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UPDATED: 5 million hits

WordPress has just released its yearly Annual Report on blog subscribers.

Mine can be read HERE.

Data on my blog activity in 2014 as collated by WordPress

  • was viewed about 2,052,000 times throughout this year
  • The busiest days in 2014 were:

• 29 June –   22,869 page views (‘Berita Felixia peluk Islam buat 61% pembaca J-Star marah, kecewa dan sebal‘)

• 1 Dec –   18,480 page views (Najib ‘panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya)

• 4 Sept –   15,152 page views (‘Khairy lancar buku di gereja DUMC)

  • My most commented article was ‘A mere 10% Indian vote swing will lose BN five seats‘ which got 348 reader responses
  • This blog received 29,467 reader comments in 2014 alone
  • Most visitors came from Malaysia (1,763,763 page views). Next favourite readers of my blog come from the USA, Singapore, Australia, the UK and Indonesia
  • The most active commenters in my blog for 2014 were:






  • My most shared article on social media was Najib ‘panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya with 3k-plus Facebook links
  • The most helpful referrers of net traffic to my blog were – THANK YOU GUYS! – Rocky, Facebookers, Parpukari, Annie and the Unspinners. A big thank you too to all my readers.

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So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I’m gone, you’ll need love
To light the shadows on your face

If a greater wave shall fall
And fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own?

If I could, then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I’ll go wherever you will go

And maybe I’ll find out
A way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days

If a great wave shall fall
It will fall upon us all
Then I hope there’s someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

Updated: 12.15pm on 30 Dec 2014


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My blog has crossed five million hits.

Fakin’ Fake Calvin @ 2014/11/22 at 8:52 am



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109 thoughts on “UPDATED: 5 million hits

  1. Ms H. One of the finest in the Nation. If you touch 10 million you will be a National Icon. No one can take this from you ! Congratulations !

    Please keep this up in the general interests of the SANE AND NORMAL !

      1. Chris. We all here, the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all conduct ourselves with aplomb. No abuse, insults, sub-continent asides, etc. to explain our rational. logical and civilized ideas and opinions ! We are on the way to a great Nation the jumpin’ and singin’ beans included !

          1. Ms H. I am nearly 100 years old. I could have emigrated to any place on Earth even the tiny Republic of Singapore with its Ruler, 1959 – 2015. I chose to stay in our beloved Malaysia, one of the finest countries in the World with inhabitants from 3 ancient civilizations and more !

            Please those loud mouth, abusive, insulting and vulgar types count your blessings !

  2. Congratulations Helen..

    Helen dari golongan keturunan nyonya/baba, sudah berkurun lamanya berada diTanah air yg bertuah ini. Kata oghang tua dah lama makan garam.

    Yang kalut semacam semua tu, ramai dari golongan penjelma 1st or 2nd generation, hanya berak kencing badan dok sini tapi hati dan kaki kanan masih tertinggal kat tanah ibunda toknek, yg tak berapa sedar diri, kaki kiri dok tala nak lompat aje ke Negara2 Barat.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,


    I’m so happy for you. Aunty Helen has done a good job. It will be great if Pemuda, Puteri UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and others can work as hard as you.

    By the way, can Aunty Helen help me to raise my statistics? At this moment, my total statistic is 818,114. I hope that it can reach one million soon. I know that blogging is not only about statistisc but it will be nice to achieve something :D

    1. But statistics is important in blogging. It proves how many million people your message have reached to and/ or how much more effort and commitment you must put in blogging. Achieving a high amount of statistic is also a great motivation for you to keep on blogging– just like checking your word-count every 5 minutes while you are writing for NaNoWriMo.

      By the way, mine is at 94k…

      ..that is like 8.7 times lower than yours.

      And a great hearty congratulations to you Aunty Helen! You are getting your just’s dessert *claps**claps*

  4. Congratulations Helen. Keep on tormenting the Dapsters and evangelistas by speaking the truth. As the dsaying goes “truth hurts” (them).

  5. Tahniah sis! Kekangan masa membataskan saya untuk kerap berkunjung ke sini, tetapi sekiranya keadaan mengizinkan, helenang adalah Sopo blog pertama yang akan saya klik ;)

  6. Tahniah Helen on reaching 5million readership. 👍👍

    Haven’t jengok ur blog for a long time. Last time I jengok, you were on the new format, whereas you would re-produced your blogs based on the revelant anniversary dates of it being online.

    But then, today I open your blog and straight away taken in by ur latest blog n the stupid AC DC who keeps on menegakkan benang basah on the undisputable fact that Melayus will not use “Allah saw”. As if this AC DC knows better than org Melayu/Islam sendiri just by googling. Infact, out of curiosity, I pon google sbb nk tengok sapa lah yg tak senonoh guna phrase “Allah saw”. Then, lo n behold, bila buka the links under the 30k+ search results, mostly are twitter from Indonesia or compilation of articles/reading materials that contain the words in the phrase “Oleh Allah saw” in any order.

    Anyway, enough of that. Many thanks to you Helen as your blogs have made me aware of the political scene in Msia and how dangerous the situation could be. Living outside the country since 2008 with annual Balik kampong flights, has made me a bit divorced from the real situation but no more, thanks to your blogs which had prompted me to read more other blogs and FB pages for the likes of Lim Sian See etc.

    Congratulations Helen (y)

    1. re: “the stupid AC DC who keeps on menegakkan benang basah on the undisputable fact that Melayus will not use “Allah saw”

      He practises the Porky Principle. This “keeps on menegakkan benang basah” exemplifies the DAP evangelista behaviour.

      1. AC-DC,
        This will help a bit as to how abbreviations should be properly applied;

        Maybe he is confused as their word Lord can be applied to just about anyone or anything like Lord of the Rings, Lord of the jungles, House of Lord ramai ya, Lord Bishop of A, First Lord of the Treasury, Lord High Chancellor, Lord President of the Council, Lord Privy Seal, Lords of the Treasury, Lords of the Admiralty, Warlords of Draenor, Jackie Chan pun pernah jadi Dragon Lord.

        1. Rina, you’ve put forward a scary prospect that we’d not realised before.

          They call the Creator their “Lord God”.

          Now they’re saying Lord God is Allah.

          Mary, Mother of God is Maryam, Bonda Allah.

          Jesus, Son of God is Yesus, Anak Allah.

          A church, House of God is Rumah Allah.

          For God’s sake … see screenshot below of Nut Graph article headline @

          They take the word “Lord” so lightly and apply it to so many contexts. Imagine what they could do to lafaz ‘Allah’: Lord of the Rings … Cincin, Tarzan Lord of the Apes …, etc.

          Tapi Melayu masih lagi boleh bersabar dan terus bersabar. Saya angkat tabik.


          1. You are right Helen, RINA had brought up a strong case against these semua mau sapu kakis, blatant use of the word, at their whims and fancies, just like they’ve mocked Tuhan.

            If their ‘intellectuals’ can mocked and ridiculed Tuhan, imagine what a lay person would?! Be very afraid Helen. Be very afraid.

            1. Ah Jib Gor is fiddling while Rome burns just like Tunku was playing poker in 1969 trying to be the happiest Prime Minister in the world.

              1. Absolutely! PM teaches us a new term yesterday, what was it, K-Politics? Does he even know what it is or its just something that came out from the millions spent on CONsultants!

                  1. ‘Ah Jib Gor is a problem.’


                    ‘His son too whose Chinese name is Ji Ping.’

                    I wonder whether ABU cinas, all 90% of them, had given Rosmah a cina name…wonder what would that be, any case you have come across this Helen, maybe Onsleuth boleh tolong…

    1. Tahniah Helen, Anda banyak membuka minda rakyat tentang hipokrasi pihak pembangkang tetapi tidak takut juga menegur pemerintah. Saya akan terus membaca analisa anda.

  7. Congratulations. Keep on blogging. There is much to learn from and to be said about someone like you. Clearly you write for all and address those matters that are relevant and important to the widest possible cross section of the community.

    Raja Petra once boasted of receiving a monthly hit count of over 10,000,000……….hmmmmmmm

    The best the most relevant and written in short meaningful phrases.

    Great content. How do you do it?

    1. re: “Raja Petra once boasted of receiving a monthly hit count of over 10,000,000”

      Raja Petra once complained also in his column on 13 May 2012 (the anniversary date is not a coincidence) that “Christians are the most hypocritical people on earth”.

      He must have moderated more than a million (millions I’m sure) reader comments, so he’s speaking from up close and personal exposure to the Porky Principle. You’ll notice RPK does not diss the Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs.

      I’ve moderated 80,000 comments so far. Enough for me to gauge.

      Let me tell everyone that the Yahudi Yeohs submit the vilest, most vicious and conniving comments you can imagine. Well, actually you can’t imagine if you’re any sane and rational human being.

      Decent people simply cannot fathom the kind of fitnah that these YYs are capable of fabricating and how they do not possess any boundaries at all. Case in point, their defamation of Chew Mei Fun to the point that she had to lodge a police report.

      re: “Great content. How do you do it?”

      How? Sheer grit.

      But more importantly, why? Because I’m able to answer the “What Kind of People are They?” question.

      Be afraid. Everyone should be very afraid of their kind of people and what they do to other people.

      But even more tellingly, “they” themselves should fear the kind of retaliation that has been visited on them by various other peoples throughout the world in our historical timeline.

      1. Bagi pendapat saya yr upbringging may have influenced yr way if thinking? Mungkin asal keturunan sejarah dari darah kuturunan bangsawan, maka adab sopan dan tradisi adalah satu yg tetap dijaga dan dipelihara.

        I have many Ahso and Aci very close friends since my Convent school days who share similar visions and hopes for the progress of our Nation. The nuns brought us together, itu baru la dikatakan they taught us to LOVE and RESPECT one another tak kira la hangpa Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu,Taoist or whatever race you are from.

        Even Ambiga masa kecik2 dulu, mungkin mak sendiri tak tau apa itu semangat kebangsaan Negara ini pasai mak dia bukan oghang asal sini. Sama juga macam siZuraidah tu, kaw kaw darah and made in Indon, si Zairil kaw kaw dari golongan kiasu Singapore. Upbringging dan didikan keluarga sangat penting ya.

        Lain ya kalau bercampur dgn mereka yang tak pernah bergaul dengan bangsa2 lain dalam Negara ini kan? Dapat pula pemimpin2 kepala sewel yang dari baka 1st or 2nd generasi penjelma, kerja mereka sekadar menghasut, membelit dan menghina siapa saja asalkan mereka bukan pengikut DAP atau Avengelista or whatever religion they have just discovered.

        1. Rina,

          I’ve mentioned this analogy before but it bears repeating.

          A smart but ugly millionaire marries a pretty but dumb blonde. Their kid inherits the father’s looks and the mother’s brains.

          Hordes of kiasu Chinese becoming Born Again Christians of the City Harvest kind is the same outcome.

          If the match had made the best of out both worlds, then the kid would have gotten the father’s high IQ and the mother’s good looks. In the case of Chinese converting to evangelical Christianity, it’s a combo that acquires the worst possible traits of both the Chinese and the Christians.

          City Harvest was founded a mere 25 years ago (in 1989) by ‘Pastor’ Kong Hee who is currently under trial in S’pore for corruption and CBT. Google to see pictures of his ‘pastor’ wife-cum-sexy popstar Sun Ho.

          City Harvest and its Gospel of Properity is MLM and Nazi coercion tactics (read the exposes in S’pore news). In fact, I would not even consider CHC to be ‘real’ Christianity.

          The likes of Hannah ‘Preacher’ Yeoh are dominating the DAP leadership today. This is like as if the Umno top tier was populated by Ayah Pin followers preaching the Teapot religion instead of ASWJ.

          If one wanted to be a Catholic priest, he would have to seriously study years in the seminary. The Jesuits and other traditional Christian orders have a long history of scholarship.

          With the evangelistas, Hannah Yeoh and her hubby who are lay preachers are like a travelling circus, going around preaching here and there. What is their training and qualification to preach? And worse still, they’re politicians with heavily vested interests.

          When I said the Chinese merging with the Mi Segera evangelical movement is the worst possible combo, we have to look at the raw material (the kind of people who get sucked into these brainwashing cults).

          The evangelistas mock and insult Muslims saying “takkan lah iman orang Melayu begitu rapuh sampai akidahnya boleh terpesong dengan hanya orang Kristian berkongsi kalimah Allah”.

          They – such as Hannah Yeoh who converted to Christianity at the age of 19 – forget that as teenagers they themselves were brought up in households practising the Chinese ‘religions’.

          If their own faith was “so weak” that they could be persuaded to leave the religion of their parents, grandparents and forefathers to “accept Christ”, then who are they to deride the Muslims over the ‘Allah’ controversy?

          The Yahudi Yeohs are terlampau licik with lidah bercabang but they’re also a menace.

          1. Tu pasai when something comes out from a “leader’s” mouth I wiki to check his background, asal usul etc first. Dari situ kita daoat nilai what came out from his mouth.

            Ramai yang takde langsung catat sejarah asal usul keturunan mereka bole rasa they are trying to hide their past, very doubtful kan?

            Yang rekod berjeka2 pun, terdapat banyak dari mereka selit donggeng, macam Jijah bidan terjun tu.. born all over the place.

            Hai, kita nak jadi pengikut kena tau latar belakang asal usul siapa mereka.

            Macam kampung saya baru2 ni, terkejut semua worang when they lantik Ketua Kampung seorang known to all adalah kaki samseng kampung ni masa dia muda2. Six out of 8 fm his family pernah masuk lock-up. Kalo ada apa2 urusan berkaitan kampung ni, mampuih semua takan berani jumpa dia, tau tak Najib?

            Lucu betoi the types of leaders they have these days.

            1. re: “macam Jijah bidan terjun tu.. born all over the place”

              Does Islam believe that Jesus was born through Virgin Birth?

              1. There is a whole chapter dedicated to Mary(Maryam), mother of Prophet Isa(Jesus) a.s in the Quran.

                Quran (19: 20- 21)

                She said, “How can I have a boy while no man has touched me and I have not been unchaste?”(20)

                He said, “Thus [it will be]; your Lord says, ‘It is easy for Me, and We will make him a sign to the people and a mercy from Us. And it is a matter [already] decreed.’ “(21)

                Surah Maryam

                So yes Cik Helen, Muslim do believe in the virgin birth.

            2. My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was Cheah Leong Keah. He donated a 22.5 acre site to build the Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged in Penang. The hall is named after him – Dewan Cheah Leong Keah. He did other philanthropic works as well.

              This is my grandma. She is his third daughter. You can see in the pix that she’s got sanggul nyonya and wears a kebaya pendek ‘buttoned’ with kerongsang.

              Both my grandmothers, paternal and maternal – were Nyonya. I don’t usually like to talk about my family tree because the Nyonyas are an extinct species. I choose to be a Selangorian.


              1. Ya Cik Helen. Tanpa mereka siapala kita ya. Kerana kita begitu sayang, megah dah respect tok moyang kita dulu2, kita sangat2 prehatin dengan tingkah laku agar nama keluarga tidak tercemar.

                Gitu juga Bila ada perasaan kasih sayang dan cinta kepada Negara dan Agama sendiri.

              2. ‘My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was Cheah Leong Keah. He donated a 22.5 acre site to build the Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged in Penang.’

                Wow. Habis la AC-DC how can he top that?!

                ‘22.5 acres of flat land with eight blocks of cluster units housing 124 rooms, 5 medical wards withover 80 beds, a rehabilitation centre, a physiotheraphy section, a splendid dining hall and 2 kitchens to cater for the Muslim and non-Muslim Residents and a self contained laundry.’


                Thanks for the info Helen. Malaysia seriously need more of these stories.

                1. AC-DC,

                  Ayuh kita wiki dan cari katar belakang Pakiam, LKS dan anak dia, Tembam, Teresa Kok, Ambiga dan sewaktu geng2 yg kalut termasuk Pak Janggut..

                  Kalau ada masa lapang sikit, merisik melalui oppa google latar belakang keturunan semua Adun dan MP juga. Then dapat rasa ya perjuangan sebenar mereka ni semua… Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara atau demi $$$$$$$$

                  1. Minta izin celah.

                    Demi $$$ saya rasa. Dah lah DAP bolot jawatan Speaker Selangor, yang Timbalan pun dorang nak juga.

                    Adun-Adun DAP bagi 14 undi mereka kepada Cina DAP (gambar bawah) yang dicalonkan.

                    Adun-Adun Umno tidak mengundi.

                    Calon PAS dapat 28 undi daripada rakan separti dan kekawan PKR.


                    1. Semua pun DAP dan Hannah mahu rembat, termasuk jawatan Timbalan Speaker dan peruntukan bagi Adun-Adun pembangkang di Selangor.

                      Laporan The Sun Daily:

                      SHAH ALAM: The state Opposition must be having money for them to reject the RM200,000 allocated to them in Selangor Budget 2015, state legislative speaker Hannah Yeoh said.

                      Yeoh said, as an assemblyman, she would have taken the allocation as it will finance programmes through their service centres that will benefit the people.

                      “For me, as an assemblyman, if I don’t have money to organise programmes for the people, you give me RM100,000 also I will take because it’s for the benefit of the people.

                      “But if you reject it even when the money is given to you, it only shows one thing – that you already have money,” she told a press conference at the state assembly annexe building.


                    2. Congratulations! Looking forward to more writings from you.

                      I’m glad for Selangorians that man did not become the timbalan speaker. I’m being totally prejudiced here but I can picture him in speaker’s robe ..and well the only word that come to mind… ugly.

                      And after not getting a single vote from Dap is PAS is going to be as clueless as the PM on where they stand with the evangelists?

                    3. ‘Najib Razak’s cluelessness is approaching the point of harakiri.’

                      Tun M thinks so too!

                      “If Umno is defeated and wiped off the face of the earth, its leaders and members cannot deny that they had contributed to the downfall of the party that has done a lot for Malays and Malaysia,” said Dr Mahathir in a posting in his blog – See more at:

                      Turun la Najib!!! Please walk the talk, bagi orang lain yang benar-benar mahu memperjuangkan agenda agama, bangsa dan negara pegang tampuk pulak.

                      Banyak sangat bloopers la. Kalau tak Tun M dan lain-lain NGO tak payah nak buka mulut. Kesian kat elders kita yang terpaksa buat road tour 1 Malaysia sebab kau kurang cerdik!

                      Enough is enough! Tak tumbuh tak melata…

                    4. Your comment on The Sun article featuring HY – I’m gonna concede HY has a point. If the funds given is FREE OF ENCUMBRANCES, then the opposition (read BN) Adun should accept and use the RM for the benefit of their constituency.

                    5. The BN Aduns protested because they were offered RM200k while Pakatan Aduns have been getting between RM700k and one million ringgit annually.

                      Their protest was on the basis of the inequality.

                    6. There are 12 Umno Aduns (no MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc Aduns) in Selangor. The payout to them would have amounted to RM2.4m.

                      Their areas serve 15,187 + 27,541 + 22,697 + 38,400 + 16,118 + 26,590 + 20,933 + 43,578 + 24,319 + 19,636 + 42,344 + 44,948 = 342,291 voters.

                      The allocation offered by Pakatan amounts RM7 per pax (each voter).

                      Meanwhile, it has been reported that eight of Khalid Ibrahim's staff were given a golden handshake together totalling RM2,644,970.

                      e.g. Khalid's press secretary, formerly a Malaysiakini reporter:

                      Nama : Arfa’eza Abd Aziz
                      Jawatan Akhir : Setiausaha Akhbar MB
                      Pampasan 30% : RM 358,000
                      Ganti Notis 3 Bulan : RM 55,000
                      Jumlah Pampasan Diterima : RM 413,000


                      So Regina Lee might also expect a cool half million compensation if laid off by KJ?

                    7. They shouldn’t expect to be treated equally; they are the opposition. They should be smart about it. Learn from the dapsters – take the money and use it to go around their constituency and tell the people what is wrong with the PR state government.

                    8. When I voted the opposition in 2008 and 2004 …

                      … and I’d have voted them in 1999 too had my registration been processed in time / I was one of the 600,000 new voters who were disenfranchised due to the EC’s (deliberate?) tardiness

                      this issue of oppo Aduns (DAP et al) dianaktirikan was one of the sore points with me.

                      But 2008 showed that when DAP & Co. were the ones holding power and with it, the purse strings, their behaviour was no different from BN despite their promises of fairness and equality.

                      So I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The state oppo (be it BN or Pakatan) cannot equality for their constituents. DAP & Co. have shown that they too kenakan the BN voters. This is realpolitik.

                      So now that we’ve witnessed the behaviour of both sides and the reality of how politics is played (promises about fairness and equality from Pakatan are rubbish), we should get real that Politics is War.

                      The other side (DAP & Co.) have shown that they stop at nothing. BN must return measure for measure. If Najib still fails to realise this, then he’ll be the last Umno PM.

                    9. typo:

                      “The state oppo (be it BN or Pakatan) cannot equality for their constituents.”

                      I meant Pakatan care not about equality for the BN constituents.

          2. Some noteworthy differences between the Jesuits and the Franciscans


            “The Jesuits’ founder was Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish soldier. When he founded the Jesuits in 1540, he brought to the organization a soldier’s discipline and zeal for training.

            The Francisicans take their name from Francis of Assisi, the order’s founder. Francis was the son of a wealthy merchant. He renounced his wealth and devoted himself to a life of service to the poor. His followers, like Francis, strive to divest themselves not only of wealth but also of ambition, arrogance and power. They live among the poor and needy, and spend their lives in service.”

            1. re: “He renounced his wealth and devoted himself to a life of service to the poor.”

              And then you have Kong Hee, the City Harvester who with his church cohorts, are on trial from corruption, CBT and money laundering to the tune of millions (Sing dollars).

              re: “divest themselves not only of wealth but also of ambition, arrogance and power. They live among the poor”

              Cannot lah like that. Where to tayang the Prada nanti? Since the pastor happily gave herself the same salary as the prime minister, the fruits of the Gospel of Prosperity must be enjoyed.

              The materialism of the Chinese marrying the dogmatism of the evangelists is combining the worst out for both worlds. Not a match made in heaven.

              1. typo:

                combining the worst out of both worlds

                Speaking of Our Lady of Jerusubang, her “ambition, arrogance and power” is clearly beheld. Her spirituality “May God have mercy on the racists” is nowhere to be seen.

              2. You know, you need $5 million Australian dollars to obtain permanent residency in Australia so of course making use of outlets, platforms like City Harvest hastens the process. $5 million Aussie dollars translate into something like RM15 million so it is not surprising that the evangelists and crooks over here are so busy with their evangelical activities. After all there are between 6 to 7 million Chinese in Malaysia for them to fleece on.

          3. Not to conteng arang di muka but I’m worried that this phenomenon of lay preaching / lay pastor is also appearing in the “trendy” Tibetan Buddhism that is making fast inroads. They come from the same socio economic class of Chinese as the evangelicals – upper middle to very affluent.

            The lamas are promising a short cut to enlightenment and some of the followers are displaying cultish behaviour. On FB, an outsider remarked that their guru was getting fat (the one whose face is plastered on the side of Vivo Mall) and said (rightly) that obviously he’s not adhering to the Vinaya rules that govern a monk’s diet. You should have seen the firestorm of denials, excuses and “wet thread standing” that ensued.

            I wonder. .. maybe it’s not confined to certain religions. It is human nature to diverge from the original teaching for their own egos. Doesn’t matter which religion, some people will always use it the wrong way.

            1. re: ” the Vinaya rules that govern a monk’s diet”

              Obviously Bak Kut Teh is the lay pastor’s diet (most recent photo, taken today). Their holy communion – BKT & Brandy


              1. Melayu memang terkenal dengan sifat-sifat yang terpuji seperti BERBODHI BHASA, kalau tak masakan Athisa, figura penting Tibetan Buddhism, menitiskan air mata teringatkan guru Melayu yang banyak berjasa kepadanya daripada Seri Bijaya seperti Dharmakirti:

                “All in all, Atisha studied with 157 great teachers, but he had such exceptional reverence for this magnificent teacher from the Golden Isle and the measures he imparted that tears would well in his eyes whenever he mentioned or heard his name. When later asked by his Tibetan disciples if this display of emotion meant that he favored one of his teachers above all others, Atisha replied, “I make no distinctions among all my spiritual mentors. But because of the kindness of my sublime master from the Golden Isle, I have gained peace of mind and the dedicated heart of a bodhichitta aim.”


                Melayu yang beragama Islam kini banyak mempraktikkan Vinaya dalam kehidupan seharian mereka. Kalau tidak masakan mereka boleh menjadi bangsa yang paling tidak apa di dunia? Minda, perkataan dan perbuatan mereka sangat dipelihara, satu displin yang tidak pernah bercanggah dengan kesyumulan Islam.

                Kalau tidak masakan Raja Diraja, Raja Seri Bijaya, Sri Maharaja Indra Warmadewa watikah kepada Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz seawal 718 Masihi, mengutuskan supaya diajarkan kepada mereka akan Islam.

                ‘Dari Raja sekalian para raja yang juga adalah keturunan ribuan raja, yang isterinya pun adalah cucu dari ribuan raja, yang kebun binatangnya dipenuhi ribuan gajah, yang wilayah kekuasaannya terdiri dari dua sungai yang mengairi tanaman lidah buaya, rempah wangi, pala, dan jeruk nipis, yang aroma harumnya menyebar hingga 12 mil. Kepada Raja Arab yang tidak menyembah tuhan-tuhan lain selain Allah. Aku telah mengirimkan kepadamu bingkisan yang tak seberapa sebagai tanda persahabatan. Kuharap engkau sudi mengutus seseorang untuk menjelaskan ajaran Islam dan segala hukum-hukumnya kepadaku.’


                ‘Pada tahun 718, Sri Indrawarman akhirnya mengucap dua kalimat syahadat. Sejak itu kerajaannya disebut orang sebagai “Kerajaan Sribuza yang Islam”. Tidak lama setelah Sri Indrawarman bersyahadat, pada tahun 726 M, Raja Jay Sima dari Kalingga (Jepara, Jawa Tengah), putera dad Ratu Sima juga memeluk agama Islam.’


              2. Boddhisattva Atīśa in “Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment”

                ཆུང་ངུ་འབྲིང་དང་མཆོག་གྱུར་བའི། །
                སྐྱེས་བུ་གསུམ་དུ་ཤེས་པར་བྱ། །
                You should know that beings are of three kinds —
                Those of lesser, intermediate and supreme capacity.

                གང་ཞིག་ཐབས་ནི་གང་དག་གིས། །
                འཁོར་བའི་བདེ་བ་ཙམ་དག་ལ། །
                རང་ཉིད་དོན་དུ་གཉེར་བྱེད་པ། །
                དེ་ནི་སྐྱེས་བུ་ཐ་མར་ཤེས། །
                Those who strive by any means
                To gain only the pleasures of samsara (worldly existence)
                For themselves alone —
                Such people are called ‘lesser’ individuals.

                སྲིད་པའི་བདེ་ལ་རྒྱབ་ཕྱོགས་ཤིང་། །
                སྡིག་པའི་ལས་ལས་ལྡོག་བདག་ཉིད། །
                གང་ཞིག་རང་ཞི་ཙམ་དོན་གཉེར། །
                སྐྱེས་བུ་དེ་ནི་འབྲིང་ཞེས་བྱ། །
                Those who turn their backs on worldly pleasures,
                And avoid any harmful actions,
                Striving for peace for themselves alone —
                Such individuals are said to be ‘intermediate’.

                རང་རྒྱུད་གཏོགས་པའི་སྡུག་བསྔལ་གྱིས། །
                གང་ཞིག་གཞན་གྱི་སྡུག་བསྔལ་ཀུན། །
                ཡང་དག་ཟད་པར་ཀུན་ནས་འདོད། །
                སྐྱེས་བུ་དེ་ནི་མཆོག་ཡིན་ནོ། །
                Those who long to put a complete end
                To all the sufferings of others
                Through the sufferings of their own experience —
                Individuals such as these are supreme.

                The “Four Immeasurable Qualities” of the Boddhisattva are:

                Loving-kindness towards sentient creatures; Compassion for the well-being of others; Joy in the service of others; and Equanimity between attraction and repulsion towards people and things.

  8. Congratulations on 5 million hits, and I echo most of your commentors when I say – “Keep up the good work!” :)

  9. Hits bukan menjadi ukuran namun messages dari blog anda sampai kpd pembaca dengan jelas. Diserta kan fakta sejarah dan carta2 juga images menyokong tajuk article membantu pembaca kepada penilaian yang bernas.

    5juta hits ialah pengiktirafan penulisan yang baik Miss Helen. Tahniah.

    Selalu tengok penghuni2 rumah kebajikan itu ber taichi pagi2 hari depan entrance utama.

    1. Jasa dan satu pemberian yang tidak dapat dinilai.

      Macam coincidence pulak dengan gaji Tembam RM22.5K sbln.. Pray jangan ada yang kat situ dok telioq tengok kawasan tanah tu, eyeing to roboh and build luxury condos to cater for Singaporeans, Hongkongites, Taiwanese and Koreans!

    1. Of course it is. Almost all blogs are one sided. The personal opinion of the writer and in this case, she publishes almost all views from her readers. Which is more than I can say of some other blogs where your comments are not published if they differ from the admin’s views.

      But that’s okay because I can always read Hannah’s tweet and Lim Kit Siang’s blog and Malaysian Insider or MalaysiaKini if I want a totally different view. Or are they all the same view?

  10. So Muhyidin Yassin seems care enough and awake enough to understood the realities that is facing the Malays and UMNO in particular.

    Let’s see whether Najib’s multi million dollars CONsultants can do the same?!

    BTW Annie had nailed it with this piece…

    ‘In fact the whole event was not very smart either as getting speakers from the likes of North Korea and China to talk about the world’s hyper connectivity is actually rather dumb.’

    Nak buat camno Annie, PM kita pun dua kali lima!

    Hidup Muhyidin Yassin!!!

      1. We are past listening to these evangelists,
        and they have become irrelevant world-wide especially in Europe.

        Local Orang Aslis happy to just take the $ and stay free and randy.
        ( smart? They take all from MAIs also huhu )

        Christians speak inter-faith but Syariah enactment wins all the time because their own YBs have given up the fight in DUN.
        Muslim domination will prevail with ASWJ.
        ( Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah, moderate school )

        5 Million !
        Congratulations adinda Ms Helen
        and may you and readers remain relevant in-sya-Allah.

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH

        1. I don’t think I’ll be blogging anymore in 2015.

          Malaysian politics has passed the point of no return. Statement below by the National Security Council complaining about The Malaysian Insider – the worst pro-Christian, shameless, black propagandist media in Malaysia – and TMI‘s twisted coverage to kenakan the government:

          “The National Security Council is deeply disturbed by the allegations made by certain individuals over the social media and web portals of late, particularly those that are published by the Malaysian Insider regarding the management of the current flood situation in the country. These articles and commentaries which smacks at political motive, claimed that the Government had failed in managing the flood situation even though year in and year out we are faced with this annual event.”

          Full text of statement @

          The NSC is quite right about the warped and unconscionable reports coming from social media and web portals over our floods disaster.

          1. Yes Malaysian Insider(MI) is consistently anti-Islam, adinda Ms Helen
            especially the editors who sensationalise dubious/ fringe so-called Islamic groups and invite readers to mock Islam and Muslims.

            NB. Pembaca MI yang kebanyakannya evangelis DAP dari P Pinang respon dengan komen dan likes, sampai macam orgasm.

            FoS :
            Worse our rebuttals are tediously screened and not posted. Unlike bloggers who are not professionals, MI people are alternative press and their editors should adhere to NUJ Code of Ethics, so what role NUJ?

            Despite SA 1948 the PM advocates more FoS which we should support. It is clear that MI editors purposely publish one-sided articles to invite hateful comments. The government should monitor this closely and take appropriate action.
            ( I’ve complained twice to SKMM before )

            In the spirit of FoS(?) JAKIM and Islamic authorities should also publicise all their comments and distribute them widely including copies to masjids and churches. We shall see who squeaks first, boleh?

            Haji M Zin
            Alor Gajah DPH

          2. Re: ‘I don’t think I’ll be blogging anymore in 2015.’

            Janganla macam tu, nanti orang macam Dandy and fff takde extra income.

            Jokes aside, I know you are getting tired like most people do. But if you don’t hustle on and keep doing things that u believe in, all that u wrote and exposed all these years will be wasted.

    1. Was watching the broadcast on RTM1. Who were those two idiotic looking guys mouthing off and nodding and shaking their heads seated behind him?

      And the response he got when he was talking about what the youth outside of Umno thought of them? All those people seating behind him agreeing and making the appropriate noises, don’t they know that he was actually talking about them? They are the “war-lords”. They are the ones yang mencantas, memotong etc. They are the ones who do not want to recruit new young members who are more qualified than them. They are the power-hungry, money-grubbing chiefs.

      Jika tiada kesedaran dan keikhlasan menjalankan amanah, macam mana hendak transformasi diri dan jauh lagilah transformasi Umno.

      Btw, the only person I see taking notes was Zahid Hamidi.

      1. I won’t be surprised if ada orang dah asah parang, as we speak, nak cantas TS Muhyidin!

        He seems sincere wanting to see changes in UMNO for the better, but will it end his political carrier sooner than later? We all shall see soon.

        ‘Malaysiakini Christian ABU reader response to TS Muhyiddin’

        Helen, I don’t think that Lynn even understood what was being said, except for Melayu, Melayu, Melayu! No wonder dia tak puas hati maa. Rasis kaki maa!

  11. Ms H. Keep it up. There is no such holistic ( I copy ) Website in the Opposition firmament wihout the insults, abusies and vulgarities. Another 5 million hits for you is no problem !

    1. Uncle,

      The reason I updated today is to get a closure for myself before the year ends and shedding the emotional baggage before 2015 commences.

      It’s a similar weaning process like those people who’ve terminated their Facebook accounts. Trying to close the chapter.

      1. 2015, on :
        Tolong postpone retiring(?) another 6 months please adinda Ms Helen
        until we find another blog that telanjang’s the Star
        .. if there are any as sharp(?)

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH

          1. Chivalry has never come forth without a trial by fire and if it retreats then less fortunate souls will be consumed by the fires of tribulation.

            1. S’okay.

              The J-Star has declared that ‘Moderates’ are Malaysian of the Year. With so many moderates around, and ‘Moderation’ put on a pedestal, nobody is going to be consumed by any fire. Everything’s hunky dory.


          2. Takpa Helen, you rehat tapi jadi cyber warrior pulak. Masuk blog2 lain dan kasi mereka melelong sikit.

            With the year end strange happenings saya rasa telah memberi banyak pengajaran kepada ramai. Hidup jangan sombong2 sangat, be humble dan sedar diri bahawa kita ini adalah insan yang begitu kerdil disisi Allah swt.

            Mana itu Pakiam, Ambiga, Marina dan 24 kawan2 perasan moderate, Tembam, Teresa, Guan Eng dan paktua dia dan kaki2 melalak lain? Tengah melalak satni disambar petir mesti berkeliaran cabut lari!

              1. That seems final.
                But the fat lady hasn’t sung, yet.

                Here’s wishing a stress-free and more peaceful and better 2015. Happy new year!

          3. I feel sad, and happy at the same time adinda Ms Helen.
            for you making a muktamad choice.

            You didn’t say you’d not be back, kan?

            Deserved break:
            OK pat yourself on the back and take a deserved holiday. Turkey is really nice and still affordable.
            We drove 3.000 km all over for 2 weeks last year.May.
            ( Troy, Izmir Ankara, .. more outside busy Istanbul )

            Come back and blog again, refreshed after boleh?

            Happy new year 2015 and see you again in-sya-Allah!

            Haji M Zin
            Alor Gajah DPH

              1. Leave a light on here, boleh adinda Ms Helen?

                Darling leave a light on for me
                I’ll be there before you close the door ..

                — Belinda Carlisle, 1989

                Haji M Zin
                Alor Gajah DPH

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