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Why so much rage inside them?

Ong Su Ping aka Serene Ong was today charged in the Ampang Sessions Court, KL, for allegedly torturing  her Indonesian maid. Her case will be mentioned on Feb 5.

Ong is accused of pulling out her maid’s teeth with a pair of pliers, among other forms of assault (caning, kicking maid’s head, administering electric shock, inserting object into maid’s vagina).

Malaysian employers who have been charged and/or convicted by the court previously for maid abuse (and in some cases causing death) are: Yim Pek Ha, Fong Kong Meng, Teoh Ching Yen, Soh Chew Tong, Chin Chui Ling, Hau Yuan Tyng, Yap Sow Li, Cheah Lai Mooi, Tan Mong Huwai and Eng Lay Sang.

Updated: 12.20pm on 3 Jan 2015


What kind of people are they?!

‘Tolong bos dera saya’ – begitulah bunyi nota yang ditulis seorang pembantu rumah warga Indonesia yang diseksa oleh majikan di Pandan Indah.

Nota dijumpai di bawah pintu rumah oleh jiran yang memberitahu Harian Metro dua hari lepas bahawa beliau dan jiran lain sering terdengar mangsa berusia 32 tahun itu menjerit dan merayu dikasihani.

Jiran itu mengaku diri amat terkejut apabila diberitahu bahawa sembilan jenis rotan pelbagai saiz, yang disyaki digunakan untuk memukul mangsa, telah dirampas polis.

Pix Kelab Greenboc
Pix blog Kelab Greenboc

Lantai dapur rumah yang didiami mangsa penuh dengan kesan-kesan darah. Mangsa mendakwa dia ditumbuk dan ditendang di seluruh badan terutama di bahagian kepala oleh majikannya.

Mangsa, yang sedang dirawat di Hospital Ampang setelah diselamatkan polis, didapati patah tulang rahangnya selain mengalami kecederaan pada alat sulit. Pembantu rumah warga Indonesia malang itu turut mendedahkan bahawa kemaluannya telah disula dengan objek keras oleh majikan.

Polis mempercayai bahawa alat penghalau nyamuk elektrik telah digunakan untuk merenjat elektrik jari mangsa. Kes ini disiasat mengikut Seksyen 325 dan 377 C (A) Kanun Keseksaan.

Updated: 5.45am on 25 Dec 2014

torture chamber Pandan Indah

Pangsapuri didiami mangsa – Harian Metro pix


Full of love

Yim Pek Ha tortured her Indonesian maid Nirmala Bonat (pix above).

Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen starved their 26-year-old Indonesian maid Isti Komariyah to death. Isti weighed no more than an 8-year-old child when her battered and bruised body was sent for postmortem.

siti-hajarSoh Chew Tong and his wife Chin Chui Ling not only abused their Cambodian maid Mey Sichan, they also subjected her to prolonged starvation leading to death.

Tan Mong Huwai and his wife Eng Lay Sang slapped their Cambodian maid Chea Phalla in the face until her jaw broke.

Hau Yuan Tyng hit her Indonesian maid Siti Hajar Sadli (pix right) with a hammer as well as scalded her with hot water.

Yap Sow Li beat her Indonesian maid Nurjanah Matiah around the head with a rattan cane causing cuts and bruises.

Cheah Lai Mooi was taken to court on the charge of injuring her Indonesian maid Kusiah Manijan who required hospitalization in the ICU for a fractured skull, swollen legs, badly scarred hands and injuries on her abdomen and back.

Details of the maid abuse cases HERE


A couple of days ago, I’d pointed out how an anonymous person calling himself “AkuMelayu” didn’t know the proper salutation for ‘Allah’, which is correctly “s.w.t.” (while the “s.a.w.” is for Nabi Muhammad).

I find it hard to believe that the Malaysiakini commenter using the moniker AkuMelayu-tetapi ABU jugak is really a Malay when he can so erroneously write “Allah saw” – see screenshot below.

Such ignorance, of when to say s.w.t. and when to say s.a.w., cannot be coming from a “real” Malay. More so when this individual further stereotyped a Malay politician as “malas” as well as insulted his Umno target – a Syed – as a mongrel (having mixed heritage).

“He’s no road bully”, they claim

A case of road rage went viral over our social media recently. Khoo Kok Ann has been charged in court for criminal intimidation against a woman motorist who honked at him on along the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP).

What is called the Porky Principle applies to a favoured practice of the Yahudi Yeohs who are capable of insisting that Bak Kut Teh is not pork and that tudung is not a Muslim headgear but a Chinese custom also, etc, etc

Their porkiness of principle kicked into high gear in the valiant attempt to vindicate road bully Mr Khoo – a company director superbiker who drives a Honda MPV (pix below).

Khoo damaging the other car’s windscreen wiper

RoadBully SUV

The miracle that is Jerusubang

Now this is the porky part, i.e. when his friends stepped up to defend him on Facebook.

One of them going by the name ‘Cops Subang Jaya‘ (yeah, where else but Jerusubang!) said that Khoo is “a good man who lost his cool in the moment of stupidity”.

Others revealed that the alleged road bully is a “philanthropist” who has helped rehabilitate elephants and raised funds for a mosque.

Now don’t you just love this little detail leaked about his mosque fund-raising to curry favour? I’m somehow reminded of the “Allah saw” (sic) masquerade by the purported ‘AkuMelayu’.

Khoo spitting on the other motorist’s car windscreen

RoadBully Khoo

The What-Kind-of-People can say practically anything

Some of the comments coming in his defence are so classic that I have no choice but to printscreen them for posterity.

Someone called ‘Kang Kong King‘ – below – obviously believes that it is more effective to accuse the complainant than to provide a reasonable excuse for the defendant. Thus we hear that the Chinese businessman-“philanthropist” must have been provoked by that woman driver. Or in implied words, it’s her fault.

Another comment I ‘adore’ is from ‘Gggg‘ who remarked, “I don’t see anger in his face but calmness”.

Yup, “calm” and serene like the Madonna.

Other cases of road rage this week

Three days ago, taxi driver Chong Kim Fah assaulted woman driver Tan Yun Ceat in Bukit Bintang, KL causing her lip to bleed. The cabbie honked at her to move and when she didn’t, he rammed her car. Then he got out of his vehicle and slapped her.

In another rage case that happened this morning, the suspect (pix below) was caught by several eyewitnesses to the crime who proceeded to beat him up.

The suspect had mowed down Lee Seok Pheng in the parking area of Desa Intan apartment block on Lebuhraya Thean Teik – a Cina pekat area in Penang island.

First he tried to ram his car into her. Lee went behind and hit his Proton Wira boot. The suspect reversed into her. She went to the side of his car to scold him. He then reversed again and accelerated to run her over. She fell and was dragged under the vehicle and died shortly after.

These people don’t have sifat bersabar.

suspect rage

Firsters: Most “moderate” group of people

Extending to other examples of the Porky Principle at work, I must say that wonders will never cease. You’re simply at a loss for words … speechless … awestruck at (1) what they think they can get away with and (2) the wet threads that they are able to stand upright to justify their indefensible actions.

To quickly reminiscence, well, just as what the road bully’s friends have declared – he’s … urm … a philanthropist.

And the employers below are winners of the Boss of the Year excellence award.

You hurt the ones you ‘love’ (?)

It’s possible that the perpetrators belong to the Love-Love-Love crowd.

Yim Pek Ha

Victimhood of a small and weak minority

Here is Yim Pek Ha crying buckets of tears not because she regretted torturing her maid but because the court had sentenced her to jail.

Those who employ maids are in reality honest and hardworking taxpayers but just sadly misunderstood. They’re unfairly misrepresented as people in dire need of anger management.

This bad reputation is through no fault of their own but due to the fact that they are victims of Malaysia’s “racist”, “extremist” and “religiously bigoted” system of government.

Furthermore, if these people belong to the Christian minority, then not only are they victimized but also “terrorized”. Poor Lamb of God, meek and mild.

themalaymailonline Terrorising the Christian minority


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105 thoughts on “Why so much rage inside them?

  1. Maybe it is not spit, it is holy water.
    Perhaps the guy did not hit the woman, it must be Pontianak or some Malay spirit possessed the guy to reverse the car.
    The taxi driver did not the girl. She tripped and fell.

    All we need is love.

      1. Does mystic and paranormal things interest you so much?
        I’m pretty sure according to lore they just kill people.
        I consider serious belief in these things to be harmful.
        Not good for our development.
        Well, if sakas and pontianaks are real, please show them to the Christians. A showdown between the 2 sides sounds entertaining.

        1. In some of the charismatic churches, the congregation believe that the ones who are possessed are able speak in tongues and are imbued or can become a vessel for the Holy Spirit.

          See the video below, minute 2:55 onwards.

          1. The congregation believes and are duped by cheaters using age old tricks and modern technology who know what they are doing.

            I don’t think that the video is showing possession, but rather faith healing, though the evangelist might also claim that god speaks to him. One case is of some American televangelist named Peter Popoff, who did that when in truth his wife is relaying information through radio. It’s profitable, especially when you don’t have to pay taxes.

            I don’t know if there’s any in Malaysia, but there have been foreign evangelists doing faith healing in Indonesia.

            1. There’s no indication that the three ‘chosen’ believers are sick.

              Healing by Jesus is described in the Bible as laying his hand on the patients and curing their diseases, restoring sight to a blind man, and bestowing a miracle on a man who could not walk so that he could walk.

              I’m inclined to believe that the evangelical pastor in the video was imparting the Holy Spirit. If you’ll listen to the lyrics of the song, the refrain “Do you believe it, can you receive it?” is sung many times.

              1. Well, those people who go there, most if not all of them would be coerced to contribute, but not all would get the chance to be directly healed by the preacher in question, even if all of them are desperate for a miracle. The ones who were on the computers, they presumably looked up info to see who has what illness, and the preacher later pretends that it was god that imparted this knowledge to him. In real life, they probably just use accomplices asking around. The gestures the preacher makes in the music video, laying his hands and pushing him backwards, is typical in those mass faith healing sessions. Maybe they believe he was imparting the Holy Spirit, but the reason they wanted that was to be healed of whatever they have.

                Here’s an example of a real one, taken secretly, you could see the things with the pastor laying his hands on the person starting at around 4:20.


                This is a real thing. Muslims have their own brand of faith healing, though not mass events like the Christian ones. I am equally suspicious of those.

                Come to think of it, I thought Christians usually view possession as somebody possessed of demons and need to be exorcized.

                1. The guy on the computer was checking out the background of the sheeple in order to target emotionally vulnerable individuals.

                  See minute 1.30
                  – the woman is “born deaf and dumb” … maybe she’s emotionally isolated

                  but yeah, as you surmised earlier, maybe she was hoping for a “miracle” (I’m agreeing with you that she sought faith healing)

                  minute 1:56
                  – The bearded man “lost wife in a car accident”

                  Gosh, the evangelista conmen are like vultures preying on human frailty.

                  Possession ala The Exorcist bad.

                  However, having the Holy Spirit enter you is good.

              2. Helen ‘

                If you are a frequent at Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan ,especially south of KL ,you will see this type of road bullies ,who don’t have the patient, for you to overtake . They will flesh their high light and sometimes they may honk at you ,for disturbing their fast speed .

                Many of this ,I believe the evangelist type ,many with Singapore No plate and some Malaysian too ,sometimes I wounder are, Malaysia is lawless, even foreigner can do anything they like .

                Are Malaysia lawless ? .

                1. There are lots of laws in Malaysia, maybe too many, and there are lots of enforcement personnel, maybe too many, too, and almost all of them are of the sleepy-head kind or of the sleepwalking variety.

                  And what do you get: road bullies, millions of pendatang tanpa izin, daylight corruption, balding prime forest and hills, dead rivers, etc. You name the malaise befallen us, and in most cases you could link it to non-enforcement and/or corruption.

                  Could it be that that the stars had colluded to programme us for self-destruction and condemn us to the club of doom?

          2. Theoretical they can. I for one am a skeptic.

            I’ve attended praise & worship sessions in the Catholic Church since I my school days, some 20 years & 30 kgs ago. But I noticed that those who speak in tongues to elucidate the same words, be it in Kuching, Miri, KL or angmoh land.

            Now you can put that down to the Holy Spirit but when bona fide arseholes & wankers get “enlightenment”, and remain as they were, you do wonder how true is all this rapture.

            I might be Catholic but I’m not averse to loving sinners etc etc. I’ll deal with God’s wrath when I meet Him sometime after I expire.

  2. “I don’t see anger in his face but calmness”.

    This statement is just.. WOW! If that’s the case, meaning that guy is somewhat psycho la. Walking on others with intention to harm, spit or bengkok the wiper with poker face is scary.

    I’m amuse and wonders at what extend these people will spin facts just to justify their cause and beliefs.

    1. Kang King Kong said : “Its quite impossible for any one to behave in this manner if the woman who lodge the report were honking politely”.

      Helen….can you please teach me how to honk politely ? (satu lagi kes menegak benang basah)

  3. The suspect had mowed down Lee Seok Pheng in the parking area of Desa Intan apartment block on Lebuhraya Thean Teik – a Cina pekat area in Penang island.

    PS. This is one the same road where my Kim GE,s bang the car and cabut and PPS slapfest.

  4. ‘And the employers below are winners of the Boss of the Year excellence award.’

    The thing is, our pendatangs are doing so well, they’ve become taikos upon the pribumis and other pendatangs. But some mat salehs and their wannabes ada hati nak teach us a thing or two on kenegaraan?!

    Give me a break. I say we’ve done much better than the rest of the world. The jus soli kewarganegaraan alone is unprecedented. Except maybe Taiwan, and Singapore.

    1. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was asked: “What actions are most excellent?” He replied: “It is to gladden the hearts of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured.” (Bukhari)

      Because Malaysia is a Negara Islam.

      1. We’ve got Ostad Google AC-DC lurking here in our forum who will teach you to say “Allah s.a.w.”

        The evangelistas Google and then they believe they’re equipped to interpret the Quran and teach Muslims Islam.

        1. The Muslims are by designed stupid maa, it tooks the nons to teach us the beauty and sanctity of Islam.

          Tak percaya?

          Tanya Terence Fernandez…

          ‘Islam has been under siege of late. But not from what the radicals would like you to think. No, it is not under siege by canine lovers or financial institutions that sign agreements with foreign companies that have pro-LGBT policies. Nor is it under siege by the civil judicial system and God-forbid, Bible-totting, Malay speaking Christians.

          Sadly, this great faith is under attack from within – and one is not even talking about terror groups the likes of IS!’

          This is where AC-DC and kakis get their cue from!

          1. re: “This is where AC-DC and kakis get their cue from!”

            In the recent past few years, I’ve come to understand why Malays were so angry at Chinese during the month of May, 1969. That time, it was only racial provocation. Today it’s obviously religious provocation on top of their incessant biaDAP.

            AC-DC and kakis are a menace.

            Unfortunately, Chinese who share my awareness are less than one in 10. There’s very little that we 10 percenters can do. We’re totally shut out from the mass media (incl. the one owned by MCA) which are so pro-oppo.

            I blog. Lim Sian See, Tai Zee Kin and Shen Yee Aun are on Facebook but our reach is limited. We’re only doing this in our personal capacity on a voluntary basis while their YY hit squads are amply funded, like Lim Guan Eng’s 41 Special Officers in his CM’s office.

            Shrug … they (the 90 percent) are fey. That’s all I can say.

            1. ‘In the recent past few years, I’ve come to understand why Malays were so angry at Chinese during the month of May, 1969.’

              Naturally the times will come for the Malays to react. It happened in 1969. It will happen again, looking at how things are going for the country right now.

              ABC and ABCD are only the tip of the iceberg. The thing is the warnings put forth by the likes of ED, Shamsul, you and so many others here, are merely warnings. These are the moderates speaking. Telling the tell tale sign to those who wants to listen and hopefully, those being warned, get to warned others in return.

              As for WCW and his moderate kakis, they are the real pelampau here and deservedly be put behind bars. Malaysia will be much a better place without these instigators.

              But until then, the likes of Perkasa, ISMA, ASWJ, PEMBELA etc will kept tumbuh macam cendawan selepas hujan. And who can blames them?!

              Except of course for the pelampau themselves!

              ‘Unfortunately, Chinese who share my awareness are less than one in 10.’

              Sadly so. BTW C72 reading on the matter was always spot on too.

            2. Dear Helen, keep on doing whatever you are doing. I tell you it is people like you and Tai Zee Kin who keep Malays sane and peaceful. In our minds, “ada juga cina yang tak racist, tahu sejarah, and tells it as it is… lets not go crazy because there are Chinese people who care and are nice” .

              Side story – I’m a KL born and bred Malay who exhibit the common upper middle class symptoms – self hating Malay, pro-oppo, have yellow fever (aka find Malays ugly for no apparent reason) among others. I am now pro-establishment/conservative.

              Interestingly it was Western literature about Western societies/economies that changed me. From my readings, barring post WW2 immigration, Western nations have been cohesive and culturally unitary despite all they say – no exceptions.

              The most ‘diverse’ Old World country is Switzerland and Belgium where there is more than one large religious/linguistic group. On closer inspection they are ALL white and the cultural difference between the groups were akin to local regionalisms say among Terengganu, Bugis and Jawa. Different yet overwhelmingly similar. Heck their languages are in the same family.

              Among New World western countries – immigrants assimilate to the overarching template. Yes there are Italians/ Germans/ Scandinavians in the US but they ALL became culturally Anglo Saxon. Even in Third World white countries (Brazil, South Africa), there is an overarching culture immigrants agree upon. Imagine my surprise seeing blond German and Polish Brazilians HAVING Brazilian names, SPEAKING Brazilian Portuguese with each other, PLAYING football, and EATING the same things. When I was studying overseas, you will be hard pressed to come up with a Chinese Malaysian football team and agreeing to have a Halal or if not a fish and chicken only lunch after. Barring the few Cina murtad, very difficult to get a Chinese Malaysian to perform a Malay song – in the correct accent!

              Therefore I concluded that any attempt to not assimilate to the overarching national culture is not helpful to the development/progress as a nation. At one point I was utterly convinced that other than my Cina murtad friends (boleh kira satu tangan actually), the other Malaysian Chinese people did not want to assimilate to overarching culture so long the country was run by Malays.

              Incidentally Zee Kin’s facebook posts were starting to make its rounds about this time. As I read them, I thought perhaps a diehard Umno Melayu made a fictitious facebook account – kononnya to fake Chinese support for BN/establishment.

              1. re: “I thought perhaps a diehard Umno Melayu made a fictitious facebook account – kononnya to fake Chinese support for BN/establishment.”


                Kak Norlin had the same experience @ 2014/10/23 at 5:49pm:

                “Bila membaca rencana rencana dalam blog anda, kadang kadang saya terfikir, Helen Ang ini orang Melayu yang menyamar Cina ke?”

              2. re: “I am now pro-establishment/conservative.”

                Me too.

                From being a liberal who believed in freedom of this and freedom of that as well as oppo supporter (2004 & 2008 elections), I’ve been UBAH-ed to becoming pro-establishment.

                This happened after I’m able to see how power has gotten to the head of the DAP and how the party is on a winning streak due to the evangelista turbo charge they’re riding on.

                Reality has bitten us (not just you and me but a number of other people like Dr Chandra Muzaffar, Wee Choo Keong, Tunku Aziz, Lim Boo Chang etc).

                I still believe that the Sedition Act is a bad law. But we have bad people whom the authorities have to deal with.

                If you asked me how to curb these people (the Yahudi Yeohs), I really don’t know how to answer. They are afraid of neither man nor ghost.

                Why do I say ‘Yahudi’?

                I salute the Jews for their superlative achievements and admire how they’ve made Israel a First World country and are super-efficient in almost everything.

                But with the assault on Gaza – the Israel army just went on pounding and pounding until they reduced the city to rubble – you have to wonder: What can make them stop?

                There was simply nothing that was able to halt the Israeli forces. I feel it is the same with the DAP juggernaut.

                They keep pushing and pushing ahead … venturing into the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak after capturing the Chinese dominated towns, inciting the natives, instigating the Christians, steamrolling into Johor, running the DAP School of Democracy (shades of Hitler Youth), brainwashing children, totally dominating the Chinese- and English-language media, spreading black propaganda and terrorizing the social media …

                It seems like Tun is the only one who can stop them. (And my opinion of the ex-premier has changed as well!)

                1. It is VERY VERY difficult to find Malaysian Chinese people who are like you and Zee Kin. The first few months I read this blog, I never took anything seriously as I often suspected that the blog could well be run by a rabid Umno member.

                  While watching random Malaysian youtubes one day, it was through sheer coincidence that I saw a link of you in your liberal days. I proceeded to watch it- turns out Helen was a real person after all!

                  Similarly it was through a chance meeting with Zee Kin’s schoolmates – along with Zee Kin himself – that proved to me this Zee Kin was real!

                  1. re: “I often suspected that the blog could well be run by a rabid Umno member”

                    Highly unlikely. Umno is the PPTA. The last thing I am is tidak apa. I’m the Energizer Bunny who never sleeps.

                    Here’s the liberal me arrested by police – pix below.

                    It was in Perak the day that BN toppled the Pakatan state government. We were held in the FRU markas from morning till evening (for some, overnight).

                    Even though PSM did not have any Aduns, and thus did not lose any exco seats when the Nizar Jamaluddin administration was ousted, nonetheless it was the PSM people (from the mosquito party) who waited at the gate to greet us when we were released.

                    The DAP machinery in Perak couldn’t be bothered about the civil society activists (like me) who had turned up to lend Pakatan our support and got rounded up. I was stuffed into the same truck (Black Maria?) as Mujahid.

                    BN (i.e. Umno bloggers) were more fair and open-minded towards me even though we were on opposite sides of the divide, even before I switched my vote to the ruling party.

                    Barisan Rakyat bloggers behaved generally like the DAP. When you start questioning their Dear Leaders, the Pakatan HATE ideology, and your political views start diverging from theirs, they will turn on you.

                    The 90 percent Chinese who vote DAP & oppo by and large would not have strayed from the Pakatan straight and narrow path. The minute you start to prick their hot air balloon, they smear campaign you – Nathaniel Tan, the former Khalid Ibrahim aide is a case in point during the MB fiasco. He found what what things the Pakatoons are capable of falsely concocting about him.

                    Generally I find the BN side to be more decent people. You don’t see them doing to one of their own what the Pakatan camp did to Nat Tan. I don’t really harbour any dislike any of the MCA leaders. On the other hand, my opinion of the DAP evangelista leaders is negative and generally in agreement with the Umno bloggers.

                    My blog’s approach towards the MCA is mostly an objective and tactical consideration, i.e. that the party is a liability to the BN and may cause BN to lose and thus install the DAP in Putrajaya. Can you imagine Hannah Yeoh appointed as the Cabinet Minister of Love and Religion?


                    1. Essentially the DAP are hypocrites of the highest order. They claim to be anti-racist but their MP of Taiping-cum-Adun of Pantai Remis called the Perak MB “metallic black”.

                      Buletin Mutiara (which is the Guan Eng administration’s state paper / propaganda rag) called mamaks “Melayu celup kopi”.

                      Look at their hatred for Chinese Muslim converts.

                      At least Umno, MCA and MIC are not hypocrites who pretend they’re above Colour & Creed.

                      And now the latest complaint by a Punjabi member that the DAP convention was conducted in Mandarin. So much for inclusiveness.

                      They’re practically Orwellian. Say one thing, do the complete opposite. The list of their words not matching their deeds is a mile long.

            3. Reason why there are so many of them: they breed like that creature that bahkut teh would not be bahkut teh without its flesh.

        2. We’ve got Ostad Google AC-DC lurking here in our forum who will teach you to say “Allah s.a.w.”

          Do not putar belit. Point out where did I say that it is correct to say “Allah s.a.w.”.

          “AC-DC and kakis are a menace.”

          A menace to people such as Helen Ang who attempt to obfuscate, shift the goalposts, and putar-belit.

          “Lim Sian See, Tai Zee Kin and Shen Yee Aun are on Facebook but our reach is limited. We’re only doing this in our personal capacity on a voluntary basis while their YY hit squads are amply funded”

          Yawn. Evidence please.

          The Barisan Nasional bloggers and social media agents have a very large war chest and cyber-media centre. They even have offensive capability to perform DdoS attacks and other attacks on opposition websites. Your own blog became a victim, which you erroneously blamed the opposition.

          1. re: “Point out where did I say that it is correct to say ‘Allah s.a.w.’.”

            So what do you mean by your insistence on “30,000 entries”? Care to clarify?

            re: “A menace to people such as Helen Ang who attempt to obfuscate, shift the goalposts, and putar-belit.”

            Like I said, the more you open your mouth, the more you Show & Tell how evangelistas operate.

            re: “while their YY hit squads are amply funded” / “Yawn. Evidence please.”

            Double yawn. If YY hit squads are shooting for free, quote “I have a bridge in Rawang for sale” unquote.

            re: “The Barisan Nasional bloggers and social media agents have a very large war chest and cyber-media centre. They even have offensive capability to perform DdoS attacks and other attacks on opposition websites. Your own blog became a victim, which you erroneously blamed the opposition.”

            My first instinct in blaming the Pakatan side was wrong. After discussing with the other bloggers who were attacked at the same time, we surmised that our blogs were “jammed”. We’ve got our suspicions as to ‘who’ had the capability to do so but I won’t say more.

  5. Ms H. Just last week, my friend was pushed off the highway near the National Science Museum by a Tan Sri from the sub-continent in his white Porsche Cayenne accompanied by bodyguards in black.

    My friend was forced to go to the Porsche Workship and pay for the damages which were caused by the Tan Sri. My friend’s car had minor damage but the Tan Sri’s front door was a complete write-off.

    A quick mental calculation by my friend showed that the Tan Sri had already lost a huge sum through depreciation and damage. The Tan Sri had shot himself in the foot through his own callous act.

  6. “I find it hard to believe that the Malaysiakini commenter using the moniker AkuMelayu-tetapi ABU jugak is really a Malay when he can so erroneously write “Allah saw” – see screenshot below.”

    Out of curiosity, I googled “oleh allah saw” with the quotes so as to get results of the exact phrase.

    There were over 35,000 results. Go on, try it yourself.

    There must be a lot of Christian Chinese Evangelists masquerading as Malay Muslim tweeters, bloggers, webmasters, writers, academics, and e-ustazs.

    1. As far as I’m aware, it’s Allah s.w.t. and Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

      I leave it to our Muslim readers to help clarify.

      You, on the other hand, are relying on Lebai Google and trying to instruct the rest of us in Islam as if you know better.

      1. ‘it’s Allah s.w.t. and Nabi Muhammad s.a.w’

        Helen is right.

        BTW even without the ‘Allah saw’ blooper, the guy is definitely not a Melayu. Period.

        I mean, Melayu mana ada ‘cakap’, ber-etnik, perkaumnan, mudah-mudahan rezeki jadi menteri, bodoh macam maslan boleh jadi menteri, celaka macam bung mokhtar boleh jadi pengerusi FELCRA, syed mengamuk lah…


        Melayu akan cakap, beretnik tapi takkan sekali-kali refer perkataan tersebut suka hati to Allah SWT. Period.

        Melayu akan sebut, perkauman.

        Melayu akan sebut, mudah-mudahan ADA rezeki jadi menteri.

        Melayu akan sebut, bodoh macam maslan TAPI boleh jadi menteri

        Melayu akan cakap, celaka macam bung mokhtar TAPI boleh jadi pengerusi FELCRA

        Melayu akan cakap, syed PASTI mengamuk punya atau syed MANA TAK mengamuk

        Anyway the maslan, bung mokhtar and the angry (pak) syed is also a show sign of the guy being a non Melayu! Period.

        1. That’s why these people – just like the DAP “Chinese custom” YB tudung wearers who frequent the mosques – are so freaky.

          Check out the benang basah yang ditegakkan AC-DC who claimed he Googled “evidence of over 30,000 cases where that phrase was used in Malay-language blogs, social media, websites, and academic papers”

          and kantoi with the very first/topmost entry to show up in Google search.

          These freaky folks are not only muka tebal but their putar-belit is like, fuyoh.

          1. And you actually have the audacity to accuse me of ‘putar-belit’.

            Try “oleh allah saw”, not just “allah saw”. Then post the printscreen.

            Berani ke? Atau Helen nak berdolak-dalik lagi ke?

            1. Aiyoh, AC-DC ni asyik kantoi aje.

              Okay, here’s the printscreen for Google search on “oleh allah saw”, exactly as you demanded – see below.


              The first result on the Google search is

              And below is a printscreen from Saiful’s page. See … he writes “Allah swt” & “Allah swt” & “Allah swt”.

              You really tunjuk your belang-belang evangelista lah, AC-DC. You’re not only putar-belit, you’re terribly entertaining … just like the zumba they do you-know-where.


              1. Lets look at the subsequent results, shall we?

                I do not know about yours, but my second result brings me this blog


                ‘Drs H Syahrin Nasution telah membuat kajian dan pencarian berdasarkan al-quran dan hadis telah mendapati ada 30 perbuatan yang dilaknat oleh Allah SAW

                Third result, and subsequently:

                “Akhir sekali, apabila amalan yang dihadapkan kepada Allah melepasi kesemua 7 lapisan langit, ada satu lagi sebab mengapa amalan kita ditolak oleh Allah S.A.W.


                “10 Jenis solat yg tidak diterima oleh Allah S.A.W.”

                Di sana tiada makhluk yang diperlihatkan oleh Allah SAW akan sifat-sifat keindahan-Nya, dan kesempurnaan-Nya, seperti mana Nabi Muhammad SAW.

                Artikel Penuh:
                Hakcipta terpelihara

                1. Looking at your second search result. Why don’t you try opening the page, will ya?

         … takes you to …


                  Open the page, and voila, see below:

                  You think articles like “Sultan Fateh pemburu Dracula” has got religious credentials?

                  Seriously, why don’t you check out the properly links you copypaste before you kelentong and embarrass yourself?


                  1. First you say you find it hard to believe that the commenter on Malaysiakini is a true Malay, based on his erroneous use of “allah saw”.

                    Now I pointed out that there are many instances of Malay-language websites, social media, etc. using “allah saw”. I did not say it was correct, wrong, or that the writers have religious credentials. Just the fact that it exists.

                    Unless you now wish to insinuate that the over 30,000 cases, including by Kosmo tabloid is secretly written by covert Christian Chinese.

                    1. re: “Unless you now wish to insinuate that the over 30,000 cases, including by Kosmo tabloid is secretly written by covert Christian Chinese.”

                      I’ve already challenged you provide a proper copypaste of the relevant paragraphs and their urls.

                      The ones you provided – roughly half a dozen – which I’ve checked and printscreen variously on this page all say “Allah s.w.t.”. They contradict your assertion, with the exception of the sole Facebook entry but since when is someone’s Facebook an authoritative source.

                      You have dismally failed to back up your assertion of the “30,000 entries” (like 40,000 Bangladeshis, wakakakaka) including “academic papers” prove that “Allah s.w.t.” is the proper usage.

                      Why don’t you show one academic paper from a reputable scholarly site?

                      Oh come on lah, the more you tegakkan benang basah, the more you sink into the gutter and then you dig a hole six-feet deeper some more. You’re displaying classy Porky Principle (Bak Kut Teh is not pork).

                      When did I say the Kosmo! tabloid is “written by a covert Christian Chinese”? This just proves how gutter you are but I’m glad the general readership are exposed to your methods.

                      You’re the one making a fool of yourself with statements like “Perhaps Mizz Nina is secretly a Christian Chinese Evangelist in disguise”.

                      I’ve already proven with printscreens – and any reader can double check by opening the links for himself – that what you cited:

                      (1) Beautiful Nara
                      (2) Saiful Bahri
                      (3) Carigold
                      (4) Kosmo!

                      all say “Allah s.w.t”

                      while the … ‘Drs H Syahrin Nasution’ is a spam-commercial link.

                      Dr Syahrin may be genuine but the website that picked-up his article is ad advertising earn through clicks site, and the genuine article can’t be properly accessed.

                      I repeat, you’re utterly disgraceful for trying to pass off links which you don’t even bother to personally open and glance through first.

                2. Here is the printscreen from your Carigold link, see below “Rasulullah S.A.W”, “Allah S.W.T”.

                  You’re simply disgraceful.

                  Your first link, you kantoi, your second link “amalan-amalan-yang-tidak-disukai-oleh.html” link leads to Hunt for Dracula,

                  both your Carigold and Kosmo! links also kantoi (says “Allah s.w.t”)

                  But you know what’s the most disgraceful thing about this entire exercise – that you dare paste links which you yourself have not opened.

                  I remember the last time you were equally slimy. You pasted a few links that had no topic relevance and tried to pass them off as supporting your arguments.

                  No wonder evangelistas can fake and masquerade without any qualms of conscience.


                  1. Hey, thank you for doing the printscreen, cropping it, and uploading it to your comments. It saves me the trouble.

                    Now, look at the image. Read what it says. On the purple coloured words: “10 Jenis solat yg tidak diterima oleh Allah S.A.W.

                    Thank you, for so kindly proving me right.

                    1. I’ve already done the printscreens maybe a couple of hours earlier.

                      Just as you didn’t bother to open the links you copypasted, neither did you bother to check my reply to your comment.

                      You’re a lot like the drive-by shooters.

                      I’m aware that “Allah SAW” shows up on the pages. It’s for this reason that the links registered in your search results.

                      However despite the one mention, the bulk of the “bodycopy” (article content) uses “Allah s.w.t.

                      If “Allah SAW” appears once in the Kosmo! article but “Allah SWT” appears EIGHT times in the same article, then any reasonable person would accept that “Allah SWT” is correct and that “Allah SAW” was a typing mistake, especially when the article is interspersed throughout with “Rasulullah SAW”.

                    2. “I’m aware that “Allah SAW” shows up on the pages. It’s for this reason that the links registered in your search results.
                      However despite the one mention, the bulk of the “bodycopy” (article content) uses “Allah s.w.t.
                      If “Allah SAW” appears once in the Kosmo! article but “Allah SWT” appears EIGHT times in the same article, then any reasonable person would accept that “Allah SWT” is correct and that “Allah SAW” was a typing mistake, especially when the article is interspersed throughout with “Rasulullah SAW”.”

                      Well yes. But I am not saying that “Allah SAW” is correct terminology or otherwise. All I did was to point out the fallacy of the argument that the Malaysiakini commenter is unlikely a Malay all because he used ‘Allah SAW’.

              2. They mock the transcendance of the Lord, Glorious and Sublime, with their creaturely disputations. The Creator is most forgiving of unwitting sinfulness but abject rebelliousness will not go punished.

                1. There’s that verse, for you your religion and for me, mine.

                  The Yahudi Yeohs refuse to observe that boundary. They want to memandai, to encroach, to prove that they know better and finally even to kebas kalimah ‘Allah’ and commit syirik on the name.

                  If the Prime Minister doesn’t get a grip soon on the situation that is spiralling out of control, then I’m afraid the Malays will radicalize.

                  1. ‘If the Prime Minister doesn’t get a grip soon’

                    I bet he won’t. Not when his cousin is giving him mixed and confusing feedbacks!


                    ‘Sedition Act repeal may affect Umno’s struggle for Islam, Malay rights, Hishammuddin says’

                    ‘“As such, whatever we decide to do with the act, we will ensure that it strengthens our struggles,”


                    Repeal ke tak ni hisham bunga oii?

              3. Way to be disingenuous and deceitful.

                Here is the screenshot of that first result:


                You actually took a screenshot of another page to omit the occurrence of the term. Ditto with the rest.

                And you have the gall to actually label me with all sorts of terms.

                1. When you falsely accuse, it’s called fitnah. Dan fitnah itu dosa.

                  re: “You actually took a screenshot of another page to omit the occurrence of the term.”

                  You’re really losing it, and pathetic. I screenshot this page (url below), see for yourself. I have no access to in that I can control the appearance of his content as you’re alleging.


                  Our computers and clicks are not identical. I cannot replicate what you have, for all I know you may be using a tablet and I’m using a desktop or you’re using a laptop etc, etc. The way you people can simply say things to accuse is what makes you lot so revolting.

                  re: “Ditto with the rest.”

                  What about the rest? Again, raja fitnah.

                  Look for yourself,

                  re: “And you have the gall to actually label me with all sorts of terms.”

                  You’re repulsive.

                  My screenshot show “Allah S.A.W.” but numerously more mentions of “Allah S.W.T”.

                  1. “My screenshot show “Allah S.A.W.” but numerously more mentions of “Allah S.W.T”.

                    Sigh. I did not claim that usage of ‘Allah S.A.W’ is correct terminology or otherwise.

                    Read carefully my original conjecture. I have addressed this in a previous posting.

                    “When you falsely accuse, it’s called fitnah. Dan fitnah itu dosa. You’re really losing it, and pathetic.”

                    It is really pathetic when you accuse/fitnah me of trying to lecture you and your readers on the correct terminology, when all I did was to point out the fallacy of your argument that the Malaysiakini commenter is unlikely a Malay all because he used ‘Allah SAW’.

                    Are you really that disingenuous or just thick in the head?

                    1. Udah le tu, kitorg sume tau dia bukan org Islam. Tak payah la nak cuba tunjuk otherwise. Org Islam kat malaysia ni memang dah tau ada agenda kristian kat sini. Tak payah la nak berlindung mcm nak rak.

                      Dakyah korg nak menkafirkan org Islam mmg benda taboo. Kalau korg tak nak tgk org Islam bangkit, jangan cuba buat benda bukan-bukan. Tu je.

      2. “You, on the other hand, are relying on Lebai Google and trying to instruct the rest of us in Islam as if you know better.”

        Am I? Do not putar belit.

        You are saying that you find it hard to believe that the commenter is actually a Malay, based on his use of that phrase.

        I just provided evidence of over 30,000 cases where that phrase was used in Malay-language blogs, social media, websites, and academic papers.

        1. re: “evidence of over 30,000 cases where that phrase was used in Malay-language blogs, social media, websites, and academic papers”

          Oh puhleez lah. Jangan kelentong.

          I typed “allah saw” – see screenshot below – and the first entry to show up says, “Abang Nara tak pasti bagaimana kesilapan sebegini boleh terjadi. Namun kesalahan menggunakan “Allah S.A.W” harus diperbaiki …”

          Abang Nara also said: “Sekiranya mereka yang terlibat di dalam pembikinan kulit album ini ialah orang Islam, kesilapan semudah ini seharusnya tidak berlaku.”

          This is not the first time that you’ve pulled this sleight of hand.


          1. Now try typing “from Allah SAW”. Or in Malay, “oleh Allah SAW”.

            Perhaps Mizz Nina is secretly a Christian Chinese Evangelist in disguise. Perhaps she also posts comments on Malaysiakini. I should share this conspiracy theory with my fellow friends in the music industry when we go for mamak this evening. The best joke to end the weekday.

            1. Done, see printscreen @

              Tsk, tsk, tsk.

              Since you claimed you have unearthed 30,000 entries of “evidence” incl. “academic papers”, why don’t you show us one example/url to prove your “Allah saw” point?

              After all, I’ve already done two sets of printscreen already showing “Allah swt” from the same Google search that you swear by, and as per your challenge.

              1. “Since you claimed you have unearthed 30,000 entries of “evidence” incl. “academic papers”, why don’t you show us one example/url to prove your “Allah saw” point?”

                See my reply earlier. Just a few examples.

                Tsk, tsk, tsk?

                1. See your reply earlier. You gave the Kosmo! link.


                  And here is the screenshot:

                  Unless you’re buta tuli you can see for yourself that Kosmo! says “Allah SAW” and “Nabi SAW” / “Rusullah SAW”.

                  Stop wasting our time with your sliminess. If you want to copy a link, make sure that you open it yourself first. How many times on this page have I shown with printscreens how you kantoi?

                  Sheesh! Evangelista betoi!


                    1. re: “Further down that Kosmo link, is the sentence: ‘Di sana tiada makhluk yang diperlihatkan oleh Allah SAW’

                      That’s only ONE mention of “Allah SAW” and obviously it’s a typing error. Throughout the entire Kosmo! article, there are altogether EIGHT mentions of “Allah SWT”.

                      AC-DC trying to tegakkan benang basah. A leopard does not change his spots.

                      re: “Are you so kiasu that you intentionally block out what you do not wish to see?”

                      Block out?

                      Oh come on lah. I’ve got 3-and-1/2 years worth of article screenshots in my blog. Take a recent page as example, here

                      In there I’ve got two article screenshots, one of Rakyat Post and the other of the MCA website.

                      My printscreen of the Rakyat Post article was cropped after showing two paragraphs while my printscreen of the MCA website was cropped after showing one paragraph. These are my normal blog pages, so don’t tell me that you’re going to accuse me of blocking Rakyat Post or MCA paragraphs too?

                      The Rakyat Post article has got 11 paragraphs (including its standfirst). Why would I need to show all 11 paras in the screenshot?

                      It’s not usually my practice to show the whole page. So for you to accuse that I intentionally omitted the “Allah SAW” paragraph because I’m “kiasu” reflects your own kiasuness because the omitted parts would have shown many more “Allah SWT” than that one “Allah SAW” you’re flaunting.

                    2. “That’s only ONE mention of “Allah SAW” and obviously it’s a typing error.”

                      Now you see it.

                      It is certainly a typo. Ditto with the other examples, screenshots, links, and the 30,000 odd examples too numerous.

                      Now, let us go back to the very start of this thread, when I disputed your point that the Malaysiakini commenter is unlikely a Malay because he writes ‘Allah SAW’.

                      My counterpoint was that there are also many examples of Malay-language websites, written by Malay Muslims where ‘Allah SAW’ was used (likely in error), including in the Kosmo tabloid. And, I did not say whether this is usage is right or wrong, nor try to insist that ‘Allah SAW’ is correct terminology.

                      My contention is that the notion the Malaysiakini commenter is unlikely a Malay based on the proof that he writes ‘Allah SAW’ is flimsy.

                2. A CUP OF TEA

                  Nan-in, a Buddhist master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.

                  Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he could no longer restrain himself: “It is overfilled! No more will go in!”

                  “Like this cup,” remarked Nan-in, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you the truth about Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

                  + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

                  Zen Buddhism was introduced to Japan from China in the 12th century, and has had a profound influence on Japanese culture. The aim of Zen is to achieve spontaneous enlightenment (satori) into the meaning of “Existence” through seated meditation (zazen), and also in ordinary life activities usually under the guidance of an accomplished teacher who often makes use of paradoxical devices (koans) to transcend polemical thinking. Zen literally means “meditation”, from the Chinese “chán” (quiet contemplation), from the Sanskrit “dhyāna” (yogic meditation).

                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                  Does not Mr. AC-DC need to leave his polemical style of thinking behind when approaching the subject of Ultimate Truth? And also his presumptions about the matter? And empty his being in a quiet garden to fill him up.

    2. S.W.T. is an abbreviation for “Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala” means ‘Glory to Him, the Exalted’ and obviously, this refers and only for Allah.

      S.A.W. is “sallallahu alayhi wa salaam” (may Allah’s blessings and peace be with him) and this is for Nabi Muhammad.

      1. I think this long deviation with the alternating-direct-current guy refers back to the root issue of the Christian demand to denote ALLAH as their Father-Son-Holy Ghost Godhead.

        This extended and troublesome exchange between Kak Helen and the guy serves to highlight the fact that “subhanahu wa ta’ala” (swt) is an epithet that can only be applied to the Creator Lord, Most Sublime and Transcendant; never to any creature who exists in the cosmic space-time dimension, like Prophet Muhammad bin Abdillah – Allah’s peace and greatest blessings be upon him.

        We acknowledge that Ahmad (Muhammad) was originated by ALLAH as the first of creation, the Light of lights which preceded the universe – Nur Muhammadiyah! sal allahu alaihi was salaam!

        Bismillahir Rahamanir Rahim

        Sayyidna Arbaz Bin Sariyah (r.a.) narrated that the Companions asked about the reality of the Prophet and he (s.a.w.) answered: “I was in the presence of Allah when it was written that I am the Seal of Prophethood in the Mother of Books [Al-Quran], when Adam (alaihi salam) was still intermingled between clay and spirit.
        I am the prayer of Abraham (Allah’s peace be upon him) and Jesus (Allah’s peace be upon him) gave glad tidings to his people of my eventual appearance . My mother saw such a Light (Nur) shining forth from her body that it lit up the castles of Syria.”

        All other beloved Prophets of Allah are honoured with “alaihi salaam (a.s.)” meaning “may Allah’s peace be upon him”.

        And the historical companions of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. are designated with “radiallahu anhu (r.a.)” which means “may Allah’s good favour be upon him”

    3. Please reserve your ignorance to yourself if you are that ignorant. Quite amusing that you fall to the ustaz google trap. I thought youre more intelligent maa? Next time i can just refer to google alone to obtain a phd. Just type the desired topic of phd and voila! I can get DR in nuclear reactor field!

      P/s : out of curiosity i layan your brilliant suggestion anyway and guess what the first line shows?

      Kulit Album Mizz Nina Tertera Allah S.A.W, Satu Kesilapan Yang …

      thank you for revealing your dumbness by the way!

      1. ‘thank you for revealing your dumbness by the way!’

        Susahkan nak lawan dengan orang macam ni? Macam mana nak tarbiah kalau dah bengap tahap gaban macam ni??


  7. He lost it plain & simple. He acted in a threatening manner & damaged the possession of another.

    So what if he’s a philanthropist? Does that make his actions more palatable? Or does that make his actions more despicable? Did Jesus not say the despised tax collector instead of the holy & generous Pharisee philanthropist finds favor in God? But I digress.

    Honestly people should stop using religion to preach love when they’re up to the brains in hatred towards others.

    As for Christian hypocrites, their kind are not exclusive. They’re available in all religions. Just that they do leave a bad taste in the mouth with their holier than holy posturings. More so the fanatical evangelics

  8. malays/muslims may be repeat may be ignorant of certain aspects of islam but concerning allah and rasulullah or nabi muhammad, the kalimah of s.w.t and s.a.w. are not synonymous or interchangeable. samada mereka sebut allah saja atau allah s.w.t & nabi muhammad saja atau nabi muhammad/rasullulah s.a.w.

    1. This AC-DC character is doing the evangelista Porky Principle, anything can be whatever they want it to be or say it is not, e.g. “Bak Kut Teh is not pork”.

      There’s no boundary to their tegakkan benang basah behaviour even when the consequences are provocative; they still persist with their putar-belit and shove it in your face.

      We’ve seen a lot of evangelista putar-belit when they’re trying to kebas kalimah Allah.

  9. Aiyaahh chinaman, he can be a pimp,gangster,playboy,drug pusher, Christian hypocrites or not, it never will be a issue for them.

    Btw next some bloody idiot going to post that this Khoo guy pays a lot of tax and so on.

    But when it comes to other races all hells going break loose……. coz your not chinese.

    As of now they act as if they are the chosen like the jews they can do no wrong.

  10. Helen,

    Is it a coincidence that there is another religion within PR that uses almost the same MO? You know the hollier than thou type. Try and argue with them and the abuse and name-calling will start flying. Confront them with facts and instead of rebutting it they will condemn you to hell for “menabur fitnah.”

    You know why Ketum, or the spenda guy, or the Shabu guy… (owh the list is way too looooong for men with the habit of finishing every sentence by shouting takbirrr!!!) never really have to deny anything when they were caught with their pants down? Because they know their taksubers will do the denying part for free, issue a new fatwa if need be and pay them after the “tazkirah” money-in-milo-tin to help the high-on-ketum guys “meneruskan jihad menentang kebatilan.”

  11. He looked calm by Lim Kit Siang, Eng Guan and Teresa Kok’s standard alright. If this man’s face suddenly appears at my window, I surely will piss on my car seat out of fright! Silap2 tercirit. Really scary face ma.

    1. Lampah is definitely a Keadilan diehard supporter…

      As for AkuMelayu-tetapi ABU jugak he is an Apek. His passage had all the Apeks’ everyday favourite words when they refer to the Malays. Malas, ber-ethnic??, anjing, isu perkauman, Jenama, celaka, celup and their ever famous BODOH.

      We don’t address Obama as His Royal Highness Obama or Mrs President Queen Elizabeth. Do you?

    2. nak sebut saw, swt atau tak sebut is never an issue. the thing is when the asshole has been proven wrong masih tak mahu terima kenyataan. sama juga keadaannya dengan nama allah. extremely kiasu.

  12. Forgive me for digressing but noticed you’re 5 ton up. Congratulations for reaching another milestone. And I hope you’ll keep it up as haters will still hate no matter how much truth stares them in the face.

    1. Thanks FF Calvin.

      It means a lot to me that you’re reading. As a Christian, it must be uncomfortable (double whammy) for you.

      As a Chinese (single whammy), I’m uncomfortable too because like it or not, the Chinese will be made the scapegoat while the Christians are the bogeyman.

      This is the fate of minorities everywhere in the world, even in the most developed countries. In France, the Land of Liberty, their nationalist groups are uneasy with the presence of the Muslim immigrants.

      As ethnic and religious minorities, the most rational behaviour would be to take the course of action that will help to reduce friction and conflict with the ethnic and religious majorities. However the Chinese Christian leadership in the form of the DAP is not doing this but instead going the completely opposite way.

      The act of trying to kebas kalimah Allah and in the process tegakkan benang basah defies belief. I’m not referring to the native Sabah and Sarawak Christians but to the dalang-dalang evangelista from the peninsula.

      Continuing on this path could prove fatal.

      The individual who killed (either directly or was responsible for causing the deaths indirectly) the most number of Chinese was not a foreign enemy but Mao Zedong.

      The most number of Cambodians were killed by or died as a result of Pol Pot’s genocide and insanity in trying to send his countrymen back to Year Zero.

      In other words, the leaders most harmful to us are the ones from our own race and sharing our religion. The scrouge of the Malays is Anwar Ibrahim. The scrouge of the Chinese in Malaysia is the DAP.

      1. FFC is also in the same position as those 10 per cent Chinese who do not agree with the 90 per cent perpetually hysterical mob, the only difference being that he is Christian.

      2. Thing is I’m quite aware of the hypocrisy of Christians (not all but a fair bit) which is extraordinarily loud here in Malaysia in recent times. I’ve been in a few verbal spars where it is quote easy to poke holes in their arguments as I never considered myself as an exemplary Christian unlike them.

        As for being Chinese, mum & dad were civil servants who toiled to put my brother & me through university with loans. It wasn’t easy but by no means an impossible feat. Nowadays everything has to be instantaneous & it gives rise to the sense of entitlement which they hope to achieve through political means. Seriously, how many politicians, be it on BN or PR who are really sincere in serving the rakyat?

        My decision to vote for BN is purely based on the lesser of two evils, choosing the devil I know rather than the angel I don’t trust.

        1. re: “Seriously, how many politicians, be it on BN or PR who are really sincere in serving the rakyat?”

          PSM and Hindraf.

        2. Not many Chinese share your way of thinking or looking at the world. Just a little over 2 decades ago if you ask the Chinese whether they desire the same sort of privileges the Malays and other natives enjoy, they will say it in your face that such privileges are the basis of degeneration.

          Fast forward to the present and the outlook is entirely different, in fact I dare say the outlook is now the total opposite. Now Chinese, particularly Chinese youth, they have no calms about saying that they too are entitled to the same privileges enjoyed by Malays and other natives.

          I’ll mention this one example that most of us can relate to as it is a frequent staple of Malaysian television nowadays. In the not too distant past it was very rare for a Chinese, not to mention a group of Chinese going on national television demanding for a place in a national public university because they have obtained excellent results. This would not have happened 2 or even 3 decades ago.

          You could see how these Chinese, the younger generation in particular have degenerated. Yet the irony here is that at the same time they deride the Malays and other natives for clinging on to such privileges.

  13. Helen, this AC DC character is a hatchet man of the opposition. His spin may have worked in opposition dominated social media but over here he is exposed for what and who he truly is, a hatchet man.

    1. Unfortunately, the oppo dominate the social media as well as the news media in English and Chinese language.

      This is the Achilles Heel that will cause the BN to be slain.

  14. Saw this promoted on Aljazeera Correspondent show.
    Yoga for Christians. Doing yoga while reciting from the Bible.

    Coz Christians don’t wanna do Hindu stuff.
    A. SINCE 2001, PraiseMoves has been called “The Christian ALTERNATIVE to yoga” for a reason. Since yoga is a part of the Hindu religion (the poses in yoga are “offerings” to the 330 million Hindu gods), we do not call PraiseMoves “Christian yoga.” That would be an oxymoron, or contradiction in terms. Imagine trying to blend a religion (Hinduism) with a personal relationship centered on a the Person of Jesus Christ (Christianity) – it cannot be done. That would be like someone calling herself a “Christian Buddhist” or “Christian Hindu.” You’d think she was confused, wouldn’t you?

    PraiseMoves is a series of stretching and strength-building postures, each linked to a verse of Scripture we focus upon while doing the posture. For example, during The Angel posture (left), we are meditating upon or speaking aloud Psalm 91:11, “For He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.”

    There are also modifications for PraiseMoves postures for those with physical challenges, and advanced versions of the postures, such as Advanced Angel (right).

    In this way, we are not only building strength, flexibility and balance in our bodies; we are also being “transformed by the renewing of (our) minds” on the Word of God (Romans 12:2), nourishing our spirits and praising the Lord through His Word.

    We are experiencing the truth of PraiseMoves’ foundation scripture, “For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” 1st Corinthians 6:20.

    It is our belief that the postures are NOT the foundation of PraiseMoves. The Word of God, as found in the Bible is the foundation. The exercises are the “witty invention” to get you more into the Word, and to get more of the Word into you!

  15. Let me put this in light…

    SWT / S.W.T. stands for Subhanallahu Wa Taala. In Malay “Maha suci Allah dan Maha Tinggi/Tertinggi”. Maha suci Allah from those stupid evangelists who insist Allah in Malay translated bible refers to instant 3-1 god translation (Quran surah Al Ikhlas).

    SAW / S.A.W. stands for Sallahu Alaihi Wassalam. It means in Malay “Berselawat Allah ke atasnya dan Salam”. Thats why sometimes we hear this saying during speech opening by a Muslim “selawat dan salam ke atasnya”. Here ‘nya’ refers to Nabi Muhammad SAW / Rasulullah SAW. (Quran Surah al-Ahzab: 56)

    How can we say Allah SAW which literally means Allah berselawat ke atas Allah dan Salam kepada Allah? He never need selawat and salam upon Himself.

    Then, there’s a question why we need to selawat to Muhammad SAW if he is free from sin? Well, the benefits return back to the person reciting the selawat (in Malay):

    1. Dari Abu Hurairah bahwa Rasul Allah SAW bersabda ; “Barang siapa berselawat terhadapku sekali, maka Allah akan berselawat kepadanya sepuluh kali.” (HR. Muslim) •

    2. Dari Anas bin Malik Radhiallaahu anhu , bahwa Nabi Shallallaahu alaihi wa Salam bersabda ; “Barang siapa berselawat atasku satu kali, maka Allah akan berselawat kepadanya sepuluh kali selawat, menghapus darinya sepuluh keburukan, dan mengangkatnya sebanyak sepuluh darjat.” (HR Ahmad, an-Nasai dan di shahihkan oleh al-Albani).

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