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Tun: “The minorities can actually overthrow the govt”

Dr Mahathir Mohammad is worried that attacks against the ummah have become ever stronger.

“[Muslims tend to] believe that our absolute monarchs and strongman governments would not be affected” by revolutionary minorities, Dr Mahathir said yesterday.

Nonetheless he warned against harbouring such complacency because the reality is “minorities can actually overthrow the government”.

Tn-M-Berucap Isma

Subverting Islamic traditions and values

In his keynote address as chair of the Kuala Lumpur Summit, Tun conceded that “even government chosen by the majority must accept the voice of the minorities” if the well-organized minority voices are able to mount a concerted and powerful enough challenge.

The Tun was officiating the opening of an international summit which hosted a gathering of Muslim thinkers.

mahathir_zaikCiting the Arab Spring countries which are experiencing anarchy, Dr M (pix, seated beside the Isma president) cautioned that Malaysia’s ethnic majority is quite unprepared to deal with the ambitious ambush being sneakily sprung on them.

Muslims here are not yet equipped to deal with the assault by liberals promoting ideas which are contrary to the teachings of Islam, the ex-premier said.

These crafty, subversive elements are steadily undermining the foundation and pillars of authority, and in the process weakening the government and thus making it possible for BN to be toppled.

The Tun is willing to call a spade a spade and spell out what our lembik prime minister is evading to confront.

Recommended read to understand how subversion is strategized:

Agenda normalisasi cuba hapus sensitiviti umat Islam‘ as explained by Isma vice president (I) Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Asmuni

3Gs + 1: Gold, self-Glory, Gospel and GREEDY



/lɨˈvaɪ.əθən/ Hebrew

– a humongous twisted and coiled sea monster referenced in the Old Testament

The most visible religious minority in Malaysia is “only nine percent” of the population but aggressively, excessively hostile.

Within their ranks are the Yahudi Yeohs who are incessantly attacking the Malay-Muslim population.

“Sedarlah wahai bangsaku, bahawa tanahair kita kini sedang menghadapi ancaman dan gugatan berterusan, dari segenap penjuru, daripada pelbagai pihak yang beraksi sebagai proksi kepada Yahudi Zionis Evangelis, yang mahu meleburkan jati diri umat dan menguburkan Islam sebagai identiti negara,” said Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman in an open letter.


Abdullah Zaik: “Agama diperkosa, maruah bangsa dipijak dan negara tergadai”

Isma asserts that the DAP evangelistas “[berhasrat] untuk merubah identiti negara, menghapuskan hak Melayu, kedaulatan Melayu dan agama Islam”.

“Tuduhan rasis, ekstremis dan seumpamanya adalah serangan psikologi dan minda agar puak pribumi tidak berani untuk bangkit mempertahankan hak mereka. Dengan itu musuh-musuh akan mudah melaksanakan perancangan mereka membaham apa yang masih berbaki,” said Abdullah Zaik in his open letter circulated this year on the eve of May 13.

BELOW: J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai urging his fellow Firsters to fight the “religious and racial bigots”, among whom he includes the Isma chaps


How the Yahudi Yeohs operate

“Sedarlah, mereka menggula-gulakan orang Islam dengan slogan berkilau, seperti kebebasan, kesamarataan dan persaudaraan insan. Tidak cukup dengan itu, mereka mengapungkan pegangan agama, lalu diganti dengan piagam hak asasi manusia dan nilai-nilai sejagat,” Abdullah Zaik explained.

The DAP rhetorical devices alluded to by the Isma president when he refers to empty but “shiny slogans” are, for instance, the platitudes on love-love-love and Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite mouthed by the evangelical party’s most prominent YBs,


Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng:

“Let us embrace the future by embracing every Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Iban as Malaysian brothers and sisters, Malaysian sons and daughters” (screenshot below).


TunkuAzizLeave Malays Alone

Ibarat bertanam tebu di bibir

Continues Abdullah Zaik in his message warning how DAP cuba menggula-gulakan orang Islam:

“Apabila umat Islam telah benar-benar menelan umpan, maka puak-puak kapitalis Yahudi menerusi proksi-proksi mereka akan memperkukuhkan kedudukan mencengkam sepenuhnya setiap sendi kekuasaan.”

This business of pasang umpan is Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh’s territory.

Hannah black tudung litupWe mustn’t forget how Lee Kuan Yew donned a songkok to lull the Malays when he was on the campaign trail in the 1960s. And we’ve had half a century since then to learn what he truly thinks about the Malay and Islamic civilization.

Well, if LKY was willing to wear songkok, the DAP (which is an offshoot of Singapore’s PAP) politicians are willing to go one step further by wearing tudung litup – see Hypocrite Hannah’s photo above.

Abdullah Zaik: Melayu pantang dipermainkan agamanya

The munafiks are making a mockery of Islam.

Jakim in its khutbah Jumaat has warned several times already against the honey traps laid by the Jews and Christians, citing the many related verses from the Quran.

In Malaysia, the munafiks want to determine “rupa bangsa Negara”. Their boldness has set alarm bells ringing in Isma who warned, “Bangsa yang terjajah adalah bangsa yang membisu membiarkan kedaulatannya dicabul di depan mata”.


Evangelistas trying to teach Malays how to be good Muslims

The reason for Isma reacting forcefully to the provocation is “bagi mengingatkan pemimpin-pemimpin Cina supaya berhenti daripada keterlaluan dalam mencampuri urusan menentukan masa depan Islam di negara ini” – see Abdullah Zaik’s statement on 9 May 2014.

The evangelistas hold to a WWJD credo – “What Would Jesus Do?” and they seek to apply their own liberal religious interpretation to Islam – see tweet by @YouTiup below.

They are imposing their evangelical practices subversively on Islam in much the way that Sisters in Islam founder Zainah Anwar had sacrilegiously preached, “We are all Allah’s children”.

Twitter - YouTiup- @nazrinfaris i agree. in fact

Abdullah Zaik: “Keterlaluan dan suatu yang perlu diperbetulkan”

Referring to his “pencerobohan” remark, the Isma president clarified that “ia juga sebagai peringatan kepada orang Melayu supaya bangkit mempertahankan hak dan membetulkan kesilapan lalu”.

The historical mistake of the past which requires correcting – in Isma’s view – is what its president has termed as “kemasukan pendatang Cina ke Tanah Melayu bersama penjajah British merupakan satu bentuk pencerobohan”.

For ticking off the “intruders” for allegedly trying to take control of the natives, Abdullah Zaik has been hauled to court on the charge of sedition following police reports against him made by both the DAP and MCA.

Lim Kit Siang and Lee Hwa Beng, three-term MCA evangelista Adun of Subang Jaya who preceded Hannah


Why Isma is urging “Melayu bangkit”

Chinese immigrants were fortune-seekers who benefited from the colonial economy. Lucrative exports such as rubber and tin did not serve to enrich the Malays. Rubber plantations and tin mines required a large capital outlay whereas the poor Malays, even when they planted cash crops like rubber, were only able to cultivate small holdings.

If you were to read the First and Second Malaysia Plans, you’ll realise that prior to 1970, Malays in the country were largely an agrarian community of subsistence farmers and coastal fishermen.

How do you think all the non-Chinese would have been treated if DAP had succeeded in ruling Selangor after the 10 May 1969 general election? Hence the “Malay Dilemma” as postulated then by Dr Mahathir.

Coming a full circle, he is once again anxious should the minority succeed in taking over the reins of government in GE14.

DAP Yang Berhormats … grown prosperous on the fat of the land

hannah Her Royal Roundness1


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24 thoughts on “Tun: “The minorities can actually overthrow the govt”

  1. Tun Mahathir is right, if the majority keeps on dividing themselves, minorities could become a government.

    Adakah Melayu akan iklas menerimanya?

  2. “”The minorities can actually overthrow the govt”””

    So true it has happen before.

    A good read this,

  3. …sebagai proksi kepada Yahudi Zionis…. Fact for decades Muslims put the blam on Yahudi Zionis for all the issues or miserable life they face until today but they failed to the ‘wake’ up call.. hallo.. wake up wake up.. World is changing.

    With a ‘click’ everthing lights ups no more sleepy head. if you feel dizzy here take ‘PANADOL; Jews invented to cure your headace whether you are a muslim or not, doenst matter, your dizziness will be cured without having to take thet ‘Air Jampi’.

    Dr M is right and braze he call a spade a spade and a cangkul is a canggkut, so simple and hard to understand by Muslim themselves. By the way there are Muslim Jews and one of them Muhammad Assad did a good job translating the Quran in English May Allah S.W.T bless him and DR M too.

  4. This is true – this is exactly the strategy of DAP – divide the Malays and split their votes and then grab all of Chinese and Christian votes.

    They have even gone one step further by hiring (as opposed to attracting) awek cuns to the party. There are some Malays who are foolish enough to get deluded by such tactics and further split the Malay vote.

    Come GE14, the bigger winner will be DAP and not UMNO. You can see danger sign ahead just like what happened in GE12. The UMNO members themselves are not united and now calling for Najib’s head. The same thing happened in GE12 where many UMNO supporters didn’t vote BN or voted PR because they disagreed with Pak Lah. And that’s what let PR to gain a foothold in the first place.

    I hope that despite their misgivings about Najib, UMNO members should remain committed to the party despite whoever in power. I think the recent “lavish praise” by the Biawak King LKS for Najib is meant to split the party and divide the Malay votes further.

  5. Did you notice that Mkini and MI reported Hisham saying that the Sedition Act and vernacular schools likely to be the main topics in the coming UMNO AGM. That’s funny because he actually said whatever the topics the delegates wish to raise be it Sedition or vernacular, it must be done in a responsible way.

    UMNO has to guard against such blatant manipulations and sue these portals just like the Tokong does. I heard about UMNO ramping up its cyber unit but it looks like it is still in the sleeping mode and never got going.

  6. Yang sangat pelik dan merbahaya adalah pemimpin pemimpin Pas yang sanggup bersubahat dengan musoh ISLAM sangup dihina dipijak oleh kononnya rakan kongsi mereka.

    Sekarang president dipujuk untuk besara dan yang akan mengambil aleh adalah Mat sabun, bayang kanlah apa akan jadi pada parti ISLAM ini. Kita harapkan ahli ahli nya SEDARLAH.

    Mungkin sudah sampai masanya yang parti baru yang berasas ISLAM ditubuhkan mungkin ISMA boleh mengganti Pas sebagai sebuah parti yang bertunjangkan Islam dan ahli ahli pas boleh berhijrah untuk kesatuan dan perpaduan umat Islam.

  7. You need 2/3 majority to change the Constitution. Maybe it is obvious but easier said than done.

    I don’t think the Malay rights is in danger. And I don’t think Pakatan, even if they ever come into power, will want to mess with that. It is just not a practical thing to do with the potential risks of doing such. I am not convinced DAP is that stupid to want to push through a plot like that.

    If you cut away all the bullshit, the one thing left to argue is how to manage our country’s rich resources. Race and religion is just tools to achieve that particular end, IMHO.

    If BN can reform and show to the rakyat that it can manage the resources responsibly and delicate balance of interest from various communities, I don’t see why I wouldn’t give my support to them.

    But as it is, UMNO is rotten to the core. Just look at the 1MDB nonsense. If the country is prospering and corruption is kept to a minimum, the race and religion problems that you see now will surely be reduced.

    As for the oldman, I don’t really care what he says. He has done enough damage to this country.

    1. re: “You need 2/3 majority to change the Constitution. Maybe it is obvious but easier said than done.”

      Correct. Key articles are protected. To amend them will require additionally the assent of the Council of Rulers.

      Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays is safeguarded. Apa yang DAP janjikan kepada para penyokong mereka, yakni kesamarataan tanpa mengira kaum dan bangsa, adalah sekadar tipu helah.

      Intipatinya, DAP sebuah parti yang tipu hidup-hidup semua pengikutnya.

      You’re right to say “easier said than done”. This being so, why is it that the DAP supporters can so easily believe that should their party take control of Putrajaya tomorrow, then overnight they (the Chinese) will be living in an Utopia of Equality?

      re: “I don’t think the Malay rights is in danger. And I don’t think Pakatan, even if they ever come into power, will want to mess with that. It is just not a practical thing to do with the potential risks of doing such.”

      Pakatan is in power in Selangor. The Christians are unhappy over the Bible seizure by JAIS which is enabled by Selangor state law, i.e. the anti-proselytization enactment of 1988

      Pakatan with 44 YBs control 4/5 of the state assembly. They can change the law anytime if they like because their Aduns hold a super majority. But they’ve not even moved any motion for debate.

      What you postulate at federal level – “will [not] want to mess with that. It is just not a practical thing to do with the potential risks of doing such” – is already proven at state level in Selangor which is ruled by Pakatan and where the Speaker (head of Dewan) is a Christian evangelista who does nothing to defend her community over the Bible issue.

      Pakatan adalah sebuah gabungan yang tipu hidup-hidup semua pengikutnya.

      re: “I am not convinced DAP is that stupid to want to push through a plot like that.”

      Guess what? You’re right again.

      DAP will initially bend over backwards to assert Malay rights – not sincerely but for show like how the party put up Dyana Sofya who is eminently unqualified as their Parliament candidate for Teluk Intan and how Evangelista Hannah is donning tudung litup now.

      DAP adalah parti biawak yang tipu hidup-hidup para pengikutnya yang taksub giler.

      re: “If you cut away all the bullshit, the one thing left to argue is how to manage our country’s rich resources.”

      The Developers Above People (DAP) party has been cutting the hills in Penang and making Bukit Botak. The environmental degradation wrought by their 6 years in power surpasses the BN’s 60 previous years in power.

      Do you think DAP has been managing Penang’s natural resources (like forest cover) well? Their defiance of good urban planning has created overly high-density areas and now the island is being inundated with flash floods every time after heavy rain because the populated areas of the island have become a concrete jungle where water cannot run off or be absorbed into the soil.

      re: “Race and religion is just tools to achieve that particular end, IMHO.”

      Don’t you get tired of being right all the time?

      RELIGION: Why are Hannah Yeoh and her fellow evangelistas wearing tudung/songkok and occupying the mosques, tweeting #sahur (puasa) and going to the surau during fasting month for photo ops stirring empty pots (supposed to be cooking bubur lambuk).

      The DAP evangelistas are exploiting Religion for their Politics, and it’s not even their own faith that they’re manipulating for mileage. They’re hijacking the faith of the Malay vote bank.

      RACE: The DAP and their crowd claim to be colour blind and Beyond Race but they never address an argument on its own merit.

      When the Dapsters picked a fight with Wira Perkasa chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris recently, they called him a mamak (racial slur when the word is used by them) rather than counter the points he made.

      Which party is always pushing Zairil Khir Johari forward and over-emphasizing that he’s a Malay, i.e. highlighting his race?

      If Race is not an issue, then why couldn’t Hannah Yeoh accept our cultural norms and allow her daughter to be recorded as an “Indian” in the birth certicate? After all, both the Indian and Chinese communities follow patrilineal descent.

      re: “If BN can reform and show to the rakyat that it can manage the resources responsibly and delicate balance of interest from various communities, I don’t see why I wouldn’t give my support to them.”

      Under DAP’s short ascendency to power (only 6 years), the Malays and Indians are daily lamenting that they’re being evicted/coerced to relocate away from Penang island. The interests of the various communities have not only been unbalanced by the DAP in Penang, they have been upended.

      re: “But as it is, UMNO is rotten to the core. Just look at the 1MDB nonsense. If the country is prospering and corruption is kept to a minimum, the race and religion problems that you see now will surely be reduced.”

      The “1MDB nonsense” is being highlighted by Dr M who is an Umno man. The “1MDB nonsense” is being highlighted by pro-establishment bloggers like Syed Akbar Ali and Firdaus Abdullah (Apanama).

      If DAP did the nonsense, do you reckon that a DAP leader will be highlighting Guan Eng’s shenanigans and that the pro-DAP writers will ever criticize the party as severely as many pro-government Malay writers are criticizing Umno?

      Which side has better check and balance? Umno or DAP? Look at how Najib is being criticized by Umno people. Are Kit Siang and Guan Eng allowed to be criticized by DAP people?

      How has the DAP reduced the race and religion problems? Until 2008, PAS has never pushed hudud this far.

      re: “As for the oldman, I don’t really care what he says. He has done enough damage to this country.”

      The Old Man calls a cangkul a cangkul. The DAP evangelistas adalah punya lidah bercabang dan cakap biawak.

      1. ‘re: “As for the oldman, I don’t really care what he says. He has done enough damage to this country.”

        The Old Man calls a cangkul a cangkul. The DAP evangelistas adalah punya lidah bercabang dan cakap biawak.’

        The Old Man has done more good than all three of us put together!

    2. I agree with you on certain points.
      You are right in saying that DAP is not stupid and won’t mess with the Malay rights if they manage to attain power.

      As Helen said, this is just the myth DAP managed to instil in the mind of the Chinese. As Helen said, the Chinese think the moment Pakatan assume power, the NEP, Article 152 and all other quotas will fly out of windows like some magical scene out of Harry Potter novel.

      I think the best model that I think would be the DAP’s strategy would be the Perak model – the one they used in Perak when they had power. This is the same model CPM used too.
      My take is that DAP will take an indirect route to undermine the Malay rights, Islam and NEP. This they could do by eliminating race columns and include English, Chinese and Tamil as national languages.

      For administration, they would use the British strategy. They will retain the Sultans but make them depend on them. They would install weak Malays as CMs and MBs and put Chinese as deputy like in Perak and rule via remote control.

      As you would have noted, they have started to work on their own Malay wing with awek cuns like Dyana and Cina celup like Zairul. I think DAP is also negotiating with many other Malays, I heard this include even those from the Royalty background and UMNO rejects and veterans.

      They would place weak Indian machais in positions of no power and prestige like Speaker, DPM3, etc. In Perak, Ngeh & Nga even used the DUN messaging system to instruct the Indian DAP’s speaker what to do and say.

      In the end, they would establish an Ali Baba state where a group of weak Malays would be nominally in power but the DAP Chinese would the real power using remote control.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with the Chinese community wanting to improve their lots. The question is whether it is through zero-sum or “grow with the pie”. And that would be an interesting question.

        But it is a very smart move for them to try and move to the centre with new Malay candidates. Whether you look at it with suspision is besides the point. The point is thier thinking behind this move.

        The tudung part that Helen likes to slam is the same thing. The strategy is correct. You can accuse them of not being sincere but you cannot say they are not trying hard apply their strategy. Again whether the strategy works or not is also besides the point.

        It look at it from neutral point of view (which Helen cannot), I can say that they are building momentum and they have a strategy, whether you agree it is effective or not.

        By comparison, I really don’t see BN has a clear strategy on the national level to win the next GE, much less applying it with any sort of effectiveness.

        To leave everything to Helen to scream and rant at the fringe, I am sorry to say, is NOT a strategy in that context.

      2. Did anyone notice that Helen is Chinese and hence she never join UMNO, can never sit in the Supreme Council, can nver be the PM?

        That is the irony of the century isn’t it? That she’s fighting so hard on behalf of UMNO (whether with any substantial effect or not I do not know)

        Maybe Onn Ja’afar, with all due respect, would be shaking his head now if he is still alive.

        1. I’m not fighting for Umno. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not all that positive about the party president and his first cousin, the party VP.

          I’m saying that DAP is taking the Chinese to hell in a hand basket.

          I do not consider the DAP as representing the Chinese. I see the party top leadership as filled with evangelistas and if anything, they’re foremost fighting to enrich themselves – David Nga Kor Ming’s opulent White House, Hannah Yeoh’s equivalent-to-PM salary, etc, etc.

          Unqualified people like Dyana Sofya being put up as a DAP Parliamentary candidate … compare her service with Chew Mei Fun who was rejected by the Chinese voters in Kajang most recently.

          90 percent of Chinese voters are supporting a party that is inciting hate.

          The DAP’s actions are inducing a reaction from the Malays. Ultimately, the ordinary Chinese Ah Pek and Chinese Ah Soh who put their trust in the DAP will be the ones who suffer the consequences here in this country while HY will likely to be trying her luck again to apply for PR in Tasmania, Australia.

  8. Helen,
    puak minoriti ini sebenarnya terpedaya dengan diri mereka sendiri. mereka fikir dan yakin akan dapat ‘merampas’ kuasa tetapi mereka terlupa satu perkara iaitu sejarah dan budaya orang Melayu.

    orang Melayu memang berbudaya sudah terhantuk baru terngadah.

    biarlah tumbang BN dalam PRU14 kerana BN pun perlu merasa nikmat hilang kuasa.

    biarlah DAP dengan talibarutnya berjaya jadi kerajaan kerana mereka teringin akan nikmat kuasa.

    waktu itu, orang Melayu akan merasa terhantuk! samada mereka cuma terngadah atau mereka akan bangkit, puak DAP dan talibarutnya tentu teringin merasa nikmatnya juga kan?

    semuanya terpulang kepada orang Melayu….!

  9. dsfin,

    You may not think the Malay rights is in danger and that the Pakatan, even if they ever come into power, will want to mess with that. I beg to differ. They don’t need to amend the constitution. They will just implement policies that will alienate the malays and they will do it in such a manner that the malays will not know it until its done. Just watch what they are doing in Penang and Selangor.

    “If you cut away all the bullshit, the one thing left to argue is how to manage our country’s rich resources.” Do you actually believe that PR is going to manage the resources better than BN? Here’s something I’ve noticed about the Chinese over the years. (No offense, Helen) To them profit is everything.

    (Check out –

    Environment is something that the Chinese who have reached the level of Francis Yeoh will champion. But when they are on their way to billionaire club, they will do everything in their power – bribe, bend the laws, level the hills, pollute the rivers – you name it they’ll do it.

    You say Umno is rotten to the core. I would like to believe otherwise. I think there are some really good people in Umno, who are still trying to get their voices heard and if we can get rid of the current crop at the top of every bahagian, maybe we’ll see some new statesmen.

    1. So what you are saying is there is an issue of trust. Am I correct?

      If so, what precisely do you mean?
      The entire community of millions of chinese cannot be trusted?
      Just those cinabengs in DAP cannot be trusted?
      Helen is the only Chinese in Malaysia that can be trusted?
      God forbids, what if one freak day Helen decides in some moment of “insanity” to join DAP, she too cannot be trusted?
      What does a leader of ethnic Chinese have to do in order to gain your trust? No way in hell?

      Interesting questions huh?

      1. It is not only an issue of trust but a question about the sincerity of the parties involved in the relationship and the topic being examined. It is a call for humane universal ethics on all sides because political identities are fluid things and race affiliations may turn out to be superficial in our globally connected post-enlightenment societies.

        Spiritual Humanism:

        Click to access Tu_Weiming_Paper_2.pdf

  10. Ms H. It was so very easy. In 2006, the naive hospitable and friendly New Straits Times appointed a hard-core PAP cadre as their Chief Editor with a lush Sime Darby contract to make him happy in the Ulus. He was only a minor side-kick in Singapore. At that time, I thought the local chaps have lost the art of practising A B C. From the sublime to the ridiculous !

  11. In make no difference be you dap gerakan mca ppp pkr and the rest from within, their ideas and critique can’t bullied this Oldman apa yang berlaku semasa beliau minta bersara orang kanan parti hanya pandai berlakon sahaja, mereka-mereka yang selepas beliau dan kini gagal meneruskan legasi nya di sebab syok sendiri dan keadaan dah jadi gormar tunging terbalik macam filem keluarga 69

    1. Anwar and his groupies have been subverting the moral culture of the Malays for several decades now. Today, Anwar’s homosexualism and his dependence on Zionist institutions and their money doesn’t shock the average Malay person anymore. Their social perceptions and values have become jaded by his highly publicized personal antics in the guise of political struggle for human rights and freedom of expression. Trick or treat!

  12. Why isn’t these video as below is NOT at all propagated and exposed all over the internet for all to see.., by those UMNO/BN cybertroopers..!?

    Why are those idiot UMNO/BN cybertroopers not fully capitalising on those above videos..!?

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