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My Sabah question for Minister Rahman Dahlan

Cabinet minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan tweeted: “Lim Kit Siang is dead silent on oppo’s GE13 campaign in Sabah that ‘one vote for BN means one bible will be burnt’.”

What I’d like to ask Rahman as a Sabah Parliamentarian is whether there is a backlash in his state against the provocation (and other agitations) by the Christians who have been instigated by the DAP evangelistas. My own suspicion is yes.

If you recall Newton’s Third Law of Motion, it says: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, DAP has been actively inciting the native Christians in Sarawak and it looks like they’ve carried over their mischief to Sabah. It is certainly possible that besieged Muslims have responded by closing ranks in the name of ummah solidarity.

There are telling indications of this defensive reaction by Muslims which can be observed in Sabah’s GE13 results – ref. table below and my analysis a few scrolls down.

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Note: The table I’ve prepared above shows the Parliament seats in Sabah through four general elections from 1999 to 2013. The last constituency delineation exercise had increased Sabah’s seats in the Dewan Rakyat from 20 in 1999 to 25 in 2004. The new seats in GE11 were Sepanggar, Kimanis, Pensiangan, Batu Sapi and Kalabakan.

The pairs of candidate names in each seat are the GE13 winners and their closest contender. The figures listed under the ‘2008’, ‘2004’ and ‘1999’ columns refer to percentage of votes obtained by the winning candidate – unnamed in table – and his closest finisher in the three election series GE10-GE12. These percentages are calculated against the total number of registered voters in the constituency.

Sabah Muslims respond to DAP Christian thrust

Umno Sabah’s Parliament candidates did even better in 2013 than in 2008. Could one of the reasons be – as Rahman has pointed out in his tweet (see above) – the DAP’s provocative 24/7 continuous election campaigning that is making Muslims angry?

Since Umno is the alif ba ta “Untuk Agama, Bangsa dan Negara” party, it stands to reason that those who voted for Umno on 5 May 2013 will be generally receptive to the pro-Islam agenda. And logically, BN voters comprise a large segment of the Sabah Muslim electorate.

According to the 2010 census, 65.4 percent of Sabah’s 3.2 million population are Muslim while 26.6 percent are Christian.

DAP had earlier succeeded in reaping a bountiful harvest of Christian votes in Sarawak – the state with the most number and highest percentage (42.6%) of Christians in Malaysia. Buoyed by their success in the 2011 Sarawak state election, the DAP evangelistas strategized a repeat performance in Sabah through a similar exploitation of Christian sensitive issues and promoting the cult of victimhood.

So did the evangelistas succeed in reprising their manipulation of Christianity for the DAP’s GE13 campaign in Sabah? My following discussion highlights the ways in which the Sabah election results replicate the peninsula trend.

Politics of Hate & Hypocrisy


Solid Chinese support for DAP

Just like their peninsula cousins, the Sabah Chinese are backing DAP almost to the hilt.

Kota Kinabalu is the Parliament seat in Sabah with the highest concentration (70.3%) of Chinese voters. It was still held by BN in 1999 and 2004 but snatched by DAP in 2008.

In 2013, DAP successfully retained Kota Kinabalu which they’d gained four years earlier. This time in GE13, Jimmy Wong Sze Phin won in style with a whopping majority of 18,959 votes. Previously in 2008, Jimmy’s DAP predecessor Hiew King Chiew garnered only a slim majority of 106 due to PKR refusing to withdraw their nomination and hence both opposition parties ended up vying for the same ABU crowd.

DAP’s conquest of the state capital was the second biggest winning margin in the state and only exceeded by the 20,905 vote-majority in Semporna. Umno vice president Mohd Shafie Apdal’s commanding victory and 61.5% support – the highest in Sabah – made him the star performer of his party.


Similarly anti-PAS and averse to Islamists

Another big town Sandakan, where more than half (53.5%) the voters are Chinese, also fell to DAP in 2013. Sandakan incumbent Liew Vui Keong, who was a BN deputy minister in the federal cabinet, lost to DAP’s Wong Tien Fatt upon the Chinese tsunami reaching Sabah shores.

Mary Yap and Linda Tsen, both PBS, are Sabah’s other Chinese BN Parliamentarians.

The BN parties in Sabah are Umno, PBS, Upko, PBRS and LDP. In the last election, Chinese component LDP failed to win the sole Parliament seat it contested. LDP nonetheless managed to win 3 out of their 4 state seats (much better than MCA, lah).

Mary had defeated a PAS Malay while Linda beat a PKR Chinese.

Mary’s constituency has 37.8 percent Chinese voters. Evidently quite many of them didn’t fancy the Islamist party. Linda’s constituency has 33.4 percent Chinese voters. We have to wonder how these two BN Chinese women would have fared had their opponents been DAP Chinese as well.


Spectacular toppling of BN’s veteran Christian politician

Christians are all the time told that their community is being “terrorized” by “religious and racial bigots”.

Upko president Bernard Dompok was the biggest casualty of the ensuing Christian malcontent. Dompok has been a Member of Parliament dating from the time when the British North Borneo Company administered the state (that would be the 1880s). Jokes aside, he was MP Kinabalu in 1999, MP Ranau in 2004 and MP Penampang in 2008.

Unfortunately for him, he had to stand his ground in Penampang which has 32.3 percent Chinese voters (ouch!) and 59.6 percent native Sabahans, with the Kadazandusun-Murut Christians forming the irate majority there.

Dompok lost Penampang to a PKR Christian newcomer by 10,216 votes. That was a very emphatic loss. As a BN representative who is Christian – but alas, walking on the Dark Side in the company of Evil – Dompok suffered the ire of his co-religionists.

BELOW: Ibrahim Ali became the subject of Bible Burning poster illustration by pro-opposition portal The Nut Graph

ibrahimali burn bible

Was this heard at DAP campaigns? – “One vote for BN means one bible will be burnt”

Another Christian stalwart Joseph Pairin Kitingan, the Huguan Siou cum PBS president, saw a reduction of support for him in the KDM heartland.

In 2008, Pairin won Keningau with 41.0 percent support from the total registered voters.

Keningau voters are 82 percent pribumi, out of which 70 percent are Christian natives. In 2013 however, Pairin’s level of support in his own traditional stronghold dropped to 36.2 percent. There was even a possibility that he could have lost Keningau if it had been a straight fight instead of three-cornered and causing the opposition votes to split between PKR and his brother Jeffrey’s STAR.

Admittedly there could be other endemic reasons accounting for Pairin’s waning influence but nonetheless we should not discount the Christian-Muslim friction as one contributing factor.


ABOVE: An annoyed Archbishop Bolly Lapok asks, “How Jais had the audacity to do what it did to Bible Society Malaysia which resulted in the arrest of its two officials, seizure of 320 copies of Al-Kitab and 10 copies of Bup Kudus (Iban Bible) is baffling”.

Umno Sabah’s splendid outing

Umno contested 14 Parliament seats in Sabah and made a clean sweep of it – a perfect score sheet.

In terms of success rate, Umno Sabah outperformed Umno Johor which contested 17 seats and won 15. In contrast, Umno Selangor contested 10 seats and won 4.

Thus Umno Sabah’s 14 MPs now form the second biggest bloc within the Malay party behind Umno Johor’s 15.

Did the Christian belligerence influence Muslim voters in Sabah just like it did Malay voters in the peninsula?

Ponder on the fact that every single one of the Umno MPs – with the exception of one – who defended their seats performed better in GE13 than they did in GE12.

Umat Islam bangkit

Comparison between 2008 and 2013 Umno results in Sabah

All the Umno MPs listed below were the incumbents.


The electorate in Kudat comprises Muslim pribumi 47 percent and non-Muslim pribumi 40 percent.

Abdul Rahim Bakri received 44.5% support from the total registered voters in 2008. His level of support went up to 46.3% in 2013, and his majority increased from 9,895 votes in 2008 to 12,376 votes in 2013.

Kota Belud 

  • Muslim pribumi 59%, non-Muslim pribumi 39%
  • Abdul Rahman Dahlan
  • Support level: 41.4% (GE12) 42.3% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 3,020 votes
    • GE13 – 5,095 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 60%, non-Muslim pribumi 30%
  • Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin
  • Support level: 47.6% (GE12) 54.7% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 9,574 votes
    • GE13 – 10,535 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 60%, non-Muslim pribumi 34%
  • Anifah Aman
  • Support level: 46.1% (GE12)  51.7% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 5,453 votes
    • GE13 – 5,723 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 58%, non-Muslim pribumi 36%
  • Sapawi Amat Wasali
  • Support level: 49.3% (GE12)  56.1% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 6,146 votes
    • GE13 – 9,469 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 40%, non-Muslim pribumi 56%
  • Ronald Kiandee – a Christian
  • Support level: 37.0% (GE12) 53.4% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 4,352 votes
    • GE13 – 9,988 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 57%, non-Muslim pribumi 15%
  • Juslie bin Ajirol
  • Support level: 43.5% (GE12) 49.2% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 7,529 votes
    • GE13 – 11,586 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 42%, non-Muslim pribumi 52%
  • Bung Moktar Radin
  • Support level: 43.5% (GE12) 54.1% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 6,326 votes
    • GE13 – 9,731 votes


  • Muslim pribumi 42%, non-Muslim pribumi 52%
  • Mohd Shafie Apdal
  • Support level: 55.1% (GE12) 61.5% (GE13)
  • Majority:
    • GE12 – 17,462 votes
    • GE13 – 20,905 votes

The Sabah Umno MPs above had all obtained higher levels of support and bigger majorities in their areas which have a significant Muslim electorate.

While the shift in the Sabah general election outcome may not be as striking as Selangor’s, still, these results hint that a Malay uprising is likely to hit our country the next round, after the Indian makkal sakti wave of GE12 and the Chinese tsunami of GE13. After all, the Muslims deserve  their turn too, right?

But they will make a police report against you if you mistake them to be Muslim


Other Umno Sabah Parliament seats and their outcome

Kalabakan was won uncontested by Abdul Ghapur Salleh in 2008, so a comparison cannot be made with 2013 where he retained the seat.

Tenom is the seat held for three terms (2004 to present) by Raime bin Unggi. He is the only Umno incumbent who did not improve on his performance. Raime’s level of support dropped from 45.7 percent to 38.6 percent while his 6,883-vote majority in 2008 was reduced to 3,886 votes in 2013.

Silam in 2013 was won by Nasrun Mansur who replaced his Umno colleague, the non-performing incumbent Salleh Kalbi.

Sepanggar was won by Umno’s Jumat bin Idris in 2013. The seat was won in 2008 by BN’s Eric Majimbun whose party SAPP has left the coalition. The level of support for BN remained stable despite the change of candidate and the particular BN coalition component he represented. In GE12, SAPP-BN received 43.0 percent support in Sepanggar while in GE13, Umno-BN received 42.8 percent.

Beaufort was won by Umno’s Azizah Mohd Dun in 2013. The seat was won by Lajim Ukin in 2008. Azizah’s level of support at 42.6 percent is a decrease from the 55.2 percent received by Lajim. Nonetheless, Lajim’s defection to PKR did not cost BN the seat as he failed to defend Beaufort in GE13 when contesting under the opposition banner. Lajim’s flop signals that voter loyalty is to the party and not to the individual.

Overall, the performance of Umno Sabah has been sterling. Whereas their Chinese and Christian colleagues in the BN were flailing – for example, PBS senior politician Johnity Maximus Ongkili saw his majority in Kota Marudu reduced from 4,198 to 842 votes – the majority of the Umno Sabah candidates gave a strong showing.

If we’re agreed that the BN Chinese and Christian politicians were punished by voters due to race and religion sentiments, is it then any stretch of the imagination to believe that the same elements of race and religion worked to Umno’s favour?

DAP spreading hate? “One vote for BN means one bible will be burnt”(?)


Forecasting the future

Sabahans are more eclectic in their sense of identity than those of us living in the peninsula. Their politicians, for instance, have mixed names such as Jonathan bin Yasin, James bin Miki and Ramle Bin Dua @ Ramli Dua Lee (all from PKR), suggesting that folks in Sabah have not been as rigid as folks in the peninsula when it comes to blurring signifiers of race and religion.

Sabah and Sarawak were doing fine until the DAP evangelistas crossed the South China Sea to pay them a visit and bearing gifts of J-Juice.

BorneoIt is my contention that the political shenanigans of the evangelical Christian have impacted on the way that the Muslim Sabahans voted in GE13. Umno Sabah is propelled by Muslim angst to its current superlative position vis-a-vis their beleaguered BN partners who have been knocked over like bowling pins.

Actually, come to think about it, Umno Sabah’s 14 MPs is double the number of MCA’s seven MPs.

Returning to my question posed to YB Kota Belud, he would know better whether my suspicion about the Muslim backlash holds water or not. This, I believe, is the action of the Malay grassroots pushing up and not Umno’s elite leadership dictating from top down.

The Umno president is deaf (pekak badak). Rahman Dahlan being younger ought to have better hearing. Please listen to the tectonic plates moving, Datuk. If DAP did incite “one vote for BN means one bible will be burnt” (I’m inclined to believe the DAP could have campaigned so), then they’re clearly going for broke.

Nothing, not the Sedition Act nor anything else, can stop the DAP from continuing with their fitnah.


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9 thoughts on “My Sabah question for Minister Rahman Dahlan

  1. Sabah lain sikit Cik Helen,

    No security means Apek cannot cari makan wan there. DAP can spew whatever they like but if they cannot guarantee security to the people there might as well not go kacau2 ma!

    Like Eng Guan nasihat “orang luar jgn masuk kacau2 the religous harmony enjoyed all these years” by the Sabahans. Sana tak boleh dok eksyen2 sangat. Esp where religion is concerned, locals takde masalah tapi the Sulawesi Indons some are religous fanatics. Pi sana duk mengapu pasai Agama, nanti kena ambush on your way mayak susah. Eyes are everywhere. Your own workers, garderner or housemaid may well be one of their relatives..

    “Their relatives” tu tau tak? Yang security forces dok awasi sekarang tu satu puak. Puak pirates for money big big money. Sulawasi Indons kalau silap merepet pasai Agama Islam buruk padahnya. So bukan sekadar berhadapan dengan BN saja ya..

  2. Sabah and Sarawak leadership are more articulate than liberal tak apa najib in engaging the onslaught of dapsters and pkr ilk. there have been numerous time these perpetrators were barred from entering borneo states. that is the only way to teach these viruses and show them who’s the boss. if they are to be uncheck, they will roam around freely to spit venomous virus which have the tendency to become cancer. like what happed in semenanjung now.

  3. I agree with you 100% on your analysis. In fact when I was analysing the GE13 result, I was shocked by the results in Sabah. I don’t mean the wins by PR by the % of votes PR received even when they lost. They have made big gains in many areas and only lost marginally in some cases.

    In fact at that time, I was thinking that the biggest danger for BN is not in Peninsular for GE14 but in Sabah. This is because PR already maximized their gains since they received 90 to 95% of the Chinese support. However in Sabah, PR can only get stronger.

    When I analysed the results in detail, I found out that these are areas with significant Christian voters. These gains cannot be due to local factors as PR was in disarray before the GE13 in Sabah due to state level leadership squabbles. So the only reason could be the religious issue which DAP milked to the max.

    I still think that in GE14 the biggest danger for BN is Sabah and perhaps Sarawak. That will be the battleground. You can see that DAP has started the agitation there with LKS and the Golden Girl Princess Dyana paying regular visits.

  4. The case of the “Sabah Pastor” Maklin Masiau who had his CDs and Books with “Allah” held by Customs in KLIA2 is mighty suspicious. Even if it is not a set-up job to embarrass Federal Govt and to incite hatred among Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, it is highly avoidable and logically should have been avoided.

    1) Did you know that the “Sabah Pastor” Maklin Masiau actually contested against BN in GE13 under the STAR party for the Sabah DUN seat of Pitas?

    Yes, Sabah pastor iMaklin Masai s an OPPOSITION politician. A fact not mentioned in all the news articles any by Pakatan leaders.

    The STAR party is lead by the famous Jeffrey Kitingan who previously was detained under ISA for trying to take Sabah out of Malaysia.. Jeffrey was also the VP for PKR but resigned in 28 October 2009.

    Jeffrey also contested in GE13 under the STAR party against BN but lost to his brother in the Kenigau MP seat but managed to win the DUN seat of Bingkor against BN.

    Even if they are not pro-Pakatan, they are certainly anti-BN.

    2) Maklin Masai flew in on AirAsia from Medan, Indonesia and was at KLIA2 on transit to Kota Kinabalu. Because he was on AirAsia, his luggage needed to be checkout when he arrived in KLIA2 and then rechecked in for his flight to KK.

    He could easily have booked MAS and his luggage from Medan would have simply made it all the way to KK without the hassle of checking out and checking in 6 large boxes of 574 books (133 titles), 419 CDs and five DVDs as his luggage would be handled in transit by MAS and KLIA – so much hassle avoided.

    Do you think it is easy to handle six large boxes of heavy books and CDs in and out of the check-out baggage carousels and check-in counters and having to weigh them again to ascertain overweight baggage fees?

    The flight from Medan to KK on MAS is only about RM100 difference from AirAsia (with extra baggage costs, the differences could be a lot less).

    Here was a pastor who paid RM10,000 for these as gifts to his church for Christmas but cannot pay RM100 extra to avoid the extra hassle and potential problems?

    And to save all this hassle and complications AND save lots of money , why didn’t he arrange to have those 6 large shipped over via courier or transport companies? There is still almost 2 months to Christmas and I am sure there is still plenty of time.

    3) Maklin also appears to have made inconsistent and suspicious statements that aroused the interest of the customs officer. The Home Ministry had issued a statement that “Initially, the bearer (Maklin) said the materials were for his personal use but he later said they were for use in a church in Sabah,”

    If you were a customs officer, you would have checked the contents. If you did not, you would not have been doing your job properly.If you check in and out hundreds of CDs at any customs points in the world, you would have trouble. Try doing that in Australia , the USA or Europe and see.

    Read more on this possible “set-up” job:

    Sabah Pastor Maklin FB:

    Home Ministry statement:

    Malaysians must always guard against people and politicians trying to incite anger in order to divide us for their political benefit. These people can be considered traitors to Malaysia.

    lim sian see.

  5. Speaker Salleh Said Keruak, trusted key warlord to Sabah CM Musa Aman has given warning that UMNO game of pandering to right-wing conservatives like Perkasa, ISMA is leading it to irrelevance.

    As it is, Rahman Dahlan is a protege of Salleh Said Keruak in Kota Belud and his survival is linked to support from Sabah CM camp.
    Sabah UMNO is just able to hold the fort in GE13 through their aggressive grassroots machinery and funds, especially utilizing Khazanah as well to reinforce all key local stakeholders at the final stretches of the campaigns then.

    But hardline UMNO-friendly Perkasa, ISMA campaigns against Christians are causing a lot of problems in Sabah. It affects the rank-and-file of UMNO Sabah Muslim members too, as many families there are mixed Christian-Muslim with siblings, parents & relatives with both faiths.

    In Sarawak, Bumiputera Christians are majority with most Muslims there linked through intermarriages. So, James Masing is not alone among BN Sarawak in his anti-Perkasa, anti-ISMA anger. Through my travels and discussions with friends there in East Malaysia recently, the Christians there are stirring with something i can’t quite describe. Brutal events in Iraq/Syria caused by ISIS religious extremism are also feeding into their insecurity. So internally BN Sabah/Sarawak are very upset with all these Perkasa/ISMA extremism running loose in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Sabah/Sarawak is very important to UMNO and BN! So the Perkasa/ISMA situation had to be tackled soon or else expect the Bumiputera Christians vote loss to really affect every other voting groups there…

    ~ Anak Pasir Gudang

    1. I was just looking at SSK’s article and published his link (see next posting) a mere one minute before you submitted your comment.

      I do not agree with his strategy although I can understand his concern/calculation about the Sabah Christian demography.

      I believe Umno should bite the bullet and take the loss of Christian votes just like BN took the loss of Indian votes in GE12 and Chinese votes in GE14.

      If Umno still follows the current trajectory – see Muhyiddin’s latest lament/warning – then it is the Malay votes that BN will lose.

      Do the math: Either lose Christian votes or lose Malay votes.

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