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‘Allah’ Bible and the big picture

Lim Kit Siang capitalized on Jais’ return of the confiscated ‘Allah’ Bibles by urging moderation in the mould of Najib Razak’s Global Movement of Moderates CEO Saifuddin Abdullah and board trustee Wong Chun Wai (pix below).

Hannah Twitter Bible return

chun wai saifuddin

Only for Sabah and Sarawak, not Selangor

Mais says that the ‘Allah’ Bibles have been returned with the strict condition that they are forbidden from distribution in Selangor.

Council chairman Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa says the ‘Allah’ Bibles are only for use by Christians in Sarawak. He was reported by The J-Star today as saying that the Selangor Sultan hopes ‘Allah’ Bibles will no longer be distributed in HRH’s state.

The Bibles were handed over to the Anglican Bishop of Kuching rather than to the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) from whose premises they were seized.

FLASHBACK: Jais officers accused of behaving like thugs by BSM president Lee Min Choon who is a lawyer (TMI, 5 Jan 2014)

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia

“Jais can kick down the door of the church”

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia passage

“they could kick down the door [of your home]”

The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia - The Malaysian Insider 2014-01-06 01-25-43

Called “thugs” and “bullies” too

The screams of “racist”, “extremist”, “religious bigot” and hate-spewing “ignoramuses” directed at a segment of the Malaysian population have been rising to a crescendo.

Now this segment of the Malaysian population are being branded as “thugs” too who are viciously bullying the Lambs of Gods.

The question of who is bullying whom should be examined in the context of who is stealing from whom, and who is breaking the law.

Why are the Christians so insistent on using the ‘Allah’ word? Why are the evangelistas unable to allay widespread fear and suspicion that they are doing dakwah on the Malays?

Hannah Ugly

Meant for Sabah or Selangor?

Could the evangelical Christian missionary have been trying to offload ‘Allah’ materials in Selangor?

I’m referring to Maklin Masiau. He is a pastor cum politician … or if you will … politician cum pastor.

In the last general election, Maklin had contested the Sabah state seat of Pitas (see box below) under Jeffrey Kitingan’s STAR party and was the strongest challenger to the Umno incumbent.

Pitas Maklin Masiau

Customs check was according to SOP

On Oct 25, Maklin had with him a consignment of books and CDs containing the word “Allah” which was seized by Customs at the low-cost carrier terminal klia2. He was arriving from Medan, Indonesia on his way to Kota Kinabalu.

It is within their scope of duty for the Customs officers to check suspicious luggage or baggage and issue a detention order.

Weighing in on the matter, however, Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian alleged that the seizure of Maklin’s Christian materials amounted to “a calculated intimidation” by the authorities.

What aroused the suspicion of the authorities was the huge volume that Maklin was personally carrying with him – 574 books (133 titles) and 419 CDs. And the fact that he checked out his six bulky boxes of “Allah”-Christian material at the transit point in Sepang, Selangor.

“Usually, for items on transit, the baggage will be transferred into the aircraft directly without the need to bring them into the main terminal,” said a Home Ministry statement on Nov 1.

A Home Ministry official was also reported as saying that the materials were detained because Maklin did not have an import permit to bring in foreign publications in such a large quantity.

kurup maklin

Why want to transfer cargo during transit?

Maklin had chosen the AirAsia travel option requiring him to re-check in his huge consignment. He could have flown MAS where his cargo, meant for the Christmas season, would have been sent direct to Kota Kinabalu.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Joseph Kurup (pix above) arranged for the return of the materials to Maklin on Nov 6. Kurup is also the cabinet minister in charge of the NUCC.

Hannah black tudung litupIt is not only the Customs Department that is rightly suspicious of politicians who are at the same time pastors and missionaries.

The Yahudi Yeohs are adamant in aggressively downplaying the tudung image sported by the DAP’s Christian politicians who employ the Occupy Mosque tactic.

To any ordinary man on the street, Hannah Yeoh’s Muslimah (pix) appearance is very fishy. Yet PAS people are the ones giving the DAP evangelista politicians a free pass to the masjid dan surau.

Truly PAS has been complicit in all of this, including its decision to aid and abet the Christians in the latter’s claim that Allah has a Son and this Son is born of a woman; that this Son is Himself God and the three godheads of Father, Son and Holy Spirit are a Trinity that is Allah.


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42 thoughts on “‘Allah’ Bible and the big picture

  1. Helen,

    Why the insistence on using “Allah’ when Bible be it old version or King James version do not contain the word?

    I once wrote that I used to study in Uitm. several of my housemates are from Sabah and Sarawak. I asked many of them what Christians accept as God. all of them said Isa, Jesus but none said Allah.

    It is crystal clear actually. The move to use “Allah” will lead to Muslims thinking Allah in line with christian concept of trinity.

    With many eager useless Malay politicians willing to sell Islam to earn Christian votes, the threat to Islam seems real. And it is real and unfolding before the very our eyes

  2. “We will not use the word Allah in vatican and europe as christian devotees majority here. We only use the word Allah in islamic countries for the purpose of our missionary on muslims and preaching to spread our religion there…” – Pope benedict.

    So there. Pakiam or Hannah or Nurul and those desperate-to-look-liberal khalid samad-kind, please la… Save the argument. Its either you are a liar or just a traitor willing to lie to your fellow muslim just for a few more votes.

    1. This part – “We will not use the word Allah in Vatican and Europe” is definitely true.

      But can you point out any citation for the latter half of the quote that you attribute to Pope Benedict?

      1. Jean won’t be able to because Pope Benedict never said that. Muslims should stop being Muslims if they are so easily swayed by a word. Christians used the word before slam even existed, and for all you Muslims out there, “Allah” was the word that was used to describe the Moon God at the time…

        1. I know where you get that moon god part. If you are a Christian, it may shock you that what you believe is not from J himself. But from a stoned jewish tent-maker that try curry favour with roman empire. just join the cult and all your sin forgiven. To make it interesting to gentiles, give bounty to convert & abolish it’s kosher rule. Still maintain Roman head pagan priest with the power to forgive sin.

          Martin Luther, was a German friar, Catholic priest, professor of theology and seminal figure of the 16th-century movement in Christianity known later as the Protestant Reformation Initially an Augustinian friar, Luther came to reject several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money.

          1. ‘freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money’

            dalam islam ada ke tidak perbuatan (syariat) saperti ini? minta pencerahan.

          2. What’s your point? Luther and Protestantism is just a branch of Christianity, which I don’t personally subscribe to btw. No different to the different sects of Islam… Luther was not exactly the most upstanding of citizens so I am not sure that by quoting his exploits, you are in any way casting any doubts on what the original Church thought.

            And this is merely an issue of language, not theology….

            1. Alan the lalang, where ever the wind blows, there you goes. This more than issue of language. It’s a question of faith. Why want to use other faith name of God so much?

              If just issue of language just use “Tuhan”, “Anak Tuhan” & Al Rabb. In his latest audience, the Pope blessed Arabic speakers in Arabic. It is notable that he did not use the word “Allah” for God, but the word “al-Rab,” or Lord.

              If the vatican can make a correction of what the pope says, why don’t drop it and apologized. I dont care how long time that Apologization be, because I wants to give Alan ample time to reflect on his mistakes


        2. Alan, the Roman Catholic Church of the 4th century AD did not call their trinitarian God ALLAH. The proper name for the Creator Lord as given in the Old Testament is the unutterable tetragram YHWH which had been vowelized to form “Yahweh”
          And the Messiah whom we generally call Jesus Christ was originally “Yeshua” in the Hebrew language. Yeshua came to fulfill the dispensation of Moses in the Ten Commandments of Yahweh and his disciples were centred in Jerusalem, not Rome.

          As for “Allah” having once denoted the pagan moon god during pre-Islamic times, those are contested scholarly notions. See

          Historical Christianity is replete with sectarian disagreements and outright schisms. The Roman Pontiffs had once declared those followers of Yeshua who did not believe him to be part of the Godhead in a Divine Threesome, as heretics (“kafir zindiq” in Islam). These Ebionite and Nestorian followers of Yeshua the Jewish Messiah were officially pronounced as “anathema” (something like “celaka” in Malay) and were banished from the holy lands of the Levant.

          The blessed Prophet Muhammad’s wife’s uncle Waraqah bin Naufal was the chief Ebionite priest in Mecca c. 7th century. It was he who confirmed that Muhammad had indeed witnessed divine revelation from Allah Most Sublime and High through the agency of the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel) in the cave of Hira.
          When Muhammad was a boy he travelled with his uncle Abu Talib on the trade caravans from Arabia to the west. During the journey a cloud miraculously kept shadowing Muhammad from the desrt sun regardless of the time of the day. It was the Nestorian monk Bahira who revealed his visions of Muhammad’s prophetic future to the boy’s uncle, warning him to preserve the child from the Jews and from the Byzantines.

          In the Name of ALLAH most Merciful Most Compassionate

          Say (oh Muhammad): Allah is Oneness, Allah is Absolutely Unique. Neither begetting (offspring) nor begotten (of parents). And there is no association whatsoever for Him in His Oneness.

          Oh All-Compassionate All-Merciful, Ruler of the Day of Judgement, Thou only do we worship and Thy help do we seek. Guide us on the Straight Path. The Path that brings Thy blessings. Not that which brings Thy calamity, nor that of those who have gone astray. Amen

          1. It’s a word, just language to use for “God”. Are some Malaysian Muslims so insecure and have to claim ownership of the word “Allah”… Just because Yahweh was used at the time in that region, any other word in a different language to describe God would not have been incorrect. Btw, Christian whose language of choice was Arabic, used the word “Allah” before the Prophet existed. That’s a historical fact that you guys can’t deny. I can’t believe you all are defending the indefensible.

            1. Muslims are not insecure. The evangelists are the ones who are insecure because they are money worshipers and in order for them to expand their money worshiping racket to include Muslims they need to appropriate the word Allah. They know the market is literally limited if only non Muslims are available for them to harvest. But you are incapable of grasping this so you are here to defend these evangelist crooks. Or maybe you’re one of these said crooks.

              re Christian whose language of choice was Arabic, used the word “Allah” before the Prophet existed. That’s a historical fact that you guys can’t deny. I can’t believe you all are defending the indefensible.

              Please show your evidence. Or rather can you back up your assertions ?

              I doubt you can. Even if you provide your “evidence” I highly doubt they have any credibility.

              1. Please show your evidence. Or rather can you back up your assertions ?

                Wow, just wow…The fact that you are so ignorant and do not want to accept a historical fact tells me everything about you…Don’t waste my time unless you want to have a discussion based on logic and facts…

            2. Alan, I now see clearly that you cannot understand the conceptual incongruity between the Absolute Oneness of the Original Creator and the Christian’s 3-in-1 humanly innovated nature of the Original Creator.

              You ought to be taking a course with your priest in Christology to prepare yourself for engagement in this blogsphere. Then it would be a much more rewarding intellectual exercise for us all. Sorry ah!

              1. Mate, you know nothing about Christianity obviously, Christians believe in one God as well. You come across as an insecure little child, as most Muslims do. So afraid that your weak faith-ed brethren will be converted because of a word that predates Islam is being used by another faith. How insecure are you guys..Maybe your teachers are not doing enough of a good job in strengthening the faith of your people. Just grow up and ask yourself this question…would there be a church still standing in Malaysia if a bunch of Qurans were confiscated (stolen)?

              2. Keris, I don’t want to get into a heated argument with you but I do feel very insulted when you have a go at Christianity by calling it humanly innovated etc. I have only attacked the actions of some Muslims, not Islam itself, but you have attacked the religion …

                So you do not want a Christian to use the word as it does not apparently teach an “absolute oneness” with respect to God. Answer me this then, will you have an issue with Jews in Malaysia or in the Muslim world, using the word then, as they believe in one God the way you guys do as well…

                1. Why get heated up Alan? Let’s take ourselves through a journey of discovery about the roots of Christianity ok? I’m trying to mature fast enough to keep up with your superior grown-up attitude.
                  I hope to demonstrate to you in the course of our discussion that the Trinity Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Ghost was indeed not divinely revealed doctrine – meaning that it had to be a rational idea originating from some people’s ingenuity. Do we agree on this basic logical premise to our disagreement?

                  I think no power on earth could stop a “Christian” from using the words he wants to express. That was never my issue. It is immature for you to impute that on me. Prove that I actually stated that all “Christians” cannot utter the word “Allah” – are you now insulting my intelligence?

                  But Alan, what religious convictions do you profess with respect to Jesus Christ the Messiah? Is he co-eternal with God the Father, or the Son born of the Father, or is he an equal partner to the Holy Ghost before the presence of the Father? I mean how do you work the concept of three entities into the idea of One God Almighty without comparison, Lord of all creation.

                  Lest you get heated up again Alan let me inform you that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to set aright all these confounded notions about Allah Almighty the One and Only Lord of all creation, and also Yeshua or Jesus the Messiah.

                  * * * * *
                  “They do blaspheme who say: Allah [the Father] is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except the One Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.”
                  (Quran chap. 5: 73)

                  * * * * *
                  “O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was but a Messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not “Trinity” : Desist! it will be better for you: for Allah is one Allah: Glory be to Him: (Transcendent is He) above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.”
                  (Quran chap 4:171)

                  * * * * *
                  “In the day when Allah gathers together the messengers and says: What was your response (from mankind)? they reply: We have no knowledge. Lo! Thou, only Thou art the Knower of all things unseen.
                  When Allah says: ‘O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My favour upon you and your mother (Virgin Mary); how I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit, so that you spoke unto mankind while in the cradle even as in maturity; and how I taught you the Scripture and Wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel; and how you shaped from clay the likeness of a bird by My permission, and blew upon it and it transformed into a bird by My permission, and you did heal him who was born blind and the lepers too by My permission.”
                  (Qur’an chap. 5:109-110)

                  The Quran has been preserved for 1400 years without corruption from the days of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, through a multitude of memorizers down the ages up to this day. You could destroy all the printed copies of the Quran but there would be a multitude of memorizers to re-transcribe the holy text anew. Muslims rest secure in the conviction about the authenticity of this scriptural revelation from Allah Most Merciful and Wise.

                  So Alan, did Jesus claim to be God? Did he ask to be worshipped with the Father? Did he personally teach that his blood will be sacrificed to atone for the sins of all mankind for all time to the Day of Resurrection? I am requesting you with all due respect to inform us – who know nothing about Christianity as you charged above. Sorry ah!

                  From Jesus to Muhammad [YouTube]

            3. Alan,

              It is not a language issue. It is not about semantics.

              It is about the foundation of a religion. Sharing the name will open the gate for Christian preachers to say “Sama lah ugama kita. Nama Tuhan pun sama”.

              Things that can confuse will eventually confuse . may be not now but what about 10 years from now. It is not about insecurity. It is not about not confidence in Islam.

              It is about understanding the ulterior motive.

              What lies behind the mere word “Allah?”

              1. The whole Christendom is founded originally on the Roman Catholic canon. It is mostly the 14 letters of Paul of Tarsus in their New Testament. Paul was the opponent to disciples of Jesus in Jerusalem. During the 4th century Council of Constantinople they destroyed the apocrypha (unacceptable teachings of Jesus).

                James the Just was brother of Jesus the Messiah and the true successor to the Church of Jerusalem, and the disciples (hawariyun) were known as “Evyonim” (the poor ones). They are Unitarians – God is One and Absolute, and Jesus Christ is the spiritual saviour of the Jews who follow the Law of Moses.

                Basis of the Ten Commandments received by Moses from the Book of Exodus:

                And God said all these words:

                I am the Lord Who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the prison-house.
                You are to have no other gods other than Me.

                You are not to make an image or picture of anything in heaven or on the earth or in the waters under the earth: You may not go down on your faces before them or give them worship: for I, the Lord your God, am a God who will not give his honour to another; and I will send punishment on the children for the wrongdoing of their fathers, to the third and fourth generation of my haters;

                And I will have mercy through a thousand generations on those who have love for me and keep my laws.

                You are not to make use of the name of the Lord your God for an evil purpose; whoever takes the Lord’s name on his lips for an evil purpose will be judged a sinner by the Lord.

                Keep in memory the Sabbath and let it be a holy day. On six days do all your work: But the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God; on that day you are to do no work, you or your son or your daughter, your man-servant or your woman-servant, your cattle or the man from a strange country who is living among you: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and everything in them, and he took his rest on the seventh day: for this reason the Lord has given his blessing to the seventh day and made it holy.

                Give honour to your father and to your mother, so that your life may be long in the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
                Do not put anyone to death without just cause.
                Do not be false to the married relation.
                Do not take the property of another.
                Do not give false witness against your neighbour.
                Let not your desire be turned to your neighbour’s house, or his wife or his man-servant or his woman-servant or his ox or his ass or anything which is his.

                “And when We made an appointment with Moses for forty nights. Then you took [to worship] the calf in his absence, and that was a grievous transgression. Even then We did forgive you; there was a chance for you to be grateful. And when We gave Moses the Scripture and criterion (between right and wrong) in order that you would be guided.”
                (Quran, surah Baqarah : 51-53)

      2. Helen,

        I read in newspaper about a Pope saying that.

        And there is a Quranic sentence saying “Yahudi dan Nasrani tak akan berpuas hati sehingga kamu mengikut cara mereka”.

        I am more worried with spineless Malay politicians (be it fro m UMNO or PAS) who takes easy way out. PAS due to its hatred towards UMNO (that is its objective) is willing to sell “Allah” just to get political again and to spite UMNO.

        And UMNO being too paranoid with Chinese votes AS IF UMNO COLLAPSES without thei r support simply refuse to tell their Chinese that DAP is crossing the line with its insistence on using the word “Allah”.

          1. Islam1st,

            I would say “padan muka” when Malays lose their political supremacy. it is matter of time judging from Malay Musllim willingness to tolerate, create and adding on slanders.

            Many are ‘munafiks”. they say wanting islam the very moment they lie, slander to achieve “habuan di dunia”.

        1. Umno is already collapsing and collapsing from within. There’s no need for the Chinese to do much. With people like Najib and KJ turning Umno upside down, the stage is set. Wa ha ha ha !

  3. “Why are the evangelistas unable to allay widespread fear and suspicion that they are doing dakwah on the Malays?”

    They truly are trying to teach the Muslims how to conduct ourselves as Muslim.

    Seriously, how would they feel if we were to attend their Sunday mass in church and then on Monday write about all that we think is wrong with their preaching? As HRH the Sultan said “.. mengharap agama lain turut menghormati dan melindungi sensitiviti agama umat Islam”

  4. Negara ibunda dah ubah, Bangsa nak ubah, nama dah ubah, nama tuhan nak ubah, tunggu sepuluh tahun nanti muka2 depa ni pun semua gi plastik surgery kasi ubah juga nuuu.

    Silap2 rupa2 pon pakat ubah macam muka2pokemon.

  5. I suppose that justification for moon god is bcause of sickle moon on our mosque. It just a symbol, like star of david & cross. I guess, I could go further by suggestion that you worship a roman torture & death instrument.

    The first and chief article is this: Jesus Christ, our God and Lord, died for our sins and was raised again for our justification (Romans 3:24–25). He alone is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29), and God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all (Isaiah 53:6). All have sinned and are justified freely, without their own works and merits, by His grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, in His blood (Romans 3:23–25). This is necessary to believe. This cannot be otherwise acquired or grasped by any work, law or merit. Therefore, it is clear and certain that this faith alone justifies us … Nothing of this article can be yielded or surrendered, even though heaven and earth and everything else falls (Mark 13:31).[45]

    Luther’s rediscovery of “Christ and His salvation” was the first of two points that became the foundation for the Reformation. His railing against the sale of indulgences was based on it.[46]

  6. Evangelista can ‘seludup’ bible malay and I believe you can find it in Selangor or other states In Malasia Boleh land many thing can happen, seludup diesel, orang, balak, pasir, Alkitab’ macam macam boleh.

    The one confisicated is ‘lakonan’ saja mau buat issue to legalized it saja. Selangor MB good actor. Previous one don’t know how ‘acting’.

  7. The Southern Baptist Church of the United States, in its missionary work in Iraq and the Middle East, consider Allah the false god of the Muslims. They are Christian evangelists too and they reject Allah.

    Why the insistence on Allah here by the Christian evangelists?

    1. re: “Why the insistence on Allah here by the Christian evangelists?”

      The Porky Principle

      Mereka tu raja dan ratu putar-belit …

      Bak Kut Teh can be anything they want it to be. It can be halal, chicken or even organic vegetarian.

  8. the christian insist on calling their god ALLAH is fishy enough. to them (those peninsular n sabah sarawak christian) bahasa melayu is not their number one language. some even trying to belittle the language by insisiting the government to teach science n math in english. suddenly they want a bahasa melayu bible? hmmm

    1. Sir, I am equally troubled by Trinitarians who insist on promulgating their God as “Allah” in contradiction to what classical Islam has established of the nature of the Creator. However, it is I think, incorrect to lump this religious controversy with the educational viability of the PPSMI, especially now when Malaysia is in need of integrating our schooling system.

  9. The problem for Christians is that they translate ho theos / ton theon equivalent to generic nouns of (the god) or Al-ilah in Aramaic/Arabic to that of the word Allah.

    For those who try to look into the etymology of the word Allah will relate it to root ilah with tittle Al- (the) in front. However, when doing comparison of word Allah with generic nouns like ilah or Al-ilah , one will find it is not equal to those two words. For example we have titles of God like Al-awal, Al-akhir, when one wish to invoke either one as name, one drops the word Al-, by saying O Awal, or O Akhir. The same cant be applied when doing supplication towards Allah, as one will say O Allah. Not O Ilah, O Lah, nor does can one imply that such invocation is due to existence of title Al-allah. The reason is that Allah is proper/unique noun.

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