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Panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya sendiri

Pegawai-pegawai Pemandu menerima upah belasan malah puluhan ribu sebulan. Gaji siber trooper Umno berapa?

CEO Pemandu ialah evangelista, iaitu Idris Jala – seorang menteri beragama Kristian.

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J-Star wants extremist “monster” exterminated

The J-Star today continued pushing its Nest of Evangelista campaign against “radicalism, extremism, terrorism and militancy”.

Headlined ‘We’ve to nip it now – and at all costs‘, the EvangeliSTAR editorial said that “extremism” could come whether in the form of “terror groups such as IS or even through the voices of certain groups or individuals”.

Evidently, the J-Star and its evangelista editors believe that certain groups and even certain individuals in our country are “extremists” (or “racists” or “bigots” or haters who spew venom).

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Umno syok sendiri while DAP sneaks ahead on young votes

The new wave to rock the next general election will be the youths and the first-time voters – a whole horde of them. And it’s the DAP that is capturing the young market.

Below are the MPs from the evangelical party serving in the current Parliament. All these DAP politicians became first-time YBs when only in their twenties and thirties. Continue reading “Umno syok sendiri while DAP sneaks ahead on young votes”

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“Memujuk pengundi Cina seperti menyiram air di padang pasir Sahara” – perwakilan Umno Perak

Ahmad Shabery Cheek (Menteri Komunikasi):

“Kalau ada bencana, banjir, kalau di Perak itu saya tahu apa ni masalah nelayan apa sebahagiannya telah dihulurkan bantuan oleh Umno tetapi kemudiannya mereka kecewa apabila sampai waktu mengundi mereka tahu buka peti undi di kawasan-kawasan yang ramai orang Cina maka mereka tak dapat undi tersebut. Continue reading ““Memujuk pengundi Cina seperti menyiram air di padang pasir Sahara” – perwakilan Umno Perak”

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Sedition Act was war! Perjuangan yang belum selesai

The Sedition Act was enacted on 19 July 1948. A day earlier on July 18, a state of Emergency had been declared in Malaya.

Hence the Sedition Act has a direct relationship with the war declared against the communist terrorists. Throughout 1947, the CTs were stepping up their propaganda and violence.

This morning the PM announced that the Act will be retained. In 1948, our forefathers were terrorized by the Bintang Tiga. Today we’re being terrorized by the Bintang Lima. Continue reading “Sedition Act was war! Perjuangan yang belum selesai”

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Syed Ali Alhabshee has the answer to Utusan Q. “Apa lagi Cina mahu?”

Glad tidings! The election strategy of the Parti Paling Tidak Apa president is so brilliant that I’m momentarily blinded and most definitely stunned.

Good news comes to you in the form of Najib Razak’s “message of inclusivity” delivered in a closed-door briefing to over 5,000 Umno delegates, according to the J-Star report headlined ‘Najib: Barisan needs Chinese support‘.

The MCA media quoted Ah Jib Gor as saying that BN will not survive the next GE should Umno not retain the support of the Chinese community. Continue reading “Syed Ali Alhabshee has the answer to Utusan Q. “Apa lagi Cina mahu?””

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“Slow mo suicide” (sms) is what Najib’s committing

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Put 1Malaysia out of its misery, please

Hannah Twitter No cross on Christmas Day

Commenter ‘wawe‘ remarked @ 2014/11/26 at 7:25 am,

“I personally have not being using the word ‘racial’ for decades. Now, I am having 2nd thoughts. Since others keep accusing us of something not even in our thoughts, might as well embrace it, just to prove the validity of their accusation.”

Added ‘wawe‘ @ 2014/11/26 at 7:27 am,

“Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, alang2 kena tuduh, biar berbaloi2.” Continue reading “Put 1Malaysia out of its misery, please”

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UPDATED: 5 million hits

WordPress has just released its yearly Annual Report on blog subscribers.

Mine can be read HERE.

Data on my blog activity in 2014 as collated by WordPress

  • was viewed about 2,052,000 times throughout this year
  • The busiest days in 2014 were:

• 29 June –   22,869 page views (‘Berita Felixia peluk Islam buat 61% pembaca J-Star marah, kecewa dan sebal‘)

• 1 Dec –   18,480 page views (Najib ‘panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya)

• 4 Sept –   15,152 page views (‘Khairy lancar buku di gereja DUMC)

  • My most commented article was ‘A mere 10% Indian vote swing will lose BN five seats‘ which got 348 reader responses
  • This blog received 29,467 reader comments in 2014 alone
  • Most visitors came from Malaysia (1,763,763 page views). Next favourite readers of my blog come from the USA, Singapore, Australia, the UK and Indonesia
  • The most active commenters in my blog for 2014 were:






  • My most shared article on social media was Najib ‘panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya with 3k-plus Facebook links
  • The most helpful referrers of net traffic to my blog were – THANK YOU GUYS! – Rocky, Facebookers, Parpukari, Annie and the Unspinners. A big thank you too to all my readers.

top 5 referrers

So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I’m gone, you’ll need love
To light the shadows on your face

If a greater wave shall fall
And fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own?

If I could, then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I’ll go wherever you will go

And maybe I’ll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days

If a great wave shall fall
It will fall upon us all
Then I hope there’s someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

Updated: 12.15pm on 30 Dec 2014


Original posting below

My blog has crossed five million hits.

Fakin’ Fake Calvin @ 2014/11/22 at 8:52 am


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Why so much rage inside them?

Ong Su Ping aka Serene Ong was today charged in the Ampang Sessions Court, KL, for allegedly torturing  her Indonesian maid. Her case will be mentioned on Feb 5.

Ong is accused of pulling out her maid’s teeth with a pair of pliers, among other forms of assault (caning, kicking maid’s head, administering electric shock, inserting object into maid’s vagina).

Malaysian employers who have been charged and/or convicted by the court previously for maid abuse (and in some cases causing death) are: Yim Pek Ha, Fong Kong Meng, Teoh Ching Yen, Soh Chew Tong, Chin Chui Ling, Hau Yuan Tyng, Yap Sow Li, Cheah Lai Mooi, Tan Mong Huwai and Eng Lay Sang.

Updated: 12.20pm on 3 Jan 2015


What kind of people are they?!

‘Tolong bos dera saya’ – begitulah bunyi nota yang ditulis seorang pembantu rumah warga Indonesia yang diseksa oleh majikan di Pandan Indah.

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Umno Cheras warlord detonates sticky bomb, Chinese go ballistic

Umno Cheras division chief Syed Ali Alhabshee’s reputation precedes him. He is one colourful character known for being an outspoken maverick.

Yesterday he hit the Malaysiakini headlines – see below – where the portal’s news report has thus far elicited 163 reader comments (as at time of writing). Continue reading “Umno Cheras warlord detonates sticky bomb, Chinese go ballistic”

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Masuk tahun 2020, satu suku penduduk Asia Tenggara akan beragama Kristian

Hanya 6 tahun lagi …

Hannah black tudung litup
Hannah Yeoh

Apasal Yahudi Yeoh asyik nak usik orang Islam?

Menteri Agama Islam, Jamil Khir Baharom semalam menegur orang politik bukan Islam yang terlalu ghairah menyalahgunakan tempat ibadah umat Islam seraya memberi peringatan supaya jangan bertindak naik turun masjid dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

Cuba anda lihat dengan biji mata sendiri gerakan Occupy Mosque yang dijalankan mereka-mereka itu – gambar bawah. Continue reading “Masuk tahun 2020, satu suku penduduk Asia Tenggara akan beragama Kristian”

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Najib’s think tank likely to send young voters to the opposition

The DAP evangelista MP “claps claps claps!”

And why not?

When you have such a useful ‘enemy’ like Najib Razak, you don’t even need allies.

Twitter - TeoNieChing- MP Pokok Sena (PAS) is defending

“Christian student made to wear headscarf” (?)

The headmaster of a primary school in Negeri Sembilan has denied the Malaysian Insider headline – see tweet below.

He clarified that his Christian pupil was not forced by her Muslim teachers but “wore the tudung willingly”.

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Masuk mulut buaya

Cukup-cukuplah orang Melayu dibuli oleh golongan “moderat”

moderate kelabu asap


“Menuntut kalimah Allah digunakan selain daripada agama Islam bukan hanya satu tindakan melampau yang dilakukan oleh golongan pelampau, tetapi boleh dikategorikan sebagai kumpulan pelampau yang amat kurang ajar.” –

“Maka setiap kali membuka The Star dan membaca perkataan ‘moderate’ digunakan kepada figura-figura yang bergerak membuat tuntutan yang bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan, Prinsip-Prinsip Rukun Negara dan Undang-Undang, maka ketahuilah, apa yang cuba dipaparkan itu adalah golongan moderate kelabu asap.” – Ben Yaacob

BAWAH: Penulis Star Niki Cheong, wajah Voice of Moderation yang biaDAP, menggelar Peguam Negara sebagai seorang “idiot”

Niki Cheong

Niki Cheong

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Tun: “The minorities can actually overthrow the govt”

Dr Mahathir Mohammad is worried that attacks against the ummah have become ever stronger.

“[Muslims tend to] believe that our absolute monarchs and strongman governments would not be affected” by revolutionary minorities, Dr Mahathir said yesterday.

Nonetheless he warned against harbouring such complacency because the reality is “minorities can actually overthrow the government”. Continue reading “Tun: “The minorities can actually overthrow the govt””

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Presiden patuh kepada kehendak cawangan dan bahagian Umno

“Tekanan orang Cina lebih hebat. Mereka mendesak kerajaan British menubuhkan satu Suruhanjaya Diraja bagi mengkaji kerakyatan PTM [Persekutuan Tanah Melayu] 1948. Chinese Chambers of Commerce dan MCA tidak putus-putus mendesak hal tersebut.” (ms.209)

Petikan di atas daripada biografi Dato’ Onn Jaafar oleh sejarahwan Ramlah Adam, terbitan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka 1992. Continue reading “Presiden patuh kepada kehendak cawangan dan bahagian Umno”

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Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality

The Najib consultants are like Rasputin giving Tsar Nicholas bad advice, so much so that the PM appears to be listening to BN’s enemies while he ignores sober voices in his own party.

History tells us that the tsar was the last emperor of Russia and on 25 Oct 1917, communist revolutionary Lenin seized power. Continue reading “Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality”

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Nasihat yang baik Tun Daim, tolong sebarkan

Bercakap tentang kepincangan kerajaan Pakatan di negeri yang dikuasai mereka, Tun Daim Zainuddin membangkitkan isu beratus-ratus buah rumah urut di Selangor.

Bekas Menteri Kewangan itu dalam ucapannya kelmarin membayangkan bahawa rumah-rumah urut digunakan sebagai alat untuk mengaburi urusan perniagaan gelap. Beliau juga membayangkan peniagaan tersebut ada kaitan dengan orang kenamaan tertentu dalam kerajaan Selangor. Continue reading “Nasihat yang baik Tun Daim, tolong sebarkan”

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Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country

Puan Sri Pauline Chai was the beauty queen who won the Miss Malaysia title in 1969.

Responding to her husband’s suit that their case be heard in Kuala Lumpur, Pauline told the High Court today that she has no interests in Malaysia and thus her divorce proceedings must rightfully be heard in London. Continue reading “Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country”

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Issues that Tun and Najib don’t see eye to eye

Plans are afoot to remove Najib Razak by the Umno conservatives, it is whispered. Influential international business magazine The Economist reported a few days ago that:

“With a general election still four years away, the prime minister faces a threat from within his own party, notably from conservative factions close to Dr Mahathir, who still pulls strings from the wings. Whispers abound that an effort to unseat Mr Najib is imminent. Continue reading “Issues that Tun and Najib don’t see eye to eye”

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Form 5 SPM textbook: “Orang macam ini, parang panjang saja ubatnya”

The Chinese are very sensitive about any mention of May 13.

DAP Member of Parliament Oscar Ling (pix below) yesterday complained that a Form 4 textbook published by the Education Ministry and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka contained the following sentence, “Mengapa orang Cina mesti membunuh orang Melayu, dan mengapa orang Melayu mesti membunuh orang Cina?” Continue reading “Form 5 SPM textbook: “Orang macam ini, parang panjang saja ubatnya””

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My Sabah question for Minister Rahman Dahlan

Cabinet minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan tweeted: “Lim Kit Siang is dead silent on oppo’s GE13 campaign in Sabah that ‘one vote for BN means one bible will be burnt’.”

What I’d like to ask Rahman as a Sabah Parliamentarian is whether there is a backlash in his state against the provocation (and other agitations) by the Christians who have been instigated by the DAP evangelistas. My own suspicion is yes. Continue reading “My Sabah question for Minister Rahman Dahlan”