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Ah Jib Gor: Blogger Umno bangang

“Bloggers kita ni cari makan dengan siapa?”

“Pergilah tembak pembangkang.”

“Itu cara kita nak menang dalam peperangan. Jangan perang sesama sendiri. Tak masuk akal.”


— kata presiden Umno tatkala ucapan penggulungan di perhimpunan agung



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8 thoughts on “Ah Jib Gor: Blogger Umno bangang

  1. He was clueless when he said that. The bloggers attack him because he did wrong and the attacks are to tell to him that he needs to correct himself.

    If you are surrounded by Yes Men then you’re going to have trouble later on. Worse still you have advisers telling you the wrong things. Instead of examining his errors he bashed his own troops. What a disgrace.

  2. He is very very very clueless, so much so our Great Leader and God Kim Guan Eng has given a very open invitation for MIC and MCA to leave BN.

    Guan Eng: Why stay with Umno who insults openly?

    “Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has ticked off Umno’s BN partners for staying with a party that has shown only “contempt” for the minority races of Malaysia during the ruling party’s annual general assembly concluding last night.”

    “”MCA, Gerakan and MIC have shown that they are without any shred of honour and dignity by continuing to stick to, and support such a racist and extremist party that bullies and threatens ordinary Malaysians,” said Lim in a statement today”

    Tengok tu, “MCA, Gerakan and MIC have shown that they are without any shred of honour .” See AhJibKo, your selfie buddy has stuck a big pair of scissor on your back.

  3. Helen.

    I am surprised how could he made that statement. That kind of statement only shows what kind of a person he is. Blame and name calling others shows that he does not know what his cyber troopers were actually doing. Either they were his supporters or someone else trying to undermine him.

    Actually it takes a bangang to call another a bangang. If he knows what these cyber troopers were trying to say, he should rectify himself and put himself in a better positions to gain respect. This does not happen. Najib keep on doing things that did not satisfying Malays and Bumi.

    Anyway I won’t worry to much, no leader will last forever. Either he will be booted out by UMNO in next PAU or he and his party will be booted out by Malay voters coming GE14. Present leaders and previous leaders of UMNO should take note of this. Change him if you must.

    1. Dah pandai biadap ye, jeeb? Tu la suka sgt selfie dgn kim guan beng. Tun R must be turning in his gr….

  4. Biar betul sikit Najib.

    Baru kena jentik sikit aje dengan para-blogger maka sudah naik melenting dan kata mereka tu bangang.

    Semasa Dr. Mahathir memimpin UMNO & negara dimana beliau kena belasah dari segala genap penjuru (termasuk dari pihak orang UMNO sendiri) yang menggelar beliau sebagai Mamak-Kutty, Maha-Firaun, Mahazalim & berbagai lagi kata-kata nista.., namun beliau hanya relax dan cool sahaja. Itulah dia kematangan & berhikmah (wise) dalam kepimpinan namanya.

    Namun begitu.., siapa pula yang ‘melatih’ para-blogger yang pro-UMNO tu..? Apa dah jadi dengan para cyber-troopers UMNO..? Yang melatih blogger pro-UMNO itupun patut menerima latihan cara nak buat cyber-attack semacam mana yang dilakukan oleh bloggers puak Red-Bean Army. Kalau setakat ‘half-past six’ punya jurulatih bloggers pro-UMNO.., maka lebih baik tak usah nak berperang cyber. Ikutlah style lama dan berperang secara poster pilihanraya sahaja.

    Nak ‘gugur’ duit banyak mana lagi kat mereka (bloggers Pro-UMNO) hinggakan mereka tak reti nak serang puak parti pembangkang.., sebaliknya menuduh mereka berperang sesama sendiri pula. Itu meludah ke langit namanya.

    Biar betul sikit Najib..!!

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