17 thoughts on “Dyana Sofya dan Puan Sri Christine Khir Johari

  1. Awek cun Dyana mana pi tudung dia. Bercampoq dengan omputih pun kena tutup aurat tau.

    Ada janda berhias juga tak pakai tudung? Isshh nenek o nenek macam mana lu itu macam? Wokay la, dah tua mungkin orang dah tak lalu ada excuse tapi yang anak dara sorang tu masakan depan PAS dan orang kampung Melayu saja nak fesyen2 bertudung ke?

    Ni semua pakai baju sikit punya bergaya mesti makan pun dihidang dengan lobsters kan? Omputih kalo mai Malaysia, bagi yg 300gm nah sepinggan, mak mertua lalu pun tak sedar! Kat Negara mereka mahal tau!

    Agaknya baju depa pakai boleh lawan tak harga coat Saiful?

  2. Lee Kuan Yew was referring to Khir Johari when he said to the Tengku “we have to begin with our ministers when we talk of family planning”. Khir Johari had more than a dozen children and was a known philanderer.

    I hope the trendies and ministers of former parliamentarians and current serving ones stay away from our front pages. They have nothing to contribute other than their failures and their privileges.

  3. What kind of event that they were gathered? Pictures tell manything.. the arrogant and lot cheating one, CM Lim.. what the hell he was ther3 also??? .

  4. Common PAKATAN behavior.
    Extra marital activities seem to be the norm.

    How to take care of a country, when you can’t even take care of your family.

    They are real PAKATOONS…… it’s a shame and a disgrace.

  5. Ms H. Why don’t you publish a book titled, ‘ SEX & OPPOSTION POLITICS IN MALAYSIA ‘. I get you a sponsor.

  6. DAP is a party of love.
    Everyone is in love.
    Or else this is the diversion by DAP. We know Penang have been plagued by floods. This is one way to divert attention to something less important. At Zairil’s constituency, we still have the problem of Kampung Siam.
    This is how they divert us away.

  7. Well we ponder over the Zairil story. Here is another cap to the feather of what his parliament area people are up to.


    “Mior mentioned a crackdown on Sunday where 17 women from China and three from Vietnam, suspected of being prostitutes, were detained at an entertainment outlet in Pulau Tikus.”

    Congrats. After Rayer’s area have sex and drugs, now people at Pulau Tikus can get their daily dose of sex at Pulau Tikus. Shhhz… the cops spoils the show.

    Thanks Zairil.

    I hope with the stupid Kampung Siam of the way… we have to have lots of sex in the new hotel in Pulau Tikus,

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