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“Just an idiot” … guess who?

Now look who’s talking like an idiot?

Houston, we’ve got a problem and that problem is called Najib Razak whose Moderation pet project spokesman is misrepresenting our Attorney-General as an “idiot” – see Niki Cheong’s tweet below.

For the umpteenth time, why is Najib’s think-tank GMM funding the extremist-liked (e.g. cina™YouTiup) campaign being carried out by The EvangeliSTAR which is demonizing segments of the population – incidentally the very segments that vote BN – as “racists”, “bigots” and venom-spewing haters?

Something is very, very wrong with Najib for appointing Saifuddin Abdullah as his think-tank CEO and Wong Chun Wai to the GMM board of trustees.

Niki Cheong is the J-Star manufactured personality that is one of their Voices of Moderation and this voice just labeled AG Gani Patail “an idiot”.

See The Mole‘s story today about the poor AG kena fitnah kaw-kaw.

Niki Cheong

Nikki Cheong


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11 thoughts on ““Just an idiot” … guess who?

  1. Dia orang ni tak tau taubat ke asyik-asyik dunia bigots extreme itu saja ka politik mereka dia orang ni ingat emak dia orang lahirkan dia orang ke dunia dengan tidak extreme pain ka

    1. Mereka menyerlahkan sikap kemarahan yang meluap2 ke atas org lain kerana terasuk dengan permainan politik kebencian DAP.

      Sekarang apa saja tentang Melayu dan Islam adalah rasis pada mereka.

  2. what to do? he even let himself to be called as Ah Jib Gor. Doesn’t he know that in mandarin jib refer to chicken (other thing).

    I can only suggest him to take a chinese muslim convert to be his advisor. By that way, Mr. PM can avoid to be slandered by so called thnk-tank. Slandering is a big sin in islam.

    1. Nonetheless he’s amply shown us that the first instinct of the EvangeliSTAR Voice of Moderation is to be “just an idiot”.

      1. He does grate somewhat with his self righteous behavior. In fact, when you think of it, most columnist there are supposedly “moderate” yet rabidly supports the PR cause. So much for objectivity

        1. The same applies to racist politicians. Those that call others racist are themselves racist, like a certain Aussie reject if you know what I mean.

          What I m saying is, it is fairly easy to identify an extremist. They dress themselves as moderates. Get It ? :)

  3. Niki Cheong looks so ‘gay’. Is he? Nama pun “Niki” macam perempuan as against “Nicky” which is commonly known to be a man’s name.

    1. In their so called moderate world LGBT is well accepted way of life and in some instances it is seems fashionable to be one.

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