to start the extremist game??

            Haji M Zin
            Alor Gajah DPH

            1. Haji Mohd zin,

              This is a comment from a friend of mine “Mereka tak akan berani kata khutbah Jumaat cetuskan extremism kalau tak ada haram jadah dari bangsa Melayu sendiri yg sokong mereka”.

              Now i perfectly understand why Sultan Mahmud of Melaka 500 years ago imposed sula on those slandering then Bendahara.

              1. The apparently jahil Tan Sri and long lost jahil Datuk Paduka will keep their columns in the Star, Sdr Shamsul
                as part of Christian agenda.

                Muslims are however more sensitive and united against their anti-Syariah stand. Non-Muslims support these two columnist at their peril.

                Haji M Zin
                Alor Gajah DPH

                1. Haji Mohd Zin,

                  That is what going to happen when these self appointed speakers for Malays ignore “iman dan takwa”.

                  They represent themselves and nothing more. and there are many more. Some Malay elected politicians choose to contest in “malay pekat” areas . Yet after winning they proudly told the world they do not care who they employ as secretary or entering a church to officiate the launching of a book from an author who has nothing good to say about UMNO.

                  Try asking them to contest in Seputeh. Let us see whether they will win.


                  I pray Cabinet does not waive visa requirements for people from China.

  18. I find the quote by Cantona that you posted at the top of the page most appropriate. That has always been my view. To me there is only one Islam, the one contained in the holy Al Quran and the Sunnah.

    A long, long time ago when I was still finding my way, I thought that Islam was negotiable, but still not as liberal as the malay liberals are now. Then I studied and I learned and I realised that Islam is a choice and it’s my choice. There is no compulsion in Islam. I also realised that there is no fundamental Islam, no liberal Islam and no moderate Islam. If you are not practicing what you are taught to practice, then you’d better gain more knowledge, try harder and improve yourself.

    I am angered by the term “moderate” and “fundamental” and “extremist” when it is attached to Islam because to me Islam is Islam. There is no two ways or three about it.

    1. Eric Cantona further said:

      “This [calling Muslims “moderate”] is a latent provocation, you see? And it’s very dangerous. We don’t have to paint everybody with the same brush. That’s the danger I think.”

      YouTube of his interview, here.

      1. And Cantona is right. As a Malaysian, WCW should know better than other non-Muslims what Islam is all about. Why? Because it is in our constitution, it is who he comes into contact with everyday unless he sits at his desk all day. So for him to write about Islamic extremism in this country as if he counters it on a daily basis is just mischievous.

        What he and all the other dapster-evangelists should learn, especially from the recent Charlie Hebdo killings, is that respecting your fellow citizens is far better than mocking and denigrating and disrespecting them.

        1. Unfortunately the Nest of Evangelistas is perched at the apex of the MCA’s multi-billion ringgit media empire and have vast resources at their command.

          Only People Power – an earthquake from the Malay grassroots – can topple them. I believe this will happen in part in the next general election when the backstabbing MCA will be shown the door by loyal BN voters.

          1. Ms H. Good lady, no one should be afraid of MONEY MONEY MONEY. A single good idea will break the Walls of Jericho and the monkey will fall from their lofty perch ! It is the Creation of Money Without Money !

            1. Okay lah Uncle, since you wanna put it that way. As you’re a moneyed individual, you can carry on the fight against the vast resources of Jerusubang and The J-Star.

                1. Uncle said he was enrolled in Cambridge long, long ago during LKY’s era. A working class Chinese would not have been able to afford a passage to London way back then, much less the living expenses for the duration of his study in England.

                  Uncle also said he’s related to the famous MCA leaders – the old rich family taukes.

                  1. What is This & Ms H. The facts.

                    In 1951, i was in school. My friend who was in the Sutton Boys’ Auxillary Police brought his revolver to the classroom. It went off with a loud bang and the bullet passed through my desk which was in front of him. This really scared me but the scariest episode was the murder of Sir Henry Gurney at Fraser’s Hill.

                    These 2 events really made me study very very hard to get to London. There was no way out but to study and study to get a place at a University of my choice, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge and London. In those days, a term at my University was only Sterling Pounds 90 full board and lecture fees. In London, full board and lodge was only Sterling Pounds 5 a week. It pays to study hard when one is young !

                    1. Uncle Ed, would it be impertinent to ask you to reveal which university you studied in and what you studied there?

                      “Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven” – William Shakespeare

                    2. Chris. I took the entrance examination into the best College at the University of Cambridge and obtained 100 marks in each 4 requisite subject in 9 months. Everyone’s hero was over-aged and went into the bottom-most non-collegiate Fitzwilliam House which does not require Latin, Greek or Modern Languages. He competed against war weary veterans. I was the first Malayan or Siingaporean to gain the Natural Science Tripos Part I in 2 years. I was a victim of World War 2 unlike the hero who spent time reading up on Law during the Japanese Occupation. I had to compete with the very best undergraduates of the United Kingdom, 154 of them, ( all well-versed in the English Language )with what educational facilities provided by my bombed out school with the bombed out teachers in Kuala Lumpur 1946-1951. There were no libraries or labs. I did self study all the way. The Chaplain to the Queen at Windsor Castle was so pleased with my results he recommended me to the best College of which he was the ex-Master and ex-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.

              1. Ms H. The single vital idea is to tell all Malaysians that we practise the FREE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH ITS CAPITALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS diametrically opposed to the ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM AS IMPOSED BY THE RULER 1959 – 2015 THROUGH APPARATCHIKS. Let the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP founded in 1966 by the PAP and its umbilical cord to the PAP declares why they did not tell us what they represent ? This is the vital idea for the 90% Malaysian Chinese who were conned. Do they want the same treatment by the DAP when it comes into power.

                Fact. The Ruler 1959 – 2015 came into power with the Leftist and the Communist. In 1962, our Tunku sent down the most senior Adviser of Anti-Communist Insurgency, Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too to brief the Ruler 1959 – 2015 and the Police Commissioner George Bogaars who did not know what to do. The ‘ Operation Coldstore ‘ was launched. All the Leftists and the Communists were arrested.By 1972, Nantah University and the Chinese vernacular schools were no more.

                Fact. It is alleged that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP supports the return of the remains of Malaya/Malaysia No.1 Enemy. Fact. It is alleged that the DAP supports the Chinese vernacular schools in its present form.

                What say you Ms H?

                1. Well Uncle, the Guan Eng administration in Penang is turning its face to Singapore city as the post-GE14 government-in-waiting’s compass point ‘N’.

                  All your continuous complaints about Singapore will not swerve them (DAP evangelistas) one jot.

                  1. Ms H. I have noted your comments. However, Ms H, our beloved Malaysia is a country of the UNEXPECTED !

                2. Sir, Singapore is no longer relevant to the destiny of Malaysia or Chinese diaspora here. It’s just like a man who have signed a divorce letter with his wife 50 years ago (1965- 2015), most likely he’ll maintain a very distant or zero connection with his ex-wife, bearing irrelevance to each other as time goes by. And I doubt DAP has any “behind the scene plot” with PAP to overtake Malaysia.

                  By the way, have you been to Singapore lately? You know Malaysia and Singapore are two worlds apart now despite being neighbors?

                  1. Lousy Engineer. Why did Singapore spied on the Malaysians. Vide Wikileaks.? Why did the rertreating PAP after their ignominous defeat by the Tunku founded the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 which did nothing for the National Development to this day ? Why did Sngapore inspire the poisoned chalice TPPA for the Malays to drink and become the Red Indians of North America ? They signed and died without a whimper. For the non-Malays a fate worse than death because we have no power to sign ! etc etc. Please LE to understand what is happening today we all have to go back to the beginning of history ! PAP history in 1955.

              2. Ms H. Our people rush to interpret the Constitutiion whenever there is a political problem.

                Fact. The Ruler 1959 – 2015 screwed up the Constitution with his ULTRA COMMUNISTIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEM IMPOSED ON THE CITIZENS IMPLEMENTED BY HIS APPARATCHIKS withou a squeak from the Singaporeans.


                Then, you begin to wonder why the very rich PKR and the good PAS sleep with an Ultra Communist ? Acheh !

                1. Uncle,

                  DAP is hardly “ultra communist” nor even mildly socialist. It is today uber capitalist.

                  Below is Betty Chew’s reportedly Gucci handbag making the rounds in blogosphere. Keeping Madame Prada company.

                  The DAP politicians are GREEDY evangelistas! They’re far from socialists and certainly not communist (which is an atheistic ideology).


                  1. These same Lim Kit Siang people are still championing Chin Peng the Communist who once terrorized Malaysians of all races, but they have now evolved into consumerist capitalists and appear to be picking up momentum in this direction.

                    They epitomize the cosmic Daoist expansion of the Yin principle giving birth to the Yang principle. Actually, they are bonded souls swimming in the periphery of phenomena far from the anchoring of the sage in the center of the swirl of existence.

                    Communists-Capitalists ideologues do not begin to understand the Tai Chi or Universal Symbolism.


                    1. re: “They epitomize the cosmic Daoist expansion of the Yin principle giving birth to the Yang principle.”

                      They epitomize HYPOCRISY.

                    2. Kung, Sir, This is the reason why I compare the history of the Ruler 1959 – 2015 with the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP antics today. It’s the same. No more. No less.

                  2. Ms H. You cannot practise politics without a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. I can only trace the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ancestry back to the Ultra Communistic Political and Social System which is imposed by the Ruler 1959 – 2015. If you still do not understand what I mean, I refer you to the Oxford Dictionary for the word ‘ Dictat…ship.’ if this helps.

                    1. Uncle,

                      re: “I can only trace the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ancestry back to the Ultra Communistic Political and Social System”

                      Singapore is NOT a communist country. She does not uphold a communist doctrine.

                      Singapore ISA-ed her socialist activists/dissidents.

                    2. Ms H. I already mentioned that 2 giant authoritarian Nations, Russia and China adopted the Singapore Ultra Communistic Political and Social Model. In Sept 2013, Russia awarded an academic medal to the Ruler 1959 – 2015 together with 2 other academics. In 1992, China’s Deng Xiao Peng commented, ‘ They administer well. We do better.’ In Russia, the Westerners mocked them as having oligarchs, In China, they have the princelings. In Singapore, the siblings ! Cadres from China have paid visits to Singapore to see how their grassroots work.The 3 countries have authoritarian Governments and a capitalistic command economic system This is confirmed by the famous Guru Mark Mobius who recently said in a Bloomberg interview hosted by Angie Lau,’ China and Singapore have efficient COMMAND investment models.whilst the US model is inefficient because of its democratic checks and balances.’

  19. From US to Israel to Chinese (DAP and MCA) to Christian (kalimah Allah) to Indian (temple in Putrajaya) to Liberals to LGBT to The Star and now K-Pop, what else will be considered a threat to the Muslims in Malaysia? Looks like the list is endless.

    Why no one cite corruption, wastage, high cost of living and low standards of education as the real threats to the Muslims? In fact, these are common threats to all Malaysians.

    1. A distraction is needed to deceive the people both Muslims and non Muslims so all kinds of bogus threats are invented.

      Why it took you so long to understand ?

      But I tell you this man. An even bigger threat is coming. A certain party is planning to table a bill in Parliament come March allowing for the implementation and enforcement of religious laws.

      We are living in the 21st century man and some people, at least people belonging to that party, they think we’re still in the medieval world. Even more despicable is the act of yet another party claiming to be the champions of secular values but is now both discreetly and indiscreetly helping that religious party to further their crazed ideology.

      On the other side, another party, fearing it’s own decline is also playing the same dangerous game of flashing the religious card and it is even agreeable for the first time that they will not object to the religious laws.

      Interesting times indeed. Phantoms. Shadows. The supernatural. All sorts of bogus threats.

    2. Apasal ko termakan sangat dengan ulasan media?
      Ko nak tau apa ancaman sebenar kepada orang Muslim? Kat Semanjung, ko pegi tanya orang Melayu. Ko tengok samada diorang sebut US ke, Israel ke, Cina ke, Kristian ke, LGBT ke, K-Pop ke…

      Sebenarnya, semua orang hadapi tekanan yang sama. Semua orang SEDAR, beb. Rising cost of living. Stagnant wages. Yg lain tu semua habuk je.

      Yang corruption dan wastage pun… siapa yg takut? Mungkin economist je yg takut. Bagi orang lain, bila sebut corruption dan wastage, sebenarnya mereka tak kisah sangat. Complain ada… tapi action takde.

      Sebab takde implikasi terus.

      IMDB bungkus… you lose your job ah? Government contract got cost overrun… you lose money in the bank ah?

      Or put another way, got no corruption, no wastage… boss got give you raise ah?

  20. The Chinese extremists are beginning to play with fire. Why do always they who started?

    Thing thing will never come out in any media!

    From FB Boikot Barangan Cina Dap ORI


    RAWANG: Seorang lelaki telah berjaya diberkas oleh Unit Forensik Polis Di Raja Malaysia hari ini kerana cuba melakukan perbuatan khianat dengan membaling bom petrol ke atas bumbung Surau Assyakirin, Taman Jati Rawang tengahari tadi.

    Tangkapan tersebut disahkan oleh Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar melalui akaun twitternya sebentar tadi. Menurut saksi yang tinggal berhampiran dengan surau tersebut, kejadian tersebut telah berlaku dua kali sejak semalam apabila dikatakan lelaki tersebut telah melempar bom petrol di atas bumbung surau pada pukul 2.45 pagi semalam. […]
    -ketua pengakap-

    1. Mat,

      The licenced media – at least way back when I used to be a reporter – were careful about publishing such stories that could raise race or religious tensions.

      Dr Mashita, Wanita Umno Baling chief and former deputy minister, for example, is being investigated by police for spreading a [false] rumour recently that the Chinese had burned a Quran page by page.

      I was horror-struck when she aired her allegation at the Umno assembly as only a day or two earlier, I had read in the Kedah blogs a statement by MB Mukhriz clarifying that the man under police investigation was a Malay and believed to be not right in the head.

      Anyway, the incident that you cite has been tweeted by our Ketua Polis Negara, so it has already come out publicly. The blogs have already revealed his identity.

      1. Saw a photo of the suspect. He’s been assaulted (evidently by those who nabbed him).

        This is mob justice. Not good.

      1. Let me amend my sentence.

        It’s hard work being a hypocrite but Madame Speaker is making the most diligent effort.

        1. Ms H. There is a Cantonese saying, ‘ Out of 10, 9 are crazy. If he or she is not crazy, he or she is MAD.’

  21. Ms H. It was reported to me that some Chinese admire the book,’ !0 Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew.’ 2014. In fact, this book is the epitome of the screwing up of the Singapore Constitution by the Ruler 1959 – 2015. Why ? All the APPARATCHIKS are lined up cheek by jowl from the ex-President down to the ex-Chief Justice to write fawningly about their Boss. First, where is the separation of Executive, Legislative and Judiciary powers ? Second, in one volume, the secret of how the Ultra Communistic System is applied – through the application of the finest drawn up laws ever. Third, there is no room for humanity or multiculturalism in this Festschrift. Hence, this book should be The World’s Best Manual To Screw up any Constitution.

    1. Ms H. As I said before, the Ruler 1959 – 2015 had at least 28 Policy failures. The worst was of course his Ultra Communistic Phiosophy which he imposed on the citizens by his Apparatchiks. This is the Political System of the tiny Republic of Singapore. But his 2 Child Family Policy of 1970s to 1980s was just as bad.

      Abortions and sterilizations were carried out freely. This Policy was applied on a tiny population of 1.6 millions of productive adults. 300,000 of his supporters emigrated. From 100% indigenous population in 1959, the Ruler effectively screwed down this to 62% by 2012. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2012.

      Fact. Dr Alfred Winsemius, the Dutch UN economic Adviser to the Singapore Government 1961 – 1984 drew up the infra-structural Plan for Singapore which we can see today-the glittering buildings, etc. Dr Winsemius is seldom mentioned because he is the real builder of 20th Century Singapore.

      Fact. The Ruler 1959 – 2015 was tasked to develop the Human Resources of which he screwed down to 62% of the original indigenous population. And now, foreign manual workers and billionaires are imported to boost the GDP !

      1. Older educated Singaporeans have always known Dr. Winsemius and Dr. Goh Keng Swee to be the architects of Singapore’s progress but LKY looms large on the stage of political rivalry. Dr. Toh Chin Chye was very much against LKY’s move to extract the funds for public health care (Medisave) from the citizen’s own retirement funds which is like the EPF here – not to mention the super expensive public Housing Development Board flats which is also drawn from the personal CPF account.
        Although Singaporeans now live in a so-called first world country the majority live under considerable duress.

        1. Chris. I respect and admire you for your objective thinking and first class observation. I am sure you are like me and hope all become NORMAL and friends once again in this wonderful region of us called ASEAN ! If only the Ruler 1959 – 2015 was NORMAL, and not a megalomaniac, Singapore and the Singaporeans would have become WORLD CLASS unlike now, all with ambivalent feelings and emotions.

          1. Thanks Uncle,
            I remember Jesus taught: “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his very own soul?”

            1. Chris. I am sure you got an ‘A’ for Scriptures at school. I did. I know the subject and its adherents well.

              I recommend you and Ms H to read the following books to dovetail with my comments here on the Ruler 1959-2015.

              1). Book. ’10 Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew.’. 2014, in which all the Apparatchiks, from the ex-President thro’ the ex-Chief Justice wrote fawningly to their Boss. Where is the separation of Executive, Legislative, Judiciary powers in the Ruler’s Singapore 1959 – 2015.?

              2) Book ,’ Malaysia-Singapore, 50 years of Contention 1965-2015.’ by Tan Sri Kadir Mohamad..

              It is imperative for all Malaysians and Singaporeans to know the true and factual picture of these 2 unique countries and their fine peoples. No silly abang adek or brainwashing anymore !

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