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Next 38 months will determine future shape of Islam in Malaysia

It is entirely possible for a country to Ubah from Muslim majority to Christian majority in the span of a single lifetime. This happened in Nigeria.

At the time of the country’s independence in 1953, a total of 45.3 percent of Nigerians were Muslim and only 21.4 percent Christian. This means that just a little over five decades ago, Muslims in Nigeria were more than double the number of Christians (pie chart here).

Today Nigeria is 48.8 percent Muslim and 49.3 percent Christian. Muslims are outnumbered by Christians (2010 population stats here).

You can see from the graph below how the African traditional faiths drastically lost their followers – blue line.

The development of Islam has been flat – green  line. The expansion of Christianity has been phenomenal – red line (details here).

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nigeria religions

Creepy cults

South Korea is a Far East country with a long Buddhist tradition. Yet Buddhists in South Korea are only 23 percent compared to Christians at 29 percent (source: Pew Research Center). There are far more Christians than Buddhists in South Korea today.

The evangelical growth among Koreans has been simply “explosive”, reported Christianity Today. Moonies is a cult homegrown in South Korea.

Billionaire Yoo Byung-eun, owner of South Korea’s largest ferry – the MV Sewol which sunk last April and killed more than 300 passengers, mostly schoolchildren – was co-founder of the Evangelical Baptist Church (a cult).

city harvest

S$50 million “misused” by City Harvest pastors

In Singapore, its 2010 population census revealed that the number of Christians had risen to 18.3 percent. Twenty years ago, Singapore’s census in 1990 had the Christians at “only” 12.7 percent.

Singapore even gave birth to its very own evangelical mega churches, City Harvest and New Creation.

Comparatively, in a mere ten years from 2000 to 2010, the number of Buddhists in Singapore dropped by 9.2 percent.

What kind of people are they – the evangelical Christians in Singapore?


Mama Dapster: Moving from glory to glory

Meanwhile Mama Dapster hopes that Pakatan will “move from strength to strength” each election.

“Moving from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glory.”

Needless to say, Hannah Yeoh is referring to the Christian faith and she means Christian Glory (Gospel and Gold).

Hannah Yeoh strength to strength

The DAP evangelistas are confident of “moving from strength to strength”. Their ever increasing strength will be in tandem with the increasing influence of their faith and the spread of their glory.

But in the same breath they keep telling the Muslims there’s nothing to worry. Have no fear – Islam is NOT under threat.

DAP Subang Jaya glory to glory

Wishing and hoping the Malaysian Dream

The trinity of Mama, Papa and Grandpapa Dapster will stop at nothing to realise their Malaysian Dream.

Trust in them, share their dream.


Grandpapa: Moderates vs Extremists & Bigots

Grandpapa Dapster gave a speech titled ‘Malaysian Dream Phase 2‘ in his Gelang Patah constituency last night.

In it, Lim Kit Siang calls on Malaysians “regardless of political party, race, religion, region, gender or age to unite and stand up as patriots and moderates of Malaysia to practise the politics of inclusion to save the country from extremism, intolerance and bigotry“.

He positions the Yahudi Yeohs as the moderates and the other side as extremists and bigots who are utterly intolerant. You know what? Just once, it might do wonders if Grandpapa and his Dapster family were shown what ‘real’ intolerance is.

For half a century, Kit Siang has poisoned the well and now he’s mentoring the slick and venomous next generation

Mama dan Grandpapa Dapster

1People, DAP evangelical style

Kit Siang claims that his Malaysian Dream “envisions Malaysia as a plural society where all her citizens are united as one people”.

(Under the Porky Principle, lah.)

According to Kit Siang, Malaysians are capable of “rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic and regional differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceeds the differences that divide them because of their ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural and regional divisions”.

So what happens then to Article 3? Article 152? Article 153? Should our “regional divisions” be wiped out by the DAP (if they take Putrajaya), what will happen to Sabah and Sarawak’s special immigration rights which enables the two Borneo states to keep out troublemakers from the peninsula?

Lim Kit Siang divisive

“Divisive”, and racist too

Kit Siang accuses the Umno general assembly of being “divisive” – with the Firsters it’s always this favourite word – and disuniting as well as deepening differences among Malaysians.

He alleges that Umno is playing up the “politics of fear, hate and lies”.

Grandpapa is also insistent that Malays and Islam are NOT under threat. That the Chinese are NOT out to grab political power. That Malays have NO reason to feel under siege. If Malays are feeling besieged, says Kit Siang, then it can only be due to Umno’s “dirty and despicable political tactics”.

J-Star definition of ‘Moderation’ … sounds exactly like DAP

Jstar moderation2

What ‘silent majority’? They’re louder than CNY firecrackers

Railing against “fringe extremists who have become increasingly aggressive in their extremism, immoderation and intolerance”, Kit Siang portrays as if there is a “Silent Majority of moderates”.

Again he’s exhibiting the Porky Principle. Those whom he characterizes as “moderates” are anything but silent. They’re bloody loud.

In his speech, he reminds his audience that the real issues concern “good governance, accountability, transparency; democracy and human rights”. And the fight against corruption.

He said focusing on real issues is “particularly challenging today as extremist, immoderate and intolerant voices and forces have reared their ugly heads and stolen a march against the moderates” to divert the people’s attention.

The Dapster family are saviours who will rescue Malaysia from those “voices and forces of extremism, intolerance and bigotry”.

Hannah Guan Eng

Papa Dapster: Malay rights NOT under threat 

Papa Dapster today added to Grandpapa’s call yesterday to Ah Jib Gor to “reaffirm the Malaysian Dream”.

Echoing Lim Senior, Guan Eng said in his statement that “Malaysians are not so gullible as to believe that Malay and Islamic rights are under threat in a country where all the top political, security and key economic sectors are controlled or led by Malays”.

“By blaming only non-Malays, humiliating non-Muslims and even arbitrarily denying or depriving them of their fundamental constitutional rights, Umno and BN hopes to distract attention from the economic ills afflicting ordinary Malaysians,” claimed the DAP sec-gen.

The Penang Chief Minister similarly accused Umno of “resorting to racist and extremist postures” too. Like father, like son.

A meeting of moderate minds


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33 thoughts on “Next 38 months will determine future shape of Islam in Malaysia

  1. Would be hard because of Malay conservatism and cultural identity.

    I suppose that’s where the pro Pakatan Malay religious pluralism embracing liberals come to play their part, announcing their arrival as the moderates here to save Malaysia from conservative values relabeled as extremist and intolerant.

    And while they are breaking up Malays on the Malay front, on the non Malay front they are rallying in ways that most Malays would probably be not aware of if not for your blog, for example.

    They are probably confident on that part. Confident enough to use government initiatives like BRIM to register new voters.

  2. “…key economic sectors are controlled or led by Malays”. Wow that’s news to me. I thought the Malays’ control of the economic pie is still short of the 30% target set under the NEP.

    1. Tokong kaki penipu kalau tak tipu tak sah!

      Macam seekoq nih!

      Bar Council president Christopher Leong urges Putrajaya to shed its narrow mindset in preparation to head Asean. – See more at:

      Bar Council saja orang tak boleh sentuh, tak boleh kritik langsung?? Sistem pengundian untuk pilih ahli Bar Council baru-baru ini telus sangat ke? #narrowmindset Chrisitopher Leong!

  3. “Just once, it might do wonders if Grandpapa and his Dapster family were shown what ‘real’ intolerance is.”

    Do you mean we should take a leaf out of IS book?
    Or do you mean we should emulate the Europeans whom the dapsters are so enthralled with. Let’s see if we were to follow in their footsteps, we would be doing this –

    1. the muslims would take to the streets to protest against Christian proselytisation –


    3. Govt forbids foreign funding of church construction or of preachers, pastors working in the country –

    I’d vote for no. 3 to be enforced before we have the no. 1 & 2 situation happening, which may lead to some hotheads deciding to follow in the steps of IS.

    1. ‘which may lead to some hotheads deciding to follow in the steps of IS.’

      These people must be made known that their antics are polarising more and more people.

      Take a look at this irresponsible and seditious tweet by none other than Eric Paulsen of LFL himself.


      How does that statement improves race relation in the country?

      The tweet had prompted Sheahnee Iman Lee of NTV7 fame to tell him off that he was being an asshole (please scroll a bit further down).

      Now does that make her an extremists bigot as well? See how extremist like EP are pushing the real moderates?

      If Sheahnee Iman Lee is not considered a moderate herself, I don’t know who is?!

    2. Recent works of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists:

      [July 24, 2014]: ISIS destroyed the Mosque of biblical Prophet Jonah (Yunus) in Mosul after having already demolished the historic grave of the prophet, and also the shrine of prophet Shayth (Seth), revered by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike.

      Three Sunni clerics were killed at the hands of ISIS gunmen in different parts of Mosul. The clerics, named Khattab Hassan, 43, Riyadh al-Wandi, 39, and Abdul Ghafoor Salman, 48, had called on local residents to reject the ISIL and had refused to leave the city.

      ISIS has been rampaging through Iraq, destroying world-famous antiquities and holy sites of Shia Muslims, Sufi Muslims, Christians, Yazidis and any other groups they oppose. The ISIS Wahhabis had destroyed a number of shrines under the pretext that these were signs of polytheism according to their extreme deviant interpretation of Sharia Law.

      * And we seek the protection of Allah from the accursed Devil *

  4. This is peanuts. Kacang puteh, if you will.

    Just wait till the Republicans control both houses of Congress in the US.

    The conservative Christian movement in the US is a big supporter of the Republican Party. And of Israel.

    Do you think they will sit idly by if they perceive that Christianity is “under threat” anywhere?

    So, there could be some rude awakenings awaiting those who “demonise” or “victimise” Christians.

    Because the US is known to play rough and dirty if it doesn’t get it’s way or if it feels that it’s interests are being threatened.

    And in these days of pervasive and ubiquitous social media, it’s almost impossible to hide unpalatable actions, including, shall we say, certain blogs.

    1. Republicans ARE in control of both houses since they won last Nov elections. So, is that why the evangelical dapsters are becoming more vocal and more audacious? Because they want Uncle Sam to step in?

      Melayu kata “Biar putih tulang jangan putih mata!”

      1. I’ve previously commented on the very same matter, orangkampung. The provocations by these evangelists are becoming more and more brazen, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s an attempt by them to get the Muslim majority to lash out (maybe violently, given how sensitive these issues are).

        And then the evangelists can manipulate the event into getting the mat sallehs to come and intervene, just like in Iraq.

        1. It doesn’t take much to marginalise the Malaysian financial system. Just ask the Iranians or the Russians.

          And if the rest of the region were asked to choose sides between Malaysia and the US, which way would they go?

          The religious right in the US operates on a very short thread of tolerance.

          Much like the Ayatollahs in Iran and the Mullahs in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

          Are we seeing the runup to the “Clash of Civilizations”?

          It is imperative that men and women of goodwill take a deep breath and step back from the brink.

          Because religious fervour and zeal on one side can be answered by fervour and zeal from the other side in a never-ending cycle of distrust and hatred.

          That’s surely not to be wished for.

          1. re: “According to Kit Siang, Malaysians are capable of “rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic and regional differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceeds the differences that divide them because of their ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural and regional divisions”.

            Kit Siang idolizes Chin Peng and his revolution in Malaysia. Kit Siang has therefore stamped his ideological convictions on Maoist Communist Universalism above all ethnic cultural, linguistic and regional differences. Therefore bear witness to the Tokong’s “common grounds” and beware!

            1. And how is this different from Malaysia cosying up to China (the PRC, that is)?

              Afaik, the PRC is still ruled by the CCP and the Politburo, market reforms notwithstanding.

              And the PRC is still playing it tough in the South China Sea with, apparently, only the Philippines having the guts to take them on. Not militarily, but through the UN. Which the PRC has contemptuously dismissed.

              It should be noted that the Philippines is heavily Catholic/Christian in it’s population mix and that it is an ally of the US.

              Still want to read the tea leaves?

              1. Malaysia cozies up to China for trade and other economic reasons. After all China is our largest trading partner followed by Europe. M’sia has always had a good relationship with China better than with America, and it’s not about to change even with the fight over territorial rights which has been on-going for a while.

                You forget, China has problems with the Muslim minority and M’sia has never interfered with their internal affairs. If as you inferred problems would arise over Christian rights in M’sia, I would like to think that if push comes to shove with the US, we have built up really good relationships the world over, for some like Russia, China and Japan to stand up with us. Do not underestimate the hold that China has over the US, and the US knows it.

                1. What “hold”? Being the biggest owner of US Treasury bonds?

                  Is that enough to “blackmail” the US into complying meekly with China’s demands?

                  I guess that your reading of the tea leaves must be different from mine.

                  1. Of course it is. You actually believe that the US is willing to go against China for the sake of Christianity and I say the US is not that religious and China is no one’s running dog.

                    China has rebuked the US so many times in the past few months
                    and yet even while it is publicly rebuked by the US congress, the RNC’s prominents are planning to visit China.

                    China is stepping up its presence on the diplomatic front

                    Ask yourself what is so important about our country or the Christian in our country that the US would want to go the extra mile for the Christians here? Maybe, you’re giving yourselves too much credit and prominence.

                    1. Exactly right.

                      What’s so “important” about Malaysia?

                      In the US worldview, countries like Malaysia are “a dime a dozen”. So it can’t be bothered if it p****s off Malaysia or not. Because Malaysia needs the US way more than the US needs Malaysia (especially when it has the rest of Asean to play with and new BFF India to nurture).

                      But Christianity – ah, that’s a whole different ballgame.

                      And there are plenty of people in the US who get upset over perceived “threats” to Christianity and Christians. Anywhere. And these people have the habit of writing their Congress representatives and Senators to “do something about it”.

                      Which is why, till this day, the US is the strongest backer of Israel.

                      As for Islam and Muslims – let’s just say that there is not an awful lot of sympathy for them in the US.

                    2. ‘let’s just say that there is not an awful lot of sympathy for them in the US.’

                      I’m sure you are clear that Muslims only pray for the One and Only, Allah SWT, right?

                    3. Why don’t you refute the points made by milpass24 instead of raising extraneous red herrings and outright obfuscations?

                      Are you saying that “The Clash of Civilizations” isn’t a possibility?

                      Isn’t that one of the things that drives messianic Jews and zealous Iranian ayatollahs?

              1. Yes, DAP is a member of Socialist International, a nestbed of past communist parties worldwide, struggling to find new meaning in an emerging democratic world, still very much marxist in their perception of the world – dialectic materialism and cultural revolution.

                Malaysia can trade with China but China is growing new strains of tea as it struggles to reclaim its Confucian heritage. Wasn’t Mao Tse Tung determinedly Anti-Confucian?

  5. Ms H. My illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong who used to rinse hair at a salon in Imbi Road, founded her own tax-free RM 2 incorporated church. She collected millions of ringgits which she invested near Marble Arch, London. She made millions of pounds sterling.

    My cousin who is the Chief Abbess in a major Buddhist temple in Petaling Jaya rides around in a chauffere- driven gold coloured Mercedes Benz !

    1. Here we go again uncle!! Why just you link up url to this saloon hairdresser turn to Grand Priestess. I’m bit tired of this. Tell us what we didn’t know already.

      1. “I Only Think of Others!”

        Mega preacher: “I have achieved an incredible level of dis-attachment from myself — so much so that I only think of the welfare of others, never of myself.”

        Nasruddin: “Well, I have reached a more advanced state than that.”

        Mega preacher: “How could you exceed that?”

        Nasruddin: “I am so objective that I actually look at another person as if he were me, and by doing so, I only think of myself!“

  6. “I now hold an asylum card, under the UN law and Dublin Regulation… I am no more bound by Umno’s and the sultan’s laws… This is not Malaysia,” he posted on Facebook. – See more at:

    ni seekoq lagi jadi gila talak pasaipa, dah berambus tu duk diam sudah lah, apa lagi hang mau? KJ is right, good riddance!!!

    1. “… and the sultan’s laws”. Bukanke dia lari ke Sweden? Bukan ke Sweden pun pakai constitutional monarchy? So, ni typical liberal la, sultan melayu tak mahu pakai tapi orang putih disanjung. Hai kesiannya….

      1. Hishamudin Rais pun balik kampung juga last-last. Budak ni bukan cerdik sangat ni, kalau cerdik tak jadi macam ni. Tengok gaya bahasa pun boleh tau…

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