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Najib’s think tank likely to send young voters to the opposition

The DAP evangelista MP “claps claps claps!”

And why not?

When you have such a useful ‘enemy’ like Najib Razak, you don’t even need allies.

Twitter - TeoNieChing- MP Pokok Sena (PAS) is defending

“Christian student made to wear headscarf” (?)

The headmaster of a primary school in Negeri Sembilan has denied the Malaysian Insider headline – see tweet below.

He clarified that his Christian pupil was not forced by her Muslim teachers but “wore the tudung willingly”.

Christian student made to wear

Why suggest that Muslim teachers are insensitive?

“The question is, why was a non-Muslim girl forced or encouraged to join Muslim activities and made to wear a headscarf?” said The Malaysian Insider in its article yesterday.

TMI quoted its source as asking, “Why aren’t the teachers and headmaster in the school sensitive to the non-Muslim students?”

Headmaster Yunus Ismail however denied that the girl was coerced to wear tudung nor encouraged to participate in nasyid.

Christian quartet tudung

Christian women quite willing to wear tudung

The TMI report makes it sound as if a Christian female in tudung is something extraordinary that deserves to be highlighted as a negative news item.

If you look at the photos above, all the women pictured wearing tudung are staunch Christians. From left: DAP Adun Hannah Yeoh, DAP Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching, PKR Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong and DAP Damansara Utama Adun Yeo Bee Yin.

All of the evangelistas above WILLINGLY wore the tudung.

The majority of the Malaysian population, i.e. 51-52% Pakatan supporters, have been actively cheering on the Christians who wear tudung or who participate happily in mosque activities such as stirring empty pots (that should have contained bubur lambuk).

BELOW: DAP evangelista MP Ong Kian Ming


Building bridges and all that jazz

In fact, the Christians are so enamoured of Muslim practices that they’re actively tweeting hashtag #sahur and sharing their puasa experiences in the social media.

Not only that, the evangelical Christians are fighting tooth and nail to call their God ‘Allah’.

Pro-Christian publications such as TMI are usually stir crazy about “building bridges” between Christians and Muslims. Values like tutup aurat are being promoted by the Christian political leadership themselves.

Hence the negative report by TMI about the Negeri Sembilan Christian pupil wearing tudung is puzzling. It reflects how confused the Christians and their media mouthpieces are.

EvangeliSTAR misrepresenting the ‘Allah’ Bible issue

The Nest of Evangelistas newspaper is giving the wrong impression that Malay-Muslims are unhappy about the Bible being published in Bahasa Melayu. Sneaky, sneaky Star!

What they’re objecting is not the language translation to Malay but that the BM Bible is using lafaz ‘Allah’.

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai wrote in his column today:

“The growing use of Bahasa Malaysia is also the result of the education system where most people, especially the young, prefer and are more comfortable with the national language.

“We cannot now tell them that when it comes to the Bible, they have to read it in another language.”

Chun Wai is deliberately throwing a red herring by suggesting that the Islamic religious authorities want pribumi Christians to read the Bible in another language. The scenario he paints is not true.

Why is Najib Razak allowing his PM’s Department to channel funds to the Nest of Evangelistas who are undermining Islam in Malaysia?

BELOW: Najib and Chun Wai


Najib’s Moderation campaign given to The J-Star

Blathering today in his column about “respect and sensitivity”, Chun Wai slammed – but without naming names – those he accused of intruding into other religions and causing consternation among Christians (or Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc).

He concluded that all Malaysians “regardless of race and religion, have a stake in this beautiful country” and urged for Moderation to prevail.

The definition of Moderation has been sub-contracted by Najib to Chun Wai and the J-Star, just like how Najib sub-contracts the running of government to his consultants and advisors.

Najib shrug

Najib’s Moderates think tank is funding the evangelistas

The J-Star editorial today recalled that their “Brave Views and Bold Ideas” Moderation campaigned was launched a little over three months ago.

In ‘The Star Says’ piece today headlined ‘Treasure diversity‘, the paper claimed that its campaign has been “a resounding success” with the silent majority who “understood that the voices of moderation had to rise many notches to drown out the voices of extremism”.

The paper told readers that the next stage of its Moderation campaign will focus on colleges students and young adults entering the work force.

BELOW: Young Chinese have taken a shine to the surau

Cina di surau markas PAS Kedah

Najib’s GMM easing evangelista entry into colleges and unis

The J-Star editorial announced: “And we are glad to work with the Global Movement of Moderates to reach out to as many students as possible in 60 universities and colleges throughout the country. ”

GMM is headed by Saifuddin Abdullah, the former Deputy Higher Education Minister.

Through Saifuddin’s connections, the J-Star will be able to leverage its cooperation with GMM to facilitate the evangelistas’ embrace of Malay-Muslim youth in the universities and colleges throughout the country.

This will pave the way for the acceptance by these youngsters of ‘Moderate’ views. What is Moderation is of course defined by the Nest of Evangelistas.

Najib is the most brilliant BN chairman ever! Pakatan have a lot to thank him for.


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18 thoughts on “Najib’s think tank likely to send young voters to the opposition

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I cannot understand what makes Najib listen to Saifuddin Abdullah who I think shares the same ideas as the oppositions than UMNO.

    It is very hard to understand Najib who listens to his haters rather than his voters. The problem is he’ll make UMNO voters who cannot understand the opposition agendas very angry and vote for opposition who’ll ruin our country. May be that is why Saifuddin is still in UMNO, like the Anwar put his people in PAS and take over the party.

    If only we can make Najib see the truth.

    Anyway, if I can vote, I won’t vote for the oppositions because I love my country.

    1. ahmadalikarim,

      Najib’s forte is pleasing the very people who want him, UMNO, dead. And another of Najib’s habit is to dismiss the very people who defend his government.

      Najib will not change. Take my word for it. What worry me is that once malays can not “tahan”, they will punish every UMNO candidates simply to whack Najib.

      And in the process, they dethrone UMNO which is the only party right now that is stopping DAP

      1. I think Malays will still vote UMNO but not Najib and those who are similar to him. I hope Malays have learned from last PRU that kongsi kuasa is story of the past.

        Malays won’t take risks of Tsunami-ing UMNO unless they got clear strong alternative.

          1. But it is not funny if Malays loose political power in Malaysia or read Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. But hopefully in PAU someone brave will stand up and say the right things to change UMNO.

            It is interesting to hear what Tun M going to say in coming Perkasa conference.

        1. TS,

          I wish you are right. But I am not so sure about that. the last GE saw UMNO’s vote increases, mainly due to Malays simply having no better alternatives.

          Had not for their wisdom, Lim Kit siang would have been made Deputy Prime Minister already.

  2. “Why aren’t the teachers and headmaster in the school sensitive to the non-Muslim students?”

    Remember this –

    “Berita seorang guru wanita Muslim berbangsa Cina yang dipaksa buka tudung oleh seorang pengetua dan Ahli Lembaga Pengelola Sekolah selain keselamatannya diancam sekiranya enggan berbuat begitu, begitu menarik perhatian banyak pihak, khususnya umat Islam.” (- MyKMU)

    See, you can find insensitive jack-ass everywhere. If TMI can downplay the Cina muallaf issue, why is it making a mountain out of this?

      1. Why blame the teachers. They should look a their own homes, the bibik they hire. It is in their house..

  3. DSN is clueless and hope to be popular for the wrong reasons. He failed to understand how to deal with different races motivation and needs.

  4. Super spot on. Kena sebijik the Christian evangelist. Outright hypocrisy from the self-righteous group.

  5. Makin desperate makin lucu le these people. They amuse themselves playing with religoun berbelit2 macam ular (Brits kasi ini saying not me) or cuba nasib main tikam tikam, kalau menang nama tuhan depa diberi ikut apa Munshi Abdullah taloh. Biasanya bapa kasi taloh nama anak.. Ini Munshi pula tolong kasi nama sama lia olang punya tuhan. Silap Munshi tak taloh nama tikus..

    Kalut pasai tudung pulak.. Alamak.. Your mother MARY, your god’s mama went about all covered la..from head to toe ma..what is all the fuss about tudung?

  6. While some chinese Christian women want to wear tudung, do they know a lot of wishes and rituals of Chinese New Year are unchristian?—a-Christian-perspective/
    uring Chinese New Year also, some older folks resort to gambling with cards or mah-jong, while pictures of gold bars are displayed to symbolise prosperity and wealth. All such practices should be avoided by Christian families because they reflect an ungodly covetous spirit

    Conversely, spring cleaning may signify a new beginning, the false idea of getting rid of the ‘bad luck’ of the previous year – an idea which Christians cannot accept.
    “The first,” he said, “is to be poor in spirit. The world tells us to strive after riches, thus the traditional New Year greeting ´gong xi fa cai,´ may you get wealthy. So often that striving becomes worshiping of material wealth.

    Don’t wish Hannah and OKM Gong Xi Fa Cai.

    Yoga too is a no no.

    Yoga is not just a harmless physical exercise, it opens the door to demonic control. On which side do you ultimately want to stand? The devil’s or Christ’s? The consequences are more serious than you might realise.

    1. Born-again Christian Hannah Yeoh wants to pawn our Chinese (and Indian) ethnicity.

      “No Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese. All Malaysians.”

  7. There is a kind of “inner demon” that plagues the Chinese psyche – a brutish sly beast whose mantra is the ends justifies the means.

    Once torn from the cultural, religious and societal moorings of the 3 vinegar tasters (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism) they succumb easily to materialism and externalism (seeking outward solutions when the problem is their internal mindset).

    The majority have eschewed wisdom in place of temporary power and material gain, not knowing that true wealth can be attained and retained if they follow a wise path; not the smart path.

    1. re: “mantra is the ends justifies the means”

      Yes. No ethical boundaries.

      That’s why they could have perpetrated that vile fitnah against Chew Mei Fun during the Kajang by-election campaign.

  8. To transform or not is in material cause not kongsi kuasa sahaja both kongsi jawatan PM TPM najib boleh dah GMM is going all out cuma mahu di bilang hari sahaja lepas tu dia boleh cabut pergi ha.. ha..

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