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“Low class” – Yahudi Yeohs’ favourite way of looking down on others

Hannah low class

The Yahudi Yeohs suffer from superiority complex where they’re always labelling folks as stupid and low class.

Their brand of evangelista politics runs along an identical track. Treating others as “low class” is a main feature in how they operate and this explains the overweening sense of entitlement on display.

Such greediness and ‘grab’iness will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Sabar itu ada hadnya.

hannah yeoh no class

FireShot Screen Capture #045 - 'Twitter _ hannahyeoh_ @LeonLeeBMG low class politician' - twitter_com_hannahyeoh_statuses_246801183111520256

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Another low class BN MP! RT ... 2014-02-24 20-07-17

hannah yeoh mca low class

High class and better

What do you think Hannah Yeoh really feels about Muslims when she threatens to make a police report against anyone who repeated the false rumour that she has embraced Islam?

On the other hand, they want to dakwah their evangelical Christianity to everybody.

Isma’s jihad is to uphold bahawa ‘Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam’.

The DAP evangelistas’ crusade is to “Rise up and take Subang (KL, the cities)” for Jesus.

“Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam”

Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam

“time to take Subang for Jesus!”

Subang Rally website


“Subang for Christ”


“Subang for Jesus” (slogan on white T-shirt)

“Ignite for Christ” (slogan on red T-shirt)


Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) Facebook:

“How do we win our city for Jesus?”


“Mono religion” – Wong Chun Wai’s nightmare

Isma is deadly earnest about its ‘bumi Melayu Islam’ struggle.

Uber evangelista, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai in his 18 May 2014 column headlined ‘Slipping into our racial cocoons‘, demanded that Malaysians must celebrate diversity and pluralism as well as embrace multiculturalism.

Chun Wai ranted: “Seriously I find it disturbing that the voices of mono-ethnicity and mono-religion are becoming louder in Malaysia”. He’s alluding to Isma.

BELOW: The Isma billboard which the Shah Alam and Selayang city and municipal councils refused to approve

“Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi keagungan Islam dan kedaulatan bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini”

Isma billboard

BELOW: The ‘Anak Malaysia’, Malaysian First, Malaysia for Malaysians, Malaysian Dream pursuit of the DAP evangelistas

Hannah Yeoh isi borang her Keturunan as ‘Anak Malaysia’ when she applied for her daughter’s birth certificate. Similarly she insisted that her baby’s Keturunan was ‘Anak Malaysia’ and that there are “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese”.

“Aku Anak Malaysia”


Keturunan: “Anak Malaysia”, Agama: Kristian


“Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Had a good time with Saya Anak

DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia is anti-bumiputera

The main objective of the DAP is to unite our society, which is culturally and religiously diverse, “based on a Malaysian Malaysia concept by forging Malaysian race with universal moral values”. Ketuanan DAP, in other words.

Its party policy on nation-building is to abolish the division of ‘bumiputera’ and ‘non-bumiputera’.

Since the DAP’s stated and avowed aim is to implement “ethnic equality”, then it stands to reason that the DAP vision is to negate the Malay Special Position. This is the only logical conclusion to deduce.

Adun Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh – the Anak Bangsa Malaysia icon


1Religion, 1Race

Isma invokes the ‘Social Contract’ and interprets it as insulating Articles 3 and 153, among others, from any challenge.

Article 3: Islam is the Religion of the Federation

Article 153: The Malay Special Position (note: Isma is inaccurate to say “hak  istimewa Melayu”; it should be “kedudukan  istimewa orang Melayu”)

Isma Social Contract

Conquistadors hell-bent on conquering

It is probably Isma’s claim that “Melayu adalah tuan tanah” which prompted Wanita MCA to call for the Muslim NGO to be charged under the Sedition Act.

Malays are owners of the land is something that Isma seriously believes in. This belief is in direct confrontation against the “take Subang for Jesus” crowd.

Historically speaking, the Malay rulers would never have agreed for the non-Malay immigrants to be granted citizenship en masse if the Article 153 safeguard was not cemented in the Federal Constitution.

And pragmatically speaking, Article 153 cannot be removed as the two-thirds Parliamentary majority coupled with assent by the Council of Rulers for any amendment to be made is almost unattainable.

Isma’s position is preserving the status quo.

Mother of All Munafiqs

Hannah Ugly

Politics is the Art of Compromise

Back in the 1950s, the Chinese and Malays through MCA and Umno respectively achieved a compromise.

Today, the power sharing agreement between the Chinese and Malays in the BN has irretrievably broken down.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Selangor MB @Khalid_Ibrahim

The Christians and Muslims through DAP and PAS respectively cannot achieve any sort of compromise. They cannot agree on secular state, hudud, apostasy and freedom to proselytize, ‘Allah’ Bibles, Jais-Mais jurisdiction and enforcement, Jakim sermons and a host of other sensitive religious matters.

Nik Aziz and his son Nik Abduh have also complained that DAP is bullying PAS – see Sinar Harian front page above.

DAP and PAS Aduns are even fighting over an invisible Deputy Speaker (II) chair in Selangor.

PAS kena buli

Evangelista Christian agenda

Hadi Awang in his rounding-up speech at the September PAS muktamar said, “Ahli-ahli PAS dan pemimpin-pemimpin PAS mesti tahu kita ada perbezaan ideologi dan matlamat perjuangan. Ini mesti faham.”

Referring to the PAS, PKR and DAP shaky compact, Hadi said, “Kita bukan satu parti. Ini arah kita tahaluf macam satu parti, nak tidur sama, nak makan sama. Ini silap. Ini batas tahaluf yang mesti kita faham.”

Hadi in the same speech also warned against the Christian agenda, saying, “Hari ini terdapat perancangan yang licik dan halus … menggalakkan adanya parti-parti Islam ala Kristian Demokrat, parti Islam sekular”.


Attempted robbery of kalimah Allah

Explaining the Allah controversy to the PAS muktamar delegates, Hadi said, “Dalam isu ini, saya ditunjukkan naskhah Bible yang dicetak. Memang saya lihat Bible yang dicetak itu diterjemah dalam bahasa Melayu kulitnya. Tujuannya ialah untuk mengelirukan orang Melayu-Islam.

“Allah itu satu sahaja. Rabbilalamin. DAP dan PKR secara mutlak seolah-olah tidak ada batas. Kita membenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan untuk mesej dakwah. Dibenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan untuk kebebasan beragama, tak boleh halang. Tak diizin kalau mengelirukan orang Islam. Ini mesti faham. Ini hukum dia,” said Hadi while at the same time complaining about the DAP’s lack of respect for ethical boundaries.

“Jangan langgar, ada batas kita!” the PAS president exclaimed.


Realpolitik is about real people

The crux lies in the question: What kind of people are they?

Longstanding Sino-Malay rivalry was prevented from exploding due to the tolak ansur arrived at between MCA and Umno. I mention MCA first, preceding Umno, because the minority Chinese are in greater need for the majority Malay to bertolak ansur than the other way around.

Currently the bitter rivalry has shifted ground to one between the evangelistas and the Islamic fundamentalists.

One side looks down on the other side as stupid and low class. This kind of attitude is a scorched earth strategy leaving no more room for any negotiation or compromise.


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78 thoughts on ““Low class” – Yahudi Yeohs’ favourite way of looking down on others

  1. Look at her.
    Does she look intelligent ?
    She is stupid, that’s why she always look at others as stupid.

    It takes a stupid to call another as stupid.
    True Malaysians must know how to respect one another.
    Actions speak louder than words..

  2. Baka asal usul toknek moyang payah nah padam…buat le macam mana pun, kaya macam mana pun, ubah nama ubah Agama.. mesti inherit juga tak diri sendiri, may pass on to doter, cucu or cicit. China dulu kala kalau bukan dari golongan bangsawan yg lain tu semua takde class wan. Kasta di India lagi pekat, masih dipraktik oleh nereka yang dah berhijrah berkurun lamanya. We know la origin depa2 ni.

    Ada satu keluarga dlm kampung saya. Tujuh orang anak, hanya seorang saja yang agak ganjil. Blonde curly hair and blue eyes. Bukan albino or anak angkat tapi anak kandung.

    The mum’s great-great-great-great grandfather was a Portugese. As for Marina she looks very similar to Ambiga and the late activist, I cannot remember her name. Bila brgambar they look like mother and doter. Macam mana pun along the line one in the family will sure inherit baka2 toknek moyang asal.

    1. Sekarang musim kawin. Kalau pilih menantu merisik asal usul mereka dengan mendalam. Taknak ojla kawin dengan keturunan count dracula. Habis anak cucu cicit nanti jadi dracula… Sama juga kalau nak pilih pemimpin.

  3. Wow I didn’t know how easy to find tips to find prostitutes in Penang.

    Here is another. Good for all the pelancong who are here for the jazz festival.

    Ah Wong is Penang too promoting his book. In his book he mentioned there are prostitutes near his school. Love Lane!

    Another I wonder whether the quality of love will be affected since Penang has so many foreign prostitutes. Tokong must curtail the foreign prostitutes since local is better (like cooks).

  4. It is a sign of low self-esteem. In concealing self-insufficiency, one normally resorts to name-calling or labelling. No matter how they try to redeem themselves, they are always doomed in the eyes of the really learned ones.

    How they keep changing their religion shows their lack of commitment towards any issue.
    They might also want to change their race and country, given the opportunity. It is not a wonder, if everyone of them is given citizenship to any of the western countries we can bet that all of them will gleefully accept the offer to migrate. I wonder wether they would want to migrate to the mainland. Never heard of any case though.

    Most of them would rather become free thinkers than stick to the original belief of their ancestors. Talk about thousands of years of civilization, even

    Converting to other religion provides them the means of upgrading their social status, that is what they prefer to opinionate. It is a sign of distaste of one’s own root.

    The fact that they fail to observe is that, even the westerners are not practitoners anymore. They are moving towards some other religion, which they feel is more suited to their advanced and wholesome way of life. Heard of the signages in london using the surah and hadith? Something the ‘eastern jews’ should ponder upon.

    When I as speaking to an oxbridge londoner there, we could sense their sincerity and passion in knowing more about Islam, or at least they show their respect for others’ religion.

    That is what you call advanced socuitey. So unlike many we find around here, name-calling others, belittling, rediculling, insulting, using offensive, senseless words towards oyhers of differing opinion and personal preference, such as those calling others ‘low-class’.

    Opps, another incident whcih irritates me there, two chinese, don’t know from where, were yelling on top of their voice in the tube/train. That kind of yelling is very foreign to the culture there. Now, that is ‘low-class’.

  5. She was denied PR in Tasmania (if I was not wrong) probably that was the reason. The Mat Salleh has read her well.

  6. Helen ang is A truly Diva!

    hat off and prostrate 7 times with her sttment that “Hannah yeoh is the mother of all munafiks”…


  7. Helen is waxing wroth because she fears becoming irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things.

    Now here’s KJ and Paul Low tilting against US V-P Joe Biden.

    And the US Ambassador to Malaysia has said his piece with regard to the Sedition Act.

    Will Anifah and Wisma Putra have the balls to summon him and give him a dressing down for interfering in Malaysia’s internal affairs?

    As for the “Yahudi Yeohs”, they are better than the bloodthirsty fanatics of ISIS.

    At least the “Yahudi Yeohs” don’t murder, enslave and rape “nonbelievers”. They don’t force people to convert under the threat of death.

    In any case, all this will be moot when Republicans take power in the US House of Representatives and Senate.

    Let’s see then what the ” Christian right” in the US will do when they feel that their faith is being threatened anywhere in the world.

    Anifah and Wisma Putra will have their work cut out for sure!

    And bloggers like Helen, bigdog and ABITW will be frothing more at the mouth!

    1. re: “As for the ‘Yahudi Yeohs’, they are better than the bloodthirsty fanatics of ISIS. At least the ‘Yahudi Yeohs’ don’t murder, enslave and rape ‘nonbelievers’. They don’t force people to convert under the threat of death.”

      The YYs may be marginally better but not by much.

    2. That Biden fella should be ashamed of himself. Became Senator at an early age of 30yrs, a lawyer lagi yet did nothing to stop Bush kelentong dunia on the “weapon of mass destruction” and merely suck his thumb on the issue of the Guatamelon victims.

      42yrs in politics yet also kena kelentong by Bush, atau apakah dia ni jenis bangang pak turut pak anggok type of leader?.

  8. Did you notice how aggressively DAP is taking on the issue of the renaming of the road names in KL? Teresa Kok the arch evangelist and racist is dead-set against the name change. What could be the possible motive when the names are all our ex-Kings ?

    This is yet another example how DAP is getting bolder and bolder in challenging the Malays and the Malay/Islam institutions. Sooner or later they will challenge the Malay special rights and the position of Islam – when they are stronger and the Malays are further divided.

    This is a clear proof that DAP is indeed anti-Malay. All the talk about anti UMNO is merely a code word for anti-Malay and Islam.

    1. re: “All the talk about anti UMNO is merely a code word for anti-Malay and Islam.”

      Wonder hpw long Madame Munafiq can keep up her hypocrisy.


      1. Of course Hannah Yeoh will retort by saying – “Don’t say I’m a Muslim”.., because is far from being one.

        However, Hannah Yeoh will not mind if being accused that she is – A very clever, sly, slippery & deceptive political animal who can morph into whatever appearance to suit the political environment, to achieve her political goals.

        But don’t ever say that she is a Muslim, because true Muslims are suppose to be good people and not to behave like munafiqs.., while being ‘good’ is not her cup of tea and being a hypocrite is part of her nature. She is only displaying her ‘natural’ self, which is keeping up so far so good.

        It’s only a pity for society that many have fallen for her nature.

    2. ‘Sooner or later they will challenge the Malay special rights and the position of Islam – when they are stronger and the Malays are further divided.’

      Absolutely. That is the reading among the Malays in general too. Thus ISMA, Perkasa, Pembela etc being more and more influential by the day. That is why the so called liberals in UMNO had no choice but to tag along the narratives set by these NGOs, in turn making the DAP to melatah, macam keli kena garam!

      1. Challenging the status of Islam is the trend sparked and set by the DAP evangelistas. Before the rise and rise of the munafiqs in that evangelical party, our country never experience religious tensions at this level.

        Previously what we had was the Sino-Malay race riot, i.e. it was an ethnic conflict. In the past, the Chinese were unhappy about Malay privileges and race was the issue. However, religion did not come into the equation.

        Today we even have DAP Members of Parliament who get married in the City Harvest Church. These people (DAP evangelistas) have good networking and are super slick in their branding and marketing. Very smooth operators.

        I cannot stress enough that most of the provocation is being carried out by the evangelistas. The most insulting, most derisory comments thrown at Malays and Muslims and the most biadab Porky Principle challenges are from Christians.

        Malays due to lack of exposure to Christianity and the subtleties of the English language are not unable to detect this. At times, Malays are not even aware that they have been cynically slapped in the face by the sweet-talking hypocrites.


        1. ‘Malays due to lack of exposure to Christianity and the subtleties of the English language are not unable to detect this. At times, Malays are not even aware that they have been cynically slapped in the face by the sweet-talking hypocrites.’

          Which reminds me of the pakciks and makciks that had invited the HY to their dining table. Perhaps they have forgotten the saying ‘belanda dapat tanah’, not realising that DAP is much worse than the greedy belanda!

          ‘Very smooth operators.’

          Its almost funny that UMNO can’t even match them. With the resources that they have and the amount of money at their disposal etc, their inability to counter argument is puzzling to say the least.

          Or is it because they have one bangang presiden thus the malaise or most of their leaders are bangang anyway?

          Save for one TS Muhyidin, that’s for sure! But why can’t UMNO starts to listen to him for a change and get rid of the bangang presiden or is that too much to ask from a party that is turning itself into a one big bangang party?

          1. Looks like I made a double negative typo – “not unable ‘.

            Umno can’t match them because the YYs are “what kind of people are they”. Decent human beings cannot fathom their kind of behaviour or even to imagine that there are people who are capable doing that kind of thing.

            1. Its not that difficult to read these people. They are motivated by greed. After they made their fortune they will resettle in Australia.

          1. re: “You have often mentioned City Harvest Church.”

            Creepy cultists. And they’re just across the Causeway.

            There’s a website dedicated to watching CHC,

            The J-Star has chosen to bury the scandal.

            SIB is Idris Jala’s church. It’s very popular, not just among the native Christians alone.

                1. ‘Both my parents went to Chinese vernacular schools. My mum went to Kuen Cheng in KL and my dad went to Hua Lian in Taiping. However, we never spoke Mandarin at home. We only spoke Cantonese.’

                  See, Dong Zong and Hua Zong penipu besar. Mandarin was never the mother tongue of the southerners, so why says Mandarin in vernacular schools is for mother tongue education anyway?

                  Kalau tak menipu dan menghasut tak sah!

                2. That’s fine grandparents hard work and all, but how in heaven did madam’s ego balloon into city harvest proportions?

                    1. ‘My parents spent a lot of resources on us for English tuition and books. English is probably my mother tongue.’

                      See what I mean. Lahir Malaysia, mother tongue bukan bahasa kebangsaan, pelik bin ajaib?!

                      Boleh pilih2 mother tongue, tapi bahasa kebangsaan last! So much of a Malaysian Firsters? Ish2!

          2. ‘What about the Sidang Injil Borneo?’

            Depa ni pun dah jadi extremis sebab dapat cue daripada kaki-kaki DAP, almaklumlah, pilihanraya Sarawak dah dekat, apalagi, menghasut la kerja depa!

  9. Thank you Paul Low for thinking and act first class!!!

    ‘Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low has come to the government’s defence amid a diplomatic swipe from US Vice President Joe Biden regarding the Sedition Act.

    Disagreeing, he said: “We are a democratic society where people can express their views within certain boundaries.”

    As for the Sedition Act, Low told Malaysiakini that the legislation is necessary to protect harmony in the country but conceded that the Act must be “redefined”.’

    Full article:
    Follow us: @MsiaChronicle on Twitter

    Macam ni la pemimpin yang kita nak, bukan pandering to the needs of outsiders like some!

    Liow Tiong Lai bila nak belajar dengan Paul Low, jiwa kena besar kalau nak jadi pemimpin, jati diri kena ada, bukan asyik cakap pasal masalah khongsi saja tau!

  10. Helan,

    Maaf komen ini terkeluar tajuk. Tapi terpaksa menumpang blog Helan untuk bertanya, Apa sudah jadi dengan blog Outsyed the Box. Sudah kena ‘ hacked’ ke?

    Bila saya buka blognya sebentar tadi terpapar kenyataan, ‘….Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist….’

    Mengapa begitu bangang kon setan PM kalau ini kerja mereka?

    Tidak kah mereka tahu dengan berbuat begini, makin ramai yang akan meminatinya. Malah yang tidak kenal pun akan mula cuba berkenalan!

    Najib benar benar dalam kerugian menggaji kan kon setan jenis ini. Bayar mereka juta juta ringgit, artikel dari Apanama dan Outsyed the Box pun tidak mampu untuk di ‘counter attack’

    Harap ada cara untuk kedua dua blogger ini menyampaikan pendapat mereka untuk bacaan pembaca yang telah ramai tidak meminati Najib!

    Masa kejatuhan Najib makin hampir!

    1. Betul kata kak Norlin.

      Ah Jib Gor sudah amat tidak popular di kalangan blogger-blogger atas pagar yang berjiwa Melayu.

      (Blog SAA masih okay setakat ni.)

        1. Helen,

          Makin Teringin ( bukan ‘Teringin’ nyanyian Shima ) saya hendak mengetahui isi artikel ini. Hebat betul ke hingga ada orang yang sanggup delete kan?

          Artikel ini sudah di delete sama ada dalam blog SAA atau link yang Helen berikan! . Saya baru cek sebentar tadi.

          He,he,he mungkin ada orang yang mempunyai artikel, ini baik hati untuk poskan dalam email saya!

                1. Helen dan Islam 1st,

                  Saya hendak memberi pendapat untuk menghuraikan mengapa orang orang Melayu berhak menganggap Malaysia di bawah naungan Ketuanan Melayu.

                  Kita kembali semula kepada fakta sejarah. Teori yang popular dan diyakni diterima umum seperti terdapat contohnya, dalam buku Teks Pengajian Malaysia, [1] menyatakan “nenek moyang” orang Melayu itu berasal daripada Yunan,

                  Berdasarkan Teori ini, dikatakan orang Melayu datang dari Yunnan ke Kepulauan Melayu menerusi tiga gelombang yang utama, yang ditandai dengan perpindahan Orang Negrito, Melayu Proto, dan juga Melayu Deutro

                  Orang Negrito merupakan penduduk paling awal di Kepulauan Melayu. Mereka diperkirakan ada di sini sejak 1000 (mungkin tersilap menaip fakta. Mungkin 10000 SM) berdasarkan penerokaan arkeologi di Gua Cha, Kelantan.

                  Perpindahan orang Melayu Proto ke Kepulauan Melayu diperkirakan berlaku pada 2,500 SM. Mereka mempunyai peradaban yang lebih maju daripada orang Negrito, ditandai dengan kemahiran bercucuk tanam.

                  Perpindahan orang Melayu Deutro merupakan gelombang perpindahan orang Melayu kuno yang kedua yang berlaku pada 1,500 SM. Mereka merupakan manusia yang hidup di pantai dan mempunyai kemahiran berlayar.

                  Orang Melayu Deutro inilah yang dikatakan asal keturunan orang Melayu sekarang.

                  Memang adalah fakta sejarah bahawa orang orang India dan China juga telah sampai ke Kepulaaun Melayu seawal kedatangan orang Melayu Deutro di rantau ini.

                  Cuma bezanya mereka datang hanya untuk berniaga dan sampai masa pulang ke negara masing masing. Tetapi orang orang Melayu Deutro datang ke Kepulauan Melayu untuk terus menetap, bertanah air dan membina kerajaan di sini!

                  Terdapat banyak kerajaan Melayu tua seperti Srivijaya, Majapahit, Kedah tua, Langkasuka dll. sebelum lahirnya kerajaan Melayu Melaka. Tetapi saya yakin pemimpin dan penduduk kerajaan Melayu tua ini adalah keturunan orang Melayu Deutro ini!

                  Agama dan budaya Orang Melayu Deutro memang sah dipengaruhi oleh agama dan budaya Hindu. Ciri ciri ini boleh dilihat dalam kebudayaann orang orang Melayu sehingga kini.

                  Bangsa Parameswara tidak dapat saya pastikan. Seingat saya semasa di alam persekolahan Parameswara dirujuk sebagai putera dari Palembang. Parameswara adalah raja pertama Melaka yang memeluk agama Islam.

                  Pada saya tidak salah bagi orang Melayu menganggap mereka ketuanan negara Malaysia ini. Mungkin orang India atau China ada membina negara di rantau ini seperti yang digambarkan dalam artikel ‘Bear of Mount Sorak, Bujang Valley dan Kota Gelanggi’ tetapi kerajaan mereka terputus dan tidak berterusan.

                  Kewujudan kerajaan ini juga tidak disahkan melalui bukti bukti sejarah yang konkrit. Setakat ini, hanya cakap-cakap berapi api untuk tujuan menafikan Ketuanan Melayu.

                  Sedang orang orang Melayu telah berkerajaan di rantau ini sejak sebelum pengislaman kerajaan Melayu Melaka ketika penduduk penduduknya beragama Hindu dan mengamalkan budaya Hindu!

                  Orang orang China dan India hanya datang ke Tanah Melayu ‘to stay’ bila mereka dibawa ke sini oleh penjajah Inggeris untuk bekerja di lombong bijih timah dan ladang getah pada akhir abad ke 20 dan awal abad ke 21!

                  1. ‘Bujang Valley dan Kota Gelanggi’

                    Kak Norlin, memang dulu wujud peradaban Hindu-Buddha di tanah Melayu, tetapi itu tidak bermakna ianya dibangunkan oleh orang Tamil (Hindu) atau orang Cina (Buddha). Ianya tetap peradaban yang dibangunkan oleh orang Melayu juga.

                    Peradaban Sri Bijaya tidak bermakna ianya merupakan peradaban Tamil. Lihat saja Kuil Hindu terbesar di dunia, Angkor Wat, ianya tidak mempunyai estetik kuil hindu bangsa Tamil langsung. Dan tolong jangan kata Borobudur juga dibangunkan oleh pendatang Cina ya. Pemikiran simplitik sebegini sememangnya bersepah terhasil oleh ilmuwan2 cauvinis dan rasis.

                    Mungkin Kak Norlin boleh baca lanjut tentang Dharmakirti seorang ahli falsafah Melayu yang mengajarkan Atisa, Budi Mahayana yang banyak digunapakai di Tibet kini. Ajaran Dharmakirti terutamanya kritikan akademiknya terhadap magnum opus tulisan Dignaga masih dipelajari di banyak universiti2 dunia kini.

                    ‘All in all, Atisha studied with 157 great teachers, but he had such exceptional reverence for this magnificent teacher from the Golden Isle and the measures he imparted that tears would well in his eyes whenever he mentioned or heard his name. When later asked by his Tibetan disciples if this display of emotion meant that he favored one of his teachers above all others, Atisha replied, “I make no distinctions among all my spiritual mentors. But because of the kindness of my sublime master from the Golden Isle, I have gained peace of mind and the dedicated heart of a bodhichitta aim.”


                    Orang Melayu tinggi budi bhasa, banyak guna budi bicara, baik budi, sopan dan sehinggakan apabila duduk pun bersila. Ajaran budi sememangnya sebati dalam kehidupan seharian orang Melayu dan budi yang saya sebutkan disini jangan pula disamakan dengan ide budi yang diamalkan golongan kiasu!

                    Kalau golongan kiasu nak hulur derma pun payah macam mana nak capai dharma?

                    1. ‘……….memang dulu wujud peradaban Hindu-Buddha di tanah Melayu, tetapi itu tidak bermakna ianya dibangunkan oleh orang Tamil (Hindu) atau orang Cina (Buddha). Ianya tetap peradaban yang dibangunkan oleh orang Melayu juga……’ (Islam 1st)

                      Fakta yang anda sebutkan itu adalah sama dengan apa yang saya yakini. Sejak penghijrahan Orang Melayu Deutro ke Kepulaun Melayu, mereka telah berjaya mendirikan kerajaan kerajaan Melayu lama dan mencapai puncak kegemilangan pada zaman Kerajaan Melayu Melaka sehingga kini!

                      ‘……..Sedang orang orang Melayu telah berkerajaan di rantau ini sejak sebelum pengislaman kerajaan Melayu Melaka ketika penduduk penduduknya beragama Hindu dan mengamalkan budaya Hindu!……’ ( antara komen saya sebelum ini )

                      Islam 1st, saya akan baca artikel yang anda link kan!

                    2. Updated: The kind of subjects the great Buddhist logician bodhisattva Dharmakirti must have engaged in with Atisha Dipankara at the Muara Jambi Buddhist seminary in Sri Vijaya:

                      Human Beings and the Nature of Reality, with Dalai Lama: [YouTube]

                  2. melayu bukan berasal Dari Yunan ye. Tolong perbetulkan pemahaman sejarah yang telah dipesongkan untuk menutup sejarah melayu. Kaji lagi dan sila baca blog Srikandi untuk pencerahan.

                    1. Urb, Saya tahu fakta itu. Apa yang saya kemukakan adalah antara antara satu teori yang dikemukan mengenai asal usul orang Melayu! Itu sahaja!

                      Walau apa pun teori semuanya menunjukkan Orang Melayu adalah penduduk awal Kepulauan Melayu selain dari Negerito dan Puetro Melayu!

  11. Low class ? Look who’s talking. I mean, just look at the person calling people low class. She is no high class guru to begin with, even with the Prada and all, she is still the fruit picker poster girl. No wonder the white Aussies ejected her from Australia.

    1. Most of the aggregated news are from TMI, Malaysia Chronicle, FMT, Malay Mail and The J-Star.

      All pro-opposition. NST does not feature in the first page results at all – see below.


      1. Paul Low Final Betrayal-betrayal to whom, the Cinas? I thought no Cina, no India, no Melayu, no Kadazan, no Dayak (despite their ‘anak asal’ project) and no lain-lain as all of us are Anak Bangsa Malaysia Firsters, no meh?

        So when Paul Low tells Joe Biden to simply back off, he is betraying which community again? I thought he did good for the country, no?

        1. I would say that Paul Low made a mistake by standing up to Joe Biden. When you do that, of course, naturally, the white wannabes, the bananas and the mangoes, they will go berserk. For these people, betraying the community = not speaking against the country. If you don’t go against the country, you are betraying the community. Makes me wonder, what community were they referring to ?

          1. Is TK Chua, Joe Biden’s poodle??

            ‘Unfortunately, the response by local politicians to Biden’s tweets were totally unexpected. Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin called on the United States to shut down its Guantanamo detention centre. Tan Keng Liang, the Gerakan Youth chief, ranted against democracy as if justice could exist without the other. And Lee Hwa Beng, a former state assemblyman, bemoaned the US’s treatment of the blacks as a counterargument to Biden’s comment.’


            Huh. It is fortunate la kawan, apa lagi lu mau, US hantar drone sama Malaysia, macam kat Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan ke?

            1. “It’s as if racism has been exacerbated in the United States with the arrival of Obama himself,” said Maduro, the socialist leader who succeeded Hugo Chavez last year. – See more at:

              Ehem, TK Chua, what is it about Obama election again?

              ‘Penulis, penyair dan aktivis social, Profesor Cornel West pernah memberitahu satu ketika dulu tentang keberadaan Ketuanan Anglo Saxon di Amerika Syarikat pasca Barack Obama, “We elected a black president and that means we are less racist now than we used to be. That’s beautiful. But when you look at the prison industrial complex and the new Jim Crow: levels of massive unemployment and the decrepit unemployment system, indecent housing: white supremacy is still operating in the US, even with a brilliant black face in a high place called the White House.”


              1. Obama played the race card to the hilt.

                Blacks have been strongly voting the Democrats in recent years (Bill Clinton, for instance, was popular) but Obama maxed out the black votes to a level never seen before. Exit polls had him obtaining 96 percent of the black women vote.

                His strategy included collecting the minority votes – Hispanic, Asian, gays, etc. Is it any surprise that his campaign slogan was “Change”? And “Yes we can”.

                “Ubah” dan “Ini kali lah” are not original.

                1. Yup, and so is the Negara-ku bs was a copycat version of the Boston Tea party of reclaiming the country above partisan politics.

                  These copycats are shameless!!! And then there’s people like TK Chua!

                  1. re: “Negara-ku bs was a copycat version of the Boston Tea party”

                    You lost me there for a minute. You should have said Ambiga’s illegal group Negara-ku and the (Republican) Tea Party.

      2. They dominate not only the English language media, these people also happen to constitute the majority in companies active in the local IT sector.

  12. Yang peliknya dengan Pas ni dah tau kena buli kena dera oleh Dap tapi masih tak habis habis dengan tahalauf siyasi boleh pulak kata lagi Pas tak rugi dengan tahaluf siyasi.

    وَإِمَّا تَخَافَنَّ مِنْ قَوْمٍ خِيَانَةً فَانْبِذْ إِلَيْهِمْ عَلَىٰ سَوَاءٍ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يُحِبُّ الْخَائِنِينَ

    Dan jika engkau mengetahui adanya perbuatan khianat dari sesuatu kaum (yang mengikat perjanjian setia denganmu) maka campakkanlah (perjanjian itu) kepada mereka dengan cara terus terang dan adil. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak suka kepada orang-orang yang khianat.

    2. May be its not so much of a bangang party with bangang president but a party with members full of skeletons in their closets.

    So nak buat apa pun susah, nak buat apa pun takut, kalau silap langkah nanti orang lain pecah tembelang pulak, terjejas kedudukan.

    Lebih parah lagi kalau tembelang ni ada dalam tangan pihak lawan.Maka sentiasalah kena peras ugut. Apa saja yang pihak lawan minta terpaksa bagi, tak banyak sikit.

    Even if they are cynically slapped in the face…buat buat bangang jer laa.

    Nak peremajaan apa lagi kalau sang remaja pun ambil orang Dap jadi setiausaha!

    Nampaknya bukan Mca saja yang jadi gunting dalam lipatan.

    1. Dia adalah orang umarak yang terluput daripada amanah yang di bagikan kita rakyat dalam hal pentadbiran duniawi kita. Maka nasib ukhrawi mereka telah terjejas walaupun ia tidak sedar atau tidak mahu mengakui. Mereka itu yang perlu “moderation” pada nafsu mereka sendiri.

      wa maa ubar-riu nafsii, in-nan nafsa la am-maaratum bis suu-i il-laa maa rahima rab-bi, in-na rab-bi ghafuurur rahim
      (Quran 12:53)

  13. Dear Hannah

    He has shown strength with His arm;
    He has scattered the proud hearted.
    He casts the mighty from their thrones,
    And raise the lowly.
    – Luke 1:51-52

    She’d do well to heed this warning.

  14. dear Helen,
    the Bible says, God is one and God is three.

    this is mathematically wrong. one can never equals to three and vice verca. and it is grammatically wrong, don’t you think so? simply illogical.

    actually the church (paul, luke, mathew and john) had misled their followers for thousands of years. their followers(eg hannah banana) in turn try to mislead others.

      1. So masa kena bunuh tu, dia mati ke tak? Sebab a father, a teacher, a husband and a protector, kalau sudah kena bunuh, mati dah tak boleh hidup2 lagi!

        Masa mati tu, siapa pula yang jadi tuhan, govern the world, jadi protector kepada manusia?

        1. ya, dia mati. tapi ada hari hidup semula sebab dia tuhan. takkan awak samakan tuhan = manusia?

          masa dia mati? badan manusia yang dia tu mati. bukan benar benar “mati” hilang dari dunia ini.

          1. So dia buat-buat mati la? Tak mati tapi buat-buat mati, macam tu ke?

            ‘takkan awak samakan tuhan = manusia?’

            Sebab taknak samakan Tuhan dengan manusia la, saya tak percaya Tuhan boleh dibunuh oleh manusia! Never!

            Satu lagi masa Jesus cakap “Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?” tu dia cakap dengan diri dia sendiri ke? Maaf la kalau saya banyak tanya?


      2. A gifted human being is not likened to the Absolute Transcendental Source of all universal qualities and sentient creatures no matter how many mundane relationships that gifted human being may participate in.

  15. “Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam” which Bumi? whole earth, malaysia or Malaya?

    If you mean Malaysia, it is false. Malaysia does NOT only for Melayu Islam.

  16. ‘Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj will be the “unhappiest Malaysian” if he was alive today, said DAP’s Lim Kit Siang’

    Of course being part of the problem, Kit Siang would’ve known!

    1. Islam1st,

      Tunku , save for belligerent PAP, not did face monster DAP back then. Back then civility was at least maintained.

      The bottom line is that these DAP worshippers are upset that Najib is unable to mould the UMNO members at UMNO General assembly the way they expected.

      They expected UMNO members to meekly accept abolishing Sedition act. Had not for Muhyiddin showing the influence as No 2 and Wanita UMNO being realistics, Najib would have gotten the way.

      The UMNO Permatang Pauh Ketua bahagian was just saying the truth. Shady businesses in the form of “massage parlour” is a front to prostitution. Let us get real.

      When Dr khir was MB< he too ambushed and closed many massage parlours. But the new administration is "overly friendly" with these establishments.

      DAP's tactic is to quickly accuse that those UMNO members speaking about Malays or criticize Chinese as racist. They prefer "MAHARAJALAWAK" like Mohd Sabu whom as far as i can remember never has anything constructive from his mouth.

      DAP loves these useless malay politicians who are willing to put down the malays just to look good in DAP's eyes. so we have useless politicians who defended Sister in Islam when it is even confuse with basic concept of islam.

      DAP loves these politicians who bash any Malays (meaning UMNO) as Assabiyah. Malays are not expected to defend Malays. Malays to them are not expected to think bout its race. In 21st century Malays should worry about economy. Race is not important.

      Only Chinese can talk about sekolah Cina and Chinese rights. UMNO cant talk about Malays aspirations. Rich Malay tycoons are painted as cronies. Malays are not supposed to be rich.

      A good Malays to DAP must be like Mohd Sabu, popular but not respected.

      NAJIB BACK DOWN gracefully as he realised he was cornered. But he still unable to accept reality that Chinese votes has abandoned BN forever. So he reminded that DR M lost in 1969.

      What Najib chose to forget is that despite his fulfilling whatever wishes of Chinese, they had turn his back against him, WHERE IS HIS PRIDE.

      HE IS IN THIS BAD SHAPE because of his over emphasizing these people at expense the very people who defense his government.

  17. ‘What Najib chose to forget is that despite his fulfilling whatever wishes of Chinese, they had turn his back against him, WHERE IS HIS PRIDE.’

    A BIG DIFFERENT to Tun M situations which Najib sengaja buat-buat bangang about!

    Najib has to go. Enough of his pretentious orang kampung slangs. buat rugi bangsa, agama dan negara saja!

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