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PAS mungkin tolak jawatan Timb. Speaker Selangor

Baguslah tu. Amar makruf nahi mungkar.

BAWAH: Hannah Yeoh berdoa kepada Tuhan evangelisnya agar Anwar akan dibebaskan


Sumber: Tweet 8 Jan 2012 oleh @hannahyeoh

Yahudi Yeoh

Puak Yahudi Yeoh jenis manusia yang asyik sahaja menuding jari mengata orang lain jahat ~~ menuduh pihak lawan bersifat rakus dan mata duitan, pihak lawan mengejar kebendaan, pihak lawan pencuri dan perompak, pihak lawan suka menindas, pihak lawan menzalimi mangsa yang tidak berdosa, pihak lawan rasuah, pihak lawan mengamalkan kronisme … (lihat sajak ‘Ubah’ oleh Lim Guan Eng di bawah)

Sebaliknya puak Yahudi Yeoh itu menggambarkan diri mereka sendiri sebagai caring, sharing, supporting, winning.

Mereka yakin mereka akan berjaya menghapuskan rejim kejam BN. Mereka cukup yakin mereka mempunyai harapan cerah untuk mencorak masa depan negara apabila menduduki Putrajaya kelak.




Mereka sudah berjaya menghapuskan ISA.

Langkah mereka yang seterusnya ialah untuk menghapuskan Akta Hasutan.

BAWAH: Yang Berhormat-Yang Berhormat DAP di Dewan Rakyat dan DUN
hannah Her Royal Roundness1



Sajak UBAH

Karya Lim Guan Eng

Malaysia sees a new beginning
where the government will
stop stealing our money.

Threatening the rakyat with abusive police powers
Harming the health of newborn babies and
environment with Lynas, nuclear reactors.
All in the mad pursuit of money.

From Bukit Kayu Hitam to Tawau
Corruption haunts us where we work and live.
In DAP, we’ve fought back with
protests, education, caring, and supporting.

Ordinary Malaysians,
Whistleblowers activists and partners are working
side by side to end this corrupt BN

And we’re winning.
In Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah
BN has lost,
in many parts of the country,
the grip of BN has loosened,
but the dead hand of cronies still rattle

Believe verily,
The power of change
Not just corruption amongst leaders
but poverty will be wiped out soon

Fear suppress us down
Hope is irrepressible
BN is strong.
But together, we are stronger.

Let a new beginning come
Connecting Malaysians,
sharing our future together.




FRATERNITY … we’re all brothers and sisters

Hannah Anwar Racism



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14 thoughts on “PAS mungkin tolak jawatan Timb. Speaker Selangor

  1. Malaysia sees a new beginning
    where the government will
    stop stealing our money.

    Malaysia dont have to worry
    When We in power
    The truth will prevail

    What ever you have, dont worry
    We will start stealing your money
    For the sake of our party and poketing

    We stay in power and ensure
    A law more powerful than ISA
    So no new voice will be heard

    We discipline Malaysian
    To follow what we tell you
    And you be just like Chicken

    When we tell you so.

  2. Ubah – Party ruled by the same guys for decades
    Ubah — Party controlled by father and sons dynasties
    Ibah – Central committee selected and manipulated by Excel spreadsheet
    Ubah – Sell public land to cronies at dirt cheap prices
    Ubah – Chase the poor from the land and welcome the super rich
    Ubah – Demolish heritage villages and build condos
    Ubah – Develop and develop recklessly and mindlessly
    Ubah – Run the state North Korean style
    Ubah – Profess a love for unity but hate attack enemies 24-7
    Ubah – Claim credit for success but blame everyone else when things go south
    Ubah – Destroy greens, botak the hills
    Ubah – Ubah for you and only for you as long as you ask us to Ubah too.

  3. KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 ― The latest seizure of hundreds of Christian books and CDs at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (klia2) shows that last year’s court ruling on the “Allah” issue affects Christians nationwide, DAP lawmaker Dr Ong Kian Ming said.

    The Serdang MP said with the seizure, Putrajaya’s repeated assurance that the ruling only applies to Catholic weekly The Herald and that the federal Cabinet’s 2011 10-point solution protects Christians in east Malaysia from the ban on the use of “Allah” has proven to be “completely undependable and unreliable.


    DAP yet again starting their dirty game of using religion to spread hate. Didn’t they earlier vehemently opposed to the 10-point solution, saying it is being inconsistent policy ? Now they are questioning if the govt is sincere? I think hypocrisy is DAP’s middle name. Perhaps they should change their name to Hypocritical Action Party.

    BTW I wonder why would a common man wants to import hundreds of CDs and bibles for “personal use” ? If this is on behalf of church, shouldn’t the church do it themselves officially ? I think this is yet another devious way the evangelista using every trick in the book to spread their religion.

    1. Smells like a trap. In this day and age, do you really need to carry multiple CDs and books?

      One portable hard drive with the soft copy of the materials and you can burn all the CDs you want once back in East Malaysia …

      purposely want to create issue. …

        1. ‘The latest seizure of hundreds of Christian books and CDs at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (klia2) shows that last year’s court ruling on the “Allah” issue affects Christians nationwide, DAP lawmaker Dr Ong Kian Ming said.’

          Hullo, apasat lu olang bawa pi mahkamah in the first place? Gatal nak jolok sarang tebuan. Sekalang apa sulah jadi. Lu suka test the water maa. We are doing just fine with consensus before you guys menang a lot of seats and jadi lansi! Padan muka!

          Apa lagi lu mau, OKM?

          ‘Smells like a trap.’

          Very obvious ain’t it?!

  4. sajak ubah tu perlu dibingkaikan dengan double face, cermin kaca lut sinar di depan dan yang boleh bercermin di belakang dan kemudian hadiahkan kepada peminpin-peminpin DAP.

  5. Somehow or rather, whatever is written so bad about the opposition parties never seem to have any effect on people’s perception of them. Why?

    Whatever bad or critics against the opposition seems to be perceived as what the current BN has done and are still doing. Your articles and backup commenters seem to be doing more harm than good to the general Malaysian public.

    Go get a better life. Stop being freeloaders for trying to impress and gain attention from your paymasters or boost someone’s else nauseating ego.

    Hitler’s SS would be your only admirers.

    1. No effect on people’s perceptions ? You mean the Pakatoons’ perception ? Of course it is useless to convince the mind of a brainwashed cult that is Pakatoon.

      BTW, do you even know what is SS ?

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