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Form 5 SPM textbook: “Orang macam ini, parang panjang saja ubatnya”

The Chinese are very sensitive about any mention of May 13.

DAP Member of Parliament Oscar Ling (pix below) yesterday complained that a Form 4 textbook published by the Education Ministry and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka contained the following sentence, “Mengapa orang Cina mesti membunuh orang Melayu, dan mengapa orang Melayu mesti membunuh orang Cina?”

Oscar Ling

Coverage of the issue in the online media

•  ‘MP: Racial conflict poser from ministry textbook’ – Malaysiakini, 3:24PM Nov 4, 2014

  ‘Publisher of ‘racially sensitive’ book apologises’ – Malaysiakini, 2:22PM Nov 4, 2014

‘MP: SPM model paper has racial conflict posers’ – Malaysiakini, 2:59PM Nov 3, 2014

Other news portals such as TMI, FMT, Malaysia Chronicle and Rakyat Times have reported on YB Ling’s complaint as well.

May13 exam question

From the Interlok author again

The passage alluding to May 13 – see scan above – that DAP is unhappy about is excerpted from a short story by Abdullah Hussain.

Abdullah’s writings are no stranger to controversy. His novel Interlok was removed as an SPM Bahasa Melayu compulsory literature text after strong protests by the non-Malays.

Reaction to the latest DAP complaint has been immediate.The Kertas Model workbook was swiftly withdrawn from circulation on the heels of the publisher’s apology.

dirgahayu bahasaku

Supaya pelajar tidak buta sejarah tentang Bintang Tiga

It would not surprise us that the DAP (or perhaps The J-Star) would be equally sensitive about the mention of the Bintang Tiga communist terrorists in our school books.

Dirgahayu Bahasaku, a 1Malaysia textbook published by the Education Ministry and DBP for the literature component of the Form 5 Bahasa Melayu subject, contains some similarly “sensitive-to-Chinese” passages too.

The following excerpt is from a play titled Dato’ Onn which is prescribed for the BM paper’s Drama selection. (The other sections are Puisi Tradisional, Sajak, Prosa Tradisional and Cerpen).

The paragraph describes the interregnum of 1945, i.e. short period of bloody anarchy after the Japanese surrendered and before the British troops returned – “Berakhirnya perang, bukanlah jaminan keamanan. Pasukan MPAJA masuk ke kampung, bandar dan pekan, menunjukkan taring dan belang.”

“Menangkap dan membunuh sesiapa sahaja yang mereka bimbang menjadi musuh dalam perjuangan. Menegakkan negara komunis yang diidamkan mereka.”

Dirgahaya Bahasaku Kial Salleh Chorus

1945 – The year our rivers ran red with blood

Page 326:

“Bakar semua, bakar semua

Jangan ada yang tersisa

Hapuskan musuh kita

Biar musnah segalanya.” – Kial Salleh

From the Dirgahayu Bahasaku textbook for the compulsory pass BM paper, our Fifth Formers learn that Kial Salleh is the Malay warrior belonging to Tentera Selempang Merah.

The kiyal and his army had slaughtered the communist guerrillas in Batu Pahat with their parang panjang.

(The curious photo below of rifle-armed Malay women from the period is sourced from the Internet.)

Pejuang wanita

Reason Kiai Salleh ran amok

Dirgahayu Bahasaku reveals that Kiai Salleh felt “Maruah kita tercemar, agama Islam terancam. Kita mesti lawan, kita mesti lawan, kita mesti tentang. Angkara komunis ini tidak harus dibiarkan.”

And therefore Kiai Salleh and his Malay warriors unsheathed their weapons. “Mereka menghunuskan senjata kemudian bergerak untuk menyerang. Rumah-rumah mula dijilat api. Pembunuhan berlaku dengan kejamnya dan permusuhan pun bermaharajalela” (p.326).

More passages from Page 326:

The aggravation by the communist was obviously very great to make the Malays in Batu Pahat see red.

“Permusuhan, permusuhan

Tiada lagi kasih sayang

Pembunuhan, pembunuhan

Tiada lagi belas kasihan.

Membalas dendam tiada pertimbangan

Mengikut perasaan hati yang marah

Membangkit permusuhan dan pertentangan

Berlakulah pembunuhan dan pertumpahan darah.”

Dirgahaya Bahasaku Parang Panjang

“Kalau kita beri muka, dia naik kepala”

Dirgahayu Bahasaku, Page 329

One of Kiai Salleh’s followers Jamil Markom, who is the son of the Bukit Pasir village headman, advises Dato’ Onn:

“Mana boleh sama rata? Ini negeri Melayu. Orang macam ni Dato’ tak boleh beri muka. Kalau kita beri muka, dia naik kepala. Orang macam ini, parang panjang saja ubatnya.”

While the antenna of the DAP censors is very attuned to any mention of May 13 – over which party supremo Lim Kit Siang was detained 1-and-½ years under ISA for his role in the episode – nonetheless the radar of the DAP fails to register the lesser known Sino-Malay conflict of 1945.

The Malay-Chinese and Chinese-Malay killings appear to take place in periodic cycles.

From 1945 to 1969 is 14 years. Between 1969 and 1987 is an interval of 18 years. Although there were no race riots in 1987, still, Ops Lalang was carried out as a preventive measure.

Click to enlarge

Dirgahaya Bahasaku Arus Sengketa Berdarah

Can’t get away from the FITNAH element

In Page 330, Kiai Salleh explains:

“Orang Melayu tidak puas hati kerana baru-baru ini MPAJA telah membunuh dan membakar kampung-kampung Melayu.

The spreading of fitnah appears to be a consistent modus operandi. Back in 1945,the Malays were already complaining – see p.331.

“Di tengah luka nan parah

Pertiwi dilanda fitnah

Arus sengketa berdarah.”

While the PPTA politicians are not taking any trouble to educate the public about Malaysian history, our educationists and sasterawan-sasterawan are at least picking up the slack.

Dato’ Onn responds on Page 331:

“Bersatu kita kuat, orang-orang Melayu harus bersatu. Kita tidak mampu berpecah-belah. Biar apa fahaman kita sekalipun, kita mesti bersatu.”

Ish, nanti DAP akan dakwa ada agenda BTN pula nih.

BELOW: SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that doesn’t change … Hannah Yeoh alleges that Utusan stoked racial tensions post-tsunami

Hannah Yeoh  irresponsible Prime Minister allowing Utusan

Leaders who write

If you study the history of Malay nationalism, it has always been the writers and journalists (e.g. from Utusan) who carry the torch for semangat perjuangan. Truth to tell, writing is a good form of training the mind. It allows us to arrange our thoughts and sharpen our principles.

Aside from politics, Dato’ Onn Ja’afar had a career in journalism and was an editor. Dr Mahathir Mohamad besides being a physician also penned his Che Det newspaper column.

Najib Razak on the other hand appears to rely on speechwriters and expensive media consultants to prepare his drafts. Sad to say unlike the Tun, Najib does not appear to write his own stuff. (He should.)

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh accuses Utusan of selling lies daily. Wonder if she will now similarly accuse our school textbooks of peddling lies


The current crop of Umno leaders?

They selfie, they Instagram hashtag #lifestyle and they zumba-zumba.

If these Pemuda Umno were to have been the Malays living in the 1940s Emergency era, it’s almost certain that today our country would be communist and ruled by Chin Peng’s successors.


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38 thoughts on “Form 5 SPM textbook: “Orang macam ini, parang panjang saja ubatnya”

  1. Ms H. There are so many many complaints about this and that and yet the very rich Opposition did nothing to turn their singular and minor complaints into an effective whole.

    Every day there are complaints and what these very rich Opposition leaders could only produce a few thousand proxies to walk around the streets and then checked out.

    The very rich Opposition has been around in numbers since 2008 and have done nothing since 1966. Are they serious at being the Opposition or just to show off their ineffective presence. Are they really really ineffective as they have now proven?

    1. re: “Are they serious at being the Opposition or just to show off their ineffective presence?”

      Just showing off their Prada, lah.

    2. I know that in Penang it is a norm to say unpleasant and negative things when we meet people. It is like a Hockien salam.

      You should never say a kid is pretty or smart. You must call him ugly or stupid.
      When you get a new phone, your friend will tell you that your phone will spoil easily.
      When we get some promotion, you should never say we are blessed but we are poor.

      It is a norm for Penang lang to complain, complain, complain. It is the negative culture we have here and we are exporting throughout Malaysia through the Penang diaspora (such as those pendatang for jobs in Selangor).

      In Islam or even Christianity we “bersalam” or “blessing” but it is not a Penang lang culture.

      Any party who encourages complaining (GST badlah, UMNO racist lah, PAS pakcik kampung lah etc) will surely win i.e. DAP and PKR. You notice MCA is going for the bitching mode. They finally understand Chinese (Penang) culture.

            1. Which ‘Siam’ are you talking about? Thailand is not the age old Siam!

              Kedahans does not owe the Thais anything, quite the contrary!

  2. Seems to me like they are trying to make people forget about their past failures so they would have a greater chance of success this time.

    There’s no question of equality, they want to take it all for themselves.They would use whatever means, they have used a lot of means, words, violence, the Malays self caused division would only lead to ruin of Malays. I really hope that the Malays don’t think that their numbers would help them when they’re scattered and weak.

    Yesterday they wear songkoks and visit kampongs, today they wear selendangs and visit mosques, all simple lies done to engineer support, while at the same time they look down and call the people they lie to low class, lazy, idiots, and that they are the pendatangs to their own land.

    Konon tak mahu orang putih, tapi nama orang putih, agama orang putih, bahasa orang putih dilebihkan, nama-nama tempat diorang putihkan, budaya orang putih diraikan.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I wonder, am I the only one?

    I feel like that they, maybe they started as communists, but now they are capitalists and they have won. Yesterday they were forced to withdraw to the jungles, today they pontificate and draw support from the cities.

    Putting all that aside, I appreciate all the work you’ve been doing in writing up you articles. Makes me know and appreciate more of what Malaysia’s forefathers have done despite of their hardships and lacking.

  3. Yes, they started off as Maoists, and failed as a functioning government despite committing genocide in China and on a smaller scale in Malaya.
    Today their descendants are just as anti-Confucian as Mao Tze Tung but they’ve evolved into American-styled cultural marxism in conjunction with permissive Freudian ideas of sexuality. They are progressively engaged with global consumerism and the breaking down of established order and traditional cultural values via the relativist ideology of “political correctness” and the selfish agenda of the powerful and wealthy.

  4. Perbezaan adab (culture) Malaysia first dan satu Malaysia almost sound indifference who’s the legitimate of this two names one tending to sama rata the other one a unification loosing to the other as became no more kongsi kuasa.. ini akan jadi saperti yang dikejar tak dapat yang di kelek kelak keciciran..

  5. Santayana wrote (in The Life of Reason, 1905) was: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    In Japan “the purpose of the Peace Memorial Park is to not only memorialize the victims, but also to establish the memory of nuclear horrors and advocate world peace”.

    I personally feel that our future generations shld be constantly reminded on May 13. Besides reminding our kids in their Sejarah lessons, the government should also look into building memorial parks like those in Japan.

    Once, a Japanese teacher from JICA raised her voice and snapped rudely at one of our kampung elders. We formally brought the matter to the attention of her superior. The following week both came officially to express their regret giving the usual Japanese respectful bows.

    Japan terrorised Malaya over 70yrs ago and to this day they still TEACH their younger generation never to forget.

  6. BTW did you notice that Lim Kit Siang was invited and delivered a long rambling at the World Forum for Muslim Democrats ? In it as usual he resorted to DAP’s modus operandi of accusing BN of being racist and discriminatory and supporting extremism.

    I wonder what the Muslims can learn from such avowedly anti Muslim racist such as LKS and DAP ?

    I think the whole World Forum for Muslim Democrats is just a front job for Anwar and his gang.

  7. Some interesting development over in Selangor. Azmin announced at the DAP “fund-raising” dinner that he had told (or instructed) the Sultan to return the Bibles back to BSM.

    So all those who hoped that Azmin will be a true Malay and Muslim must beb rather disappointed that his first major action is to appease the evangelistas of DAP.

    That he revealed publically what he told the Sultan is very telling on his style of politics. With this he has placed the sultan in a very difficult situation while covering his backside. I don’t think the Sultan will be pleased to read this. Secondly by making such statements publically he has shown that DAP has such a major influence over him.

    Good luck to all Selangorians!

    1. re: “DAP has such a major influence over him”

      Our FirstLady Speaker was the first on to congratulate him. The two parties have a relationship of expediency.

  8. BTW about this issue, DAP has managed to turn this into a major racial issue, cleverly highlighting on the phrases about Chinese but omitting to mention about the ones on Malays. The morons of the Pakatoon cults are running wild with accusations of racism again. Today Oscar is saying this is a part of political conspiracy – I wonder on what ground and evidence this idiot is making the accusation on. I think PDRM should charge him with Sedition.

  9. Nampak gayanya semua buku sejarah perlu ditulis semula ikut versi DAP. Dan kerajaan yg lemah di bawah Ah Jib sgt mementingkan sensitiviti kaum Cina yg alergik dgn KOMUNIS. Apa nak jadi negara ini pun tak tau lah. Semua tak mau belajar dari sejarah.

    1. Maybe our Doktor OKM can help write history textbook. This is the best way he can use his PhD to serve our kids rather than goncang periuk kosong.

      Madam Hanana can write English textbooks too (rather than sell her inspiring book).

      This is one way our DAP can help tell the “correct” story instead of the current racist fascists textbooks.

        1. LOL.

          Boleh. When Ong Kian Ming becomes Minister of Education and the Hanana becomes Minister of Religion.

          1. Don’t forget to include the Peristiwa Bangla whereby Banglas big and small hid under pots and pans and in Penang Char Koay Teow stalls by the evil and racist BN so that they can vote in the 2013 elections. Our children must learn about such important history.

            And we all must learn the beautiful inspiring poems by ShayShay for our English.

  10. “Abdullah’s writings are no stranger to controversy. His novel Interlok was removed as an SPM Bahasa Melayu compulsory literature text after strong protests by the non-Malays.”

    These DAP will protest at anything. Have they read Interlok? Well it is a stupid tale set in Pitt Street, Penang, painting heritage Penang as a place of harmony and all love. (The only “controversy” is the pariah word.) Pitt Street and Penang people esp the DAPsters are nothing like the book.

    Let me tell what I miss after coming back from HK. Loh Poh Peng (wife’s biscuits). The one in Hong Kong and from other parts of Malaysia like Kuching are chewy while the ones from Penang (who Jerusubang pastors like Hannana love to eat) are hard.

    I believe like the people of Penang the Penang loh poh peng best suits them. Like the bakers and customers, the Penang lang are bitchy and bossy. You need hard biscuits to serve customers (Penang lang and Madam Speaker) with Dracula fangs to sink into them.

    Yeah I too will ban Interlok. Because Penang Pitt Street occupants and not like that. They are bitchy and bossy.

    1. You can buy delicious Penang Loh Poh Peng at Pitt Street. You must have Dracula strong teeth to eat them else you will have a nice visit to the dentist.
      That’s Interlok for you.

  11. Ms H. Ayoh ! Yoh ! My children read Bahasa Melayu and attended the National Schools. They got As for their efforts. They are the same like me. My grand-children are reading Bahasa Melayu and got As for their efforts. No problem. I studied classical Cantonese, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, Urdu, English and Latin. No problem. I am still a Malaysian Chinaman. What’s the problem with everybody ? No more we find fault the more we are like the never do anything founded in 1966 DAP !

  12. Since when Evengelists (Christians) were morped from the Communists in Malaysia?

    I always thought Communists don’t have any religion and the only holy book is either from Lenin, Trotsky or Mao.

    Nak spin pon, logic lah sikit.

    1. Actually I was wondering that too when I was in Hong Kong.

      First the Occupy HK Protestors sang and quoted Imagine by John Lennon.
      “Imagine there’s no heaven
      It’s easy if you try
      No hell below us
      Above us only sky
      Imagine all the people
      Living for today…

      Imagine there’s no countries
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion too”

      But them the protestors headed by a pastor prayed in the middle of the street to ask Big J to save them from the evil government.

      I am very confused with the Hongkie Evangelistas. Got heaven or not?

      Actually the people who make the news pun tak ade logic.

      In short Evangelistas everywhere (HK, Malaysia, North Pole pun) don’t care whether they are communist or not. They can morph into anything to get their way. They can spin anything to get their way.

      Betu tak Islam 1st?

    2. Dandy. Don’t quote me, It is alleged those folks you mentioned came from the mahogany skinned 555 singlets attired gangsters of 1969 from both sides of the Causeway. We are seeing the re-incarnations !

  13. Bersambung:
    Jika undi popularity di jadikan pilihan maka political correctness pulak menjadikan parti sebagai majikan, demokrasi sebagai philosophy of getting reach scheme of the powerful and wealthy and of course then mdm: speakers perks is affording and affectation

  14. Soalan ini saya ajukan kepada Hannah untuk menjawab tweet dia on 7 oct 2012

    What kind of 1Malaysia Prime Minister we have in Ajib kor when he allows the Rocket, Harakah, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider and Suara Keadilan spin stories daily? What transformation?

    1. I dont think Hannah read blogs or thier pengampu comments which are spiteful of other women. Everyday talk only about women jealousies which are inbred in them. They all go to neraka because of their tongues which spew fitnah or concort stories even if it is to the unbelievers. How pitiful.

      Now what has free speech and democracy in opinions and news got to do with the PM or 1Malaysia?

      You must have morped into a Communist who don’t believe in free speech and democracy of opinions. Why don’t you try to challege other people’s opinions instead of hentam sahaja sini sana or shout down others who don’t conform to your opinions? It’s more civilised.

      The worst are those who concort imagined grandmother stories or twist and turn laws into something even Constitution lawyers never learn while in law school. They call these people who interpret laws to their whims and fancies “Loyar Buruk”

      Go get a normal life.

      1. Mulan,

        With people like Dandy it’s heads they win, tails you lose. There’s just no arguing with the YYs.

        When you criticise a woman – Mama Dapster – you’re accused of being a spiteful and jealous female.

        If you criticise a man – Papa Dapster – Dandy will allege that you’re his jilted ex-girlfriend. Talk about “tongues which spew fitnah or concort stories … how pitiful”.

        If you criticise Grandpapa Dapster, Dandy will say that you should have respect for elderly people and comparing Kit Siang’s contributions over the years, and ask you to join politics and contest in elections if you want the right to speak up.

        And if you reply Dandy critically, he will say you “hentam sahaja sini sana or shout down others who don’t conform to your opinions” (which is exactly what the Dapster Gangsters themselves do, and so he is describing his own group, actually).

        In a nutshell, they imagine that other people want to “go get a life” and live according to the Gospel of Prosperity model because they cannot fathom any type of personality or character other than their Gold-seeking, self-Glorifying and Greedy gospel preachers as the leadership by exmple.

        1. These sorts are neurotics acting out on the stage of self-styled “religion” wanting to be “beautiful people” over inferior breeds, of course. Theirs is not the way of worldly detachment and intimate knowledge of the self but rather the embracing of sensuous enjoyments with a greater fantasy of the high life in the hereafter!

        2. Kak Helen

          I find characters like Dandy totally amusing like the bunch of pastors who pray to Jesus on the road but don’t believe that there is heaven or hell.

          Or like one Chinaman who wants everyone to speak a Chinese dialect who is NOT is mother tongue.

          These people are like Mystique (XMen) that can morph into anything that benefits them. They can morph into a selandang wearing person, suddenly pro-gay in a gay rally, then anti-gay in a Evangelist rally, become a communist or anything.

          Heck, they are definitely not homosexual or even straight. They just get pleasure looking at themselves in the mirror. They turn themselves on.

          I find them quite an interesting bunch of people for a case study. Like the fun when we watch the Bates Motel.

          1. ‘Or like one Chinaman who wants everyone to speak a Chinese dialect who is NOT is mother tongue.’

            Big time liar patut dah lama kena sedition act sekali dengan LKT!!!

  15. Itu kreatif writing la adoi. Watak tu sedang bagi kritikan sosial kepada masyarakat Malaysia la adoi. Supaya ianya tidak berlaku lagi.

    Haiya, itu kaki faham ka talak itu novel? Ara baca ka talak?

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