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Maid abusers and their most astounding saka

The High Court in Kuala Lumpur yesterday ordered Yim Pek Ha and her husband Hii Ik Ting to pay their former Indonesian maid RM139,147 compensation after Nirmala Bonat won her civil suit against the couple.

Below is what Yim, a former air stewardess, did to Nirmala.


Look who’s crying … Yim Pek Ha

Yim Pek Ha

On 7 March 2014, the High Court in Shah Alam found Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen guilty of starving their 26-year-old Indonesian maid Isti Komariyah to death.

Isti weighed barely 57 lbs when her bruised and battered body was autopsied. That’s the weight of an 8-year-old child.

Kids weight

On May 2013, the High Court in Penang found Soh Chew Tong and his wife Chin Chui Ling guilty of starving their Cambodian maid Mey Sichan to death.

On top of not feeding Mey over a prolonged period, the couple had also abused her.

On 20 June 2013, the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur found Tan Mong Huwai and his wife Eng Lay Sang guilty of injuring their Cambodian maid Chea Phalla.

Cambodian embassy secretary Chhay Kosal said: “When she arrived at the embassy, her condition was already critical. At first she could barely speak. Her boss slapped her in the face until her jaw was broken”.



The scars remain

On 26 Jan 2011, the High Court in Kuala Lumpur sentenced Hau Yuan Tyng to 11 years’ jail for causing grievous hurt to Siti Hajar Sadli (pix above).

The real estate agent had, among other abuse, scalded her Indonesian maid with hot water as well as hit Siti Hajar with a hammer at her condominium in Mont Kiara.

In her defence, Hau concocted a false story that Siti Hajar had sexually abused one of her children.

This is typically something these What-Kind-of-People-Are-They would be capable of doing. On top of their revolting behaviour, they fail to bat even an eyelid at coolly turning around to fitnah the very people who are their victims of abuse just to get themselves off  the hook.

New Straits Times Nurjanah p1

New Straits Times Nurjanah

On 9 Feb 2000, the NST ran a front page story on the case of tortured Indonesian maid Nurjanah Matiah, sometimes spelled Matyak in other news reports.

On its page 4 turn of the cover story (cutting above), NST also quoted another unnamed maid as complaining that her employer forced her to work from 5am to midnight every day.

The first mentioned employer is later revealed to be Yap Sow Li (article clipping below). Apart from Nurjanah, Yap had two other maids working for her at the same time.

“Bruised and cut, with both eyes virtually closed, she [Nurjanah] said her female employer [Yap] had viciously beaten her around the head that morning with a rattan cane. Altogether, in two attacks the maid had allegedly been struck up to 10 times, as well as being punched on the lip — first for not responding quickly enough when called and then for dripping water on the kitchen floor.” – Asiaweek (16 June 2000)

Aside from the incidences of physical abuse, Nurjanah was allegedly also made to eat hair and drink the urine of her employer’s child, it was told.

Five months later on 29 July 2000, the Magistrates’ Court in Petaling Jaya freed Yap from the charge of causing hurt to Nurjanah after the Chinese housewife apologized and agreed to pay an undisclosed amount as settlement to compound the matter.

Yap Sow Li

Another case the same year was Indonesian maid Kusiah Manijan who was hospitalized in the ICU with a fractured skull and had to be put on the respirator.

“Those who were allowed to see her were shocked by her condition: a bandaged head, swollen on the left side; badly scarred hands; swelling on her legs; and injuries and scars on her abdomen and back. She was also said to be suffering from malnutrition.” – Inter Press Service (25 Feb 2000)

The assault on Kusiah was supposed to have been heard in the Ipoh Sessions Court in April 2000. However the hearing was adjourned and postponed until the last available news that the accused, Cheah Lai Mooi, was hospitalised for “mental depression”.

Domestic Work and Servitude in Malaysia

The nature of the beast

This What-Kind-of-People-Are-They furthermore have no qualms in fabricating vicious lies against innocent individuals. They can throw the foulest and most baseless accusations against others, cooked up from the foulness of their own mind.

On top of being repulsive, they are pemfitnah yang sejahat-jahatnya.

They carry out calculated deeds which is impossible to be fathomed by ordinary folks. The slander of their tongue is just as vile as the beatings by their hand.

lizard eye

MCA leader victim of hate politics

Seven months ago, Chew Mei Fun had contested the Kajang by-election against Wan Azizah.

Previously in 2010, she had resigned as MCA Wanita chief after Chua Soi Lek was elected MCA chief in order to keep her word earlier that she would quit if Dr Chua retained his presidency. She was then the Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister.

As the Deputy Minister for women, she could not in good conscience sanction Dr Chua’s sex scandal which signalled the wrong family values.

Aside from voluntarily relinquishing her Wanita MCA chairmanship which she had democratically won, Chew also resigned her senatorial post.

She reasoned that her senatorship and ministerial title were given her by virtue of her position as Wanita MCA chief. And since she was no longer leading the women’s wing, then Chew felt that she should not be holding the Senator as well as Deputy Ministership anymore.

What she did was highly principled, don’t you think?

Gambar NST
Chew is among the nicest, most hardworking politicians around

Do you know what “THEY” did to her?

Chew Mei Fun was a victim of such blood-curdling libel during the Kajang by-election campaign that she was compelled to lodge a police report.

Her political foes were suspected to have concocted outrageous lies about maid abuse just to defame her. See the poster below that Chew is holding up. It says:

“Calon BN pernah meletakkan jawatan Timbalan Menteri kerana takut didakwa mendera amah Indonesia pada tahun 2010”

Accusing Chew of having to resign because she abused an Indonesian maid is the vilest slander. But it is however exactly what her political enemies had done.

What kind of people can think up such a vicious fitnah to fabricate? Especially against someone with the highest integrity.


The depth of their perfidy

Don’t be too much taken aback by the sheer horror perpetrated by these kind of people. They have indeed the capacity for all of the above cruelties – physical harm and treacherous deceit – and a lot worse.

Below is a description by a historian who has written extensively on the Malayan Emergency.


“In Johore, guerrillas shot dead a Chinese squatter, hacked his wife to death with a parang, set their hut alight and threw their eight-year-old daughter into the flames.

“In Perak, Chin Peng’s men hammered a nail through a Chinese girl’s head.

“At Pantai Seremban, two young men were battered to death by guerrillas wielding cangkuls.

“Even captured guerrillas admitted that the tortures were ‘too horrible for description’, while a late 1952 police report noted that this ‘senseless cruelty’ was typical of ‘hundreds of similar incidents’ throughout the country.”

– Assoc. Prof. Kumar Ramakrishna of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies) – source here


Makhluk perosak spesis biawak

What is unimaginable to you and me – for example that inventive slander against Chew Mei Fun – is simply par for the course with them.

They didn’t feel a pinprick of conscience when they printed and distributed everywhere in Kajang those defamatory posters that said Chew had to resign as Deputy Minister because – kononnya – she abused a maid (Chew is a single woman who has never even employed a maid before).

This came after their degrading Photoshop of Chew spread in the Chinese social media.

double face

They’re always preaching love and other sweet nothings

Senseless cruelty of the munafik’s smear campaign

What they did to the MCA Kajang candidate is particularly nasty when it exploits the existing suspicions of the Malays – the poster is in Bahasa Melayu – due to the general track record of maid abuse being perpetrated by Chinese employers.

This fact makes the fitnah against Chew even more psychologically studied and horrifically manipulative, i.e. calibrated to elicit the worse kind of Malay voter reprisals against the poor woman.

What kind of people are they?

They ruin reputations. They destroy lives. They have already drained our country’s reservoir of good faith and mutual trust. They are the real ones who have torn Malaysia apart despite their own strident protestations of love and unity.

It is very important for you to understand what kind of people they are.


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47 thoughts on “Maid abusers and their most astounding saka

  1. At times I’m uncomfortable with the antics of Perkasa, ISMA etc as I fall into the two categories they normally train their guns on ie; Chinese & Christian.

    That said, their endeavours would not have gained so much traction from Muslims & Malays if there is no genuine concern over the rise of the “moderates” (As Star, WCW, Marina, Niki, Syaifuddin Abdullah et all are fond of calling themselves).

    Is this borne out of paranoia or reality?

    If, and I hope it won’t happen, May 13th recurs, the real moderates will be the ones who will bear the brunt of the masses who are fed up of the divisive actions of a select few who are intent on setting everyone “free” from the shackles that religion, law & customs bound them.

    1. A very astute observation, Calvin, about “the shackles that religion, law & customs bound them”.

      It is their iman that makes them boleh bersabar. And it is their ethnicity that makes them willing to “biarkan, biar lah”.

      Currently both their Religion and their Race (which like you say, are the factors that moderate their nature) are under attack daily by the fake moderates.

      1. They’re willing to go for broke. PM is doing them a favor by being a weakling & totally clueless.

        They claim that they’re doing this to “free” Malaysia. From what exactly, only they can elucidate. Because if you ask me, they’re two tongued. So how can we be assured things will be better if they succeed in their mission?

        Was at Kepong Village Mall earlier for brekkie when I noticed a bunch of people wearing tags identifying them as volunteers. To what exactly I don’t know. They approached me as I exited the car with a flyer for free medical check up & talk. They’ve also planned activities for kids.

        The organizer? Bethany Church, in their church premise a stone throw away from Tesco. Might seem innocuous but what if a Muslim drops by with the intention of a medical check? Why do they allow themselves to the possibility of creating a maelstrom? Or is there more than meets the eye?

        Mind you, when given the flyer they didn’t mention they were a church or anything. So, presumably it is open to everyone.

        Btw, they’re no fewer than 50-60 volunteers scouring the area surrounding KVM. And most are youngish, teens to mid 20s. So they must be attracting the right crowd.

        1. re: “They’re willing to go for broke.”

          They have to, now.

          They’ve self-created an all-or-nothing situation for the non-Malays and non-Muslims.

          I hate to say this but Tun foresaw the end of politik kongsi when he campaigned in Gelang Patah and warned the Chinese against ditching BN.

          1. aptly put : “poliik kongsi” which has worked well all these while.

            it is sad now that selfishness via hate tactics have creeped in

    2. Here’s one thing I don’t get.

      We have examples in today’s posting of Chinese employers torturing people, of Chinese communist atrocities, so why is it sounding like people are more afraid of Malays who are more concerned about their economic, political, religious and cultural survival?

      Hell, we have probably more likely to be hurt from Chinese gang wars than from so called Malay extremists any time soon.

      Even the dangerous Malay extremists tend to come from the PAS supporters camp, who are still part of Pakatan Rakyat.

      1. re: “why is it sounding like people are more afraid of Malays”

        B’cos the Yahudi Yeohs have got their black propaganda machinery going full throttle. You know, the those huge billboards erected at the roadsides screaming at “bigots”, “racists” and “extremists”.

        They’ve also got dedicated campaigns going in order to persuade the public as to ‘Who’ should be identified as “divisive”, anti-unity “hate spewers”. They’re going into the uni and college campuses to spread their message. They organize public forums and demos.

        B’cos Umno is PPTA.

        And guess which side the Najib administration is inadvertently funding?

    3. ‘That said, their endeavours would not have gained so much traction from Muslims & Malays if there is no genuine concern’

      Undang-undang negara terus diludah pelampau Kristian!

      ‘Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, meskipun jelas mereka mengetahui bahawa penerbitan-penerbitan yang cuba dibawa masuk itu menyalahi undang-undang, dan terdapat kemungkinan yang ianya akan dirampas oleh pihak berkuasa, mereka tetap melakukannya untuk mencapai motif-motif yang tertentu.

      Persoalannya, apakah motif yang mereka mahu capai apabila modus operandi membawa masuk dan ditangkap kemudian dirampas bahan seludup tersebut terlaksana?’

  2. Ya Tembam? What hapoen to all your Lovelovelove preachings? WCW kenapa sampai ganas sampai gini, tang ni le hang kena pi semai benih moderasi hang tu!

    Tak sanggup baca article you sampai habis Cik Helen, Nirmala getting just that much? Kalau kena gi plastic surgery pun tak cukup cover the cost…

    My Apek neighbour came home one day fm holidays. Apparently locked their maid from outside and was wondering how she escaped? Dia keluar ikut tingkap 1st floor and must have jumped down all the way. Alhamdulillah, selamat mungkin dibantu oleh orang angkut sampah. (She was not even allowed to linger outside the compound, only time can see her face keluaq to dispose garbage aje).

    1. Though how much I sympathize with them (the Indonesian maids) but at time I felt that padan muka dia orang because if they worked with the Malays, kebanykanya mengada-mengada and they are the one who set’s the condition, what they want to do and what they can do.

      Even the Indonesian knows Malay are very tolerance in nature and they are taking advantage of it.

  3. Now to make sure the lawyers and other hangers on don’t rip her off as they often do by helping themselves to large swathes of her compensation award for themselves.

    As it is, the amount of money the barbarian was forced to pay in compensation by the courts is totally inadequate and an insult to the woman and all of humanity for its size when compared to the damage, injury and suffering the woman was subjected to.

    They shoot people for less in other places.

  4. OMG! I never realised how awful Nirmala’s injuries were!

    Given the reports, most of these maid abusers are Chinese. I think these abusers have no inkling how to treat subordinates. Think just because they pay their salary, they own them.

    how many times I’ve seen in restaurants and Chinese wedding dinners, whole family gorging while the maid holds the baby. Only after they’ve eaten, woman boss will put some scraps on plate for maid.

    Or woman boss happily walking holding Prada bag (sorry, couldn’t resist) while maid carries baby or some fat toddler. As a mum, I cannot understand how this happens. my husband and I use to bolot carrying our son when we were out.

    One Raya, my Chinese aunt came wth her two maids and six cucu. Told me, “no need to give them so much. They don’t like to eat so much.”

    I said it’s raya and made them sit at the table and piled them with food. Gave them rm20 ringgit each and rm1 only for the cucu. and tapau-ed rendang and curry for them. my aunt was protesting, I said never mind. Her family can’t tahan chilli.

    I admit there are many chinese families who treat their maids well, but by and large, we can see the fact for itself.

    1. re: “Think just because they pay their salary, they own them.”

      They think their politics in the same money terms and misconceive everybody else to be just like them (the Gospel of Prosperity people).

      re: “Gave them rm20 ringgit each and rm1 only for the cucu.”

      Sounds like a fair financial plan to me.

    2. Well, unfortunately Indonesians don’t differentiate between races or religion when they hear news like this.
      They would hate Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole.

      They keep a list of perceived grievances and wrongs that they bring up again every time some issue comes up.

      Don’t know how widespread the negative feelings, but you can be sure that these issues are exploited occasionally by their media and their politicians. though for one thing, they usually won’t bring it up when you’re dealing with them. That would be bad business.

      The media are always surprised and annoyed when they see Malaysians are apathetic and ignorant of their grudges, a lot of time when their Malaysian correspondent interviews Malaysians on the street, the Malaysian always have no idea what they’re so angry about..

      1. re: “Well, unfortunately Indonesians don’t differentiate between races or religion when they hear news like this.”

        The lopsidedness, i.e. which race the abusive employers belong to predominantly, stems from a Malay government that is unable or refuses to draw a line in the sand.

        You can’t and don’t negotiate with unreasonable people. From the atrocities that they commit, it’s quite evident they’re lacking in reason. You cannot appeal for reason from people who lack it.

        The Umno-led government’s approach needs an overhaul. Najib’s methods are wrong.


      2. re: “Well, unfortunately Indonesians don’t differentiate between races or religion when they hear news like this.”

        According to my close Indonesian friend, the media (including the entertainment industry) in Indonesia is controlled by the Christian evangelistas (just like J Star). Apparently, their strategy is to play down the fact that Muslims of this Nusantara are ‘bangsa serumpun’. So whenever there is any negative news about Malaysia, they play up Nationalistic feelings and paint every Malaysian with the same brush.

        Helen, is it true that the media in Indonesia is controlled by evangelistas?

  5. Dandy, tu pasai I pun tak faham kenapa DSN menyalur begitu banyak dana kepada depa2 spt WCW, suruh mengajar rakyat Malaysia memoderatekan cara hidup. Tak pasai2 duk tempek muka advertise, isssh marina, ambiga pun ada.. tak payah, dah beribu tahun Muslim dah diberi pendidikan hidup mesti sederhana dalam apa segala kami kakukan..

    Al Quran dan Sunnah begitu kejap dan lengkap memberi garis panduan umpamanya dari segi adab perhubungan antara majikan dan pekerjanya.

    Wokay lesson 3 for you Dandy… Sori ya kami kaum Muslim kena banyak baca, dari kecik sampai masuk kubur, tak habis2 dok kena belajar. Dengar dan tonton video tak renti2 pasai takut satni otak yg dok kat lutut takmau balik atas kepala;…/Topik%2010%20Hu…

    Nak yang dari Amerika, England bahasa omputih juga ke?

  6. You know where they learn and acquire their vile bahviour? You don’t have to look very far: just listen to Lim Kit Siang spewing hate every day and what he writes in his blog since before 1969. There is nothing nice about anybody else.

    He is the paragon of virtue and only his followers in DAP are real, great Malaysians (not Chinese lah). Yet these people can call others “low class”. How ironic.

  7. Helen..those peace loving people have been absent for sometime in your blog… wonder what happen to them.

    Seriously i am tired og hearing the call to be moderates… i, my family, my friends, my neigbours, my colleagues, and even my cats have been moderate person all our lives!

    We have never question what other religion do, how the pray, what they eat, what they read, what they wear, who their gods are… dan sekarang siapa kah yg paling kaypo nak ajar apa kami buat, apa yg kami tak boleh buat… bila kami tak mau jadi hantu dan tak mau pergi party haloween they have to guts to say kami tak “moderate”.. moderate kepala bapak sapa ni???

    1. re: “those peace loving people have been absent for sometime in your blog… wonder what happen to them”

      They’re smearing me in the other blogs ‘cos they’re obviously outnumbered here. They call me by nicknames.

      They’re like Gríma Wormtongue (The Lord of the Rings). Real creepy flers.

    2. Has it ever occurred to you that progressives like WCW and his cohorts in their sly manner when screaming high and low against “racists and extremists” are actually addressing the PAS ISLAMIST groupies in their own Pakatan compound?

      These DAPster heads really should do it like real men and go face-to-face with the likes of the Father of Malay divisiveness – Hadi Awang himself (over Malaysian Malaysia teh tarik of course) concerning their idiot-logical diversions and misapprehensions against one another – and spare us all naturally moderate ordinary folks the troublesome washing of their own dirty political laundry arrangements.

  8. So, bila Menteri Dalam Negeri nak gubal undang-undang untuk menyelamatkan pembantu-pembantu ni? Tidur ke?

    Bagi jer hukuman mati atau penjara sehidup untuk mereka yang merogol, membunuh, menyiksa atau mencedera.

    Ni akan membanteras terus kes-kes hodoh macam ni.

    Asyik pi tangkap pelajar, aktivis, PPS, pembangkang, NGO yang tidak cederakan sesiapa pon secara fizikal. Mulut bercakap jer bukan pon perogol atau pembunuh.

    Kenapa tak buat?

    1. kalau bagi hukuman mati, melalak ngo2 hak asasi pujaan ko dandy. kata kerajaan tak adil, kejam dll. sedangkan banduan gengster yg dah terbukti buat kerja2 jenayah pun dibela bagai nak rak, apatah lagi cina orang biasa yang sedang dalam pertuduhan jenayah.

      lagipun majoriti yang buat keje ni cina. so loyer2 dlm PR takkan push supaya kes ni dikenakan hukuman penjara seumur hidup atau mati. kurang nanti satu undi untuk mereka.

      aku dah kaji trend kes2 yang diorang dok push bagi hukuman berat dah lama. yang biasa dibising rempit dengan rogol sebab pelakunya rata2 melayu.

  9. What happened to the assault charges, at first Yim Peck Hua was convicted and given 14 yrs jail. Upon appealing it was reduced to 10 year.What was the outcome of the final appeal?

    This case dragged on for 10 years, did this women spend any time in jail at all based on her jail term?

    10 years from start to end, yes everybody has a right to fair justice but yet one comes to question if there was a reason fort this delay.

      1. Helen,

        Once I watched a documentary on Lee Kuan Yew. In one of the commentaries, it was mentioned that as Singapore was part of Malaysia then, Tunku hold more influence than Lee Kuan Yew.

        Lee Kuan Yew mentioned that Tunku like to remind people that he was the PM. He, according to LKY came with motorcade and great fanfare, pomp and pageantry.

        Why that become an issue? Is that not a protocol accorded to any PM?

        Or he could not accept it as he felt a Malay leader has more power than he is.

        How was Lee Kuan Yew treated when he arrived in function? Surely he was accorded protocol befitting his station as a head of government?

        FOR ALMOST ENTIRE CHINESE COMMUNITY, Malaysia is corrupt, weak, useless simply because it is ruled by Malays. As if it is sinful for Malaysia to be ruled by Malays (UMNO).

        It is sinful for Malays to rule. Their place are “rightly” places for kucing kurap.

        Ussualy what DAP accuses UMNO are actually what they (DAP leaders) are doing it themselves. Cronysm? Why Penang DAP Chairman was sidelined when DAP takes over Penang?

        Intolerance of criticism? How Guan Eng when he is questioned? Jahara, Penang DUN opposition leader asked Guan Eng why name Mazu is used to describe Pulau Jerejak. Guan Eng replied by calling her racist grandmother. JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION. State Dun assembly is the best place to reply.


        UMNO Election involved hundred of thousands of voters. The result is for the world to see. What about DAP election. Guan Eng blame computer for the mess.

        DAP leaders are monsters. Literally speaking. Only many dont realise it because they (DAP leaders) does not have total power.

  10. There is no justification for human beings to behave cruelly and surely every person must bear the retribution of his or her cruelty whether in this world or in the life hereafter.


    Tibetan Buddhists believe that by consciously chanting the prayer, “Om Mani Padme Hum” [The Jewel is in the Pure Lotus] audibly or silently to oneself, it invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Avalokiteshvara, the Boddhisattva embodiment of Universal Compassion.

  11. Such a beautiful country, free to move around day and night, bountiful of food its varieties, fresh fruits, vegetabkes, fishes and meat, we have the seas, the mountains and the forest and people of different shapes and colours around us .

    Why all the stress and hate?

    Apa lagi mau?

    1. re: “Apa lagi mau?”

      The people preaching the Gospel of Prosperity are already very round and prosperous. But Greedy people can never get enough.

      You ask “Apa lagi mau?” and they will ask back, “Apa lagi lu ada?”

      1. Helen,

        “apa lagi lu mau”.

        They want everything. I was once visiting my sister in Jelutong in 1990. The election result was announced few days before. DAP got the lion share of Chinese vote. But Tanjung 3 did not materialize as UMNO won 14 seats and effectively blocked DAP from achieving control.

        Looking at statistics where UMNO won 14 and both Gerakan and MCA did very miserably, anyone on this planet would think that it is expected UMNO to get the CM post.

        But Dr M( typical of good hearted Malay leader) still appointed Gerakan man to helm the state.

        My brother in law works in hotel industry. At that time his Thai friend was visiting him. He asked me why was so difficult to decide on CM post. He was surprise that UMNO was so willing to let go power legitimately won.

        I remember him saying that no point in being too nice as some people will never be thankful.

        How true was his assessment. Do chinese have feeling of grateful? Saying this alone will make me being accused as being racist. But do they really value friendship.

        In Perak where 30 seats on by BN are from UMNO and 1 solitary seat won by MCA, why on earth MCA is appointed one exco seat?

        WHAT I CONCLUDE is that these species must be firmly dealt with. Many of them “tidak bersyukur”.

        Teach MCA a lesson. No more need to save a party that is double face. I never heard MCA leaders saying or reminding CHinese that it is very dangerous political game to edge Malays out as they may end up(Chinese) everything.

        I never heard MCA saying to Chinese that they too need to moderate their demands in multi racial country. I never heard MCA saying that if Chinese politicians incite Chinese population to demand “Allah” be used by Christian then Malays too can demand vernacular schools be abolished.

        Many of my Chinese friends are uncomfortable with me as I told them that they are actually on firing line by supporting DAP. If they feel they can let DAP hide behind them to get at Malays, they too must understand they will first on firing line when malays get at DAP.

        1. re: “In Perak where 30 seats won by BN are from UMNO and 1 solitary seat won by MCA, why on earth MCA is appointed one exco seat?”

          More or less the same with Johor.

          re: “I never heard MCA saying to Chinese that they too need to moderate their demands in multi racial country.”

          Correct. If MCA was doing its job, the Chinese tsunami would not have happened. And DAP would not be receiving 90 percent Chinese support today.

          MCA should have taken the issues I’ve discussed in my blog – such as the en masse citizenship (1952 – 1.2 million Chinese, Merdeka – 800,000 Chinese), watikah pemashyuran kemerdekaan, Reid Commission papers on the church agenda, etc) to the Chinese public so that they understand the basic structure of our country and how the power-sharing had worked.

          But MCA doesn’t do that. Instead they allow their Gunting Dalam Lipatan The J-Star to scream that “some people” are racists-extremists-bigots and call rural voters “stupid” and incite anti-BN sentiments.

          re: “Teach MCA a lesson.”

          It’s more crucial than that. MCA’s seven MPs are not as dangerous as MCA’s Nest-of-Evangelistas media which is stabbing the BN in the back.

          I don’t see that Umno is willing to teach MCA a lesson. You all pro-establishment Malays will have to do this yourself.

          1. Helen,

            Muhyiddin recently said that Akta Hasutan should not be abolished. I am so relieve to heat that.

            This is a big thing. It sends message to Najib that UMNO is prepared not to obey him if UMNO feels Najib is wrong. Hats off to Muhyiddin for sending signal to Najib.

            THINGS TO DO

            Time to tell Malaysians the content of Constitution. It is the defining moment in Modern nation building. Cant our menteri Penerangan show in TV what exactly the provisions for Melayu, orang Sungai that are enshrined in Constitution ad tell why such provisions are there in the first place.

            Ignorance is not a bliss. Once I told my friends( Malays and Chinese) on the Constitution’

            “apa dia? You kata lebih 1 juta orang cina diberi kewraganegaraan bila merdeka. tak pernah dengar pun”.

            He who said the above mentioned comment was simply surprise. then I told him that if Malays(meaning UMNO) is racist, UMNO would not have agreed to mind boggling generosity that until today is a world record.

            And i notice that after knowing the information, he is less “hostile” towards malays.

            All this while, UMNO is not pro active. It does not show urgency to take bull by its horn. It takes the approach of evading the issue in the hope the issue will soon be forgotten.

            What it takes is genuine approach. tell the truth. tell point blank what exactly the Constitution says.


            Anwar claimed there were Bangladeshi voters in PRu13. Then he was caught lying, Anwar had the cheek to deny what he said.

            Show in TV what he said before election and on blackout gathering. and then show again and again how Anwar comfortably denied his own claim.

            ANWAR too said President of Turkey said he is better than Mandela. use diplomatic channel to get the response from Turkey. Let official response of Turkey be known to Malaysians. And Malaysians can see Anwar is again lying.


            UMNO and malays are attacked every day as the party that holds the influence, UMNO simply does not act. Respond and resond firmly.

            1. re: “Time to tell Malaysians the content of Constitution’. I fully agree what Shamshul wrote.

              Then go all out to get for young and old voters registration.

        2. ‘But Dr M( typical of good hearted Malay leader) still appointed Gerakan man to helm the state.’

          The 96% Cina, including those in Gerakkan and MCA would say the very act satisfy the bodoh Malays mantra!

  12. ‘What she did was highly principled, don’t you think?’

    What would be highly principled is for MCA and its leaders like CMF, is to upheld the Perlembagaan Persekutuan and never questions hak istimewa Melayu dan anak-anak Sabah & Sarawk, like the DAP did!

  13. The most profound thing about this is MCA is actually making a laughing stock off all other Malaysians, hey look at us the chinese with you or without you we a still benefiting suckers.

    Najib & Co…still kissing ass, just ask them MCA to merge with Dap and stop taking everyone else for a ride.

    I bet you everyone will be happy.

  14. I was told during my BTN in 2007 that one of MCA founder was the one who suggested to the British before the end of WWII to implement Malayan Union in Tanah Melayu.

    He was the one who cowardly escaped to India after Japanese occupation in Tanah Melayu yet had the guts to ask British to secure Chinese citizenship in Tanah Melayu through jus soli under Malayan Union.

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