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Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality

The Najib consultants are like Rasputin giving Tsar Nicholas bad advice, so much so that the PM appears to be listening to BN’s enemies while he ignores sober voices in his own party.

History tells us that the tsar was the last emperor of Russia and on 25 Oct 1917, communist revolutionary Lenin seized power.


Grandpapa Dapster praises Ah Jib Gor, BN voters criticize Najib

orangkampung @2014/11/11 at 9:50 am says:

“The PM should beware – when your detractors become your no. 1 fans and the people who vote you in become your no. 1 critics, it’s time to take a step back and muhasabah diri, sebelum the rakyat ask you to step down.”

Orang kampung is referring to the enthusiastic support given by the DAP Mursyidul Am to Najib’s moderation agenda.

BELOW: Can it be true? Do Chinese youth really, so wildly “love PM”?


i love pm

Umno president and his party at opposite ends

Umno is against any repeal of the Sedition Act.

Party deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin has stated that the Sedition Act should be retained. He is reflecting the view of an overwhelming majority of Umno divisions.

Wanita Umno that forms the bulwark of the BN vote want the Act to stay as well.


Umno is conservative, Najib is liberal

Calvin Sankaran @ 2014/11/11 at 9:48 am reminds us that Lim Kit Siang has resolved the question of why Najib “appears to be one person on the international stage and another on the local scene”.

In his press statement on 20 Oct 2014, Kit Siang said that Najib’s approach to moderation is split between the latter’s two contrary personalities.


There is, one, the good Ah Jib Gor and there is the Evil Twin – eldest son of Tun Razak, Malaysia’s second prime minister who presided over the country post-May 13.

It was Tun Abdul Razak Hussein who intensified the Sedition Act following the lifting of Emergency rule by the National Operations Council (Mageran). Now Najib intends to run full tilt against his father’s handiwork.

Hannah Tudung Montage Police

Hannah’s personality disorder

Hannah Yeoh is constantly wearing tudung and going to the mosque but at the same time threatens anyone who says she’s Muslim with a police report.

This morning, she was very quick off the mark to snap at The J-Star for erroneously reporting that the Selangor Speaker’s chair is vacant. See her tweet below.

Hannah Speaker is from DAP

hannah-ugly1Within minutes of Hannah’s irate reprimand, The EvangeliSTAR scrambled to correct their mistake – “PAS rep set to be Selangor state Speaker”.

But actually, most people would be easily forgiven for thinking that the Speaker is from PAS given her public image (pix left).

What the Prime Minister and the FirstLady Speaker have in common is their same salary – see pay scale comparison below. Malaysians must also worry that Najib with his split personality (as diagnosed by Lim Kit Siang) might soon descend into behaving like Kit Siang’s protege, Hannah Yeoh.

Star graphics
Star graphics – 28 Nov 2013


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9 thoughts on “Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality

  1. Hannah’s personality disorder ? Now come on now. She is a decent actor to begin with. Her acting is quite good. The more educated a Malay, whether male or female, the more he/she will embrace Hannah.

    You should take a re-look at the picture she took with Malays :) I m just stating the obvious. You have the pics. Take a good re-look. You know what I mean :)

    1. Okay.

      Hannah is a good actress and just faking it.

      It is Najib-Ah Jib Gor who’s genuinely confused.

  2. When Pakatan replaced Khalid with Azmin as MB of Selangor, it conveniently blamed all the problems in Selangor on Khalid,

    Whether Kidex or or bad roads or water shortage or rubbish or bibles or denggi or increased ADUN salaries or increased assessment rates or license fees, all suddenly became Khalid’s problem and amazingly the rest of the dozens of other EXCOs and ADUN are no longer at fault.

    Now that people in Penang increasingly see that there are major problems in Penang from no more land to sell, to massive 4X increase in state expenses, big drop in investments, increasing unaffordable property prices, dodgy tunnel deals, dodgy bicycle deals, increase water, stall rentals and assessment rates, environmental damage and denggi and floods, it is likely that Pakatan and DAP will use the same trick to assign all the blame to the Tokong and change CM in the next elections.

    You can see this from Lim Guan Eng’s statement a few days ago where he said he wants to leave a legacy of freedom for Penang and saying ““I don’t know how long I will be here. I know that politics is short and cruel.”

    And from yesterday where two Penang DAP ADUNs moved a motion in their state assembly to limit the terms of the Chief Minister to two terms maximum.

    Perhaps DAP is starting a move to assign all the blame to Lim Guan Eng and brush away all their problems too and make Tokong the sacrificial lamb?

    It’s as if the dozens of other EXCOs and ADUNs are blameless and all the blame is not attached to only one person and leaving the rest not at fault.

    If that is the case, why pay all the other EXCOs and ADUNs too since they essentially don’t do work and hence not to blame?

    Don’t be fooled by their wayang of just blaming one person and making that person the kambing korban while the rest and Pakatan enjoys a free-ride.

    lim sian see.

    1. Xynal hamzah,

      Many politicians have the habit of overstating their importance. As if the world will collapse if they retire.

      Najib, being the son of iconic Tun Razak has an easy life. At age of 22 he was elected as Pekan MP due to him carrying his father’s name. No one would want to pick a 22 boy to be candidate had not for their admiration for his father.

      Najib may not realise that he was chosen as he represents UMNO. Not because of his capabilities. As he has a sheltered life, Najib is detached from reality.

      Empress Dowager of China remained in total control by making princely Mandarins to want to work with her. The more you are outspoken against her, the more she rewarded you.

      The strategy does not work with UMNO. Najib appointed people like Marina, Dr Mujahid, Wardina in MKPN. For what. These people have never been fair to UMNO. In short they want UMNO dead.

      If I were to be in Najib’s position, I would cancel the redevelopment of RMAF base in Teluk Air Tawar. The base is in the heart of Malay settlement. UMNO and people of Teluk Air Tawar are dead set against developing the base (the process that makes Malay a minority).

      And we have a PM who gets power from Malays but ignores Malay sentiments.

  3. The leader of the leaders does not know whether to pull or to push, to rise or to lower. Ah Jib Gor must study the Tai Chi from Lao Tze. Maybe, he will then plumb the depths of the Middle Way. At this moment, his “Moderation” is filled with inconsistencies and contradictions. Surely, it is not a love the people can take to heart.

    1. They are silent because no Christians are involved. The DAP is not in the business of helping the Chinese. They are only interested in harvesting Chinese votes come election time. When the Chinese are in trouble they are silent.

      Anyone who has a half decent brain should have known by know that the DAP is anti Chinese.

      Chinese in trouble ? So what ? Not the DAP’s business. If the DAP is really a Chinese party, they would not get into bed with PAS in the first place.

      Pro establishment folks like you should focus your attention on the Sarawak state elections in a year’s time now that we know the number of seats in the state assembly has been increased from 71 to 82. I wonder how many of the newly minted seats are Christian or Christian dominated or have considerable Christian constituencies.

      A perfect storm in Sarawak if the establishment is not paying attention to what the DAP has been doing in the state since May 6 2013.

      What’s your take on this issue Helen ? Care to share your insights with us ?

      1. re: “Pro establishment folks like you”

        Not really.

        I live in Selangor. Over here, Pakatan is the state gomen. Therefore, being critical of DAP makes me anti-establishment as well as counter current (where 90 percent majority of Chinese are DAP diehard supporters).

        re: “What’s your take on this issue Helen? Care to share your insights with us?”

        Sorry, I do not have on-the-ground S’wak intel.

        I mostly look at data, crunch numbers and mind the business in my own backyard (Selangor), that’s all. And study history.

  4. “Is DAP is silent on the Cameron highlands rape of the mother nature because the culprits are mostly Chinese ?”

    Why Cameron? The Pakatan can’t even solve the problems at their backyard. The rape of Bukit Botak in Penang is well filed in the shelves. Well. Penang Darul Sampah too has her many problems.

    Thanks Calvin on your article asking the Living God to pull up his socks.

    Well he is a god so it is quite incorrigible for you to ask him to pull up his socks. He has got the PPS to help him dress and to his beck and call.

    Beautiful Penang. Well. Let us look at crime in Penang.

    First, the sex and hookers at Pulau Tikus. Last year, we had sex and drugs at Island Glades and then sex parties at the Penang Free School grounds. Now the affluent people of Pulau Tikus can get their sex conveniently too.

    “Mior mentioned a crackdown on Sunday where 17 women from China and three from Vietnam, suspected of being prostitutes, were detained at an entertainment outlet in Pulau Tikus.”

    Now, we can find sex at Burmah Road. Well, you can have sex after paying your Astro bill. It is as convenient as you can get your jellies and condoms at the pharmacy next door. The Adventist hospital too is walking distance away if you need some treatment for STD.
    In fact, the hookers give good service to Dads who need to pass some time waiting for their girls who study next door at the Convent Pulau Tikus.

    After sex, you can have some delicious Penang hawker food across the road. If your wife can’t wait for you while you have sex, she can shop at Paragon which is nearby. Better still, the good DAP CAT government has a free Rapid Penang service that can take you around Pulau Tikus, so you would not miss your next sex appointment.

    Better still if you feel guilty after some illicit sex, there is a church next to the hooker joint so that you can confess.

    Next, Penang the land of Norman Bates (sorry he may be Chinese so Norman Beh.) Even our own Norman Beh has made it to the UK papers, hurray.

    “Is a serial killer on the loose in former British colonial island of Penang? Fear stalks Malaysians after headless torso is found in Penang”

    I think I (and Calvin and Islam 1st) should vote for DAP in the next election. They are certainly more fun than Gerakan. We got hookers, druggies, teen sex, PPS, Kancil car park, Yuki Tan and now serial killers. We have never had so much fun and crime until the DAP came along.

    Helen you too should vote for Pakatan. You’ve got NO WATER, Occupy Mesjid, Langkah Kajang, OKM berpuasa etc.

    (P/S If you are in Penang and showering and someone knocked at the door, please don’t open. You might end up like Marion Crane. Hahaha!)

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