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Najib punya tuli dan rabun takde beza dengan Tunku punya tidak apa

The two Tuns … what are they up to now?

Tuns M and Daim

Exactly 50 years ago, in 1964, Dr Mahathir Mohamad first stepped into the Dewan Rakyat as the Umno MP for Kota Setar.

What marked Dr Mahathir’s debut term as a Parliamentarian was “his sharpness of thought, his forcefulness, his debating skills, his openness, and his remarkable ability to explain to the people even the most difficult subjects in clear and simple language” (The Other Side of Mahathir by Zainuddin Maidin, page 16).

Zam TunDr M’s remarkable ability to explain matters in straightforward terms remains as it always was, and again recently evidenced by the commentary on BR1M in his Che Det blog.

Zam writes that the Kota Setar MP “had etched his name into the minds of the Malays as a member of Parliament who could, with utmost courage and eloquence, express their anxieties as the country’s most backward community” (quoting the excellent English translation for Mahathir di Sebalik Tabir done by Wan A. Hulaimi aka Awang Goneng).

Malah selepas berlalunya setengah abad, namun orang Melayu masih lagi meletakkan harapan tinggi kepada Tun untuk menjadi wakil mereka yang paling berani dan paling lantang menyuarakan dengan terus terang kegelisahan dan kecemasan mereka sebagai golongan yang termundur.

No rest for the 90-year-old whose sharpness of thought remains unblunted by age

Old man of Aran goes around and around

And his mind is a beacon
In the veil of the night
For a strange kind of fashion
There’s a wrong and a right

A verse from the song, The Riddle

Zam Tun

A young Zam with the doctor

Tun continuing to create tremors

Even back in the late 1950s when he did not hold any position in the executive or legislature, Dr Mahathir was unwaveringly critical of the Tunku’s handling of social, political and economic problems – “suaranya yang kritikal terhadap cara Tunku menyelesaikan masalah sosial, politik dan ekonomi terus menggugat”.

“Dr Mahathir amat tidak setuju dengan falsafah Tunku, ‘Biar Cina berniaga dan biar Melayu berpolitik’ dan ‘Biar mati anak jangan mati adat’. Beliau menampakkan kegelisahan dan penentangan terhadap sikap ‘tidak apa’ dan ‘tolak ansur’ Tunku secara berlebihan yang membahayakan masa depan orang Melayu,” wrote Zam.

“The conflict of values and personalities between Mahathir and the Tunku was a result of their contrasting backgrounds,” Zam observes.

Dr M is someone who is of the people and with the common touch. Try asking Kedahans who remember visiting his clinic in Alor Setar when they were children or have heard their parents tell stories about the doctor who ran Maha Klinik.

Klinik Maha

Dah terlalu banyak bertolak ansur dah

According to Zam, Dr M was especially critical of the Tunku’s tidak apa attitude and excessive tendency to compromise which was threatening the future of the Malays.

Our first premier, “kerana dibesarkan di istana dan tinggal lama di England, Tunku mewarisi cara hidup pegawai-pegawai Inggeris dan orang bangsawan yang terpisah daripada cara hidup rakyat biasa” (Mahathir di Sebalik Tabir, ms.13).

Like Tunku, our sixth premier is a well-spoken Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar bangsawan with a strong sense of noblesse oblige but similarly detached from the ground. Najib Razak’s graciousness and kesabaran tahap malaikat is inadvertently allowing kepala dan maruah orang Melayu dipijak.

Back in 1969, the Malays feared that they had already conceded too much and stood to lose all.

It feels like history is repeating itself.

Cina tak undi BN

Maverick outsider Mahathir rocked the Alliance boat

In the 10 May 1969 election, Dr Mahathir lost his Kota Setar Parliament seat to PAS’s Yusof Rawa (father to Mujahid) when the Chinese swung their votes in favour of the Islamist party candidate. The Chinese tsunami is a tide that washes in cycles.

The niceties of olde Malay politics and Tun Razak’s strong sense of loyalty kept the boiling dissatisfaction against the Tunku’s leadership under the lid.

Regression line graph showing the correlation between opposition support and Chinese voters in KL’s eleven Parliament seats in GE13

linear-regression-KL-Chinese voters.php

The Chinese vote will never return to BN and it is the MCA’s fault

Nonetheless, the undercurrent of discontent propelled Dr M to the forefront of those opposed to the Tunku’s policy of compromise with the MCA.

Zam writes:

“Mahathir could no longer contain his anger with MCA which he now began to express openly. […]

“On 5 June 1969, Mahathir reacted against the statement of MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sin that MCA would not participate in the Cabinet because it had suffered heavy losses in the 1969 elections. He said: ‘Tun Tan Siew Sin does not have to withdraw, MCA should in fact be excluded from the Cabinet’.” (p.18)

The BN lost Selangor in GE12.

By GE13, the BN had lost four-fifths of the Selangor state assembly seats – see pie charts below.

If the BN loses Putrajaya, the Malays will never get back Tanah Melayu ever again.


Gunting dalam Lipatan

This week it was reported that Tun had urged the leadership of Umno Selangor to step down.

Dear Tun, please reevaluate the MCA’s role too in the BN. It would be good as well to revisit what you wrote in The Malay Dilemma.

Dial_M_BlogThe MCA’s alliance with Umno was a Sino-Malay partnership between two communal parties. The DAP’s “tahaluf siyasi” with PAS is a Christian-Muslim detente between two religious parties.

Despite that the MCA-Umno was a stronger relationship than the DAP-PAS unholy matrimony, nonetheless there is no love left anymore in union between the MCA and Umno, is there?

Umno has everything to lose and the MCA has nothing more left to gain from its membership of the BN.

The Chinese have torn up the social contract and thus the BN kongsi kuasa with the Chinese is a thing of the past. MCA no longer belongs in the BN camp … tinggal jasad mungkin tapi roh sudah melayang.

Watch the three-minute 45 seconds clip on YouTube

Zebra fear

Zebra mare’s look of fear minutes before she is fatally attacked by crocodiles

Zebra stallion

Zebra stallion cries in distress at the plight of the zebra mare

Zebra swallowed

A pair of crocodiles sink their razor teeth into the zebra’s throat

Zebra croc tail

The crocodile tail is a very dangerous weapon

Wag the dog

MCA’s media conglomerate The EvangeliSTAR is the powerful Christian tail that is wagging the debilitated political party (that even Tun Dr Ismail characterized as “hidup segan mati tak mahu”).

The BN cannot afford to coddle anymore the MCA whose seven MPs are only half the number of Sabah Umno’s 14 MPs in Parliament.

It is not MCA’s seven Parliamentarians who wield influence but the party’s J-Star media empire. The kiblat of the MCA communications machinery is Jerusubang and from now until GE14, you can expect The EvangeliSTAR to be promoting the DAP evangelistas.

Umno has to bite the bullet and write off whatever votes that the BN will not be able recover. After all, the Christians are “only nine percent” of the population.

The Christians are being steered by the DAP to collide with the Muslims. The impending conflict will not be racial in nature. It will be religious.

No hope and no cure for the confused Christians …



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20 thoughts on “Najib punya tuli dan rabun takde beza dengan Tunku punya tidak apa

  1. Helen,

    Tun Dr Mahathir is no doubt being very frank. and his frank assessment is rooted in reality, something that Najib is incapable off

    GE13 is a watershed. But more importantly it shows that despite of Chinese voters overstating their influence, UMNO still not unseated.

    UMNO will be foolhardy to use the archaic BN formula. It is no longer possible. Malays have begin to reject MCA in Malay majority areas. and for good reasons too. why on earth supporting a dying political party that refuses to go down to the ground and telling the Chinese to accept reality that they are in fatal mode by trying to outmanouvre the malays.

    Cut off the life line. and MCa will extinct before our own eyes.

    1. re: “Cut off the life line”

      Don’t need Umno to do that.

      Malay voters can themselves cut off the life support. Also start boycotting The J-Star.

      1. Helen,

        Yup. I agree wholeheartedly.

        Let the Malays teach UMNO a bitter lesson for putting more emphasis on the very people who want UMNO dead.

        If in next election UMNO still has the mind boggling habit of patronising MCA, then malays should not vote MCA.

          1. Urb,

            I read some interesting facts on Utusan today. One UMNO guy from Johor told that in GE13, Parit Yani , a Malaya majority constituent, wan won by PR. reason? BN fielded MCA while PR put a Malay candidate.

            seems like we do not have to wait for GE14 to send the message to UMNO.

        1. The Chinese know that Ah Jib Gor and cronies are corrupt and the Malays know that the Taikoh and samseng are corrupt. Of course both Chinese and Malay also know their own kind are corrupt. Every man and woman must sort himself and herself out in his or her own heart. Then it will be better for the Malay and the Chinese altogether.

  2. Najib taktau rasa dan baca kehendak dan jiwa majority pasai dia hidup dalam ‘circle’ dari golongan 1% rakyat Negara ini. Payah, payah kalo baru nak cuba berkenalan dan testing2 untuk menyesuaikan kepala otak dengan majoriti.

    Nak menziarah kampung kayuh basikal atau naik motorsikal cukup ya, tak payah hantaq helikopter duk chaperone dari udara pulak, tak enak ya.

  3. Dear helen,
    Its exasperating if najib still remains deaf in spite if 2 great tuns,tun m n tun daim ‘attacking’ him openly.we conservative malays are being taken for granted as bn’s fixed deposit.najib is too
    obsessed with
    recognition and
    assumes that
    success as high
    income nation
    will steer the
    and make the
    rakyat quiet and wrecks
    havoc as our cost
    of living shoots up
    and religious and
    racial tolerance
    Is ignored and
    causes choas.tun
    m was not
    publicity crazy
    during his time, in
    fact hated by the
    mat salehs but yet
    globally.tun m’s
    tenure was more
    people oriented and fitted the msian lifestyle
    and though
    managed to
    control the
    political, racial
    and religious
    madness.with the
    hundreds of JI and other
    on the

    extremism esp if the evangelistas continue to
    provoke the
    muslims.if that
    happens,all hell
    will break loose
    and ALL of us will
    bear the
    when that
    happens,i bet the
    evangelistas will
    be begging for theISA. Singapore
    remains steadfast with their
    ISA,Sedition Act n
    even disallowing
    homosexuality in
    spite of it being a non muslim and
    highly progressive
    nation.our negara
    islam malaysia is
    getting out of
    control when all
    laws are
    according to the
    whims of the
    so called human
    rights ngos which
    are getting
    provocative and
    absurd.can’t imagine helen if tun m is no longer around and hishamuddin
    takes over as pm
    and kj as tpm.

    1. Thats why those living in glass houses dare not throw stones but offer flowers instead to appease the angry dragons.

      These dragons had been enjoying getting tributes all those years but need more highlands to lay more eggs so now are very unhappy. Thts why CIMB pumps tons of advertising allocations to J-star to pacify these dragons’ hunger for more highlands.

      At least Penang is sparing more land for their foreign cousins to come and build more nests.

  4. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Last week my father took me to a briefing on Akta Hasutan by Uncle Naser Disa, Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman and Tan Sri Zaman Khan. It is amazing to see how people like Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman and Tan Sri Zaman Khan are fighting for the country at their age. They said that young people must understand the history and knows what’s happening.

    It is sad that lots of younger people cannot see the truth and do not want to look for the truth.

    I learn why the oppositions are forcing Najib to abolish the Akta Hasutan and kind of see what will happen if they win the election. Tan Sri Aziz also talked about 13 May.

    We must go all out to fight against the abolished of Akta Hasutan and push Najib to listen to his voters and not to his haters. I hope Rosmah’ll tell him that.

    Aunty Helen, why is it that people seems to easily listen to the oppositions’ tales than accepting the truth? Why can’t Najib listen to good people like Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman and Tan Sri Zaman Khan instead of those in NUCC like Saifuddin and Mujahid? Listening to Mujahid is like listening to Hannah Yeoh.

    1. re: “Aunty Helen, why is it that people seems to easily listen to the oppositions’ tales than accepting the truth?”

      Kebenaran pahit untuk ditelan.

      Mereka lebih rela diulit dengan madah berhelah … love, love, love.

  5. As so many people I too love and respect TM very much. He is a brilliant man. We simpiy cannot compare him to any of our leaders resent or past and of course not to Najib.

    But I think what Najib is doing is giving them enough rope so as to hang themselves. We can observe from what they are doing now are making the Malays to closing ranks. The Malays need not retaliate to their insult and humiliation but all we have to do is to unite.

    WORK towards unity, not only UMNO members but all MALAYS must talk about unity. The old folks must talk to their youngs about Malay unity, about Malay survival, let them understand what our leaders have done in the past.

    1. re: “But I think what Najib is doing is giving them enough rope so as to hang themselves.”

      Methinks you’re giving the PM too much credit.

    1. AYAH,

      Blue ocean strategy? But the results look like Dead Ocean strategy.

      What unity? Najib’s irritating attitude of looking down on Malays are driving Malays to hate UMNO. Supporters of UMNO who defended UMNO in GE13 are angry now.

      Angry that Najib refuses to listen to Malays who do not want Sedition act repealed. And why Najib insists on developing RMAF base in Teluk Air Tawar. The constituent was won by UMNO in all previous elections. The Malays, UMNO Penang are dead set against Najib’s idea.

      Why najib must upset the very people who vote for him.

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