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Ah Jib Gor still hankering for So-Li-Da-Ri-Ti with Chinese

The Nest of Evangelistas is undoubtedly kiasu.

After this, Exhibit A

staronline Chinese support crucial

And this, Exhibit B

BN needs Chinese support

Today comes this, Exhibit C … all three within the span of one week.

Support all races vital

No Chinese support, so what?

Methinks The J-Star doth protest too much.

All these headlines attributed to Najib only serve to reveal the depth of their desperation.

The method hearkens to that other time when the paper was similarly just as desperate to deny the “Chinese tsunami” (nope, nothin’ like that happened … no tsunami, lah … it did NOT happen, I tell ya) .

  • “Chinese support crucial”, Najib kata konon
  • “Barisan needs Chinese support”, Najib kata konon
  • “Support of all races vital”, Najib kata konon

Repeating a mantra ad nauseam will not make the invocation more potent.

Quite simply, BN does not need Chinese support. To the contrary, the BN will be able to collect more votes – from the Malays – if MCA just vamoosed.

MCA in Parliament GE

Umno delegates correct

The J-Star quoted Najib Razak as saying in his winding up speech at the Umno general assembly earlier this evening:

“There are some delegates who say that we do not need Chinese votes. Look back at history, why did Tunku Abdul Rahman form ties if it did not benefit us?

“In 1974, why did Tun Abdul Razak form Barisan Nasional? If it was not beneficial, do you think Tun Razak would have formed the coalition?

“After that, Tun Mahathir, Pak Lah and until today, we defend BN. Why is that?” asked Najib.

To elaborate his point, Najib gave the example of the time former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed had lost an election because word had spread that Mahathir did not need Chinese votes.

“Let that be a lesson.”

It is the Prime Minister who has apparently not learned the lesson of the Chinese tsunami.

i love pm

Well, okay do let’s look back at history

(1) Why did Tunku Abdul Rahman form ties?

He was suckered by MCA founder Tan Cheng Lock who was a Malacca Baba.

Tunku mistakenly believed that the two million Chinese given citizenship between 1952 and 1960 were like his good buddy Cheng Lock who was acculturalized to Malay society, spoke Baba Malay and did not speak Chinese at all and nor could read hanzi.

If the Tunku had known that the majority of the new citizens were more like Chin Peng than Cheng Lock, he may not have come to the same decision.


(2) Why did Tun Abdul Razak form BN? 

Tun Razak formed the BN after the NEP was securely in place and the Sedition Act tightened. Najib Tun Razak on the other hand chose to dismantle what his own father had fortified as safeguards for preserving public order.

In 1974, the Chinese had not yet crossed the Rubicon and Tun Razak gave them a lifeboat to sail back.

In 2014, the Chinese have burned all bridges and there is no turning back anymore.

Plus the opposition Chinese of Lim Chong Eu and Tan Chee Khoon’s era did not do like this to Tun Razak.


(3) Mahathir lost his Kota Setar seat because word had spread that he did not need Chinese votes

And the good doctor’s response:

“Mahathir could no longer contain his anger with MCA which he now began to express openly. […]

“On 5 June 1969, Mahathir reacted against the statement of MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sin that MCA would not participate in the Cabinet because it had suffered heavy losses in the 1969 elections.

“He said: ‘Tun Tan Siew Sin does not have to withdraw, MCA should in fact be excluded from the Cabinet’.”

(Excerpt from Mahathir di Sebalik Tabir by Zainuddin Maidin)

Ah Jib Gor palu gendang

No need lah

Dato’ Seri does not need to wear a Chinese shirt.

Dato’ Seri does not need to play the Chinese drum.

Dato’ Seri does not need to adopt a Chinese name.

Dato’ Seri did not get a single extra Chinese vote despite doing all of this and more. Still can’t get the message?


Must everything be communicated through shouting?

Perkasa raised their voice against repealing the Sedition Act. So did Isma and the other Muslim NGOs. The current and former IGPs and retired top cops and security top brass expressed their concern against abolishing the act. Retired judges spoke up too. Wanita and Pemuda Umno added their objections as did the Umno deputy president and the Umno former president and the majority of the Umno division chairmen.

And only then did Najib listen. The sound and fury has to reach a cacophony before the PM’s ear registers anything audible.

Boy, it’s really hard for conservative Malays to get through to him. But he’s all ears to the “moderate” evangelistas though.


Blogger ‘A Voice’ requests: “Can Najib’s advisers tell him his off-tone shrills are similar to Pyan Habib reciting poems?

“Pyan Habib speaks that way because he is deaf.”

By blogger ‘A Voice’

When Dato’ Najib speaks with his normal tone, he sounds dignified and confident.

He has a good tone of voice, clear and well paced. Have heard him speak off the cuff in both Malay and English and his flow of thought is clear. Things go downhill the moment Najib tries to speak in casual Malay on a political platform like the Umno general assembly and at political rallies.

He thinks that it is a crowd puller and the audience enjoys it when he goes into an unnatural off-tone manner of speaking to raise his tone and extend syllables ending with ‘a’. It is like reading Quran syllables meant for one harakat as three harakat.

More embarrassing, Najib would start to lead cheers at the most awkward of time. He is President and Prime Minister. He does not need to play cheerleader.

Hidup Umno


In his opening speech, he asked the audience to cheer “Hidup Umno!” after hardly 5 minutes into his speech.

That style of speaking becomes unbearably squeamish that we’ve stopped listening to his speeches on political podium.

A few minutes into his opening speech at the Umno general assembly the other day and we’ve had it. Better to switch off the TV and wait for the written text.

Najib needs to entertain and warm up the crowd at political rallies but not in this awkward and unnatural way of speaking. He does not sound serious.

Hardly a minute into his speech, he already asked the crowd to cheer along “Salam satuuuu … Malaysia!!!!”

During the salutations, he was sounding like Anwar, and came the part for Tun Dr Mahathir, he was pronouncing it like an Arab as “Tun Dr Mahadhirrr Mohammad”.

“Tun Siti Hasmah Mohamad Aali” came with the first round of extended ‘a’.

“… Yang Berbahagia Tun Abdullah Ahmad Ba-da-wi dan juga Yang Berbahagia Tun Sakaran Daandai.”


After the off-tone opening, he was getting into his usual tone of speaking.

That was till 3:40 (on the YouTube video) when he started mentioning the theme of his speech, SO-LI-DA-RI-TI in the same manner Anwar Ibrahim cries out Re-for-ma-si.

Every time an Umno leader feels his position is under threat then the theme perpaduan or ‘unity’ resurfaces. At the start of Reformasi, Dato’ Hishamuddin’s immediate response as replacement Ketua Pemuda after Dato’ Zahid Hamidi’s resignation was the call for unity.

Maybe Umno’s political situation is quite threatened [that there is need] to call for unity.

Ah Jib Gor sad

Then the build-up movement of hands and body for the dramatic phrase.

… Bahawa semangat perjuangan paaarti kebangsaan Meelaayu Bersatu atau Umno akan terus marak, terus menjulang, terus menyala. Marilah kita laungkan bersama-saamaa sebanyak tiga kali.

Hidup Umno! Hidup Umno! Hidup Umno!

That was it.

We decided to switch off the TV and leave the house for PWTC. We’ll read and analyse the speech objectively from the text without the drama.

When Najib goes into that mode of speaking and this time around at the early part of the speech, we know there is not much substance in Prof. Dato’ Seri Haji Khairul Anas’ written speech.

Continue reading at Another Brick in the Wall blog


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20 thoughts on “Ah Jib Gor still hankering for So-Li-Da-Ri-Ti with Chinese

  1. This man is trying hard to bring you all into the ring of the economic lords of the world.

  2. We are all aware that solidarity means unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

    In his winding-up speech Najib suggested that there must be solidarity between UMNO members to avoid in-fighting and sabotage amongst UMNO in order to win or sustain seats in the general or the by-elections.

    Najib must surely realise that UMNO members do not require mere solidarity amongst themselves like some Hari-Raya open-house gathering. Above all, as UMNO party members they must exhibit total and undivided loyalty to the party (especially during the general & by-elections) despite having any personal differences amongst themselves.

    Apparently Najib was implying that there must be solidarity within the BN components to sustain the strength of BN coalition. However, Najib fail to realise that especially now most of the Chinese BN candidates have somewhat become ineffective ‘passengers’ of the party for the sake of upholding ‘solidarity’ within the BN…

    Does Najib realise that he cannot have the best of both worlds..?

    Let us not forget that a rather unknown greenhorn Malay girl DAP candidate had lost by a slight margin to a very senior Chinese BN (Gerakan) candidate during the recent Teluk Intan by-election in a rather Chinese dominant election area. What does that tell us..?

    Well.., it tells us that those Chinese voters can really garner and band their votes together to an unknown greenhorn Malay girl DAP candidate despite her lack of political experience and inadequacy. However, the DAP’s loss in Teluk Intan was nothing but a political mistake and a rather silly & arrogant gamble by Lim Kit Siang.., but of course to the relieve of Barisan Nasional.

    If an UMNO candidate or an even an Indian (BN) candidate was put there up against that unknown greenhorn Malay DAP candidate,., perhaps the results could have turned-out even better for BN. Who knows..!?

    It just comes to show how overwhelmingly the Chinese voters can cast their votes these days where they will not budge an inch towards UMNO/BN.., unlike the other races who would most likely not behave like that.

    Thus, how does Najib expect to have solidarity within the BN components when largely most of the Chinese voters would avoid solidarity with BN but would rather prefer dissension and discord with the feeling that there’s nothing mutual especially the Malay dominant UMNO party..?

    Who is obliging whom now.., but without receiving any favourable response..? Surely Najib should not waste time & resources by sprinkling water on some arid desert..!

  3. You are one of the Rogue Pro UMNO Blogger Najib is referring to!!
    Instead of Blogging go knit a cheongsam.

    1. From what I can gather, Helen Ang is not a Pro-UMNO blogger.., but rather she is dead-set and all-out against those Chinese Christian Evangelical (cum Pro-Zionist) DAPsters.

      Thus.., Helen Ang is far from being a ‘bangang’ blogger as uttered and insinuated by Najib.

      What say you.., Helen…!?

    2. this is from ah jib gor – “Bloggers kita ni cari makan dengan siapa?”, “blogger pro Umno ….perlu tahu pihak mana yang membiayai mereka”.

      produce proof if you are true.

  4. Slow motion suicide in action. The man just don’t get it. Finish la if continue like this.

  5. With the fall of oil price. UMNO need the chinese support more than ever. Don’t fall into the Helen ‘ s evil plan of provoking the malay against the chinese. Helen just want to see the violent ethnic cleansing against chinese especially the Christian. This woman is evil.

  6. Najib silap dengan mengatakan “kami perlukan undi kaum Cina dan undi semua”. Apa yg dia lupa, situasi GE 13 tidak sama dengan isu Tunku Abd Rahman dan Tun M. Kaum Cina telah membakar jambatan dengan BN dan tidak akan kembali lagi kpd BN. GE 14 diramalkan jika MCA bertanding semua kerusi di kawasan majoriti Cina melawan DAP atau PKR maka MCA akan kehilangan ke semua kerusi.

    Buat MCA, jika itu berlaku, adakah itu salah UMNO yang selama ini telah memberikan segala peluang dan ruang untuk kaum Cina berjaya sebagai warganegara Malaysia.

  7. PAU sekali ni dianggap saperti anjing dengan kucing sebab dikatakan begitu najib saperti kucing Siam yang bersemuka dengan perwakilan yang cekal dan garang

    apabila sikucing yang cerdik ni gagal menghadapi pesaing dia akan cabut bersembunyi atau lari panjat pokok dan si anjing tentula tak dapat panjat pokok bila keadaan sudah reda masaalah bagi sikucing bila nak turun samada dibimbing atau terjun sendiri

    kebetulan dibawah pokok ada air acaq maka belemuih la bulu cantik sikucing ni jadi nampak la macam kucing kampung oleh itu seterus nya ingat lah UMNO asal dari kampung hal bandar dan undi cina boleh di remote control dan serahkan kepada Pak Tuan Syed kita dia boleh handle

  8. presiden paling lembab, pekak dan terhegeh2. Tidak syak lagi. Elok lah dia mula bayangkan jawatannya selaku ketua pembangkang pasca pru14.

    Pengundi BN pru13


    “GEORGE TOWN: MCA has blasted Permatang Pauh Umno chief Datuk Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said over his statement that the Chinese in Penang are rich due to illegal economic activities. ”

    But you cannot deny that in Penang you cannot buy legal DVD/CD/Blu Rays easily. Except for Gurney Plaza, Tesco Tanjung Pinang and Queensbay, you cannot find any shops selling original DVD/CD/Blu Ray. Even in KOMTAR you cannot find original PlayStation video games, only pirated one.

    In fact there is no bookshop at the MCA College – KTAR in Penang – only photocopying shops. In fact students from all the high class colleges like Inti, KDU all photocopy.

    Batu Feringhi is famous for fake designer bags, pirated CD/DVD/Blu Ray (including straight and gay porn), fake perfumes etc.

    “Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the people of Penang were hard working and made an honest living.”

    May I inquire whether pirated material and photocopying are legal? Photocopying shops employ hardworking people to man the machines.

    Perhaps WCW would feel his ass is on fire if we were to scan and photocopy copies of his book and sell.

    1. They resort to selling pirated goods because most cannot fit into society. They live in cocoons or to put it crudely, they are ghetto dwellers. Violating the law is their only means of making a living.

      For those studying at colleges they photocopy because the very reason they go to college is to earn a degree, a piece of paper so that they can use that piece of paper to make money. It does not matter what they study as long as they can graduate and obtain that piece of paper, that is all that matters. So why bother buying real books since they have no use for them anyway after graduation ?

      The Chief Minister say the people are hardworking and they make an honest living. Well, what he says is true. They are very hard at work doing the illegal things and they are very honest about it. That’s why you have all these illegal places where buyers and sellers converge to do deals and all this is done openly. This is what is called honesty.

      Are the pirated material and photocopying legal ? Crime has a certain way of making itself legal. One way is through the protection by big shots. You know what I mean ? If you have powerful people protecting you then the illegal becomes legal.

      1. “So why bother buying real books since they have no use for them anyway after graduation ? ”

        So why does the government give out the Bantuan Buku if the kids (especially the Chinese) photocopy and do illegal things? In fact book purchases are highest in the public universities and the Malay institution of higher learning like UiTM where they practice no tolerance on piracy.

        Why can the Malays buy ORIGINAL books but the Chinese cannot even with book aid from the taxpayers?

      2. “They resort to selling pirated goods because most cannot fit into society. They live in cocoons or to put it crudely, they are ghetto dwellers. ”

        Not true. I know of one seller of fake Gucci bags have membership at the Penang Swimming Club – a very very very very high class establishment where only the cream of Penang can join.

  10. Ms H. The very best way to control the Chinese is to be like the British in British Malaya, the Straits Settlements, and Hong Kong – leave them alone to do their own thing. Or like the Emperors of China and the present authoritarian Government – chop off a few heads.

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