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Masuk mulut buaya

Cukup-cukuplah orang Melayu dibuli oleh golongan “moderat”

moderate kelabu asap


“Menuntut kalimah Allah digunakan selain daripada agama Islam bukan hanya satu tindakan melampau yang dilakukan oleh golongan pelampau, tetapi boleh dikategorikan sebagai kumpulan pelampau yang amat kurang ajar.” –

“Maka setiap kali membuka The Star dan membaca perkataan ‘moderate’ digunakan kepada figura-figura yang bergerak membuat tuntutan yang bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan, Prinsip-Prinsip Rukun Negara dan Undang-Undang, maka ketahuilah, apa yang cuba dipaparkan itu adalah golongan moderate kelabu asap.” – Ben Yaacob

BAWAH: Penulis Star Niki Cheong, wajah Voice of Moderation yang biaDAP, menggelar Peguam Negara sebagai seorang “idiot”

Niki Cheong

Niki Cheong

Dikemaskini @ 8.45am pada 23 Dis 2014


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21 thoughts on “Masuk mulut buaya


    Yang dok kalut creating racial and religous tension, take a break and visit Thailand.. Dekat saja naik bus, kereta or even motorbike bole, mudah2an dapat memberi sedikit kesedaran betapa perlunya masing2 belajar hidup dengan aman dan damai kat Negara ini.

  2. Ridhuan Tee got slammed!

    Poor guy. I’m not sure exactly what it is all about but here’s an extract from TMI –
    The moderate movement has been kicked start. Regardless of race and religion, there is only one common identity for us – moderate Malaysian….

    However, since when has the country become so?

    Prior to this, we had neither Perkasa nor Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma). There was no religious and racial extremist organisation, and there was no extreme remark and idea tearing the country apart.

    No one questioned the Federal Constitution and everyone accepted that the Constitution protected all, and served as the supreme restriction safeguarding the common interests…

    However, all these were not a matter of course. While the people indulged in the excitement of political struggle, gaps showed in the society, allowing different intensified forces to find space and get nutrients from political parties and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). They grow and become strong.

    Provocation and split are their most powerful weapons.

    The status of Islam has never been threatened, but they created remarks claiming it has. Malay rulers’ have always been respected, but they wrote a script claiming lese majesty. The economic status of Malays has been consolidating, but they chanted sovereignty.

    – See more at:

    History rewritten. So now we know all these provocations were started by Perkasa/Isma/RTee. The Dapsters and gang are the actual defenders of the nation.

    1. re: “Regardless of race and religion, there is only one common identity for us ― moderate Malaysian.”

      Hannah Yeoh declares there is no Race – “no Malays, no Indians too, all Malaysians”.

      Now this Chinese guy is declaring there is no distinction in Religious identity (?) – “there is only one common identity for us ― moderate Malaysian”.

      They’re going all out to sneakily subvert Articles 3 and 153, aren’t they? (the conniving Christians)

      1. Depa ni spend most of their time outside Malaysia kut, yg pompuan2 kawin dengan non Malaysians? Many shop in ‘moderate malls’ or overseas, dine only in ‘moderate’ restaurants and mingle only with their gangs of ‘moderates’.

        Hang butter p*****q aku, aku butter p****q hang..

        1. So true. And the liberal malays seem clueless to the dapsters’ agenda or simply do not see any problem should Dap control Putrajaya. After all, if things get too heated up in this country, they have the means, the opportunity and are willing to move.

          In the meantime, the Dapsters have hijacked every campaign that the PM has promoted and turned it to their advantage.

          No wonder the PM was upset enough to use the word bangang. Now if he only knows who is truly the chief bangang.

          So yes, Helen, they are subverting Articles 3 and 153 but there’s nothing sneaky about it. They are openly doing it, only the liberal Malays are too busy trying to be seen as open-minded moderates while the so-called extremist Perkasa/Isma/RT are being drowned by every Dapster and their apologists and the moderates.

    2. Moderate? Moderate is malays’ middle name. If not, there will be no jus soli and kongsi kuasa in Malaya. Don’t u dare to hijack ‘moderate’ hayennas, it doesnt work that way.

      1. so true my friend. these moderate wannabe doesn’t even know what moderate means. they are so adamant on shoving their school of thought but at the same time declaring themselves as saint. they are no different from a wolf in sheep skin. so slick and deadly if not deal with quickly.

        1. re: “so slick and deadly if not dealt with quickly”

          That’s why May 13 happened. They were too slick – always putar-belit, tipu dan bohong. And their fitnah was deadly. Ultimately their provocation and insults terlampau biaDAP.

  3. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, adinda Ms Helen !
    There are Muslims who are uncomfortable with Syariah/ fatwa on Islamic way of life based on al-Quran and Hadith.
    They’re past it to learn/ to taubat !

    Most Muslims here do not involve themselves in other religions. Unfortunately with the noise from these fringe moderates, now non-Muslims are having a field day criticising Islam.

    Dialogue with non-Muslim :
    It’s not too late for JAKIM to just ignore the so called moderates, and dialogue directly with non-Muslims especially about the state Syariah enactments most of which really do not affect them.

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

  4. Helen, you should have warned your readers against ‘provocative christmas message’ prior to 25th December by those evangelist extremists. They are getting even bolder. They use the christmas message to incite hatred and more so can amount to sedition. KDN should monitor this.

        1. re: “They use the Christmas message to incite hatred”

          Err, since 1,500 years ago leh.

          1. Betul pendapat ini. Kaum Yahudi dan Nasrani akan sentiasa mengancam dan mebuat pelbagai untuk mengganggu dan memgancam agama Islam dan umatnya. Di Malaysia dalam bentuk kristian evenglistas. Malangnya ada umat Islam sendiri yang terperdaya dengan mainan kotor mereka.

            Andaikata umat Islam berteguh iman dan bersatu, tidak akan mampu mereka memecah bentang pertahanan Islam! Malangnya di Malaysia ada umat Islam malah perti politik Islam yang menyokong mereka!

            1. re: “Malangnya ada umat Islam sendiri yang terperdaya dengan mainan kotor mereka.”

              Selain pandai putar-belit dan selalu menipu, mereka juga bijak bermuka-muka. Tulah sebabnya.

              1. Orang Melayu pula polos ( lurus bendul). Mereka sentiasa bersangka baik. Apa lagi golongan Christian eveglista memanfaatkan semaximum mungkin. Myngki sudah tiba masa Melayu Islam merubah pradigma sikap mereka!

                1. re: Melayu “sentiasa bersangka baik’

                  Betul tu.

                  Manakala si evangelista pula asyik menebar prasangka buruk beserta menabur fitnah.

  5. Hai takde tweet or any postings fm LKS n son, Teresa dan Tembam perihal bencana negeri Pakatan, Kelantan ke?

    Sonyap aje? Kecelakaan yang menimpa Negeri rakan tak kalut gi tolong ke?

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