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‘I want touch a snake’ event in Pakatan state

‘I want touch a snake’ programme was launched by the Kelantan state museum yesterday.

queen cobra


Kelantan pula anjur I want touch a snake

Hannah Standing in solidarity with Sisters In Islam

SIS Yahudi

hannah police report

Sisters in Islam and their one confused supporter …


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16 thoughts on “‘I want touch a snake’ event in Pakatan state

  1. Ya Allah! why this rush to touch fearsome creatures! Why don’t we try touching someone’s heart everyday instead? Is it because there’s too much fear in our inflated egos?


  2. I will wait for the Great Moderate Wong Chun Wai to write something about Oscar Ling in the J-Star. All this while it’s all about Malay Muslim bigots, extremists and idiots.

    Let us all wait. But I guess he won’t say anything about this Oscar fella.

    1. Oscar ling is moderate in the eyes of wong chun wai. the only good thing about malay in the star are always about food ie : nasi lemak, rending, lemang, ketupat etc.

  3. I thought about it and PAS did it?

    Ramai tak Apek pi touch the snakes kat sana? Kat Sabah dulu sekok 15ft live python the Apek there was willing to pay RM900! Not for them to touch touch wan.. Masuk pelut!

  4. If it is confirmed that “Sisters in Islam” goes against the basic tenet in Islam i.e. Aqidah [Faith in Allah ], then it should be banned and not to operate as an NGO purportedly propagating the teachings of Islam.

    JAKIM has the responsibilty of safeguarding the sanctity of Islam

    1. Some things “Sisters in Islam” (SIS) are correct about. For example the discrimination and mistreatment of women among ignorant Muslims. But then they also fail to acknowledge what’s good about Malaysian society, like the fact that there are more Muslim women than men graduating from our universities in all fields.

      However, the SIS association with Ambiga and Anwar and their ideological convictions about religious pluralism makes the SIS partner to the deviant proponents of Liberal Islam. The funny thing is why PM Najib could allow his Global Movement of Moderates to be chaired by Indonesia’s Jaringan Islam Liberal chief in a recent GMM forum on the topic of religious fundamentalism – and JAKIM had to ban him from participating.

  5. Dia tu bukan setakat confused abusive lagi ada yang kat pamparan gambar yang dicium tu apa dia cuba nak enlarge tak dapat nampak macam ular tapi tak pasti pulak

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