10 thoughts on “‘Allah’ Bibles: Thank you, Our FirstLady Speaker

  1. Were you jilted at the altar by both the Star dude and the Selangor speaker? Your obsession is becoming quite boring as are your daily attempts to incite hate through race and religion. Go out, get some air. Get some shampoo.

    1. R oh R. Why are you obsessed with The Star and the State Speaker ? Let me guess. You’re one of her groupies eh ?

      You need to go out and see the world. Malaysia is a country of some 30 million people, not just a motley crew of a constituencies like Subang Jaya and Penang.

      You get what I mean ? You need to get a life !

      Don’t argue with me. I m The Dictator. l o l !

    2. hu hu hu that’s so nasty R !! Tell the truth there’s a real Ustazah Hasnah Yeop & she is wearing black tudung. She is not a hippo of overpaid speaker of some state.

  2. No lah. We are jilted by all the lies the Pakatoon fed us and brainwashed us.
    Yes don’t forget to buy shampoo when you are at Pulau Pyongyang. It is so refreshing that you can feel the coconut being dropped on you.

  3. Well in Sarawak, lots of christian have a muslim relative. A-word there are not as sensitive as here. But I digress. There should a level where toleration should be entertained.


  4. I shudder to think what these christian will get when they die.. for muslims if they don’t pray or repent the punishment will be severe,,, compare to that..these christians who convert a muslims into christianity they will get 100 times over… do they realise that??? huhu

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