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J-Star wants extremist “monster” exterminated

The J-Star today continued pushing its Nest of Evangelista campaign against “radicalism, extremism, terrorism and militancy”.

Headlined ‘We’ve to nip it now – and at all costs‘, the EvangeliSTAR editorial said that “extremism” could come whether in the form of “terror groups such as IS or even through the voices of certain groups or individuals”.

Evidently, the J-Star and its evangelista editors believe that certain groups and even certain individuals in our country are “extremists” (or “racists” or “bigots” or haters who spew venom).

BELOW: J-Star CEO is trustee of Najib Razak’s ‘Moderates’ think-thank

chun wai saifuddin

Najib’s kind of moderate

A couple of days ago, uber evangelista Wong Chun Wai reiterated, “The moderates will continue to speak up. Say no to extremism. If the case has to end up in court, then we will fight him on”.

He is referring to Ibrahim Ali who has threatened to sue The J-Star for half a million ringgit over Chun Wai’s column that commented on Bible burning vis-a-vis the controversy surrounding the Perkasa chief.

BELOW: MCA making noise against the “extremists”

Liow- Reject extremism

Extremists growing to become a monster

The J-Star alleges that the “extremist” groups and “extremist” individuals have an insidious way of spreading their influence.

The Nest of Evangelistas cautions that Malaysians must “take the necessary preventive measures” against these “extremists”.

If the “moderates” do not act firmly against the “extremists”, warns the MCA paper, then extremism “will grow to become a monster that will be impossible to contain”.

The J-Star stresses that the threat posed by the extremists must not only be contained but must be eliminated.



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35 thoughts on “J-Star wants extremist “monster” exterminated

  1. Kak Helen,

    This Star article is specifically directed at the murderously deviant “Islamic State” terrorism against muslims and non-muslims alike:

    [The Star excerpt] “The Islamic State ideology has fanned out globally in ways that make it extremely difficult to contain. Which is why Malaysia is committed to working with the international community to combat this threat. This is a fight against radicalism, extremism, terrorism and militancy which cannot be won alone. We need the help of all parties, at home and abroad.”

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria executed 13 leading Sunni clerics in June 2014. The leaders were executed for refusal to pledge loyalty to the Islamic State.

    One of the Sunni clerics executed by ISIS was the former Imam of Mosul’s famous Nur-al-din Mosque. Then the self-appointed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi used that very same mosque for his first public appearance to deliver a Friday sermon, calling for loyalty from all Muslims, and exhorting all believers to fight in his jihad.

    Iraq Sunni Clerics Call for War against ISIS
    Iraq Sunni Mufti: ISIS and Al Qaeda Slaughtered 300 Sunni Clerics



    1. Both IS and, separately, extremist groups and individuals are mentioned in the J-Star editorial.

      The big picture is that Muslims are demonized as extremists, and the atrocities committed by IS allows the West/Christendom and the anti-Islam crowd to tar Muslim populations with the same brush.

      1. The Wahhabi or Salafist religionists also demonize faithful Muslims who do not believe about Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in the way they have interpreted it (ie. the act of “takfir”:- branding another muslim as an ingrate pagan or “kafir”). This is ridiculous because the Wahhabi Islamist PAS are the poilitical allies of the evangelist J-Star DAPsters: Why are they lecturing the Sufis and classical Malay Islam about extremism when the Sufis have been the main target of the wahhabi takfiris for over 100 years?

        *Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhmmadin nuril anwar, miftahil babil yassar!

        * Oh Allah! rain down your blessings upon the liegelord Muhammad, the light of lights and key to the door of salvation!

        Classical Malay Islam pays attention to four facets of Islam: Shariah, Tariqa, Haqiqah, and Ma’rifah. A political Islamist would be hard pressed to describe these elements of the deen with any good effect. Much worse still they actively persecute people who are more knowledgeable than themselves! Only they are right others have to be wrong – Radicalization! And they hold a deep-seated aversion for classical orthodox muslims who always venerate our blessed Intercessor for the Day of Judgement – the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) – Isn’t this absolutely atrocious?

        “He that plans Sharia rule (with legal mandates) where there is no Tariqa (spiritual path of the heart) is as he that sets a fire in rainfall.” – Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad, Cambridge University.

        You know, the Wahhabis following their ancient sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah are anthropomorphists who attribute to ALLAH human characteristics such as insisting that ALLAH actually sits on a Throne; ALLAH has Hand like no other hand; ALLAH has Feet like no other feet etc. This is incredible and unintelligible like the Christian’s “Father-Son-Holy Ghost” Godhead they want to name ALLAH !

        I think those DAP evangelistas better sit for one of the PAS’ English course on basic Islam, but the intellectual exchanges of such a meeting of minds will be undoubtedly baffling to most Malay Muslims of classical orthodoxy. The real Sufis will hopefully be the most patient and relenting to the repentant sinners.

        1. keris…get ur facts right first b4 making such vicious assaults on wahhabis & salafists. do more research on thel from neutral sources last but not least, reevaluate ur own belief & stand u call classical malay islam. there’s no such a thing as that (classical or orthodox malay islam) in islam. but first thing first..Allah says in ayat 39 surah an nisaa’…if u differ on any issue, refer your disputes to Allah & His prophet if you do believe in Allah & the akhirat’. hv you done that? or each time you only refer to & rely on your sufi ulama’? pardon me but the sufis are the most misguided & lost people but they ‘perasan’-ly feel they are they best muslims. seek the truth. the prophet says, ‘those whose beliefs & acts are not based on the quran & sunnah, all their deeds are in vain’. i can, i.Allah, answer all your accusations against the so called wahhabis & salafists that you despise so much. lay them on the table first (your accusations & bases/grounds) & please give proper descriptions & definitions of those 2 terms or labels. i can, i.Allah, point out where you sufis have gone wrong. if you want private discourse, helen has my email address. anyway, i don’t think helen has the space or time to accommodate us. it really annoys me a great deal when people indulge in wahhabi & salafi bashing when, i think, they dont know what they are talking about. they are just parroting what they have heard or/and read. worst, they are not aware that they are indulging in fitnah/slanders. our ultimate arbitrators shall only be the quran & sunnah, which shall include their respective tafsir & syarah.

            1. Certainly, the bedrock of reference in our religion are those scriptures stemming directly from Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. – the Quran and his Sunnah. However, in order to act in accordance with these two original sources, every jurisprudential scholar of Orthodox Islam in every age and place would have to include (1) the legal methodology of analogical induction and deduction based on sound logical principles (ijma’) & (2) the consensus of considered viewpoints of properly qualified scholars on the various issues of the ummat (qiyas). You may enquire about this established code of practice of the ulama from the traditional Malay tok guru pondok who are learned in the Kitab Jawi and they represent the Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah.

              By the way the Saudi-Wahhabis have been bashing orthodox ulama worldwide for a long time, and now their morphs the ISIS are killing the orthodox ulama in Iraq. If you don’t know this much then I sincerely feel that you need to address the state of your knowledge. And sufism or tasawwuf is integral to the education of orthodox Islam.

              Imam Ash-Shafi’i said,

              حبب إلي من دنياكم ثلاث: ترك التكلف، وعشرة الخلق بالتلطف، والاقتداء بطريق أهل التصوف

              “Three things in this world have been made lovely to me: [1] avoiding affectation,[2] treating people kindly, and [3] abiding by the way of the people of tasawwuf!”

              Of course, Shafii was referring to the way of the People of the Heart who incline towards the blessed Prophet s.a.w., and Allah knows best all things.

              And, Imam Malik’s famous reminder to the Muslims:

              “He who practices Tasawwuf (Sufism) without learning Sacred Law (Sharia) thereby corrupts his faith, while he who learns Sacred Law without practicing Tasawwuf would only corrupt himself. Only he who engages in both will prove to be true.”

              Click to access caliphate.pdf

        2. The Seal of Prophecy, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. taught us that:

          “The most excellent Jihad is the conquest of the self.” (Bukhari)

          “Whosoever is kind-hearted, Allah will be kind to him; therefore be kind to mankind on earth. He who is in heaven will be merciful to you.” (Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

          “It is better to be alone than to keep company with the bad; and it is better still to be with the good than to be alone. And it is better to converse with a seeker of knowledge rather than to keep quiet; but silence is better than idle speech.” (Bukhari)

          “You will not enter paradise until you have faith; and you will not perfect your faith until you love one another.” (Muslim)

  2. I have started buying NST and Utusan, more often, just to show my so-li-da-ri-ti. Not that I care to read any newspaper before, since the last time I abandoned harakah (for the distateful ubat kuat). It’s just to show that I am a supporter of the two dailies.

    I boycott the star for the same reason I do not listen to the malaysian english radio.. in favour of bbc news.

  3. I wish the IS would come here and teach the so called ‘moderates’ here the real meaning of moderation. Oppression and extreme provocation could lead one to be IS-inclined, like the Malaysian suicide bomber in Syria.

  4. Christian evangelical terrorism is worse but nobody wants to write about it. Look what it has done over the centuries, its role in the Middle East now, the Indian sub continent and the rest of the world. Its reach is long and wide and it’s amply funded by Western governments.

    In Malaysia, it isn’t just the Dancing Queen’s church; other churches are involved too.

    The Christians hide behind their own terrorism by pointing their fingers at Islam and the extremist fringe in Islam. Here it is of course aimed at the Malay Muslims and the J-Star is in the vanguard of this movement. Write what they might, tweet whatever they want, in whatever form and direction, the objective is still the same: demonise the Malay Muslims.

    Dangerous people play dangerous games but they might not be able to put out the fire they have started.

    1. re: “Its reach is long and wide and it’s amply funded by Western governments.”

      I’ve asked many times whether the Prime Minister’s Department (or PMO) is funding the campaign by the Nest of Evangelistas.

      The chain of logic says yes.

      Global Movement of Moderates is Najib’s personal think tank. Its CEO Saifuddin Abdullah is thick as thieves with The J-Star and they’re both jointly conducting the “Moderation” campaign that is being taken into the college and uni campuses.

      If GMM is hooking up with J-Star and the GMM website extensively promoting the EvangeliSTAR, then it’s reasonable to assume that their co-operation extends to the financing of expenditure as well.

  5. The name Helen Ang clearly shows this blog is an evengelista blog. Are you in disguise to create huru hara among your Moslem readers? Pretending to be so called defender of Alif, Ba, Ta?

    Why not changed your blog’s name to moslem or Malayu sounding name?

    No wonder PM tak mau mansuhkan Sedition Act.

    His last weapon for continuing his grip on Powwwweeeeeer!

    Blogger Bangang. Habiskan nasi orang jer.

    1. Helen is a pagan (i.e. not Christian) name which was popular long before Jesus was born.

      Why don’t you Google “Helen of Troy”? The city of Troy was thriving 1,200 years before Christianity.

      re: “Why not changed your blog’s name to moslem or Malayu sounding name?”

      Why not ask your tudung-wearing, mosque-visiting evangelista politician to change her name to Hasnah first?

        1. hahahahaha….’habiskan nasi orang jer’….? peribahasa apa tu? nampak sangat dia bukan hanya seorang penipu besar….tapi seorang penipu yang kebodohannya tahap no wahid!

    2. Kamu ni Dandy malas baca. Origin nama Helen takde mengena dengan Christianity la isssh and

      Alif ba ta are the Arabic Alphabets. Bila masa Helen tulis dalam Arabic? Apahal dia perlu defend huruf2 Arab pula dah ni.

      Bangang betoi la.

  6. Muka blogger macam tu nak kiatkan dengan Helen of Troy? Cerminkan muka sendiri dulu. Ibarat langit dengan laut.

    Dahlah mengaku peminat Paganism cuba nak jadi pewira agama Dan bangsa.

    Psychopathic blogger ni.

    Agaknya peminat Dan pengampu pon sejenis jugak tak?

    1. betul2x tin kosong punya komen!

      And then, first ‘habiskan nasi orang..’, now ‘ibarat langit dengan laut’ hahaha!!! Thats a new one.

      It is quite obvious to me why. You never understand what you read.

      1. ‘Ibarat langit dengan laut.’


        Dandy, ‘ibarat langit dengan bumi’ la wei! Bodoh piang!!!

  7. She will tell you that she is not funded by UMNO.
    hmmm, ya right.
    And my mother is Helen of Troy.

    1. I’m not funded by anybody.

      I’m not and have never ever been a member of any political party.

      I blog because people like you are a menace.

    2. baffled that there are actually people not motivated
      by materialistic gains? Never encountered such people?
      Poor you.

    3. Funded by Umno or not, she certainly has been ruffled by Najib’s criticism of Umno-hired bloggers attacking one another.

      ‘Siapa termakan cili…’

      1. Funded as a DAP Beanie or not, AC-DC is certainly operating exactly like their Fitnah brigade.

        The last time – over your “Allah s.a.w.” (sic) benang basah – you left more than 40 potshot comments in my blog within the span of 24 hours repeating the same thing over and over. I’m sure the regular readers still remember that episode.

        I recall the last time I said that your behaviour (and the behaviour of your ilk) is revolting.

  8. LOL! Pagan? My dear boy, the Latin word for God – Dios is derived from the Greek “Zeus”. Isn’t it ironic that the Latin bible would use a ‘pagan’ word and yet to accuse someone of paganism is tantamount to a grave insult by Christians?

    In case you don’t know who Zeus is, then perhaps you should go watch the Percy Jackson movies, kids movie to be sure but that would be about right for your level.

  9. Sesiapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas tak?

    Blogger dan pengampu HA ni yang paling bangang kat seluruh Malaysia. Mencari rezeki macam ni tak halal, tau?

    Diupah kiri kanan macam lallang mengikut siapa yang mampu bayar lebih.

    Wira alif ba ta apa ni? Sekurang-kurangnya pelacur, lgbt, pon ada prinsip dan lebih dihormati berbanding species macam ni.

    Mungkin dah diserap fahaman Wahabi kat dia orang tak?

    1. Dandy the inveterate backbiter has escaped the sanatorium once again and spitting profanities in Malay! Pedas cilaka!

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