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Hidup mati MCA di tangan pengundi Melayu

Tiga bulan selepas PRU12 yang menyaksikan kemerosotan prestasi MCA, bekas naib presiden MCA Jimmy Chua Jui Meng (seorang born-again Christian) telah bertindak keluar MCA untuk masuk PKR.

MCA ship jumpers

Serentak dengan Chua, bekas timbalan ketua Wanita MCA Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew (seorang Kristian) juga keluar MCA untuk masuk PKR.



Peristiwa bekas Adun MCA selama tiga penggal untuk Subang Jaya, Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, ditendang keluar parti telah disambut mesra oleh DAP.

Lee Hwa Beng ialah seorang evangelista tegar – bergambar dengan Papa, Mama dan Grandpapa Dapster masing-masing di bawah.

Lee Hwa Beng on Twitter- -Hwa Beng’s sacking from MCA calls for celebration


Former MCA three-term Subang Jaya Adun Datuk Lee Hwa Beng and KitSiang

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya

Bila MCA mahu keluar BN?

MCA kata Umno pelampau.

MCA nak campurtangan perjalanan PAU.

MCA sering membantah Islam.

MCA membela musang berbulu ayam J-Star.

MCA adalah api dalam sekam.

Extremist statements by Umno
Mind your words at Umno assembly




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30 thoughts on “Hidup mati MCA di tangan pengundi Melayu

  1. MCA sudah gila. Dlm perhimpunan dia sendiri punya kuat kecinaan , adakah dia ‘mind your own words’ memang haram J betul sama mcm J Star.

  2. MCA is trying hard to be DAP’s replica to gain chinese support. To late MCA, your survival is solely from malay voters sympathy. Pls exit gracefully before you you get humilition from malay voters. You were part of tsunami. We won’t forget that fact.

  3. helen,

    masalah pengundi melayu adalah, tiada satupun parti yang dilihat boleh menjaga kepentingan orang melayu dan identiti melayu sebagai identiti kebangsaan dan negara.

    UMNO telah dikawal oleh MCA, PAS oleh DAP dan PKR adalah parti berbilang kaum yang tidak pasti aspirasi kenegaraannya (semua boleh bincang asalkan ketua umumnya boleh jadi PM).

    ini hanyalah episod ulangan apabila perang saudara berlaku di kalangan raja2 melayu yang berebut takhta dan masing-masing mencari pengaruh atau sokongan luar untuk memperoleh kemenangan. yang menariknya setiap kali perang berakhir, keputusannya adalah kuasa mereka semakin terhakis manakala orang luar yang menyokong mendapat habuan (pemenang sebenar).

    1. Org2 Melayu kena belajar utk lebih bersatu dan hilangkan penyakit hasad dengki. Tiada gunanya menang sorak kalau kampung yang tergadai!

      1. Padahal Nabi kita Muhammad s.a.w. adalah rahmat atas seluruh alam semesta. Baginda pernah bersabda bahawa diri nya telah wujud di dunia ini untuk menyatakan sebenarnya akhlak yang mulia – sebagai pedoman moral kepada manusia sejagat.

  4. Helen, your title statement is absolutely correct. Now, all we need is for some brave Umno soul to tell the PM to place MCA candidates in Chinese dominant areas and not in Malay areas, and for the rest of the delegates at the PAU to drive this message straight into the brains of the PM. Make sure he truly understands this concept so he can implement it.

    Keep repeating, the way dapsters and Star and all their other supporting media keep up the song on extremism, racism. Chant it and drum it again and again and again, and get Utusan & BH and Bernama to take up the chant. Hopefully, the PM will then get the message.

    1. re: “some brave Umno soul to tell the PM to place MCA candidates in Chinese dominant areas and not in Malay areas”

      Dah. Umno supreme council member Puad Zarkashi already said. Also Deputy Agriculture Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman queried MCA’s role in the BN.

      re: “Hopefully, the PM will then get the message”

      MCA is already dead in the water and will be buried by GE14. Malay voters will no longer give their vote to BN Chinese candidates, that’s for sure.

      The issue now is how much internal sabotage the MCA and its crocodile tail (J-Star) will perpetrate while still remaining within the BN these next three years.

      The showdown is mano-a-mano, Umno vs DAP but the fear is that the treacherous MCA will stab the BN in the back. Like I’ve mentioned previously, Umno has everything to lose and MCA nothing more left to gain from its participation in the BN coalition.

      1. But Puad & Tajuddin need to bring it up during the PAU. Otherwise their earlier statements will be buried by other b-s matters.

        “…the treacherous MCA will stab the BN in the back.” Some of them did a good job over the last election and more of them are openly having a go at Umno. It seems the Malays (which they equate with Umno) can do no right, and they are happy to point out all our faults and highlight it in their media.

        And I’m glad I have enough confidence and pride in being a Malay Muslim otherwise I’d be bending over backwards apologising for every slight (real or imagined) that comes up. (GMM people take note.)

        1. Seriously, this crawling under-your-skin provocation is coming from the insidious EvangeliSTAR, i.e WCW types.

          (The Cinabeng provocation is ‘in your face’ – loud and rude and fist-shaking.

          By comparison, the EvangesliSTAR provocation goes like this, e.g. “Don’t tell us that your faith is so fragile as to be so easily threatened by dot-dot-dot … I visited the xyz mosque in abc city and guess what, I’m still a Christian and haven’t conveerted to Islam yadda, yadda).

          A Buddhist would not be pulling a stunt like portraying himself “Aku Melayu tapi ABU jugak”, writing in atrocious BM and being unable to use “s.w.t” and “s.a.w” correctly.

          It is this munafiq facet of their character that should make us fear “what kind of people are they” and what are they capable of doing?

          As long as the MCA remains in the BN, these EvangeliSTARs will be covered.

      2. Helen

        Malays too had shown that they rejected MCA. I read recently that in Parit Yani, a seat within Seri Gading Pariamentary seat, BN lost as it put MCA to contest in Malay majority area. Had UMNO contested, It had a big chance to retain the seat.

        Another seat that BN lost is Alor Setar. all because Malays rejected Gerakan .

        I have been saying that UMNO should contest in Malay areas. I am so happy when Dr Fuad too said the same thing. Generosity has its limit. it is time tro send signal to chinese that they can choose to be within Federal Government or outside . No two way about it.

        And the way to show the signal is to let MCA contest ONLY in Chinese area.

        1. Ah Jib Gor may not be willing to do what the grassroots want.

          The Malay ground will have to act on its own.

          GE13 results for Seremban

          Anthony Loke (DAP) – 45,628 votes
          Yeow Chai Thiam (MCA) – 33,075 votes
          Ustaz Abdul Halim (Isma-Berjasa) – 6,866 votes

          That’s a chunk of Malay votes diverted from BN. The writing is on the wall. Is Najib reading?

          1. Najib may not be willing but the Malay voters once pro BN, will thumb their noses at Najib and BN should he, again, fail to read the Malay sentiments.

            The so-called PR need not smile big as the lost BN votes will not go to them either. Najib has far too long ignore his supporters and this time he will be at the receiving end.

            Perhaps the RAHMAN theory do apply and Najib will be the last PM from BN.

            1. In addition perhaps can do a swap with zumba minister to contest in Chinese constituency. Lets see if his zumba can save him or he would still need the support of Melayu kampung.

  5. Ms H. The problem with the MCA is that its leadership has always been unqualified and weak with no proper understanding of how to deal with issues in a diverse population on its own.

    Not too long ago, a MCA Minister tried to do a deal to cut off the doctors from their traditional practice of dispensing medicines and revamp the present efficient Medical Service which has been found to be good in the interests of the Rakyat.

    What a way to shoot oneself in the foot ! The Rakyat are not stupid anymore !

  6. Ms H. Long long ago, through my own experiences and observations, I found that the leadership of any political party or corporation puts a cap on the quality of its membeship or staff.

    For example if the leader passed only Form 5, he will never employ people who were better educated than him. It takes a strong and intellectual leader to employ those who were better than him.

    You may experiment with this yardstick or benchmark. And lo and behold ! You will be surprised what you get. Enjoy !

    Further, there are two variations on this theme. One leader would use people with no education. Another would employ corrupt people. I believe the former are submissive and the latter has an Achilles heel for the boss.

  7. Saya memang tak setuju MCA dberi kawasan majoriti Melayu pasai kawasan kami dulu pernah dibawah Adun Apek. Mak ooi payah nak jumpa, asyik kena tapis dgn setiausaha dia.

    Alasan gi Putrajaya dok jilat pungkok sana. Kalau ada aktiviti kampung tak mai hantaq sec dia aja. Haaah kalo Najib atau Menteri ziarah baru nampak muka terhegeh dia.

    Pernah dok kat rumah sorang Adun kat Sabah. Bahagian bawah dapur rumah dia tiap hari ramai orang. Bila tanya, tu semua org2 dari kampung dia. Dia sediakan tempat persingahan dalam kawasan rumah dia. Kalau terlepas public transport nak balik kampung pendalaman takde duit nak dok hotel depa tuju situ. Makan minum depa sendiri pakat2 masak kat dapur rumah Adun tu.

    Adun atau MP mesti anak kawasan tu.. tu pasai kita panggil depa WAKIL RAKYAT. Jadi macam bidan terjun Zizah atau Apek Kit Siang takmau ya, main remote2 control, tweet2 macam burung aje!

    1. Tambah lagi..
      Rumah dia gate terbuka 24/7. Takde pak guard ya. Saya rajin gebang2 sambil depa dok masak. Dari situ saya dapat mendalami budaya hidup kaum situ. Dalam masa hanya satu minggu dapat ramai bapa dan ibu angkat dari Sabah.

      Adun MP yang ada sekarang angkat tangan kalo kamu memberi layanan sama kepada pengundi2 hangpa? Saya teringin nak pi tengok sikit!

      1. Dandy, saya Bumuputra Melayu dari Kedah. Still kena berkenalan dan belajar pasai Bumiputra Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan dan lain2 untuk memahami cara hidup masing2.

        You pi dok Sabah tengok. Dalam satu rumah SATU keluarga yang sama pun terdapat anak menantu cucu Islam, Christian, Buddhist.

        Teresa Kok, Kit Siang dan Dyana jangan pi dok meghapu situ. Dengar dan ikut nasihat Guan Eng.. “orang luaq doksah dok masuk kacau2 keharmonian cara hidup oghang sana”.

        Nah awal saya pernah komen, tengok apa jadi kat ketua pelajar University Malaya?

  8. Umno akan menang besar dlm Pru14 nanti, sekiranya mengeluarkan MCA dalam BN.( Untuk sementara waktu ) Tapi MIC perlu di kekal dan diperkuatkan.

    1. Org2 Melayu dah tak sabar nak bagi Tsunami versi mereka. Apakah UMNO sedia utk menjadi wadah Tsunami itu atau mereka yang akan di Tsunamikan melalui wadah alternatif.

      1. UMNO hanya akan bersedia untuk menerima tsunami Melayu sekiranya PeMain gendang CINA, Ah Jib Gor digugurkan sebelum PRU14.

        Kalau tidak, nampak gayanya, UMNO akan senasib MCA, Gerakan dan MIC!

        Tapi ada veteran UMNO kata UMNO kebal, wallahualam…

  9. Depa kutuk kita tak pa, bila kita kutuk depa balek depa marah. Apa macam punya manusia. Manusia tak sedar diri, pi mampuih lagi baguih. Nang bo ti nang kui bo ti kui

    1. When envy and arrogance has eaten into
      one’s being it is very hard to receive good counsel from one’s victims. Not quite human but devilish in nature.

  10. siapa mca nak sound2 parti yang menang lagi banyak kerusi ni (berdasarkan percentage)? umno tak payah layan buang masa je.

    kalo tak puas hati telepon je najib dan komplen diam2. tak payah nak tunjuk hero pada kaum cina yang layan kamu macam sampah tu.

    wayang cina kamu tu mana laku dah. macam syok sendiri je. tak caya cuba tengok komen2 kaum kamu yang banyak dalam mkini, MI dll hampir semua anggap mca umpama badut bodoh yang cuba buat cheap show.

    1. Jentayu,

      MCA is not in position to warn. I remember reading tunku’s memoir.

      He wrote that in 1959 MCA under Dr Lim Chong Eu issued ultimatum to UMNO that it would leave Perikatan if MCA not allocated 40 seats.

      Tunku was irritated. He told off MCA to leave Perikatan. Finally Dr Lim realised that it was foolhardy to issue ultimatum to a much stronger party.

      “perangai MCA tak pernah berubah. Masih perasan yg orang cina akan sokong MCA jika dia balun UMNO”

      That was a statement a one UMNO member in Ampang. what MCA chooses to ignore is that Chinese has abandonned MCA totally. Let us get real. MCA would have been dead had not for UMNO supporters.

      Just ignore the dying party. What MCA is doing is killing itself. By issuing a stern warning to UMNO, MCa iritates the very voters who give it lifeline: UMNO voters.

      1. re: “MCA would have been dead had not for Umno supporters”

        The PAU next week should discuss this.

        1. Helen,

          Even without PAU, the mood on the grounds shows that UMNO is foolhardy to put MCA in Malay areas.

          What happened to safe seats like Alor Setar, Parit Yani, Seremban should serve as timely reminder that generosity is coming to its end. UMNO can ignore at its own peril.

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