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Porky Fries method of resolving Chinese school dispute


“Who cares if they can speak Malay or not?? As long as they are smarter than the Malay students and teachers in sekolah kebangsaan!! And please get the Malays to learn English. Their English is worse than the Bangladeshis!!”


Aaah, the conundrum of confusing Chinese dishes.

One commenter Hamdan @ 2014/09/18 at 8:16 pm wanted to know “ini pork yang digoreng macam french fries atau french fries yang diberi perisa pork?”


porkee fries

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Try the Porky Fries

The BKT-surau addict

splitSome Yahudi Yeohs insist that Bak Kut Teh, or for short BKT, is chicken or “organic vegetarian”.

Like everyone acknowledges, the Chinese diaspora can be very innovative with food and other things.

The DAP evangelista politician will happily tuck into Bak Kut Teh on Raya morning – better hope she didn’t make any visits to the surau thereafter – and then tweet photos of Rendang and Ketupat.

Talk about Two Face.

Hannah dry bkt

Hannah Yeoh rendang

Change is nothing confusing

Just like how Yahudi Yeohs UBAH Bak Kut Teh to become organic vegetarian, and evangelistas transmogrify kalimah ‘Allah’ into their trinitarian Godhead, similarly the Firsters can transformasi our country into their own image.

This is the case with Chinese schools and the national language.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia Hannah Yeoh declares: “Don’t confuse language with race. Championing vernacular school does not mean one is racist. There are Malay and Indian students opting for SRJK(C).”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Don't confuse language with race

Recipe to turn Bak Kut Teh organic vegetarian

Below is the “cooking method” to explain why the most patriotic Malaysian Firsters don’t speak the country’s national language and are against national school.

The comments screenshot below are in reaction to a recent article (Oct 26) by Utusan editor Ku Seman Ku Hussain. They are all taken from Malaysiakini reader responses @

The Hannah Yeoh argument that “Malay and Indian students are in Chinese school too” is very popular.

One Malaysiakini reader ‘Dont just talk‘ asks “the ignorant Ku Seman” to drop by a Chinese school to see how many Malay and Indian pupils are enrolled in SRJK(C).

Ku Seman ostrich

How to ‘cook’

(1) Skin the messenger

Slap a derogatory nickname “Ku Sampah” on the writer Ku Seman.

Call him “ignorant” and “bodoh”. Also say that he is “a typical ostrich who hides his head in the sand”.

Diss Umno Malays as “a lazy lot” and claim that this is a fact that has been confirmed by “many studies”. (Be thankful that if you’re a PKR or PAS Malay, you’re not grouped together with the lazy “Bumnos”.)

Malays Lazy

(2) Rubbish the publication

Allege that the “a. Editor is paid to split the country”.

Urge that the Utusan writer should be completely ignored because “this guy does not deserve our respect”.

Next, label Utusan staff as “slimy filthy worms”.

They are merely following Leadership By Example as their Jerusubang icon had already said the racist Utusan is only selling lies daily.

Utusan Divide Rakyat

Utusan Slimy Worm

Twitter - hannahyeoh- I only have to look at Utusan ... 2013-12-12 00-10-25


(3) Belittle the importance of BM

Extol how widely Mandarin is used. Stress on the importance of English.

Explain how Mandarin and English “hold the future for the nation’s economic progress”.

Chinese language comes from a 6,000-year old civilization. Tell the Perkasa people in their face, “Why should we learn something that is not the best?”

Maka memang takde masalah kalau Bahasa Malaysia dipandang sepi.

BM not important


(4) Who needs to follow convention anyway?

Ethnic Chinese in Thailand speak Thai, ethnic Chinese in Indonesia speak bahasa Indonesia and ethnic Chinese in the Philippines speak Tagalog.

But bahasa Melayu is limited and can only be used in Malaysia and Indonesia – see comment by ‘Huan Tui Tong‘ screenshot below. “So proud of it [BM]?”

Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia do not need to speak bahasa Melayu because our prime minister Ah Jib Gor is encouraging everyone to learn Mandarin.


(5) Apa lagi Utusan mahu?

“the Chinese from Generation X and Y normally … can speak fluent Malay” (see below), so what is the “Umno mouthpiece” yammering on about?

In any case, “some of the non Malays can speak very good bahasa Malaysia [better] than some Malays”.

And furthermore there are Chinese students whose bahasa Melayu is better than the native Malay’s, don’t you know?

Chinese better than Malays


Chinese Speak Better BM

 (6) Why don’t Malays ikut Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan?

Ah Jib Gor’s family members can speak fluent Mandarin.

Yet we “hardly come across many Malays who can speak the languages/dialects of fellow non-Malay Malaysians”.

There’s this Pak Haji trader in the wet market who deals with Chinese customers but after 20 years, he still can’t speak more than a few words of Cantonese.

So the problem is really with the Malays who can’t speak Chinese (or Tamil) rather than with the Chinese who can’t speak the national language. Please get your priorities right, okay?!

Haji Speak Cantonese

(7) It’s not the Chinese who must learn BM, it’s the Malays who must learn English

And the clincher is to turn the table on the complainants.

The perfect Firster riposte:

“Who cares if they can speak Malay or not?? As long as they are smarter than the Malay students and teachers in sekolah kebangsaan!! And please get the Malays to learn English. Their English is worse than the Bangladeshis!!”

Listed above are 7 easy steps on how to win the vernacular school argument, employing the same method as turning Bak Kut Teh into an organic vegetarian dish.

Malays learn English



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27 thoughts on “Porky Fries method of resolving Chinese school dispute

  1. Elok la teruskn. One new outlet few door for with a huge recruitment advert across its premis. All in English but when it comes to salary commissions and perks in Mandarin. Kami faham2 la.

    Two weeks sekok Melayu pon tak masuk kedai depa. And this area purchasing power I should say 95% are Malays. Hmmm nampak gaya give 6months bungkus la.. Malays are very critical these days..

    Tak payah dok tembak sangat the Chinese schools teachers etc are better than National school teachers.. Fantasy aje.. Kelentong lebih. My siblings n anak2 sedara fro SJKC.

    I read some article in China dulu merchants are considered the lowest rank (Temban kata class) in their society. Tak perlu guna otak, tunggu barang sampai, susun atas rak dan nganga tunggu pelanggan beli. Tapi kena cerdik pusing2 kelentong harga.

    My Apek neighbours all kids fm SJKC. Masuk bersaing PMR and SPM dengan Melayu.. results anak2 depa pun segan nak beritau. Hantar meghata pi tiusyen tu pon cannot catch up wan. Rahsia? Disciplin? Nothing to be so eksyen about ma..

    1. ‘My Apek neighbours all kids fm SJKC. Masuk bersaing PMR and SPM dengan Melayu.. results anak2 depa pun segan nak beritau. Hantar meghata pi tiusyen tu pon cannot catch up wan. Rahsia? Disciplin? Nothing to be so eksyen about ma..’

      Kalau asal-usul Melayu pun depa nak kelentong, kata pendatang, apatah lagi benda lain, memang kaki kencing betoi!

      I-Tsing ngan Atissa pun belajar bahasa Melayu nak faham buddha, hampa sepatah haram tak faham macam mana nak faham dharma?!

  2. So indirectly they are saying that Malay race, language and history is generally inferior to them lah, so what for mahu belajar or guna BM. Still Melayu2 (diketuai oleh Ajib! Go!) kat atas tu buta kah or saja tak mau sedar kah or apa?

  3. so hypocrite for the Chinese who always claim that they are Malaysian First when it comes to Bumiputra status issue.

    The Malays, Orang Asli, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus, Bajau, Sikh, Siamese, Portuguese, etc don’t have their own Verrnacular School and their kids have to go to National School.

    The Chinese who won’t accept to assimilate into the local culture even now refuse to learn and speak national language.

    Then Why on earth they self-claim that they are Malaysian First compared to others?

    Sometimes I always thought that some of our Malaysian are visitors from PR China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. what’s the differences? they can’t speak national language at all!

    1. Eddy,

      Wise men says do not get mad, get even.

      Nowadays when I come across Chinese(malaysians) who are unable to converse in Bahasa Melayu, I will ask them whether they are Immigrants?

      I once said to my Chinese neighbour who said in broken malay that she does not understand Bahasa Melayu that she would better “berambus”.

      One thing that I learn that these species only know and understand “firmness’.

  4. If I were to go to a non-halal restaurant and asked for halal food as my right for equal treatment as a Malaysian citizen. The refusal of the establishment to serve me halal food is a clear violation of my right and can be labeled as racist and apartheid.

        1. Can you please clarify brother how it is your right to demand halal food at a clearly stated non-halal restaurant? It’s like saying “who cares if the national language is Bahasa Malaysia. I’m a Malaysian who speaks only Chinese and I think I’m smarter than a lot of you guys.”

          There’s no logical relationship between one’s claim to superior intelligence and the fact that one is obliged as a citizen of Malaysia to learn and utilize the majoritarian language – Bahasa Malaysia – and to be a loyal to this country.

  5. I had a horror in my life at Tugu Negara this month when a big group of chinese posing in front of jawi written Kerajaan Malaysia Tiger Logo then the tugu negara..

    i thought r these chinese buang tabiat ka? patriotic..dont steroetype me for thinking like that because

    chinese as majority would be ashamed to pose anything to do with patriotism..the reason is yourself make this condemn malay and the language and hell we never trust you..sorry aa.

    so about the group of chinese, they are actually PRC citizen..they look so proud posing at the Tiger logo which i doubt any malaysian would do so..not in a million years..

    1. ‘chinese as majority would be ashamed to pose anything to do with patriotism..’

      Agrees, Tan Keng Liang is a minority indeed. Hope this wouldn’t be the last for him.

      ‘“Foreign parties should respect Malaysian laws. Sodomy may not be a crime in your country, but it is a crime in our country. Mind your own business,” said Tan on his official Twitter account, @tankengliang.’

      1. MPs must sing NEGARAKU everytime before the day’s session starts in PARLIAMENT.

        TV crews will video tape and highlight those MPs who failed to sing the NEGARAKU or those who cannot sing the NEGARAKU.
        Let them prove that they are truly MALAYSIANS who love their country.

        and the RAKYAT will know who the real HYPOCRITES are.

  6. Who cares as long as they are smarter than the Malays has cost lots of money worst than a begger intellectual poor the so call Talents Corp elude escapism stem of moderates

  7. ‘……..Chinese language comes from a 6,000-year old civilization. Tell the Perkasa people in their face, “Why should we learn something that is not the best?”……..’

    Jadi bahasa Cina berasal daripada tamadun berusia 6000!

    So what?

    Apa maknanya mempunyai bahasa yang telah ‘tua’ usianya tetapi masih belum menjadi bahasa dominant seperti bahasa Inggeris di peringkat global? Setakat masih menjadi ‘juara kampung’ tak usahlah hendak gah sangat!

    Seperti komen saya dalam tulisan Helen, ‘Lee Kuan Yew and his diciples vs the Tun’, saya telah menghuraikan bahawa golongan Deutero Malay, asal keturunan Melayu Malaysia telah berjaya mendesak golongan Negritos, Senoi dan proto – Malay berpindah kediaman sehingga ke bahagian tengah Tanah Melayu.

    Kejadian ini berlaku kira kira 300 BC . Agak agaknya sudah berapa ribu tahun berlaku peristiwa ini?

    Sudah tentu kewujudan Deutero- Malay lebih lama dari itu!
    Mereka juga tentu mempunyai bahasa komunikasi sesama mereka. Bahasa apakah agaknya yang mereka gunakan. Minta Cinbeng biaDAP memikirkannya!

    Sedarlah bahawa bahasa Melayu/rumpun Melayu juga telah wujud beribu ribu tahun dahulu!

    Bahasa Melayu flexsibal dan mudah menerima pemodenan. Asalnya menggunakan tulisan Melayu kuno, kemudian menerima tulisan Jawi dan akhirnaya tulisan rumi.

    Tolonglah Cinabeng biaDAP janganlah jadi ‘ego centric’ dan bersikap seperti katak bawah tempurung!

    ‘…….“Why should we learn something that is not the best?”……..

    Kata kata ini membuktikan Cinabeng biaDAP adalah golongan paling sombong malah boleh juga dikatakan paling bodoh!

    Adakah maksud ayat di atas merujuk kepada bahasa Melayu?

    ‘ Of course’ kamu kena belajar bahasa Melayu kerana kamu tinggal di Tanah Melayu aka Malaysia. Negara ini asal usulnya milik orang Melayu!.

    Sama ada kamu anggap ‘the best’ atau tidak, sebagai orang yang menumpang mulanya, kamu wajib menguasai bahasa tuan rumah! Apa tah lagi kemudian diberi taraf warganegara!

    Sekiranya enggan berbuat demikian ikutlah Alvin Tan, Ali dan beberapa manusia lagi, berhijrah ke negara negara lain, kalau mereka sudi menerima kamu!.

    “Don’t ever come back. Malaysia is a better place to live without your kind of people’

    Kamu perlu sedar bahawa pendidikan itu berlaku di sepanjang hayat. Setiap masa kita belajar. Malah kadang kala kita mungkin belajar sesuatu dari orang yang kita anggap bodoh atau mungkin dari seorang kanak kanak!

    Kalau kamu tidak sedar fakta tersebut, maka kamu termasuk golongan orang yang rugi!

    1. Majority yg landed here during the Omputih time sepatah Mandarin pun taktau ma.. kecuali those who came from Beijing/Peking dari golongan bangsawan atau cerdikiawan. Even today yg mana tatak gi SJKC tercunggap2 tak faham apatah lagi nak tulis dalam bahasa Mandarin.

      Toknek depa dNegara ibunda sendiri bukan Mandarin speakers pon. Macam Tembam kata, class mereka dulu tak layak guna Mandarin. Mandarin is a new language for majority of them. Mai sini aje mula belajar, tu pun Malaysian Mandarin.

      Mandarin menjadi bahasa untuk menyatukan berbilang bahasa2 cina mereka disini – spt Cantonese, Khek, Hokien dan lain2. Tau tak even among them today yang non Mandarin speakers they don’t understand how to communicate fluently with one another? Even among cantonese speakers loghat from one district to another tak seragam, nak berkomunikasi pun kena pedo2 juga. Macam oghang Kedah sebut nyioq, for kelapa.. kalau tak biasa dengar memang taktau.

      Bukan nak menyatukan kita semua rakyat di Negara ini dengan mengguna dan berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia. Bahasa komunikasa mereka dengan majorities here is $$$$$, that ia all they are interested in. You don’t give them $$$$$ mampuih they nak tegur kamu.

      Malaysian Malaysia merepet la.. Malaysian Chinese memang tepat sekali. Kelentong aje lebih.

  8. This porky fries cry is also very similar to the “corruption” screams one hears all the time coming from the Pakatoons esp Dapster leaders.

    Imagine the poor Malays pouring millions to corrupt the Malays? Pemberi dan penerima rasuah Melayu sama Melayu? Eh eh my sentence tak masuk akal betoi. Muahahaha

  9. ”Sebab itu saya KJ.”

    Kritik dicabar menyatakan pendirian Pemuda UMNO berkenaan dengan komen AG terhadap Ibrahim Ali.

    ‘Eloklah KJ lebih baik jaga kementeriannya elok-elok dari sibuk dengan isu ini. Jangan nak jadi hero pada semua isu. Jangan buat kenyataan bodoh nanti orang Melayu semakin membenci kepada UMNO. Atau sememangnya itu yang KJ mahukan?’

    Irwan Fahmi Ideris
    Ketua Wira Perkasa Malaysia

    1. I read the comment by PERKASA on KJ. I believe there is truth in it. He seems to enjoy ZUMBA ZUMBA rather than tending to Malay issues.


  10. Apa kata kita tutup aje sekolah nasional? Kita hantar semua budak Melayu and India gi sekolah Cina? Non-Chinese kan ada the numbers. We should just flood the Chinese schools. After a few years I’m sure we will have only one type of schools.

    The Chinese can’t complain coz they do say that the Chinese schools are open for all. If they object, it merely confirms that they are racists (as we all know they are).

    1. Once our Chinese fellowmen integrate their curriculum to national mainstream, my guess is that they will become even more popular among the Malay and Indian students. That will be healthy competition for the other Sekolah Kebangsaan schools, and this state of affairs can only raise educational standards all around for Negara Malaysia.

  11. Entahla apa nak cakap lagi. We have some foreigners so excited whenever we happen to meet them in their countries – greeted us in Fluent Bahasa Malaysia lagi.

    I was at Lake Hakone when excited Japanese unkers asked me “Melayu?”, macam2 tanya nak tau perkembangan Malaysia, siap minta bergambar lagi! Cakap petah dalam Bahasa Melayu!

    Window shopping in Hongkong, one shopkeeper noticed my kurung probably and “selamat datang! Jemput masuk tengok2”, nak sangat show us they too can speak Malay.

    Angkor Wat, restaurant kat situ signboard terpampang tulis, “makanan halal daging lembu naik bukit’, the dish actually is their local dish.. Sembang2 in fluent BM lagi, so happy to see Malay Malaysian faces. Laos also the same, Jasmin Indian restaurant ‘experience the best of Indian and Malay food.

    Depa2 ni pernah tinggal dMalaysia, one of the Angkor Wat boy lived in Malaysia for only 4yrs tapi gitu fasih dalam Bahasa Melayu?

    Pelik dan memalukan ada rakyat nak sangat mengaku Malaysian Malaysia tapi tak tau berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa kebangsaan sendiri!

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