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Nasib presiden yang sanggah parti

Umno guardian spirits frowning at Najib



Does anyone wanna make a shrewd guess as to what bombshell (or atomic bomb) the Tun is going to drop in his explosive speech that he has promised to deliver at the Perkasa gathering this Nov 23?

It looks like Najib Razak’s very expensive media advisors and image consultants will need to be working overtime.

His wasatiyyah is appearing to be deader than Dollah’s hadhari.

Salleh: “Only Umno can make itself irrelevant”

In relation to Najib’s theme of Moderation, SallehI’d like to address an article titled ‘Umno’s future is in the centre‘ by former Sabah Chief Minister Salleh Said Keruak (pix).

Salleh blogged yesterday that while the BN components want to move more to the centre, “Umno wants to move more to the right” as well as clarifying that within Umno itself, the PM wants to move more to the centre but others prefer to move more to the right.

This rightward drift is enabling Perkasa and Isma to take centrestage, Salleh wrote, adding that the right-wing groups “have an alarmingly high following”.

Salleh believes that for Umno to stay relevant and in power, the party would need “to move more to the centre”.

“No doubt the nationalists, Islamists, and so on, would not be happy with this. Some Malay nationalists feel that Umno’s future lies in the party being more Malay-centric,” he notes. Nonetheless Salleh disagrees with the Malay nationalists on this score. Extremists, whether on the right or left, do not make up the majority in Malaysian society, he avers. And hence in his belief, Umno’s future lies in the centre.

The Sabah Speaker concludes with the caution: “Umno ignores this fact at its own peril. The opposition cannot make Umno irrelevant. Only Umno can make itself irrelevant. And this should be what guides the Prime Minister and not the voice of those who want to see Malaysia return to the pre-1969 era.”
BELOW: Funeral street procession by opposition Chinese through KL on 9 May 1969
Perarakan mayat Lim Soon Seng, 9 Mei 1969
The deceased Lim Soon Seng was the Teoh Beng Hock of his times

The Mock Squad

About Najib Razak trying to move more to the centre, Salleh Said Keruak is correct. However the PM’s 1Malaysia has been torpedoed and sunk. Who else do we see, besides the Boss Man himself, who is willing to promote this cousin concept to PAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” and DAP’s “Malaysian First”?


And not only that, 1Malaysia has been mocked and scorned by DAP since Day One of its inception. We can take it that with the Dapsters, the formation of a Malaysian identity must be solely on the terms of their party and anything else (such as Najib’s 1Malaysia) which is outside DAP-framed Firstness will be spat upon and beaten up.

Ah Jib Gor palu gendang

Fate of Umno founder

About Umno wanting to move more to the right, Salleh is similarly correct. Nonetheless, the issue before us is whether the party chief can remain in his post when he is adamant on going in the opposite direction to his party’s wishes.

straitstimes Our New MalayaFrom history, we know that Umno president Dato’ Onn Ja’afar had to leave the very party he founded when he wanted to open up Umno to the other races but his resolution failed to be endorsed by party members.

And mind you, Dato’ Onn was someone greatly respected by the Malays and who commanded the personal loyalty of party strongmen such as Panglima Bukit Gantang and Dato Nik Ahmad Kamil. Nonetheless his career in Umno ended because he was not on the same page as his party grassroots.

Asri pemimpin bersongkok, bukan berserban

PAS president Mohd Asri Muda (pix) too resigned after he was heckled “murakbar” at his party October 1982 muktamar. Asri was the leader who took PAS into Tun Razak’s BN rainbow coalition and under his watch, the Kelantan PAS-Umno unity government was established.

Tan-Sri-Dato-Mohd-Asri-Haji-MudaBut due to the losses sustained by PAS in the April 1982 general election and the anti-Umno sentiments among members as well as the Kepimpinan Ulama ethos that had supplanted his own nationalistic credo, Asri was forced to leave the party.

People today tend to forget that PAS used to be even more Malay nationalist than Umno and in their Who’s Who gallery of nationalists was Asri’s immediate predecessor – Dr Burhanuddin Al-Helmi. Succeeding Asri as party president was Yusof Rawa, his deputy who was an ulama and responsible for setting PAS on its current theocratic trajectory.

Interestingly, Lim Chong Eu was another president who had to leave his party in 1960. Lim resigned from MCA not long after the 1959 general election and went on to form UDP and later Gerakan. His short stewardship of the party was tumultuous and Tunku was more than happy when Tan Siew Sin took over.


Thunderbolt heading Najib’s way

Coming back to Najib’s predicament, those in the party preferring to “move more to the right” include the Tun (call him Zeus), other Tuns, Tan Sris and power brokers and shadowy financiers.

Najib, guided by his unpopular Pemandu, is swimming against tide of the party. No individual is bigger than the collective in Malaysian politics, not even the great and beloved Dato’ Onn.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not bigger than Umno either. In 2006, he failed to be nominated as a party delegate to the Umno general assembly for his own division. Believe it or not, Dr M finished in 9th spot out of the 15 candidates vying for a total of 7 places to represent Kubang Pasu at the PAU.

The reason Tun’s voice can be so influential today is only because he is expressing the will of the Malay ground. As a doctor, he is trained to read the pulse. Umno members want Umno to be parti Melayu, not parti Anak Bangsa Malaysia led by a glocal president sporting a Chinese name and preaching global moderation.

Understand that Dr M is a gale force nine because he is riding on the storm that’s hitting Najib. Tun did not create the atmospheric forces that are whipping up the anti-Najib hurricane. Najib does that fine all by himself.


Najib benarkan maruah Melayu diinjak-injak

Salleh Said Keruok argues that for Umno to continue to be relevant, the party is required “to move more to the centre”.

Pardon me for saying but Salleh is a Sabah politician and his chapter of the party is the youngest. Umno Sabah was formed in 1991; Sabahans have missed out on 45 years of Umno’s earlier existence.

Najib No VotesBorneo and peninsula politics are just not the same. Sarawak, for example, bars the entry of Ibrahim Ali and a host of other politikus-politikus Semenanjung into their state.

Now let us examine Salleh’s argument that “the nationalists, Islamists, and so on” would be unhappy with the centrist direction in which Ah Jib Gor is taking Umno.

My dear sir, would you prefer that Najib make the globalists/internationalists/Sino-centrists and the Christians happy? And make the Perkasa and Isma crowd unhappy instead?

At the end of the day, it is the nationalists and the Islamists and the “so on” that pangkah dacing on polling day. Unhappy nationalists and Islamists means BN getting even fewer votes. For the Umno president to alienate his own party constituency is an act of harakiri.

Furthermore, I fear that if Umno does not redeem its nationalist credentials, the members will revolt.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib’s ear

How should the PM be guided then?

Salleh Said Keruok advises that Najib should not be listening to “those who want to see Malaysia return to the pre-1969 era”.

For the sake of argument, I shall assume that by his cryptic remark about “pre-1969”, Salleh is referring to the Harun Idris-type of politics.

I’m not someone who has any memory of the May 13 experience but the last few years of the DAP’s ascendancy has certainly allowed me to imagine how provocative the Chinese would have been in May 1969 – telling the Malays to balik kampung, tanam jagung and calling them “low class”.


Why is Umno perceived as weak?

Umno has 88 Parliament seats and the DAP 37 (after its recent loss of Teluk Intan in a by-election). Yet Umno does not act like it’s 88 whereas the DAP is charging about like a bull in the China shop.

Recently Dr Mahathir lamented: “What has happened to Umno? It seems weak and not able to recover to rule Selangor again.”

For the first time in Malaysian history, Umno has lost Selangor and for two consecutive terms. Losing Malaysia’s most developed state has relegated Umno to become a “kampung party” and allowed the DAP, with some help from PKR and PAS, to exercise a thorough control over the towns.

On the implications, please read ‘Pakatan menguasai 88 peratus kerusi bandar‘.

BN’s hold on Putrajaya is becoming increasingly untenable without wresting Selangor back.

BELOW: In 1969, Gerakan was an opposition party

May1969 Selangor election

Clock is ticking on Umno’s seventh president

In our present political calculus, moderation simply will not work.

You can only be moderate if you’re dealing with rational and reasonable people. The DAP supporters are neither. They’re Bintang Lima (evangelistas) who have evidently inherited the saka of the Bintang Tiga (communist guerrillas).

Najib has been premier for more than 5-and-1/2 years. We’ve witnessed how his offering of olive branch to the non-Malay opposition has not been reciprocated. His efforts at reconciliation are rebuffed as well.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein


President who is not in sync with party

The Umno divisions almost unanimously want the Sedition Act retained. This indicates that Umno is on the backfoot. You can infer that Umno is being defensive because they are constantly under attack. An opponent who never ceases to attack and refuses to parley is far from “moderate”.

Attempting the moderation approach with the DAP is like inviting Chin Peng for weekly Teh & Karipap at Seri Perdana.

The biggest threat to Umno is not Anwar or PAS or PKR nor DAP. It is the Malay electorate who are getting very fed-up with the Umno president.

Instead of fighting his political enemies, Najib is fighting his own party. Umno wants the Sedition Act to stay. So does deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin. So do the Umno totems. This is just one example of how Najib is not in concert with Umno.

There is a saying: Let the punishment fit the crime.

In the case of BN politics, Umno’s approach must be tailored to suit the opponent it is confronted with. The Yahudi Yeohs do not understand the language of wasatiyyah. Therefore Najib’s moderation is wasted on them.


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36 thoughts on “Nasib presiden yang sanggah parti

  1. Helen what you said to that they the Yahudi Yeos don’t understand the merge language tepat sekali bukan nya mudah dan bukan nya payah pun anda pernah nak faham… to catch up with bahawa puak komunis juga bergerak di bandar…. masa kan tempua bersarang rendah kerana pernah bibit-bibit…maka former KPN menjadi mangsa pembunuhan..

  2. Ms H. I was standinig right in the middle of the noisy drum beating demonstration along Foch Avenue, (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock) Kuala Lumpur in May 1969.

    The raucouse crowds of lean mahogany skinned gangsters in 555 singlets maybe from Singapore too, have now been replaced by rotund, fair-skinned middle class types in expensive T shirts. Are the masters the same ?

  3. The writing is on the wall for Arghh Jybb Boeing (how many trips abroad he made this year?), he has to go….

  4. Ms H. It is the irony of all ironies that special Acts for the protection and well being of the ruling elite since 1948 were repealed in a jiffy.

    The ISA is better than any armoured Mercedes or BMW which takes up to 3 years to produce. And now we have our top elites un-protected and NAKED. I do not understand why in this instance, the elites do not ape the Republic of Singapore which not only has the ISA intact but also a humongous balloon up as well.

      1. Are they really just his advisers or are they a new form of British Residents?

        Or are they tailors weaving advice that is incomprehensible to us stupid, lowly rakyat?

  5. re, nonetheless, the issue before us, whether the party chief can remain at his post, when he is adamant of going opposite direction of his party wishes.


    I doubt that we still have the same UMNO as we used to, probably Najib knows this, and that why he dare going opposite of perjuangan UMNO.

    Said Keruak are just one of Najib feeder to get the Message to the floor to say that what Najib is doing are right thing to do for betterment of UMNO, the Najib way.

  6. Well, despite preaching love, love & more love than one can express for Valentine’s Day a lifetime over, the “moderates” are spreading their “new found religion” with reckless abandon. In fact, they’re practically shoving it down our throats, even taking up whole page adverts in their own dailies.

    How loving are WCW’s retort? Especially the part on his “right”?

    Oh, and Niki decided to polish the apple that’s his boss too on Twitter.

    1. Mooheeeeedeeeen as PM, Zahid the pirate as DPM, Rosmah as Finance Minister, Ibrahim Ali as Home Minister, and Abdullah Zaik of ISMA as Education Minster.

      Is that what you want?

      And then what????

      Think long term asshole.

      1. As opposed to what? Anwar the sodomizer? The acid tongued Kit Siang? The womanising & press banning Guan Eng? Or perhaps your namesake MB who’s supporting both Langat 2 & Kidex?

        I’m sure we can appoint gentlemen like Ng Wei Aik or Superman to be the home minister or perhaps former MCA converted & reborn DAP MP of Serdang as the Youth & Sports or Health Minister since “the correct way to address me is Dr”?

        What about the “I’m Malay & Muslim” Ross Lim a.k.a Zairil a.k.a Ridhuan Tee wanna be as our moral enforcing minister? Or First Lady Speaker as our Food & Rat Catching Minister? Heck, thats not even an exhaustive list. I could go on & on. Don’t even get me started on PAS’ prospects.

        That’s your long term.

        Btw, make sure you kiss your mum tonight since she raised you well enough to allow you the use of such colorful language.

  7. Theoretically Said Keruak kata itu ada kunci kata nya, tapi natijah nya Najib adakah formula dengan meletakan GMM J’Star sebagai juru nilai yang tak bertauliah untuk melanggar puak Isma yang ketinggian ilmu Islam non extremist tu yang mana puak agamawan kerajaan pun tak mampu dan sanggup sanggah except si KJ …adakah kerja zumba nya dan merasmi pelancaran buku puak evengelist itu tak akan kemana pun dan mampu bawa undi…caya la….

  8. Ms Helen Ang….

    1.Who initiate Ah Gib gor name….. is it Wong Chun Wai or Al Gore sound like familiar and similar

    How much has been paid for the service… since we know how generous our pm rewarding his ad”vice”sor.

    2.Who insist that ISA to be abolished? Is it the majority of the rakyat, Umno members, the over all Malay communities or only the evangelista DAP through their proxy of PR.

    Even Singapore, South Africa or USA still maintain their type of ISA.

    Now how to act against the conspirator of the secession of Sabah and Sarawak out of federation of Malaysia. They are now incite hatred against the federal goverment and people of Semenanjung especially UMNO and BN. Without ISA there’s no more EO. No more preventive measure and police can only act after the crime was commited.

    But Ah Gib Gor did stated that “ISA abolished because it didn’t help politically”.

    3.Did the majority of the rakyat wanted the Sedition act be removed?

    Did Muslim fundamentalist (Muslim yang mengamalkan Islam sebenar) so extremist that it need to be propagated to become more moderate and liberal or Islam hadhari by the previous PM, so who is the propagators.

    So why the pillars of the nation that made Malaysia standing tall be demolished just for the sake of transformation. What about our constitution, our Rukun Negara, national anthem, national flags will it be revised too?

    4.What the majority rakyat want?

    Ah Gib gore can browse through comments and suggestion put by the rakyat through his very own Laman Web Bajet 2015 (#Bajet2015) and instruct his highly paid consultant and PEMANDU to tackle the issue raised. and also don’t ignore comment put by readers from the pro BN, UMNO or anti PR blogs. So many issues unanswered.

    5.Looking at the situation now, i doubt it if Ah Gib gor will listen to grassroot grouses. So someone, somewhere and somehow must start the ball rolling for the good of the nation

    1. Butikul Nang,

      The ball already starts rolling. And the person who rolls the ball is none other than Muhyiddin.

      Muhyiddin said Sedition act must stay. As Muhyiddin is no 2 man, his stature dictates that Najib is unable to abolish Sedition act without support from his very own deputy.

      As a face saving gesture, Najib said that Sedition act will be discussed in UMNO General assembly. That is as good as saying Sedition act will stay. FOR THE TIME BEING.

  9. Azmin Ali will be PM. The next tsunami will be will shake the entire country. We deserve our own Jokowi.

    Bangkit rakyat!

      1. .

        how can u compare macai azmin with Jokowi. J is a humble

        guy. the macai was living beyond his means before being exco he

        was photographed with a ferari at his home

  10. Those who live in glass houses dare not throw stones. Rumah berkecai payah hidup nanti.

    Unlike Perkasa and Isma, many probably from very humble beginnings, kesederhanaan hidup bersandarkan Al~Quran dan Sunnah, evenif you throw bricks or iron blocks, rumah mereka tak mudah bergoyang tetap akan berdiri teguh.

    Dengan keistimewaan tersebut Perkasa and Isma tegas dan berani tampil hadapan demi mempertahankan negara, bangsa dan Agama yang sedang rancak dirogol penjelma2 dari langit.

  11. re: “People today tend to forget that PAS used to be even more Malay nationalist than UMNO and in their Who’s Who gallery of nationalists was Asri’s immediate predecessor – Dr. Burhanuddin Al-Helmi. Succeeding Asri as party president was Yusof Rawa, his deputy who was an ulama and responsible for setting PAS on its current theocratic trajectory.”

    Yusuf Rawa was from Penang. He was not educated as a traditional Malay ulama such as Tok Kenali and Tokku Paloh. He went through English stream schooling in Penang and his Islamic knowledge was gained in Mecca under the Saudi-Wahhabi administration.

    After taking charge of PAS in 1983 he steered the party away from Malay nationalism and introduced significant changes to the party’s internal structure, including the position of “Spiritual Leader”, of which he was the first occupant.

    His leadership style has been described as “fiery and outspoken”

    Yusuf Rawa, Fadzil Noor and Hadi Awang are all proponents of the political Islamism of Syed Qutb – the father of modern Islamic radicalism and inspiration of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and their breakaway faction ISIS.

    The Sheikhul Azhar had deemed Syed Qutb a heretic for his disingenuous syncretism of Islamic elements to justify offensive jihads to establish Islamic governance according to his understanding. Syed Qutb was also not trained in the classical scholarship of the Muslim ulama. And Allah knows best the truth of all things.

    1. Keris,

      Just wanna ask your opinion. Do you reckon the subject of the interregnum (my next posting on Form 5 textbook content) is age appropriate?

      I don’t think even many Malaysian adults – parents of the students – are aware of what took place during that dark period. What is the level of maturity of 17-18 year olds for them to be able to benefit from exposure to the Dato Onn play? Or is it just confusing and over their heads?

      Personally, I should think that some amount of historical knowledge is required to appreciate the Dato’ Onn play. However, the text was set for BM paper, Sastera component, and not for History paper.

      1. Helen,

        Wise men said ignorance is not a bliss. To keep extremism at bay, we(Government, UMNO, rakyat, NGOs) must accept reality.

        Tell the history as it is. There is nothing to be embarassed or uncomfortable with. until we are willing to face reality, we will be taken for a ride by useless politicians like Kit siang, Guan eng or good for nothing Hannah yeoh.

        Use technology to enlighten us. How about making documentaries say from old Hindu kingdoms to coming of islam to development of Sultanate of Malacca to Portuegese invasion to dutch and British intervention to migration of non malays from china and india.

        We can add on to Japanese invasion to chaos after Japanese surrender to Malayan union to creation of Federation of Malay States in 1948 to first election in 1955 to full independence.

        And one topic deserves special mention is constitution, right and privileges of Bumiputeras and Raja raja melayu, islam.

        How about showing it twice a week at prime time for all to watch in TV1, TV2, as an example.

        I mentioned earlier how startled some of my friends were when I told them on a Chinese procession right in the middle of Kg Baru just before racial clash took place. All of them said they never heard about this.

        From the facial expression I can see that once confident tones that May 13 is UMNO’s doing suddenly watered down.

        The biggest mistake that UMNO can do is to allow DAP to tell Malaysian history. Knowing DAP, it takes no genius to realise how “skewed: its version is.

        1. re: “All of them said they never heard about this.”


          The 1945 Batu Pahat Sino-Malay killings are even more unknown to a vast majority of Malaysians, I suspect.

        2. Concur the idea.
          However there must be a financier.
          Perhaps the govt must buy this idea and refunnel the funding for the ineffective programs

          1. Insaf.

            Worth the investment. the “ROI” will be good. Telling the truth will take away the limelight from racist DAP.

            what is Najib’s own KPI? BN under his leadership(if he has any) fared worse than that of Abdullah Badawi. He spent so much on a race(Chinese) who has no qualm in rejecting him entirely.

      2. Information is not equal to knowledge. Every human transmission of knowledge has three main components: (1) the teacher and his mastery (2) the substance of the teaching, and (3) the preparedness of the student.
        Just as inadequate knowledge could be a dangerous thing, vast information of undigested information would be just as confusing and harmful to the soul.

        1. I wish those in the teaching profession or connected to it through family members would enlighten us on the level of maturity of our Fifth Formers.

          I feel that in order to understand Batu Pahat 1945 requires background knowledge in other aspects. The bloodletting erupted due to the convergence of several deep-seated factors (the big picture).

          1. I have some family members in teaching profession and these days it seems that the 5th Formers are waaaaaay more matured. Some of the things happening in our school will shock most of us. We have secondary school students who refuse to sing Negaraku because they hate BN so much thanks to the hate campaign of the Red Beanies. If we don’t teach them the real history these kids might end up believing Mkini and MI version of Malaysian history.

            1. re: “these kids might end up believing Mkini and MI version of Malaysian history”

              They already do. Najib has not defended Tun Razak’s reputation from the Dapster slander.

              1. Helen,

                Nazir said that “DEB” has been “bastardized”. Coming from the very own son of a man who initiated DEB is tantamount to urinating a father’s grave.

  12. wasatiyah? UMNO.?.. DAP is even making fun of kawan sebantal PAS’ Bahalul Siasia.. oops.. i mean tahaluf siyasi..

  13. ….

    (( Loceng Amaran!! ))- Selepas Penjarakan Anwar. UMNO Bersiap Sedia Untuk PENJARAKAN Azmin Dan Wan Azizah Pula!!!??

    Dakwaan BerNiat Jahat – Dakwa, Saman, Tangguh 90x. Peguam BODOH!!! ??

    Sumber Berita

    >> Klik Di Sini <<


    Agenda Jahat UMNO – UMNO Mahu Musnahkan Perpaduan PR Utk Terus BKUASA!


    Generasi lama, generasi muda dan generasi baru perlu berhati2 dgn tektik UMNO sekarang yg menggunakan media mereka..

    Matlamat mereka hanya satu… Mahu kekal berkuasa…

    Oleh itu, mereka perlu memastikan Pakatan Rakyat berpecah agar rakyat sudah tidak percaya kpd Pakatan Rakyat lg.. ( Konon nya lah )

    Jadi di bawah adalah tektik mereka yg dianggap berkesan… ( Konon nya lah )

    1. UMNO akan cuba habis2an agar PAS keluar dr PR… Semua cerita mereka palsu belaka..

    2. UMNO akan menggunakan Anwar habis2an sbg liabiliti PKR… Sebenarnya mereka takut dgn kekuatan Anwar..

    3. UMNO yg sudah hilang pengundi Cina, akan melabel DAP mcm2… Jahat mereka tak sedar, nak kata DAP pulak jahat…

    Jadi, sy mohon sgt, jgn mudah percaya dan tertipu dgn permainan jahat mereka…

    Tolong ye :-)

    Sumber Berita

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    Perjuangan Puteri UMNO BUSUK HINGGA KE USUS – DR.M

    Perjuangan Puteri UMNO BUSUK HINGGA KE USUS – DR.M

    Perjuangan Puteri UMNO BUSUK HINGGA KE USUS – DR.M

  14. The era of government knows best has ended – 2009, ..yes Sir we agree …but are we now in the era of government knows nothing? ..correct it Sir, ..before its too late…

    You, ..appointed your ministers in prime minister department, many of them again, Sir? …they appointed their deputies, …who then appointed the Pemandu,..that then appointed consultants,..

    Just curious, the consultant sub out the writing of papers, analysis and reports? …maybe we can make some side income…

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