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Issues that Tun and Najib don’t see eye to eye

Plans are afoot to remove Najib Razak by the Umno conservatives, it is whispered. Influential international business magazine The Economist reported a few days ago that:

“With a general election still four years away, the prime minister faces a threat from within his own party, notably from conservative factions close to Dr Mahathir, who still pulls strings from the wings. Whispers abound that an effort to unseat Mr Najib is imminent. As always, the prime minister touts policies intended to get Malaysia’s economy motoring. He has never looked less capable of carrying them out.” (‘A lousy sequel‘, 30 Oct 2014)

Cartoonkini from ZunarRahman

Umno objects to repeal of Sedition Act

Umno and its party president do not see eye to eye on Najib Razak’s nod for the Sedition Act to be replaced by a National Harmony Act.

“Harmony” is an unrealistic expectation in Malaysia. And it is even more unrealistic to expect that harmony can be legislated into existence among the fractious ethnic communities simply through an Act of Parliament.

Racial harmony has never really taken root in our country, the short honeymoon period enjoyed by Umno and MCA during the Alliance era notwithstanding.

Fake, hypocritical & manipulative Hannah Yeoh

Sultan sudah titah masjid itu tempat ibadah untuk orang Islam sahaja

Hannah Tudung Repot Polis

Tun Razak’s nation-building exercise

For the sake of bringing the country together post-May 13, our second prime minister painted the archetypal picture of Ali, Ah Chong and Arumugam for public consumption. A modern contemporary to Tun Razak’s method would be the Yasmin Ahmad Petronas ads.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, on the other hand, believes that the rose-tinted and nostalgic memory of harmony in the Tunku years was not something real at all.

“What was taken for harmony was absence of open inter-racial strife. And absence of strife is not necessarily due to lack of desire or reason for strife. It is more frequently due to a  lack of capacity to bring about open conflict.” (page 14, The Malay Dilemma)

On the same page of his book, Dr M also writes that the values held by Malays and Chinese are “not merely different but often conflicting”.


Dr M still holding same ‘Dilemma’ opinion

Dr Mahathir also believes that “whenever the Chinese are in a minority, they always avoid provoking the Malays” (p.15, Dilemma). However when the Chinese begin to feel that they have the upper hand, they become less than circumspect in their behaviour.

The Tun’s views appear not to have changed through the passage of 44 years.

On 12 June 2014, he commented on the National Harmony bills drafted by the National Unity Consultative Council. Dr M wrote in his Che Det blog:

“Di Malaysia kita kekalkan bangsa asal kita, bahasa dan budaya kita, sekolah kita, bahkan universiti kita. Susulan dari itu kita tinggal di tempat-tempat berasingan, amalan cara hidup dan kegiatan kita juga berbeza dan berasingan. Dalam bidang perniagaan masing-masing mempunyai network sendiri berasas kepada kaum/bangsa, bahasa dan budaya.”

We live apart each in our own separate world.

1Malaysia DAP
DAP Yang Berhormats give 1Malaysia the thumbs down

We belong to different races, we speak different languages, we practise different cultures, we attend different schools, we live in different neighbourhoods, we adopt different lifestyles, we carry out different activities and we conduct different businesses to earn our separate livelihoods.

So what commonalities are the Firsters yammering about when they accuse the pro-establishment camp of being “divisive”?

This kind of In-Denial is the same syndrome of insisting that Bak Kut Teh is not pork.

Hannah Yeoh: “True love narrows the differences. Racists must be taught how to love”


Does the Tun see pitchforks too?

In his blog posting ‘Harmoni dan Kesamarataan‘, Dr M wrote:

“Apabila National Harmony Bill dilulus maka DEB tidak boleh dilaksanakan lagi. Ini bermakna negara akan amal meritokrasi – iaitu mereka yang mempunyai merit atau kebolehan tertinggi akan dapat segala-galanya.”

pitchforksThe Jews in Europe thrived on meritocracy and became the continent’s leading capitalists and financiers. Although a minority, they were the moneyed class.

“Di Eropah di zaman industri, yang kaya memiliki semua perusahaan dan yang miskin bekerja sebagai kuli. Tidak ada peluang sama sekali bagi kuli yang miskin menjadi kaya, kerana tidak ada pelajaran dan tidak ada modal, tidak memiliki merit.

“Ini bukan kerana diskriminasi. Kuli sebenarnya tidak ada merit, justeru itu mereka tetap tinggal sebagai kuli. Yang kaya memperolehi merit maka mereka tetap kaya dan menjadi lebih kaya,” Che Det had blogged.


Nothing can appease the Yahudi Yeohs!

Dr Mahathir fears that equality will not produce fairness:

“Memusnahkan diskriminasi berasas kaum atau bangsa akan menjadikan kita semua sama-sama sebagai warganegara. Tetapi ia akan kekalkan ketidaksamaan dan ketidakadilan yang sedia ada”.

Talking about the Harmony laws slated to replace the Sedition Act “which will have the effect of ending the affirmation action of the NEP”, Dr M chided the Najib administration for acceding to the opposition demands for meritocracy.

He blogged on 18 June 2014 that it is a mistake for the government to meet the demands of the opposition and in the process displeasing, upsetting and angering Umno supporters.

Zeus__thunderbolt“The Opposition simply opposes … [for the sake of opposing and] acceding to their demand will not result in their supporting the Government,” Tun advised.

Zeus not happy … thunderbolts coming!

His advice went in one ear and out the other because Najib only listens to his highly paid consultants and does not value free counsel.

Nonetheless, Dr M further reminded [Najib] that the opposition is “not really interested in issues” but rather will exploit any legitimate public concerns for their purpose of “blackening the governing party”.

Even when the government manages to resolve issues, says Tun, the opposition “will either belittle the Government’s decision or they will come up with new issues”. After all, Pakatan’s objective is only to bring down the government and to take over, warned the ex-premier.


Dr M: Oppo keep on attacking gomen

Citing Najib’s decision to abolish the ISA, Dr Mahathir said the Opposition never said Thank You nor praised the liberalism of the BN government.

He noted:

“Certainly they would not support the Government because it had met their demand. The attack against the Government continued. And the result was the performance of the Government party becoming worse than when the ISA was in the statute books.

“On the Government side compliance with the Opposition stand angers its supporters. They would regard the Government as weak and withdraw their support.”

najiblgekrismaslollipopAnd after doing away with the ISA, Najib promises to drop the Sedition Act too.

On top of Tun’s unhappiness with Najib over the ISA and Sedition Act, there is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). Writing in the NST, he worries that agreement will allow the big economies to plunder smaller ones.

“We will be colonised again. President Sukarno was right about neo-colonialism,” Dr M cautioned. See, ‘TPP will be another bad pact‘ (NST, 12 July 2013). Tun is against the lopsided terms but fears that the Ministry of International Trade and Industry looks set on signing the TPPA.

Tun has queried the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) operations, which channelled RM7.18 billion worth of investment to the Cayman Islands.

He also likened Najib’s advisors to the courtiers in King Canute’s court who told the Danish sovereign that he could stop the waves, and to the conmen who sold invisible new clothes to the Emperor in Hans Christian Andersen’s fable.

It is quite clear that the Tun has a number of issues with Najib.


I don’t know about you but the current prime minister is beginning to make me panic for the future of our country

We’re on verge of civilizational clash

See minute 2:53 of the video where Dr M says “this country is a very basically unstable country”.

Dr M warns:

“If you want to quarrel, you want to fight, then you can follow the way of some of these other countries where they are killing each other. Do you want that or do you at least restrain yourself? Have some discipline, try not to annoy people, then this country will be peaceful.” – from minute 1:46 onwards

Tun also said, “For 50 years we had no problem, now it comes out.”

Well, for the last 50 years, we’ve had the ISA and the Sedition Act to keep the Dapsters in check.

It’s really a tough call to make on whether PM#5 or PM#6 should bear the greater responsibility for letting the genie out of the bottle. I’m inclined however to plump for No.6 and in agreement with the Tun that Najib has been more damaging than Sleepy Dollah.


ABOVE: Najib all ears for J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai

“Sesungguhnya banyaklah dasar, pendekatan dan perbuatan Kerajaan pimpinan Dato Seri Najib yang merosakkan hubungan antara kaum, merosakkan ekonomi dan kewangan negara.” – Che Det menegur pada 18 Ogos 2014

Pakatan has been making capital of the Najib administration shortcomings and cluelessness.

Worse still, Ah Jib Gor has not only allowed the Dapsters and Scissorati to get away with spinning and bullying, he is inadvertently and indirectly funding their propaganda campaign too.


Yahudi Yeohs lie all the time

Tun Daim Zainuddin had observed that “Chinese votes for the Pakatan reached 90% because they believed in Pakatan’s propaganda”.

Daim told China Press in a May 2013 interview when analyzing the GE13 results:

DAIM china press pg1“Pakatan preached hatred for BN particularly Umno.

“DAP have always told the Chinese that they are victims, marginalised; that the cup they have is always half empty; that this is the time to teach MCA and Gerakan a lesson for being under Umno’s control, that  Umno (and by extension the Malays) were dominant, and this was a Malay-led government, and the Chinese by voting out all the Chinese parties in BN is saying that they have had enough of being bullied by Umno/Malays.

“If this is not racist, I don’t know what is.

“Their cybertroopers were at work, 24 hours a day, sending misinformation, spins, rumours, lies, untruths etc. Where were the Banglas? Where was the blackout? How many people whose ink washed off, voted twice? Tun M flew away in a private jet? Lies and lies and the Chinese believe in ‘ubah’ and ‘Ini kali lah’.”

(English translation here)


No hope, no cure

Yup, the Chinese will swallow all the opposition lies. MCA must take the blame for losing 90 percent of the Chinese community to the scheming and conniving Yahudi Yeohs.

StarOnlineBattleAfter all, 96 percent of Chinese children today are in vernacular school. Does MCA expect the Umno media to be able to reach the Chinese electorate through Bahasa Melayu?

According to Dr Mahathir, freedom is almost total where “just about anyone can put anything they like to say on the internet directly”.

An outcome of this freedom is that abusive language and racist remarks have caused increased tension within society, he feels, adding: “Allegations of all kinds are made without any bases.” See ‘The alternative media‘ (Che Det, 17 Feb 2013).

Najib Razak has allowed the online and social media to become cowboy towns. This Wild Wild West environment favours the cucu-cicit kominis because they are brutal and ruthless.


Our police chiefs are worried

Former IGP Tun Hanif Omar had expressed his consternation over how the alternative media is used to “spread slander and lies without shame or the fear of Allah” – see ‘Ex-IGP: Malays hurt by challenges on taboo topics‘ (Malaysiakini, 11 Dec 2013)

“Provokasi yang melampau oleh pihak tertentu boleh mengakibatkan perkara yang buruk. Sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tidak berguna.” – former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan (tweet on 2 Sept 2014).

Current IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar wants the ISA reinstated.

Yet ISA repeat offender Lim Kit Siang is audacious enough to turn the tables and accuse his opponents of being the “hate merchants” instead.

Kit Siang Hate Merchants


The DAP’s posturing is the height of hypocrisy, ranging from Papa to Mama to Grandpapa Dapster.

Lim Kit Siang’s signature shill about “good governance, public integrity, accountability, respect for democracy, human rights, moderation and tolerance” – slickly rolled out in one breath – merely debases those very words that he bandies about.

3GdonutThen you have Hannah Yeoh’s “We [Christians] believe in loving even those who hate us. That is the way of the cross”. She is hand in glove with the J-Star editorials accusing the other side as hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”.

Completing the Mama-Papa and Grandpapa troika is Lim Guan Eng’s proclamation of the Malaysian Dream. He proclaims that “national unity should be based not on race or religion but on a common identity centered on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity”. He is laughable.

Race is a concrete identity marker. Religion too is a concrete identifier.

Banner King Guan Eng

Since when do people ever group themselves in the community of “Freedom Fighters” or “Upholders of Justice”? Do we fill official forms classifying ourselves under the category of “Promoters of integrity and human dignity”?

Guan Eng’s idea of “common identity centered on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity” is about as tangible as Rumpelstiltskin’s spun gold. Our common identity is race, religion, language and culture.

Most ironically, the DAP does not even struggle for or protect Chinese interests. They are an evangelical party.

“The DAP is really not pro-Chinese, but rather it is anti-Malay and Malay Rights.” – Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi (pix below, seated on Dr M’s left)

KJ's challenger Akhramsyah Sanusi seated beside the Tun

Tun warns against politicizing religion

Dr Mahathir reminded the 3G politicians that those who live by the sword will die by the sword – “yang memperalatkan agama akan dimakan oleh agama”.

Writing in Utusan, the Tun said:

“Apabila agama dijadikan isu politik, tak dapat tidak ia akan tercemar. Politik kerap kotor. Apabila yang bersih dicampur dengan yang kotor, yang bersih akan jadi kotor, bukan sebaliknya.

“Kita sedang menyaksikan pencemaran ini berlaku kepada agama Islam bukan sahaja oleh musuh Islam tetapi oleh orang Islam sendiri. Kehormatan terhadap agama, Nabi bahkan Allah sudah berkurangan.” – ‘Bahana agama dipolitikkan‘ (Utusan, 3 Feb 2012)

In other words, religion will not help make politics cleaner. On the contrary, bringing religion into politics will only serve to sully the religious faith.

Politicians like the DAP evangelistas who exploit religion are very dangerous. They’re dragging the church into a fiery confrontation with the Muslims.


People drunk on J-Juice

Understand the kind of people we’re dealing with. Dr Mahathir does; Najib Razak does not.

Tun has warned about the possibility of religious riots happening in Malaysia. He is not voicing this warning lightly. The Christians and Muslims are on a collision course.

First and foremost, we need to face up to reality. The perpetually hysterical opposition supporters are so delusional. The opposition leaders and their mouthpieces blame the Tun for everything.

r i z α i n α ℓ satu dekad Dr Mahathir bersara

Malaysia Chronicle ARCH-RACIST DR M

Ponder on three Malaysiakini reader comments below, from the article ‘Mahathir: Little chance for non-racial Malaysia‘ (16 Aug 2014), which illustrate their warped way of thinking.

Malaysian First

One commenter msian1st said: “Malaysia will be non racial if racial party and racial policy is banned”.

Mahathir- Little chance msian1st

If msian1st demands the banning of the United MALAY National Organisation (Umno), the Malaysian CHINESE Association (MCA) and the Malaysian INDIAN Congress (MIC), then we should demand the banning of Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan CINA and Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan TAMIL in tandem to make Malaysia “non racial”.

This is the way to respond to the Yahudi Yeohs but Najib is incapable of doing it. Instead he goes to the MCA assembly and gives them the impression that SRJK(C)s are guaranteed by the Federal Constitution, which they are not.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Mahathir- Little chance SABM

A Christian calling himself anak,bangsa,malaysia alleges that the Tun’s 22-year rule is the cause that “all these are happening in M’sia”.

Evidently the Christian Firsters possess no capacity for self-examination.

Another fella Kilgore has the theory that “the country must remain racially divided for Mahathir to hold on to his ill-gotten fortunes”.

Mahathir- Little chance Kilgore

Hullo. The Tun is a hundred years old. What do you think he plans to spend a fortune on?

The constant putar-belit and fitnah of Yahudi Yeohs has become intolerable. And Najib is incapable of doing anything about it.

We, BN voters, did not put Najib in power for him to continually appease the bullies. Umno has 88 seats in Parliament but behaves like a church mouse.



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26 thoughts on “Issues that Tun and Najib don’t see eye to eye

      1. Helen,

        Actually problems facing BN( or more importantly UMNO) are not that complicated.

        BN in a mess as Najib though holds the post of President of UMNO is more concern of pleasing those who want him dead. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Resolve that and BN will be fine.

        Najib must go. No two way about it. Since he will not change, than change of leadership is unavoidable. UMNO Ketua Bahagians have 2 options.

        First take the easy way out by pretending everything is OK. The price will be seen on election day. OR take action by asking Najib to go.

        Malays are upset with Najib. The most recent case being Najib total silence when STAR incites by questioning why AG refused to bring Ibrahim to court. Najib could step in by repremanding STAR.


        The Malay majority is holding the fort for UMNO . But Najib is “selfieing” with the very people whom the Malays view as enemy. Najib has become an ally of the enemy of Malays.

        1. ‘First take the easy way out by pretending everything is OK.’

          Case in point the Maklin Masiau seludup beratus buku dan cd dengan membelakangkan undang-undang tubuh negeri Selangor. 10 Points Solution tidak menghalalkan perkara ini berlaku.

          Kes tersebut berlaku di KLIA, Sepang dan Sepang di Selangor, jadi kita kena ikut undang-undang Selangor dan bukannya Sabah!

          “For states with (Islamic) enactment, then these laws must take precedence. For states with no such enactment such as Sabah and Sarawak, the existing practice applies,”

          Kastam buat kerja ikut undang-undang. Bila polis dan tangkap Maklin Masiau?

  1. Mahathir is forever a pain in the ass for any UMNO president after him. KY jelly ain’t going to work. Just use the Sedition Act to shut him up forever. Maybe put together next to Anwar if he goes to the goals.


    Because he thinks he is the only clever, smarter, more cunning and astute leader Malaysia ever has. He just can’t swallow the truth that there will be someone better than him. It has been and always has been “His way is the only way”

    The fear of death approaching and he will be forgotten haunts him everyday.

    I think he will go bonkers soon at the rate he is spewing rubbish to appease his ardent listeners who are mostly now in their 50s to 80s cos the number of supporters seem to be getting lesser and lesser by the day.

    His image of Numero Uno is found to be only blowing his own horns by himself and his fellow pampers mates. Maybe if he try acting again by crying like last time, he may get more attention. HA may replace Rafidah as the co-actress.

    That may perhaps get some sympathy votes from some makciks.

    1. Psychos drop by here occasionally, spew a flurry of insane allegations then retreat into their cells of anonymity.

    2. aik? I thought you guys wanted the sedition act to be abolished? now want to use same method to stop tun from speaking? where’s the right to speak you adamantly fight for?

      I tell you dandy, his ardent listeners are not only restricted to veterans even people in their 20 to 30s. even the rempuh pagar president of UM student council claims to be his fan. so I think you are just a minority hater who fails in life.

      my advice to you : go get a better life! last time I check, people full of hatred tend to suffer from various disease and die sooner than anyone else.

      1. Mahathir wants his son to be PM. Legacy la. Itu pun tak faham.

        Now Selangor UMNO chief is saying Mahathir is corrupt. I wonder what info he has. Mahathir is bring shame to himself by not knowing when to shut up.

        Now kena whacked by Nor. Malu la.

        1. Oh my I just posted my first comment in nearly a month and barely a few seconds later you showed up. Oh my. You’re just like your fellow trooper the infamous Dandy. Just like Dandy you’re so predictable. Yawn.

          Speaking of shame, you sure display your lack of shame by showing up here and not knowing when to shut up. Oh my. Yawn. Don’t worry. if your purpose in coming here is so that people whack you up big time, fear not. You will get them later. Yawn.

    3. Dandy,

      Kalo our dearest TDM is as what you described and lead Malaysia over 22yrs, how come you are still here in Malaysia? I believe many of those who once abandoned their motherland for reasons you pasti sendiri tau, came here in their twenties or so even in their teens?

      Kira TDM is exceptionally special la, from a mere 1m in 1957 the penjelmas stayed put – now even multiplied hmmmm 30m @ 25% = 7.5m? Bulat2 tembam2 mulut sentiasa nganga kalo tak makan kerja suka melalak aje!

      1. Rina,

        1952 – 1.2 million Chinese got citizenship after the law was liberalized

        1957-1960 – 1 million Merdeka citizenships for non-Malays, out of which an estimated 800,000 went to the Chinese

  2. ‘Completing the Mama-Papa and Grandpapa troika is Lim Guan Eng’s proclamation of the Malaysian Dream. He proclaims that “national unity should be based not on race or religion but on a common identity centered on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity”. He is laughable.’

    The Tokong Gangster juga suka kata dulang paku serpih!

    Guan Eng-“I ask PAS, especially the president, to keep his promises and fulfill commitments. As long as he stays away from the Pakatan leadership meetings, it is difficult for Pakatan to function as a whole committee.”

    Mustafa Ali-“Since 2008, Guan Eng has missed more PR meetings than Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi,”

    1. Apa mungkin dia mengalami dissociative identity disorder?

      Dia kalut sangat “centered on democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity” dia kutip idea2 tu semua dari mana? Moyang, tokwan or bapa dia atau dari awan?

  3. Is Mamakutty and his troopers all not subjected to the Sedition Act?

    They are causing too much factionalism, hate, unity among Malays and Moslems.

    Why PM and his wife afraid of the old goat and his troopers? Just release all his abuse of powers secrets when he was PM for 22 years and he’s finish for good including his dynasties.

    Just finish them off by doing another OPS Lallang and create your own dynasty for your sons.

    After that just clear up all his troopers lying around everywhere.

    Which includes ISMA, PERKASA, JMM, HA and bloggers etc.

      1. He is a broken record. Some may refer him as the movie we have seen many times. Cheers !

  4. Greater Kuala Lumpur 2020 pelan ETP Ajib Gor. Lihat bagaimana melayu Kg Chubadak dihalau macam anjing kurap walaupun dah puluhan tahun duduk kat situ.

    Lihat bagaimana senangnya pula kilang2 haram dihalalkan.

  5. “Mahkamah Rayuan Putrajaya hari ini memutuskan bahawa Seksyen 66 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah (Negeri Sembilan) 1992 yang memperuntukkan hukuman ke atas lelaki Islam berpakaian wanita bercanggah dengan perlembagaan.”

    Islam apa yg diperjuangkan oleh umno,inikah islam wasateyah Ajib Gor…Podah…

    Jadi sekarang hukum hakam Islam boleh ditentukan oleh mahkamah civil?

    Tak cukup lagi nahas 2 pesawat MAS, puting beliung, banjir lumpur?

    Dah bagak sangat ke nak mengundang bala lebih besar?

  6. Ms H. As I have always said that as long as the BN Government observes the Rule of Law, implements fair and transparent Policies, maintains a normal and functioning bureaucracy and eschews from making money by doing business through GLCs, there is nothing much the Opposition can do until the next 14 General Elections.

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