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The zebra preyed upon by the hyenas was pregnant, by the way. And it was still alive when its stomach was being shredded by the razor sharp fangs of the predator pack.

zebra death throes e

zebra eaten alive

zebra eaten alive1

Agony of being eaten alive


zebra death throes c

The still capture, below from the video clip, shows what must have been close to the zebra’s moment of death.

Mommy zebra’s unborn calf ripped out from its stomach by the hyenas – below.

zebra death throes f

zebra baby torn out

Semua yang Ah Jib buat asyik tak kena aje

Ah Jib Gor planned to repeal the Sedition Act but he never had any backing from the opposition and their supporters for the sweeping reforms he intended to carry out.

Earlier, Ah Jib had abolished the ISA but the epochal event passed with no fanfare and nary any thanks from Pakatan and their followers.

Very recently when he renounced his plan to abolish the Sedition Act, the opposition and their supporters mercilessly pounced on him.

Finally agreeing to keep the Sedition Act should have kept Umno and its crowd placated but there had been too much angst expended in twisting Ah Jib’s arm to make him comply.

In the end the PM fell between two stools and earned only ill-will from both sides.

Ramai Layak

Saman tak betul, tak saman pun tak betul

My first instinct was that Ah Jib should take all those people libelling him to the cleaners. Adopt the Lee Kuan Yew sledgehammer approach in filing and winning lawsuits.

That’s what I wrote yesterday, ‘Dear Tun, Ah Jib is being eaten alive!

After all, if Ah Jib fails to take any action, his political opponents and their Red Beanies will simply continue ripping apart the PM’s reputation. And that of his wife’s too – which is what Rafizi is being sued for, i.e. over the stories of Rosmah’s purported diamond ring.

The defamation suit against Tony Pua is a bit more dicey though. DAP’s publicity chairman is asking awkward questions about 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

Now what if Ah Jib goes to court and he can’t give satisfactory answers about 1MDB? This is the one issue that has the potential to cost the most damage to the BN.

In the midst of all this, the Christian-dominated opposition is disembowelling the BN vote bank.

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BSM Media Statement


A couple of days ago, the Bible Society of Malaysia issued its statement headlined ‘Holy Scripture Desecrated Yet Again‘.

Yesterday, the Christian Federation of Malaysia said in its statement:

“This blanket ban on the use of the Bahasa Malaysia Bibles in Selangor is unrealistic given that there are thousands of Sabahans and Sarawakians who reside and work in the state.”

CFM is misrepresenting the issue. Bibles in bahasa Melayu are not banned in toto. The objection by the Selangor religious authorities is not over Malay language use but against the kalimah Allah usage by Christians.


CFM chairman Rev. Eu Hong Seng (pix below), who signed the statement by the federation, further said, “It would be a gross injustice to Malaysian Christians whose only language for worship and that in their Bible is Bahasa Malaysia which they had been using for centuries”.

The deliberate misrepresentation by the Christians continues. They are not prohibited from using Bahasa Melayu Bibles, only the ones containing kalimah Allah.


And for a third time, Rev. Eu deliberately mischaracterized the issue when he said:

“Forcing the discontinuation of the use of the BM Bibles by Malaysian Christians and those ministering to them would go against the federal constitution provision of Article 11 on Freedom of Religion, in which Clause 3 (a) states that every religious group has the right to manage its own religious affairs.”

It bears repeating that Selangor is not forcing Christians to cease using BM Bibles. AGAIN – Only Bibles containing the kalimah Allah is prohibited. Go ahead and print your Bibles invoking Tuhan and there will be no complaint.

Apart from chairing CFM, Rev. Eu is also the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship chairman. He is the uber² evangelista.

Apalah lu … Perkasa had in the past wanted Rev. Eu to be probed for sedition

Perkasa wants Rev Eu probed for sedition - Malaysiakini 2012-11-09 09-45-39

Licik bukan kepalang

These evangelistas are the kind of people that Ah Jib Gor is utterly unable to deal with.

Some of the evangelistas were quick to blame Ah Jib when religion is a state matter – Sarawak, for example, does not have a similar restriction in law – and Selangor is a Pakatan controlled state with four-fifths of the Aduns belonging to Pakatan.

Needless to say, this stamping incident is being milked to the max to incite the Sabah and Sarawak native Christians against the Islamic religious authorities (read: “Ketuanan Melayu”) and the fault conveniently laid at BN’s door despite that Selangor is ruled by Pakatan.

DAP has maintained its stand that Allah is for all


What is the problem, really?

Is the problem the stamping of the returned BSM Bibles?

Or is the root of the problem actually the behaviour of the evangelical Christians?

They are continuously attacking Ah Jib. The next general election will be fought between DAP and Umno. The conflict zone is Christian vs Muslim.

The problem is not “what”. It is “who”. Ah Jib Gor is being torn to pieces.

Najib zebra shirt

Which army ever fought a war on zebras?

Ah Jib Gor is decidedly buckling under.

He is no war general.

He is a kuda belang.

Umno needs war horses to lead the charge, not a zebra.


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  1. Any man who cannot face up to his own conscience should not attempt to face the collective intelligence of the people.

  2. PKR without Anwar will have a chance to be a stropng party and coulld rule Malaysia since many talented people are ther provided they distance themselves from DAP and PAS. Be their own party with own ideologi for the people and they will survive, UMNO-BN RIP when GE14 over. PKR have to get rid of Anwarism to gain Malaysian support of all races and it can happen if they make it happen.

      1. The most talented so far is undoubtedly Rafizi Ramli. Dah le talented, jambu plak tu. Dia tu Red Bean, obviously la dia tulis macam tu. Punya la ramai talented people dalam PKR, if you desk and chair-throwing is actually an Olympic event, PKR members will win all medals at every tournament. KJ mesti suka.

        1. Somewhat I feel that they have more talented people than UMNO. What is more important is that they have the dynamism for the young and talented people to grow in politics. This is what missing in UMNO.

          The only problem with PKR is Anwar, Anwarism and Anwar’s family. Anwar screwed up PKR to keep him and his family in power. Today, PKR in such sorry state is all because of Anwar. Rafizi, despite all his failures is way more talented than many of the UMNO’s politician. If he can focus his talent to develop PKR and the nation, it would be much better. But too bad, he uses his talent to served Anwar and to execute Anwar’s dirty political scheme. That is why he is in such sorry state.

          Azmin, despite his “dubious past” is again a way better politician than most of the UMNO’s politicians. Anyway, which politician does not have “dubious past”? It takes a clever and hardcore politician to survive the political jungle in Malaysia, especially in PKR who is ruled by a political animal. Azmin has proven that he survived and the best thing is that he survived without having to resort into the scheme like Rafizi or Saifuddin to apple polish Anwar. On this matter, I think Azmin excel. So I actually giving hope for Azmin to be the future leader for Malaysia (aren’t we selecting the lesser evil?). Selangor is a good testing ground for him. If he can prove that he can rule Selangor without having his nose pulled by DAP, probably there is still hope for Malaysia.

  3. Banyak ayat2 quran yg suruh manusia dan umat islam supaya guna akal. Nak hire konsultan boleh, tapi guna lah akal kita sendiri utk timbang syor/idea dpd konsultan tu. Jika malas guna akal maka kita akan ditipu. Negara kena jual.

    Kesimpulan : Ajib ngor b#d#h

  4. “It would be a gross injustice to Malaysian Christians whose only language for worship and that in their Bible is Bahasa Malaysia* which they had been using for centuries”. -Christian Federation of Malaysia Chairman, Eu Hong Seng.

    But we know that:

    “Sebanyak 604 pelatih PLKN itu telah dikategorikan tidak boleh bercakap dalam Bahasa Melayu dan saya juga pelik bagaimana mereka boleh lulus SPM? Keadaan ini sebenarnya amat pelik dan tidak sepatutnya wujud kerana sebagai warganegara Malaysia mereka ini wajib menguasai Bahasa Melayu dengan baik. Situasi ini tidak berlaku di Thailand atau pun Indonesia kerana kita dapat lihat di Selatan Thailand, orang Melayu di sana boleh bercakap bahasa negara itu dengan sempurna dan begitu juga di Indonesia, orang Cina petah bercakap bahasa Melayu” – UKM Academic, Prof. Dr. Teo Kok Seong.

    And yet I saw someone wrote somewhere that:

    “Our real problem isn’t Bahasa Malaysia* but English and it is incredible that so many of us have refused to acknowledge this or even want to address it.”

    Funny don’t you think? Some people point one dirty finger at others and yet didn’t realise four other fingers are pointing at them. I think some people should stop playing the victimitis game.

    #Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.

    *N.B. Should be “Bahasa Melayu” as written in the Federal Constitution. No such thing as Bahasa Malaysia. Even being called Bahasa Malaysia pun, ramai MALAYSIAFirsters still FAILED the language big time, like that fat Selangor Speaker with fat salary, Hannah “Soalan-Mulut” Yeoh.


  5. ….headlined ‘Holy Scripture Desecrated Yet Again‘…

    Translated Bibles are considered ‘HOLY?’.. ya ke?

    Anyone can print anything inside and UBAH whatever phrases, sentence or even the name of their ‘GOD’ in it and still consider that book ‘HOLY?’.

    …..Kerani Syarikat Hindia Timur, syarikat Belanda terbesar ketika itu bernama Albert Cornelius Ruyl dan Jan van Hasel adalah perintis kerja menterjemah Bible ke bahasa Melayu antara 1628-46, dan disambung oleh dua paderi, Justus Heurn (1651) dan Daniel Brower (1662) , Dr Melchiar Leidekker, Robert Hutchings, J. McGinnis, Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir atau Munshi Abdullah, Suleiman serta beberapa pengajar Melayu lain.

    Munshi Abdullah, yang pernah diwawancara memberi pandangannya mengenai Bible bahasa Melayu dengan berkata terdapat banyak kesalahan dari segi pemilihan perkataan, maksud, nahu dan penggunaan bahasa…..

    Haiyaaa, the work of all those people involved in the translation based on their understanding of the words from the ‘original?’ also you people consider HOLY ke?

    You people don’t use translated version la to teach your religion, those are CIPLAK versions only.. Like the illegal CIPLAK CDs, any Apek can ciplak and peddle by the roadside, very cheap but got no quality wan owh.

    1. Imagine the Harry Potter books, you want to translate and simply change his name as Harris anak Pokteh can or not? You think JK Rowling kasi kebenaran?

      1. I don’t think JK Rowling would agree to that. “Harry Potter” is a special name and I’m sure JK Rowling knows the strength of her work, the intrinsic value of her literary work. Hence, there is no need for her to change that name and cause confusion in Malaysia simply because people will be attracted to the quality of her work.

        Plus, I bet she’s honest. Unless, she wants to adapt Harry Potter to the local flavour but cause confusion at the same time by changing the Harry’s name to Harun Pak Teh. I doubt she has any reason to do so, honest people don’t do that. Furthermore, “Harun Pak Teh” itself is a special name, and it is not equal to “budak” or “remaja”. So, the title “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” should be “Harry Potter dan Tahanan Azkaban” or the local version as “Harun Pak Teh dan Tahanan Azkaban”. It cannot be “Budak dan Tahanan Azkaban” simply because Harry Potter is a budak but not all budak is Harry Potter, those special name and a general word are not the same.

        Tapi ada jugak lah mangkuk hayun yang keliru, tapi masih beria-ia benar nak buat orang lain pun keliru macam diorang jugak. Lebai2 PAS semua dah keliru pun, harap pagar tp pagar minum todi. Masalahnya, ada mubaligh yang bodoh sangat buat wrong translation since “centuries” tu knp? Either stupid or had ulterior motives.

        #Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.


    2. ‘Kerani Syarikat Hindia Timur, syarikat Belanda terbesar ketika itu bernama Albert Cornelius Ruyl dan Jan van Hasel adalah perintis kerja menterjemah Bible ke bahasa Melayu antara 1628-46, dan disambung oleh dua paderi, Justus Heurn (1651) dan Daniel Brower (1662) , Dr Melchiar Leidekker, Robert Hutchings, J. McGinnis, Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir atau Munshi Abdullah, Suleiman serta beberapa pengajar Melayu lain.’

      Tu la, yang translate pun bukan native speakers. Semua pendatang asing. So boleh faham la kesalahan kosa kata dan sebagainya.

      Sama la macam kalau beli DVD cetak rompak, boleh gelak bila baca terjemahan yang dibuat anak-anak Malaysia Firsters! Boleh mati terkejut lah pendek kata!

  6. Was reading commentaries made about the Allah issue from years back since it’s a good day to stay indoors as it’s a hot December day here in KL.

    It made me think how I initially feel indignant about the mistreatment of Christians here in Malaysia. It turned to outrage when the Holy Communion was desecrated by Al Islam journalists at St Anthony’s Pudu sometime in 09.

    That was the simplistic view I had then. It was a no brainer thing. Us Christians needed to stand together to survive the onslaught on our religion & faith. It was the persecution of the church by the Roman Empire all over again albeit in a different setting & century.

    All that changed when churches were firebombed following Lau Bee Lan’s ruling on Dec 31st 2009. The Christians were preaching forgiveness & yet refused to back down. It made an impression on me. Christians were unwilling to compromise yet speak of love, peace & forgiveness.

    It disgusted me.

    What disgusted me further was how incendiary religious & political leaders became in the name of Christianity. They were no longer preaching love. They were preaching hate, the antithesis to the very fundamental thing that makes Christians Christians.

    And adding more fuel to the fire would be the evangelical Christians. They picked up cudgels on behalf of the “oppressed”. Really?

    “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, says First Lady Speaker. Of course she conveniently left out the first part of Matthew 12:34. That part reads; “You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil?”

    Today, I am in the opinion that all this is a shadow play. Those in favor of term Allah being used by Christians are merely doing so for political expediency & to capture native votes in Sabah & Sarawak.

    As for the supposedly apolitical church, they probably want a “change”. They’d do well to remember sometimes the devil you know is still better than the angel you don’t know.

    1. re: “how I initially feel indignant about the mistreatment of Christians here in Malaysia”

      Me too. I sympathized that the new (charismatic) Christians had to worship in shoplots in the most inappropriate locations.

      My view on the ‘Allah’ issue years ago was typically and reflexively anti-establishment, i.e. that the Muslims were being pernickety.

      My turning point would be witnessing the Porky Principle at work when the Christians insisted that they had an equal right to the ‘Allah’ name, which looking objectively at their arguments, is simply benang basah.

      It is an historical anomaly that the natives of Sabah and Sarawak were introduced to ‘Allah’ Christianity, and this is entirely the fault of the early European missionaries. But despite that ‘Allah’ is how the Ibans and Dayaks, etc, have through the generations called God does not make this naming correct.

      The Christians are indeed the ones preaching hate.

      Malays may not be discerning enough to realise this fact due to lack of exposure to Christian culture and English literature (which is coloured by Christianity and Christendom) but the most provocation today is coming from the Christians. A critical reader can tell when a comment is written by a Christian from the tone, vocabulary and style.

      The most provocative politicians – Teresa, Tony, OKM, Hannah, Yeo Bee Yin, Rajiv – are all evangelical Christians.

      1. Today, Christians at least here in the Peninsular are an impatient lot. They’re in a hurry to get to paradise. Their vision of paradise would be one where PR forms the government with Anwar is the PM, though the latter part is debatable & UMNO is banished into the shadows, never to rise again.

        Their utopia would be a Malaysia sans royalty & with absolute freedom of religion. Shouldn’t forget their aim of erasing that line which separates Malaysians into Bumiputeras & non Bumiputeras.

        How’s that for being Christian like behavior? Bulldozing everything that doesn’t agree with you just so you’d be happy…

        Hypocrites… A viper pit full of hypocrites!

      2. ….Malays may not be discerning enough to realise this fact due to lack of exposure to Christian culture and English literature (which is coloured by Christianity and Christendom) but the most provocation today is coming from the Christians…

        We r not tht blur. Allah revealed Prophet ^Isa (Jesus) as the messenger before Prophet Muhammad. All these are in our holy Quran.

        As to their culture and practices, there are thousands of denomination, nak expose dengan yang mana satu? Yang Hannah Yeoh, yang Teresa kok or yang mana satu? Kenapa tak standadize owh?

        1. Rina,

          You forget that you were educated in convent school with most your classmates being non-Malays and taught by orang putih nuns. How many young Malays today can claim to share your experience?

          And your English is good. We can’t say the same for the current generation.

          See my previous article, ‘Logo Hari Merdeka Pakatan ada elemen-elemen Kristian’ (HERE).

          There are 181 comments.

          I wrote that the dove is the symbol in Christian iconography/art to represent the Holy Spirit. Many Malay/Muslim readers were unaware of this.

          As to whether there is any “standardization” between the denominations, Yes and No. The City Harvest Church looking like a casino will not be something the Catholics have.

          But as to Biblical text, there is some standardization in their popularity and recognition. Let’s take the motto of Hannah Yeoh’s blog – “Righteousness exalts a nation” (Proverbs 14:34).

          She is evangelical of the City Harvest kind. Googling the phrase, I found it in the website of the Klang Methodist Church.

          1. Major denominations such as Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox churches are traditional where Mass services are concerned. They have preset liturgy for the readings as well as prayers. This is normally standardised globally.

            As for the non-denominational churches which the new age churches are fond of branding themselves, their service would consist of impromptu prayers while the readings would probably jive with what’s happening at that current time. As for music, more new age music abhorring traditional hymns such as Amazing Grace etc.

            Not at all surprising as the young would be more inclined to attend a service which is more exhilarating rather than a sedate one.

            1. Okay.

              I was thinking about the provocateurs and their writings/comments in cyberspace, and how we can often tell their background from what they write – through the phrases (quotes) they use, their ideas, allegories, allusions, preaching, etc.

              Generally I’m able make a pretty good guess as to which of the prolific writers are Christians. Some are so creepy. May Chee is one.

              1. Any more comes to mind? Would be interesting to see how their thought process progress in the last few years.

                Btw, is it true the contributors to TMI aren’t paid? Someone who used to work there told me that most opinion pieces are pro bono.

                1. re: “Any more comes to mind?”

                  Stephen Ng, Bob Teoh, Rama Ramanathan

                  Khoo Kay Peng, Steve Oh but they’re not creepy.

                  re: “Someone who used to work there told me that most opinion pieces are pro bono.”

                  Probably true for the Side Views as they’re picked up from elsewhere like blogs, other publications etc.

                  The columnists are paid I should think as their pieces have to appear on a regular day.

          2. Actually Helen tak kira exposure atau tidak mereka yg tersesat kerana kejutan ‘non expusure’ lambat laun akan sedar diri.

            My classmate who is a molecular scientist was quite casual when she first arrived in UK to start her studies. Learning on the cells was actually what changed and pulled her to the Qur’an and Allah. The things that goes in our body is amazing.

            And she started reading an English translation of a Quran bought in England.

            The creation of the human life in the womb itself is already documented in d Quran explicitly even before the field of embryology ever existed.

            These kind of topics afe of interest to us. People like Hannah trying to preach religion is a joke.. macam lawak le.

  7. Brilliant article Kak Helen!

    I LOL-ed as I scrolled down to that last photo. How matching.

    I am instantly reminded of the unfortunate zebra and its heavily pregnant tummy.

      1. I wonder how much PM (or for that matter Rosmah) paid the consultant that advises him to donned that zebra baju. What a choice?! Hahaha

        1. Is the men’s boutique, The Emperor’s New Clothes @ Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang owned by Khairy still operating? I don’t go to that mall, so am not up to date.

          1. Tak pasti la Helen, ada ke? Tak pernah perasan pulak. Jarang la pegi sana sekarang. Last month ada pegi pun lepak makan roti saja.

          2. Why you no go Pavi? It’s so nice!

            Tenc is not there anymore. Don’t know if it closed forgood or moved.

  8. Ms H. This is a joke from the Medical Faculty of University of Malaya in Singapore.

    In a savannah, a grasssy plain in sub-tropical Africa, it was full of wild animals lounging around in pairs, the antelopes, the giraffes, the hippopotamus, the hyenas, etc. But there was a zebra which was alone.

    The zebra went up to a lion who happened to be there too.

    The zebra asked the lion, ‘Sir, why are all these couples lounging around in pairs?’

    The lion said to the zebra, ‘You take off your pyjamas and I show you why!’

  9. For the umpteenth time, they are not holy books, only translation of a purported one version of the holy book.

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