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I must say that Islam works for her. Her seri muka is sweet.

From Raisyyah Rania Yeap’s blog:



I really don’t know how many times I need to say this… I would NOT delete my pictures from the past because that is my TRANSITION from a PLAYBOY MODEL to a FULLY COVERED NON MUSLIM to a REVERTED MUSLIM.

It is my past.


NO… I am NOT ashamed of my past.

It’s my PAST.

It MADE ME WHO I AM today.
(It’s not like I still update my posts with my Playboy pictures anymore!)

It was what made me embrace Islam.
If I hadn’t seen the dark, I wouldn’t search for the light.

If I delete all my past pictures, it’s like denying my past, and nobody could see my transition anymore.

That is my dakwah strategy.

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My comment:

The religious-moral cyber ‘police’ – with their insistence that all of her pre-reversion photos must be erased from the Internet – are actually counter-productive to Raisyyah Rania’s cause.

It’s a wonderful comparison, the “transition” as she puts it. Did her wajah bersinar (like above) when she previously modelled sexy shoots? Without the digital tracks – which the Muslim zealots had demanded to be completely wiped out – how can anyone compare her Before & After look?

Holier-than-thou amateur ostads are not only suffocating but their harassment in trying to compel everybody to walk their straight and narrow path does little to show the compassionate side of the faith.

Raisyyah Rania’s living testimony dakwah works better than the kind of brow-beating dogmatism that makes non-Muslims stay at arm’s length.


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18 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. “If I hadn’t seen the dark, I wouldn’t search for the light”.

    May He always guide her.

  2. Tapi untuk mama DAPster yang suka pakai tudung. Badan semakan kembang macam roti bubuh seri kaya.

  3. ‘Her seri muka is sweet.’

    Just nak tambah Helen, its ‘air muka’ or muka berseri-seri.

    ‘Her air muks is sweet’ is less janggal.

    Seri Pengantin pun ada, tapi tunggu Rania kahwin nanti baru kita guna.

    Serimuka sejenis manisan yang saya suka!

    Having said that, I must add, this is very much less serious than ‘soalan mulut’ of the selendang squads! Hehe.

    1. Since you bring this up, I’ve just checked the dictionary and “seri muka” is perfectly correct according to Kamus Dewan.

      The dictionary entry says:

      seri muka

      (a) air (cahaya) muka

      (b) berseri muka kelihatan bercahaya mukanya (kerana kegirangan dll)

      (c) sj penganan drp pulut berlapis dengan seri kaya

      1. Helen – yes, it is grammatically correct to use ‘seri muka’ in your context, but like islam1st said, ‘air muka’ is less janggal. you’ve yet to develop a truly ‘malay ear’.

        Initially I thought you were referring to my favourite malay food, seri muka.

        1. Okay, ‘air muka’ is less janggal.

          re: “you’ve yet to develop a truly ‘Malay ear’”

          Yes, sometimes I wonder which word in a pair should come first when I use an ungkapan.

          1. quote,”Yes, sometimes I wonder which word in a pair should come first when I use an ungkapan.”unquote.

            like ‘pisang goreng’ and ‘goreng pisang’? :)

              1. Sometime I confused when come across goreng pisang or pisang goreng. Immediately I utter my favourite meal, mee goreng then I know it should be pisang goreng.

            1. I actually prefer seri muka. It is the correct usage. People used it and we even have ‘seri wajah’ (esp. in cosmetics advert in some malay fashion magazines if I’m not mistaken).

              What I do personally find annoying is the term ‘ini kali lah’. It kinda sounds ‘foreign’ for what it intends to mean. Being Malay, I believe we would instead say ‘kali (i)ni lah’.

  4. Yes, why can’t people leave her alone? Like what she said go and put your energy on those that really need help!!

  5. I dunno why but at the 1st glance I thought she was Shiela Amzah. Anyway good for her, you go girl! Tak payah gaul periuk kosong pun dah nampak seri dah.

  6. She now joins the ranks of feminists like Gloria Steinem having bared her all “in the name of art”. I don’t think she regrets it one bit and well why not if it keeps dirty ol men like me happy and up all night? and moreover she made the decision as an adult and was not coerced into it. I love the way some women after doing what they want to in outrage then claim some conversion and become all moral about it.

    If it is her past she would have made no comment about it even if in passing. Like Bill Cosby its best not to comment on things of a controversial nature such as her past.

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