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Kalimah ‘Allah’ issue will escalate and rupture

A survey of public perception on the kalimah ‘Allah’ controversy was conducted by the Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy & Elections last December (a year ago) among 1,676 respondents in the peninsula.

The pie chart below shows the ethnic breakdown of those who participated in the Umcedel poll.

  • Malays – 65 percent
  • Chinese – 24 percent
  • Indians – 11 percent

Umcedel responden

Below are the Umcedel results

77 percent of the Malays surveyed do not agree for kalimah ‘Allah’ to be used by non-Muslims.

Umcedel Kalimah Allah

73 percent of the respondents (all races) living in the rural areas do not agree for kalimah ‘Allah’ to be used by non-Muslims.

Umcedel tempat tinggal

It is the younger age cohorts who object more strongly to non-Muslims using kalimah ‘Allah’.

65 percent of those between 21-30 years old (all races) and 59 percent of those between 31-40 years old (all races) object to non-Muslims using kalimah ‘Allah’.

The middle-aged (41-50 and 51-60) are slightly less vehement in their objections, registering 54 and 56 percent naysayers respectively. This is an interesting finding, i.e. the Merdeka babies have got a more relaxed attitude on this matter compared to Gen Y.

Umcedel peringkat umur

The lower the education level, the more strenuously the respondents (all races) object to non-Muslims using kalimah ‘Allah’ (see small graph below).

Taking just the Malays alone, however, the percentage of those saying “No, cannot” rises much higher to reach between 76% and 81%, and spread almost evenly across all education levels (see big graph below).

Umcedel pendidikan

Among the Malays who do not agree for non-Muslims to use kalimah ‘Allah’:

  • No education – 81 percent
  • Form Three – 76 percent
  • Form Five – 77 percent
  • Form Six/Diploma – 78 percent
  • Degree/Post-grad – 79 percent

The trend albeit not pronounced is that the lowest (81%) and highest (79%) educated Malays at both ends of the spectrum are the ones who object most strongly to non-Muslims using kalimah ‘Allah’.

Those falling in between, i.e. with secondary school qualifications and non-degree holders are slightly more relaxed (76% – 78%) in their attitude.

Umcedel Melayu tahap pendidikan

Overall, the majority of Malays – or almost four out of every five Malay – are adamant that non-Muslims should not use kalimah ‘Allah’.

Data source: Umcedel



Churches are still using kalimah ‘Allah’

Given this hardline attitude of the Malays, the decision of the Christians to dig in their heels can only spell trouble.

A couple of days ago, the Christian Federation of Malaysia issued a press statement on the return of ‘Allah’ Bibles earlier confiscated from the Bible Society of Malaysia.

The bibles were recently released by Mais with a restriction stamp (below).


CFM said in response: “This blanket ban on the use of the Bahasa Malaysia Bibles in the State of Selangor is unrealistic, given that there are thousands of Sabahans and Sarawakians who reside and work in the state of Selangor besides the thousands of West Malaysian Christians who are conversant only in our national language.”

(Refer HERE on why Rev. Eu is a shameless spindoctor.)

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore

The churches are insistent that they will continue using the ‘Allah’ Bibles.

Claiming “a gross injustice” against Malay-speaking Christians, CFM chairman Rev. Eu Hong Seng said that such a prohibition is ultra vires Article 11 of the Federal Constitution in which Clause (3) (a) states that “every religious group has the right to manage its own religious affairs”.

This stand-off between the Christians and Muslims will drag on endlessly and becoming more acrimonious with each passing day.

NUCC Saifuddin

90 percent watershed is passing point of no return

As it is, the various communities are huddling like birds of a feather flocking together but still staying apart from other species of birds.

An online poll that I ran in my blog found that 91 percent of the 902 respondents wanted the National Unity Consultative Council to be dissolved.

Granted that my survey on NUCC naturally contains an inbuilt bias due to the pro-establishment slant of the readership but nonetheless, the figure of 91 percent is lopsided. It is as partisan as 90 percent of the Chinese supporting the opposition.

My poll ran for a week and the roughly 90:10 Agree-Disagree ratio was maintained consistently throughout the whole period as the votes came in.

Tinjauan pendapat- Adakah BN perlu pada undi Cina dalam PRU14- - Helen Ang 2013-12-20 20-10-02

Living up to the Christians’ expectation

At this time last year (Dec 2013), I conducted a survey on whether the BN needed Chinese votes in GE14. A total of 69.5 percent of the respondents said ‘No’.

Making a cross comparison of both poll results, 69.5 percent – see above – is certainly less of an imbalance than the anti-NUCC 91 percent. We might reasonably interpret this development to say that attitudes are hardening on both sides.

The Christians should be careful what they wish for. The charges of extremism, religious bigotry and hate that the evangelistas keep hurling could become self-fulfilling prophecies.

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65 thoughts on “Kalimah ‘Allah’ issue will escalate and rupture

  1. Probably their plan for Sarawak dream.

    Get the Sarawak Christians to hate vote against BN.

    It’s all political.

    1. Yes, precisely which Sarawak Christians(?) Sdr Anon 7:06
      are crying foul .. not the lbans, Lun Bawang, Bidayuh, Kelabit, Kenyah, Kayan, Penan and Berawans Christians.

      Sarawak Bumis are smarter and will in-sya-Allah not let themselves be used by chauvinists peninsula DAP evangelists
      ( and crony Sarawak Chinese HH archbishops? )
      for their sticky Putrajaya dreams.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  2. “This blanket ban on the use of the Bahasa Malaysia Bibles in the State of Selangor is unrealistic, given that there are thousands of Sabahans and Sarawakians who reside and work in the state of Selangor besides the thousands of West Malaysian Christians who are conversant only in our national language.”

    I bet many Sabahans and Sarawakians are having their weekly mass with their alKitab at hand and nobody even bothers! The state authorities pun tutup sebelah mata lah, like almost everything in this country.

    Saja nak cari pasal nih!!!

  3. You’ll be surprised to note that today more and more Muslim parents send their kids to formal religious classes after their school sessions. The confidence to send their kids there as many of these private schools run in accordance to guidelines set by the religious authority (to obtain permits), qualified religious teachers, good facilities etc. Many fortunate kids have private home tutors as parents can afford the high fees.

    So it is no surprise to see the results of the above survey, our young Muslims are very equipped with the basic understanding of Islam and its standard practices.

    My kids attend 3years of formal education in private Agama school then moved on to the national schools. Some of their cousins continued right thru SPM. So yes, our younger generation, with exposure and moxern facilities made available will definitely know what to answer when posed with this ‘Allah’ issue.

    Let me ask the non Muslims. Do their kids attend formal religious schools after SJKC? What I observed in my area, after schools all their SJKC kids go for tiution classes, esp BM and BI some packaged complete with Maths and Science. And weekends they attend other classes like music or martial arts and the like.

    So when they answer to these survey, are they really aware why the need to change the name of their god or syiok syiok to just give their opinions?

    1. Let me enlighten some with the syllabus of Sekolah Agama. Banyak budak2 ni nak kena belajar ya, Got no time to think of all the RACIST nonsense. Senarai Matapelajaran Peringkat SDEA (Sijil Darjah Enam Agama)

      Ibadat 1
      Ibadat 2
      Bahasa Arab
      Pendidikan Alam
      Bahasa Inggeris
      Bahasa Melayu
      Senarai Matapelajaran Peringkat SDKA (Sijil Darjah Khas Agama Johor)

      Bahasa Melayu
      Bahasa Inggeris
      Bahasa Arab
      Pendidikan Islam
      Senarai Matapelajaran Peringkat SMRA (Sijil Menengah Rendah Agama)

      Senarai Matapelajaran Peringkat SMA (Sijil Menengah Agama)

      Adab & Usus
      Senarai Matapelajaran Peringkat SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia)

      Bahasa Melayu
      Bahasa Inggeris
      Tasawwur Islam
      Pendidikan Sejarah Islamiyah
      Pendidikan Al Quran & Sunnah
      Bahasa Arab Tinggi

      1. BTW these agama schools exist since my younger days.

        My siblings and I, 4 attended missionary schools and the younger ones 4 in SJKC.. all of us were sent to Agama schools each day except weekends.

        Malam2 after one hour tiution with mama dah kena mengadap tokguru mengejapkan pembacaan Al Quran. This Allah issue is a no play play thing for us.

        1. Well, Rina – does “faith” require a formal education?

          Oops, I almost typed “indoctrination”, but caught myself in time!

          I believe that the Catholic Church conducts formal catechism classes for children. And that it conducts formal RCIA classes for adults from other faiths who want to know more about the Catholic faith and who may want to convert to Catholicism.

          And there are ongoing Bible Study groups in what the Catholic Church in Malaysia calls “BECs” (Basic Ecclesiastical Communities) and what the Catholic Church in Singapore calls “SCCs” (Small Christian Communities).

          As for the Protestant Churches, they conduct formal “Sunday Schools” for the children of their parishioners to instruct in the basics of their faith.

          So, maybe Islam has a more “structured” and “rigorous” approach to imparting the basics of the faith.

          Is one approach “better” than the other?

          Who’s to say?

          The Almighty/God, perhaps?

        1. So my point here is this. Teresa Kok, Hannah Tembam, Kit Siang and sons, even that Pakiam fella, are all their religious followers true practicing Christians?

          Other than the nuns and priests, do other ordinary Christians attend formal religious schools or classes?

          Kalau tak attend do they just follow what people like Tembam and hubby preach in church. Tembam and hubby, are they qualified and authorised religious preachers?

          Nanti saya nak buat research, first I want to ask Pope Google on how well they educate their followers in Malaysia about their religion. Mungkin pasai cetek pendidikan Agama sampai nama tuhan yang sedia ada pun tak rasa sayang dah megah, ikut suka kepala hotak Aney Apek mana saja nak tukar?

            1. I am very open with my Ahso Apek Aci and Aney neighbours. I will get direct honest and frank answers fm them.. Pope Google kadang2 tak boleh rely sangat..

  4. Helen,

    Hanya gereja SIB sahaja yang sibuk sangat hendak menggunakan kalimah Allah sebab mereka menggunakan kitab injil SIB mereka ini berbahasa indonesia. Gereja yang lain tidak pun hendak menggguna kalimah ini.

    Berapa ramai kah penganut gereja SIB di Malaysia ini sehingga menjadi isu nasional.

    Fahaman kristian SIB yang baru bertapak di pendalaman Sarawak pada awal tahun 1937…. yang dibawa oleh padri padri dari Australia kini mula menular di Semenanjung melalui Gereja SIBKL…

      1. Sejarah Penubuhan Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM)
        Kini di sebut Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB)

        Keazaman penganut penganut agama Kristian untuk menyebarkan ajaran kitab Injil telah mendorong kepada tertubuhnya badan badan mubaligh Kristian dengan pesatnya.

        Perkembangan ini turut mempengaruhi penuntut penuntut di Melbourne Bible Institite (MBI) di Australia. Charles Hudson Southwell, Frank T. Davidson dan Carey W.Trolley merupakan penuntut penuntut MBI yang bercita cita untuk menyebarkan agama Kristian ke Pulau Borneo. Pada 28 Julai 1928 dengan persetujuan pengetua MBI iaitu Rev. C.H. Nash, mereka telah membentuk nama Borneo Fellowship untuk menyebarkan ajaran Kristian ke Pulau Borneo.

        Hasil daripada beberapa perjumpaan Borneo Fellowship, Southwell telah mencadang untuk menubuhkan Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM). Usul Southwell ini telah di persetujui oleh Alexander Henderson dan menarik minat Rev.C.H.Nash. Oleh itu, Southwell telah diarah untuk menyediakan satu draf perlembagaan bagi penubohan badan dakwah tersebut. Pada Ogos 1928, Secara rasminya Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) telah di tubuhkan. Seramai 8 orang yang bergabung membentuk jawatankuasa penyelaras BEM, iaitu Rev.C.H.Nash, sebagai pengerusi di bantu oleh C.H Perrin,M.E Beath, E. Stafford Young,Harold Jeffrey,R.s. Tregaskis, A.Henderson, C.W. Tolley, F.T Davidson dan C.H. Southwell. Melalui jawatankuasa ini, C.H Southwell , F.T Davidson, dan C.W Trolley telah melantik sebagai mubaligh mubaligh BEM yang pertama.

        Pada bulan Oktober 1928, kwtiga ketiga mubaligh BEM ini belayar bersama A.Herdeson dari Melbourne dan telah singgah di beberapa tempat di Indonesia sebelum tiba di Singapura pada 8 November 1928. Atas bantuan dan maklumat daripada Setiausaha Pertubuhan British dan Foreign Bible Society, Mr.Tipson, maklumat mengenai Pulau Borneo telah dapat di kumpulkan. Pada 12 November 1928, mereka telah mengadap Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke untuk mendapat kebenaran bagi menjalankan kegiatan kegiatan evangelistik mereka di Sarawak. Pada Waktu itu, BEM di arahkan untuk menumpukan perhatian di Wilayah Limbang sahaja. Ini diselaraskan denagan polisi penezonan aktiviti aktiviti pelbagai badan mubaligh Kristian. Kerajaan Brooke berpendapat bahawa keamanan negeri Sarawak dapat di kekalkan jika kumpulan mubaligh Kristian yang berada di Sarawak di tempatkan pada zon zon yang berasingan bagi mengelakkan berlakunya perselisihan sesama mubaligh.

        Pada Masa itu, Sarawak di bahagikan kepada 5 Wilayah denagnpusat petadbiran yang di ketuai oleh seorang Residen masing masing. Kedatangan Southwell dan Henderson di susuli oleh Davidson dan Tolley kemudiannya, di sambut baik oleh Residen Limbang, Mr.Kortright. Pada waktu itu kebetulan negeri Sarawak telah aman dan ini memudahkan kegiatan evangelistik BEM di jalankan. Langkah awal bagi BEM memulakan aktiviti dengan teratur pada waktu itu ialah apabiala Kerajaan Brooke memberi geran tanah seluas 28 ekar di Sungai Sprangah kepada BEM pada bualan Januari 1929. Pada Bualn November, Tregaskis selaku bendahari BEM telah di hantar ke Sarawak untuk menggurukan pembinaan ibu pejabat BEM di Sprangah, Limbang selama 6 bulan.

        Bermula dari situlah mubaligh BEM telah menyusun strategi untuk menjalankan kegiatan evangelistik mereka kepada masyarakat pribumi Sarawak. Ini lah asal usul Gereja yang hendak menggunakan Kalimah Allah sedangkan Melbourne Bible Institute (MBI) yang betanggung jawab menubuh BEM (SIB) Kristian ini tidak pernah menggunakan Kalimah Allah sebagai GOD.

        1. TBH if you ask Sarawakian Christians of other denominations they’ll more likely than not name SIB as their most disliked denomination.

          This is primarily due to their zealous attempts to undermine other denominations & religions in their attempts to convert you.

          There’s a joke amongst Sarawakians saying that SIB is the denomination of the rich since they were among the first to impose 10% tithes way before the evangelicals sprouted.

        2. ‘Ini lah asal usul Gereja yang hendak menggunakan Kalimah Allah sedangkan Melbourne Bible Institute (MBI) yang betanggung jawab menubuh BEM (SIB)’

          Jadi idea untuk ‘God’ dalam bible diterjemahkan sebagai ‘Allah’ untuk kata ganti bahasa Melayu datang daripada Australia lah, bukan asal Tanah Arab?

          Sultan has spoken, tengok lepas ni, depa bagi alasan apa pula?

          ‘I hope that the distribution as well as the printing of Bibles that contain the word Allah will no longer be done in Selangor.

          “The law is specific and clear – it is an offence under the Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Among Muslims) Enactment 1988.’

          The Sultan had wanted a pull stop on the episode. Lets see whether the pelampau Kristian had actually wanted a comma all along…

          Babak lima…jeng jeng jeng!

  5. The Coming Evangelical Collapse that even the The Christian Science Monitor is paying attention to. How about Mr. Najib?

    Evangelicals spent their billions on youth pastors, Christian media, and well-produced events, producing a new generation of evangelicals that knows a lot about how it feels to be Christian but knows almost nothing about theology or how to defend their ancient faith in the age of science and reason.

    Evangelicals live out their faith in public – in giant worship services, in entertainment, in celebrity cults. They are eager to tell others “what God is doing” in their lives. But this is the opposite of what Jesus commanded.

    Evangelicals will fragment over the culture war. Some will wage the war as always, others give up politics for a more personal discipleship. Evangelicals should spend less on worship concerts and more on spiritual discipline.

    1. They make for great entertainment. Just look at their Sunday service. Go there and you’ll know why some people say “we’re not in Kansas anymore”. Phony preaching masquerading as faith.

      They lost the culture war in the West a long time ago. They have a limited persuasion in the West because of the presence of Darwinism thus their increasing activity in the East. But even in the East they are looking shaky. Secularism is the only way to combat evangelicalism. Make sure secularism is strong and our society will done just fine.

  6. 79% of Chinese disagree, not sure and/or not bothered.

    So only 21% said yes – the vocal minority. Problem is that they can eventuality influence the fence sitters if this issue continues on.

    1. ‘So only 21% said yes – the vocal minority. Problem is that they can eventuality influence the fence sitters if this issue continues on.’

      They can always invoke ABU and all hell breaks lose!

    2. That is probably true judging by the number of evangelista in the country. Many taoist and buddhist Chinese simply don’t care. Why would somebody want to hijack the name of God for other religion?

      1. Why would somebody want to wear tudung, Occupy Mosque and then threaten to make police report against anyone who erroneously says that she has embraced Islam?


        1. This is totally out of context tapi dah lama nak tulis. For someone yang bukan Islam and pakai tudung ikut suka hati, I must say I’m impressed by the number of tudung she has. I think I’ve only added about 4 more to my collection since last year.

              1. I do not think they should apply for bumiputera status. This move is just muddying the water in our present political climate and introducing unnecessary polemics which will lead nowhere.

                Ask the spokesman to produce the numbers of their community and whether their young descendents (in 20s and teens) are actually practising Peranakan culture today. I really doubt it.

                Anyway, you can ask Mulan for a second opinion in this forum. I’m also interested to know her opinion.

  7. MCA ni memang *****!

    Calling the directive “unreasonable” and “unacceptable”, Malacca Chinese Education Progressive Association chairman Yang Ying Chong said the use of Jawi script was not enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

    Bahasa Melayu in any scripts be it jawi or rumi are protected under the FC. Chinese characters are not protected under the FC! Jangan nak menipu la MCA! Kalau tak menipu tak sah kan?!

    “This was made in a hurry without considering its impact on the community. I have advised all headmasters and principals to ignore the call. If we are forced to do so, we will go all out to defend our schools,” he was reported as saying.
    – See more at:

    ‘defend our schools’-wow I thought MCA fights for all races? No aah? Only UMNO the racist one in BN, no?

      1. Bangga jadi rakyat Terengganu. Di tulis kereta alat-alat ganti Teong Huat Brother ( Terengganu) .

  8. evangelistas is so lively and colorfull like the image wow no wonder yongster so shioik loo like discoing ..

  9. kepada puak evangelis dan penyokongnya…. pesan kat depa semua, cubalah elak cari penyakit…! mereka fikir boleh buat dan boleh cakap apa saja, nak ambil apa saja…. teruskanlah…!

    jangan pulak lupa bahawa mereka sedang dan sentiasa diperhatikan dengan penuh minat…..

    1. Anakanda Alvin pua idola terkini mereka, Sdr Alwie.

      Immigration Amerika:
      Sekarang dia hangat menjadi proxi mereka menghentam kerajaan dan Islam, tapi tak tahulah nasib dia dah tak ada paspot dan masuk kem Immigration Detention Centre.

      Selepas dihenyak penghuni kem daripada pelbagai latar belakang(?) dan budaya, mungkin beliau sempat belajar toleransi kaum, kut?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. It is actually not practical to ban it’s use dear Ms Helen
    but because of supreme ideological differences, the majority Muslims would not conspire to promote their use.
    ( Surah at-Taubah, 9: 31 and Surah an-Nisaa’ 4: 48 )

    Yes for Muslims to be fair, Christians should be allowed use of the word Allah in private worship.

    Too bad this has been taken to the highest courts because some HH archbishop want to be hero/ gain sainthood(?)

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Tuan Haji,

      They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allah , and [also] the Messiah, the son of Mary. And they were not commanded except to worship one God; there is no deity except Him. Exalted is He above whatever they associate with Him.
      Surah at-Taubah, 9: 31

      Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly fabricated a tremendous sin.
      Surah an-Nisaa’ 4: 48

      Looking at the two verses that Tuan HAJI had posted it is rather strange when Tuan Haji himself has indeed agreed with the church demand to use the kalimah Allah for the Malaysian Catholic church Malay Bible modified version. What you possibly do not realized was the English Bible King James version had been around for more than 300 years and yet there was no AllaH name in the Book. In other words their biblical NAMELESS deity had always been recognized as God or Father or Lord which is not a name. Beside that the Christian had conveniently agreed that THEIR NAMELESS BIBLICAL GOD have a SON !!! Any church padre or priest can confirm with you about this.

      When they had deliberately naming their nameless biblical God with Allah name, they are implying that Allah now can have a Son too. Can you agreed with that too? Did you know that had Allah had given dire WARNING about these issues more than 1400 years ago?

      If you think Allah is happy with your “stupid” assertion you can always refer to surah Mariam ayat 88 to 92.

      19:88 And they say, “The Most Merciful has taken [for Himself] a son.”
      19:89 You have done an atrocious thing.
      19:90 The heavens almost rupture therefrom and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation
      19:91 That they attribute to the Most Merciful a son.
      19:92 And it is not appropriate for the Most Merciful that He should take a son.

      Think again wahai tuan Haji M Zin before you meet Allah eventually.

      hamba Allah

      1. Saya merupakan pelawat setia blog ini sejak beberapa tahun dan tak bersuara walaupun agama saya dihina sedemikian rupa. Saya adalah anak jati pribumi Sarawak beragama SIB.

        Teruskan nenghina agama kami. Kami takkan mengamuk atau marah, kerana bukan kami yang berhak untuk mempertahankan Tuhan kami.

        1. Malaysia Timur:
          Itu bezanya Muslim dan Kristian Bumi di sana, Sdr Gurong
          yang hidup TOLERAN, dan jauh lebih WARAS berbanding kami di Semenanjung.

          .. Jangan layan sangat kerenah/ hinaan(?) kami.

          NB. Cucu kami diasuh neneknya seorang penganut kuat Kristian Kadazan di KK yang baru pulang dari Vatican city
          ( juga bela 5 ekor anjing, heheh )

          Haji M Zin
          Alor Gajah DPH

        2. Biarpun anda bersuara, mereka takkan mendengar. Fikiran mereka sudah dikunci tutup dan otak mereka disempitkan.

      2. And yet Christianity had the “first mover” advantage over Islam.

        The historical records speak for themselves.

        Islam set out to conquer with “fire and sword”. Who did it take on? Christianity, of course!

        Of course, they were following what the Christians of that time did – spreading their own faith by “fire and sword”.

        Were Christians at that time forced to convert to Islam at the “point of a sword”? How many chose martyrdom instead?

        Fast forward to today to what ISIS is doing and what it’s expressed objectives are.

        1. Judaism had first-mover advantage over Paul’s Christianity, so why is not God named Yahweh in the New Testament?

          “It is a slick tongue that betrays a slippery mind”

          1. Wasn’t Jesus a Jew?

            And isn’t Yahweh mentioned in the Old Testament?

            So, can we say that Judaism is the precursor to both Christianity and Islam?

            And of the two latter, Christianity came on the scene first?

            Unless you want to rewrite history?

            1. Be informed that religious Jews understand that Yahweh is the One and Absolute Lord God Creator Who is never associated with the Pauline Trinity Godhead and the Christian cult of blood sacrifice!

              How Paul of Tarsus re-wrote the history of Judaism and the message of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) in the company of the heathens and their deities:

              Paul hijacked Jesus Unitarian gospel meant for the Jews who follow the Ten Commandments of Moses:


              1. So Jews and Muslims have a lot in common?

                So, why are they fighting over Palestine?

                It’s a strange way of showing belief in a common One Lord God The Creator who created mankind “in His Own Likeness and Image”!

                1. True men of faith have a lot in common, not only between Jews and Muslims. Why are they fighting over Palestine? To your simplistic proposition let me reply that even brothers and sisters who share a common father and mother unfortunately do fight over things big and small. Hopefully love and good sense prevails in the family.

                  As to the Palestinian problem, I think its not incorrect to say that the trouble stems from Zionist ideology on Jewish side and Wahhabi ideology on Muslim side for last 150 years or so.

                  You are quite right: it is strange that they do not love the Lord God on High Most Wise and Merciful by being humble and loving towards one another. We are all equally His creatures, His beloved children so to speak.

      3. TQ for your concern, Sdr hamba Allah.
        I absolutely do NOT agree to Christians use, and the current laws and side-agreements on this still work.

        What is contentious:
        1. practically, can we stop it’s use especially in private?

        2. why are two or three PAS politicians conspiring to support its use?
        ( bersyuhbhat dlm menegakkan Syirik, nauzubi’Llah!

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH

  11. The fact is this Allah issue has nothing to do with the evangalist,catholic, methodist,lutheran,protestant,jehovah,pentocost or and other denomination in West Malaysia. Ask any one of them if they use they use the word allah in their mass and gospel, the resounding answer would be NO. Its just used for political mileage.

    If the questioned raised that there are more Christians from Sabah and Sarawak in West Malaysia, then it could also be asked how many churches provide services in iban, kadazan,murut,dusun.

    The churches can provide masses in Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Tagalog, are they doing this for East Malaysians?

    SIB cannot be denied, as said by ‘Abang Othman | December 11, 2014 at 11:55 am’

    “Hanya gereja SIB sahaja yang sibuk sangat hendak menggunakan kalimah Allah sebab mereka menggunakan kitab injil SIB mereka ini berbahasa indonesia. Gereja yang lain tidak pun hendak menggguna kalimah ini.”‘

    As said by Carl von Clausewitz,,

    war is an extension of politics by other means.

    In Malaysia it should be,

    religion is an extension of politics by other means.

    Then maybe war

      1. I seek refuge in Allah from the evils of the accursed satan.

        In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

        — Fighting the Just War —

        The armies of `Umar had already entered Jerusalem and taken control of the city from the Christians, who had been ruling there since the time of Emperor Constantine, but when `Umar came to take official possession of Jerusalem, he came alone. He had journeyed from Damascus to Jerusalem with only one camel and a cameleer. The caliph, being a man of great humility, had arranged with the cameleer that they would both take turns riding the camel. In accordance with justice, Umar would ride for a while, then it would be the turn of the cameleer to ride and Umar would walk.

        Meanwhile, the entire city of Jerusalem awaited `Umar’s impending arrival. The bishop of the Holy Sepulcher announced: “The great Islamic leader is coming! We must greet him and pay our respects to him.” And so all the people had assembled at the city gate, awaiting a grand royal procession. But no procession appeared . . . . . .

        read more at:

        The blessed Prophet s.a.w. said at the end of the tragic Battle of Uhud in which about 80 of his companions including his dear uncle – Sayyidina Hamzah r.a. – had perished:
        “We have come from the minor battle now to fight the greater battle!” to which his companion replied: “But oh Rasulullah! you are injured and many of your companions killed. What fight could be greater than this?” And Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. answered: “It is the greater struggle against the ego!” clasping his hand over his chest as he thus spoke.

      2. Your words, Helen!

        Are you going to say this to the US Ambassador to Malaysia or to US Veep Joe Biden or to the POTUS himself?

        Or, maybe, to John Boehner or Mitch McConnell?

    1. ‘how many churches provide services in iban, kadazan,murut,dusun.’

      The one in Butterworth provide service in Bahasa Indonesia with ambons etc.

      And thanks to DR OKM, at least we now know the gereja haram in Kajang was done in Bahasa Indonesia as well.

      Thus the Bahasa Indonesia bible imports!

    1. I want to thank the Cinas in Harimau Malaya for the win. The Malays and the Indians main biasa-biasa saja semalam. Nothing to shout about.

  12. Helen,

    Kita perlu perbetulkan persepsi dan dahyah yang mengatakan 10% (3 juta) rakyat beragama Kristian yang mengatakan menggunakan Kalimah Allah di kitab Injil mereka sedangkan sebenarnya hanya lebih 200,000 penganut SIB (6% orang ulu daripada jumlah penduduk Sarawak dan 38,000 orang Lun Bawang Sabah) yang menggunakan al kitab berbahasa Indonesia yang ada menyebut kalimah Allah.

    Do not let Christian Evangelical Politician hijack and disinformation this real issue.

    1. re: “Do not let Christian Evangelical Politician hijack and disinformation this real issue.”

      Pengerusi Christian Federation of Malaysia Rev. Eu Hong Seng dalam kenyataan akhbarnya berkata bahawa orang Kristian dilarang menggunakan Bible bahasa Melayu.

      Itu pembohongan yang sengaja dan licik untuk mengalih isu. Yang disekat hanya Bible bahasa Melayu yang mengandungi sebutan kalimah ‘Allah’.

      1. Macam ni lah apa kata kita buat forum atau debat diantara IKIM/JAKIM dan ketua gereja spt Rev. Eu Hong Seng dan dari City Harvest dan DUMC, dan kita buat forum ini dalam bahasa Melayu keseluruhannya. Boleh tak?

  13. Helen,

    Berforum atau berdebat adalah tidak wajar di antara agama kerana masing masing akan mempertahankan kepercayaan masing masing akhirnya tiada siapa pun mahu mengatakan dia salah atau betul

    Isu utama yang di perkatakan oleh Rev. Eu Hong Seng dan SIB adalah Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu di larang di gunakan tetapi isu yang perkatakan oleh pihak agama Islam melarang Kitab injil berbahasa Melayu atau Indonesia yang mengandungi KALIMAH ALLAH itu saja. Di sini gereja manakah yang menggunakan Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu atau Indonesia yang ada kalimah Allah? Gereja Roman Katholik, Anglican,Baptists,Brethen,Gereja Independent Charismatic,Lutherans, methodists,Presbyterian dan gereja SIB?

    Kalau di selidik sejarah gereja gereja tersebut mula bertapak di Malaysia hanya gereja SIB sahaja yang mahu kitab mereka yang berbahasa Indonesia mengandungi Kalimah Allah kerana mengikut catatan sejarah Borneo Evangelical Mission dimana SIB di tubuh pada 8 Disember 1952 yang di hadiri oleh 13 orang pastor (pastor di sebut sebagai Gembala dalam SIB) di Lawas Sarawak. Pada Disember 1954 Gerakan dakwah SIB yang diketuai Gembala Racha Umong (Lun Bawang) dengan kerjasama dari KINGMI (Kemah Injil Gereja Masehi Indonesia). KINGMI di undang khas dari Kalimantan untuk membantu menderafkan perlembagaan untuk SIB telah di gubalkan. Pada 12 Disember 1959, SIB di tubuhkan dan nama SIB digunakan secara rasminya. Pusat pentadbiran SIB ditempatkan di Buduk Ngeri, Lawas iaitu di bangunan ibupejabat badan dakwah BEM dan terus kekal di situ sehinggalah di pindahkan ke Miri pada tahun 1988. Presiden SIB pertama di pilih ialah pastor Racha Umong.

    Mengapa Kitab injil SIB berbahasa Indonesia?

    Pendidikan sekular mula di perkenalkan di Bario selepas pendudukan Jepun, Sebelum iti, sewaktu pendudukan Jepun,pendidikan sekular telahpun sampai di kalangan orang kelabit dengan tersebarnya agama Kristian di Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pada tahun 1937, seorang mubaligh Kristian berbangsa Amerka dikenali sebagai “Tuan Pelisud” di kalangan orang tempatan dibantu oleh Guru Daat, seorang berbangsa Ambon membuka sekolah di Belawit, Kalimantan. Sekolah ini lah yang di sertai oleh 3 orang Kelabit dari Pa’ Trap pada tahun 1940. Mereka memeluk agama Kristian semasa bersekolah di sini.

    Pendidikan agama Kristian di sekolah ini memainkan peranan penting dalam perkembangan ajaran Kristian di kalangan orang Kelabit keseluruhannya. Tom Harrison yang pada awalnya tidak menyukai kegiatan mubaligh BEM dan C&MA (Christian &Missionery Alliance) secara tidak langsung membawa perubahan besar apabila beliau membawa PAUL KOHUAN ke Bario sebagai guru sekolah pertama. PAUL KOHUAN adalah pastor terlatih. Pada tahun 1946, Tom Harrison bersama PAUL KOHUAN membuka sekolah di Pa’ Main. PAUL KOHUAN mengajar orang kelabit yang terdiri daripada golongan muda dan dewasa di antara umur 12 dan 30 tahun, membaca dan menulis. Bahan untuk pembelajaran di perolehi dari kitab Injil berbahasa Indonesia yang bawa masuk dari Kalimantan. Kaedah ini mendedahkan pelajar kelabit kepada kandungan Kitab Injil ini. Ajaran ini telah dimanfaatkan dalam kehidupan seharian mereka sehingga kini.

    *PAUL KOHUAN ialah berbangsa TImor Indonesia yang di bawa khas oleh Tom Harrison ke Bario.

    * Tom Harrison adalah pendakwah Kristian Amerika . Penulis dalam “American Airmen Adrift in the ulu” Sarawak Gazette .Vol.CXIV (1077): 225-227 dan Buku ” Gold and Megalithic Activity in Prehistory and Recent West Borneo”.NewYork: Southeast Asia Programme Department of Asian Studies Cornel University. 1970.

    1. ‘Bahan untuk pembelajaran di perolehi dari kitab Injil berbahasa Indonesia yang bawa masuk dari Kalimantan.’

      How come foreign books are allowed into the country? Obviously the tutup sebelah mata and bersangka baik act had bite us in the ass, big time! We should put a stop to this. Now!

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