13 thoughts on “Aiyoh, why they do like that to me one?

  1. Orang kutuk sungguh DSN. Saya pun bukan la fan dia sangat tapi is he really that bad ka? Maybe dia blurr sikit but he is doing his best to make Malaysia a develope country, so sabarlah.

    Problem dengan Pakatoon biasala, depa ni semua tak kena, depa nak ambik aleh. Macam la depa baguih sangat, bersih sangat tengok negeri negerri depa merintah sudahlah, kacau bilau.

    Apa yang dia buat atau tak buat pada orang Melayu yang boleh membuat orang Melayu marah sangat kat dia sampai nak merajuk dengan UMNO? Saya selalu kata dan saya akan kata lagi jangan marah nyamuk pi bakar kelambu. Itu bodoh punya kerja tapi nak buat camne.

    Kita cuba ubah dan betulkan kalau salah, kalau tak boleh juga kita cuba tukar kan tapi kita tak boleh tinggalkan UMNO. Ada respect la sikit dia PM kita tau. Puak puak Katoon mampuih pi kat depa.

    1. rossab, just my 2 cent…. rsnyer PRU yg lpas supporter n ats pgr mcm sy still support najib… but makin lama makin truk polisi2 najib…. even dh ditegur oleh ex ex senior pon lagu tu gak….

      respect should be earned by natural if he perform… mcm Dr M, kawan dan lawan walaupun xtrus terang, jauh d sudut hati diorang acknowledge yg he’s still the best in managing country n not using billion cost of consultant to running the country….

      1. Oghang tua2 selalu pesan “hutang emas bole dibayar hutang budi bukan saja dibawa mati tapi ke cucu cicit depa kena tanggung”. Yang hujung sikit tu saya yang tambah ya..

        Kata le dulu tokwan you takde duit, Apek nampak ikhlas benar asyik hulur sedekah pasai niat dia nak cekop tanah bendang you untuk dijadikan casino, 50-60 tahun lepaih tu puak2 tokwan tu dan mati..

        Payah cucu cicit nak tebus jasa2 oghang tua kita tau.

    2. “Maybe dia blurr sikit but he is doing his best to make Malaysia a develope country, so sabarlah.”

      Problem is PM yang tak sabar, forcing this country into a high income nation without a strong foundation. His policies are geared more towards urban centres and big businesses, so the rest would have to play catch up. He keeps doing this and the masses that have to play catch-up will be frustrated and may turn into an angry mob.

      See I agree with TDM on BR1M. It’s the most glaring example of a program that is not well thought out.

  2. Spent billions of RM and still counting and all he can say is this. The man is totally hopeless.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    It’s very funny but at least Najib can see that voters fell for the opposition lies. I only hope that Najib will not ignore this problem or ask for KJ’s, Saifuddin’s or Star CEO’s advice.

    Najib should take pro BN bloggers like Aunty Helen and NGOs that helped UMNO BN in PRU 13 seriously and read their blogs because they want the best for BN and understand why opposition must not rule our country.

    Najib should talk to people like Tun M, Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, Tan Sri Zaman Khan etc instead of Saifuddin Abdullah, KJ, Star CEO, some MCA people and others who are busy with their own agendas and do not care what BN voters want as long as they get what they wanted.

    By the way, Aunty Helen should calm down and take a break to release your stress :) Maybe Aunty Helen should go to the new Kajang Waterland. It’s free!

      1. Ya.. Anak2 kami yg dok oberseas pon dah anxiously nunggu2 nak latest updates of this coming Konvesyen Perpaduan Nasional.. Depa kat sana pun dah naik cemuih selama ini asyik oeghati dari jauh keluarga kat Malaysia dok kena main tak habis2.

        Ni baru la kasi naik semangat sikit.

  4. Why are non-Muslims (Christians -I believe D Danny is one) so scared of Jawi?

    ““We don’t want them to waste their time doing nothing during that period of time.” “I also hope parents would understand that Jawi classes have nothing to do with religious teaching. ”

    What? Are Christian so low in their faith that once they look at the Jawi script they turn away from their faith? So Christians want the Allah word – but what about if the word is written in Arabic?

    Horrors. What about Christian kids who watch AlJazeera, horrors they might convert, or worst become homosexuals since AlJazeera has so much gay story coverage?
    Or listen to Shakira…

    So this is “moderation”. Or is it Islamphobia?

    1. ‘So Christians want the Allah word – but what about if the word is written in Arabic?’

      Good point Mulan.

      They want a Malay word for ‘God’ and we tell them its ‘Tuhan’ but they, whom makan, minum, tidur vernacular, despite being Malaysian first and foremost, won’t listen and had to go to court for it.

      They argue the Malays can’t owned the word ‘Allah’ since it is Arabic in origin and the Moronite’s Arab allegedly had been using the word even before Islam, so they say. The Malays are so stupid they won’t know sejarah!

      And now they make hoo haa on Jawi-just like T.Kok and her DAP kakis-not knowing that’s the script would be useful in their quest to rembat the word ‘Allah’-what la these people-chap cheng langs indeed!

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