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J-Star says some politicians seriously need psychiatric treatment

This photo is Hannah Yeoh.

Hannah black tudung litup

In which community do you find …

… nestled among the pimps

Ah Long (loansharks)


Drug lords

Triads (gangsters)

In short, who are the kingpins of organized crime in Malaysia?


The photo above shows a commercial district in Subang Jaya.

Those mattresses being thrown away do not come from residential homes. They were discarded by one of the businesses that operate along the row of shophouses.

Now what kind of business uses a cheap bed?

Daim: Who is funding oppo parties?

Talking about the opposition, Tun Daim Zainuddin asks, “who do you get funds from to run the party or contest in elections?”

The former Finance Minister was speaking at an event hosted by MIDF on Thursday (Nov 6). “Truth is, business and politics are like Siamese twins – inseparable and inevitable,” said Tun Daim in his speech to a 200-strong audience at Istana Hotel in KL.

Tun Daim 1

Specifically, he pinpointed the hundreds of foot “reflexology” centres that have mushroomed in Selangor ever since Pakatan took over the state.

“You know what happens behind closed doors at most of these reflexology centres,” Astro Awani reported Tun Daim as hinting.

The Umno stalwart further said that this flesh trade in Selangor’s sin cities are linked to certain personalities in the state government.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh (wearing black tudung) holding court at table

Buka Puasa @hannahyeoh

Porky Principle at work

The Porky Principle states “Bak Kut Teh is not pork”

e.g. Application of the Porky Principle:

Declaration that the intimate photos of ‘Zairil’ with ‘Dyana’ are forgeries by Umno cybertroopers. Zairil threatened: I might take legal action against anyone who says the pictures are of me (and Dyana Sofya).

BPiGP8GCcAACRh9Yet they’ve chickened out from lodging any police report, filing any libel suit or confronting any blogger/Facebooker whom they accuse of gutter politics.

Holy Hannah, close-up cropped from the Instagram above


Tudung is a Chinese customary head dress, konon

Subang Jaya has been successfully taken for Jesus.

However, the hijab image with which the Jerusubang Adun drapes herself is most ironic considering the reputation of Hannah Yeoh’s constituency as a sarang maksiat.

In earlier days, Our FirstLady Speaker donned the gauzy selendang but nowadays she’s going for the black tudung. See the photos tweeted by her own self and her MPSJ associate.

If one is continually photographed in mosques and suraus wearing tudung, then it is a logical assumption that the individual has embraced Islam.

Hannah Buka puasa PJS 9 dan PJS 11

Hannah’s threat to lodge police report

An ustaz had asked in Facebook whether Hannah Yeoh (pix left) is a Muslim. Mind you, he is not a politician from any rival party nor a political operative. As a ‘man of the cloth’, he wanted only to satisfy his curiosity and allay his concern.

There is nothing criminal about merely desiring to clarify the religious status of Our FirstLady Speaker. Given the circumstances, it is the most natural thing to query. Nothing extremist, racist or bigoted about the ustaz’s question.

Instead it is Hannah Yeoh’s threat to lodge a police report against anyone (who even whispers she has converted to Islam) that smacks of extremism and religious bigotry.

BELOW: What is one reasonably supposed to make of Hannah Yeoh’s tudung wearing?

Hannah Tudung Montage Police

Targets labelled ‘extremist’ by The EvangeliSTAR

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai rants and raves yet again at his favourite target, i.e. the racists-extremists-bigots-haters whom he deems “self-proclaimed race and religious champions”.

“Uncouth personalities”, he calls them in his newspaper column today and many times previously. However Chun Wai now chooses to cast his eye beyond the usual suspects – the MP “circus acts” who he says entertain him with their clownish antics in Parliament.

In his latest article ‘Stop the circus acts‘, the uber evangelista is extending his ire to “the increasing number of voices outside the mainstream political arena who are challenging the accepted norms of public discourse with their strident and extremist views”.


Oh, so now ordinary Malaysians are labelled ‘haters’ too

The J-Star is giving TMI a fight for its money as to which pro-Christian publication is numero uno in naming and shaming the despised “extremists”.

EvangeliSTAR boss Chun Wai writes that “the increasing number of personalities and ordinary Malaysians, of all races, spewing hate comments is seriously worrying”.

Although by his reckoning these hate spewers are nothing but “political weaklings”, he still feels that these weaklings nonetheless deserve his column inches – and the attention of the millions of eyeballs reached by the MCA multi-billion ringgit media empire – week after week.

BELOW: Chun Wai’s campaign against “religious and racial bigots” indirectly funded by the PM’s Dept?


EvangeliSTAR alleges political bullies are fearmongering

Referring to those he does not see eye to eye with, Chun Wai claims that the “easiest way out, to make up for their lack of grey matter, is to continually spew remarks that intimidate or instil fear among the people”.

In other words, Chun Wai is accusing the purported bullies of stupidity. And because they’re stupid, they have to resort to constantly scaremongering – goes his logic.

Najib 5 StarsHe writes:

“In any democracy, we can expect such an approach from the really fringe groups or ultra lunatics whose views are often ignored. But it is sad that in our country, political bullying gets national prominence, whereby certain groups and individuals with their political links not only shout down those who do not share their views, but also play the race and religious cards to threaten them.”

To sum up: Chun Wai is saying that the alleged fear-mongers, whom he uses the MCA platform to heap ridicule on, are not only stupid but are the lunatic fringe. He is also saying the “ultra” groups (that are politically linked) are shouting down their meek and mild fellow citizens as well as threatening all peace lovers who do not belong to the same race and religion.

KOMARounding up, he vents at the politicians “who think they are the only ones who shape and decide Malaysia’s future”. Chun Wai suggests that these politicians “need to see their shrinks quickly. They need serious help”.

That’s a lot of serious venting coming from the EvangeliSTAR. By my reckoning, the politician who is extremist and a religious bigot is Hannah Yeoh.

My opinion is hardly shared by the J-Star editors who are Hannah Yeoh’s biggest fans. Who do you think are the politicians targetted by Wong Chun Wai whom he says “need to see their shrinks quickly” because they “need serious help”?


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11 thoughts on “J-Star says some politicians seriously need psychiatric treatment

  1. Re: ‘Who’s ultra and who they think they are,they think the only ones who shape and decide the future of Malaysia’ …come on la WCW you ain’t got no balls you are heating the bush around why shame shame come out in the open you worth five cent la kalau awak ada lessen mengutuk sesiapa saja tolong sebut saja orang itu, kami yang tak tahu baca fikiran orang pun boleh tahu punya itu… Tun

    1. WCW adalah golongan idot nombor SATU Negara! Kalau berani tolong sebutkan nama nama tokoh yang anda maksudkan itu?

      Anda ingat orang orang Melayu akan suka dan sokong anda? Makin menyampah dan benci mereka terhadap anda!

      ‘Blood is thicker than water’ Saya yakin ramai orang Melayu akan bersimpati dan menyokong kepada mereka yang anda kecam! Malah orang orang yang pada mulanya kurang suka kepada mereka turut bangkit memberi sokongan dan mula membenci anda!

  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    May be some grown ups are so stressed nowadays that they have problems to think straight. Some PAS politicians loves going to church and are proud about it. Hannah and her DAP non-Muslim friends loves going to surau and masjid and wearing tudung.

    Now our court rules that punishing Muslim transgenders for cross-dressing contravenes freedom of expression.

    Opposition leaders must be happy because they love fighting for those kind of people. They can even blame UMNO for it to their Muslim supporters.

    In bible issue, the new Selangor MB wants bible with kalimah Allah to be returned because he thinks that he understand “Islam yang sebenarnya” better than Muftis and Majlis Fatwa.

    Some PAS leaders call UMNO kafir but claim DAP leaders like LGE love Islam.

    They make kids like me confused because it is hard to see what is the right thing and what is the wrong thing to do.

  3. Aiya, just shut down the star la.

    Utusan is good enough for me. When I need to line my dog’s pee tray, it doesn’t matter what newspaper I used. But don’t know why, my dog seems like shitting on Utusan though. Maybe it’s the smell.

    1. Dogs shit on newspapers is it? Hygenic ka? Where do you throw the pooped-newspapers after that? No wonder those houses that rear dogs smell so shitty… kesian the tukang angkat sampat fella… no civic minded one lar these self professed god loving people…

  4. Since WCW apparently thought that the political weaklings still deserve his column inches, we’d also like to know why the taikos of the numerous foot reflexology establishments servicing the few-inch wee columns of Selangor spiritual weaklings had been spared his evangelical tirades.

    Or, does the Daim, when theorizing that politics and business are like Siamese twins had the likes of WCW looming large in his still analytical mind?

  5. Re: Who do you think are the politicians targetted by Wong Chun Wai whom he says “need to see their shrinks quickly” because they “need serious help”?

    I think in this case, your guess is as good as mine.

    But this woman definitely needs “serious help”.
    I don’t think that her posting is racist, but if I were a voter in her area, as a non-Cina I would definitely be offended. Her posting actually reflects the typical chauvinistic Cina dap with supremacist tendencies.

    1. Teresa Kok refuses to acknowledge Azeez as a Malay but her party always parades Zairil as their Malay face.

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