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Their God is Money

The Gospel of Prosperity is a fistful dollars

GAG a fistful of dollars

3Gs + 1

Their God can be called anything you wanna call Him

His name changes with the seasons

GAG money bag 1b start

GAG  2 congregation

GAG  3 congregation

‘Church’ harvesting the gullible

Lamb of God are led to the slaughter

When the What-Kind-of-People suddenly get cult religion, their evangelista pastor will ride a limo and leave with a bag of money

GAG intro Pastor limo

GAG intro Pastor limo leave with money

Scamming the sheeple

Evangelistas sell “miracles and wonders”

Buy your ticket tonight

“Come and be saved”

GAG come and be saved

GAG miracles and wonders get your tickets

Now Showing

It’s only a performance really and they’re jolly good actors

The conman … oops, I mean pastor … and his partner con woman put on their holiness backstage

GAG 1 crucifix mirror

GAG 4 crucifix


Let’s get the show on the road

And the music begins …

GAG 5 conmen

GAG song and dance organist

GAG 1 crucifix

Singing and dancing

Evangelista worship is a song and dance

And lotsa love, love, love

GAG singing and dancing

GAG showbiz

Everybody clap your hands now

Feel the love

It’s all around

GAG congregation clap

GAG congregation clap 1

Please repeat after me …

… Love

We’re all brothers and sisters

GAG showbiz 1

GAG congregation clap 2

GAG congregation clap 3

Praise the Lord

Raise your arms

We shall overcome

GAG 9 Praise the Lord

GAG 9 Praise the Lord 1

The meek shall inherit the Earth

But their pastor will inherit money first

GAG sheeple 1

GAG 10 All hail

GAG sheeple 2


Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna

GAG 6 hallelujah

GAG 7  hallelujah

So holy there’s a halo around his head

The little girl-god winks

And the band plays on

GAG light halo

GAG 8 wink

GAG song and dance organist 1

Holy Spirit

The Father, The Son

Holy ghost, Batman!

You can receive the Holy Spirit too

GAG receiving holy spirit

GAG receiving holy spirit 1

Show me the money

Our religion is not free, y’know

Fork over 10 percent of your income

The Bible says pay tithe

GAG 11 show me the money

GAG money box 1

GAG money box 2

That’s right

Put your money in the bag

We collect

GAG money bag 2

GAG money bag mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

“Me and my house, we gonna serve the Lord’

Remember who is always preaching in church …


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27 thoughts on “Their God is Money

  1. You know, they will also tell the gullible when election is just around the corner by saying “show your votes” and they won big indeed last year.

    They will say anything really when it comes to money and votes. But it takes 2 to tango in order for their schemes to work. The Chinese took the bait last year and before that the Indians in 2008. Maybe next time, come 2018 the Malays will buy the snake oil.

    I wonder what their “holy scripture” is named. Money 101 perhaps ?

  2. These guys are known as “pastor-preneurs.”
    A teenaged family member in singapore was so brainwashed by City Harvest, she called her parents sinners, refused to go home and spent all her free time at church. Parents lodge police reports to no avail. Only after a few years, she grew up, so to speak, and, while still a church member, isn’t so fanatical anymore.

    At home, the annual indoctrination by Yahudi Yeohs and evangelistas begins next month. The Youth Quake 2014 will beheld at Sitiawan’s Nan Hwa school (Chin Peng’s school….).

    Item 10 on the agenda (see website) is “political awareness” where invited speakers are “lawyers and Aduns”). What for? Do other religious gatherings gor teens invite similar speakers? Curious to find out.

    Decades ago, I used to go to similar church camps (when I was a Christian). Only missionaries and church members gave talks. There was never any politician or political sermons. Sad these poor teenagers today are brainwashed.

    1. Najib Razak’s think tank GMM (Global Movement of Moderates) is taking the J-Star “anti-racism” campaign into colleges and universities.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the EvangeliSTAR syllabus against Extremism and Bigotry is taken out of the DAP School of Democracy playbook.

      Sekolah Demokrasi DAP runs summer camps for youths as well.

      The Speaker is always speaking to young children too. Will show the photo later.

      1. “Christian Hedonism” was introduced in 1986, billed by its conceiver, Dr. John Piper, as a “wake-up call” to the believers in every church so that their “slumbering hearts be stabbed broad awake” (Desiring God, 1996 edition). Broadly awake to the “radical implication that pursuing pleasure in God is our highest calling.” (The Dangerous Duty of Delight, 2001 edition) Converts to this nouveau philosophy sincerely feel that the acquisition of personal pleasure – ie.sensations of good feelings – is a higher order obligation and nobler pursuit than any other command or pursuit, such as pursuing love for others.

        Of course one could spout love, love when one is high on a self-love trip. And God could very well be Feminine like City Harvest’s lusciously gyrating Sun Ho. So what if He’s Allah? What Yahweh? OK! have your pick. As long as it makes you feel good . . . because no matter how you act, Jesus the Christ has already spilled his sacrificial blood to redeem you all from hellish condemnation!

        Kudos to the Maoist DAP! They’ve managed to massage their cultural marxism into the heart of the Messiah’s heavenly teachings, well almost . . .

        Just one more thwarted piece of Christian hermeneutics from the roman trinitarian groupies. Lord have mercy upon us.

  3. Sorry. Topic lain.

    Did you notice the coverage for this road rage is less than the one by Kiki?

    “Khoo Kok Ann, 58, claimed trial to spitting at a Perodua Kenari belonging to Alisia Thean Wei Yun, 45, and causing damage to the personal assistant’s car by bending the front wiper.”

    And certainly no mocking jokes about him.
    Is it because he is C________ and the victim is C________, so it is certainly not newsworthy.

    Remember all the Kiki News.

      1. C_____ is actually for Chinese.
        But I can see blatant racism when you compare both cases.

      2. Ah, there you go. Trying to link everything to race and religion. Trying to create an environment of hate and animosity so as to ensure the political success of a certain party what’s amusing though is that your minions can’t see the through you daily bullshit.

          1. It certainly has something to do with race.
            There are fewer brickbats on Khoo as compared to Kiki.
            No comedy jokes on Khoo.
            Long after the Kiki road rage incident, she becomes the target of a Halloween joke on the Star.


            “Perfect for those who are already wearing tudung. Just add shirt and jeans. But don’t forget the most important accessory: a steering lock – preferably in yellow, red, and black (as illustrated below). For safety reasons, please make a fake steering lock. Use rolled up newspaper, or sellotape two kitchen paper tube rolls, and then colour in the details with paint.”

            Look at the wording “tudung”.
            There are countless jokes and pictures of Kiki.

            I have yet to see a Khoo spitting game or any parody with spitting.
            So you tell me. This has nothing to do with race.

  4. Yes, the Sinister Speaker has popped up like a festering boil at previous Christian youth gatherings, according to my family members.

    BTW, speaking of fake revival preachers, suggest you see Steve Martin’s “Leap of Faith” movie. It exposes the absurdity of these instant heal-for-donation rallies. Saw it many years ago. It’s hilarious.

    1. re: “the Sinister Speaker has popped up like a festering boil at previous Christian youth gatherings”

      Not only teenagers but Our FirstLady Speaker is brainwashing even the kiddies.


      1. Oh yes. The plight of the hundred dogs and cats in her area is forgotten. Luckily Azmin took up the case.

        If the animals were killed because she neglected the case, I place the blood on the hands of all the DAP supporters in Jerusubang who voted for her. Let them have the Ghost of Christmas past haunt them and their children and grandchildren for centuries to come.

        And yes, what is the use of a building in the form of an ark but it useless to enforce the covenant of Noah.

        You wanna be Noah but does not have the compassion of Noah. Is this Bible study?

      2. That’s a disturbing picture. I’m all for starting’ ’em young when it comes to teaching them about Islam (’cause I’m Muslim), importance of reading & seeking knowledge, family, friends, money but I would draw the line at politics. From what I’ve seen so far (particularly from the PR side), politics is all about sex, lies and ridiculing people who don’t agree with you, and a culture of “you don’t have to be right, you just have to be loud to be right”.

        1. Our FirstLady Speaker is a highly disturbing personality.

          PAS people don’t see that while Umno remains PPTA.

  5. God is a Girl song is most suitable to be played at Zumba, Body Step and Body Attack.
    I will suggest this song to be included in Body Step and Body Attack. The beat is so good, it will make us jump and burn calories.

  6. Madonna managed to hit the chart at no.1 for 3weeks with her 2009 ‘Like a Prayer’ with burning cross and all.. staged her being crucified on the cross… she got the world attention.

    Must have awoken these ciplak DNA’s otak how best to pull the crowds esp the innocent youngsters. No wonder all the wild dancing on stage.

    SiPolan sekok pun as excited, gi church to launch a book, berzomba2 atas stage jugak nuuu..

  7. Ms H. The fellow with the 1,000 pairs of shoes in England is the original founder of these latter day ‘religious’ types. In this business the collection of money from the believers is tax free. Thanks to the generosity of our Government. A couple of convicted white collar crooks followed him and made more ! Money Money Money !

  8. Well, I am sure that Helen is well favoured in that she claims to know what pleases and displeases God.

    Would that the rest of us lesser mortals be so privileged!

    There are con men and shucksters in every religion. Even in those who drape themselves in robes and cover themselves up against the lustful gazes of the impure.

    But I am sure that The Almighty who knows the hearts and minds of men (and women and those in between), and that He will pass judgement on them at the appropriate time.

    Unlike some mortals who claim to have the right to carry out preemptive actions on behalf of God!

    1. re: “Helen is well favoured in that she claims to know what pleases and displeases God”

      The Quran says Christians are munafiq.

    2. In fact, jens54, adhering to a religious belief amounts to understanding and submitting to what its representatives teach about what pleases and displeases God. I hope you are sounding out from some privileged quarter because there is no reason to believe in that God otherwise; and hardly any chance of entering heaven or avoiding hell.

      The Creator surely knows everything in the creation, both the true souls and the bearers of falsehood – but you shouldn’t give up on your sound reason to evaluate “what is right and what is wrong.” Jesus and all the prophets of God Almighty taught us this and he instructed us to be merciful and just – judge others as you would others judge you. I really truly believe that God is neither feminine nor masculine, and that he has never ordained that we should worship mammon.

      So are you really going to wait until your sentencing on Judgement Day jens54? and “let it all hang out” in the meantime?

  9. It’s all for the money nothing to do with God. As for the dapsters and evagelistas, it’s the votes that count. These people they sold their souls to the devils. Only the evil devil can guarantee the doom you asked for.

    Good nature human do not cheat another human and mislead them with lies and deceptions. Evangelistas promote hatred ànd misconception of humanity. They are wicked and lied to God all the times in order to be recognised in this temporary world.

    Whom do they follow?, their 3in1 God or the evil.

    Read the Quran to know yourself. Life is short, know your purpose being here before its too late.

  10. Setuju.. and the Jim Jones massacre remember?

    Quote…….On November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement, at the nearby airstrip in Port Kaituma, and in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city.

    The horrific scene in a Guyanese jungle clearing could have been avoided. The people who should have stopped him instead encouraged him…….

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