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Perkasa, size does not matter

Bashing the “right wingers” — J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai’s word to describe the Malay grassroots organization – seems to be a national past time for the 52 percent of the voting population who do not support the BN.

Today Perkasa chalked up another ‘laurel’ for being tarred with the Taliban brush – see ‘Fear of Malaysia turning into another Afghanistan prompted open letter(The Malaysian Insider).

Ibrahim Ali Christian Love

Are Perkasa’s enemies really anti-Islam and anti-Malay?

perkasa-aug19Noor Farida Ariffin, lead writer of the trending open letter by two dozen Tan Sris and Datuks, said she was “worried that groups politicising Islam would lead Malaysia down the path of violence if left unchecked”.

According to the TMI report, Noor Farida had singled out Perkasa and Isma as the “supremacist NGOs” mentioned in the ‘Letter to the people of Malaysia’ by the 25 “eminent” Malays widely published a few days ago.

Perkasa was taken to task by the 25 letter writers for the sin of “accusing dissenting voices of being anti-Islam, anti-monarchy and anti-Malay”.

Well, are the accusations levelled by Perkasa true or not? Are the DAP evangelistas really anti-Islam and anti-Malay, pray tell?

BELOW: A Perkasa demo


“These people” are instigating violence

Noor Farida told TMI that she does not want to see the phenomenon of “extremist religion” that happened in Pakistan and Afghanistan happen to Malaysia.

To her, the “inflammatory speeches” by “Malay supremacist groups” are spooking our country’s moderates.

She said the “extremist rhetoric” by “such organisations did not speak for the silent majority”, and added that “the way these people are behaving is as though they are trying to instigate another May 13”.

The 1969 race riots were sparked by extreme provocation. Since Perkasa is accused of being “inflammatory”, why don’t Perkasa tell us whether they’re reacting in this way because they’ve been provoked. Ataupun saja naik angin?

Noor Farida Sin Chew
Noor Farida – Sin Chew pix

25 titled individuals staring down 500,000 Malay nationalists

Noor Farida was also featured in Sin Chew Daily yesterday.

In her interview with the Chinese paper, the former Malaysian ambassador said Perkasa have failed to realise their own racism and intolerance.

UMNO-ISMA-PERKASA-300x202And the predictable reaction of Perkasa to criticism was as expected, she observed. “Perkasa asked what we had done for the Malays when we were serving in the office while Isma made personal attacks instead of responding to the letter.”

According to Sin Chew, Noor Farida also noted that the two groups claimed that they represent the majority of Malays in the country.

Actually Perkasa claims to have half a million members. Yet it looks like this 500,000-strong organization is having its back pushed against the wall by 25 mostly retired civil servants (with a little help from their fans).


Perkasa vs the meek and mild moderate Malaysians

Perkasa got a tarring at the same time by Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen (pix above).

In conjunction with World Human Rights Day yesterday, Paulsen listed Perkasa among his Top Five enemies of human rights in Malaysia.

“These are really a spiteful bunch of people,” he said, in addition to according a special mention to Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali.

“These people have no qualms making the most racist and bigoted statements that the Nazi Party, Ku Klux Klan, Zionist or National Party (in Apartheid South Africa) would be proud of – all in the name of defending race, religion and the royalty,” said Paulsen.

Like Noor Farida, Paulsen similarly accuses Perkasa of “incitement to violence and hate”.

WCW button
Good grief !

You name it, Perkasa is it in the eyes of the opposition supporters.

Perkasa members are seen as keris-wielding extremists who are guilty of hate speech, fear mongering, bigotry, intolerance, creating a siege mentality, racism, driving a wedge in society, destroying peace and harmony, denying the rights and freedoms of others, driving talented people out of Malaysia, having a wild imagination, and glimpsing ghosts and goblins everywhere.

To the litany of sins above, Wong Chun Wai (pix above) adds that Perkasa likes “screaming its head off” and not to mention being flag-burning pyromaniacs.

Chun Wai repeatedly characterizes Ibrahim Ali as some nutter “who has called for the burning the Malay language Bible, a fact which he has not even denied” (J-Star columns on Oct 19 & Nov 2).

Urm, so does Chun Wai think that Ibrahim Ali is the mirror image of Rev. Terry Jones, the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center who had threatened to burn the Quran?

Gereja Paderi Terry Jones yang mahu bakar Quran

The Lambs of God

Is it only the Perkasa Malays who are perceived as violent extremists in Malaysia? Whereas the DAP evangelistas are peaceful people who love their neighbours and even their enemies, and are always turning the other cheek.

Christians are “only 9 percent” and therefore must be such a meek and mild minority. The Muslims, on the other hand, form a majority of 61.3 percent in the country. And this is why Perkasa with membership strength of 500,000 are portrayed by the English media as bullying the weak.

But not to worry. The scripture assures its flock that the meek shall inherit the Earth. This Christian prophecy is going to come true in Malaysia.

Hannah Yeoh: Even the weather is so extreme! Behaving like some racist NGO

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist


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57 thoughts on “Perkasa, size does not matter

    1. Helen,

      PERKASA of course is not racist. For Faridah and those worshipping DAP, PERKASA is racist for standing up on behalf of malay community. That is of paramount importance as UMNO happily abandons the task ever since DR retired.

      UMNO’s refusal to be firm necessitates the emergence of PERKASA and more importantly ISMA. ISMA ‘s members are intellectual and can even match Khairi’s Oxford credentials.

      Many of my Chinese friends are surprise when i told them PERKASA and ISMA are not racist. They are surprise to hear there are majority of malays who believe in PERKASA.

      1. re: “They are surprise to hear there are majority of Malays who believe in PERKASA.”

        Can you answer AC-DC’s argument as to why IA and ZN lost in Pasir Mas and Shah Alam respectively in straight fights?

        1. They stood as politicians in Pasir Mas and Syah Alam, two seperate issues altogether.

          Can a pilot perform brain surgery?

        2. Helen,

          Ibrahim Ali in PRU12 won on PAS support. In PRU 13, Ibrahim Ali contested as an independence. Hence, he was without both PAS and UMNO support.

          Shah Alam is predominantly a Malay area (not sure now the status quo to remain in coming election). As Malays approximate 70% voters supported Zulkifli and remaining 30% supported Khalid and almost entire non Malays supporting PR, Zulkifli lost.

          BOTTOM LINE Is that PERKASA is alive and kicking. PERKASA’s mere existence affects UMNO more than any other parties. It serves as a reminder to UMNO that Malays found UMNO not as effective as it should be.

          DAP’s strategy is to brush aside and mock any party that stands up on Malay aspirations. And it is quite effective because Anwar, PAS keeps quiet or worse still too accuses PERKASA as racist just to garner Chinese votes.

          What Haji Hadi refuses to see is that PAS is viewed by Malays as being DAP “barua”.
          As ISMA is not yet a political party, Malay anger to PAS was translated to votes to UMNO.

          Many are mistaken that UMNO is without urban Malay support. Even in Kelantan, UMNO won 46% of Malay votes. A mere 5% change will see an UMNO Government.

          In crude language, UMNO has Malay support. And it has the largest pie of Malay votes EVEN in urban area. In Selangor that is so highly urbanized with many seat with 40% non Malay voters, UMNO managed to get the share of Malay votes. But it lost as almost entirely Chinese votes left UMNO, BN.

          1. “As Malays approximate 70% voters supported Zulkifli and remaining 30% supported Khalid and almost entire non Malays supporting PR, Zulkifli lost.”

            Actually, Malay support for Zul Noordin was less than 70 percent. He only got 43 percent of the vote in an area where Malays form a supermajority.

            Even in a conservative near-total Malay area, his counterpart Hero Ibrahim Ali lost.

            “Many are mistaken that UMNO is without urban Malay support. Even in Kelantan, UMNO won 46% of Malay votes. A mere 5% change will see an UMNO Government.”

            Similarly in Terengganu, UMNO is only one to two seats away from losing the government. The 1MDB scandal, which apparently involves a lot of Terengganu money will be interesting.

      2. “ISMA ‘s members are intellectual and can even match Khairi’s Oxford credentials.”

        Khairy, intellectual? I would sleep with him but me no think hesa smartypants. Ex-Level 4 Boys are smartypants? Sure, if you compare to one popular sleepyhead.

          1. Ok, if that’s the case, I don’t mind an orgy. Khairy seems like a guy who likes mixing stuff, including hiring a “Dumb-fuck” scissoratus as his staff even though he’s a BN Youth Chief. Ok la what?

    2. how to be a member of isma and perkasa? i hv been interested to register, ever since both parties have been severely attacked. kind of free promotion by the attackers. moga Allah melaknati mrk yg mengkhianati isma dan perkasa.

      1. Be a follower of my blog lah – just click the ‘Follow Helen Ang‘ button in the right sidebar. Me also severely attacked by the Dapsters and evangelistas.

  1. A lot of us Malays find these hurtful and insensitive and generally make us want to reach for our keris –

    1. [tweet]

    (I think we can all agree this writer is a moderate)


    (My mom still mourn the senseless loss of our loved ones who were taken away in the middle of the night and never came home)

    and then there’s the “halal” BKT, the dismissive and derogatory attitude towards the Malays (eg- Cina can find MH370, all the “F-U’s towards the King and Sultans)

    Are we supposed to accept all these scorns and insults with a smile, a bow and a thank-you? Do you wonder why some of us turn to Perkasa and Isma to be our voice in some cases?

    1. re: ” @EricPaulsen101 tweeted, ‘People should stop listening to Islamic religious authorities/ conservative scholars – they are boring…’.”

      Golly, he must lead a very exciting lifestyle. Like penggiat sukan lasak or sumptin like that.

      re: “I think we can all agree this writer is a moderate”

      I think we can all also agree that writer pens longer articles than Helen Ang.

      re: “Do you wonder why some of us turn to Perkasa and Isma to be our voice in some cases?”

      Considering that Perkasa claims a half million membership, they’re not a very substantial “voice”. Methinks a small gaggle of DAP evangelistas are easily louder; in fact even louder than CNY firecrackers.

      1. They may not be a substantial voice but they know how to be heard and if Umno cannot or are not willing to be the voice of the average mat/minah to stand up to that gaggle of Dap evangelistas then it’s their loss.

        The main reason why Dapsters keep harping on the racist nature of Isma/Perkasa is to shut them up because they see these malays as a threat to their march to Putrajaya and to the liberals who call themselves moderate I don’t know what they are championing. Their “moderate” lifestyle?

        1. re: “The main reason why Dapsters keep harping on the racist nature of Isma/Perkasa”

          Noor Farida said if the claim by Isma and Perkasa that they represent the majority of Malays were true, it would be a cause for concern – Malaysiakini report yesterday.

          “This is because these two groups clearly have low standards, are poorly educated, intellectually challenged, incapable of seeing their own racism, intolerant, blindly obedient and are destroying the fabric of our country’s society,” the daily quoted Noor Farida as saying.

          The daily refers to Sin Chew , from which mKini picked up its report.

          I find Isma to be smart and usually providing persuasive hujah-hujah on hot button issues. Isma is the brains and Perkasa is the brawn.

          Maybe that’s why Perkasa’s voice is not making an impact commensurate with its 500,000-strong membership. Perkasa is not articulating effectively; it is grunting.

          1. Isma poorly educated? Does Noor Farida even know what ISMA stands for? What can you expect from a founding member of SIS but scorn on other fellow muslims particularly those who wear the hijab.

            And so the media has another “expert” on “moderate” Islam whose views coincide with them. Wanna bet we’ll be getting a lot of quotes from her on the English media from now on.

          2. If I bumped into this Farida woman anywhere, I’ll be tempted to slap her loudmouth with one of my Louboutins. Who is she calling “low standards, are poorly educated, intellectually challenged”?

            Who are the real racists in Malaysia? I bet she’s been smoking wayyyyyyy tooo much weed when she was in Amsterdam. For every action, they are reactions. She thinks Hizbollah come out of nowhere if not for the israelis’ massacre in Lebanon?

            Some of PERKASA’s antics are nothing to be proud of. But the same can be said about Hindraf, all the Zongs, and obviously the evangelistas. Farida and 24 other “prominent Malays” seemed elegantly silent about that.

            PERKASA and ISMA voice valid concerns of the Malays, something that Pemuda “Progressif-Nak tukar DNA” UMNO and Wanita “Cap Lembu Kondo” UMNO toooo shy to talk about.

            What? Farida thinks she’s the beacon of intellectuality in Malaysia? If that’s the case, Malaysia would have won the Pulau Batu Putih case against singapork, you stupid bitch. Gerammmmmm ni tauuuuu!


          3. What ever….utk berhadapan dgn musuh Islam dan Melayu yg sebenar tak perlu berhujah bijak sbb mereka tidak akan kata ya…betul…betul. ….sorry….. sorry…sorry…. bila dgr hujah2 kita….

            Kami tahu apa kami buat ..diluar sana tidak berblog sgt ramai bersama kami…

            Merdeka centre buat servey..70% Melayu sokong Perkasa.

            1. Tuan Syed,

              I remarked earlier @ 2014/12/12 at 8:52 am, “Perkasa is not articulating effectively; it is grunting”.

              You may say “whatever” but nonetheless this shortcoming reduces your effectiveness because your message lacks clarity. And thus your purpose fails to get across to your target audience.

              Even you have to admit that Tok Him got himself into an unnecessary quandary over the “bakar” controversy. And you see how adroitly ‘they’ misrepresented the issue to reduce your president’s lepas cakap to a damning soundbite – “Ibrahim Ali calls for the burning of the Bible”.

              You’re dealing with dajjal … makhluk yang teramat rakus dan licik.

              The big numbers in your organization is not reflected in your muscle in shaping public opinion. Compare with Bar Council; they’re savvy and successful.

              Now about the enemies of Islam. They’re of course the munafiqs as revealed in the Quran.

              But nonetheless, don’t fight shadows. Give your enemy a name and a face. You need to frame this clearly and unequivocally, just like Isma does – “DAP evangelists“, “Christian extremists”, “Christian fanatics” (see the Isma website).

              And Isma is darn effective, I must say. They draw me to check out Ismaweb daily. On the other hand, I don’t surf Umno Online or because your home page has no hook (maaf cakap, ya).

              You have to learn the secret of Isma’s success and why although they’re a small guerrilla outfit, they’re punching above their weight. Whereas Perkasa with a 700,000-strong membership is not making the kind of impact that you should.

              Or take me as an example. I’m a lone wolf (solo voice) but I constantly leverage my blog platform. You have the ample human resource – e.g. ex-EC chief and other high ranking retired civil servants, security top brass, corporate figures and what not. Please lobby them to use their cables, start tugging and commence action.

              As one example of what you can and should do – hit back at the J-Star‘s Voice of Moderation campaign. Work behind the scenes to close the door of the Ministries and government agencies on them. Discourage corporate or quasi-government sponsorship like the strategic partnership that the J-Star has with Saifuddin’s GMM.

              I agree with the current strategy to pile the pressure on Ah Jib and with your assessment of Khairy & Co. The next step is you have to project that these positions you’re adopting are not far right or extreme. This is a matter of shaping and winning the public sentiment.


              It’s also the reason why the Yahudi Yeoh hit squads target me – because I’m not Malay and so they can’t conveniently just label me a “Malay ultra”, and I’m not binti Abdullah so they can’t pigeonhole me as a “Muslim extremist” either.

              So that makes me a non-racist, not-extremist who’s calling them out and it’s harder for them to apply their standard methods to demonize me.

              I do understand that Perkasa is a conduit for frustrated Malays to channel their visceral and reflexive reactions. But still, you need to focus! Don’t grunt but instead deploy surgical strikes.

              Isma is on the right track. They’ve realised the role of the pro-Christian media like Malaysian Insider and The J-Star in warping perception vis-a-vis reality. You must start treating the EvangeliSTAR in the same way that the DAP treats Utusan.

              Give Ah Jib Gor hell when he does bangang things like in the photo below.


              The tactic is to repeat and amplify, repeat and amplify “DAP evangelistas” and do this continuously and tirelessly.

              And really, you need to muster a much, much bigger turnout for your demos if you want people to believe your claim that you have widespread Malay support. So far, the visual effect of Perkasa has not been daunting (tak gempak mana pun).

              Lastly, the key (fundamental) understanding which Malays must acquire (get into their head) is that Yahudi Yeohs hate them and are full of contempt for Islam. This is fact. Past and present history of civilizations reaffirms it.

              The thing about Malays is that you harbour these pent-up feelings which ultimately lead to amok. To avert amok, you need to crystalize what it is that you’re upset about so that remedial action can be taken to mitigate the factors that are giving you apoplexy.

              Don’t burst a blood vessel and don’t get mad. Get even.

              1. Wow that’s a million dollar advice you have given Perkasa. Sayang juga kau kat Perkasa. The BIG question is whether Perkasa is willing or able to carry out the perang saraf just they way you’ve advised them to be.


              Kenyataan akhbar oleh ketua Pemuda MCA hari ini:

              “We would like to put in no uncertain term that unlike DAP’s Dyana Sofya who had previously assisted PERKASA, at no point in time has MCA worked together with PERKASA. In fact, we were one the firsts to attack PERKASA each and every time they hurl racially and religiously insensitive and offensive comments. We live by this testimony, and this is particularly evident when the MCA Youth handed over the memorandum of protest to the Attorney-General’s Chambers over the decision not to prosecute PERKASA’s President Ibrahim Ali who had threatened to burn the bibles.

              “Despite this crystal clear position of MCA, it is most unfortunate that the DAP Secretary General continues to draw up false link between MCA and PERKASA all for the sake of demonising and tarnishing the image of MCA.”


          4. that frida and her cloonies just represent the old timers of yester years mainly educated in the social sciences. whereas isma represent the new blood comprising technical and scientific background expertists.

            1. You can sign up with Perkasa, Isma and additionally through e-mail subscription.

              Same rationale. You wanna support Perkasa and Isma because they’re being severely attacked. Well so am I.

      2. Re: Considering that Perkasa claims a half million membership, they’re not a very substantial “voice”.

        It’s not an issue of substantial – it’s an issue of voice. Faced with all the provocations and misinformation and insults, the average Muslim seeks a channel in which he/she can be heard. Perkasa and Isma provides that channel.

        Personally, I feel that the authorities (i.e Majlis Agama Islam, Jabatan Agama Islam) should play a bigger role in defending Islam and Muslims and their integrity, but even I can see that they lack talented persons in dealing with the evangelists and their doublespeak.

        1. re: “they lack talented persons in dealing with the evangelists and their doublespeak”

          Sigh … and some of you Malays turn to my blog. Well, better you all figure out how to save yourselves before it’s too late. The evangelistas have already converted many Chinese. They’ve decimated the Buddhists in my community, so the Malay community is the blue ocean.

          Some traditional Chinese folks are so upset with these evangelistas that they set up dedicated websites to monitor the charismatic churches’ doublespeak and other slithery activities, e.g.

          PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa) Umno is blissfully sleeping and still unaware of what’s waiting at the gate.

          Meanwhile Perkasa must up its game. Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad makes a waaay, waaaaay better spokesman (not sure if he’s formally a member) than Ibrahim Ali.

          Quite an achievement that Perkasa has that many members DESPITE Ibrahim Ali. Imagine the potential if Perkasa had an articulate, telegenic leader instead.

          1. Just to add on the telegenic factor …

            France’s far right party, the National Front, is faring better under the camera-friendly Marine Le Pen that it did under the leadership of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen.

            And in Malaysia, we have that other far right bunch – the ones always pictured wearing what looks like security guard uniform, beret and sunglasses.

          2. Helen,

            PERKASA though with sizable members lack the academic credentials. What I mean is that as Ibrahim is PERKASA leader, often people view PERKASA as mere extension of Ibrahim.

            As such, many(DAP worshippers) view PERKASA as “low class”. BUT ISMA Is different. The members are not wearing Afgani traditional costumes or seem detached from urbane politics. They are articulate, impressive academic credentials, speak good English, young and dashing too.

            How they articulate while challenging Marina is an eye opener.

            1. Yes, and ISMA members didn’t cite genetics when they were cornered, unlike Marina who believes that she inherited her dad’s intellectual prowess.

                1. wah laow! you famous Malaysian geneticist . . .please reveal what ah guan inherited from his ah pah who is so caustic and cunning.

                  1. Ah guan? Oh you’re talking about demons. Demons do not procreate; they just clone themselves when the need arises.

          3. Re The evangelistas have already converted many Chinese. They’ve decimated the Buddhists in my community, so the Malay community is the blue ocean.

            The Chinese brought this upon themselves. Crass materialism. Education as a vehicle to attain wealth, thus you hear parents telling their kids that if you want a life of abundance i.e money study diligently, get good grades, go to a great university, get a degree, then use the degree to make money. Then the whole cycle of misery begins. Unable to make the imagined wealth, they become vulnerable both inside and outside, and this opens up an opportunity for frauds masquerading as men, women of faith offering make believe solutions to the desperate and the gullible. Parents failing to discharge their duty in an appropriate manner thus making their kids vulnerable, which in turn imperils and entire community.

            Re Some traditional Chinese folks are so upset with these evangelistas that they set up dedicated websites to monitor the charismatic churches’ doublespeak and other slithery activities

            Only some are aware of the dangers their community is facing. For the majority, this is not a problem. There are even those who say why not ? when their children convert to evangelical faith. The Chinese community defend vernacular education because they see it as a guardian of Chinese humanistic culture and this is something Malays and Indians should learn from. If you don’t guard the fountain from which your culture originates, you risk losing what makes you who you are.

            The Chinese should realize that Chinese education will not in itself defend the humanistic values of Chinese culture. Teresa Kok is one such example. Chinese educated yet possess a worldview which is entirely anti Confucian, witness her Chinese New Year masterpiece of insulting the Chinese and which Malays mistook as attacking the Malay government.

          4. Helen… selagi Ibrahim Ali duduk sebagai Presiden Perkasa… kekuatan sebenar Perkasa memang sering dimomokkan. Kita tak tahu selama-mana Perkasa ini akan terus dipandang hina oleh puak-puak evangelis dan kunun moderate.

            Akan tetapi, mendakwa Isma cuma NGO lalat adalah suatu percubaan untuk menafikan kekuatan Isma yang sebetulnya tiada siapa yang tahu.

            Umum umat Islam dewasa ini khususnya yang ‘senyap’ hanya memerhati dengan teliti dan perbincangan sesama mereka tidaklah sampai ke meja bulat isma mahupun Perkasa. Umat yang senyap ini mengambil skipa tunggu dan lihat….

            Mereka yang seangkatan dengan noor farida, wcw dan paulsen sebenarnya bercakap dengan lisannya lebih laju daripada akal maka terserlahlah kebodohan mereka yang sudah sampai tahap gaban….

            Saya percaya umat Islam/umat melayu masih bersatu dalam senyap….. kerana hidup mereka satu dalam syariat, satu dalam akidah bertauhidkan Allah SWT….!

            Yang menjolok sarang tebuan, beringatlah sebelum kena!

          5. At first I thought when you said that traditional Chinese are so upset, I took it to mean that they traditional Chinese meaning Buddhist Chinese worry about Chinese converting to Christianity. I didn’t know that so I browsed that link.

            At cursory glance though, seems to me that the website people are actually Christians who are suspicious that a specific church, namely the Christian City Church, is more profit oriented rather than Christ oriented. Apparently an Aussie white guy started it and it’s like a franchise or something, with some Chinese holding the franchise and leading the branches here in these parts of Asia. Reminds me of Rush Hour movies where the bad guy behind the Chinese gangsters turn out to be some white guy.

            Didn’t browse enough to find out whether the people who run the site are actually Chinese or not. Most probably they are.

            So I thought that the Chinese pretty much don’t mind and allow evangelists to convert them, I don’t see much objection, except from you for one, but then I consider you as some kind of lone wolf anyway.

            I agree with you on one thing though, conversion is one major part of the evangelists agenda, and that alone makes their recent actions, concerning claiming the name of Christian God as Allah, bibles in Malay and so on especially insidious and subversive in Malaysia. This also makes it that the so called moderate Muslim Malays who are in bed with these evangelists, especially in matters like apostasy, not really moderate Muslims but liberal Muslims like in Jaringan Islam Liberal.

            I think I typed too long already, I don’t even have much of a point anyway. Sorry about that.

            1. Didn’t realise I had indirectly conflated the Buddhists and the City Harvest Church watchers. Sorry ’bout that.

              re: “claiming the name of Christian God as Allah, bibles in Malay and so on”

              Can calling their holy book Al-Kitab.

              re: “I consider you as some kind of lone wolf”

              Sigh. I’m a voice in the wilderness.

  2. Noor Farida Ariffin kurang cerdik, it was not blatant Islamism that drives Afghanistan to what it is now but neo-liberal capitalism is! Afghanistan was not even given the opportunity to charts its own history. Just like what they are trying to do to us now, like they always did to Muslim countries i.e Algeria, Palestine, Iraq and Egypt.

    Especially looking at this

    She and the 24 can keep their secularism to themselves. TQ!

    ‘In summary, although there have been non-stop criticism and attacks on Islamic institutions and Muslims, I believe that in the end, batil (falsehood) will never overcome haq (truth). I strongly believe there is a concerted effort by individuals and foreign funded NGOs to create mischief in this country. As moderate Malaysians, we should all speak up and do not let the liberals speak on our behalf. Speak and write as often as we can. For Muslims, we should argue and engage with these liberals as commanded by Allah in Surah An Nahl ayat 125-128. Insha Allah, if everyone play their part, then come year 2020, we will truly become a fully developed nation in our own mould — where the citizens have strong religious and ethical values.’ – See more at:

    1. Ada setengah manusia depa ingat ada sijil lawyer pernah kerja sana sini dengan itu automatic boleh jadi pakar bedah otak.

    2. “Noor Farida Ariffin kurang cerdik, it was not blatant Islamism that drives Afghanistan to what it is now but neo-liberal capitalism is! ”

      Obviously she’s kurang cerdik. We should just tie her up at Pedra Branca or what we used to call Pulau Batu Butih. Maybe smartasses like Farida wants to clarify how we loss Pulau Batu Putih to singapork? Hmmmmm…..?

      1. ‘We should just tie her up at Pedra Branca’

        Haha. Looking at the speed her stupid mouth is going, I think we should! Tapi kena tanya singapork dulu la kan, now that porky politic owns it!

  3. re ; can you answer AC-DC’s argument as to why IA and ZN lost in Pasir Mas and Shah Alam respectively in straight fights?

    Let’s us make a suggestion to DSN that why not put WCW J’stars CEO and it’s like to stand for an election as YB MP’s where they think suits them for their voices of moderates are laudable and being heard nation wide and acceptable

    1. Disagree – should the PM actually do that, it will open a whole new can of worms where not only these people able to spread their influence and beliefs via media, they will also have the power to repress and oppress others.

      A better suggestion would be to ask these people to go to Iraq/Afghanistan/Palestine for three months on a fact-finding mission and let them experience the horrors there.

    2. All the evangelistas will then apply to change their voting area to ensure WCW and his ilks huge majority.

      You remember that stupid kid who was found guilty of insulting the Raja Permaisuri Agong last year? It was exposed in one of the blogs that he lives in Penang, works in Singapore but a registered voter in Selangor.

      You see the problem with that suggestion?

      Plus, DAP managed to recruit almost 10k new voters compared with MCA’s abysmal record of less than 300 (if MCA actually helped to register for DAP, we will never know) whereas UMNO managed to get less than DAP’s. Other BN components only talk cock.

      Then some people got extra sensitive with the phrase “Tsunami Cina”.

      Maybe Farida Ariffin and 24 other “prominent Malays” would like to dress-down the person who came out with that “Tsunami Cina” phrase as bangang or intellectually-challenged racist? I DARE all 25 of them to do so, otherwise all 25 are just kangkong intellectuals.

      Keywords: “Tsunami”, “Kangkong”, “Bangang”.

      #Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.

      1. re: “You remember that stupid kid who was found guilty of insulting the Raja Permaisuri Agong last year? It was exposed in one of the blogs that he lives in Penang, works in Singapore but a registered voter in Selangor.”

        He is a registered voter in Subang Jaya.

        1. Thanks Kak Helen. I knew at the back of my head that he lives somewhere else, works somewhere else and vote somewhere else.

          Then the evangelistas travel around the globe claiming they won the popular vote during PRU-13. Maybe Bersih, Bar Council and Negaraku want to highlight this flying voter issue? Or are they still occupied with locating the 40,000 Banglas that Anwar saw?

  4. Hmm it’s a good idea and viable too cause he can swapped his own brand champion course over these problem that we faces here over there and views it over here so we call via media way literary a middle way or a call for compromise extremes and vis-a-vis

  5. The 25 has just lost all credibility(!) adinda Ms Helen
    when the one(1) mantan ambassador just named the party being addressed as ‘the Rat pack’ in a follow up interview.

    ( Re. TMI on December 11th 2014. She really a diplomat? )

    These are honest believers just doing their job/ following the state laws, kan kan?

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

    1. Yes, she was a diplomat. I’m so “proud” of my country for having her as a senior member of our diplomatic corps. I wonder what she’s been calling the singaporeans when Malaysia lost the Pulau Batu Putih, I gather she’s familiar with that case. Cara berbahasa macam tu tapi masih ada hati nak tegur orang lain, macam ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus.

  6. If Noor Farida wasn’t misquoted by Sin Chew and Malaysiakini, then she’s just shown herself to be another “high-class Hannah.” Anyone who disagrees with them must be low-class, etc.

    In her case, lagi teruk: “low standards,” “poorly educated”, “intellectually challenged”…wow, almost subhuman Quasimodo Neanderthals!

    She sneered that she and the other 24 had served in office etc, implying what? That the “extremist” pro-Malay Muslim NGO members never contributed to or served the country? Or does she insinuate that their services were not as important and meaningful as hers?

    Just because one speaks London fluently, mingles comfortably at cocktails with foreigners and have been fortunate to benefit from the government’s policies, it doesn’t given one the right to disparage others who think differently.

    The “peasants” of Perkasa and the “illiterates” of Isma are articulating the opinions and views of a fast rising trend of Malays and Muslims, whether the “moderates” like it or not.

    None of this would have arisen if not for the systemic, concerted attempts by certain quarters these past several years to try to whittle away the rights of Malays and Muslims.

    The Malays are already split politically among Umno, Pas and PKR, now they are further divided between “moderates” and “extremists” within the community.

    The DAPster evangelistas should just sit back and gloat.

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