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Yahudi Yeohs free to use ‘Allah’ in Penang

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng handed the Christians an early Christmas present when he said they could use kalimah ‘Allah’ in Penang because the state enactment banning the use of the lafaz cannot be enforced on non-Muslims.

Yet is it the Muslims who are incessantly accused of extremism.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim


“Extremist, immoderate and intolerant voices as represented by Perkasa and Isma do not speak in our name.” – Open letter by 25 “eminent” Malays to the people of Malaysia

Lead letter writer Noor Farida Ariffin is the co-founder of Sisters In Islam and belongs to the traditional elite.

This is Umno today – “KJ 10 Q” (KJ thank you)

KJ's convoy -- see his SUV number plate

Who speaks for the non-“eminent” Malays?

The “eminent” Malays insist that Perkasa and Isma do not speak for them and nor for the Malay race.

So who speaks for the Malays then? Is it Umno Youth chief KJ – the one with the Dapster-Scissorati press secretary?

KJ has expensive tastes and lives in an affluent suburb of Bukit Damansara.

The poor and hardcore poor are found mostly in the rural areas. And they are mostly the Bumiputera.

Mean household income in the rural areas in 2012 was RM3,080 per month (see bar charts below).

Hardcore poor

Malay angst and anxiety

The lowest mean household income is in the Malay heartland states: Kelantan (RM3,168), Kedah (RM3,425), Perlis (RM3,538), Perak (RM3,548), Pahang (RM3,745) and Terengganu (RM3,967).

In the rest of the states, the mean household income is above RM4,000.

The highest income states are Kuala Lumpur-FT (RM8,586), Selangor (RM7,023) and Penang (RM5,055) where many Chinese live.

While the top 20 percent of the Bumiputera have a comfortable mean household income of RM10,666 per month, the bottom 40 percent of the Bumiputera earn RM1,686 per month. We’re talking the year 2012 here.

The top 20 percent of the Chinese get an income of RM15,254 per month while the bottom 40 percent of the Chinese earn RM2,455 per month (source: Statistics Department).

paulsen sedition

Raw sentiments channeled through Perkasa

Exciting #lifestyle man, Eric Paulsen believes that Perkasa and Isma support Umno interests – see his tweet yesterday, above.

More views from Paulsen, HERE. This KL lawyer fler doesn’t quite get the Malay psyche, methinks.

The Malay masses, who have little in common with the Eminent 25 Tan Sris and Datuks, are supporting Perkasa because their pent-up feelings need a vent. Unfortunately for them, Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali is not the most articulate of spokesmen.

In the 1930s and 1960s, the Malays were equally anxious about their place under the Tanah Melayu sun.

Umno is not addressing their current anxieties. Perkasa and Isma bangkit because Umno has lost its bearings.

Umno devolution

Kalimah ‘Allah’ grab is a ticking time-bomb

The grand olde party is itself adrift and regressing. Umno is no longer on the ball in addressing Malay core concerns.

Noor Farida’s relative Tariq Ismail defended her and attacked Perkasa sec-gen Syed Hassan Syed Ali.

Tariq wrote a Letter to the Editor, saying:

“[Perkasa] Calling them [the 25 eminents] out with regards to the Kalimah Allah issue is simply petty and childish; of course they will sit on the side-lines on this matter. If they had sided with the non-Muslims and said this issue is unIslamic, you will brand them as munafiks or worse traitors. If they had sided with you, it will be unconstitutional and tantamount to treason. Common sense should have told you it was a stupid question to ask.”

The arrogant tone and shallowness of Tariq’s response speaks volumes.

Ah Jib Gor keeping promise to defend Islam?

Perkasa is quite correct to highlight the attempted robbery of kalimah ‘Allah’ by the creepy Christian cultists. It is an integral faith issue that is freaking out the Malays, only Firsters Tariq and Farida fail to see this.

Isma and Perkasa are necessarily taking up the cudgels because Umno is led by Mr Clueless who was educated in a mission school (St John’s in KL).

How much do the Tan Sris and Datuks understand of the fears and aspirations of the Isma and Perkasa crowd?

Najib shrug


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67 thoughts on “Yahudi Yeohs free to use ‘Allah’ in Penang

  1. I am really amazed. For a group of people who seriously have no regards whatsoever to the existence of god, the cry to use the sacred name of Allaw swt freely in Penang baffled me to the core. I wonder what “freely” means here..

    i hope those pious christians who read your blog, if any, will come up and explained it all to us Muslims in a rational manner…in what condition and situation would you want to use it?? Or do you just want to use it for the sake of spiking us??

    1. Don’t play pray ah! All originate from the True One and all going back to the True One to face our good and evil deeds. When talk religion saliva please don’t more than water.

    2. Don’t worry Mas jemak, the Chinese are inviting federal government rule over Penang. The constitution allows the Federal government to dismiss Penang’s DAP government and appoint a federal government caretaker till things settle.

      This man is doing exactly what the Chinese did in May 13. he is provoking sectarianism and communal discord in breach of Federal order.

      1. Gr kumar, we’re you there during May 13? Do you know the true causes or are you just another one of Helen angs fuckwits?

        1. D for dumb. Why don’t ask Lim Kit Siang. He was around, of course he know who started 13 May riot. That’s why he run helter-skelter to Sabah. Bo Lampah punya orang. Chinese say ” Lao Bo Sei lah.

  2. Well, it was MCA that brought up the issue, wanting to grill Pakatan on why they didn’t take down the law that bans non Muslims from using words like Allah. Guan Eng countered them by saying they don’t need to because it’s a useless law that cannot be enforced.

    There’s something wrong here somewhere.

    As for the eminent Malays, it’s obvious that Perkasa and ISMA doesn’t speak for them, but they the eminent Malays don’t speak for anyone else but themselves anyway.

    Maybe they should spend time asking the people instead of trying to force their views, loudly, and claiming that theirs is the moderate position and therefore the position of the public.

  3. Helen,

    You, me, bloggers can write until cows come home. But those worshipping DAP ignores your column simply because they do not like what you write.

    Those who’s who in UMNO too are very quiet when it comes to DAP non stop slanders. Things would be different if several UMNO ministers take time to answer all these slanders say on TV3.

    Ibrahim of course not at good at articulating Malay views. but at least he has guts. But ISMA is different. ISMA is the “new kid on the block” that UMNO can not afford to alienate.

    RECENTLY a Chinese newspaper disagreed by saying UMNO DOES NEED CHINESE VOTES. This is in reference to one UMNO delegate who advised Najib to forget Chinese votes.

    NONE in UMNO hierarachy said anything. Where is Vice presidents, Ketua pemuda, MT members, Ketua penerangan UMNO, Menteris? IS THAT NOT CLEAR to the world that UMNO survives without Chinese votes.

    Is not the delegate is saying the truth?

    This is exactly the problem in UMNO that really riles the Malays. UMNO simply does not respond. As if a man who does not do anything when someone rapes his wife.

    1. re: “those worshipping DAP ignores your column simply because they do not like what you write”

      They conduct smear campaign against me.

      1. Thanks to UbAh, cukai taksiran has ubah. Ubah ke atas.
        Water now is more expensive in Penang.
        In Selangor, ubah jadi hari2 gaduh. Air takde.
        I don’t think i can tahan another term of pakatan.
        I should start a bistro brothel to earn extra cash to pay the Penang government.

        1. re: Thanks to UbAh, cukai taksiran has ubah. Ubah ke atas.

          Yeah, was wondering why we law-abiding rate-payers are being penalised while defaulters whose outstanding hutang run into the millions are allowed to go scot free.

          Why should we have to pay increased rates when all MPPP has to do is recoup all arrears from those defaulters?

          And how exactly is the increment justifiable?

          CAT, my ass.

      2. Why not you smear them back by NOT labelling them as merely – ‘Evangelistas’ or ‘Yahudi Yeohs’.

        Why not you label them to be more ‘colourful’ such as:- ‘Zionist Christians’.

        How come now their theology teaches them that it is OK for them to misuse the name of Allah..? How convenient..!

        Thus, the moral rot of ‘Zionist Christians’ is elaborated as per this video URL, below:-


        Remember.., bad morals follow bad theology.

        1. The Yahudi Yeohs go way beyond mere name-calling.

          They concoct the most outrageous lies about me to try and ruin my reputation and thus hope to impair the credibility of this blog.

          The slander that they fabricate (recall what they did to Chew Mei Fun during the Kajang by-election also) has the potential to damage not only my good name but also affect my personal relationships.

          These people are much, much worse than just “Christian Zionists”. They’re more like the hyenas.

          1. Slander, lies, you name it, that’s what they are capable of. But there is a silver lining. If they do win power, they will direct their assault on the Chinese who support them.

          2. I beg to defer Helen. Hyenas are BY NATURE ruthless animals. And, they shall remain that way until God Almighty knows when.

            Zionist Christians are not animals but behave worse than animals. Hyenas kill and eat their prey for their mere survival. However, Zionist-Israelis murder Palestinians just for the fun of it, while Zionist Christians are their leading supporters and cheerleaders.

            Thus, by effectively labelling those Kiasu DAP rats as ‘Zionist Christians’ it shall create a huge wedge in Pakatan Rakyat.., especially between DAP and PAS. If you want to ‘play’ politics, then you must know how the game is played.

            So far. those DAP Zionist-Christians have ‘played’ the game far better than most UMNO/BN idiots, because they have for long had Zionist-Israelis as their advisers. And, you know how dirty and deceptive those Zionist rats are.

            So.., use and spread these video URLs as below effectively:-



            Those Zionist-Christian monsters can concoct whatever outrageous lies about you all they want. However, if those are mere lies then you have nothing to fear.

            Remember.., “…Kalau takut dipukul ombak, jangan berumah ditepi pantai…” OK..!?

            1. re: “if those are mere lies then you have nothing to fear”

              Their outrageous lies are too vile and vicious. What kind of people are they?!

              My conscience is perfectly clear.

              1. Re: ‘…What kind of people are they?!…”

                They ARE humans but who behave like despicable monsters. Plain & simple. Monsters make their own rules. They tend to pillage & ravage others mercilessly.., just like those Zionist monsters.., kan..?

                Thus, should your conscience is perfectly clear, then well and good for good you. However, you must know how to – ‘Play The Game’. And.., a long time ago, that was my school motto.

                Therefore, those kiasu DAP Zionist-Christian Evangelicals (if you wish to label them as such) are suppose to be vile & vicious, because those Zionist-Israeli monsters have trained & groomed them to be that way. They simply cannot comprehend the meaning of the word.., conscience..!

                Which lunatic nation on the face of this earth is the most vile & vicious to their neighbours if not.., Zionist-Israel..! Surely you should know better than that.., kan..?

                And.., don’t you think that in South East Asia, that there is one other nation that behaves something like Zionist-Israel..?

                As example, DAP’s Lim Guan Eng had ousted BN from power in Penang, but now he thinks that he is already the ‘Emperor’ of Penang with regard to blatantly ‘misuse’ of the name of Allah. Does he not realise that Penang still has the Yang DiPertuan Negeri, as well as the nation’s YDP Agong.., that Guan Eng still has to be answerable to, for such a very sensitive religious issue..?

                Anyway, that is how Zionist monsters behave and treat the rest of the world. You should find-out and learn more about who or what is the cursed Dajjal. It is no fable, you know..? Thus, be advised that those kiasu DAP monsters are the lesser Dajjal or of those Dajjal-dajjal kecil.

                So, you must start thinking from outside the box, otherwise will not be connect the dots and be able to see the whole picture clearly. OK..!?.

  4. ‘The poor and hardcore poor are found mostly in the rural areas. And they are mostly the Bumiputera. The lowest mean household income is in the Malay heartland states: Terengganu (RM3,967), Pahang (RM3,745), Perak (RM3,548), Perlis (RM3,538), Kedah (RM3,425) and Kelantan (RM3,168).’

    Hari-hari, 365 setahun, orang Melayu celebrate Hari Hak Asasi Manusia!

    ‘Sememangnya jelaslah, orang Melayu dengan etos Islam yang berakar-umbi sejak sekian lama, sudah meletakkan keutamaan untuk mempertahankan hak asasi bangsa bukan Melayu sejak peringkat pra kemerdekaan lagi. Ini selari dengan firman Allah SWT di dalam Surah Al Maidah ayat 32.

    Sehinggakan ke hari ini negara telah berjaya menjadikan kaum pendatang dan keturunan mereka sebagai bangsa yang sangat berdaya saing daripada segi pencapaian ekonomi. Sembilan daripada sepuluh bilionair negara yang tersenarai pada senarai tahunan Forbes adalah terdiri daripada keturunan bukan Melayu. Malah pendapatan isi rumah kaum Melayu adalah jauh lebih rendah daripada pendapatan isi rumah kaum bukan Melayu sendiri.’

    ‘Kuala Lumpur tops global rich list with 13,800 millionaires’

    I’m sure the Gomen had the racial breakdown workout somewhere. As a laymen, I just wonder how many of them are having BM as their mother tongue?

    1. You would notice Penang is not in the list. Bullshit. Penang houses are in the millions. In fact the UDA flat in Tanjong Tokong with a view of the Chinese cemetary is RM750,000. Seaview 1 mil.
      Penang should have the second most millionaires in Malaysia. Oh sorry pendapatan tidak dilapor and wang haram not counted.

      Oh yes, I noticed grafity on the UDA wall in Tg Tokong. The villages are pissed. Under Gerakan they are fucked under DAP too they are fucked again. Good kampung land turned into super rich condos. The compensation is fucking dismal.

    2. Are you sure you got that right – that “Kuala Lumpur tops global rich list….”

      That must be news to the millionaires in China and India, and to their governments!

      I believe that the list of Malaysian billionaires, as tabulated annually by Forbes, is pretty well-known.

      As is the composition by race.

      1. Are you sure you got that right – that “Kuala Lumpur tops global rich list….”

        Why? Butt hurt is it, Your Singapore does not even come close? The Dubais come in second, you know. As for the red dot, maybe you can check it yourself…

        Kuala Lumpur is the city with the highest level of HNWIs at 13,800 in 2013, more than Abu Dhabi (12,500), Cape Town (8,753) or Birmingham (8,736).
        Malaysian billionaires held 209% more wealth than the whole Paraguayan HNWI population together.
        54% of Malaysian HNWI foreign wealth is invested in Asia-Pacific countries, compared to only 46.8% of Indonesian HNWI foreign wealth.
        Malaysia is forecast to have more billionaires in 2018 (20) than the United Arab Emirates (19).
        Tom Carlisle, analyst at WealthInsight, says: “Since becoming an Islamic banking hub, Malaysia has seen a large surge in investment to its shores, increasing by 52.6% since 2008 to US$11.6 billion.”

        What the DAP had been telling you? Please share…

  5. Interesting. So what does this mean?

    And while they are at it they might as well turn this country into a territory of China

    What the heck? After all Malaysia seems to belong to the them and the Malay elitist moderates. The rest of us are just bangang right-wing malay islamic racists or extremists whose main contribution to the country is to put on our uniforms and take care of the urban centres or patrol in the jungle or borders to ensure that they are well protected from the racist extremists and foreign pirates.

  6. “…stupid question to ask.”

    Here it is again. The free and easy name calling and put down so beloved by the highbrow “moderate” elite against us lowbrow unwashed unworthies who dare give an opinion.

    All I can say is…remember the Bastille!

    1. Whose fault is it that, 50-something years after Merdeka, there are still poor and disadvantaged Malaysian Malays?

      What happened to the country’s oil earnings? What happened to the billions of ringgit spent on education? What happened to affirmative action, special rights and privileges?

      How long does it take to lift a generation out of backwardness and poverty to be:well educated and gain middle income status?

      Asian immigrants to the US have done it in one generation.

      Ditto for Australia and the UK.

      In Malaysia, they are still looking for excuses.

      Unlike, say, next door Singapore.

      1. ‘Asian immigrants to the US have done it in one generation.’

        So are the ones in Malaysia.

        ‘Unlike, say, next door Singapore.’

        You mean the pribumis are far better of there? Really?

        1. I would say they are.

          Do you have any statistics that say otherwise?

          When was the last time you talked to a Singaporean Malay in a polytechnic, Institute of Technical Education, junior college or public university in Singapore?

          Or to Singaporean Malay civil servants, professionals and members of the uniformed services in the city-state?

          Do you see Singaporean Malay students choosing to study in Malaysian public universities over NTU, NUS and SMU?

          Or studying in Malaysian national schools for the SPM and SPTM in Bahasa over the O Levels, A Levels and IBs in English in Singapore?

          As they say, ignorance is bliss.

          I am reminded of a Malaysian Malay barista in my favourite Starbucks cafe in Singapore who commutes daily by motorbike from JB to his place of work. When I asked him why he goes through so much hardship, his simple answer was that what he earns in Singapore as a Starbucks barista feeds and clothes his family in JB and helps support his aged parents.

          And given the chance, I am sure that many of the Malaysian Malays working in Singapore would love to have their children study, live and work in the republic.

        1. Singapore is now an offshore center for the rich and powerful and increasingly for black money looking for a place of refuge. There was a time, in the 1970s and 1980s when Singapore was indeed a fairly decent place for people to live and make a living but that’s in the past now.

          The middle class is fast riding into the sunset in Singapore. Most people struggle to make enough money to buy themselves decent housing and couple with the fact that year after year more immigrants come to Singapore and you have a very volatile situation that’s waiting to implode.

          But you tell that to the people in Malaysia who worship Singapore as some mecca of prosperity and they will stare in disbelief !

          1. “Black money”, “money laundering”…seems to me that we’ve heard all this before.

            Even the PRC believes that some of its corrupt “foxes” who absconded with millions in ill-gotten gains are holed up in Singapore. And it is going after them.

            Yet that hasn’t stopped the Chinese government from having excellent relations with Singapore and welcoming Singapore investments in China.

            The Singapore “middle class” has to work hard, as do most Singaporeans. They aren’t coddled with affirmative action, special rights and privileges or wall-to-wall subsidies, unlike certain others we know about.

            1. ‘The Singapore “middle class” has to work hard, as do most Singaporeans. They aren’t coddled with affirmative action, special rights and privileges or wall-to-wall subsidies, unlike certain others we know about.’

              Haiya they must work harder loh, apparently not hard enough. And you don’t meh, affirmative action works!

              Millionaires in Malaysia: 26,000 and counting
              8 Dec 2014

              A new whitepaper from WealthInsight investigates wealth in Malaysia – a fast-growing millionaire and Islamic private banking hub powered by government funding and a significant increase in foreign direct investment.

              Highlights of the attached whitepaper include:

              Kuala Lumpur is the city with the highest level of HNWIs at 13,800 in 2013, more than Abu Dhabi (12,500), Cape Town (8,753) or Birmingham (8,736).
              Malaysian billionaires held 209% more wealth than the whole Paraguayan HNWI population together.
              54% of Malaysian HNWI foreign wealth is invested in Asia-Pacific countries, compared to only 46.8% of Indonesian HNWI foreign wealth.
              Malaysia is forecast to have more billionaires in 2018 (20) than the United Arab Emirates (19).
              Tom Carlisle, analyst at WealthInsight, says: “Since becoming an Islamic banking hub, Malaysia has seen a large surge in investment to its shores, increasing by 52.6% since 2008 to US$11.6 billion.”


              Do be butt hurt aah…

      2. So all Singaporeans are rich? There are no hardcore poor in Singapore?
        Rings a Kim GE bell.
        Go and watch the Interview when it opens.

      3. …..Unlike, say, next door Singapore

        What about Singapore? Please elaborate.

        For an equivalent RM5,500 – RM6,500 HDB pigeonhole like flat we here pay only RM800-RM1,200. Haiyaaa what is there to like about Singapore?

        1. Yes, but much better managed though. Contrast a typical Singapore HDB estate like Tampines with the “low cost” Tamans in Johor Bahru – which is cleaner and better planned?

          1. Majulah Singapura!

            ‘which is cleaner and better planned?’

            Why ony compare to JB, compare la to the ones in Vancouver ke? Kan Singapore so great maa, sure menang one!

  7. I don’t really give a **** about Allah. You can keep him.
    And yes, Ibrahim Ali is an idiot, but deep down inside he is a fucking Nazi.
    We can all see that.
    Helen is preaching to the choir. It’s really funny when she run a fucking poll and treated the result as empirical study of Malaysian society, and use that as a basis of her fucking fucked up rant.
    What is fucking joke.
    Outside of the circle of racist Melayus, no one gives a fuck about her blog… Try going to Kajang or Klang and ask aroound if any of the Chinese there heard of this fucking bitch. I bet no one says yes.
    And the is the hard truth. Eat it.
    I am the only cinabeng that comes here… Simply just to do my service to my country to fuck with her and her fucking zombie followers.

    Please go ahead and fucking curse at all the cinabeng. And that is alll you chibais CAN do.

    1. Nastiest piece of garbage I ‘ve ever read. Full of expletives. Have the dandy replaced lampsh*things( sampah) . Cringe-worthy .

      1. Don’t think so.

        I’ve noticed that this full-of-expletives guy surfaces here like a knee jerk reaction when I blog with a special focus about Lim Guan Eng.

    2. So? If u are so fucking great, why hide behind an alias? Use your own name please if really you are that great. If not you are no different than us, the cibais

    3. Then how come you noticed her blog?

      As for Ibrahim Ali, of ‘cos you will never like him. He is your stumbling block.. selalu suka kacau daun mau lagi kuat kelentong pun tak kasi!


    Jangan terkejut beruk dan meratapi nasib bila membaca dan berfikir dengan matang akibatnya terhadap kuasa politik Melayu Islam.
    1. Kepimpinan Melayu kuat dan dihormati rakyat berbilang kaum bila Melayu bersatu. Hari ini Melayu berpecah-belah dan penghinaan serta perlecehan terhadap Melayu dan Islam pun bermula.
    2. Kepimpinan Melayu menjadi semakin lemah kerana ia hanya berdasarkan fahaman kebangsaan yang boleh diputarbelit menurut selera politik semasa.
    3. Perjuangan Melayu Islam mesti berteraskan Islam berpandu pada Al-quran dan hadis dan bukan menurut fahaman ular dlm semak yang memutarbelitkan ugama seperti memutar serban menurut nafsu memburu kuasa.
    4. Korupsi menjadi budaya hidup untuk memburu kemewahan tanpa memikirkan akibatnya yang menyebabkan hakisan kuasa politik Melayu Islam.
    5. Bangsa Melayu dan kepimpinannya miskin ilmu, mudah diperalatkan kerana kebodohan bangsa sendiri.
    6. Dasar pendidikan yang tidak melahirkan semangat patriotisme dan identiti bangsa Malaysia yang sebenar.
    7. Perancangan pembangunan dan ekonomi yang tempang dan tidak berpandangan jauh tanpa mengambil kira masa depan kuasa politik Melayu Islam.
    8. Kepimpinan Melayu menjadi pak turut, terlalu obses dengan modernisme menurut acuan Barat tanpa memikirkan akibatnya pada percaturan politik, ekonomi dan masa depan bangsa Melayu Islam.
    9. Amalan nepostime dan kronisme yang melampau hingga meimbulkan kebencian rakyat dari semua kaum.
    10. Budaya Pak Kadok menang sorak kampung halaman, maruah, ugama dan negara tergadai. Sikap budaya bodoh sombong ini menyebabkan kepimpinan Melayu lemah kerana takut kepimpinan dikuasai oleh mereka yg lebih bijak dari puak monopos politik dan uzur intelek yg tercokol sekarang.
    11. Para ulama mandul ide, sibuk dengan urusan pribadi, play safe dan hanya sebagai tukang baca doa saja. Kebanyakan jadi ular dalam semak.
    12. Bukan Melayu dan kuasa asing mengeksploitasikan kelemahan kepimpinan Melayu yang tidak ada jatidiri, gila kekayaan melalui korupsi, perkongsiaan Ali Baba, penyelewengan dan lain2 untuk kepentingan mereka dan bangsa mereka.
    13. Sikap kera di hutan disusui anak di pangkuan ditinggalkan
    14. Kemiskinan ilmu memyebabkan tak punya keyakinan diri, bodoh sombong, jadi penakut, mudah terpengaruh, rapuh semangat.
    15. Walau pun Melayu Islam berkuasa sejak merdeka hingga sekarang tetapi kejayaan orang Melayu Islam masih lagi ketinggalan dibandingkan dengan kaum pendatang.
    16. Terlalu berlembut dan bermuka-muka dengan kaum pendatang tetapi bersikap angkuh dan gila kuasa terhadap bangsa sendiri.
    17. Melayu tidak merancang masa depan bangsa sendiri, terlalu banyak menyerah kepada para pemimpin mereka untuk menentukan nasib mereka. Kaum lain mempunyai agenda mereka tersendiri hingga kini mereka berani mencabar dan menggugat kuasa politik Melayu.
    18. Pentadbiran dan pengurusan kerajaan lemah dan korup menyebabkan kepentingan Melayu diabaikan.

    Cukuplah untuk sahabat-sahabatku berfikir dan berbincang sama sendiri. Harap dapat maklum balas yang baik, dan bukan luahan emosi tak terkawal, cetek ilmu yang lahir dari otak yang beku. Terima kasih.

    Yahaya Ismail

    1. Saudara Xynal,

      This is exactly the type of points that should be brought up during Perhimpunan UMNO. Too bad our current leadership is too timid to do so.

  9. Nama tuhan pun nak ubah ikut macam Christians di Sarawak panggil, mana tau soon after they may start pushing to replace the Cross with the Sarawak hornbill? Burung plastik tu dah lama dok terbang2 kat Penang!

    Just cannot contain their desperation to move the Sarawak mountains? Mau psycho oghang Sarawak kaw kaw wan orh?

    1. Guan Eng! ikut Chin Peng, Mao Tse Tung dan Bapakmu,
      kan ugama tu adalah dadah yang mengkhayalkan manusia kan?

      Ohhh, sekarang komunis mahu bertopeng ugama kan?

      Guan Eng! di mananya Tuan Allah?

        1. During the Cultural Revolution, Mao Tse Tung elevated himself to god-like status, as though all that was good in China came from Mao. The people idolized Mao to a god-like status, celebrating his every achievement, remembering every little detail of his life, as well as creating stories of mythical circumstances surrounding his life. Even today, many Chinese people regard Mao as a God-like figure, who led the ailing China onto the path of independent and powerful nation, whose very pictures can expel the evil spirit and bad luck.

          Pictures of Chairman Mao used to grace every building in China and school children sang hymns of praise to him every morning. Today, Chinese drivers often hang a picture of Mao from their rear view mirrors. It is believed to ward off car accidents.

          $ Guan Eng! lu komunis jangan bermain dengan ugama Islam!

  10. What he does not realize is that Federal law and the Federal constitution prevails over anything Penang may do or undo in its own right where it comes into conflict with Federal legislation, Federal Court decisions and the general discretions of government where law and order peace and good will is concerned.

    Perhaps he is challenging the centre to dismiss his government and to call centre rule over his state and his provocation of sectarianism.

  11. The battle lines are drawn

    “And did not Mao Tse Tung say, ‘political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’? Hence the British, in their wisdom, gave the power of the gun to the Rulers so that the position of the Rulers and everything that the Rulers are supposed to protect can remain protected.

    This is the reality of the country called Malaysia that you live in. And if you believe the opposite or believe that through political power you can change that then you are more naïve than I thought. And the faster you accept this and move on the less heartache for everyone. Malaysia is Malaysia and is not a carbon copy of the UK or the US.”

  12. Guan Eng commented on the Allah issue in Penang as a response towards MCA’s Ti Lian Ker issuing him a challenge to amend the penang state constitution to ban Allah and some other words from being used by non-muslims. Has anybody here also considered the fact that some BN-controlled states eg. Sabah, Sarawak in addition to Federal-controlled Wilayah Persekutuan also do not ban those words. If you ask for a ban, shouldnt the rest of the above states also ban those words?

    1. hartamas tolong cakap sama lu punya Tokong, itu YDP punya hal dia tak payah sibuk maa! Jangan syok sendiri maa. Lia balu jadi KM saja wor!

      “Although the edict has to be implemented at the state level and Islam comes under the jurisdiction of the state government, the executive power is not with the menteri besar or the chief minister,” – See more at:

    2. Zahid’s explanation.

      “Ahmad Zahid berkata secara lazimnya Yang Dipertua Negeri memberikan kuasanya kepada Yang Dipertua Majlis Agama Islam atau ketua jabatan agama Islam negeri, bukannya hak mana-mana menteri besar atau ketua menteri untuk menyatakan pendirian dan fatwa bagi negeri-negeri berkenaan.”

      And this from majlis fatwa –

      This what they have to say on the Sabah/Sarawak –

      “Penggunaan istilah Allah yang telah berlaku dalam penulisan Kristian selama ini di Sarawak dan Sabah tidak bermakna ia tepat dan sah untuk digunakan. Sesuatu yang telah lama berjalan tidak bermakna ia betul.”

      Very diplomatic since the matter has not been resolved even with the 10 point solution proposed by Idris Jala.

  13. Re: Try going to Kajang or Klang and ask around if any of the Chinese there heard of this fucking bitch. I bet no one says yes.

    Lampah, you lost your bet and now can you please go to pantai Morib and walk west.

    FYI, I am Chinese and orang Klang.

    In Klang whenever i mentioned Raja Petra, SAA and Helan Ang, the pakatoon (dap) diehard will go Bonkers, start foaming at the mouths and used vulgar languages. Very uncivilised. Typical dap fan boy behaviour.

    1. Re In Klang whenever i mentioned Raja Petra, SAA and Helan Ang, the pakatoon (dap) diehard will go Bonkers, start foaming at the mouths and used vulgar languages. Very uncivilised. Typical dap fan boy behaviour.

      The Pakatoons are the descendants of coolies so you cannot expect them to be civilized.

  14. According to Newton’s third law of motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

    What does this mean?

    This means that for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction. That is to say that whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally hard.

    Could may well be that this joker is well versed in newtonian principles & it is currently engaged in some sort of experiment.

    As with most scientific experiments, it might blow up in it’s face.

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