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Christian extremists confrontational over ‘Allah’ Bibles

The Bible Society of Malaysia has accused the Islamic authorities of “seemingly never-ending provocation” against Christians.

BSM president Bishop Ng Moon Hing said “the Christian community has suffered the indignity of having its religious texts sullied and defiled”.

Free Malaysia Today 2014-12-07 22-47-20

Christians upset, furious Bibles desecrated, defaced‘ (FMT, 7 Dec 2014)

BSM: You’re extremists in the govt!

bible_stampDescribing the stamping as a “heinous and despicable action”, Bishop Ng said in his statement yesterday that the “fact remains that the Bibles have been desecrated and the Christian minority in this country has been made to suffer at the hands of religious zealots and extremists working within the government”.

The stamp (see right), which the Christians are screaming to be a defilement and desecration, states:

“Strictly for non-Muslims usage only and shall not be published or used in any part of the state of Selangor pursuant to section 9 (1) Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment 1988.”

“We demand an apology from the Selangor state religious authorities for desecrating our Holy Scriptures, let alone the raid on our premises early this year,” said the bishop – pix below with Hannah Yeoh.
Ng Moon Hing Hannah

Hannah Yeoh’s former Personal Assistant (now Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya Selatan Adun) evangelista Rajiv Rishyakara called for Mais to be “neutered” – see FMT article below.

Our FirstLady Speaker is adamant that “non-Muslim organisations should not be forced to submit to Jais” (tweet below).

Twitter - hannahyeoh- JAIS should only be handling
‘Neuter the excessive authority of Mais’

Christians want Mais to say sorry

The Christians are also demanding the right to use the ‘Allah’ name everywhere in Malaysia.

“For as long as the right of religious minorities to worship God using whatever name they choose, to publish and distribute religious texts in whatever language they desire, and to share their faith and religious expressions to whomever wants to listen, is controlled and curtailed, there cannot be true religious freedom for all adherents of any religion,” Bishop Ng complained yesterday.

This same Bishop Ng, in a widely circulated letter to the flock, had previously demanded for the freedom to propagate one’s religion without undue restriction, prohibition or curtailment from the law.

In other words, evangelista mahu bebas untuk berdakwah kepada barang sesiapa. The letter (below) was written by Bishop Ng as Christian Federation of Malaysia chairman.


Click to enlarge

NECF Malaysia 2012-07-26 15-01-04

Source: National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF)

Are evangelistas threatening to disobey the law?

Ng Moon Hin Bersih“Officers of the religious authorities may invoke the law, whose scope and ambit are in any event strenuously disputed, refuted and denied, but at the end of the day, they lack the moral authority,” Bishop Ng said in his rebuke of the Selangor Islamic authorities.

He is saying that the Christian fanatics are strenuously disputing, refuting and denying the authority of the law that curbs proselytization of Muslims.

It is not surprising that the bishop should be cavalier about the force of the law as, after all, he is a Bersih supporter (pix right).

The Bishop interprets the Bible’s message regarding the duty of the faithful – “Christians have not only been granted rights of leadership but also the responsibility of stewardship (of the Earth)”.

This explains why – even though Chinese Christians are a minority while Buddhists are the Chinese majority – yet it is the bossy evangelistas who are leading events in Malaysia.


Church is anti extremists, anti racists and anti religious bigots

The Christian Federation of Malaysia wants our country to be “a nation where extremism of all kinds is rejected and quickly curtailed. Racial and religious bigotry, manipulation and lies that have now come to define the social sphere, the print media and political posturing must end immediately”.

HannahSpeakerCFM tells its sheeple that Malaysia must be “a nation free of corruption” and public institutions must conduct themselves “with integrity, transparency and accountability”.

The Church do sound a whole lot like the DAP evangelistas, don’t you think? (Pix right, the Speaker is shorty and bossy)

CFM also says there must be “fair and equitable distribution of wealth … regardless of citizenship status, ethnicity or creed” as well as every community should be “enabled to pursue economic activity and achieve advancement … without being overly or unfairly supported by the state”.

Is the Church against the NEP and bumiputera status?

“Show Mais, Jais who’s the boss”

Unhappiness with Mais and Jais has been simmering a long while.

Earlier, BSM former president Lee Min Choo had urged the Pakatan Selangor government to strip the state Islamic authorities of their enforcement powers – see Malay Mail article above.

Ties between the Church and Pakatan is a lot closer compared with ties between the Church and BN despite the predictable efforts by Ah Jib Gor to placate – pix below, Najib with Bishop Ng.

Ng Moon Hing Najib

Porky Principle

These evangelistas hit out very nastily when it is they themselves who created the controversy.

The Christians are going ape shit over this ‘restricted in Selangor’ stamp when it is they who drew first blood by their act of mensyirikkan Allah.

Their reaction is the Porky Principle at play.

For instance, as another example, Pastor Ramachandran Muniandy aka Mr Hannah Yeoh once labelled an editorial “low class” for purportedly “racializing” his bid for his child to be categorized ‘Anak Malaysia’.

The truth is it was he and his wife who had bullied the poor National Registration Department clerk in the first place.

ramachandran_m low class editorial

Other people are “low class”

More “low class” name-calling by the Dapster family – Mama Dapster, Papa Dapster, Grandpapa Dapster and the rest of the Dapster clan.

Like her husband, Hannah Yeoh reacts to a little ribbing by going ballistic. She slams those who expose her in @hannahyeoh Twitter exchanges as “low class” despite all her own spite and putdowns directed at her low profile targets and victims, such as the MCA Beliawanis treasurer Jessica Lai.

Then she proceeds to block critics from her Twitter timeline.

@hannahyeoh: “Low class”

hannahyeoh low class tweet

@hannahyeoh: “no class”

hannahyeoh no class

limkitsiang low class

cmlimguaneng no class

Anthony Loke is DAP national organizing secretary

Anthony Loke low-class politician

Ong Kian Ming is DAP election strategist

Kian Ming low class

The Church is being highly political

What is happening now is due to the tremendous influence that the DAP evangelistas exert over the Church.

The attitude of these evangelistas can be discerned from all their screaming of “Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist!” and “Low class! Low class! Low class! Low class! Low class!”

What kind of people support the DAP today?

Why does sex blogger Alvin Tan have a tattoo of a cross on his chest? That Alvin’s tattoo resembles the Klu Klux Klan cross speaks volume.

What is the attitude of the evangelistas towards Islam? Think about it.


Alvin tattoo


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

30 thoughts on “Christian extremists confrontational over ‘Allah’ Bibles

  1. For starters the Christians cannot claim in all honesty to be insulted or humiliated by having their bibles stamped. It has been a long standing practice amongst the Catholic Brothers and Nuns to stamp textbooks donated to economically challenged (poor) students in their schools for decades. The practice was (and they were aware of it) a humiliation to the recipient students and a form of branding which went way beyond simply being identified by your peers and classmates that you were not a full fee paying student and therefore were a lesser being in their midst. This went on till the late 1960’s.

    They would stam across most pages of the book but more prominently on its covers “donated by….(naming the benefactor (usually a rich students dad).or the St. Vincent de Paul Society (meaning you were in or from the pits), “On loan” to be returned and so on and so forth.

    At the end of it all it was often used as a marker and a form of stigmatization whereby if a theft occurred at school all recipients of this form of “aid” (Good Christian Charity) would be the “usual suspects” to be rounded up, caned (depending on which brute in a cassock taught you) or simply vilified for “stealing” (even though you may not have been guilty of the offence).

    Now the shoe is on the other foot and the bible seems to be desecrated according to the outpouring of feigned outrage by Christians over a stamp on their bibles.

    Lets get real. The Christian bible has been trampled under foot by Christians themselves in their conduct as pedophiles, hommosexuals preying on yougn boys and men even being named in a report on pedophile priests and brothers in Australia. (the report redacted many of the names because they had lived and worked in places like Malaysia where no one wants it seems to investigate the conduct of brothers and priests.

    As for Ng Moon Hing, he was overheard telling one of his minders when he was approached for an interview that he did not want to talk to a “bloody Indian”. I was at the other end of that conversation trying to score an interview with him 2 years ago.

    Ng Moon Hing runs a business where he bilks wealthy mainly Chinese and bestows Gods graces upon them in his flock (yes they do follow like sheep).

    Someone needs to bury this lot alive. Hannah Yeoh and all those pious confused Anglophile Indians included.

    1. At the end of the day ordinary people like you and me are the one who will lose big time.. the people in “robes/jubah/serban” are using religion to the extremes in wanting to reach their own agenda.. why cant we ordinary people see through all this??

      I used to be non partisan but the recent scenario had forced me to take side as the other side is so unpalatable.

      I believe Helen is right after all.. the evangelistas in their greedy means have pushed us the ordinary tolerant folks to the wall.. we have no choice but to charge back, a move that we never did think of doing 10 years ago.

    1. Bekas pegawai yang otak liberal dan dari kalangan islam moderate? Mempertikaikan alim ulama?

      Berapa ramai agaknya pegawai kerajaan yang masih berkhidmat yang seumpama mereka?

      1. I’m not sure berapa ramai but if the no. 1 is liberal, wouldn’t you expect him to surround himself with like minds?

          1. One big bangang happy family!

            ‘Jika beliau tidak berkesempatan ataupun lemah hati untuk menangani pegawainya yang tidak amanah, serahkan tanggungjawab itu kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).’

            Lets see how liberal the B PM can be?!

  2. They have to be political. By being dominant politically, they obtain the means to enrich their constituents. The patronage system. That’s how they sustain themselves. With each day, more and more people are enlisted into this politics cum wealth racket.

    The boy Alvin, he is a lost cause from day one. But he is a useful tool to embarrass the country. Just take a good look at the people cheering him all the way.

      1. And who’s behind the J Star ? A certain political party and this party is becoming increasingly vocal against the government of which it itself is a part of.

        I wonder how many youth idolize this Alvin boy over social media networks ?

        1. re: “this party is becoming increasingly vocal against the government of which it itself is a part of”

          They can thank Ah Jib Gor for bringing them back into the Cabinet.

  3. evangelista ni mentaliti tong sampah.

    Beberapa tahun lepas ada beberapa tong sampah di satu bandar (tidak ingat di mana) telah disedekahkan oleh pihak gereja dan tanpa segan silunya mereka mengecap tong sampah itu dengan perkataan diderma oleh gereja sekian sekian. Tp kini dicop buku mereka dengan perkataan yg tidak menghina, mereka naik angin pula.

    kalau benar kenapa setiap kali mereka ke rumah saya untuk proselytize agama mereka kpd saya seringkali mereka memutarbelitkan ayat2 al-quran ataupun berbohong berkenaan agama mereka seperti masuk kristian boleh berzina, minum arak dll? kenapa mereka tidak ceritakan tentang “kebenaran” agama mereka? tentang mana datang “tuhan” 3 dalam 1 itu?

  4. Latest from Alvin Tan. [Facebook]

    He is praying to Kuan Im for safety since he is now an illegal in the US.

    He WON’T STOP, wont he?

    1. Dia sindir. Even Guan Yin is an element of his mockery.

      No, he won’t stop. And neither will the Yahudi Yeohs. That’s why there will be no end to the ‘Allah’ saga.

        1. How many Dapsters are like Alvin Tan?

          I believe he’s a template and prototype for their behaviour.

  5. This Bishop is lying through his teeth about the Bibles being desecrated because they have been defiled by the stamps.

    He says they should be put in a museum because they cannot be used. Really? Wow, mission work to spread the Word seems to have changed these days. When I was a Christian, I read and heard stories about how pages of the Bible were torn up and smuggled in pages to communist countries etc.

    And in churches, please note that the Bibles and hymnals are stamped usually with words like “property of …” church.

    And when I studied Bible Knowledge, we students would underline and highlight texts we were studying. No problem then, so why is he complaining unless it’s just to cari pasal and keep stirring the pot as the Bibles were returned and no more issue to flog.

    The real issue here is that the Bibles now carry the stamp forbidding its use or distribution in Selangor. So the church cannot use them in Selangor now without pretending it was unaware of the fact.

    So cannot do the usual tactic of committing offence and later saying “sorry”, and expecting all to be forgiven.

    1. ‘So the church cannot use them in Selangor now without pretending it was unaware of the fact.’

      Exactly that is the real issue here. Itu yang sakit hati sangat sebab tembelang sudah pecah!

    2. 88. And they say: “The Most Beneficent (Allah) has begotten a son.”
      *[the Jews say: ‘Uzair (Ezra) is the son of Allah, and the Christians say Allah has begotten a son, Jesus the Christ, while the pagan Arabs say that He has begotten daughters (as angels and other beings)]

      89. Indeed you have brought forth a terrible enormity.

      90. By which the heavens are almost torn apart, and the earth split asunder, and the mountains would crash down,

      91. That they would ascribe a son to The Most Merciful (Allah).

      92. But it is not suitable to (the majesty of) the Most Merciful (Allah) that He should beget a son (offspring or children).

      93. None in the heavens and the earth comes unto the Most Merciful (Allah) but as a slave creature.

      94. Verily, He knows each one of them, and has reckoned them completely.

      95. And everyone of them will come to Him alone on the Day of Resurrection (without helper, protector or defender).

      96. Verily, those who believe [in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger (Muhammad )] and work deeds of righteousness, the Most Merciful (Allah) will bestow love upon them (in their hearts).

      97. So We have made this (Qur’an) easy in your own tongue (O Muhammad ), only that you may give glad tidings to the pious and righteous ones (muttaqin), and give warning by it to the disputing ones (ludda).
      (Quran: surah Maryam)

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

      Say: Allah Is One, Allah is Unique and Absolute
      Neither begotten nor begetting (offspring)
      And there is no association to Him, in His Oneness.

  6. Dear Helen,

    They plan and they plot and Allah swt plans too. But the best of planners is Allah.

    If the church wishes to use His name, please ask Allah swt Himself and see what’s the answer.

    But why now? What’ the plan?

  7. When you have ppl like this what would you expect

    “”’ Beside reading the quran,i also read the bible every other day”””

    Qouted by Anwar Ibrahim, evangalist must be in heaven now.

    The last time he was asked how he spent his time in jail, his reply was listening to the Beatles.

        1. Yeah, consistently convincingly against Umno/TDM, and we all know that for dapsters Umno=Malay.

          Does HY not realised that every ceramah that she has attended, AI would not champion Malay or Islam because every ceramah that HY attended would surely be a predominantly Cina event. She should have put on her tudung and attend one of AI’s functions where he’s speaking to only Malays, she might see a different side to the man.

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