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Panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya sendiri

Pegawai-pegawai Pemandu menerima upah belasan malah puluhan ribu sebulan. Gaji siber trooper Umno berapa?

CEO Pemandu ialah evangelista, iaitu Idris Jala – seorang menteri beragama Kristian.

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J-Star wants extremist “monster” exterminated

The J-Star today continued pushing its Nest of Evangelista campaign against “radicalism, extremism, terrorism and militancy”.

Headlined ‘We’ve to nip it now – and at all costs‘, the EvangeliSTAR editorial said that “extremism” could come whether in the form of “terror groups such as IS or even through the voices of certain groups or individuals”.

Evidently, the J-Star and its evangelista editors believe that certain groups and even certain individuals in our country are “extremists” (or “racists” or “bigots” or haters who spew venom).

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