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Anwar’s legacy: Empowering the evangelistas

If Anwar Ibrahim is sent to Kajang prison, will his wife finally begin to visit her Kajang constituency more often?

Wan Azizah has been Kajang Adun for 7 months, 5 days already. What has she done for the area? 

Are the Pakatan voters happy with having a representative who does not concentrate on serving the PKR ward but is instead distracted by her husband’s many problems?

Wan Azizah one step closer to

“One step closer to Putrajaya”

Hannah Yeoh retweeted that Wan Azizah’s win in Kajang takes Pakatan one step closer to Putrajaya.

Hannah is in full support of Anwar’s politics be it the Kajang Move or Sept 16.

WanAzizan Hannah Victory

Hannah is one of a piece with Anwar

Hannah is perfectly alright with Lim Chin Cheh making way for Anwar / Azizah to take over his Kajang seat. She was equally at ease with the Bota Adun Nasarudin Hashim’s defection on 25 Jan 2009 too.

She had justified Nasarudin’s defection from Umno Perak to PKR as kosher and insisted that there was nothing wrong for Pakatan, which was the state government at that time, to accept him.

HannahhandThere was no moral compunction, she further rationalized, for Pakatan to compel a by-election since the frogging Adun’s Bota seat was won on an Umno ticket.

Hannah’s disingenuous explanation :

“His defection was that of an opposition lawmaker to a governing lawmaker. His defection did not alter the balance of power in the State Assembly. Pakatan Rakyat remained as government, and BN as opposition. Status quo. Logically and intelligently, anyone can safely assume that Pakatan Rakyat didn’t need a defection from BN.”

She argued: “[Nasarudin] defected on his own accord and on his own will. There was no need for Pakatan Rakyat to force him to vacate his seat as he did not win the seat on a Pakatan ticket.”

So there you have it. The porky politics practised by the Lamb of God.

Mind you, Hannah is Haris Ibrahim’s paragon of virtue whom he praised as holding a “principled position on important national issues”.

Haris also lauded Hannah’s “strong religious convictions that guide her actions”.


While Khalid was sleeping, PKR and DAP stabbed him in the back

No nepotism, no cronyism in PKR

They got rid of Khalid Ibrahim.

After a messy skirmish, Khalid’s nemesis Azmin Ali was installed as MB. Wan Azizah is left warming her Kajang DUN.

Anwar lost this one. But the DAP retain their Speaker and three exco allocation. So far the DAP’s fortunes have been on the up and up whereas that of PAS has suffered and PKR’s is mixed.

Azmin taking his oath of office. The double-chinned Madame Speaker is on his left

Azmin angkat sumpah

DAP propelled to No.2 power behind Umno

Anwar schemed to become PM but he failed.

What he succeeded was in empowering the DAP. Never in the party’s history had DAP ever reached the dizzy height of becoming the second power in the Dewan.

DAP won 38 Parliament seats and Umno 88 in the last general election. But DAP behaves as if it is the one with 88 MPs and constantly derides Umno as leading a “minority government”.

BELOW: Yang Berhormats representing DAP in Parliament and DUNs

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Evidence against Pakatan is pooh-poohed

Anwar was the ‘cleric’ who blessed the unholy matrimony between DAP the evangelical party and PAS the Islamist party.

If Anwar goes to jail, the evangelical DAP and the Islamist PAS will lose their marriage counselor.

It is popularly said that DAP and PAS share very little commonalities. Actually, the two parties have more in common than you realise. Both trade on religion in their politics. And the two of them have an identical ‘In Denial’ Syndrome.

Take for example, the sex tape of a man who looks like Anwar Ibrahim with a China Doll.

DAP and PAS leaders pretend not to credit the evidence while their diehard followers refuse to believe that their prime minister in-waiting could be tainted.


Wild accusations against BN are believed

When wholly unsubstantiated charges are levelled against the BN, Dapsters take it as gospel truth (pun intended).

Evidence: Sex tape of a man who looks like PAS’s Mustafa Ali with an attractive young woman – they don’t believe

Evidence: Sex photos of a man who looks like PKR’s Azmin Ali in the bathroom with a Malay young woman – they don’t believe

Evidence: Intimate photos of a man who looks like DAP’s Zairil Khir Johari and a woman who looks like Dyana Sofya – they don’t believe

They swear all of the above are forgeries by Umno superduper cybertroopers. At the same time however, they deny that the Red Bean Army even exists.

Hannah Purple Hand

Odikal — Otak Di Kepala Lulut

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is how much the opposition leader likes to lie!” Najib Razak told his party assembly on 5 Dec 2013.

Najib was referring to Anwar’s claim about Bangladeshi phantom voters. The Umno president aired, for the viewing of Umno delegates, a one-minute video showing footage of Anwar initiating the rumour.

Hannah Yeoh has learned well from Anwar. The Jerusubang Adun tweeted: “Very worried BN will send phantom voters out”.

hannahyeoh Very worried BN will send phantom

Fitnah dan Yahudi Yeoh tiada berpisah

Do you remember how the opposition succeeded in spreading the belief that GE13 would be “the dirtiest election ever”?

One of the stories going around was that a busload of foreign workers were caught trying to cast their vote in USJ 1, Subang Jaya. It is a premise that defies logic.

Odikal betul! Anybody with half a brain would have known that Hannah Yeoh was the incumbent anticipated to win by a landslide. In 2008 (GE12), she had already managed to notch an unassailable majority of 23,459 votes.

Menteri Besar is ousted; Mem Besar the first one to congratulate Azmin


What kind of people are they?

Recall that Jerusubangites can see the Mother of God in a smudged hospital window.

In GE13, Hannah garnered 40,366 votes, giving her a whopping majority of 28,069. Whatever would have been the point of bussing, say 44 Bangladeshis, to go vote in Subang Jaya which has 61,688 voters? The “pengundi hantu” wouldn’t have made a little dent on the inevitable outcome.

Just for argument’s sake – that is if you insist on believing in the existence of Bangladeshi voters – then logically, they should have been sent to a constituency which is forecast to be a close call. At least over there, they might help to tilt the result in Umno’s favour. Why waste phantom votes in Subang Jaya – a sure lose-seat contested by the MCA?

Pakatoons lack critical thinking.

The propensity of Jerusubang sheeple to swallow preposterous lies is an indication that the flock is perpetually hysterical. This kind of deranged hysteria is dangerous.

The J-Star diligently promoted Black 505 gatherings to protest the alleged cheating that plagued GE13

PAS allowed the evangelistas to infiltrate the mosques

The link between The EvangeliSTAR and the DAP is clear from the one-trackness of their mutual aims and approach.

Below is Hannah Yeoh’s latest on Racism. It is in the same tone as The J-Star and Hannah sounds like one of Wong Chun Wai’s Moderation posse.

The evangelistas’ star would not be shining so brightly today if not for the PAS Malays giving them a plank to step on.

Yahudi Yeohs are emboldened because they think they now have Malay support. They can thank Anwar for enabling their advance.

Hannah Anwar Racism


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37 thoughts on “Anwar’s legacy: Empowering the evangelistas

  1. Anwar trades for political profit, in the misgivings of men and their personal weaknesses, even as he bears his delinquent libido.

  2. Agaknya kalo Tembam convert into Islam and has the opportunity to perform her Umrah or Haj, tiba saja kat airport silap2 may die of shock?

    ,…….some two million people from across Saudi Arabia and throughout the world heading, as if pulled by a magnet, to one single spot on Earth. As has happened every year for 14 centuries, Muslim pilgrims gather in Makkah.

    The pilgrim begins to shed his identity as he stands amidst a sea of people in Ihram, the two seamless pieces of white cotton that men wear and the simple, generally white, attire that women wear. Here no one can tell a person’s social or economic status, or his national origin based on the clothes he wears. Suddenly the pilgrim is simply, and above all else, a Muslim. These faces represent almost every race or nationality on Earth…..

    Kalau depa dok membebel Melayu Islam are racist, memang kepala otak mereka sewel.

    1. re: “depa dok membebel Melayu Islam are racist”

      Mereka evangelista.

      Di Singapura, penganut-penganut Hindu dan Buddha pun sudah naik meradang pada puak Kristian evangelis ini.

      1. Betul tu Kak Helen, my friends across the causeway did mentioned something like that. They cannot stand the evangelists sort of “in-your-face” sermons, or sometime rather insensitive statements like “why worship idols” etc.

        The funny thing is even among these evangelists who belong to different churches/groups, they can be quite mean to each other. Why so kiasu one?

        1. re: “they can be quite mean to each other. Why so kiasu one?”

          It’s the only language they speak.

        2. Well, Pwincess – in Singapore, its a secular government.

          Which means no official religion, no favourites….well, you get my drift.

          So, there’s the ongoing CHC case there. Which, let’s be clear, is about alleged criminal wrongdoing. Not in-your-face evangelistas.

          And now there are reports of the alleged wealth of Pastor Joseph Prince of the New Creation Church in Singapore. Just reports, mind you.

          But, generally, in Singapore, the major religions are respectful of each other. Nobody there threatens to burn Bibles, for instance!

          And mission schools flourish in Singapore. Parents of different religions have no apprehensions or qualms of sending their kids to these schools.

  3. BTW, here’s Hannah’s gift for all Malaysians – her life story with full colour pictures of her for a mere Rm25 (now with 20% discount).

    Is it interesting to see the description of Hannah by the Senior Pastor of DUMC. There are multiple conclusions can be drawn from here. Could it be that these evangelists churches bankrolling such devout Christian Evangelista icons to spread the word of the Church and take Malaysia for Jesus ?


    “Outlined here is clarity, simplicity, commitment and sacrifice of an exemplary Malaysian, a Christian who seeks to fight with her deep faith, impeccable character and profound courage to secure, by God’s strength and with much prayer, a better future for all Malaysians. There is great hope for Malaysia if many more Hannahs could be replicated in politics.”

    Dr. Daniel Ho
    Senior Pastor, DUMC, Petaling Jaya

    1. Her book was co-written with Deborah Loh, formerly of The Nut Graph, I believe.

      The Christians control the English language media in Malaysia.

      1. Deborah Loh ( was an assistant news producer for the English News bulletin at ntv7 for two years before joining the New Straits Times. During her nine-year stint at the daily, she reported on general news and for the last four years was based in Putrajaya covering government and national affairs. She has a B.A. in Mass Communication from Goshen College, Indiana, USA. Her column Sideways used to run fortnightly in The Nut Graph. She was assistant news editor at The Nut Graph until August 2010 and remains a member of the collective that is maintaining the site.

  4. Her book is published by SIRD which is basically DAP’s front company for publishing all kind propaganda and PR materials in the guise of independent publication. I wonder if they disclose their source of their funding.

    Strategic Information and Research Development Center, better known as SIRD, is an independent scholarly publishing house in Malaysia. We cater predominantly to the needs of academics; and occasionally, to a wider audience of activists and policy-makers. We are working towards expanding links between Malaysian and regional/international publishers with the aim of making non-mainstream writers more accessible to a local/international audience and vice-versa

  5. Buku panduan untuk lulus school of democracy DAP tops of the world untuk pengtahuan semua begini mudah dan senang memahami untuk memilih kerajaan bagi PRU 14 nanti…UMNO ada faham ka…

  6. Melayu dah pecah.
    PAS pun menyumbang ke arah ni.
    Tapi tak ada untung bagi Melayu dalam Pakatan.
    Anwar masuk penjara(mungkin), PAS pulak dirosakkan dan dikecam oleh rakan mereka sendiri dalam PKR dan DAP.
    Yang hairannya, mereka, Melayu dalam Pakatan Rakyat tak ada rasa dipergunakan langsung.

    Tambahan lagi BN bukan setakat mengecewakan orang yang mengundi mereka, malah lebih cuba mengambil hati golongan yang terang-terang nak menjatuhkan mereka.

    Tapi setakat ni bagus lagilah. Media pro Pakatan selalu nak menimbulkan imej Melayu terutamanya penyokong establishment sebagai ganas dan opresif, tapi sebenarnya yang terlihat pada saya puak pro Pakatan yang dalam diam subversif dan provokatif dari berbagai cara, ekonomi, sosio media, agama dan sebagainya, cukup ajaib masih belum ada rusuhan dan keganasan yang signifikan lagi.

    Sebenarnya saya risau. Setelah berbagai cara tapi tak berhasil tak mustahil mereka berlanjut kepada cara lebih extreme dan keras, tapi pada masa yang sama menyalahkan orang lain. Menyalahkan orang lain memang kepakaran mereka dari dulu lagi.

    Apa yang mereka tuduh orang lain, yang itulah mereka buat.
    Apa yang mereka uar-uarkan, yang itulah jauh dari amalan mereka.

    1. re: “cukup ajaib masih belum ada rusuhan dan keganasan yang signifikan lagi”

      Orang Melayu kuat iman. Sebab tu mampu banyak bersabar.

      1. Sabar, atau pasrah?

        Tambahan lagi, tekanan berterusan kalau dibiarkan lambat laun berkemungkinan meledak atau dilampiaskan ke tempat yang tak patut.

        Tak ramai orang sanggup dan ada kebolehan ke depan mempertahankan dan mengkritik dengan hujah seperti orang-orang ISMA, misalnya. Saya tak boleh. Tapi hakikatnya mereka dari ISMA tetap diremehkan, ditolak ke tepi, dan senang-senangnya dilabelkan extremist, bigot, racist dan sebagainya oleh lawan mereka. UMNO pun tak boleh harap nak tolong. Langsung.

        Walhal, puak-puak pro Pakatan, boleh ke turun ke jalan, mengganggu ramai, memfitnah, menuntut pemimpin mereka dibebaskan begitu saja, tapi masih boleh mendabik dada seolah mereka pejuang yang benar, lepas tu orang-orang DAP pun bersorak dibelakang.

        Dalam blog ni dah banyak ditonjolkan kejahatan dan kelicikan mereka ni, pada masa sama mereka terus mengaku wira dan kononnya nak menjatuhkan kerajaan sekarang yang jahat macam firaun, membunuh, menindas, incompetent, corrupt dan sebagainya.

        Saya selalu baca blog ni, dah bertahun dah, tapi selalunya malas nak komen. Sakit hati macam-mana pun, rasa macam tak boleh buat apa juga.

      2. Biasala Cik Helen, new brooms..

        Semua baru UBAH macam slthe J-star fella quote “baru keluar dari cocoon. Tengah berahi dan bersemangat just converted baru nak kenal Tuhan mereka. Elokla tu kalau demi kemajuan dan kebaikan diri dan keluarga.

        Tapi jangan pula masih berjalan macam ketam dah nak ajar orang berjalan straight ya..

  7. Dear helen,
    its very seldom that you write abt anwar.amazing how he alone can create chaos and wreck havoc to our beloved
    country just by
    ‘marrying off’ pas
    and dap,the
    siamese twins
    who fools people using religion.i
    pray that anwar
    will settle down in
    istana kajang or
    sg besi for
    good.he has
    created too much
    trouble for
    msians.pas is
    licking its wounds
    whilst dap esp tokong is at its
    peak.fitnah is their daily porky fries.

    1. Anti KJ,

      Actually DAP too hates Anwar. Anwar must be dreaming if he thinks that he will be the PM if PR wins the election.

      As much as he thinks too highly of himself, Anwar often ignores the most important of all equations:that to get to power he must get the lion share of the biggest racial group, the Malays.

      But anwar is useful to DAP. Anwar manages to split the malay votes.

  8. Helen
    I was in Taman Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru lately.
    Was surprised to find that most young Chinese in the area carry Christian names before their Chinese names eg Vicky, Desmond, Raymond, Marcus etc etc.
    Just wonder whether they are the evangelistas or the product of the evangelistas…. Your comment pl.

    1. ‘Was surprised to find that most young Chinese in the area carry Christian names before their Chinese names eg Vicky, Desmond, Raymond, Marcus etc etc.’

      Fresh Off the Boat, kisah pendatang DC…memang kelakar [YouTube]

  9. Kak Helen
    Did you miss Miss Mulan?

    When she is in Hong Kong and she just came back from shopping at ladies market… After going through the protestors on Nathan Road.

    Strong evangelista presence.

    Miss Mulan saw pastor and congregation praying in the middle of the road.

    The shopkeepers were complaining how much business they lost.

    One protestor even more an Israeli flag t shirt.

  10. “‘There is great hope for Malaysia if many more Hannahs could be replicated in politics.””

    Can someone tell Pastor Dr. Daniel Ho to take his head out of his pants !!!

    1. Ya, like at Nathan Road Hong Kong
      The pastors are the one buat kacau. Praying and buat service tengah jalan.

      And the evagenlista protests smell bad. Bau macam pengemis.
      And I tak nampak langsung protestors yang Buddhist or other religions.

      Only Christians. Itu protestors. Merekalah yang tak suka kerajaan pusat.

      Evagelistas yang sibuk buat kacau. Kacau peniaga, jadi new tourist attraction for tourist like me, ejek polis.

      And their color of choice – yellow. Idaman Bersih kita.
      Mulan reporting from Hong Kong.

      1. And they sibuk preach love. Buat love sign, buat paper cutting love.
        Ada pula poster Jesus tengah jalan, suruh orang bantah kerajaan. Kata hidup derita tanpa freedom tapi sebab love love love mereka nak tegakkan kebenaran.

        Tapi mereka tak love ke peniaga kecil yang rugi. I tengok ada peniaga yang nak menangis sebab biznis tak ada pula si love love love kotorkan depan kedai orang

  11. re: “Anwar was the ‘cleric’ who blessed the unholy matrimony between DAP the evangelical party and PAS the Islamist party. It is popularly said that DAP and PAS share very little commonalities. Actually, the two parties have more in common than you realise. Both trade on religion in their politics. And the two of them have an identical ‘In Denial’ Syndrome.”

    It stems from the complicated relationship between Evangelism in the USA and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.

    Although the doctrinal differences between Wahhabism and Methodism are immense, their followers nevertheless share certain traits:
    – Both groups deny and endure the charges of their detractors who see them as preachers of fanaticism.
    – Both stress in their daily lives a constant and active adherence to what they understand to be God’s laws and frenetically avoid religious practices they interpret as evil.
    – Both believe that you have to continually exhibit your faith in certain ways if you were to attain salvation.
    – Both are committed to spreading their personal beliefs and practices to others of their normative religion – Muslims or Christians respectively – both at home and in foreign lands.
    – Saudi Arabia and the United States are today the world’s two principal exporters of religious missionaries.

    Anwar Ibrahim has had ties to Saudi Arabia since the 70’s and early 80’s serving as a trustee for the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) where he represented Asian youth. He also helped to found the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) where he once served as a director. IIIT also had major links with Saudi Arabia, though the now defunct SAAR Foundation which was funded by the Al-Rajhi banking family of Saudi Arabia. Anwar has established his own website where in his biography he omits his Islamist background.

  12. Recall that Jerusubangites can see the Mother of God in a smudged hospital window ? What if a ‘dog; sheet or piss at any glass.mirror, any places that resemble evangalista ……..’ , will they do what they do at the SJMC? worse scenario when somene sheet in the toilet and its resemble … floating what’s then? Flush or call the media?Pity these people who just belived without the light bulb.

  13. The evangelist do the sway in the LGE charming way of his first massage during the last Christmas 2013 over the use of word Allah issue, well does it got to do with this time right as they term them self as minorities of compose heart or with poster jesus di tengah jalan, isn’t DAP mahu mencuba pula nanti…spt di Hong kong kot

  14. Popped by at 1Utama for a long lunch today & decided to drop by at MPH to get a book I was keen to read.

    Walked by Hannah’s book so I gave in to the temptation to sneak a peek. The first chapter covered how she was drafted in to stand in the 08 GE. It had enough God references to even make a Catholic like me wanna puke.

    If any of you have nothing better to spend RM25 on, you might wanna get some Hannah, in her own words (maybe)…

  15. bukan PAS saja yg membawa masuk dapster ke dlm masjid. Di masjid saya, masjid yg bolehlah kita panggil pro umno, pihak masjid juga membenarkan dapster masuk.

    it seems like we the muslims are desperate to show how tolerant we are after everyone else trying to tie everything terror onto muslims and our religion

    1. Yang pentingnya tak patut kita mengajak non-muslim masuk ke masjid untuk berwenang-wenang sahaja dihidang makanan dan bersosial tanpa usaha menjelaskan aspek2 agama Islam kepada saudara kita itu.

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