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Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country

Puan Sri Pauline Chai was the beauty queen who won the Miss Malaysia title in 1969.

Responding to her husband’s suit that their case be heard in Kuala Lumpur, Pauline told the High Court today that she has no interests in Malaysia and thus her divorce proceedings must rightfully be heard in London.


From KL to Perth to Victoria to London

Pauline said she emigrated to Western Australia in 1980.

She added that her family later moved to British Columbia, Canada in 1989.

The socialite’s more than 1,000 pairs of designer shoes are stored in an English manor in Hertfordshire, the London matrimonial home where the Tan Sri and Puan Sri now reside.

“I love England and everything English,” Pauline had declared to the British newspapers.

Her husband Khoo Kay Peng is a staunch Christian who supported City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee.


Birds of passage

Some Chinese in Malaysia are like a flock of migratory birds just flying through.

Some are hypocrites of the highest order. That is how you can get Hannah Yeoh – whose application for Permanent Residence (PR) in Tasmania, Australia was rejected – suddenly turning around to fashion herself Anak Bangsa Malaysia-Malaysian First.

The Boat People who sailed to Australia as refugees in the late 1970s and 1980s were Vietnam’s Chinese minority. They were economic migrants of ethnic Chinese descent but nonetheless reported in world news as Vietnamese (because they held Vietnam citizenship).

BELOW: Chinese rubber tappers in Malaya wore ‘tudung’ when working

penoreh getah

Chinese always talk about going to greener pastures

South East Asia is home to a large Chinese diaspora. Up till the time of the Kuomintang government in China, overseas Chinese were still regarded as Chinese nationals.

And until the time of the Japanese occupation of Malaya, the Chinese here had directed their loyalty to Kuomintang and the motherland. Hence you find the Sun Yat Sen monuments (below) and memorials in the Straits Settlement states of Penang and Singapore.

Kuomintang founder Dr Sun was the first president of the Republic of China, founded after the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty was overthrown.

Sun Yat Sen

Claiming to be “Anak Bangsa” wherever

In the late 19th century, the Chinese population in Vietnam spiked exponentially. They were the merchant class there as elsewhere in South East Asia. See also, Chinese are richest billionaires in Indonesia and the Philippines

The Sino-Vietnamese were Cantonese and Teochew speakers. Yet you shouldn’t be surprised if, in the period before they bailed out of their adopted country, they loudly styled themselves Anak Bangsa Vietnam.

The Yeoh types – poster below – will apply for citizenship anywhere, even Russia, but still attempt to pull their Firster stunt in the temporary host country. In this country, they want to be the ones to determine what our national identity is, e.g. Lim Kit Siang’s proclamation of “Malaysian Malaysia”.

hannah yeoh tudung biru

Nancy tudung4

Difference between Citizen and National

There is citizenship and there is nationality.

The ex-Miss Malaysia previously had Malaysian citizenship but she never truly embraced the Malaysian nationality.

Nationalists are the persons having a strong identification with the land. Pauline Chai has none as – expressed in her own words – she has only one friend in Malaysia and no interests at all in this country.

Puan Sri Pauline held Australian citizenship, the country where her two youngest children were born. And then when her family lived in Canada, they held Canadian citizenship.

Currently she is living in the UK.

As you can see, citizenship for the overseas Chinese can change a few times throughout one’s life.

Hannah Tudung Repot Polis

Would Hannah have worn tudung in Tasmania?

A most amazing spin to come from the Porky Principle (“Bak Kut Teh is not pork”) is that the tudung in Malaysia is not an exclusive identity marker for Malay-Muslim women.

The Yahudi Yeohs argue that their forefathers (foremothers) who lived in Tanah Melayu at the turn of the last century wore tudung too and hence the headgear can be considered an inherited Chinese customary dress.

Aside from rubber tappers, the Chinese women immigrants in Malaya who panned ore in the tin mines and those who carried bricks at the construction sites (see painting below) could be said to have been wearing a sort of ‘tudung’.

This historical rationale is the spurious reason provided by evangelistas to justify why the DAP politicians choose to wear tudung when they Occupy the mosques and suraus. The YBs are only practising Chinese culture passed down through the generations, the evangelistas claim.

They are a most astounding people in the kind of stories that can come out from their mouth.

Chinese constuctions workers

Melayu juga pendatang, kata Yahudi Yeoh

This business of “pendatang” is not just a question of semantics. Instead it goes right to the core of national identity when these YYs audaciously declare that Malays are immigrants too.

If the public can be made to believe that Malays have the same pendatang status as Chinese and Indians and other foreign arrivals to these shores, then Article 153 on the Malay Special Position automatically goes out the window.


The DAP Firster politicians are willing to jeopardize Chinese schools with their “zero Chinese” rhetoric – see @hannahyeoh tweet above – in order to forward their Ubah paradigm that at the same time, there are “no Indians too” and “no Malays” either.

“All Malaysians”.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh is given a platform in The J-Star to propound her Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Such sneaky flers

Another half of their strategy is to stake the “colour blind” claim that the only keturunan found in the country is Anak Malaysia – which is not Indian, not Chinese, not Malay but a “Beyond Race” concoction of their own cooking.

The “colour blind” article – see above – was penned by the J-Star‘s then managing editor Wong Sai Wan.

Note that while Hannah Yeoh rejected the classification (according to Race) of her child as an “Indian”, she raised no objection to the classification of Shay Shay (according to Religion) as a “Christian”.

The conniving Firsters are so clever at cherrypicking. What suits them is given the nod and what is not in their favour is rubbished.

BELOW: The birth certificate application of Hannah’s daughter


Ah Jib Gor is the problem

How have the Yahudi Yeohs been able to get away with their propaganda? Like for instance, branding Umno as “racist” and “extremist”.

Well, the “lembik” Umno president is the root cause. Blame him.

Look at the headlines below in The J-Star to see how the opposition have successfully seized the narrative. EvangeliSTAR associate editor M.Veera Pandiyan writes that “biologically, ‘races’ of genetically homogenous people have never existed”.

In short, Veera claims that race is “a myth”.


Sack MCA already, please!

Najib and Muhyiddin Yassin having to deny the charges of racism already puts them on the defensive.

Ah Jib Gor has permitted his political opponents to take total control of the English and Chinese media.

Sin Chew deputy editor-in-chief Lim Sue Goan in his column last month, for example, wrote about Umno’s “racist politics” while last December complaining about “the racist direction of Umno” – see screenshots and url links bottom of page.

Umno is continually put on the back foot while it is the opposition that is constantly launching the offensive. The BN desperately needs a war general, not a bangsawan gentleman APPEASER as the coalition chairman.
racist kids, Ambiga claims

Hannah Ambiga

Click to enlarge

Sinchew Deviation Umno racist direction



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41 thoughts on “Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country

    1. No idea.

      This detail about her PR application has been mentioned herself in her interviews with the media.

      DAP too played up her sojourn in Australia in the same way that KJ highlights his Oxford experience, i.e. living in the land of the orang putih supposedly confers them a high class ‘)

      1. The Australian government claimed that she wasn’t in a specialised field or was able to provide a skill set that’s not available locally. Somewhere along those lines. Unless the partners of the firm gives her a higher pay scale than the others at her level, they consider her expendable & replaceable by a local. The partners refused & had to break the news to her. She cried bucket loads etc etc etc.

        She told of that story in the first chapter in Being Hannah

        1. re: “she wasn’t in a specialised field or was able to provide a skill set that’s not available locally”

          Hahaha. Well, in Malaysia she has specialized.

          The MCA and Gerakan as well as SUPP and LDP (in Sarawak and Sabah) politicians do not specialize in tweeting 24/7 nor acquired the skills of putting on tudung to visit mosques and shedding crocodile tears for dunno who dead children dunno where.


          1. If it is proved that as commented by some, that she was given her permanent residency in Australia under the special talent category usually accorded to sports people and entertainers with special talents, her high profile divorce will likely raise the prospects of an inquiry into the grant of a PR visa to her.

            There has been much disquiet amongst Australians across the board how many especially south east Asian economic refugees (like Pauline Chai managed to get into the country under a permanent resident category for which they do not qualify.

            Australia’s immigration department has had its fair share of scandals. It has been specially vulnerable to the honey pot and cash hand out traps of mainly Asian migrants. At one stage it was revealed that over 700,000 illegals (called Jet people as opposed to boat people the real refugees) mainly from south east Asia had come to Australia to stay under one pretext or the other compromising immigration officials.

            Lets see what “right” Pauline Chai had to qualify for entry.

            1. I am quite surprised to see the demographic change in Australia over the last decade or so. It seems like the Asians (Chinese and Indians) have taken over the major cities like Melbourne and it appears that there are more immigrants than locals.

              1. He who has the gold makes the rules. The Aussies are in the process of selling their family jewels to just about anyone who is willing to pay top money.

                This one such example of what is to come


                People had better realize that having decent command of English is no longer sufficient. Better learn another language like Mandarin or even Hindi.

                I have heard that some people say that you can communicate with the Mainland Chinese in English. This is delusional thinking. With China’s rise, and the accompanying power, they are going to start dictating terms of engagement, and that includes the language that is used to communicate with them.

                Preserving Chinese vernacular schools actually helps us in a way that our future generations will have the opportunity to learn a language that will bring extraordinary benefits. Just ask Jim Rogers. He wrote a book “A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons For Life And Investing”.

            1. If your name was Catharine instead of ‘Calvin’, the Beanies will say that your negative reaction to Hannah is because you’re a spiteful woman and jealous of Our FirstLady Speaker b’cos she’s prettier than you are.

              But since you’re a man, the Beanies will say that you’re her jilted suitor in the past and being nasty simply to pay back since she preferred Ram to you.

  1. I just don’t understand. They always belittle this country and sucking up on others, yet when people asked them to migrate they butthurt. Why ahh?

    1. re: “Why ahh?”

      They want to wear tudung. Here in Malaysia, tudung is the fashion among the majority of women.

      Also they want to use the Bahasa Melayu Bibles and call their God “Allah”. If they emigrate to Russia, they will have to call the supreme being “бог”.

  2. Pauline Chai won the right to have her matter heard in the UK because her husband’s lawyer is rather incompetent. She is required to satisfy the two distinct pre requisite in order to claim the jurisdiction of the UK for her hearing.

    One of these is the pre requisite of domicile. The other being of residency. Both sound like they are the same thing but they are not.

    Further her claim she has no interests in Malaysia could only serve to enrich the husband TS KK Peng by her disclaiming the assets they hold in Malaysia. They are in fact under the family law (at least in Britain) evidence that she holds nothing of importance in Malaysia.

    She can’t have the best of both worlds by saying she has nothing in Malaysia then claim what is in fact in Malaysia. It makes sense kan?

    But as long as TS KK Peng has lawyers of the calibre of the lawyers with conduct of his matter, he will be made mince meat of by a bunch of British layers who Malaysians believe are the bees knees or the antspants. Many are not worth the paper their names are written on. But there is that psychological advantage they enjoy over their minions like the Malaysian legal fraternity.

    There are other issues but I am not paid to defend him so it is best we watch the uncaring rich and famous and the wannabe famous tear each other apart.

    I wonder if Chai will when called a “migrant” in britain claim that the British too are migrants (pendatangs). Their Queen is German from the house of Saxe Coburg and Battenberg (Anglicised to Mount Batten) and Prince Philip is Philip of Corfu a bloody Greek.

    Perhaps he should now ask God to help him. His Harvest God or let his ex Harvest his empire.

    1. The “Amplified Bible” of City Harvest Church and its innovative “thank offering” schemes – one sheep that got away with her faith.

      “I am not anti-CHC nor pro-CHC. I am merely a Christian who is upset that such a megachurch with so many members is misleading their church members by purposely misinterpreting the bible. True the bible has many different interpretations but there is a verse (Revelation 22:18-19) that writes: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.”

      What’s new about religious dogma and the powers-that-be? It’s as old as Paulinian Trinitarianism and the Catholic Church of the Roman Empire – and its evolutionary developments.


        Evolution from the Jewish “Yeshua the Messiah” to the Roman “Jesus Christ”:

        “At the Council of Nicea, in 325 CE, around 300 bishops from a number of the larger, more established churches around the Mediterranean assembled to settle issues having to do with Yeshua’s nature in relationship to God the Father. The Roman emperor Constantine presided, having been converted (ostensibly) to belief in Yeshua (now Iesus Christos). Christianity now had a name and had become the state religion in the Roman Empire by the end of the fourth century. The Nicene Creed, written and revised in the fourth century, refers to a “holy catholic and apostolic church.”

        Insignificant Christianity had grown from a persecuted sect to the most powerful religion in the empire. In the process, it had left the teachings of Yeshua by the wayside and established its own structure, beliefs, and rules. The Catholic Church created its own version of the Messiah, steadily embellishing the icon until all vestiges of the humble Jewish Rabbi, Yeshua, had been expunged. The Roman Church promoted itself to the position of omnipotent earthly representative of the God it had created, thereby assuming the stature and power of God, with all the rights, status, infallibility, and absolute power characteristic of a God.”

        *** Do Evangelicals hate the teachings of Yeshua the Messiah even as they love Jesus Christ whose blood they believe was shed for their salvation? ***

        WHY EVANGELICALS HATE JESUS – Phil Zuckerman, Professor of Sociology

        “People look at the content of their religious tradition — its teachings, its creeds, its prophet’s proclamations — and they basically pick and choose what suits their own secular outlook. They see in their faith what they want to see as they live their daily lives, and simultaneously ignore the rest. And as is the case for most White Evangelical Christians [read, City Harvest Church], what they are ignoring is actually the very heart and soul of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) message — a message that emphasizes Sharing, not Greed. Peace-making, not War-mongering. Love, not Violence.

        Of course, conservative Americans have every right to support corporate greed, militarism, gun possession, and the death penalty, and to oppose welfare, food stamps, health care for those in need, etc. — it is just strange and contradictory when they claim these positions as somehow “Christian”. They aren’t!”

    1. The Gold-digging, Glory-seeking, Gospel-preaching Greedy evangelistas in the DAP are sending the Chinese community to hell in a hand basket.

      Hannah Yeoh is the avatar of the New Politics practised by the Ubah-ed DAP.

      1. I think Malaysian Chinese do not have A Chinese leader they can connect with, all going in all directions. MCA kokok kut lain, DAP barking at the mountains, DongZong not even confident of their SJKC cert recognition elasewhere and tumpang2 glamour dok pressure our Edu Ministry, then the many types of religion they practice or converted into. The only common thing they share is $$$$$$ and all the hate showered for those who cannot satisfy this greed.

        Unlike the Malays, our one and only religion Islam, binds us, Nabi Muhammad saw is our prophet and the one and only (untainted) holy Quran guides us in our everyday life.

        For Muslims all material possession on earth do not follow us when we die tau tak? Only 3 perkara. Go read what are the three simple things that we take with us when we die.

    2. There is beauty and beast in every soul.

      Beauty shines forth when the heart and the head act together as one with wisdom.

      Insincerity and ulterior motives releases the angry beast that feasts on its own falsehoods.

  3. ‘…….How have the Yahudi Yeohs been able to get away with their propaganda? Like for instance, branding Umno as “racist” and “extremist……..”

    Sebab utamanya kerana Najib terlalu lembik. Mana ada kekuatan dia untuk ‘berperang mulut’ dengan Yahudi Yeoh! Tentu kalah punya!

    Mungkin ini juga penyebab mengapa mereka terus dibiarkan dengan propaganda ‘racist’ dan ‘extremist’

    Apalah ada dengan perkataan? Bunga Ros ( mawar ), panggillah dengan apa nama sekali pun tetap harum baunya!

    ‘racist’ dan ‘extremist’ juga adalah perkataan. Panggillah beribu kali kalau kita tidak bersifat demikian, tidak ada kesannya!

    Lagi pun UMNO parti yang beteraskan Melayu dan sokongan majority adalah orang Melayu! Selagi Melayu tidak memperdulikan propaganda DAP, UMNO tetap akan berdiri gagah!

    Mungkin orang orang Cina akan terpengaruh dengan propaganda tersebut. Kaji balik berapa peratus Cina undi UMNO/BN, malah sebelum PRU 2008 lagi! Tidak ramai kan?

    PRU ke 13 ada rahmat di sebalik tsunami Cina. Tanpa 90% undi Cina UMNO/BN tetap menang!

    Cuma yang saya amat bimbang, sikap Najib yang masih terhegeh hegeh mengemis undi Cina sehingga kelihatan mengenepikan pengundi Melayu dan bumiputera.

    Kalau terjadi tsunami Melayu dan bumiputera, buruklah padahnya. Najib baik cepat cepatlah berkemas untuk berpindah dari Putrajaya ! Mungkin naik tongkang pulang ke Sulawesi!

  4. Helen,

    Once a Chinese friend of mine lamented that he cant stand UMNO’s racism.

    And this is my answer” anyone stopping you from renouncing your citizenship?”. He said no.

    He stays in Kepong. i asked him whether people of kepong (majority being Chinese) are willing to accept a Malay candidate in election. He did not reply, meaning they will not accept a Malay to represent them.

    I told him that in Kulim, a Malay majority seat, the ADUN is from MCA. As a parting advice, I told him that racism is the hallmark of DAP, not UMNO.

    If UMNO is racist, the country would be a burning hell.

    Call a spade a spade. The way to handle these DAP worshippers is to be firm and tell them point blank.

    If I were UMNo leader, i would say right away for the whole world to see that DAP is racist.

    Najib in defensive mode as he allows DAP to slander him. And that is a mark of a moron.

    1. Najib is UMNO President and Ah Gib Gor is the invinsible DAP appeaser to LGE. That why can snap photo together. Do you think Najib will do that but Ah Gib Gor will. I am confiused who the real PM?

  5. Tuduhan rasis adalah hanya dari mulut orang yang menumpang. Ini kerana ia akan lbh menguntungkan diri mereka. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Even the westerners(including Australians/brits descendants) are already aware of this. Even if, they have been upholding these so called universal values, when it is their turn to suffer, with the influx of foreigners, they are starting to have second thoughts.

    Now, they start to realize that there is no end to the conquest of the immigrants. They may soon realize that it is already too late for them to undo the harm done that is synonymous with the immigrants. They are just different from the locals and cannot be blended with the locals.

  6. Kalau malay rasis, the immigrants had been chased the moment they set foot on this malayan soil.

    1. Wawe,

      Yup. i told off one of these species once. He got the message. And until today he dares not insult Malays again at least before me.

  7. Sometimes i feel pity to chinese DAP. Mereka pandai cari duit tapi byk bodoh serba serbi dlm hidup bermasyarakat. Kdg2x terasa mereka ni membesar dan dtg dari hutan lalu masuk bandar jadik alien. Fikiran serba kuno sehingga tdk tau membezakan kepercayaan dan anutan agama bangsa lain dgn agama mereka sendiri. Semiskin2x dan sebodoh2x melayu, mereka tidak pernah mencerca agama DAP atau mengata-ngata kepercayaan bangsa diorang. Prinsip kami: AGAMA LU, AGAMA LU LHA, AGAMA KAMI, AGAMA KAMI PUNYA HAL LHA. RAYA KAMU RAYA KAMU LHA, RAYA KAMI, RAYA KAMI PUNYA PASAL LHA. APA LU NAK SEBOK, LU SUNAT LAH DULU BARU BOLEH SEBOK PASAL ISLAM.

    Hey u chinese hutan, malai-u telah wujud sejak kurun 2M, bangsa kami telah ada sebelum kelahiran Nabi Muhammad bahkan telah ada berdagang di zaman Nabi kami jugak. Malai-u adalah bangsa hebat semasa di zaman keagungannya. Bahkan pendeta cina (dari negeri lu) & india telah membuat catatan tentang bangsa melayu beribu-ribu tahun dahulu. Plus catatan pelayar-pelayar eropah dan penjarah2x hasil mahsul Tanah Melayu. Bahkan sarjana barat pun mengaku sejarah asal malayu di nusantara ini. Lalu boleh kah kamu belajar pandai sekejap dengan membaca hasil jurnal dan kajian mereka di Oxford, di USA dan di merata dunia.tentang KEWUJUDAN BANGSA MELAYU DALAM CATATAN DAN KITAB KUNO MEREKA.

    Melayu adalah bangsa paling beradab dan paling bertamadun di dunia serta sangat bersopan santun kepada mana-mana bangsa jika hendak dibandingkan chinese DAP yang otak mereka masih bercawat. Kasihan to all chinese DAP.


    “Tapi jangan sesekali kamu menghina raja kami, bangsa kami dan agama kami. Itu sahaja pantang kami”.

    Tapi kamu fikir kami tidak tahu, KENAPA U ALL CINA DAP BUSUK HATI DENGAN MELAYU? Kami juga tahu asal usul kamu, siapa membawa kamu ke tanah melayu & apa tujuan ‘mereka’ membawa kamu ke sini. KAMI TAHU.

    Jika ada orang menggelar kamu YOWTAI, kamu fikir kami tidak tahu kenapa? SEBAB ITU KAMI TAHU KENAPA PERANGAI KAMU SEBIJI DAN SEBANGSA DENGAN ZIONIS.

    Kamu boleh merancang dengan apa jua cara untuk menjatuhkan agama orang melayu, bangsa melayu dan tanah melayu, TAPI BUKAN SEMUA MELAYU BODOH, MEREKA JUGA SEDANG MEMERHATI SETIAP GERAK GERI KAMU & LANGKAH KUNTAU KAMU.





    1. Bravo Krengge, best descriptions/narrations i ever read about melayu & cina dap!….& nak tambah sikit, cuma dalam vocab Melayu sahaja ada perkataan “AMUK” yang tidak boleh di translate ke dalam mana2 bahasa lain…..

      satu lagi adalah perkataan “LATAH”…bila seseorang melayu melatah, semua jenis perkataan keluar dari mulutnya, terutama sekali yang XXX rated & kalau masa latah dia pegang pisau, dia boleh menikam, kesemuanya berlaku tanpa sedar [unconsciously].

      not only the “latah” word, but the “latah” act can only be done/peformed by malays, so, beware you cina dap, the gentle, courteous & humble melayu yang kamu sentiasa hina & pandang hina can be transformed in an instant into murderous beings!

      1. Cakap pasal latah dan melatah…itu baru nenek!

        ‘Setengah jam bergelut dalam kelambu, akhirnya perompak yang tidak tahan dengan latah dan jerit pekik seorang warga emas terus cabut lari dan meninggalkan mangsanya yang cedera. Kamaliah Ismail, 85, cedera di mulut, kerongkong dan telinga manakala tangan dan badan mengalami lebam-lebam setelah dicucuk menggunakan batang besi dalam kejadian rompakan di rumahnya dekat Kampung Air Puteh Dalam dekat sini awal pagi, Sabtu lalu.’

        “Bila lelaki bertopeng itu cuba menanggalkan rantai tangan dan leher dipakai ibu bernilai RM10,000, ibu menjerit dan lelaki itu gagal mengambil barang kemas itu.
        Latah ibu di tahap serius. Ini menyebabkan dia (ibu) ada kekuatan melawan perompak itu walaupun dipukul teruk di badan dan disumbat serta dicucuk besi sehingga ke kerongkong,” katanya.

  8. Miss Malaysia 1969: I have no interests in this country

    Tentulah, pendatangs come and go! Tapi Melayu bukan pendatang kat sini…Tan Lai Soon, Tan Lian Hoe, Chong Eng and others. Tolong baca sejalah sama belita. Ok?

    ‘Pengarah Pusat Arkeologi Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Dr. Mokhtar Saidin berkata, penemuan artifak kapak genggam diperbuat daripada batu yang berusia 1.83 juta tahun merupakan bukti kukuh bahawa manusia zaman tersebut sudah hidup menetap di satu kawasan.’

    Artikel Penuh:
    Hakcipta terpelihara

    Kat sini semua sudah cukup la, Alhamdullilah!

    ‘Teori normadik tentang kebudayaan Paleolitik sebelum ini menyatakan bahawa mereka hidup berpindah randah manakala penemuan bukti di Bukit Bunuh menunjukkan bahawa masyarakatnya tidak sedemikian kerana keperluan asas yang diperlukan sebagai manusia adalah melebihi keperluan.’

    ‘“Bukti-bukti yang ditemui dalam penyelidikan di Bukit Bunuh yang dilakukan sejak tahun 2001 menunjukkan yang tapak ini dihuni secara berterusan,” jelas Mokhtar.

    “Bukit Bunuh menjadi pilihan kawasan petempatan awal kerana ia menyediakan sumber alam yang diperlukan untuk menyediakan peralatan batu serta mempunyai persekitaran kuno yang mempunyai sumber air dari tasik kuno, flora dan fauna yang diperlukan mereka,” kata Mokhtar

    1. Islam1st,

      Samada puak perkauman dari DAP nak hina Melayu dengan berkata Melayu pun pendatang, apa perlu kita susah hati.

      Yang penting satu dunia iktiraf Melayu sebagai bumiputera. Pada masa paling penting dalam sejarah negeri negeri Melayu ni (iaitu menjelang merdeka), tandatangan Raja raja Melayu lah yg laku. Bukan tandatangan Kit Siang atau MCA.


      1) Singkirkan ahli politik bangsat dari bangsa Melayu ni. tak kira dari UMNO, PAS. Ramai jadikan parti politik alat untuk cari makan. Ketika bertanding mereka cari kawasan pekat Melayu. Bila menang, anggap Melayu tak penting.

  9. Interests is not the same as interest. For a divorce proceeding, the court is trying to determine where is the most appropriate place to carry out the case. This is going to concern where your domicile is, your assets and your family. The lady in question has followed her husband to London and has children living in the UK and Canada. The marital assets include a fairly significant stake in Laura Ashley, the London based fashion chain. So it could be said that her “interests” (i.e. domicile, family and assets) are not in Malaysia. Then Ms Ang decides that this means she is not proud to be a Malaysian. It doesn’t mean the same thing. If you are lucky enough to hold assets overseas, if your children find opportunities or love overseas, if you follow you spouse to a new country to support them, does this change what’s in your heart? No. Plenty of people in Malaysia are far less patriotic than those Malaysians I’ve met overseas. This seems like the thoughts of someone who has no family commitments and an arrogance to comment on the personal affairs of someone they don’t even know, let alone seek to understand.

    1. re: “So it could be said that her “interests” (i.e. domicile, family and assets) are not in Malaysia. Then Ms Ang decides that this means she is not proud to be a Malaysian. It doesn’t mean the same thing.”

      Bodoh punya commenter.

      Ms Ang is good in her English. And Ms Ang is also very competent in her vocabulary.

      If Ms Ang had wanted to indicate that Ms Malaysia 1969 had no “interest” in Malaysia, Ms Ang would have headlined her article “no interest“. As it is, this article is correctly headlined “no interests“.

      And there is nothing at all in my article to indicate that I’ve deviated from the intended meaning of “interests” to indicate assets. On the contrary, my mention of the Hertfordshire English manor owned by the Khoos in London indicates their assets (interests) in that country.

      The link I provided as story source is The original news report already made clear that the High Court hearing was to determine “jurisdiction and domicile issues”. That would infer the Tan Sri and Puan Sri’s properties and houses.

      It is you yourself who have not bothered to check the link provided but chose to instead spew your nonsensical accusation.

      See comment by grkumar | November 7, 2014 at 5:50 pm,

      “Further her claim she has no interests in Malaysia could only serve to enrich the husband TS KK Peng by her disclaiming the assets they hold in Malaysia.”

      Gopal Raj Kumar and I are obviously talking on the same page.

      I had assumed that my other readers are similarly conversant with the English language until you step forward to prove your idiocy in presuming that writers are stupid and incompetent.

  10. There us another aspect to this high profile divorce matter. Even if Puline Shai gets her way, there is no guarantee that a family court decision in London will be enforceable outside the UK.

    Of course if the assets are held in trusts there is bugger all chance of her getting what the court will grant her.

    But then again why should she not get half of everything he owns just because she has elected to call Britain her home? The other facto is this just because he is a “poor thing” getting his proverbials squeezed by his wife who does not wish to call Malaysia her home (he playing the patriot card) does not mean she should not get her rights through court UK or elsewhere.

    Wonder how many assets he has pickled away in foreign trusts, to avoid paying Malaysian taxes. Lets see.

    1. re: “he playing the patriot card”

      The news reports have mentioned that he is a staunch Christian. He is probably of the evangelical variety, given his support for Pastor Kong Hee of the City Harvest Church.

      We might be within reason to invoke a syllogism that patriotism is the usual refuge of the evangelical Christians.

      1. He may well have given it all to God (via his pastor Kong Hee). Experience tells me that many of the many rich and powerful who follow the likes of the Maharishi, Sai Baba, Assemblies of God, Harvest Churches and Beni Hinn all have had special arrangements with the trusts and endowments created in favour of these “Churches” which are completely exempt from paying taxes in places like the US, UK and perhaps even in Malaysia.

        They make very large and generous donations to these organizations we call charities for a deductible gift receipt even though those receipts are for a maximum say of $50,00 or $1000 a time.

        They literally by arrangement hand over control of large stakes in their empires in secret arrangements through places like Lichtenstein, the Caymans and other secret jurisdictions outside of the view of the taxman then entitle themselves to income or revenue streams and other goodies as smaller investors. Family members also feature greatly in the distribution which is why they re often linked to these churches as well.

        it is a complex job explaining this web of deceit but let me tell you it has very little to do with Christian Charity or Robin Hoodism and more to do with robbing the grave, whipping the Christ, stripping him of his robe and crowning him with thorns.

        The sadder part of this tale is the fact that this woman (as is the case in most high profile family law matters) becomes demonised. She probably had it up to her false boobs and lips with his cheating the state and everyone else in the name of God.

        We still have to come to terms with the patrimony that infects our way of thinking.

        1. I think Pauline is being rather not very clever here. One as you had said the court judgment might not be enforceable outside the UK and secondly millionaires know all the tricks in the book to evade tax and hide assets. He could just donate all his assets in the UK to charity or move it out to various off shore accounts or even sell it.

          I think Pauline is hoping that the British courts are more women friendly in divorce cases so she might get a bigger share of the pie. To me it is kind of hypocrisy that in this age of gender equality there are gold diggers who behave in such opportunistic ways to grab fortunes that they have done nothing to earn (other than via legal means). It is another thing if she has worked hard with the husband to build the business. While the husband is hard at work she’s jetting the world, shopping at Paris or having high tea at her English mansion.

  11. “I love England and everything English,” Pauline had declared to the British newspapers.”

    A former Miss Malaysia who does not love Malaysia anymore. So why do we still let her keep the title? A title like Miss Malaysia brings the responsibility of being a promoter of the country. What message do we tell our younger generation if our own representatives of our country do not love what they represent.

    I am for the OTHER Miss Malaysias. Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh – helps promote our country and causes overseas. Yasmin Yusof who bring cheer to our mornings.

    Perhaps we should have a vetting system for our Miss Malaysias. Those who love Malaysia can be receive the honor… those who don’t … well find another country.

    1. She has a right to make a fool of herself as much as anyone who runs around in skimpy gear “representing a nation”. Lets just see what enforceability British law has on the Malaysian courts [deleted].

      For me I hope this becomes a spectacle blood sport. He said she said. He did she did.

    2. wah. same page with wong chun wai lor. difference is Pauline do reside in London, England whereas wong chun wai is a London lover wannabe.

      If he love England so much, might as well migrate there and take example from Pauline by saying ‘I have no interest in Malaysia’. At least one gunting dalam lipatan is gone.

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