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No tornado in Penang because the Malays there love DAP

Kedah, an Umno state, is being hit by a spate of mini tornadoes that has wrecked dozens of houses.

The Unspinners lament, “Si kafir tak caya pada petanda dan peringatan tuhan”. It is a reminder from God as tornadoes are uncharacteristic for Malaysia.

Penang rejects racists extremists

DAP evangelistas, who are very pious people, are this time in agreement with the blogger otai Umno. It is indeed a sign from God that Penang is spared from tornadoes. This is because Penangites are full of love and spreading love all around.

“The fact is the Penang Malays love the DAP”, so there!

Kedah tornado

And because the DAP is promoting love among all the races, the wrath of God – in the form of these dangerous twisters – has not befallen the state wisely and lovingly ruled by the DAP.

Understanding the meaning of HATE

“Hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” is what the J-Star editorials have been repetitively labeling other Malaysians in conjunction with the MCA media’s Moderation campaign against the “extremists” and “racial and religious bigots”.



Hannah Yeoh: “Racists must be taught how to love.”

Minister Land where Malays not welcomed


The hate spewers

SHABERY CHIK1Communication and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek (pix) tries to clarify the understanding of “racism”.

Referring to the group who like to label others as “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”, Shabery said:

“They would become angry when the Malays talk about the special position of the Malays, protection for Malays, the Malay language, Islam and so forth. They consider such statements as racist.”

Shabery’s polemics is the currently most read and most commented Malaysiakini article, headlined ‘Minister: Land where Malays not welcomed‘.

Shabery most read

Shabery most commented

Umno accused of vomiting hate

Since the “hater” allegation is mouthed in the same breath along with the “racist”, “extremist” and “bigot” name-calling, let’s see Who, What and How the Yahudi Yeohs mean when they point their accusing finger.

All the comments screenshot below are from reader responses to the aforementioned Malaysiakini story.

Firstly, ‘WHO’ are accused by the Yahudi Yeohs of propagating hate?

Answer: “Umno morons” (see David’s comment below)

Every word that emanate from these race-obsessed Umno ignoramuses is “laced with racial hatred“, they claim.

Shabery Umno morons

FireShot Screen Capture #045 - 'Twitter _ hannahyeoh_ @LeonLeeBMG low class politician' - twitter_com_hannahyeoh_statuses_246801183111520256

Who in particular are ‘guilty’?

Specifically Shabery.

This poor Umno minister is accused of “trying to provoke hatred among races” (see below).

They accuse Shabery of “creating racial discord and disharmony” as well as “trying to stir up racial hatred“. Or in the EvangliSTAR’s favourite word, Shabery is being “divisive”.

Shabery trying to provoke

Shabery stir up

Who else besides evil Umno?

The Yahudi Yeohs also accuse “funded NGOs” of “stirring all these racial hatred(s)” – see below.

Usually Perkasa and Isma are named as the culprits.

Shabery funded NGOs

Hannah Yeoh: The weather is so extreme!

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist

‘WHAT’ are these haters purported guilty of?

Shabery, the Communication minister, is accused of sounding like his fellow Umno warlords who “want to use apartheid and Nazi ways to control the country”.

He is also asked if he wanted to “burn down this country with racial hatred“.

Shabery burn down country

‘HOW’ do oppo supporters perceive the climate of hate?

Below is Simon Ti’s point of view:

1. “All these rotten racist must be arrested when PR takes over Putrajaya.”

2. “This is another seditious statement from Umno and this dangerous supremacist bigot and typical “I am Malay first” racist quota minister is another ungrateful dog that bites the hands that feed him!”

3. “These super rich and bloated leeches had been clinging and feeding on the blood, sweat and tears of the other poor races for 50 years and only demand more just becos he is ‘Malay’ and he thinks it’s his birthright to be corrupt, incite the Malays and spew hatred against the other races.”

4. “The fact is the Penang Malays love the DAP and Umno is now desperately trying to incite the Malays by making this yet another hate speech against the nons.”

5. “Such parasites will never survive on their own in the real world and he only wants everything free for himself and expect the world to perpetually feed him and his rotten kind while he continue to rob and steal from the poor rakyat and bankrupt the country.”

Shabery Malays love the DAP

Yahudi Yeohs scold supremacist Shabery and his bigoted, rotten kind

SHABERY CHIKSimon Ti – see his comment screenshot above – talks about the super rich “bloated leeches”.

Simon says these “parasites” who rule the country are “feeding on the blood” of the “poor races”.

He adds that the freeloading ruling class who fight to uphold race quotas are a “dangerous supremacist bigot” group of people.

Simon also claims that Umno politicians are making suckers out of their supporters.

Let’s evaluate what Simon says.

“Bloated leeches”?

Aiyah, Shabery does not look bloated lah. In fact, he’s slightly built and even verging on the skinny side.

Now if you wanna see a real bloated bunch, look no further than below.

DAP Yang Berhormats

hannah Her Royal Roundness1


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23 thoughts on “No tornado in Penang because the Malays there love DAP

  1. Ms H. How many of us realize that Pulau Pinang and Kedah was a single political and social entity until the arrival of the British in 1779 ?. It is on this fact that the more people realize that these 2 entitied should come together for socio-economic gains the better. I am sorry that some Penangites dream about Penang to be like Singapore. It is not. It is only a pipe dream !

    1. Kedah should take back Penang.

      Or Penang could reverse take over Kedah, since Guan Eng is much more aggressive than Mukhriz.

      1. Ms H. Realpolitik will hold sway eventually despite the little barks of aggression from the Pulau Pinang Boss.

        Realpolitik means food on the table, jobs, houses, cars, schools, a future for all etc. These will come willy-nilly. As long as the pipe dreamers dream about Singapore, they will get nowhere outside their opium beds.

        It is better to close the Penang Institute and re-organise to call it the Kedah-Pulau Pinang Institute without a Singaporean bias. The person who can work with Kedah is the Great Man! Politics are not for dreamers. Acheh!

      2. Aggressive does not mean that someone is strong and smart. Learn from Tai Chi martial art and shun szu (not so sure of the spelling) art of war. Aggression can easily be defeated by skills, strategies and relentless execution.

        1. Putting Mukhriz aside for a moment, I do believe that DS Najib is a smooth operator. He’s shown before his effective silat skills in the subtle politicking that is his trademark.

          But he doesn’t have the killer instinct and he doesn’t go for the jugular (too much the public schoolboy gentleman).

          At this point in time, some of us ordinary folks (either pro-establishment or anti-opposition) just want to see the PM visibly take a tough guy stance against the Yahudi Yeoh bullies. This I believe is the grassroots sentiment.

          1. What the rakyat miss is the no nonsense result oriented leadership that they’ve experienced during Tun Mahathir era. People get focused on nation building and had so much pride in themselves as compared to now. We are so divided and PM is clueless on how to bring everyone back together.

  2. Reading all those anti-UMNO, anti-Malay comments in Malaysiakini must have brought a huge grin to Lim Kit Siang’s face. His politics of hatred is working very well.

    Notice how the same words used by the commenters are no different from those of the Greatest Moderate on Earth?

    1. Ayah,

      You’re mistaken. It is Shabery and Umno who are being accused by the YYs of spewing hate.

    2. Ayah, you got it wrong. LKS is not a bigot who hates the Malays or Muslims.

      In his words – “In my 47 years in politics, I have always regarded myself as a Malaysian first and last. I have never regarded myself purely as a Chinese, but as a Malaysian of Chinese ethnic descent whose loyalty is unswervingly to the Malaysian nation, having common cause with all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region to build a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.” See, where got hate?

      Furthermore, “Malaysia’s future as a nation is assured so long as the overwhelming majority of Malaysians promote a Malaysian Dream transcending a Malay Dream, Chinese Dream, Indian Dream, Kadazan Dream or Iban Dream.”

      I do believe LKS is the most misunderstood politician in this country. ~_^

      1. orangkampung, Sir ! Actions speak louder than words ! It is no use talking sweet nothings by someone for 48 years and do nothing but only twiddled his thumbs and contemplated his navel.

        In the meantime, as an adun, his bank account legally and holistically piled up every month till he became a millionaire many times over. The proof of the DAP pudding is in the eating not the smelling or the talking!

        I would have done the same if this guy had imparted this wonderful original Malaysian secret to me! It is transferrable too – to the in-laws, the son and the grandson!

        1. re: “It is transferrable too – to the in-laws, the son and the grandson!”

          And to the proteges.


        2. That was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I’m no fan of LKS But I read his blog and sometimes watch his videos, so I know what he’s feeding his masses.

          And I just found this video clip

          obviously done by his fanclub.

          Seriously, people should watch. I find videos and articles that compares leaders to Gandhi, MLKing, Mandela, Mother Teresa on one end of the spectrum and Hitler and Dajjal on the other end to be highly entertaining.

          I mean, just the title “LKS is the Gandhi of Malaysia” is enough to make you laugh.

          1. orangkampung, Sir. If our mutual friend is the Gandhi of Malaysia, you must be the Dalai Lama and I am Nelson Mandela !

          2. Kit Siang is not like Gandhi just as bak kut teh is not vegetarian or just as racial clashes are contrary to non-violent opposition.

      2. 2014, LKS is only in the dreaming stages ma?
        BN had all these races under one flag since 1957 alleally..

        Pakatan merely lip service arrangements, register under one common flag also scared wan!

  3. “The meaning of our whole life and existence is love. It is love to the family, to the children, to the motherland. This phenomenon is complicated, it lies at heart of any of our behaviors.”

    “It is exactly the top priority which all of us should go after, and I am absolutely sure that we will succeed,” Putin.

  4. Kami berdoa Allah akan tenggelamkan pulau pinang krn kebiadapan org cina yg hendak melemahkan Islam.

  5. En/Cik Bahazed sejak azali yang difitrahkan lahir di P.Pinang sedak tak sedak tak pernah mimpi Melayu sebagai atau nak jadi Ketua Menteri dah dan telah dikhaskan KM P.Pinang itu mesti kalangan bangsa Ciina

    tak pernah nak kata anti Cina pun sebut saja dari tarikh merdeka siapa dia, dari parti MCA Wong Pow Nee parti Gerakan Dr Lim Chong Eu lepas tu Dr Khoo Soon Khoon la ni beralih kuasa kepada pembangkang dengan bantuan DSAI.

    P.Pinang pun bekas tanah jajahan macam juga Hong Kong yang mana puak cina-cina di sana bermatian-matian mahu di kekal kan cara hidup dan pilihan mereka bagaimana pulak di Pulau Pinang di beri kuasa perintah dengan tidak bersusah payah saperti orang mengantuk di sorongkan bantal, apa lagi cina mau.

    1. Zairil boleh jadi CM Pulau Pyongyang kalau diberikan peluang. Rara and Dyana pun boleh juga.

  6. LKS, LKS. Tapi nak kata apa, dia dah berjaya brainwash kebanyakan orang cina untuk benci orang Melayu dan Islam, dan ada juga orang Melayu yang jatuh cinta dengan hypocrite ni. Betui la depa kata orang Melayu ni bodoh nilai seringgit saja.

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