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91 percent poll respondents want the NUCC dissolved

“Consultative” whatever is a waste of time.


Muslims accused of “intolerance and bigotry”, again

An open letter that is getting a lot of airplay is titled ‘Need for a consultative process‘. It bears the names of some two dozen Tan Sris and Datuks, among them retired sec-gens of the various ministries.

Signed by 25 Muslim individuals styling themselves “a group of concerned citizens of Malaysia”, the letter talks mostly about Islam and Syariah.

At the same time however, it also sounds the alarm over how “the rise of supremacist NGOs accusing dissenting voices of being anti-Islam, anti-monarchy and anti-Malay has made attempts at rational discussion and conflict resolution difficult”.

The letter by the group of 25 however omits to mention the concurrent rise of evangelical triumphalism.

This tide of Christian evangelism has been responsible for the accusations that conservative Muslim voices are racist, extremist, bigoted and spewing hatred. These aggressive and abusive evangelistas can be said to have “made attempts at rational discussion and conflict resolution difficult” as well.

It takes two to tango after all.

The YY blame game

Twitter hannahyeohNajib gave Christians a bounced

The “extreme politicisation of race and religion in this country”, said the open letter, are among the developments that “breed intolerance and bigotry”. There is urgent need of “finding solutions to these longstanding areas of conflict that have led to the deterioration of race relations”, it added.

While nobody is disputing that race relations have reached a nadir, it is unfair for the letter writers to finger-point what they call “the supremacist NGOs” as being solely the Muslim ones. Why do the 25 prominent Muslims allow the evangelical triumphalists, who are the Christian supremacists (always calling other Malaysians “low class“), to escape equal censure?

Thus the aforementioned open letter is patently biased. It only blames one side when any “rational discussion and conflict resolution” obviously requires mutual cooperation by both the antagonistic parties.

There’s little incentive for the Muslim party to entertain this group of 25 worthies when the Muslim NGOs find themselves faulted by The Group in entirety whereas the Christian party is not even given a tap on the wrist.

Ibrahim Ali Christian Love

Satu lagi projek bangang oleh JPM

The National Unity Consultative Council is a body specially created by the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM).

I’ve said since its inception that the NUCC is a bad idea. A lot of people agree with me.

Findings of a week-long online poll – results above- carried in my blog reveals that 91 percent out of the 902 respondents want the NUCC dissolved.

While the members of NUCC would likely meet with the approval of the Group of 25, they have met with strong objection from the Muslim NGOs (probably the same ones viewed as “supremacist” by the open letter writers).


“Racists must be taught how to love” – Hannah Yeoh

Merely papering over the cracks

The NUCC had tried to fob off on the PM’s Dept a National Harmony Bill drafted by the staunchly pro-opposition Bar Council.

Face it, there was never “harmony” in Malaysia to begin with. All the Firster sweet talk about “harmony” is a blatant example of selling saliva.

“Looking back through the years, one of the startling facts which must be admitted is that there never was true racial harmony,” wrote Dr Mahathir Mohamad in The Malay Dilemma (Marshall Cavendish 2009 reprint edition).

“What was taken for harmony was absence of open inter-racial strife. And absence of strife is not necessarily due to lack of desire or reason for strife. It is more frequently due to a  lack of capacity to bring about open conflict.” (page 14, The Malay Dilemma)

“… in their own [Malay and Chinese] world, their values are not merely different but are often conflicting. If it is accepted that there never was true racial harmony, then it is easier to trace the relationship between the Malays and the non-Malays through history …” (p.14, The Malay Dilemma)

Tun concluded that “what has often been carelessly referred to as racial harmony was in fact a negative quantity – the absence of open conflict”.


Jerusubang, the City of Love

Tun’s views on our race history have remained consistent through the decades.

In his 1986 book The Challenge, Dr M wrote:

“When the Japanese conquered the Malay Peninsula in 1942, its inhabitants were already divided on a permanent basis into three major communities, i.e. Malays, Chinese and Indians. The three communities not only lacked unity; relations among them were so poor that they could easily become enemies.” (p.160, The Challenge)

“The defeat of the Japanese and the delay on the part of the British in sending the troops to take over power in the Malay States gave the opportunity to communist guerrillas, who were almost 100 per cent Chinese, to commit atrocities against people of various communities. For the Malays, these atrocities deepened their hatred of the Chinese. The Chinese felt the same towards the Malays.” (p.160, The Challenge)

The Challenge published by Pelanduk, Petaling Jaya

Tun was referring to the Interregnum years of 1945-46.

Today however, looking at the way that the evangelistas like to grandstand, you’d think the animosity is only flowing in one direction from the Muslims whereas an abundance of love is being returned by the Christians.



Malay-Chinese political marriage shattered on rock of racialism

In his 1998 book The Way Forward, Dr M wrote:

“Signs of Malay and Chinese unhappiness with the Government and its policies were only too apparent, but the Government leaders refused to recognise them. The absence of open clashes between the Malays and Chinese was taken to mean that racial harmony existed.” (p.46, The Way Forward)

“Of course, the non-MCA Chinese made no attempt to hide their anti-Malay sentiments. Although they did not believe they could defeat the Alliance and set up a Chinese-based government, they felt that a reduction in the number of Alliance seats would undermine the political clout of the Malays.” (p.47, The Way Forward)

“The politics of the 1969 election were entirely racial. Although the top leaders in the Alliance Government were still sanguine about events, there were clear signs that the Malay-Chinese political marriage was cracking and would soon shatter on the hard rock of emotional racialism.” (p.48, The Way Forward)

The Way Forward published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London

Tun wrote the above passages about the non-MCA Chinese making no attempt to hide their anti-Malay sentiments back in 1969.

In our present day, the non-MCA Chinese make up 90 percent of the community. What are their sentiments? Any substantial ‘Ubah’ or change?

Hannah Yeoh I want change

National reconciliation is a DAP poker bluff

Consultative councils and consultative processes are quite pointless when there is no willingness to compromise. The adamant attitude adopted by the Christians – “Allah is ours!” – signals no intent at all to meet the Muslims halfway.

The hardline confrontational approach taken by the Christians over the ‘Allah’ Bibles leaves little room for negotiation. Consulting till kingdom come will not yield any results.

This realistic assessment is possibly why 821 poll respondents or 91 percent believe that the National Unity Consultative Council serves no useful purpose and should be disbanded.

NUCC poll result

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38 thoughts on “91 percent poll respondents want the NUCC dissolved

  1. The National Unity Consultative Council must task itself above all towards integrating the Chinese and Tamil curriculums into A Unified Mainstream Education.

  2. Sadly 25 does not constitute a majority unless one is from a class ridden body still expecting people to kow tow to them because of their position instead of their capabilities.

    It says a lot about people like Zaid Ibrahim. A man whose wealth and whose legal firm did well on the backs of his UMNO credentials and connections.

    Where Zaid was faced with contesting other individuals many of who are brighter than him he failed and walked out. He too did an Anwar thinking that the whole world would follow him and overthrow the Barisan. Did not happen.

    Ambiga wanted to be a judge and pulled out all stops to get there including lobbying some of the people she now condemns. Did not happen.

    All of a sudden these people believe they have a mandate from the rest of society to represent them and to seek to overthrow government using all sorts of devices including lies, propaganda, undemocratic methods like street riots and deceit.

    To the 25, a minority does not rule in a democracy. It is the majority. A minority of 25 unrepresentative swill does nothing but further discredit the opposition.

  3. Masyallah,
    Wonder how much are being allocated to these people?

    Kampung kami nak eratkan silatulrahim, buat keramaian semua sekadar potluck dan belanja2 lain ikhlas dari poket sendiri aje.

    Tst tst tst

  4. Reading about all the current and past issue regarding the growing strife between the Muslims and the evangelists, I wonder if it’s a prelude to something much bigger.

    The current unrest in the Muslim majority is created through repeated provocations by the evangelists, like a person trying to light a fire. They light a spark, then feed kindling and dry leaves – stoking the fire bit by bit until it grows and finally they can throw something really flammable on it… then boom!

    The evangelists have openly mocked and challenged the majority Muslim community through the “name of Allah” issue, violation of the Bible, etc., perhaps in the hope of provoking the Muslim to take a disproportionate (maybe even violent) reaction against them… in which they can then appeal to an outside party (say, other Christian nations?) to intervene. If it does materialize, we will soon find ourselves living the same lives as those in Afghanistan, Iraq or Palestine.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Saya setuju dengan anda. Saya tak kira semua ini berlaku secara spontan. Pasti ada perancangan yang teliti sedang diaturkan untuk huruharakan negara ini seperti yang berlaku di Timur Tengah.

      Mereka menyerang dari segenap sudut, dari dalam dan luar tanpa rasa takut sedikit pun mencabar pihak berkuasa. Bahkan tragedi pesawat MAS juga menimbulkan banyak keraguan.

  5. That’s the problem to being the majority race in a country. When you are the majority, you have a certain responsibility towards the minority.

    You don’t want to fully exert your authority on the minority for fear of being labelled a bully, but you shouldn’t be handing them the keys to the vaults either. And that’s where the PM fails. He’s bending over backwards to please the non-Malays even at the expense of the majority votes.

    Here are some news/reports for the Muslims here to take note and for the non-Muslims to raise their awareness of their almost privileged position in this country.


    M’sian government should take note of no. 4 and maybe tabled a bill in this country to not allow foreign funding for churches or allow entry to church-sponsored members who are here not to visit but to proselytise.

    1. re: “He’s bending over backwards to please the non-Malays”

      Only the evangelical Christian Chinese.

      The Indian and Dayaks are unhappy with him. Hindraf says he broke nambikei (trust).

      1. Okay stand corrected – the evangelical Chinese. But you got to admit, they are so loud that sometimes they make us forget there are other non-Muslims.

        AND there’s the reason for the other non-Muslims to take a stand because if there’s any backlash from all these provocations, they are going to be caught in the middle.

        1. re: “the other non-Muslims to take a stand”

          The Buddhist Chinese will still side with the evangelical Chinese because they want a change of government.

          1. Re The Buddhist Chinese will still side with the evangelical Chinese because they want a change of government.

            While Buddhist youths are increasingly being tempted into joining the evangelical churches now mushrooming in urban areas. It won’t be long before they extend their tentacles to rural areas.

            1. After they run out of Chinese (a quarter of the population) to entice, they will set their eyes on the Blue Ocean to fish new converts.

              1. No need for that. They will turn to the Indians. After they are done with the Indians, they will look to Malays. Then we have a civil war in the making.

          2. “The Buddhist Chinese will still side with the evangelical Chinese because they want a change of government.”

            You should see Grandpa DAPsters message yesterday.

            ““If you ask me whether I can categorically say that the tripartite Pakatan Rakyat will be around to fight the 14th general election, I cannot answer as I do not know,” he added.”

            Definitely this is not about Pakatan spliting up, we all know there are many in PAS who is pissed by DAP and PKR is a motley characters. This is to rally the Chinese to support Pakatan DAP (yes the only member in the tripartite). He is saying support HIM to fight the ENEMY UMNO and the Chinese will all kena kong tau and support his family.

            He knows very well Malays are quite pissed with PAS being the kerbau of Pakatan.

            Save backside punya.

            1. Once again The J Star acting as the mouthpiece of the DAP. They try the same trick over and over again. Nothing new what ? Only the dungu believe them.

      2. Re Only the evangelical Christian Chinese

        And in the process the Malays who are still with him and his party think he’s appeasing the Chinese community and we now have a worsening racial situation and the evangelists are too happy to exploit to the hilt by

        – telling the Chinese that they are being victimized because they are Chinese, and,

        – provoking the other, native Christians into opposing the government through a crisis manufactured by the evangelists.

        1. It’s the ‘pull’ vs ‘push’ factors.

          I don’t think Buddhist Chinese are pulled (attracted) by the evangelical politics.

          However they are pushed (away) from an Umno that is increasingly lurching to the right.

          At the end of the day, Buddhist Chinese still have race and language in common with the DAP evangelistas. They have little common ground with Umno.

          1. Re However they are pushed (away) from an Umno that is increasingly lurching to the right.

            They should ask themselves who’s forcing Umno to turn right.

          2. Re At the end of the day, Buddhist Chinese still have race and language in common with the DAP evangelistas

            The Buddhist Chinese may think so but not the DAP evangelistas. As far as the DAP evangelistas are concerned these Buddhist Chinese and other non Christians are heathens. Just ask Tan Yimin’s father. What have they done to help the man ? Nothing.

  6. “Christians will not retaliate. We believe in loving even those who hate us. That is the way of the cross”

    This is an oxymoron statement. What ? They love their detractors ? Oh come on now. Look how they call people who oppose them. Their favorite catchphrase ? Low class !

    Stop the hypocrisy if you still have an ounce of shame left in you.

    1. It’s highly unlikely that they will stop. Remember, our current PM is the weakest so far amongst all other PMs. They are probably thinking they will never have a better chance to really push their agenda than now.

    2. There is no true love without a proportionate sense of justice. Hate is the emotion associated with acts of injustice by persons against one another. But a man can do injustice even to his own soul, and that is what he should hate most and strive to overcome.

  7. One thing about Alvin is that he hate Msia so he left. What about others who hate Msia but still cari makan here.

    Jika kamu nak lawan BN, Umno itu terpulang, ini negara demokrasi tapi mengapa serang Islam, muslim, melayu ?

    2. 25 pemuka2 liberal yang buat surat tu hanyalah alat tunggangan musuh2 Islam.

    Mungkin akan menyusul lagi golongan seperti ini kerana mereka nampak betapa liberalnya pemimpin no 1.

      1. The last comment “tahu kau takut nak reply apa orang comment” says it all. This EricPaulsen type portrays most of the evangelical dapsters in that they provoke, provoke, PROVOKE then they stay quietly on the sidelines. Jadi kalau kena soal boleh bagi standard answer, account diciplak (maklumlah semuanya boleh ciplak!)

  8. Talking about the Yahudi Yeoh, I want to share how clever and scheming they are that they can infiltrate the Chinese educated ones. Do you know today almost none of the children of the Chinese alumni of the Sekolah Mubaligh go back to those schools? Who goes to those schools? Anak India and Anak Melayu.

    For a fact I know almost none of the Chinese kids of the alumni of St Xaviers go to St Xaviers. They all go to the sekolah Cina. Why the YYs know of how openly racist and chauvinistic the Chinese educated are? The Chinese educated will openly berate anyone who cannot speak Mandarin – even at job interviews. (A few of our Malay friends have complained about that. I too have had this at a job interview.)
    How do you counter the Chinese educated (called Shi Pu Shi by Xavierians – yes or no literally.)? The Shi Pu Shis are the mortal enemies of the YYs. What is their weakness – Mandarin!!! Use that weapon.

    Send your kids to Chinese schools etc. Then pull them out at Form 1 or 3 giving the reason Chinese is tough. This is how they penetrate the Chinese school. They bring in the notion of studying English is very important so much so it overshadows Mandarin. Of course they will highlight Malay is definitely not important. This way they bring up Chinese educated who will look up to the YYs as their savior. You will find many DAP loving parents from the Sekolah Mubalighs becoming PIBG members in the Sekolah Cina and infiltrating the schools policies.

    I support the advice by DPM that students learn Chinese as a third language. Mandarin is what the ShiPuShis use to berate others. They don’t want to assimilate, period! If the Chinese don’t want to assimilate, let the Malays and Indians do the job. Come out with as many as possible Chinese speaking Malay and Indian graduates. Fill the Chinese schools with Malay and Indian students.

    One day these Malay and Indian Chinese school students will graduate and they will need jobs. Send them back to the Sekolah Cina to teach Maths, English etc. Learn from the YYs the secret to infiltrate the Sekolah Cina. Look at Bakri of 8TV. Melayu cakap Cina… wow!

    (PS: Watch Astro XiaoTaiYang’s Tutor TV BM show. The instructors use 95% Mandarin to teach BM. No wonder the Chinese educated can’t speak, write and read BM. The teacher uses 95 Chinese words to teach 5 words of BM.)

    1. That’s what they are. They are the real racists and they berate the Malays as racists. Utterly without shame these people.

    2. I saw someone wrote somewhere that:

      “Our real problem isn’t Bahasa Malaysia* but English and it is incredible that so many of us have refused to acknowledge this or even want to address it.”

      Funny don’t you think? Some people point one dirty finger at others and yet didn’t realise four other fingers are pointing at them. I think some people should stop playing the victimitis game.

      #Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.

      *N.B. Should be “Bahasa Melayu” as written in the Federal Constitution. No such thing as Bahasa Malaysia. Even being called Bahasa Malaysia pun, ramai MALAYSIAFirsters still FAILED the language big time, like that fat Selangor Speaker with fat salary, Hannah “Soalan-Mulut” Yeoh.


    3. My siblings dan beberapa orang anak mereka dari SJKCs. Takde apa special tak payah DongZong nak tembak glamour2 sangat.

      Sijil mereka dekat negara mana laku? Dapat tumpang buat UPSR, PMR dan SPM dah kira tuah rezeki tu pun tak tau nak berterima kasih.

      Tapi ramai mengatal memperlekehkan our national schools, teachers and syllabus pulak dah. Macam le standard SJKC tu tinggi sangat! Habaq dan tunjuk sat, high standard kut celah mana?

      Bila nak quota IPTA bukan main lagi mendesak. Depa ingat tayang 8A or 10A guarantees them a place? Bahasa selain Mandarin berterabur walaupun atas kertas dapat A1.

      Tapi apa bole buat itu saja cara yg membolehkan mereka pasang sayap to Western Universities for their further studies. Yang mampu tu tak kisah le, tapi yang tak mampu tu kesian betoi. Gi sambung belajar d China dan Taiwan aje la..

      Gi Singapore pon payah as medium mainly in English. Yang terlepas dapat masuk, standard macam Teresa Kok aje, bila ‘cakap mulut’ dan pemahaman bahasa hehehe malas le nak mengumpat, berdosa tau!

  9. Ms H. There is a fake in the NUCC. In 1992, I walked up to him and tried to initiate small talk with him at a Sime Darby Hari Raya function. He turned up his nose and walked away without saying a word. He tried to climb by being an MCA man and then, he became a butler of sorts who scrounged around the VIPs to collect the titles of which he is not entitled.

  10. What changes did you promise NUCC, Yg Bhg DS M Najib ?

    Better stop and agree on the giveables/ mandate with UMNO first, otherwise you’d frustrate everyone for no reason.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Ms H. The Government should dissolve the NS camps as well in view of the money required for the over 200,000 flood victims. This anomaly the NS camps was proposed by a prominent nobody who stood up and suggested it at one of TDM’s last meetings. It was quickly picked up and much money was wasted. This prominent nobody at that very moment had his children already working in London. The NS is nothing new and was considered by our late Tun Abdul Razak in 1972 but it was found to be unfair and dangerous for young children which might have caused deaths or injuries. Indeed, these incidents did happen. The NS camps are a sheer waste of the Rakyat’s hard-earned money and could easily be incorporated into the National Schools System as a win-win proposal for all.

      1. Rina. It is the National Type School System which will unite a Nation. I have proposed that the Vernacular Schools be permitted to join the National Type School System after 25, 30, or 40 years in the interests of the Nation, the vested interests, the teachers etc. If Hong Kong can accept China in full in 50 years, why not the Malaysian Chinese citizens of independent Malaysia ? The NS camps should be closed down and converted to camps for the rehabiltation of wayward youths who should not be in prisons. The NS camps are just a sheer waste of money compared to the contributions by the National Type School System. Precious money is now required everywhere by the Nation.

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