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Pelacuran, maksiat dan berbagai perniagaan haram di P. Pinang allegations and the Porky Principle

Lim Kit Siang has accused Permatang Pauh Umno division chairman Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said of making an “extremist and incendiary hate speech” and engaging in “Chinese-bashing” at the party’s recent general assembly.

The DAP Mursyidul Am claimed that the Penang delegate had “seriously undermined interracial and inter-religious peace and harmony in the country with his hate speech that the success of Penang was because of the illegal businesses and crimes ‘in broad daylight’ committed by the Chinese in the state”.

Grandpapa Dapster further alleged that Zaidi had been “provocative” and playing up the “politics of fear, hate and lies”.

lim kit siang1

Grandpapa, Papa and Mama Dapster

Meanwhile Lim Guan Eng labelled Zaidi “the racist face of Umno”. Grandpapa’s Dapster son also accused the Umno man of stirring racial sentiments.

The Penang Chief Minister wants police to investigate Zaidi for criminal defamation of the Chinese race – an action which Papa Dapster said was “necessary to defend the dignity and honour of Penangites” who are majority Chinese.

(Mama Dapster presides over Jerusubang Sin City and we’ll come to her kawasan lubuk maksiat shortly.) But first let’s get to the bottom of what Zaidi uttered at the assembly and you can evaluate its veracity for yourself.

Zaidi must stand his ground

It is important that the Umno Permatang Pauh chief stick to his guns if he believes in the saying, ‘berani kerana benar’. Who knows, there’s even a chance that he could become the next Permatang Pauh Umno MP by riding on the Malay backlash that’s sure to come in GE14.

Now, is what Zaidi said a “hate crime” and “lies” (Kit Siang’s words) or is it merely the truth?

Below is the relevant excerpt from Zaidi’s speech:

“… tetapi kita Umno, pemimpin kita kadang-kadang amat berhemah. Kita begitu takut untuk menjentik walau sedikitpun kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang Cina. Kita tahu bahawa kekuatan ekonomi orang Cina kadang-kadang dijana melalui perniagaan-perniagaan haram – melalui perjudian, melalui pelacuran, melalui maksiat, melalui berbagai perniagaan haram tetapi di mana tindakan penguatkuasa kita?” […]

“Kita tahu bahawa kekuatan mereka ini bergantung kepada perniagaan haram, rumah-rumah hiburan yang beroperasi hingga sampai ke pagi. Mereka mengaut keuntungan yang begitu hebat tetapi kita biarkan. Kalau kita bersungguh-sungguh untuk membanteras segala sumber ekonomi haram ini, saya percaya Cina di Pulau Pinang juga akan takut dan menghormati kerajaan Melayu yang ada pada ketika ini …”

Zaidi makes a valid point about how kerajaan Melayu yang ada pada ketika ini tidak dihormati apatah lagi digeruni orang Cina, bukan sahaja di Pulau Pinang malah di mana-mana jua.

Cina berani pijak kepala sebab sesetengah pemimpin Umno yang lembik memilih untuk manjakan mereka.

And as long as Umno leaders still choose to project themselves as Ah Jib Gor, then surely the Dapster family will continue their present behaviour with total impunity.


Bak Kut Teh is not pork, konon

In denial, in denial, in denial …

Zaidi’s description of how “segelintir” orang Cina in Penang are conducting illegal trade and profiting from vice had set off the usual ballistic bristling and tiresome posturing by some in the Chinese community.

Well of course lah, the Chinese have got nothing at all to do with ah longs (loansharks), bookies, tai kors (gangsters), drug lords and other kingpins of crime.

Don’t you know that many Chinese have today become good Christians who believe that “Righteousness exalts a nation” – a verse taken from the Bible?

Righteous Hannah

Self-righteous most high class

Prostitutes in multiracial Malaysia are “beyond race” (coming in the colours of diversity) but who are the pimps in Malaysia? Are they the Indians? The Malays? The Dayaks?

Lim Guan Eng berated Zaidi saying that the latter should not “twist and turn” to claim that he was misinterpreted.

Lim Junior’s scolding is rich coming from the masters of the Porky Principle, an endeavour which has exalted putar-belit into an art form.

Examples of the Porky Principle in practice – Alvin’s Bak Kut Teh is halal chicken, some Malays also say “Allah s.a.w.” what, the DAP evangelistas are only following Chinese tradition what when they don a tudung to go a-visiting the mosques

See, Chinese women wear tudung


Chinese wear tudung to work

penoreh getah

Our FirstLady Speaker really should wear tudung when she goes to office too and not only when she occupies mosques and suraus.

Jerusubang Sin City

It is most likely that Subang Jaya has the most massage parlours in the whole of Malaysia. Can anyone think of any other place in Malaysia that has as many entertainment outlets, both licenced and unlicenced?

Even Tun Daim dah sound.

The former finance minister “brought up the mushrooming of ‘hundreds of foot and reflexology centres’ and implied these were fronts for shady businesses and were ‘linked to certain personalities in the state government’.” – see ‘Daim: PR leaders just as unscrupulous as BN’s‘ (FMT, 7 Nov 2014)

Twitter - aisalinglung- @ShfqShuhaimi @faizalkifli ... 2013-12-09 15-38-53

Sakit mata tengok Subang Jaya ni

Rumah urut melambak-lambak

Twitter - ShfqShuhaimi- @aisalinglung @faizalkifli ... 2013-12-09 15-27-36

“Subang Jaya City of Sin”


What kind of business in a commercial district throws out used mattresses?

Takkan lah Mem Besar Selangor tak tahu?

Twitter - aisalinglung- @ShfqShuhaimi @faizalkifli ... 2013-12-09 15-22-30



The ‘Chinese-bashing’ whinge

When the haram activities of the Chinese are spoken about, the speakers are immediately accused of bashing the Chinese community. Cannot say one (not allowed to be mentioned).

Zaidi who brought up the matter of “perniagaan haram” in Penang is accused of “sedition” by Kit Siang – pula! – in double quick time.

The Umno chieftain believes Chinese economic strength is sometimes (“kadang-kadang”) generated through illegal means. Actually, it’s not only the economic but also Chinese political power than comes from this ‘we respect no boundaries’ approach.

DAP evangelistas stop at nothing

In politics, it’s been shown how the DAP evangelistas will do anything in their greedy grab for power.

Yet J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai writes in his column today, “Rhetoric by politicians and certain individuals, which smacks of racism and political bullying, are not going to help the economy. It can only worsen race relations in Malaysia and make investors think twice about us”.

Of course the state of our national economy is worrying but isn’t the EvangeliSTAR so sneaky to conflate it with his Porky whinging about “racism and political bullying”. Chun Wai says there are “the delegates who see threats and ghosts from fellow Malaysians when there are none”.

So the evangelistas are insisting we must close one eye to their aggressive agenda because this should not be our No.1 worry (instead we should be more worried about the economy). It’s just a very licik way to deflect the issues.

Ah-huh, the “threats and ghosts” are all a figment of Utusan‘s imagination only

Twitter hannahyeoh What kind of 1Malaysia Prime

Belog-belog politik yang cukup bangang

Both the economy and the evangelistas are national concerns.

But trust Chun Wai to gripe, “Reading political blogs and getting into a frenzy over race issues in social media seem to be the preoccupation of many”.

He also scoffs, “It’s absurd to still talk about vernacular schools or sulk over the voting patterns of the Chinese voters in the last two general elections”.

Hannah Yeoh  irresponsible Prime Minister allowing Utusan

Hannah says Utusan stoked racial tension

Hannah Yeoh tweeted (see above) in the aftermath on May 6: “What an irresponsible Prime Minister we have in @NajibRazak allowing Utusan to stoke racial tension post May 5″.

That’s right. Nobody is allowed to hold the Chinese accountable for their actions.

Just like how the J-Star – in the morning after (7 May 2014) – had been very eager to insist that it was a “Malaysian tsunami” and not a Chinese one.


Chun Wai says don’t blame the Chinese

The J-Star CEO in his May 8 editorial titled ‘GE13: Win them over, don’t blame them‘ said:

“There is no need for intimidating messages and reports, particularly those which smack of racism, whether via the social platform or traditional media” …

… never mind the “backlash from the more conservative Malay crowd, who feel a sense of betrayal” …

… and despite Chun Wai’s own admission that

“Yes, the fact is that 90% of the Chinese votes went to Pakatan, or more precisely the DAP. Foolish as it may seem, many of these voters believed they could change the Barisan government. They wanted to punish Umno … .”

Nope, it’s not racist when 90% of Chinese voters scream ABU! ABU! ABU!


Umno digesa untuk terus tidur

Needless to say, Chun Wai took Utusan to task for what he calls its “racial slant” and the “foolishness” of asking Apa lagi Cina mahu? in the “highly-charged political atmosphere” of May 2013.

He declared, “it goes against the grain of democracy when voters are blamed and threatened”.

Right again. Dapsters created the tsunami but when the Umno delegates conclude that the Chinese have rejected BN, the Malays are accused of “threatening” the meek and mild minority.

Today Chun Wai repeated his theme song that it is “absurd to still … sulk over the voting patterns of the Chinese voters in the last two general elections”.

Hullo! It is the Chinese voting pattern that has enabled DAP to control Penang and Jerusubang Sin City.

The Umno president might as well just recommend for Chun Wai to be given a Tan Sri



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49 thoughts on “Pelacuran, maksiat dan berbagai perniagaan haram di P. Pinang allegations and the Porky Principle

  1. Oh dear. Look at Hannah. Her weight is going north. We’re not talking about adding a stone or 2 here. More than that.

    We should learn a thing or 2 from the Aussies, like for instance how to dispose of the undesirables, like how they rejected Hannah’s PR application and sent her packing.

    But our PM is still in clueless mode. His Talent scouting agency is busy bringing these undesirables back to Malaysia to finish him off in the next general election. After May 5, a person with a sound mind would have wise up but not this PM.

    1. re: “But our PM is still in clueless mode. His Talent scouting agency is busy bringing these undesirables back to Malaysia to finish him off in the next general election.”

      Ah Jib can recommend for TalentCorp boss Idris Jala to be given a Tun.

    2. I cannot brain this banana and the dpsters. anything beyond their comprehension and differ from their belief is considered racist and unacceptable. even if you are ighting for the survival of your species, do not go round redeculing others.

      even, the mat saleh knows how to respect others’ religion and personal preference. what kind of people are these dapsters?

  2. Quotation from the article

    Bar girls are plenty, they are just not very visible, if you want to find a men’s club, full service massage or similar there are two promising possibilities. One is walk around opposite the Hotel Malaysia and it is very likely that a guy approaches you and offering some girls, as indicated before they have a wide spectrum of Chinese, Egyptian, Thai, Indian and other Penang prostitutes.

  3. Stupid DAP tactics.
    Everything the Malay says are all racists.
    What ever they say and do are all not racists.

    Only the stupid will believe them.


  4. “It’s absurd to still talk about vernacular schools or sulk over the voting patterns of the Chinese voters in the last two general elections”.

    WCW is it not absurd after so many years, close to 60 years to be exact, the Cinas are still sulking over Article 153, 152, 181 and 3 in the Federal Constitution?

    Itu la orang suruh belajar bahasa kebangsaan taknak, sekarang tak faham bahasa siapa yang susah, Zaidi cakap kadang-kadang, bermaksud, bukan semua, bukan semua orang cina dan bukan semua perniagaan orang cina. Perkataan kadang-kadang yang asas yang selalu digunakan seharian pun kalau tak faham boleh berambus balik tongsan lagi baik!

    Satu lagi dalam konteks orang utara, keling bukan derogatory, ia termasuk dalam kumpulan mamak adakalanya keturunan benggali di panggil keturunan keling. Ramai orang Melayu yang berkahwin dengan keturunan keling, kakak ipar saya pun keturunan keling, itulah masalah kalau hidup duduk dalam ghetto masing-masing, jadi bodoh sombong semacam.

    Jangan sengaja nak menghasut rakyat Malaysia yang lain supaya bercakaran sesama sendiri. Tolong. Jangan jadi bodoh sombong, kiasu tak tentu arah sampai benda yang tak faham pun tak mau mengaku, masih nak tegakkan benang yang basah. Tolong!!!

    And thanks to Lim Kit Siang, extremis kristian makin menjadi-jadi kebelakangan ini, apa salahnya dengan cop tersebut? Negeri Selangor tertakluk kepada undang-undang Selangor la, macam negeri Sarawak dan Sabah!

    ‘Christian leaders are furious that Bibles seized from The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) bookshop in Petaling Jaya earlier this year have been desecrated with a warning that they were not to be published or used anywhere in Selangor, before they were released to Sarawak Christians last month.’

    Bagi betis nak paha, memang saling tak tumpah macam belanda dapat tanah!

    1. kadang-kadang is used to denote time, not people.

      segelintir or segolongan will be the correct words to use in this context.

      e.g. ‘Kadang-kadang pengkomen dalam blog HA salah.’ vs ‘Segelintir pengkomen dalam blog HA salah.’

      HA, you may have an impostor here.

      By the way, if vice really does exist everywhere as claimed, he is saying that PDRM is not doing its job.

      Regarding, Christian bibles for Sarawak and Sabah, they should be shipped directly there without stopping over in Malaya. Problem will be solved.

      Meanwhile, in another part of the country…


      Professor Jan Nederveen Pieterse from the University of California, Santa Barbara said there are significant differences in the economies within East Asia despite the region being labelled collectively as the ‘East Asian Miracle’ by the World Bank.
      Speaking at the 9th Pok Rafaeh Chair Public Lecture here today, Prof Pieterse said although some eight countries – among them Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia – have been lumped together with their north-east neighbours, there are gaps in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and income distribution.
      He is currently Pok Rafeah Distinguished Professor in International Studies at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS).

      Prof Pieterse said in Malaysia ethnic affirmative action plays a key role in trying to address economic imbalances. ‘Nativist redress’, as he called it produced a Malay rent-seeking class in the economy and permeates education and civil society.
      The one factor which business people say is holding back economic development are the ‘pro-bumi’ policies, he said contending that the “Bumiputra affirmative action has been significant early on but has become functionally autonomous and no longer serves the purpose for which it is was designed.
      It has also become a tool in the hands of elites, a sacred cow impervious to criticisms, he said.

      1. msleepyhead & islam1st,

        re: “kadang-kadang is used to denote time, not people”

        Zaidi’s words were “kekuatan ekonomi orang Cina kadang-kadang dijana melalui perniagaan-perniagaan haram”. It’s fair to infer that he did not sweep all Penang Chinese with the same brush.

        re: “segelintir or segolongan will be the correct words to use in this context. e.g. (a) ‘Kadang-kadang pengkomen dalam blog HA salah.’ vs (b) ‘Segelintir pengkomen dalam blog HA salah.'”

        Zaidi’s statement was in (a) format but his meaning did not run from (b) format. Lim Guan Eng memang sengaja nak cari pasal by accusing Zaidi of tarring ALL Chinese as prospering from illegal businesses.

        re: “By the way, if vice really does exist everywhere as claimed, he is saying that PDRM is not doing its job.”

        More or less. Didn’t you watch the clip first before writing your comment?

        re: “Regarding, Christian bibles for Sarawak and Sabah, they should be shipped directly there without stopping over in Malaya. Problem will be solved.”

        I read somewhere that the law does not allow direct import of bulk cargo.

        1. ‘I read somewhere that the law does not allow direct import of bulk cargo.’

          foreign publications into the country, whatever it may be, porno ke, gossip mag ke, must follow the local law, nuff said.

  5. Tengok ni lagi satu kumpulan ektremis anti Perlembagaan patut dibubarkan saja!

    ‘”Our stand has always been that non-Muslims can use the word Allah as long it is not used to proselytise those professing Islam,” he told The Malaysian Insider today.’

    Kat Selangor dan banyak negeri-negeri lain ikut enakmen negeri-negeri tersebut la, ayo!

    ‘His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor expects other faiths to also respect and protect the religious sensitivities of Muslims in the country, especially in Selangor, and hopes that the distribution as well as the printing of Bibles that contain the word ‘Allah’ is no longer done in the state of Selangor, as it is an offence under the Non-Islamic Religious Enactment (Control Development Among Muslims), 1988,” Adzib had said.’

    – See more at:

    ‘Jagir said the enactment must be subject to Article 11 on freedom of religion in the constitution, the supreme law of the land.’

    Jagir, ‘the supreme law of the land’ also says, Islam adalah Agama Persekutuan! Please respect that too!

  6. .. Malays is a very ‘patience’ race.They try the best to keep the fire ‘in the heart’. In Malaysia Chinese of LGE/LKS clans can says anything because anything happen they can just cross the ’causeway’.

    otherwise they will never ever brand ‘UMNO’ as racist since the day of Independent UMNO has allows Chinese to prosper and did not follow Singapore where ‘tokong’ cannot be simply built anywhere.

    Unfortunately Evangelista of Hannah clans is trying to take over the country thru promoting ‘hatred’ that Christian of minority being victimize when they have built a Night Club for evangelista in Subang Jaya.

    Take Subang for Chris says Hannah Yeoh I say to every Muslim in Subang Jaya lets Kelantanize Subang Jaya the PAS way…

    1. re: “Take Subang for Christ says Hannah Yeoh”

      It was the Subang Rally website that said “take Subang for Jesus”. Hannah Yeoh was the VIP invited to speak at the event for several years running. She also gave financial contribution to the Subang Rally but as far as I’m aware, there’s no record of her saying.

    2. Serambi Makkah was the title of Kelantan when the Malay waliullah were revered for their learning and their saintliness. Today it is a battle ground between pan-Arab Islamist ideology and the sufis of ahli sunnah wal jamaah al-Ashaariyah. Kelantan must regain its classical Malay nobility the likes of Tok Kenali and Sheikh Daud Al-Fatihah Fatani. Then only can Kelantan illuminate others.

  7. ‘Here’s something the next Umno general assembly could try. A kind of thought experiment. What if, a week (or two) prior to the event, all the keynotes and VIP speeches are uploaded to a public website? – See more at:

    Ya lor, Malays are so stupid maa so lets do this for UMNO sake!

    Alwyn Lau tak mau cadangkan ini kat DAP ke MCA ke Gerakan ke? Sayang sungguh dia kat UMNO!

    1. Bagus jugak tu. Nanti the keynote speakers boleh tahu reaksi kaum buk melayu dan boleh address the objections raised … NOT!

      Like hell! Just because they don’t like what’s being said doesn’t make the people who said them racists.

      The Papa, Mama, Grandpa, dapsters and The Star fans should just check with Master G (google lah) to see if prostitution in Penang and Subang is common or not. If they don’t like the results, maybe they can get their RBA to work overtime to change the search results.

      1. ‘the people who said them racists.’

        Tengok satu lagi extremis Kristian kurang ajar berpersatuan tapi tak tau nak hormat undang-undang negara, negeri dan Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

        Undang-undang enakmen negeri kata tak boleh, apa lagi lu mau, Ng?

        Mahkamah Persekutuan dah kata tak boleh guna perkataan Allah bagi bukan Muslim, apa lagi BSM mau?

        Saja nak cari pasal, nak cari gaduh? Kalau undang-undang pun lu tak boleh nak hormat lu nak mau apa lagi sebenarnya, tolong cakap sikit?

        ‘”For as long as the right of religious minorities to worship God using whatever name they choose, to publish and distribute religious texts in whatever language they desire, and to share their faith and religious expressions to whomever wants to listen, is controlled and curtailed, there cannot be true religious freedom for all adherents of any religion.’

        Apa maksud ni, nak suruh majlis agama Islam negeri-negeri benarkan Melayu murtad, baru puas hati? Undang-undang sudah cakap tak boleh propagate dekat Muslims, so kat mana yang BSM dan Ng tak faham?

        ‘”Officers of the religious authorities may invoke the law, whose scope and ambit are in any event strenuously disputed, refuted and denied, but at the end of the day, they lack the moral authority,”

        Dia orang ada legal obligation la bodoh, moral atau religious obligation tak payah cakap la, tapi daripada segi enakmen undang-undang negeri pun dah jelas.

        ‘Ng said BSM seeks an acceptable and sustainable solution to this “seemingly never-ending provocation” from the religious authorities.’

        Kata dulang paku serpih. Korang yang tak habis-habis nak provoke. Lepas satu-satu isu yang timbul. Memang saja cari pasal. Dah jelas salah daripada segi undang-undang pun asyik dok melukut ditepi gantang lagi.

        “Governments can legislate letter of the law, but can never suppress the spirit of the soul.”

        Kalau undang-undang civil tak mau pakai, sharia law for Muslims pun korang selalu deny, nak pakai undang-undang apa, undang-undang rimba?

        BSM sengaja cari pasal, sekarang nak MAIS minta maaf, tak payah, BSM patut didakwa sebab telah melanggar enakmen undang-undang negeri dan cuba menghasut orang ramai supaya berantakkan sesama sendiri!

        1. Yes, I read that. And my first thought was, kalau MAIS minta maaf then the Selangor Muslims (well all, but Selangor in particular) have a right to ask him to step down.

          Banyak cantik. Tak ada kerja lain – provoke, provoke, PROVOKE! Dia jolok sarang tebuan, bila tebuan keluar sengat dia, tebuan juga yang salah, yang zalim.

  8. fakta yang telah di rakam di Hansard Britain –

    “This trouble in Malaya is Chinese” –

    “The native Malayans to participate more in the economic life of the country” –

    MALAYA (SITUATION), HC Deb 06 April 1950 vol 473 cc1368-404

    Mr Snow: …….I am very disturbed by the fact that, by and large, this trouble in Malaya is Chinese. The Malayans themselves, so far as I can gather from reading such documents as I can find, are not in this rising (communists); it is Chinese in origin. If that is so, is it not time that we provided more and more scope for the native Malayans—I use that term advisedly—to participate more in the economic life of the country? 

    I think the hon. Member for Hornsey will agree with me when I say that many of these Chinese merchants who live a very ostentatious life and who provide a sort of social provocation the whole time, are at the root of the trouble.

    Mr FLETCHER:………I believe that as we have recognised Communist China it would be perfectly in order for us to ask that the ports of Amoy and Swatow should be opened, so that we can send back these people, who clearly should be welcomed there for their political attitude, and who clearly are not welcome where they are at the present moment.

    Tetapi Kerajaan Kolonial British tidak menghantar mereka pulang. Di Amerika, “Chinese coolies” yang di bawa masuk bagi membina Trans-America Railway telah di hantar pulang berkapal kapal bila habis pembinaan tersebut.

    Lebih dari itu, Amerika telah membikin undang undang Chinese Exclusion Act kerana ada di antara Chinese coolies itu yang tabi’at tak betul. Akta itu tidak membenarkan mereka tinggal tetap di Amerika.

    Kalau di buat begitu di Malaya dulu, keadaan mungkin berbeza sekarang.

    2. As more Chinese immigrants prospered, Kampung Wong Ah Fook became the centre for leisure and entertainment with clubs, restaurants, gambling houses, opium dens, brothels and the inevitable secret society activities.  Such vices follow immigrants wherever they settled and it was no different in 19th Century JB.  Merchants on both sides of Jalan Meldrum are still doing brisk business now as we try to look for historical info on plaques embedded in the pavements that are unfortunately cluttered with parked cars and cafe tables. 

    The Iskandarian.

    1. Saya pernah terbaca yang tujuan british mahu kerajaan perikatan memberikan kerakyatan besar-besaran kepada pendatang sebagai syarat kemerdekaan adalah supaya masalah yang dihasilkan daripada pendatang ni tidak ditanggung oleh british sebagi pihak yang membawa pendatang ini ke Tanah Melayu. Mereka sendiri tidak menerima beramai-ramai pendatang ini sebagai rakyat british melainkan segelintir yang menjadi BOC.

      Selain itu, adalah supaya majoriti Melayu yang dah tentu Islam akan berkurang dan identiti Islam Tanah Melayu dicairkan. Pendatang yang diberi kerakyatan akan menjadi penghalang untuk orang Melayu kembali mendaulatkan Islam seperti sebelum kedatangan British.

      Saya percaya perkara-perkara ini mesti ada dibahaskan dalam parlimen british selepas sahaja kita meminta kemerdekaan dan perbahasan ini mesti ada direkodkan di dalam hansard parlimen british. Tunggu masa kalau ada pihak di sini yang boleh mendedahkan tujuan sebenar british mewajibkan orang Melayu menerima pendatang sebagai rakyat sama seperti mereka.

      Sekarang pun kita dah rasa kesannya apa yang dirancang oleh british sebelum memberi kemerdekaan kepada Tanah Melayu.

  9. I know one hardcore DAPster. Very hardcore. Every time talking about how corrupt UMNO and their politicians is and how much he loath all this corruption.

    But at the same time, he always brag about his circle of friends whom he claimed are multi-millionaire as a result of running illegal business from illegal logging, soccer bookie, etc.

    Sometimes we really wonder what these Dapsters want. In one place they want Malaysia to be a clean and honest society. In another place, they are the one who is raking from all the illegal activities. While Malaysia has the fair share of contribution of the Chinese for its economy success, much of the social ill are also related to them.

    What said by Zaidi is so true. He said “sometimes” means he is not targeting all. But it is these few that are corrupting the society and the effect is felt by everyone. If Dap were to be more sincere, they should be the one who will be forefront in combating all the vice activities from these Chinese.

    Just like my friend, if he is truthful to his cause for corruption, he should start, at least by loathing his circle of friends who profit enormously from all the illegal activities.

    After getting to know my dapster friend well, I came into one conclusion, despite all their good intention in creating a better Malaysia. My conclusion is that the world will not be a better place when more of people like them around.

    1. “Sincerity” is a holy state of the heart-mind which I don’t think cultural marxists like the DAPsters even begin to understand! It doesn’t matter that they are using Jesus’ name. They’ve upheld the wrong gospel from a long long time back, brother.

    2. ‘he always brag about his circle of friends whom he claimed are multi-millionaire as a result of running illegal business from illegal logging, soccer bookie, etc.’

      Kawtim culture starts from where aah?

      ‘My conclusion is that the world will not be a better place when more of people like them around.’

      LGE and RED ROCK berpisah tiada!

  10. Look who is becoming Biden’s poodle now…huhu

    ‘PKR’s International Bureau Chief Gooi Hsiao Leung said Umno and Barisan Nasional should “get it straight” that United States Vice-President Joe Biden was not attacking Malaysia per se, but criticising the government’s policy’

    Apparently Biden also got ABU in his mind, ish-ish these pakatoons?!

    BTW how much did PKR pay you again Gooi, to sit on that chair?

    “How does US supply of deadly weapons to Israel killing innocent Palestinian women & children help promote democracy & justice?”

    Gooi tolong jawab pertanyaan MB Kedah sat?

    1. What la you ? You compare these people to a poodle ! Do you even know what a poodle is ? A poodle is known for its loyalty to its master. It is loyal come what may. It will not abandon its master.

      These people are nowhere near a poodle. They are the opposite. They are loyal only to the money and glory and nothing else. So don’t say they are poodles. You are insulting poodles by comparing them with these people.

  11. These people are hypocrites.

    They just wnat to take over and do what ever they want, right or wrong thats all. The Malays can go and jump as far as they are concerned.

    The Malays must realise this and unite. Dont bother with our so call leaders who most have sold their soul to the devil. We must unite for the sake of our anak cucu.

    Orang muda kena dingatkan of the Malay perjuangan, jangan terlalu leka dengan kemewahan yang sedikit itu hingga menjadi poyo dan sombong, hingga lupa the struggle of the older genration to put them where they are today.

    1. re: “The Malays can go and jump as far as they are concerned.”

      Anybody know who these Malays are?


        1. You sure they are Malays ? Their struggle is for Islam, not for Malays. They are Arab wannabes. They imitate Arabs. Malays ? Don’t confuse yourself. They are not Malays. The one in the middle, she is a shape shifting creature.

          1. Sometimes I wonder why some malays think that being Islam you have to imitate the Arabs. Then I thought maybe for the same reasons the malay and other liberals imitate the mat sallehs. Clothing is about covering your aurat, that’s all.

            So be proud of your own heritage.

            1. re: “So be proud of your own heritage.”

              Yet 90 percent of the Chinese voters support the DAP with its Malaysian Dream of “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese”.

              Their vision is for all to be prosperous City Harvesters. CREEPY, eeearg.

              1. You know that song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (or by the Corrs if are below 40) where it goes:

                Thunder only happens when it’s raining
                Players only love you when they’re playing

                To the dapsters maybe we should add Dreams only happen when you’re sleeping.

                1. re: “You know that song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac”

                  No, but I’m aware that one of Fleetwood Mac’s hit songs is Little Lies. Apropos of the kind of people we’re talking about.

            2. Re So be proud of your own heritage.

              Most people do not even know what their culture is. Now with mass consumerism the primary concern of most people is make money and spend.

              The City Harvest racket is a symptom of how empty people have become spiritually. They think money can buy salvation which is an absurdity entertained by those who are lost in a sea of mass consumer culture, most visible among the Chinese community with the Indians not too far behind. Malays have become intoxicated with Arabs that anything Arab is fine with them.

              Speaking of the 90% Chinese, the only thing that’s relevant to them is money, money and more money. One Chinese I know told me that the reason why they want change is because the economy is doing badly and there is a hope that by giving the opposition a chance to govern for 1 or 2 terms, there is a possibility of a turnaround. A turnaround ?

              If the turnaround they hoped for is rising property prices and the mushrooming of vice businesses such as massage parlors and gaming dens, then these people are totally lost, a lost cause and the government should focus on the majority ethnic group.

              1. Survivor,
                You explain it rightly and beautifully.

                I try to find words to explain the behavior of my hardcore Dapster friend. I cannot find any better word so I just make the conclusion that the world will not be a better place if more of them are around.

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